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with the Very best material
and have in our employ as
good workmoii as can bo
fount). Pricos reasonable.
Stat Direotory
Governor .,.:;.,........, J. Y. Urown
lieutenant Jovrnr , M.CAIronL
Secretary ofHtat .............. Headier
Attorney fleneral .... .WVfKWylnek
Auditor..-, Z.MtJmBma
WV?!! .....
Trraaurer, W B "
KegMcrof I-nil OITltfo EBarabgo
A. (J ut.nl General ....... jrlUf.?'
lupt. Public InJlrucilon Xti,'fMm ou
MM io Prlnltr.. E I'olk Jolmmi
Circuit Court convene, the 4th Monday In May
.11.1 Hove mber.
Judge..........'-. - ........... I. Pkilti
Ceinindnwe.ltli'a Attorney n-Jm N
Clerk.... ......". ...... .0 ll.rdwlck
I' Bwrtll
Cumal.ituner...... ." -J
JudH..... ... P K.rton
link-.. .....Hmii' HoIInk
blirltl.... ............Bornylor
J.ll "...... -I I'TOIMOn
Court conin the.l it Mondnjrln rch month
Couit conffnn tin 3rd Monday la Jinu.rr,
April, July nd Octobor.
Covut of Clolxxui.
Court brglm I lie Ut Monday In Uclodrr nd
rcaTicaio cottxvxb.
Jnatlca'a court, held In March, June. Htptfmlwr
t4 Vu r, per Uatti oppoiila the imnien.
(J W Turner, 3,4,4, 4,
iroi. J.'MoKlnaley.l.a, , .
( J K Jekon.t4, 13,14,14.
Ci.avu.1. j8Jtffn,H, le.U, U.
(.TO NeUon con.UUe.
nrMnAett. 1. 1. 1. 1.
r.iMTiui. J Clumber., 3, t, I, t.
(J W l';n. comt.Ue.
1 Perry Bennett, 7, , 7, 7.
Murr.t.. i HT Render, 0, 3. 3, 3.
(M D Taylor con.UUe.
81, ulkenon. 1'i. 11. II.
HrT, WooJw.rd, II, II, II,
(.UeoW How. constable.
(VT MAulry.ll, lo,,.
Kmi.i. f nyer, i", ., .
inr lillercon.uUe.
Pallce C'onrta.
J Mitihell, Judge! H P 1lor,
0 Daniel, Judge; J W Daniel,
PeiMTiiti. J I. ItTldion,ud( Jaa A DollInK,
11 Dalrd, Judg.i W P Thomaa,
ItHimaT. Klrkla Held, judge.
Realm. fl U Croirdrr, julg.;
X Cltaer Vomutj emeen.
4uri.jor ....... J 11 WII.O0
.. c W I"arntt
UoolHucrlctewiehl.. ...Joe II ltogera
Coroner........ ........ .....J W Bradley
awMisaxo'O'o v7OIoIrss.
M. third and
arthBimdaylneach month. at
"'clock erary Sunday morning. Her. K. h.
Baptist Tkair1s. Service, aecond Batur
day and Hunday. every Sunday
merainji at o'clock. Her. J. H. Celeman, l'aitor.
C. P. firat and fourth
taaday In each month, at o'clock
vary kunday morning. Her. U. II. McDonal Pa.
M. K. tlaBre h, erery 8un.
daySnornlng and night. at a. .
Rr.Chiu. Pylea, lator.
Altthia Baptlat, flrt and
itLirdXuiday ni.mlacaod
at o'clock i.. Her. J. J.Heming Pastor.
Via Memptila.
The Quick and Deslrablo Route
Xtw York l'Mindtlphla llalllrwore
WMblngton Norfolk Old Point U;nilort
' Rlchmad HitOalo Clevalund
Ti.leJo Chicago lndUrmpoUi
; Uinclanali uouiivme
KBtVrntn t!orthtorp point
'."Aid "MtwpliU Vickiburg Ualort Ku
' ,' Ntw Orlian. Wobilt l.iltlo Koclc Hot
J.' luflanand siHtIu VATonnott
' Arkamaa . vMImIuiduI
r JoaliUtna ma tba Boum a
" Hjntn. dnil nenvlHaaatl uveal
'l4t arro'apwMt in time and throuh can
-the Umo and coriTtnlenca
;itoard bjtb bimitodiSxpreM Tralnt.
OiitY'jiwitrt'avii bttwMB ,Loutillta
jlifl1pKI,';Jidttbe bMf tid.ejuUVet
aaVVUabatwaaT' lb two cltlw ar ir offered.
and all. deilred
.TttiHi to W. r. .Man.
raH a.ajr
lihwWl lui. Is.nLnlttlfl, It,
V? unny Tales by-Clown. an Old
How Jutin l.oulorr Nnvcd IiIh I.lle
Dramatle Iiicldcnta D.wn Nouth.
CliiclnnaM Po.l.
John Lnwlnw. tho clown.
Wliat nmgic there in Uicbo four
How they thrill tlm henrt nutl
uj a vision of n hluo sky full of
canvass,' under which is
being' ncted a
scene of vaulting acrobats,
lady equestrain, Btripo zchnis, chattering,
pen-nut eating monkeys, while
in the' center of tho arena stands n
quaintly-dressed figure that of John
Low low.
Tho wagons have rolled into their
winter quarters, and Joliu Lowlow
for tho time being is living with his
wife in a luxuriously furnished suite
of apartments at 120 West Seventh
Street, this city.
A Post man dropped in to sec him
yesterday. During a conversation ho
"One of the most thrilling and viv
ad incidents of my life occured in
Franklin, Tenn., shortly nfler the
war. We were stoppiug at tho hotel
in tho place. Just as sunset Gil
Robinson was stopped on his way to
the grounds by two masked men, who
after scanning hira closely.said: 'He's
not tho fcllownnd realeascd him. I
had just left tho hotel when sorao one
cried: 'Every rat to his own hold'and
then followed two or three shots. In
less timo than I can can tell it tlicio
were a hundred masked men gathered
in front of a store immediately opposite
me. Bursting open the door,
thoy dragged out a poor wretch by
the narao ot Ilcarficld, and bringing
him over under the tree near me, be
gan mailing ready to hang hira. The
moon had risen, and in its pule light
the scene was grotesquely weird, and
to mo horribly fascinating. Never in
all my bnru days have I heard a man
beg so for his life, l'alu as death, and
tears streaming down his checks, he
sank to his knees and lifting up his
hands, said: 'Gentlemen, if you kill
mo, I have $90 in gold, and before 1
go let meeeiid it to my old gray-haired.
Toother in Nashville.' 'Damu you
and your gold' was the choroused answer,
and in a minute later, between
mo nud tho stars dangled n choking,
struggling, human being, whilo from
out the shadows of surrounding building
Hashed half a dozen revolver vol.
leys that stilled the dead man's heart
nud left his hotly swinging to and fro
iu tho uight wind like the tongue of a
tolling out a death knell.
"A very funny thing happened to
roe iu that same town of Franklin,the
morning after the hanging. Ol
course we circus peoplo were moro or
less nervous over thc,affair. When I
came down to breakfast it must have
heeu folly a halNiour before 1 was
waiied on. Opposite mc was a tall,
long-haired, ferociously looking native
with two big guns in his
He looked at me so straight
that if his eyes had been gimlets they
would hare bored, holes through mo.
I was so timid from his scrutiny, that
I was afraid to fiud fault with the
servants for not waiting on me.
When the big stranger finished, be
rose to his feet, whipped his two revolvers,
dashed them on the table,
and exclaimed: 'Where in the hell
are all the niggers jn this tavern?
Tfaii.b the- ott patient roaa thail
ever saw,. He' has been waiting 'an
feour for hU nub and if he don't git
it in 10 seconds Til. blow the kiveV off
of this shanty. Before those 10 seconds
we're tin there WMeuouvh break
fast around my plate jufwd ip'npon..
Of course, we Immediately became
.triAiwta and the
. '--, J '
.-. r V? i '."-- -I;V
iithA nultfl a crmtlnmanlr
'XIBMS' -' 1r J?".. . Tiuii -J.
at, I IRHHM ?wrmkmz
flBHIg&.r Va Wettv (hmW
tiiaiMMi 1 i5itr. . weiif .. ..
Ml .- a -. r, aVaBtaaVaaB 'aaaaa a V - --
trttofmWmh. I knew..
.thatvt had iwKa W 'any Wing tVaay.
hawiwfftiu atds. oeuing ine.eiw
, . .
a,.T "ft -. T m ..,-. -..-!.: a ' a. r it "
aMatBlHi (WW.
4"iW4U nw' ," In i eatJlriaarneat
?"rar;r:TT'"r:' t
itt&Ts&sMini &?&&.
SjSalLtU r W1 t..aaaLMatl
--a. BUgaMaUs.ne'rV'
"" wvtnawr. - i v-5
a"' '
lili 4aaaaaaatl
MMraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaBaK IVIMaaaaaV
w .
I iaaaaaaaaaaaaaBH V WfllllaaaaFnT.aaiatt
I iWmSk
) JaalaaaaaVBrrdHUl9BK
1 .,imKt, tAVI Maci
1. '
aaaaV . ' '..- .,." 'a'aaaaaaaTaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaVn
orriciAL.ouAir or
(ido nnd in words loud enough for
overyone under tho canvass to hear
said: 'Mr. Lowlow, I owe you an apology
before tlicfo people nnd I take
this timo and placo to oflur it ns well
to present you with the sumo knife
which I drew on you 10 years ngn,
which I luivo carried in my pocket
unopened from that day to thisl' I
afterwards Jenrncd that the reason ho
was ollencil was because he was carrying
the child ol a lady whom ho
had loved, but who had jilted him
another. As my vonls had fit his
case so well, he thought sumo one had
told me the btnry to havo me repeat it
iu tho ring to humiliate him. e The
gcntlemnn's'nnmo was Reynolds."
At this point in the conversation,
Mr. Lowlow stepped over to his valise
unlocked it, and came forward with
tho identical knife. It measured
nine inches when opened, and upon
its jnws were engraved the words
"Billy Barlow's Father." He continued:
"While wo were showing down
through Kentucky this last summer,
you will remember that a great feature
of tho performance was the spectacle
ol 'King Solomon.' One night
in Maysvilic, I went over among the
colored folks nud wns sitting down
listening to what they had to say
about the show. They didn't quite
understand the 'King Solomn' part of
the program. One of them, evidently
not a close biblo reader, said: 'Say
folks what am dat gwine on over dalif
A companion replied: 'Shet you
raoufT, you rusty nigger, and doan'
'splay gour ignorance like dat. Dul's
'lustrnting dc burying oh old John
Lytton as Viceroy.
I.N. V. 10.1.
It was in January, 1870, when I
was stationed in the largo military
cantonment of I'eihawar, on the Afghan
frontier, within nine miles of tho
celebrated Khyber Pass, that tho
news was telegraphed to Calcutta that
Lord Lytton, the eminent poet and
novelist, had been appointed Viceroy
of Iudia.
The news took every one by
prise, nnd it was a fruitful topic of
discussion ut every military
of tho Peshawar garrison for days7
The appointment of Lord Mayo by
Mr. Disraeli had been au equal surprise,
but ho was a statesman with n
record of administrative ability, and
in tho end he proved to be one, of tho
most eminent of India's Governors.
But wliat was there in "Owen Meredith,"
the seutinientnl author of
to Slight his nppointment to
tho princely position ot Viceroy aud
Governor General of Hindustan?
Iu tho opinion of tho wisest of Anglo-Indian
sages, there was nothing
in tho political environments of Vienna,
Athens, nud Lisbon to give a
special training for the onerous duties
of an East Indian Viceroy. Iudia has
becu tho cradle of administrators and
not of stutemcu, and consequently; it
seemed an unfit position for one who
had enjoyed learned leisure nttho
courts of Europe. Tho. civilians of
India to a'man had been traiued in
that practical school of administra
tion. audpolitiea controlled nnd guided
by John Lawrence for nearly a
quarter of a century, and the appointment
of Lord Lytton to the imperial
control of a vast patrouoge iu India
was hnileawith serious misgivings, u
fact, with irritation aud chagrin, by
ine omciais oi tuo country.
The.greatCiv.il Service pf
composed as it is of men, of tb
est education and intellectual
meats, is by no means 'a cprtukjjjjjmvc'
eq;ApriCl2,,l'o7C, Lr
rived on the shores pf flrMMjBFwas
greeted witfeeliugs nrBBBB trust
7 t .BBBB7
. DitrtOV the' Maaaftara.of his?McoroVf
ijjtylMrd npKw
AafMA.atA'LtI'.j 'tto.uiifrt.'o.a VntV.11 iV 'ah
Itterytcwlwhiolul hbdrwith.4 him at
s policy of IjordJWwrenceMwit
newfound ,11 : impowible touie It'forthe;
iaauguratiou if tliov;impcrial ypolioy
authorised uy the.iJi8raetHriiBry,
M WW223m$ aamlnisiratipnrhCgreAaWur Xjngm
I I fltDolbijoiiaJtUHryl,1 l3W? :UCl
' f?2 mSSSsWmI rWSwWmi
i peeuo jp ,i,s coi tsyjw'"
msm. . wmi uwLk
the fartv n; the mm cokqressickal district,
policy to tho civil and military-rulers
of the Punjab, no ono believed hinii
Tho whole thing was regarded as but
another "Fable in Song" or a
in Exile." And it was not until
Lord. Lyt'tori wroto nn
to tho Commissioner of Peshawar,
threatoiitng torcmovo every official
from his. post on tho Afghan
frontier, that tho Anglo-Indian civilians
nnd military leadeiv on tho
frontier began id ''fall iuto line." The
most solid nnd tho most trustworthy
among thiplilitical ofllcers of North
India being distrusted, Lord Lytton
was compelled er thought ho was
compelled) to select other men for his
purpose, aud.heiy:e( the1, appointment
of Sir Lowis Peliy General's
ng4tjsr$t "'with tiio Ameer
SberSUlfKf Kabul. Pel iy had
spcuVHj&'ssTiytimo at Bushirc, on
the Persiainlfv?niid was known ns
"Guubout Polly" ;"a mere wind-hag"
and absolutely useless for" practical
purposes. Lord Lytton soon threw
Sir Lewis aside, aud then selected a
young military civilian, then
to carry out his policy,
was a conceited, vain and
man of French "extraction,
uufit for the delicalo position
of the first embassy to Kabul.
But tho poor fellow soon paid tho
penalty of incompetence. He and
his aides-de-camp, Jenkyns, Hamilton
and Kelly, were mnssacred and mutilated
by the iufuriated Afghans.aod
there is not tho least doubt that in the
disturbance in tho city ot Kabul it
was Sir Louis Cavagnari who fired
tho first shot, if Lord Lytton'a Afghan
policy failed, it failed partly on
account of his being, compelled by
force of circumstances to select such
men as Polly and Cavagnari for his
instruments. "You nre a mere earthen
pot between two cast iron vessels
floating on the current of time,, and
you will bo crushed by the inevitable,"
wrote tho poetic viceroy to the
wild Afghan who was seated on the
Kabul throne. But events proved
that the "earthen pot" was potent for
mischief, nnd tho eldest son of Shere
Ali still rules the Afghan nntion, and
probably holds the peace of Europe
in his treacherous. bauds.
Lord Lytton'spohcy'of establishing
British agents in Afghanistan is now
being carried out, nnd, although
Lord BoaconlieldV'eeicutific frontier"
has been abandoned (it was, in fact,
never discovered), still tho Uolaii and
the Khyber are no longer dominated
by Afghan tribes, but are under British
military control.
It will bo ndraitted on all hands
that Lord Lytton as Viceroy of India
wns au absolute failure. There is
probably no position in the world
which requires Buch plodding tenacity,
aud such minute attention to detail
as that of Governor General of
India, No Viceroy of India has ever
been able to get through the details
n day's work without keeping steadily
to his office-table for some ten hours
a day,- It is not the timo to dwell
upon tho poet's private life and
buttthpy weje euch as preslude
of tonal and- social.
i)oliticalf'ay.niflitarvof 250.-.
frientf and
field, Lord Lyufiuj positively ho
knpwledge.orclwrter, and with tlio
exceptiqnlbf SsMKiAmkRpberts (a
ble exceptwiSKidwit) he
icd to squeMffpa aqtiard
he round!;jQt5kkThe native
the Vivil
- .i.. t .-
Lytton, the pHdiperoy, serj'qusiy.
H, f At,
a mt ...t.
i " v . JittS'saiiSGHWi irv
hitd auchBUccw.tofSsleiiinnier ' in.
uio aiiue urs'if LWMMge,
OiutmentsfurJome tiRtfaM' think it
(SiiperTiit rofOBog ryimvius,
Vii;rWrrml(?nr aiidj)wryr wya
inherit t
' ilZXZJ t.i.lll. . ll' ?... 'Ii
hHffisWPS! E?vr mm)
toaa 'ariCmftJtAll: tne . llMnfty J
tock'ftTju mttftaMgea m. vm
, r. msx
.---- - a .' - -, f u,u. a r i- T
htMuflit"latB!M9ial mm
t a 'e v 'r -i-
:aiiaaws.iaf. .one laww.atoou iua.
WiKZZi'i'i'JT. .viiii y-v; . vy.iv.'
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Tnfflxmmpstt53m $!Kk
mmmmm Wilabgh,?
WrWm wpeniuau
BT.I BBaaal i rwfvt'!'.'! I ia. u .' T JT a.-- J".t .J '.ft ' " a i" WiWTI r I - i V -J -a. ' a tr r -
'mmlmm m"mmM
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j.r iC'izv, atoaiAalr.Ji.'..,"r'.f.w, .iv. -.,,J,.. :: . - ."a ;. ,-,a
' ,l hiMmmixiSsJSmtS.
.TmmsstsSi'iSz wmtimssmtMUi Punjab;?
t fc HEseaasag vmmwmm
." ; pW3 ttwm viS
IV&A '" '" 'TaWaTTtPJIil iMsOT halMlf "iThlrlllll I 'laTaiMar UiAt 'tiivlnliHiiUb: huJaaiaB taaU
i niT nTWrtm? mt
mem , vmamre aa!rzaz gpQT -. T.p;, -1 f.Jl WI von nir4tia. M
BBBTASraaltaaa .- WV?n , '--'. !' '!-V -",' TVJiT W 1 . jTB '
s" v.. .. v-T, ., - . ..
...a yjjgMmmMmifMssmsatm l
Aik ffiffifi iiVJS 1-C .": fe&.'Bfa
1 1'IU
you nro living in until'hc points out
the sunny streaks on its pathway.
Who can help loving tho
gQtiml laughter? Not tho buffoon,
nor tho man who classes noiso with
mirth, but tho cherry, contented
man of sense and mind! A good-natured
laugh is the key to nil breasts.
Tho truth is that the people like to he
laughed at in a genial sort of a way.
If you are making yourself ridiculous,
you wnut to bo told ot it in a pleasing
maimer, not sneered at. Aud it is
astonishing how frankly the laughing
population can talk without treading
on the toes ot their neighbors. Why
aaak J. .. .W..C. 7 J n i rr aaWi ail aniMiiiiii a - -: , -v, ,
.V v t: ,:. iiA.a'r" h. i&mmmm&tKJMii .. . a7frvi!Vw2a
Ezlw! ''(- . , "
, r' '- ' .
aKalsK la Jit. tuAaK." .a
will the people put on long Jaces.
when it is so much easier and
unsought nnd unbidden. The
art iu life is to cultivate smile cr.v auv.
to find the flowers whero others shrink
nwny for fear of iho thorn.
a a
Of General Interest.
Tho Atlanta Constitution says that
Alachua lake, u sheet of water from
ten to fifteen miles in length, near
Gainesvillo,recontry run almost
dry; leaving thousands of
dead fish and alligators on its banks.
This is tho second time since lS2ii
that the phenomenon has occurred.
There is evidently nn underground
passage which drained it.
Ono of tho curiosities of old
is. a bank building which is
an admirable sample of coloniaj, architecture.
An interesting peculiarity
of tho house is a groat two-story
hall papered with an eighteenth century
wall paper, whose figures represent
Roman ruins, shepherd maidens,
and tin; like. Vandal tourists
have W( the paper off bit by
bit uirt.i" the walls are now sadly
Over $7,000 in greenbacks has
been found hidden among a lot of
rubbish in tho trunk of an eccentric
widow, who spont her summer
near Stonington, Conn., aud who
died recently. Always on leaving
Stonington at tho end of tho season
she left tho trunk with a friend, telling
him that it contained nothing of
account, but she didn't care to havo
burglars rummaging through it,
which would bo the caso if she were
to allow it to. remain injlmr cottage.
A spider i3 tho novel pet of a
Laingsburg (Mich.) girl. He is
kept under a goblet and carefully
feed, positively refusing to begin a
meal until three or four flies have
thrust iuto his apartment. Those ho
lets walk around hiurund even over
him, allowing them think him perfectly
harmless, until in some of
their trips under his noso ho apparently
wakes up nnd grabs them.
After ono of theso meals lie loses his
appetite for about forty-eight hours.
Valley City, N. D., has, it is said
one of tho most extraordinary specimens
of horseflesh iu existence. Ho
,is a sorrel, stands fully 10 hands, or
0 foot 4 inches from floor' to withers;
his logs nre ) fjotO. inches before
touching the bocty', and a small
bronco' can easily pass under him.
A- man 0 feet in height can't see
over his back, even' when' standing
on ti()foe. In length, he is fully 13
feo'f, or'17 fee(t;from tip of nose to
tlp.of tair. When standing with his
head as.ordinnrijy chookod up .a man
man,oy standing a,
can just (ouch tl.e' base of his q(j
-. A common mistake is made in
speaking of the bro.:en, clouds wjiloh
sbwetiines appear dtiruig rain storms
Clouds that bfingwpid.'i The
feet is here taken for the' cause,
th'bdgh usually after .a fewlniimtes
'wind, tloescomo, and .disperse tho.
clouds ovorheacl. Jtu0e4 not take
iloug for a.closilwprvBr. lii'f weStheV
'signs etjior .. during . 'any
aBBBBBBl '. f ' -T '
swriaaaBBBBBBBBBBMiwiu - ciouiii appear
tddidBBBBBBIr .disupiirsing, On
thislmfleTnioUdcUipii whether rain
.will bVof Like pb!
jn'Uiui mprnilig it- tba,.
wallior' bo' rojieatod
of fVve Jnliute, .w,ll, tell'
Kwlhjtho'r leather' will-
'f ,..'l "!,,' J V.
v.i'A ..,t . .
t&imVihe Imy7vw1in wit Jtplie.;coriicr?V
?JjSitiAir 'hfi: Christinas, .. pioUV V 1
"f: : 1 ' .-i ' .- Jl 1 -.l .-x a'.
fVUoAn wflrftft.Vnrnl.fUm lMriTrtliirit.
...-,- '?jnrx.'7,7.
U.i' aI.;.',,' I.'m.ij; IjLavW:.' nrkUnljaVltkaJ
st" 'rarrKSKSs?'',
kwed 1illU and
, rqrgauvn. a t mi u;mrmiea
att;ciiCCil,eL3Wvniiv jdm jare,
jJireja.fUJ.yi gcium, m
!uf.lli'l'lid lV.li . . m,W . '.l.ltiuk.dky f ..Itttr
..'"- trw.jrw
ra Tiy iiWto
,."!(.. . . 'i' -i v: r. .:. -.
it. OJrtr N W!t ri0M ... . - .
if .',!' WS Jfc.frf .' 'A- j ty iLt
TSRKSr SI.25 Pr Annam. .C
NO. 21
A Street Car Incident.
(N. V. Sun.1 .
A comely young womnn, stylishly
dressed, with n very "pretty fiico arid
fully-rounded figure, recently entered'
n Brooklyn bridgo.cnr, nccompanied
by n well-built, muscular young fellow,
apparently her husband, Slid
was a woman upon whom no man
could look but with admiration, nnd
she attracted universal attention as
tho couple passed through the cars
and finally took seats together.
Opposito to thciu sat a well-dressed,
middle-aged man, evidently a mau of
the world incomfortnblocircumstanccs
who ut ouco fixed his eyes upon the
pt the lady nud continued to stare
.with. such. persistent scrutiny as
o vicinity, The lady soon beV
came, conscious of tho stare, and was
evidently confused aud embarrassed
at its continuance It is true that
tho middle-aged man did not make
any sigu or offer any advances or betray
any of those attempts at familiarity
that are practicod by oglcrs.
He simply looked and kept looking,
not turning away his face once, nud
making but brief answers to remarks
by a young man who was with him.
Meauwlulo the husband of the lady
had been gradually worked up to a
pitch of indignation at the action of
the unwarrantable starcr. The lady
spoke to him quietly, and- was evidently
desirous of avoiding a scene
and mado a little eta! t 'to restrain hira
as he rose from his seat. The husband,
however, was now infuriated,
for, in spite of the lady's discomfiture
nnd the husband's ire, the cold,
but persistent, stare was
continued. The passengers became
interested, and it was obvious that
something exciting would soon occur.
The husband got up, white with
aud stepped across the
aisle and put his hand on the shoulder
of the middle-aged man, nud in a
straightforward, manly way said this:
"Sir, you have been staring at that
lady long enough You have uot,
taken your eyes from herjfnce sinco
she entered this car. Your staring is
not only impertinence, but it is insulting,
and you must stop it."
Of course the other passengers ex,-,
pecf ed a, row at words. The lady was
in evident trepidation, nnd it was evident
thnt for her sake, if uot for the
sake of decenoy, the young husband
would have plenty of hejp should he
need it to deal with tho Pffendcr.
But there was n sudden nnd indeed
dramatic revulsion of feeling when
tho middle-aged man, instead of showing
fight, said this: '
"Really I beg your pardon, sir, I
had no itcntiou of nunoying tho lady.
'I assure you I did not know what I
was doing. I could not see her, fori
am totally blind, as this ydnng man
who has charge of mo will tell you."
Special Announcement.
We havo. mado arrangements with
Dr., B. J. Kendall Co., publishers of
"A Treatise "on tho Horse and his Diseases,"
which will enable all our subscribers
to obtain a copy ot that valuable
work freo by sending then- address
(enclosing a two-cent stamp for
mailing same), to Dr. B. J. Kendall
Enosburgh Falls, Yt. , This book is
now recognized'as standard authority
'upon all diseases of tho horse, as its
phenomenal sale arrests,, over' four
million copies baying been sold iu the
paBt Jan years, & sale' neyer before
reached, by any publication in the
some period of time; We. feel, confident
that our. patrons will appreciate
the work, and be clad to avail
themselves of this opportunity of
,'i.Uk. V'..I...I.U Ivwlr '
, It U .neccessary that y
this wrir in sendiog for
tser. offer .will- reroai
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avoid the nee of Freach tanna in
or i Ult of fare. Here are some Hl
enconnten eoaatantly: Hleve is
to rrtkalar so far as the style of pre-, ,
ration, is. concerned,, Dot, answers -to
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t's and Caps
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. tsECBET, ospnmi
Sons3 cf rmtmxmxim.
Cttv ;W
. Cicero Maxwell Camp, No'.'Sti, Depardhent tt ft iSl'
Kentucky, meet. at IlHrtford,Ky.,tecomi8atordyl vj'v.
la ench month At Imi.i l-l. ..
C. M lUi.irT, CafiUli.
Jai. L. noiu.'Scrgeant.
JiWiiiOoimt Toai, No. A,' Departmut af
Rtufuclty, meet.' every'thlrd Saturday at 1 o'clock
r. a., In Leltchfleld, Ky, " "
P. 8. Bab.aa.Cora.
PaMtoN Moitom Toaf No. 4, Departmentof
meet, every Bnturday before the aecoad
Sunday at 10 o'clock' A.
HaTtfonl, Ky. J. 0. CuianraLiit, P,C
J. M. llimor, Adj. "
xT.mmmmwR aA3r?,iU'.
'. 7. , a, wiBpina.
Will practice their profbs.lon liiall'th. court I v-1"
Ohio and adjoining counties, and court of Annaalai
Special attention given to. criminal, practice, aad
collections, -- --'--
- T2nHir
Tames -A.'. Sinith.,
Attorney at Law,
K hartforiCky.
Will practice Ilia profe.ilon In Ohio' and
countioi, and the" court of Appeal..:, bpecia
attention given to collection.. . v
ORlco north iJ public .quare. ' ' ' "vt Tlr
E. D. OUFFT. t , B. D.KIHOO.
rviiipraciiceinaiicoQrU or Ohio Mid Mjoiniif
Malt Ol
Cbrd, Ky, .71y
Perry Wetr field
33. 2S. "7"ed.diaa,Br,
Attorney at JJkl
RoslrLe, BLy.
(Offlco In Crowder Building.) ,
Will practice hie profession In all the court of
umo and Alao Mataurjr
Public , -, vaiHiy
3v. Xj. 33IeaivxJja,
Hartfprd. Ky.
. Will pnutlcehi. profe.sfon In alUho Conrla,of
Uhloiuid'adjbinlrig couutle., and In the Court of
Appeal, bpcclal attention given to'collecllon.
Offlce, EraldooraboTo the Bank-; " 4ly
Physician & Surgeoii,
Formerly of Stillirood, now locatVl at ta'iUhy
Sold. offer, hu crofcuonal ..rvice. to th aabpla ;' -
,Ofll mm-ace.
dance, (th. Dr. lladen properly.) " ' ' aai.
J. 33. Tasicra: Od
Frelerlca Street ,Oiveoahoro,Ky.
. ca-. m -
.,w wwuk, 5".
' -' '
' ifl
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