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Visits Hartford. Tells Civil War
Stories to Members of Re
publican Office.
A distinguished visitor to Hartford last
Friday was Col. Murray, of Hardinsburg.
While here the Colonel was In the Re-
publican office and we got him started on
some Civil War stories Here's one that
he gave ns. For some time Col. Mur
ray's regiment was .stationed nt Hopkins
ville and during that time a prisoner
was taken and condemned to he shot ns
n spy. Col. Murray, then n subordinate
officer, was ordered to take charge ol the
execution the next morning at daybreak.
He loaded the guns of the firing squad,
putting blanks in half of them and bul
lets in the rest The men were stationed
in what was then known as the old Ilo.it
House, because of its peculiar shape, and
the condemned man was locked in one
of the rooms of the old house livery
thing was prepared for the execution and
the hours .slipped by. The Co'one! was
by no means enthusiastic over the job
and dreaded it almost as much as the
prisoner. Sometime during the night,
liortcver, some new evidence was intro
duced and he was ordered to .stay the
execution. He went to tell the prisoner
of the good news. The mental picture,
says .Mr. Murray, is still visible. He
opened the door and saw the man lying
on his rude bed of straw, face buried in
his arms, undoubtedly thinking of the
fate which was to meet him upon the
appearance of the sun, the birds and
other things mercy. Colonel Murray
broke the good news, the man sighed,
turned over and said, "thank God. " A
few weeks ago Colonel Murray received
a letter postmarked New York He
broke open the envelope, read the letter,
and imagine the surprise of the ex
Adjutant General when he saw that it
was from this same man whom he had
been ordered to execute. The letter
stated that the writer well remembered
Sir. Murray and could still hear his voice
announcing mercy. Colonel Murray
was in Hartford once during the War
nnd was near here a second time. On
one occasion while riding nt the front of
his regiment with the Lieut. Colonel
near Hartford they were met by a voile)
of shots Mr .Murray was riding a
spirited Kentucky horse which, being
scared by shots, threw him. The men
thought him dead but he was soon up
again unhurt and a seaich was started
for the enemy The small woods ahead
was searched quickly and carefully but
not a man could be found. It was quite
a strange incident as there must have
been several men in the firing party.
The Colonel thinks now that there was a
cave somewhere in the woods and the
Rebs. fired anil immediately sought
refuge in the cave. Colonel Murray is a
splendid type of Southern Gentleman,
tall and graceful he moves about with
the ease of one many years his junior.
Hartford Republican.
Medicine or Food.
You have always bought the bulky
stock food and given to your stock as a
medicine. Why not buy only the
medicine and furnish your own food?
The nedicinc will be much more cer
tain. In fact, U. A. Thomas Stock
Remedv is so certain to give the right
results that we sell it on the nnney
back plan. If it doesn't "straighten up
your hoise or cow or sheep, we give
your minify bark. For sale at Wed
dirt's Dam Store.
Padurah's First Woman
Police Officer is Named.
Such Proof as This Should Con
vince Any Cloverport Citizen.
The public endorsement of a local citi
zen is the best proof Hint can lie pro
du;ed. Xone belter, none stronger can
be had. When a man comes forward
and testifies to his fellow-citbcns, ad
dresses his friends and neighbors, you
may be sure he is thoroughly convinced
or he would not do so. Telling one's
experience when it is for the public
good is an act of kindness that should
be appreciated. The following state
ment given by a resident of Cloverport
ndds one more to the many cases of
Home IJiidorsement which are being
published about Doau's Kidney fills.
Rend it.
I,. Y Chnpin, Cloverport, says: "I
was in bad shape with kidney trouble.
Seeing Doau's Kidney Tills recommend
ed, I went to l'isher's Drug Store and
got a box. One box cured me I have
had no need of a kidney medicine since "
I'ricc 50c, nt all dealers. Don't
simply ask for' a kidney remedy get
Doau's Kidney Tills the same that Mr.
Chnpin had. l-'oster-Miibum Co ,
Trops , IluiTalo, X. Y.
Meets Death by Drowning.
James Miller, of Owensboro, received a
message from ISouham, Texas, recently,
advising him of the death of his eight
year old son, James T. Miller, hydrown
ing According to information received by
Mr. Miller, his son, with two compan
ions, were skating on a pond near the
town when they fc.l through the ice.
All were drowned. The bodies were not
recovered until several hours after,
when their absence from home had been
Mr. Miller has many friends in Clover
port who regret to hear of this sad news.
Mrs. M.irgtet Ford is Taducnh's first
policewoman. Tolice powers were con
ferred on her tecently by the board of
city commissioners and Monday she
qualified and received a uniform and
badge She is investigating secretary
for the .settlement house, which is con
ducted by the philanthropic department
of the Woman's Club.
For That Cough.
"Tenslar White Tine and Spruce IU1
sam" is the cough medicine that stands
in a class by itself. 2.1c at Wedding's
Drug Store.
Willard and Moran.
Jess Willard, the world's heavy weight
champion, and Frank Moran, will meet
ill a ten round bout at Madison Square
Garden at New York 011 March 8, for a
I7O 00) purse. It was aiiiiouucea re
cently by Tex Riekard, promoter of the
match. .
How Mr. Davis Got Rid of a Bad
"Some tune ago I had a very bad
cough" writes Lewis T. Davis, Illack
water, Del. "My brother, McCabe
Davis, gave me a small bottle of Cham
berlain's Cough Komcdy. After tak
ing this I bought half a dozen bottles
of it but only used one of them ns the
cough left me and I have not been
troubled since." Obtainable cvery
Nine-tenths of what the average man
knows Is of no earthly benefit to him.
Bv virtue of an execution'No. 822,
directed to me, which issued from the
Clerk's office of Breckinridge Circuit
Court, in tavor of Marion McGavoek
against Dr F. L. Lightfoot I, or one
it mv deputies, will, on Monday, the
28th day of February, 1016, between
the hours of VI o'clock a. m ami J
o'clock p. ni , at the Court House door,
Hardinsburg, Ky., expose to Tublie
Sale to the highest bidder, the follow
ing described property, or so much
thereof as may be necessary to satisfy
plaintiff's debt, interest aud costs, to
Six h ndrtu and eighty dollars and
fott-two cents. A lot or parcel of
land lying and being in the Citv of
Cloverport, County of Breckinridge,
State of Kentucky, in a certain suburb
known as bastlanu, lying on the Clover
port and Hardinsburg lurnuikt', front
ing on said pike about 150 feet, running
l)-ek parallel to and bounded on the
East bv Miller Hrlck S Tile 1.0. "prop
erty 'MO feet; thence at about right an
gles and bounded on the Wist bv prop
erty of A. B. Skiliman about 12s feet;
thence parallel with and bounded by
propertv of Eliza Bates, colored, on the
West 200 feet to Murray Avenue on
Cloverport and Hardinsburg turnpikt;
thence West and parallel to said Mur
ray Avenue about I5O feet to the begin
ning. Upon this plot there are situated
four fr.tme sh'ngle roofed buildings
with three rooms and front poren, and
is a part of the samj propern convejed
to F. L. Lightfoot by Mary Etta Evans
by deed dated August 2, 1010, recorded
in Breckinridge Countv Clerk's office in
Deed Book No. 60, page 10.1. Levied
upon as the property of Dr. 1'. L
TERMS: Sale will be made on a
credit ot six months, bond with ap
proved security tequirtd, bearing Inttr
est at tiie rate of II per cent, pir annum
from d.i of sale, and having the foice
and effect of a judgment
A T. Beard, S. B C
By W. C Tate. D. S.
.Mr. John Witt, father of Dr. Witt,
was buried at the Baptist church ceme
tery Saturday at 10:30 o'clock.
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Anus are 011 the
sick list.
Mts. A R. Morris, who has been sick,
is improving.
Argus Arms, who lias been sick for
two weeks, is able to be out again.
Arthur Shary, while in Vine drove
Wednesday, fell aud broke his leg
Mrs. Louis Jiukeus is visiting her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Dowell.
Mrs Nancy Oalloway was buried here
last .Monday.
Mrs Charlie Clarkson, who has been
sick with mumps, is better.
Mrs. George Trather has had the
Rollie Simpson, wife aud children
spent Monday night with Jim Ritchie
and family.
Everett Martin, wife and children
spent Monday night with Jim Norris aud
Notice Readers and Writers
To be certain that any happening of
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday be
nlven account In the Brcckcnrldge
News, kindly write and mall to us at
once, Get every Item you can to us by
Method of Pruning and Treat
ment of Wounds to Prevent
Entrance of Decay-Producing
The best tlmti to attend to several im
portant operations connected with the
proper care of shade trees Is during tin
late fall or earlv winter. This work
may be done at this season of the year,
however, when weather conditions per
Large dead, decaying, cr unsightly
limbs may be removed. The best way
to do this is to saw one-quarter or one
third through the limb from the under
side, at a point l! inche3 or a foot be
yond the point where the final cut is to
be made. A second cut on the upper
fide should be made a half-inch or mote
back of or beyond the first one. The
sawing on the upper side should be con
tinued until the limb falls. The first
jcut on the under side is to prevent the
splitting or stripping ot the outer wood
and bark as the limb falls, something
which almost invariably happens when
a heavy limb is removed by a single cut
from the upper side. This leaves a stub
several inches long which must be
sawed off close to the trunk, or close to
the larger supporting limb, as the case
may be. The stub should be held in
place until completely severed. The
final cut should be made so that its sur
face will conform as nearly as possible
with the shape of the supporting limb
or trunk. No projecting stub or stump
should be left, as this interferes with
the rapid healing of the wound.
For a mild, easy notion of the bowels,
try Doan's Hegulcts, a modern laxa
tive. 25c at all stores.
On January 19, 1916, at her home in
Decatur, 111., Mrs. Emma Lctitia
Wright. She was the daughter of Mrs.
Lucy Taul, of Free, Ky., and was born
at Cloverport, Ky., August 13, 1899. She
was married to Lloyd Wright, Decatur,
111 , November 5, 19I4. Mrs. Wright
was a member of the Tisgah Baptist
church, having joined on August 25,
191 1. On receiving notice of her death
the church committee passed the follow
ing resolutions:
Whereas, Almighty God, in His wis
dom, has removed by the icy hand of
death our beloved sister, Emma L.
Wright, be it
Resolved, That in the death of Sister
Wright the church has lost a faithful
and consistent member, who had been
connected with it since childhood, and
while she will be missed by the entire
membership, yet we bow to the will of'
Him who doth all things well.
Resolved, That a copy of these resolu
tions be spread upon the records of our
church and a copy be sent to the
bereaved family.
T. M. Bates,
W. A. Bashnm,
John Matthews,
Has Used Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy for 20 Years.
"Chamberlain's Couch Remedy has
been used in my household for the past
twenty years. I began giving' It to my
children when thoy were small. As a
quick relief for croup, whooping cough,
and ordinary colds, it has no equal.
Being free from opium and other harm
ful drugs, I never felt afraid to give it
to the children. I have recommended
it to a large number of friends and
neighbors, who have used it and speak
highly of it," writes Mrs. Minke,
ShorUvillc, N. Y. Obtainable every
Mrs. J. S. Manning, who has been on
the sick list, is improving.
J. C llrodie is on Str, Lena May again.
Hubert Tobiu went to Louisville Sun
day with stock.
The ball nt Chenault school was en
joyed by many.
Herman O'llryan, piano agent of
Mooleyville, was in town Friday.
Mrs. Ollie Jarboe is visiting in Louis
ville and New Albany, Iud., for n few-
Merlin Warren has gone to Louisville
to find a position, .
Juo Tobiu is in Evausville under a
doctor's treatment.
Mr, and Mrs. J. II. Warren and family
spent a few day with her mother, Mrs.
Mary Stallmau.
Stiff & Ashcraft, mule buyers from
Irviugton, were in town Saturday.
Miss Lillian Manning left Saturday
for St. Joseph's Infirmary, Louisville,
where she has a position awaiting her.
Why Suffer From Colds?
"Weddiug's Cold Tablets" will break
that cold in a very short time, 35c at
Wedding's Drug Store.
I? J. Reynold! Tobaeeo ft).
HBy ..t
Prince Albert
meets men's tastes
all over the world !
The patented process makes
Prince Albert so good in a pipe
or rolled into a cigarette that
its popularity is now uni
versal! It satisfies all smoke
desires I This patented process,
which alo removes bite and
parch, is controlled by us. No
other tobacco can be like
Fringe Albert
It easy to change the shape
and color of unsalable brands
to Imitate the Prince Albert
tidy red tin, bul if is impottibl
to imitate tho flavor of Prince
Albert tobacco t The patented
process protects thatf
the national joy smoke
Men who have stowed away gentle old jimmy pipes
for years, have brought them back to the tune of
Prince Albert I Get yours out, for your confidence
never will be abused I We tell you Prince Albert will
set pipe free the tenderest tongue I
And smoked in a makin's cigarette, Prince Albert is so
refreshing and delightful that it gives you a new idea of
cigarette happiness. Any way you fire-up Prince Albert, it
will win you quick as a flash it's so good and so friendly I
R. J. REYNOLDS TOBACCO CO., Winston-Salem, N. C.
Princa Albert can bo bought
oarywhmrm tobacco ia Mold
in toppy rod bag. Set tidy
rd tint, JOci handaoma
pound and half-pound tin
humidor and in that clatty
pound cryataUglaaa humidor
with , apongo-moiatonar top
that hmmpa thm tobacco in
such finm condition I
ft $
A Growing Bank
Bank of Cloverport
Have you bad a kindness shown
l'ass it on;
'Twas not meant for you alone
l'ass it on
Let it trevel down the year
Many lonely hearts to cheer;
Changing to a smile the tear
Pass it on
Happy Hours
The Rev. R K Reeves will be in
Cloverport Saturday nud will fill his
regular appointment at the Presbyterian
church Sumliy morning and evening,
February 20.
C W. Satterfield, who has been con
fined to his home with lagrippe for sev
eral days, is reported better.
Mrs. Melvin Wood and children,
Cecil, Iva and Hardin, have gone to
Lake Charles, La , where thry will
make an extended visit to relatives and
Arthur Daitgherty, who is in the
government employ in Louisville, spent
Saturday and Sunday with his family.
Mrs Vester Moore, who lives in Okla
homa, aud was hete to attend the funeral
of her mother, Mrs. Geo. Harris, re
turned to her home last week.
IHuabeth Allen has been sick at the
home of her sister, Mrs. Sydney Taul.
IJnlow Smith is somewhat improved,
after being quite ill for over two weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. John II. McKiiiuey, of
Tobinsport, spent 1'riday in town.
Mrs. Percy Holder, of Oklahoma,
who is visiting relatives in the county,
spent last week with Mr and Mrs Jess
I some
James Cootnes returned from Viiiceues,
Ind , last 1'riday night.
Mrs. F.uiuia Laslie is visiting her sis."
ter, Mrs. Ollie Sturgeon, at Mystic, Ky.
White Wyandottesf
Retained in the body causes rheuma
tism, scrofula, malaria, constipation,
blood poison. Number 40 For The
Blood expels poisons from the body and
cures blood poison In Its worst form.
Sold by Wedding's Drug Store.
' Are rapidlyjpushing to tho front its a dual purpose fowl and
aro unsurpassed in Beauty and Quality
Let me Tell You Why You Should Raise
M This Wonderful Breed
I huvo 4 grand matings this season, of tho best' blood lines
vjjrf in the country. I have tho world's greatest Duatan Dixie
55- Quality and Fishols strain pure stay white kind and the
5ji egg laying typo. Each strain is muted separate to fine, vig
j orous, pure white, lino shape and good sizo cockerels and
the quality of these matings are unequalled for the money.
A limited numlior of sottings from those grand matings for
yP sale at $1.50 to .ftt.OO per 15 eggs, with satisfaction guaran
3 teed.
Hardinsburg, Ky.
Real Winter in Oklahoma.
Dear Mr. Habbage: Find enclosed
chtck for which send paper. We are
well and doing reasonably well. Had
some vt-ry cold weather all through
Jauuary, the coldest day was zero, but
have hbd snow, sleet and rain. Sunday
we had a snow btorni, it thundered and
lightened us bad as It does there In July.
There has been an epidemic of grlpp
here. We enjoy the Ilreckenridge News
very much, We never will forget onr
friends in Kentucky. Best wishes to
all Henry Harned,
Temple, Okla.
An implement resembling a small
carpet sweeper has been Invented for
removing crumbs from dining tables.
Symptoms of Grip.
Tom Underwood, In the Hopklnsville
New Krn, says:
If a thousand little devils
Aro hammering on your head;
If your uose Is like a fountain,
Aud your eyes nre flaming redi
If you're headed for the graveyard
And want to take the trip,
Then your symptoms, sir, are perfect; V
T's a mild case of grip. " '
No Secrets
about "Penslar White Pine aud Spruce
Balsam." The formula of this great
cough medicine is on every bottle. 35c
at Wedding's Drug Store.

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