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Poisoner of Banquat Guests
Not Located.
Analysis of Soup Served at Chicago
Banquet Shows -180 Grains of Arsen
ic Used Police Declare Plot to Kill
Prominent Men.
Plilnnnn I.V.I. 1.1 "I .In Tint wish
to create a panic In Chicago," was the i
reply of First Deputy Superintendent I
of Police Schttettler, when asked to I
give his views of the plot to poison
200 prominent Chlcagoans at the ban-1
quot In honor of Archbishop Mun-
Schuettler refused to admit that ho
believes Jean Crones, missing assist
ant chef at tho University club, Is the
only man who figured In the plot.
Indications that Schuettler Is hot
I on Crones' trail and Is gathering evi
dence or a wholesale plot, In which
Crones was only a unit among a gang
of anarchists, who planned to wlpo
out a distinguished group of men, ap
peared to bo borne out from activities
of his staff of detectives.
Two hours before Health Commis
sioner Robertson gave out tho report
of P. O. Tonnoy, city chemist, that 3.7
grains of whito oxide arsenic had been
found In an analysis of a pint (16
ounces) of tho poisoned soup served
at the banquet, two anarchists were
taken into Schucttler's office.
They were confronted with tran
scripts of speeches taken down by
Schuettler's Investigators and by oth
er agents, who have been present at
every secret and open meeting of tho
revolutionists of Chicago.
When they had gone, Schuettler in
an Interview admitted he has had re-
ports on Crones for several months.
-sJ-He knows the meetings Crones had
' attended and what no saui ai uiu
meetings. Ho admitted Crones Is a
"dyed-ln-the-wool" anarchist, that he I
knows his associates.
Schuettler found that Crones at a
meeting of anarchists last May asked ,
the speaker If his study of chemistry
he Is an amateur chemist would in
jure his standing In the anarchists
movement. The speaker's reply prob-1
ably throws light on the motive 01
tho poison plot. It was this: "No, a
chemist could do a great deal In the
anarchist movement."
Search of Crones' room brougnt to
light the names of two of his asso-1
elates ana tneir nuurusaca. i.o
Is a New Yorker and the other lives
In Scranton, Pa.
From the report of the city chemist,
which was given out by the health
-commissioner, It appears that only the
practice of serving meager 'dishes of
soups and consommes at an exclusive
banquet, saved the lives of the dinner
guests. Commissioner Robertson de
clared that two grains of arsenic 13
the smallest poisonous dose.
Mr. Tonney estimated that 480
grains of arsenic had been placed In
the sonp kettle. It was also stated
that a bottle which had contained this
amount of tho poison had been found
In Crones' room.
No. 40 for the Blood
Expels scrofulous humors from the
blond, which causes constipation, ma
laria, rheumatism, sores, ulcers, pim
ples, etc. Get it at Wedding's Drug
Store on a guarantee to satisfy.
Great Britain to Begin Another Enlist
ment Campaign Soon. .
London, Feb. 14. The Central News
is authority for a report that all sin
gle men are to be called on to enlist
soon. A royal proclamation shortly
to be Issued, notifying all single men
to attest, the Central News states, at
tributes the unexpected speedy sum
mons to tho many recent consultations
botween tho minister of munitions and
the war office.
On Feb. 3 King George signed a
proclamation fixing Feb. 10 as the
date on which tho military service act
was to be regarded as In force. AH
single men between tho ages of nine
teen and forty-ono, who are not ex
empt under tho act, were given until
March 2 to attest.
When costive or troubled with con
stipation take Chamberlain's Tablets.
They are easy to take ami most agree
able In effect. Obtainable everywhere.
Gold Found Near Washington.
Washington, Fob. 14. Sixteen
miles from tho capital operations
have beon undertaken on a largo
acalo tor gold. On tho old Ford farm.
In Montgomery county, Md., two or
-jftlireo miles from the Potomac river,
cllamond drills aro at work probing
for quartz veins carrying the precious
metal. Nuggets have already been
found, but whether ore exists In pay
ing quantities Is not yet determined.
A new serving fork h.is a piece which
can bo pushed down along the tines
without the fingers touching the food.
McAdoo will visit Louisville on
February 19.
Robert Illalr, Uaptist minister, wns
named as police Judge nt Whltesburg.
Tho Kentucky Stato Fire Preven
tion Association met In Henderson.
The Loulsvilio Hoard of Trade and
tho Commercial Club aro to bo merged.
About 5,000 delegates to the Na
tional Canners' Association met In
I. T. Cox, 2G, Ilardstown, died from
tho Injuries he received when ho fell
25 feet from n telephone pole.
A campaign to raise $300,000 for nn
auditorium has been started In Louis
ville. Of tho 58,000 miles of road In Ken
tuckyk, only about 10,500 miles arc of
Improved material and construction.
Col. Lewis Casey, veteran news
paper publisher, died nt his home in
Covington at tho age of 82 years.
Mrs. Margaret Ford Is Paducah's
first policewoman. She Is Investigat
ing secretary for tho Settlement House.
Campbell County Is planning to sue
turnpike companies because the own
ers refuse to repair the toll roads.
The "Big Brother" movement has
been established at Owensboro In nn
effort to solve the "bad boy" question.
Henry T. Bugg, Mayfleld, Carllslo
County, is less than 44 years old and
Is the father of nine children.
Mrs. Nancy Goddard, 98, died at her
homo on Cedar Creek, Robertson
David Scott, of Stanford, recently
cast his fifty-flth vote In tho same
Tho Women's Christian Temperance
Union is fighting to stop the sale of
cigarettes In Glasgow.
Pitchers and catchers of the Pitts
burg National League club will again
train at Dawson Springs this year.
Will arrive there next month.
The Boys' Corn Growing Club will
be revived In Warren County and a
premium will be offered for the best
acre grown by a boy 16 years or under.
W. A. Barnett, near Shawncss Run
church, few miles from Harrodsburg,
was bitten by a pig, making a painful
The General Education Board of the
Rockefeller Foundation, appropriated
$1500 to Kentucky for homemaker's
clubs for negroes.
Pete Durbln, 20, after sawing his
way out of the Highland Park Jail,
was captured threo hours later In tho
prison, having returned for his clothes.
George Franklin, a half-breed Mexi
can, near Gradyville, Adair County,
shot and killed his wife. He is be
lieved to be demented.
Mrs. Minerva Graham, aged 55, of
Concorn, Lewis County, shot herself
to death through the head with a shot
gun. Bishop Atkins will be the principal
speaker at the laying of the corner
stone of the $50,000 Methodist church
In Hopklnsvllle on February 21.
Louisville reports tho first girl
graduates of the 1916 season, when
tho Girl's High School gave diplomas
to 63 this week.
Geo. S. Shanklin, President of tho
Fayette Homo Telephone Company and
chairman of the Democratic City and
County Committee, died at his home
at Lexington.
Tho Larue County Fiscal Court has
made application to tho Stato Road
Department for $12,000 state aid
money In 1916 to be used on the
county's Intercounty-scat roads.
Hopkinsvlllo merchants and officials
have promised several hundred dollars
worth of presents to the first Leap
Year bride, who admits having made
the proposal of marriage.
Charles R. Hadley, of Lexington, has
sold to representatives of the Japanese
Government, a fine stallion known as
"Montgomery Rex," which will bo used
by the Emperor.
Miss Ida M. Tarbell, author and
lecturer, will be one of the speakers
at the convention of tho Kentucky
Educational Association in Louisville
April 19.
Wm. J. A. Rolnhold, Louisville, com
mltted sulcldo while In an out build
ing with his collie doy. Tho dog went
to the house and frantically led the
young man's mother to tho scene,
where she found the lifeless body.
Twelve hundred refugees, thinly
clad, are living on ten cents a day at
Hickman. Federal aid has been en
listed and money for sufferers Is bolng
raised In various cities throughout
the United States.
Students of Transylvania College at
Lexington, voted their preference, 10
to 1, for the preparedness policy of
President Wilson as compared with
tho Roosevelt Idea of preparedness and
the Bryan policy of pacificism.
J. M. Gouldman, residing near Threo
State (Mo) Landing, ten miles below
Hickman, killed a wolf on his front
porch, tho animal probably having
been driven out of tho swamps by tho
high water.
The Business Men's Club of La
grange, adopted resolutions Indorsing
the policy of preparedness advocated
by President Wilson, and copies of
this resolution sent to Senator James
and Congressman Cantrlll.
The first annual conference for the
i(udy and discussion of the problem
if tuberculosis was held under the
lusplces of thi Kentucky Board of
Tuberculosis Commissioner! at Frank-ort.
E. Hall, a merchant at Mayklng, Is
tho owner of an old fiddle 200 years
old mode In 171G and handed down
by his forefathers. Hall has been
offered large sums for tho Instrument,
but refuses to part with It.
Owensboro will construct a $225,000
sewer extension; Council also voted
to erect n new City Hall on tho site of
tho present building which was erected
In 1SC0. Tho now structure will cost
Tho Kentucky Solvay Co., of Ash
land, which is completing a second
unit of 54 coko ovens, has decided to
add two more units as soon ns tho
present work Is completed. Several
hundred more men will bo employed.
Kstlmntcd operating revenues of the
Louisville & Nashvlllo Railroad Co.
for the seven months ending January
31, were $3,331,243 moro than for the
previous corresponding period. The
Increase for Jaifuary over the same
month In 1915 was $910,278.
Lonnlo Whltchouso, 16, half starved
and shivering from tho cold, begged
Owensboro officers to let tho Jail be
his home. Ills mother was sent to the
Asylum three weeks ago nnd died
there a few days ago. His father left
12 years ago.
Judge Harry W. Robinson, Louis
ville, In deciding against transferring
tho case of a negro who has Just
passed his seventeenth birthday to
the Juvenile Court, says n person Is
one year older than his birthday calls
C. A. Bishop, of the County, was
hurried tq tho Surgical Hospital,
Louisville, for operation of gallstone.
One hundred and eighty stones were
removed, the largest number ever ro-
moved from a patient in the history
of the hospital.
The millers of Franklin are offering
$1.30 a bushel for wheat, but very
little Is being received. It is estimated
that 40,000 bushels of last year's crop
is still In the hands of the farmers of
Simpson County. At threshing time
the market opened at $1.
W. C. Williams, of Providence, had
a sow to farrow seventeen healthy
pigs. The mother was able to furnish
nourishment for only twelve nnd tho
remainder were given to a neighbor.
This Is said to bo the largest litter
ever farrowed In Simpson County.
Judge Carl Henderson, of Marion,
In" Instructing the Grand Jury, urged
that a thorough investigation bo mado
into all bridge parties and card parties
In the homo of society women, and to
Indict every woman who played cards
for prizes.
Assistant Secretary of War, Henry
S. Brecklnrldce. of Lexington, has re-
1 signed with a slmlllar action on tho
1 part of Secretary of War Llndsey M.
Garrison. Congressman Swager Slier-
I ley Is being suggested to succeed Gar
rison as Secretary of War.
A gun battle of Everett Burnett and
wife, Williamsburg, ended In the
death of Mrs. Burnett and Mr. Burnett
, was taken to the nospltal with two
wounds in his breast, but will likely re
cover. Mr. Burnett went home drunl:
! nml qtnrtpfl thn ilnpl with n ntstnl.
The Mercer Co. Fiscal court has
made an allowance of $50 a month
for the maintenance of tho Girls' Can
ning Club and the Boys' and Girls'
Poultry Work. Tho $300 appropriated
last year resulted In $3,000 worth of
canned and prepared goods put up by
tho canning club.
The Bell County Fiscal Court, In ap
preciation of the results accomplished
by Its "all-time" health officer, appro-
printed $2,200 for continuing the work.
' The State Board supplemented the
amount fixed by tho Fiscal Court, so
that $4,400 will be spent this year In
Bell County for public health work.
Edward Sager and wife were found
dead In their home on a farm at the
top of Flemlngsburg Hill, near Inde
pendence. The woman was shot In the
back of the head and the man back of
I tho right ear. Harry England, a
nephew of the woman, a deaf mute,
was found in the home In bed with his
head covered up.
Judge G. E. Vaughn, Dixon, re
ceived an unsigned letter containing
a $10 bill with Instructions that the
monoy bo turned over to the county
school superintendent for tho county
institute. Tho letter contained nothing
to show who the generous person was
or where he lived, letter having been
mailed on the train.
Jessamine County's 275 acres of
hemp, which made 300,000 pounds and
sold at $11 a hundred, was pooled by
C. T. Ashley & Co. for tho growers
of tho county. Tho firm has pur
chased 800 bushels of hemp seed for
$7,400. The hemp acreage for Jess
amine County this year will be larger
than for several years. Many farmers
contemplate turning from tobacco
to hemp, which Is easier raised and
loaves the land In better condition.
Senator Olllo M. James aroso In the
United States Senato tho othor day
and presented a memorial which
caused tho solons to wonder what had
happened to the Stato of Kentucky,
home of straight whiskey and domicile
of John Barleycorn. Tho Kentucky
Senato petitioned tho United States
Senators from Kentucky to vote for tho
nation-wide prohibition, nddlng:
"Whenever tho United States agrees
to pay all people affected a fair cash
value of their property,"
Everett Griffin, Christian County,
and his brother, of McCrackeq County,
wero rc-unlted at Hopkinsvlllo after
having lost trace of each other for
thirty-one years. Tho McCrackon
County man went to Hopkinsvlllo to
consult a lawyer, and happened to meet
tho Christian County Griffin on the
street and asked to be directed to a
lawyer's office. He took tho McCracken
man to the office and while stating hU
caso to the lawyer brought In his
mother's name, and tho Christian
County man recognized his lost
ZiX- V&6 V-X:
I The Brecken ridge News Each
The Daily Evening Post One
Home and Farm (Year
And a Beautiful 1916 Calendar
The Breckenridge News,
Cloverport, Ky.
Berlin Will Accept the Revised
Lusltania Pact.
Washington, Fob. 14. Officials of
tho German embassy are expecting a
final settlement of the Lusltania case
this week. By Tuesday, or Wednes
day at the latest, the embassy expect
word from the Berlin olllco accepting
tho changes of phraseology In the
agreement which Secretary Lansing
suggested at his conference with
Count Von Bornstorft last week.
Should this confidence be borne out,
Germany in a formal communication
to tho United States will answer the
American demands for a disavowal,
reparation and assurances for tho fu
ture by the following concessions:
Recognition of liability for repara
tion, owing to the fact that American
lives wero destroyed by tho act of re
prisal which resulted In the sinking
of the Lusltania; and a roltcratlou of
rrovlous assurances given at tho tlmo
the Arabic was sunk that passenger
vessels will not be attacked or de
stroyed without warning and without
measures being taken for the safety
of tho noncombatants on board, pro
vided such ships do not try to resist
Heavy, impure blood makes a muddy,
pimply complexion, headaches, nausea,
indigestion. Thin blood makes you
weak, pale and sickly For pure
blood, sound digestion, use Burdock
Blood Bitters. $1.00 at all Stores.
Bulgaria's Object In Entering the
Var Is Accomplished.
London, Fob, 14. Bulgaria Is seek
ing peaco with tho entente powers,
says an Athens dispatch. Bulgaria
rccompllshed her object In entering
the European war when Serbia was
overthrown, so her deslro to niako
terniB causes no surprise among the
entente powers. Beforo declaring war
it was definitely announced In her bo
half that , hor proposition would bo
limited to tho campaign in Serbia and
tl.nt once Serbia was conquered her
nctlvo participation would ceaso. No
intimation of tho terms Bulgaria
seeks could be obtained.
The United States in 1015 built 1,351
miles of railway.
VlX; V-U: H.
Kindly use tins bltink in renewing yourj subscription.
Plciife pxumino tho label on your paper.If yoursubseiiption
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scription account.
Na.mk .
American Airship Now Being Built
Will Be Six Times as Large.
!. Douglas Wurdrop. editor of the
Aerial Age. member of the Aero Club
of America and American Society of
Aeronautic Knghicors. told the cadets
and Instructors at West I'olnt that the
United States is developing ii machine
of the nlr that will bo more powerful
than the Fokker machine recently built
in Germany.
"We are developing n machine that
will represent the greatest achievement
of men In aerial transportation." gnld
Mr. Wardrop. "It will be six times
larger than uny yet tried. It will carry
enough fuel to give It a cruising range
of COO miles ut seventy-live miles nn
hour. It will bo propelled by seven mo
tors, six of 100 horsepower nnd one of
"The machine will carry eight pas
sengers nnd possibly thirty with tho
decrease of a cargo of explosives. It
can carry more than ten tons. It will
curry a new gun which has no recoil
and which will throw u three nnd one
half Inch shell. This Is achieved by
having u double shot with u single ex
plosion. One load will go in one direc
tion tho shell; the other of sum! will
go In the opposite direction, neutraliz
ing the recoil."
For any Itching skin trouble, piles,
eszema salt rheum, hives, itch, scald
head, herpes, scabies, Doan's Oint
ment Is highly recommended. 50c a
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Ashes from fumed woolen or cotton
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