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The BrecRenridge News
JNO. D. BABBAQB, Editor and PuWlther
44th YEAR
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friend who is not a subscriber; do not throw it away or destroy it.
The following cditiroal was written by the late Francis Church and
published the first time in the New York Sun, Sept. 21, 1807. And since then
it has been reproduced in the same paper besides weekly newspapers and
magazines all over the country. Thus it bears the distinction of having had
more publicity than any other editorial ever known to have been written.
Once before "Is There a Santa Claus?" appeared in The Brcckcnridgc
News and because of the beautiful sentiment and the happy teachings pro-
trayed by tins talented writer, we believe our readers will enjoy it again at
this Christmas season
From THE SUN of September 21, 1897.
We take pleasure in answering at once and thus prominently the com
munication below, expressing at the same time our great gratification that
its faithful author is numbered among the friends of '! he Sun.
Dear Editor: I am 8 years old Some of my little friends
say there is no Santa Claus.
Papa says "If you sec it in The Sun it's so." Please tell me
the truth; is there a Santa Claus?
115 West Ninety-fifth street. Virginia O'Hanlon.
Virginia, your little friends arc wrong They have been affected by the
scepticism of a sceptical age. They do not believe except, they sec
They think that nothing can be which is not comprehensible by their little
minds. All minds. Virginia, whether they be mens or children's, are little.
In this great universe of ours man is a mere insect, an ant, in his intellect
as compared with the boundless world about him, as measured by the intell
igence capable of prasping th whole of truth and knowledge
Yes. Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. He exists as certainly as love and
generosity and devotion exists, and you know that they abound and give to
your life its highest beauty and joy. Alas! how dreary would be the' world
if there were no Santa Claus 1 It would be as dreary as if there were no
Virginias. There would be no childlike faith then, no poetry, no romance
to make tolerable this existence. We should have no enjoyment, except in
sense and sight. The eternal light with which childhood fills the world would
be extinguished.
Not believe in Santa Claus! You might as well not believe in fariesl
Yoli might get your papa to hire men to watch in all the chimneys on Christ
mas Eve to catch Santa Claus, but even if they did not see Santa Claus com
ing down, what would that prove? Nobody sees Santa Claus, but that is no
sign that there is no Santa Claus The most real things in the world are
those that neither children nor men can see. Did von ever see faries danc
ing on the lawn? Of course, not. but that's no proof that they are not there.
Nobody can conceive or infaginc all the wonders there arc unseen and un
seeable in the world. a
You may tear apart the baby's rattle and ec what makes the noise in
side, but there is a veil covering the unseen world which not the strongest
man, nor even the united strength of all the strongest men that ever lived,
could tear apart. Only faith, fancy, poetry, love, romance, can push aside
that curtain and view and picture the supernal beauty and glory beyond. Is
it all real? Ah, Virginia, in all this world there is nothing else real and abid
ing. No Santa Clans! Thank God! he lives, and he lives forever. A thous
and years from now, Virginia, nay, ten times ten thousand years from now,
lie will continue to make glad the heart
It co-t the government $2:i,(i5,()()0
on an average of about a dollar a family
members would have cheerfully given
how manv birthdays thev have had.
It's a great thing to live so that you arc at "peace" and have "goodwill
toward" your fellowmcit. One cannot fully enjoy Christmas or any other
time without such peace.
If you want to get the Christmas
this issue. .
Remember there will always be
at this festive time of the year
some small wav
A merry Christmas to vou all.
Rev E C Nail will deliver his
Christinas message at the eleven o'
The sales at Mrs. E. O. Hills' having
been satisfactory they will be contin
ued through the Holidays.
All Goods Will Be Further Reduced
As a Sample Look At This!
All Children's, Misses'
and Ladies' Hats
Get a Hat While You Have a Chance!
You Will Find Many Nice Things For Xmas
J. R. ESKRIDGE, Assignee
DECEMBER 22, 1920
of childhood.
to take the l'.i-'O census, which was
Perhaps there were families where
Uncle Sam a dollar rs,icr than tell
spirit, read the Santa Claus letters i;i
some who are less fortunate than you
Keep their hearts cheered too in
clock hour Sunday morning in the
Baptist church
Sunday morning at the Methodist
church, the presiding elder, Rev. L. K.
May, of Owensboro, will deliver the
Christmas message, and there will
also be specml Chrjitmas music at
this service. '
""The Baptist anil Presbyterian
churches will give a special Christ
mas collection for the starving Euro
pean children in place of having the
usual Chritmas treat for members of
the Sunday-schools as has been the
usual custom. ,
The Methodist Sunday-school will
have a Christmas social on Thursday
evening in the Sunday-school room
of the church. A Christmas program
of music will be given, and there will
be a tree. Misses Selma Sippcl and
Rosa Driskcll arc in charge of the
social, and members of the church
arc extended an invitation.
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Don't Forget Sisters and Budie.
Clovcrport, Ky. Dear Santa Claus:
I am a little girl seven years old. I
go to Persimmon Flat school. 1 am
in the first grade. I am learning fast.
My teacher's name is Miss Elsie May.
I like my teacher. I wish you would
bring me a pair of overshoes and
some candy. Eaja May Hawkins.
P. S. Don't forget my little sisters
and Buddie.
some oranges, bananas and all kinds
n( mite T ii'ill mi n lipit enrlv and
shut my eyes tight. Evcrette Lewis
Sorry School Will Be Out.
Dear Santa: I am-a little girl eleven,
years old. I will tell you what 1 want
you to bring me I want a new dress
and a nice hair ribbon, oranges, candy
and nuts. My school will be out next
week. I will be sorry for I lose my
teacher and playmates. Santa don't
forget my little cousins in Illinois.
Louise N. Maysey.
Uncle Ben Hardin Remembered
Lodiburg, Ky. Dear Santa Claus: I
am a little girl thirteen years of age
I. live on a farm near Lodiburg, and
go to school at Walnut Grove school
house. I am in the sixth grade. I have
tried to be a real good little girl since
last Xmas, and am sure you will bring
me something nice this time. I want
you to bring me a story book, a box
of handherchiefs, a new dress, a box
o stationery, a doll and all kinds of
fruits and nuts. Dear old Santa please
remember uncle Ben Hardin and
bring him something nice. I will close
for this time. Your little girl, Lorena
Wants Pet Rabbit
Cloverport, Ky. Dear Santa Claus:
1 want you to bring me some candy,
roman candles, fire crackers and a
toy pistol for Xmas. I am ten years
old and live in the country, three
miles from Clovcrport. And I want
some pet rabbits for Xmas too. I will
close. From John Greenwood.
Will Hang Up Her Stocking
Dear Santa: I am a little girl six
years old I have just got well, been in
bed three weeks and I am glad Christ
mas will soon be here. I would like
for you to bring- me a little doll, a
new dress, a sweater, and pair of
gloves and please don't forget my
little brother Charlie, bring him some
thing nice. I will go to bed early and
hang my stocking where you can
find them. Your little girl, Ethel V.
Has Blue Eyes.
Dear old Santa Claus: I am a little
boy eight years old, dark bait .nd
blue eyes. I will tell you" what I want
;ott to brhiK me. I wa-' aboxof B U
shot, a watch and a pair of gloves,
Won't Get Up Until Eight.
Cloverport, Ky. Dear Santa Claus:
I am a boy twelve years old. I want
you to bring me some candy, oranges,
fire crackers, roman candles and a toy
pistol for Xmas. I live six miles from
Cloverport I get my mail at Clover
port. I want some pet rabbits and
some cracker jacks for Xmas. I will
be a good boy. I will go to sleep early
and get up at eight o'clock that morn
ing. From Lewis Hawkins.
Is In The Fourth Grade.
Dear Santa: I am a little cirl eicrht
years old. I go to school about four
miles from Cloverport. I am in the
fourth grade Please bring me a doll,
doll buggy, dishes and a cap and or
anges, nuts, bananas, apples and all
kinds of candies. Be sure and don't
forget my little sister. She wants a
doll and candy. Don't forget to visit
my little cousin, Elizabeth Dowell.
I will go to bed early Xmas night.
Your little girl, Agneta White.
Wants Lots to Eat
Mv dear Santa Clans: Please lii-inn-
I me a doll, a ball, a book and a game
ami iuis oj goou tilings to eat. sin
cerely, Annie Clifton Keil.
Wants Game o' "Oh! Min"
My dear Santa Claus: Please bring
me a doll, doll buggy, a game of Oh!
Min, a book, a ball and plenty of
candy; also a piano. Many thanks,
Jane Hayvvard Keil.
Has Been Good Since Last Xmas.
Lodiburg, Ky. Dear Santa Claus:
I am a little girl nine years old. I go
to school every day. I am in the six
th grade. I have tried to be a good
little girl since last Xmas and I think
you will bring me what I want for
this Xmas. I want a kodak, a doll,
and doll bed. game of rook, paint
book and paints and anything else
you want to bring me Now Santa be
sure and- don't forget the rest of the
little girls and boys and uncle Ben
and aunt Laura Hardin. I will close
for this time. Thanking you very
much. Your little girl, Mary Ellis
Has Twc, Little Brothers.
Stephensport, Ky Dear Santa
Claus: I am a little bnv ricrht vnnri
old, have two little brothers. I want
you to come to see us. I want you to
bring us some oranges and candy and
Some nuts. Brine mi- a nire stnrv
book. Bring Harry a pair of shoes,
gun. We will go to bed early and be
good boys. Don t torgct to come, i
am your little boy, Franklin Brum
field. Remembers Whole Family
Dear Santa: I am a little girl nine
years old and I go to school, I am
in the second grade and am very good
for I want you to come and bring me
some real good books to read a'tcr
school hours. Dear Santa I have lots
of cousins, remember them all with
nice things. I have one brother, he is
three years old. Bring him a real
pudle dog. He is just crazy for one.
Please remember daddic and mother.
Visit my dear grandie Day and bring
her lots of all kinds of goodies and
dear good Santa please don't forget
my dear grandie Sook Frank. She is
80 years old and she likes candy,
cheese and crackers. So for goodness
sake don't forget her. Yes Santa you
must come to sec uncle George. He
is a cripple and can't get around good
so don t forget to come. I am a little
Tennessee girl and I love old Santa,
Mary Alice Frank, McConncll, Tciin ,
Route 1 Box 04
Some Things She Doesn't Want
Hardinsburg, Ky. Dear ojd Santa
Clause: I am a big little girl, three
years old. Please don't forget me. V'
want you to bring me a little wagon
that I can bring in wood for my
mother in and fill the wagon with all
kinds of good things to cat, oranges, j
bananas, apples, candy of all kinds,
and nuts. Please don t forget my little
'tiny sister. Isabclle Marie, as this is,
"er hrst Uinstmas. Also don t torget
my granuiaiiier ami grauuiiiuwier .
Beatty and grandmother Mattingly, at
Barbarton. Ohio. Dear Santa you need
not bring me any little rocking chair,
cradle or dolls, blocks or slate, for
you have been so good to me before.
Well I must close my letter and study
hard I will know my A B C's when
you get here. I will go to bed early
and shut my eyes tight. Mildred Eliz
abeth Mattingly.
Likes His Teacher.
Dear Santa Claus: I am a little boy
eight years old and I go to school
every day and like my teacher fine.
Now Santa please bring me some
oranges and candies, fire crackers, ap
ples and please don't forget to bring
me a painting box if you have them
I will hang my stocking up and go to
bed early. So good by from your
little boy, Alfred II. Frank, Garfield,
3 Year Old Doesn't Want Much
Sturgis, Ky. Dear Santa Clause: As
I am a little girl of three years. I do
not want much. I want a- kittie-car,
chair, doll, and other toys and fruit
and candy. My name if Frances L.
kHall. 71.i Monroe St., Sturgis, Ky.
Wants Story Book
Dear Santa Clause: I am a little girl
of ten years. I do not want much I
want some story books and hair rib-i
bons, some handkerchiefs. This is all
I want. My name is Ruth Hall, Stur
gis, Ky.
Wagon To Haul Wood.
McQuady, Ky. Dear Santa: I am a
little boy five years old. I want a, wag
on to haul in wood for daddy and a
gun, roman candles, a set of tools and
fruit and candy. Send my little sister,
Hazel, a doll and a set of dishes and
don't forget my baby sister, r Mildred,
she is three months old and won't
want much. I 'am, a good little boy
and will go ' to bed early and sleep
7fM. 1 Ju
sound. G. W. Shrewsberry.
Brine Her Locket
Hardinsburg, Ky. Dear old Santa:
I will write and tell you what I want
for Xmas. I would like to have a lock-
ct, pretty doll, candy, oranges and all
nice things to cat and please don't for-
get my little brother Paul He wants
some nice things too I am a little girl
tour years old and please don t tor
get mama and papa. So be sure and
come. I will go to bed cary. So good
bye. Stella Brickcy.
Wants Climbing Monkey.
Hardinsburg, Ky 'Dear old Santa: I
am a little bov seven vears old. I
thought I would write and tell vou
what I want for Xmas. I want a train,
climbing monkey, romau candles and
all nice things to cat I go to school
every day my teacher is Mrs. Mamie
1'atc. 1 like her so well, she is .so good .
to us. So don't forget to come. I live
on Route 3. Your littje boy, Carl
Would" Like Set of Nice Dishes !
Dearest Santa: I am a little girl
nine years old, go to school every day
and I like my teacher fine. She is
Miss Rose Roland, don't forget her.
fid Amove - w&ojuute
Hfy&x wiM, m&w it wWL
Ji dafy-0
"Cash is King!"
We all know the POWER of money.
Then strive to HAVE money.
The way to have money is to BANK it.
Come in NOW with that money you have in your
pocket and open a bank account. '
If you have money HIDDEN in your house or in a
hole in, the ground, remember that BURGLARS and
THIEVES have a way of finding it out and they are
dangerous men.
We invite YOUR Banking Business.
fir S3F
Santa Claus always carries candy for 78 years he has
carried Whitman's this year more than ever. Make up
your list of Christmas candy now and trust us to deliver
the best candies in most attractive packages. Thisyear
put on your list for finest candies a few people who will
appreciate -them but who seldom are able to get them.
Carter's .Confectionery
Bring her lots of nice things, I will
now tell you what I want I woaftt
like a set of nice dishes, stove andf
vessels, new dress and hoes doll bug-
gy and all kinds candy, and nuts. .
Don't forcret mv hie brother at Stus- j
gis and my sister at west t'oint ana
me little iwother. I remain as ever
your little curly headed girl. Anna C.
Hall, Hardinsburg, Ky.
Wants a Big Doll.
McDaniels, Ky, Dear Santa Claus:.
I am one of your little girls, three
years old Have big black eyes and
light hair Want a big doll and bed,
rocking chair and lots of goodies to
eat. Think of father, mother, brother,
John Henry and little sisters, Mollie,
Belle and Bonnie Willis. Will hang
my stocking up early and go to bed"
and close my eyes tight. Merry Xmas
to all. Yotir little girl, Ruby Guy Hart.
, Spelling Book For This One.
Hardinsburg, Ky. Dear old Santa:.
I will write and tell you what I want
you to bring me 'or Xmas Some ap
pies, oranges, bananas, cocoanuts,
candy, nuts and some raisins, also a
spelling book and anything you think
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