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TShe Brcckenrldge Nqws.
Entered at tlie l'ostomiccnt Clovcrport, Ky
as second class in fitter.
I'or Precinct nml city Offices J 2,r,0
For County Offices 6.00
I'or State nml District Offices $ 16.00
For Calls, per line 10
For Cards, per line. .10
For All Publications in tbe Inter
est of Individuals or expression
of individual views per line 10
Change of Train Schedule on
The L, H. & St. L.
Effective March 15, 1915.
No. 112 will loavi- Clort-rriort...
Arriving Irvlni: ton
Arrlvltif It uNyIIIp
No. lit will lcav Clovcrport
Arriving Ir-vliwtmi
Arriving J-oulsvllln
No. 140 will ipaveCloviTuort.
Arriving Irvlngton
No. 141 will lenvo Clovcrport.
, Arriving Owi-nljoro
Arriving llondcrmn
Arriving Eviinsvlllo
Arriving St. Loul
No. 143 will leave Clovrrport .
Arriving Owmsfooro
Arriving Henderson
Arriving Eviinsvlllo.
No. 145 will leave, Cloverport
Arriving Hendcnon
Arriving Kvunsvllle
Arriving St. Uiuls
No. 147 will leave Clovcrport. ..
Arriving Owpnsboro
Arriving Henderson
OilSAi M.
.10:10 A. M.
who r. si.
. 4:M I'. M.
5-411 1'. M.
7:10 P. M.
5:07 A M.
5:31 A. M
104.1 A,
12.01 P.
li:M P,
1 -.21 P.
7:43 P,
:!4 P,
h-:m p. m.
0:X V
10:13 P.M.
11 -38 P. M.
12:45 A. M.
. 1:3!) A. M.
2:05 A. M.
7:40 A.M.
. 0:30 A.M.
7:40 A. M.
. 9:00 A.M.
Motor Tours. River Trips
and Vacationettes
of the Summer Season
Dennie Shecran went to Louisville
Mrs. E. l. Miller is visiting in
Don't forget
Emerson's Golden Rod
here August 3.
Miss Louise Nicholas is home from
Bowling Green.
Mr. and Mrs. J. T. O'Connell went
to Fordsville Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Haynes, of Irv
Ington, spent Sunday in Lodlbure.
Mr. and Mrs. Rufus McCoy have re
turned home from Bowline Green.
Rev. Celestine Brey, of Louisville,
was here last week the guest of friends.
Mr. and Mrs. V. E. Houston, Louis
ville, are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Barnev
Miss Addie G. Ditto, of Louisville, Is
the guest of her sister, Mrs. John D.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hambelton and
daughter, Luclle. spent last week in
Hunter Wood, of Hopkinsvllle, spent
Sunday the guest of Mr and Mrs.
Hugh Wood.
Mrs. Harry Newsom and daughter,
MissMargarot Newsom, spent Thurs.
day in Louisville.
Miss Susie HalTey returned Thurs
day from a visit to friends and rela
tives in Kvansville.
Mrs. Mary Brooks, of Hawesvllle,
spent the we.ek end the guest of Mrs.
Rebecca Llghtfoot.
F. D. Ferry, purchasing agent of the
L., H. & St. L. It R. Company, was in
Cloverport Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mattlngly came
from Louisville Thursday in their new
Overland automobile.
Mrs. Spratt Spalding, of Morgan
field, ha been the guest of Mr. and
Mrs. Morgan Lawsou.
Miss Mabel Wroe and Clinton Wroe,
of. Irvington, are guests of Miss Eva
Wroe and Alfred Wroe.
Mr. Stafford Henry and Miss Mary
Rose, Henry, of Louisville, are visiting
their uncle, Rev. J. S. Henrv.
Crowing Over Your Work
is commendable and proper
If the work is well done and
will last as Is the case with
work done here.
It is Poor Economy!
to have cheap Dental work
done because the price is low,
but here you are guaranteed
the best of work at fair prices.
Examination and Estimates
W, A.; WALKER, Dentist,
Hardlnsburg, Ky.
OMIcs oer Bank ol Hirtireti-rg 1 Truil Co.
"Amv of the Circus" nnd fivn new
vaudeville acts on Emerson's Golden
Hod Showboat lieto August 'J.
Mr. Hnl Weathcrholt nnd Mr. and
Mrs. Alex Ahl, of Tobinsport, have
purchased Overland automobiles.
FOR SALK Sawyer home on High
street. 0-room house, two stories,
metal roof; good cistern.
C. P. SAWYER, Kxecutar.
Miss Dorothy Gregory, of Urandcn
burir. loaves In Auaust for San Fran
cisco, Cat., to attend the exposition.
Mrs. Sam Dlx. Mrs. G. W. Payne
and Mrs. Ollle Lay, of Stephensport,
spent Sunday with Mrs. Frank Ferry.
Mr, W. H. llowmer was tho first to
renew for tho fortieth time a year's
subscription to The Ureckenrldgc
Fifteen new members were initiated
into the Woodmen's lodge at Webster
at its regular meotlng last Friday
Rev. K. A. Petroff, of Lexington,
will preach at the Uaptist church In
tills city next Sunday at 11 a. m. ana
"As p. m.
Mrs. Allen Handy and little daugh
ter. Lena May; were visiting her sis
ter, Mrs. Ed Robinson, in Irvington
last week.
Cuminit! The Emerson Floating
Theater. "Golden Hod," with the big
circus play, "Amy of the Circus." here
Monday, August 2.
Mrs. M. E. Avltt and two daughters,
Mary and Helen, of Seattle, came lu
Monday to visit her father, Mr. Fred
McGhee, Irvingtou.
Henry Wheatly, of Springfield, 111.,
came in last Saturday to visit relatives
and friends at McQuady. It was his
lirst visit in four years.
Mrs. J. D. Brashear and daughter,
Miss Gense Brashear, of Louisville,
will leave August 7 for New York to
visit Mr. and Mrs. Peter Brashear.
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Frank, Misses
Lula Severs, Margaret Burn and Edith
Plank leave today for Tar Springs to
take a cottage for two weeks' stay.
Thos. Ferry went to Louisville Sun
day to see his mother, Mrs. Nannie
Ferry, who will undergo anothor oper
ation at Norton's Infirmary this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Wick Barbce and his
father, Galen Barbee, of Illinois,
passed through Cloverport Saturday in
their car to visit relatives in the coun
ty. Mrs. J. Proctor Keith and daughters,
Kathrine and Elizabeth, leave next
week for Derby, lad , to join the Carr
camping party. This is the annual
camp of eight families of the Carr rel
Miss Julia Hills and Miss Mary Dee
Hills, of Irvine, are guests of their
grandmother, Mrs. Mary Oelze. They
were accompanied by their father, Mr.
Harry Hills, who spent Friday here.
Miss Ruth Rhodes, of Chicago, ar
rived in Louisville Tuesday with her
sister, Bertha, who Is now well. They
were the guests of their sister, Mrs.
Creus, and leave Wednesday for a two
weeks visit with their parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Jno. Rhodes, near McDan
iel's. Ky.
Miss Louise Babbage and Miss
Mildred Babbage and their visitors,
Miss Florence Falrlelghand Miss Addie
Fairleigh; of Louisville, went to
Hawesvllle Friday evening, remaining
until Saturday afternoon as the guests
of Mr. Pope McAdams. Wnlle there
they were beautifully entertained by
Mrs. Louise Adair and Mrs. J. P. Mc
Adams. A house dance was given
Friday night at The Maples, the
home of Mrs. Adair, who was assisted
in entertaining by Mrs. Edward
Hlnkle, of Cleveland. The guest list
Included: Mrs. Alfred Mason, Mr.
and Mrs. George Bently, Mrs. J P.
McAdams, Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Kelly,
Mrs. Hinkle, Misses Mary Douglas,
Lois Ayres, Martha Hall Newman,
Floreta M. Buhr Luclle McAdams,
Rachel Rosenblatt, Ruble Preice;
Messrs. Carroll Kellv. Chas. Mc
Adams, Chas. Williams, Chas. Dun
can, Coleman Goerlng, Mr. and Mrs
Lee Rodman, Wm. Walz, T. D. Hale,
Geo. Newman, Thos. De la Hunt.
He who knows most grieves most for
wasted time. Uante,
Mrs. P. K. Kenwood and son, Stan
ley, left Thursday for Chicago, where
they will be joined by Mr. Ilenwood
They will visit in Hancock, Mich , be
fore returning to their home in Grand
Forks, N. D
X.r. 15. S. Sneftleld. of Chicago, spent
several days last week with his family.
William Aubney spent two days with
friends at Sklllman, returning Satur
day. Mrs. Den Ridgeway and son, James
Franklin, have returned from Louis
vllle, where they visited her brother,
Roy Mattingly, for a few days.
Master Elliot Miller, ot Louisville,
is having a good time with his grand-(
parents, Mr. ana sirs, jonu morris
Mrs. Garfield Burden was at Mc-rj-T'v
l-r if lth hr father, Mr.
.....i j .-hicwbury.
Any Note, Accounts or Mortgages to
Collect in Court or out of Hi See or
Write me. Will make the Price
Dr. Jesse Baucum
Telephone 56-J
Cloverport, Ky.
Specialist on
Treats Chronic Diseases. By Mall Also
4G2 6th St. Loulsvilee, Ky.
Office Hours: 6 lo 9 a. m. 12 to 2 and G to 9 p. m
Mrs. Jane Beaven, of the country,
will spend several weeks in town with
Miss Josie Ilintou, on the tlke, who
has been confined to her home for sev
eral months with tuberculosis, is very
II at this writing.
Ml Kma Simple has returned from
Bowling Green, where she attended
the summer school.
Mrs C. S Lamb has been ill several
day's and is at tho homo of her mother,
Mrs. Henry Tate.
Krncst Kvan has been at home from
work several days on account of being
badly scalded while nt the shops, tie
has endured great suffering.
Hagen Beaven, who has been tho
guest oi his cousin, J. S. Beaven, has
returned to his home in Oklahoma,
whore he was called suddenly to be at
the 'bedside of his brother, Russell, who
is very ill.
Mr. and Mrs. Jessie Isom, accom
panied by Mr. Willis Noel, spent last
Sunday at Mr. Uom's father's.
Frank Storms and family spent tho
week end with her sistor, Mrs. Garlleid
Tucker, in the country.
Mrs. Carl Benton returned to her
home in Louisville Monday evening,
after a short visit to her mother, Mrs.
Ol Mattingly.
Victor Beaven spent soveral days at
McQuady last week and attended the
picnic on Saturday.
Mrs. Lonnie Ray is glad to have
with her for a lengthy visit two of her
little nieces, Omelia and i'onrl Bland,
ot Owensboro, orphan children of her
sister, Mrs. Bland.
Mrs. Jake Miller, of Louisville, who
is visiting relatives and friends, re
ports that she is delighted with her
home, but does not forget the warm
ties of friendship that bind her to
Charlie Kiel was called to Irvington
for special service in his line of work.
He will be gone two or three days
On Prisoners of War.
With reference to the modern treat
ment of prisoners of wnr, It Is Interest
ing to recall the views which It. L.
Stevenson In his novel, "St. Ives," puts
Into the mouth of a French prisoner of
war In Edinburgh castle, which was
turned Into n military prison In the
time of Napoleon. He says: "There Is
a horrible practice in England to trick
out In ridiculous uniform and, us It
were, to brand lu muss, not only con
victs, but military prisoners und even
tho children In charity schools. I
think some mnllgmuit gcniiLs had
found his masterpiece of irony In the
dress which we were condemned to
wear Jacket, waistcoat and trousers
of n sulphur or mustard yellow nud u
shirt of blue and white- stripe cotton."
London Standard.
An Old Guidebook.
Of all the old guidebooks none Is
sought so keenly by collectors ns
some of Murray's early guides. Ter
haps the most precious of these as a
bibliographical curiosity Ls the llrst edi
tion of "Murray's Guide to Switzer
land," published in 1838. Mountaineer
ing as popular pustlmo was not then
Invented, and In tho section devoted to
Mont Bluuc tho author contemptuously
declares that "it ls a somewhat re
markable fact that a large proportion
of those who have made this ascent
have been persons of unsound mind."
London Chronicle.
A Domestic Tilt.
"Why do you persist in propping your
feet up ou the verunda railing?" asked
Mrs. Cobbles.
"I suggest it's Just my contrary na
ture," answered Mr. Cobbles. "The
veranda railing is ono thing you have
never been able to put where- I eun't
And It." Hirnilngham Age-IIernld.
Due to De Shocked.
"Ho has u Ki-eut shock coming to him
in n little while."
"Who hnsV
"Tho new groom. All his friends
have been telling him that two can
live as cheaply ns onc." Detroit Free
Hard Times.
"In flnunclal troublo? What ls It?"
"Oh, I promised to pay llrown $10
today, und I've got It, and ho knows
I've got It, and he knows I know bo
knows 1'vo got ltt" Boston Journal.
And man ls also the architect of
nost of hut own misfortunes. Chicago
jwl? xe.! n:iu ra-ri c;- r.'
W&n ts
Nim'Aflvr-rtlsers plenc notify tin1 editor
wm-nvou want miveruicnicnv iiipcnnunueu.
Your Poultry, Stock and Eggs in this
Por Sale 20 h. p. Marine Engine
FOIt SAI.H-IO h. ii. I d-d Wlnir mnrlnit on
iilno with dun-In met onlv Rliort time.
In rxei'Ili-nt t-omllcllon. Co-M iV.nl will Hike
jr.'JLM!!. I.l-O ItOH Illllatt, M.'UVl'-iVllk. Ivy.
For Sale
F OK IHAI.R Indian Itnnncr Hurki and
l:iti?i lit!ili-r. John !Idkt. Cliivi-riinrt.
For Governor
Wo are authorized to announce
nt a candidal!! for Oovrrnor of Kentucky,
........ ...... .......I.. ... Ik-.... .4.. Inll ....
lilllljf Ut 111 .IIC HUH. Ill U. Vlll. . .ritiiF .i ..m . ... .j ,
...... ... ,......
Wo nro nutliorled to nimnunco
ii. v. mcciii:sxi:v
of I'riinUfort. Ky.. ns a randtdito for Oov
ernor or Krntucky. rutijrrt to tho action of
tlio pfmiMTntlc party. 1'rlmary election,
August 7. l'JI i.
Wo art; authorized to announce
as a csedldato for (lovernor of Kentu-ky
snhjert totlie action of the D.-inoenillc Party
AURUst Primary.
For Lieuleiiant-fimenior
We are authorized to amiourcu
of lUrborvlllf. Ky.. ns a candidal! for
I.lt iiteiiaiit-tioveri or or IxcniilCKy suojeei
to tho anion of tho Democratic Party In
Prln ary niectlon. August 1315.
For Circuit Court Clerk
We are authorized to anticuncti
of Irvlnnton. as a candidate for Circuit Court
Clerk of llreckenrldKO eotiiitv. subject to
t ho action of Iho lteuuhllcan Party, lu Pri
mary IVt'CUtlL, 41IIKUH, 11'IJ.
Wc are authorized to announce
it i-.-inillilnin for Circuit Clerk of llrecken
rldce, county, subject to the notion of tho
Iiepuhlli-au party. Primary election, Au
gust 7. 11)15.
For Representative.
We are authorized to announce
of Madrid, llreckenrldee county, as a candl
ihilii fur IteiireM-ntntlve. nuhlect to tho ac
tlon of tho Iii-puhllcan party, lu 1'rlm.iry
Klectlon Saturday, aiieusl ,.
Wo are authorized to announce
a. a. wniairr.
nf MrOtinriv. llrncuenrtdtto countv. as a can
tildate for ltepresentatlvc. subject to the ac
tion of Hie Itepubllcnn party. In Primary
Klectlon Saturday, August i.
Wo are authorized to announce
ot Hazel Dell, llreckenrldgo county, as a
candidate for ltepresentatlvc. subject to the
action of the Ifepubllcan party. In Primary
Klectlon saturuay, August i, ivia.
Life Insurance and Real Estate
Office with J. R. Eskridjfe. Attorney
Hardlnsburg, Ky.
Cleaned and Pressed
Summer Clothes
must bo fresh und
clean. Let in tuko
chuifio of youroleun
inr, prejj&injr unci
President Directs Inquiry Into the
Eastland Disaster.
Cornish, N. II., July 26,-I'rcsldent
Wilson ls taking the deepest Interest
in tho fixing of responsibility for tho
disaster to tho Bteamer Eastland at
Chicago. After reading accounts of
the great loss of life, he wired orders
to tho department of commerce, that
a searching Investigation bo made to
determine If any violations of tho
Bteamer Inspection laws woro involved
In tho keeling over of tho excursion
steamer. Tho president is convinced
that tho national government lias
nmplo jurisdiction to bring about tho
punlshtnont of persons responsible
for tho catnstrophe.
Tho president's message to Wash
ington carried urgent instructions
that tho agents of tho department or
commerce begin investigation with all
posslblo has to.
Tho president dictated a message
to Mayor Thompson of Chicago, ex
pressing horror at what has happened
and conveying his heartfelt sympathy
for the relatlvos of those who per
ished. Try a Want Ac T-v
Stuffed and Plain Olives
Sardines Salmon Potted Hani
Peanut Butter
Cove Oysters Cheese Crackers
Pimentos Pickles (sour or sweet)
Pork and Beans
Vienna Sausage Apple Butter Corn Beef
Dill Pickles Lemons
Candy Cigars. Oranges Bananas
Clovcrport, Ky.
AreYou Goingto Build? I
H If so let us figure with you on '
I Building Materia! I
5 Our stock is up-to-date and complete. We op
m furnish everything in the building line. Good g
sj material and workmanship. We make a specialty
g of Window and Door Frames for all kinds of build- m.
Hj ings. We call your attention to our stock of
I Colonial Columns 1
in We are making a special price on these columns.
H Will take great pleasure in showing and giving you ffl
H prices on all material.- g
H Cloverport Planing
a Office and Plant Near Depot
The hottest clay that comes.
All Drinks and Ices Colder than the Klondike.
Everything the best that can be made
Phone all orders
Phone No, 10
m -m w t o
Sunday. Aug. 8. 15
Leaves (Jlovorport ut
Leaves Holt
Leaves AddifOii
Leaves Stephensport
Leaves Sample
Leaves Mystic
Leanes Lodilmrf:
Leaves Webster
Leaves Irviugton ....M ..
Keturniiiir, loaves Louisville
For Information
t t V
Mill, : Cloverport, Ky.
i i v 1 ,
7:00 n. in.
. 7:20 44
7:22 '
" 7:20 "
7:35 "
7:43 44
7:50 44
. . 7:58 "
... 8:05 44
8:80 p. in.
"Ask the Agent"

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