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r OlxxToTolng: Rates. Tho Ropubllcau kindly invites lta many
The Republican ami Louisville Commercial, I yeat,$t 35. rottdors and triondu to Rlvo thoso luorcbfiuts
The Republican and the Courier Journal, 1 jear, $1 25 The Hmtdbd Republican. who advortiBalu its columns thn boneflt ot
The Rrpublicm and the Toledo (O ) Blade, t J car, $1 it,
tbolr trndo. It will bo
The Republican and Louisville Dispatch, I year, '$125. regarded ao a per- y
The Reput licun and the Globe Democrat, 1 year $1 50 sonal lavor.
Special attention given to all business
entrusted to his care. Office In
Court House,
Attorney at Law
Will practice his rrolesslon In all the
courts of Ohio and adjoining counties
and Court 61 Appeals. Special attention
given to collections.
.Will practice his profession in all the
couitn.ol Ohioap'i adjoining countlts
and Coujt ul Appeals. Special stten
tlon given to ail assignments in bank
ruptcy -
O. -MT.
Attokney at Law,
Will practice his profession in all tbo
courts 6f Obioand adjoining countiet
Careful altontloo will be Riven to a
business entrusted to his care. Collections
a specialty.
Attorney at Law
attention given to collections,
SPECIAL making abstracts, Ac
alio Notary Publio lor Ohio County.
Office North sido ot publicsquare.
Attorney at Law,
IIartfobd, Kt.
Will practice his profession in the
the courts oi Ohio and adjoining
counties. Also Notary Publio.
Attorney at Law,
Will practice his profession in all
tho Courts oi Kentucky. Special attention-given
to collections, settle
neat or decedent's estates, road cases
and criminal practice. Office up
stair next door to Grifiin'sdrug store.
J. S.R. Wedding,
Will practice his profession In all
thecouttso! Ohio ondruljoinltiK counties
and the Court of Appeals. Prompt
attention given to all busines entrust-to
his care.
Office in Republican building.
CfcXTr.HTOW'.ir, KY.
Winyracllrabia prvlrnalnn In nil til
aarlaarohla and adjoining; eounllea
and 1'onrt al Annral... Hrlal alien-
laa la lo rallrcllan. OBlealn W.
A. Kane
Attorney at Law,
IlAirrroitD, Ky.
Special attention givou to all business
entrusted to his care. Office in Court
Attorney at Jaw
Hartfohd, Ky.
Will practlco his profession in all the
Courts of Ohio and adjoining counties
Collections carefully and promptly attended
to. Office with T.J.Smith
A Ca. , Market Street.
Attorney at Law,
Hautfoiid, Ky.,
Will practice hi profession in 'Ohio
and .adjoining counties, Special attention
given to allbusineu entrusted
to his care.
Will practice his. profession in all the
courts of Ohio and adjoining counties
and Court 6f Appeals. Special
given to collections, Office
next door to Post Office.
Rowe & Felix,
Will practice in the Courts, of Ohio
county and coutfot Appeals rrompi
attention given to all business en
trusted to our care. Office ia Herald
Tho Southorn Railway.
Urtuih (llH But SoMtrn Staff
I(rnlieky, VlrKDila. Numb I'm o.
Una, Alabama,
Norlli l'arolliia,Urorln,
aim IIlMllil.
6463 Miles Three bally Trains
Ildwifn Loulavllleand Lex
iogion Observation Chnlr
Cars. Trains leave and ar
riveLoulsvillefrom Seventh
Street Union Depot, connecting
with trains of the
L, H & St L Railway.
For Information, Address
A. Whidon, P. & T. A.. 216 4th lit, Hulstlll. (tj
Wffl.H.Tnloi, Asslstiot 0. r. A , It.lsillli, ft ,
fral MVr.
;aejD0i (55Xi5?S?'i
T ssssc(T7've5
Acts gently on thi
Kidneys, Liver
and Bowels I
Entirely Reliable.
When you think you have bought
gold and find that It ia only electro
plated brass you are disgusted. A
sore remedy for this difficulty Is to
deal only with responsible parties who
guarantee their goods. At the store of
You can find a nice assortment of Jew.
elry that is fully warranted, manu
factured by W F. Main Co., made or
rolled gold plate.gold filled, eold front
or solid gold stock, and guarantee
them to be exactly as represented and
give satisfaction or we will return the
money paid for the goods. It will not
cost you a cent to test these goods, if
they are not as" represented, because
you can return your purchase and get
your money back after wearing the
article suUiciently to know exactly
what it Is.
It you live too far away from Williams
Coal Co. to get the goods there
and no other ot ourenstomcrsare near
you.wrlte to us direct and we will send
you tne articles you need, tally warranted',
to be sent by mall.' Wr will
alsosendlnstructlonaonthecareof the
case, how to clean it, etc , on appllca
tlon. - V F. MAIN CO ,
Eastern Factory, Cor- Friendship &
Eddy Streets, Providence, R. I
Western Factory (Largest Jewelry
Factory In the world) under process of
construction Iowa City, Iowa. Over
52,oqo feet of floor space 34
Years' Constant
Ufeo Without a Falluro,
The first indication oi croup i
hoarseness, and in a child subject to
that disease it may be taken as a sure
sign of the approach of an attack.
Following this hoarseness is a peculiar
rough cough. If Cbamberlaln'H
Cough Remedy is given as soon an
the child becomes hoarse, or even alter
the croupy cough appears, It will
prevent the attack. It is used in
many thousands of homes in this
broad land and never disappoints the
anxious mothers. We have yet to
tear ot a single instance In which it
has not proved effectual. No other
preparations can show such a record-twenty
five years' constant use
h failure. For sale by Z Wayne
Griffin & Bro. nh
Ladles For relief of women, Chester's
Tansy Tablets, worth their weight
In gold. A safe and certain monthly
regulator. Milled on receipt of price,
$r. ,MORDqcfCURB Co .Atlanta, Ga.
My. son has been troubled for years
with chronic diarrhoea. Sometime
ago I persuadedj hlro.to take; some ot,
(jnampenain. s ouc, noiera ami
Remedy, After using two
bottles of the ascent size he was
cured. I give this testimonial, hoping
some one similarly 0 filleted may
read it and be benefited. Thomas C.
Bower, Olcncoe, 0. For sale by Z,
Wayne Griffin & Bra. m
t 11 1 1 1 a. -
Tho SIckMadoWoll.
Have you any pain, orache.or weak,
nets? Does your blood show that it
contains impurities? Are you nervous?
Do you lack snap and activity of mind
body? Ar you easily tired? Have you
lost ambition? Is there any unnatural
drain upon your syfctem? Is every or.
gsn performing its proper function?
In other Words : Are you a perfectly
strong, active, vigorous, lieatlhy.haD
py man or woman? It not, you should
not delay one day before ou consult
J Nkwton Hathaway, M D ,
tf 309 Church St Njhvlle, Tenn
1 Ariti-1
Will straighten Curly and
Kinky hflr without Injury to
the scalp or blr
Pried. 50c Por Box.
Endorsed by the Unjtad States
Health Department
Sill yamifaetufri. Wiwm
Imclouttampftrptrtltulart, 2)
fTl Qluv(iij A 1 S
HUaat SSI 4 '
FCTaWsMSttliyffJMBWHffiCT 8Qn sJTEjJlnl 1bbBb99bbIBhbHbbbI
I'lHIl I TP"liKTIimi IJJiiaMll"uaai 1 1,
Healthful Location, Strong Faculty, Well-Equipped Building.The Best
Methods, Superior Environments, Complete Courses, Low Expenses.
T7p rift onk
Collegiate Department.
By reference to the year book ot 1899 and 1900 it will be
observed that the courses ot study are more complete and
the field of research broader than they have been at any
time In the history of our institution.
As advancement is made In culture and intelligence a
demand for institutions of a higher class of work is necessitated.
To meet these demands we have adopted such
courses of study as the experience and observation of years
of labor and thought have proven to be the most natural
and will lead to the most complete mastery of the subjects
to be pursued It is our aim to teach students to think
and act for themselves' Not only do we endeavor to arouse
in students a desire to master the study which they are to
pursue, but to Instruct them in those general principles
that lead men to a higher and nobler plane- of action.
Students need, as we think, instruction in their social relations
and moral conduct. We endeavor to tboronehlv
lmpresD'npon the. ralnds'of "o'ur pupils'
that accuracy ot knowledge, thoroughness In mental discipline,
correctness of expression, and morality are
make fe' what ltought to be'and can be, made.
The followlpg branches.wlllbe pursued during the spring
term: Mathematics, Geometry, Surveying, Astronomy,
Trigonometry, Mechanics and Calculus; Latin; Beginning
Latin, Casar; Engllah Literature; P.incoast'a text, some
of the recent writers, Philosophyof Literature and Draper's
Intellectual Development of Europe, and General History;
Sciences, Botany, Physics, Psychology and Chemistry.
Besides these a number of classes will be organized to suit
the demands of the pupils. In fact, we feel safe in saying
that we are prepared to meet the needs of all.
Teachers' Courses.
These courses are under the instruction of the ablest
teachers in the school and the work done in them covers
every branch required by the Slateor a County certificate,
a State certificate or a S'tate diploma Every faithful and
energetic teacher expects to at least complete these courses
and obtain from the State the highest certificate of qualification
possible. The constantly growing demand for
well trained teachers, with broad and liberal preparation
for their work has made it necessary for us to provide the
very highest grade of instruction in each particular line ol
trje teachers' work. In order to do this, earh class has
been placed in the hands of a teacher who has nlade a spec
ialty ol the work and who will spire no
work popular and effective, While we
tion as will best prepare lor examinations wo most rigidly
insist npon a thorough understanding of the principles o.f
the subject taught. Our work in Pedagogical line? is Ins
tended to develop more capable and conscientious men and
women for all the departments of teaching.
Do you need work In the Teachers' course? If so, we
want you Are you deficient in Spelling, Readfugt, Writ
ing, Composition, Grammar, Arithmetic,
tory, Civics, royalology, Educational
'ods, Physics, Geometry, Literature or
Is the place for you to attend school, as teachers classes
will be sustained in all the above named branches during
our spring term. Our work will be thoroughly and honestly
done and will be done according to the best methods
that experience and observation suggest.
Hor Splendid Surroundings.
"Myrtle Gusblon writes that she is
now living surrounded by splendor "
. "I suppose she's got n new silk pet
tlcoat." World'a'Corufc.
A Suro'Cure.
Doctn I'm afrad your wife isn't
going to pull through.
Husband Oh, es, she will I told
her 1. already bad her successor picket!,
out ,n fase 8he 'Ji(,n't 8lt we,I,chU
wagu ihiip
Z Wayne Griffin St Bro guarantee
every1 bottle of Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy' and wilt refund the money to
any one who is not satltfi'd alter
miner two thirds of 'the content.
i This Is the. ahe best remedy In the
world for la grippe, coughs, colds,
croup and whooping cough, and Is
pleasant and safe to take It prevents
any tendency of a cold to renult in
pneumonia. nov.fcb.
THE! - A.33Xrj3L3Xr
collegiai e, teach ers
mercial. ELOCUTION.
Special Departments.
These are Music, Law, Commercial and Elocution, each
of which is in charge of thoroughly competent and experienced
Miss Wolcott, of the Department of Music, received her
training In the Conservatory of Chicago and Is a most ex
cellent teacher.
Judge J, S Glenn is a lawyer o! ripe scholarship and
wide experience and Is admirably suited to the Law Department.
J. D. Stewart, in charge of the Commercial Department,
is a graduate of the Bryant & Stratton Business College,
of Louisville, Ky.
Miss Roll, of the Elocution Department, Is an elocution
1st of rare powers and superior culture.
We guarantee the mdst perfect satisfaction in all these
StandirtgvOf Hartford College.
For a nutuber'of years Hartford College has been gain
ing a rank with the leading Colleges and Universities that
she is proud to possess.
During the past year we made arrangements with the
following medical schools to allow our graduates to enter
with one year's credit and without examinations: Louisville
Medical College; Indiana Medical College Unlverrity
ot Louisville; Cincinnati Medical College; Belleview Hospital
& Medical College, N Y i Vanderbtlt University.
We also have arrangements to enter our graduates,
without examinations in the schools ot Liberal Arts; Wash
ington & Lee University, DeP.ruw Unlversltyt University
ot Indiana, Vauderbllt University, Centre University, Central
University, Ohio University and many other leading,
Washington & Lee University has placed In our hands a
scholarship to be given to one of our graduates, who desires
to pursue a higher course ot work than we oiler.
This Institution also agrees to furnish us with a list of
questions and allow us to examine any one of our pupils
who may desire to attend its school.
This must mean to the thinking man that Hartford Col'
lege is above the ordinary educational Institutions ot the
country. Any one "desiring a course in medicine or dentistry
will do well to consult us.
Tuition Per term ot ten weeks $ 8 00
For two terms (In advance) 15 00
Board This is always by far the largest Itemjof school
expenses hence we worked hard to reduce it to a minimum
the Important'fact
pains to make the
give such Instruc
and we believe we
the very best board
$2 00 per week
and everything
here for
not exceed $55 00
Examine our
Geography, His.j fiovnefbing in them
Psychology, Metbt ( Experimental,
Latin ? If so, this some of our leading
If you want to
edge, this is the place
ease and reosual
For further
Tho Puerto Rloo Problom,
... ,...,..
In the possession of Puerto Rico the
nant. tti.i St....
wt" WIItU Wlf IVd HIV aWM'
fronted with both opportunity and re
sponsiblllty, t would be at variance
with Aineiican cir(zenshpll we failed
to take advantage of the former; we
should be recreant to every lionet
principle if we evaded the latter
Consequently, v;e pi ay take It for
granted that we shall develop the material
resource ot the Island with
characteristic energy, while endeavor
lug tpad njlnlster the government with
the wise combination of liberty and
law that makes the American nation
the glory of modern civilization.
There is every reason why the regard
ot the United States for Puerto
Rico should be most considerate.
True, the Island camelto us by right
of conquest from Spain; but the usually
antagonistic relations of vanquished
and victor have never existed be
tween the island people and the
Americans. The Fuertorlcans have
- rwA.G4 - 3E3S
have succeeded, as we can offer students
in prl xte families at the low rates of
This includes furnished room, fuel, light,
except washing. So that the entire expenses
board and tuition for twenty weeks need
courses of study and see if you do not need
Laboratory and Practical Field Work are
learn. and arc willing to work for knowl
lor you; if you are seeking luxurious
enjoyment, bettar go somewhere else.
Information call upon or write,
T.J. MORTON, Pros.
O. M. SHU LTZ, Vloo Pros.
I always manifested toward us the ut
I most Thev iovonslv wel
corned the coming of our flag as a res
,,,,.. . , ,
, He! from the tyranny, oppression, and
barbarity of Spanish administration.
They hall us as the champions of lib
erty and equality before the law; and
they expressed the hope, amid the re
j uclng which they nmuifetted when
Spain yielded that to Puerto Ul-co
rtould come the blessings of good
government which have made the
Uuitcn States tho abiding place ot a
wonderfully prosperous and happy
In no small degree, therefore, is Ihe
problem which Puerto Rico presents
simplified in the very beginning. The
people of the island are not wedded to
tU'lr systems; tbey do not, In their
proper devotion to their country,
love either for Spain or for
the laws by which they have been op
pressed, held in Ignorance and semi
bondage, and burdened with excessive
taxation. Former conditions have
been, to the Puertorican, exceedingly
onerous. He welcomes the advent of
the American with sincere joy; believing
that, at last, the shackles
which have enslaved him are to be
cast aside, and that he la to walk erect
In a new and healthy atmosphere of
liberty and justice.
The American people have demon
strated their ability to govern themselves;
now let us prove that we can
uplift the people of the islands of the
sea. Through one bloody conflict we
struck the shackles lrom four millions
ot our own people; and now, through
the war with Spain and its well directed
results, let us give fieedom,
good government, and higher ideals
to the people who have been placed
under our control. It is our noble
task to lead them up to the high
.standard required and expected of the
people ot the United States. But if,
alter a fair trial, we find that these
people do not attain the requisite and
dmirid excellence we shall know, at
)ct.t, that our proiuifes been
fulfilled, and that our duty hat been
honestly perlorrucd In the proud
consciousness ot this, we con let the
luture dttermlne Its own problems.
The Status ol Puerto Rico," by II.
G CutH8 In the December Forum.
Call For Republican National
The following is the call for the
next Republican National Convention
which will name the Nation's next
Headquarters Republican National
Committee, Washington. To the
Republican Electors of the United
States: In accordance with established
custom and in obedience to Instructions
of the National Convention
pl 1896, the National Republican
Committee directs that a National
Convention of delegated representatives
of the Republican party be held
at the city of Philadelphia, Penn , for
the purpose of nominating candidates
for President and Vice President, to be
voted for at the Presidential election.
Tuesday, November 6, 1900, and for
the transaction of such other business
as may properly come before It, and
that said convention shall assemble
at 12 o'clock noon on Tuesday, June
19, 1900.
The Republican electors of the several
States, the District of Columbia
and the the Territories, and all other
electors, without regard to past
who believe In the principles of
the Republican party and endorse its
policies, are cordially Invited to unite
under this call In the selection of
candidates for President and Vice
Said National Convention shall
of a number of delegates at large
from each State, equal to double the
number of United States Senators to
which each State is entitled, and for
each Representative large in Congressional
district and the District of
Columbia, two delegates; from each
of the Territories of Alaska, Arizona,
Indian Territory, New Mexico and
Oklahoma two delegates. For each
delegate elected to said convention an
alternate delegate shall be elected to
act in case ot the absence of the del-gate,
said alternate to be elected at
thero $ re thousands of women
who nearly suffer death
from Irregular menses. Sometimes
the " period " comes too
often sometimes not often
enough sometlraos the flow Is
too scant, and again it is too
profuse, Each symptom shows
that Nature needs help, and
that there is trouble in the organs
concerned. Be careful
when in any of the above conditions.
Don't take any and
every nostrum advertised to
cure female troubles.
is the one safe and sure
medicine for irregular or painful
menstruation. It cures all
the ailments that are caused by
Irregularity, such as
falling of the womb,
nervousness; pains in the head,
back, breasts, shoulders, sides,
hips and limbs. By regulating
the menses so that they occur
every twenty-eighth day, all
those aches disappear together.
Just before your tlmo comes,
get a bottle and see how much
good it will do you.. Druggists
sell it at ft.
8nd for oar (r. book, "PtlfMt
Uealtt. (or Woman,"
the tme and in the manner of elect
Ing the delegate.
, Alldelegates shall be elected not
iess'than thirty days before the meeting
of the National Convention.
shall be elected by
popular State and Territorial conventions,
of which at least thirty days'
notice shall have been published In
some newspiper or newspapers of
general circulation In the respective
States and Territories.
The Congressional district delegates
shall be elected by conventions
ed by Congressional Comps
each district, in the manned
nating the candidate forfRep!
tlve In Coneress In said dlstrk
(i... 1- .- rn..nnr2S'
trlct where, there is no RptNiciaj
Congressional Committee, t.ae Re'
publican State Committee shalt "np.
point from among the Republicans
resident In such district a committee
lor the purpose ol calling a district
convention to elect delegates to represent
said district
The election of delegates from the
District of Columbia shall be held under
the direction and supervision of
an election Boara, composed of Hon.
John B. Cotton, Mr. W. C. Chase and
Mr. L. M. Saunders.
Snch board shall have authority to
fix the date for such electlou and to
arrange all details and regulations
incident thereto, and shall provide for
a registration oi the votes as cast,
such registration to Include the name.
of each voter.
The territorial delegates shall be
elected In the manner of nominating
candidates for delegates in Congress,
and delegates from the Indian Territory
and Alaska shall be elected by
popular Convention.
We recommend that the Territories'
or Arizona, Indian Territory, New
Mexico and Oklahoma each elect six
delegates and six alternate delegates,
and that Alaska elect four delegates
and four alternate delegates, and the
admission of such additional delegates
to the convention is hereby recom
All notices VjSntest shall be sub
mltted In writing accompanied by a
printed statement setting forth the
grounds of contest, which shall be
filed with the Secretary of the Nation.
al Committee twenty days prior to
the meeting of the National Convention,
Contest will be acted upon
by the National Convention In 'the
order of date ot filing notice and statement
with the Secretary.
M. A. Hanna, Chairman,
Charles Dick, Secretary.
Lost in Cornfield.
The Harrington (Kansas) Times recites
an incident which took place in
thatlocallty, which will give Easterners
a vivid sense ot the extent oi a
Kansas cornfield. This Is the substance
of it:
"A farmer living four or five miles
out of town was out In his cornfield
shucking corn, and a little four-year-old
boy went along for company, ns
the afternoon was pleasant and the
little fellow wanted to "help papa
shuck corn " Along toward night be
started alone to go to the house, which
-was but a little way off, and that was
the last seen of him till after sunrise
the next morning,
"The farmer finished picking his
load of corn and went to the house,
supposing the boy was there, but on
inquiry found that such was not the
case. Search was at one instituted,
and the neighbors were called upon
to assist, and it wasn't long before the
cornfield were alive with men and
lanterns looking for the lost child.
And to ad"4 to the grief of the parents
and friends, the rain began to pour
' down In torrents between 10 and 11
o'clock but the boy was uowhere to
be found They continued Ihe search
in hearing no response. The next
morning one of the searching p.rty
came upon the wee one traveling in
one of the neighbor's cornfield, a lit
tie over hall a mile from home wtt
through lo the skin, his clothes cov j
ered with mud, indicating that he
had probably tired out during the
night and had lain down to take a
, euoizs."
Do you know that a nice Singer
Sewing Machine Is the most useful
Xmas present you coutd give your
wtte or daughter ? Call at the Singer
Office (Tom Duke's-old stand) and see
them Gross Williams, Agent.
Ifyou need any stationery
for tho opening
of tho Now Year
The Republican is
prepared to supply
you. Prices to suit
tho times and satisfaction
guaranteed. Give
us a call.
Indopondont Rolatlons of tho
United Statos and
There has not been for twelve
years such an opportune time as now
lor puting this country on the sale
side In our commercial relations with
Germany, The term of Germany's
tariff schedule has nearly explred,and
a commission is now preparing the
scheme for the new one. Since these
bills have a fixed period during
which they are not subject to change,
It will be readily appreciated that the
prosperity ol the United States is to
considerable extent involved In the
conditions that may be placed on Imports
from this country As an In
rdhstrial country Germany would bo
.onltop glad to make favorable ar
laogenTents with the United States;
but something must be conceded tor
each favor expected, and a sort ot
reciprocity must prevail.
It is true we are n great people but
we ire not independent ol the rest of
the world It is true we have a
country wltu unparalled natural facll.
Itl 1 lor manufactures and agrlcultur
al pursltslrwlth n ineenlous oeonle
utilizing mach'lnery In every possible
direction, with a territory so vast as
to include soli and climate adapted
all the forms of food demanded!
man and beast and with mines!
yield many sorts of tires as wellli
the coal for their reduction.
with these blessings blessings9
nbuudance there may be a limit to
our Industrial advance.
Under normal conditions two
causes can arrest our progress:
scarcity of labor and a loss of our
agricultural exports. With the immigration
we have had in such abundant
measure, together with our Increase
in native population, it would
seem impossible that labor should
ever be scarce. In quantity, perhaps
this may be true; but for the
manufactories some skill is required,
and intelligence above the ordinary
is needed. Then, for each additional
five or six families whole heads are
engaged in the shops or factories, one
farmer must start his plough for their
support, or else our exports must be
diminished by a corresponding
amount. This farmer must take up
new lands, less productive than those
now farmed, or else a subdivision of
lands now under cultivation must
take place. Both these steps have
been taken. The size of farms has
been decreased from 199 acres in 1S60
to 137 In 1890, and the number of
farms has Increased a great many
fold in this period.
While the total acreage under cultivation
has Increased rapidly, It has
not been greatly in excess of our in.
crease In population; so that we can.
not expect to continue to add to our
exports of foods unless we start upon
a fccheme of more Intense cultivation.
It is therefore, inevitable that sooner
or later we shall cease to .control the
food-supplies ol the world; and then,
as other contries become Independ
ent npon them, or at least shall no
longer be in a position to dictate
terms of exchange. It is now, while
we are strong in agricultural and industrial
exports, that we can mike
the best terms with the other members
in the family of nations; and It
Is now that we can accept the principle
ol economical division of labor,
with Its corallar that looks toward
frte trade, and with Its ethical Injunction
to live and help live. "The
Commercial Relations of the United
States and Germany," by James II.
Gore In the December Forum.
u Catarrh is Lagrippe, our
lung troubles ana
other diseases ot
the mucous
brono take hold
ot our people
and fatal results
mm follow with
alarming frequency.
mimmmm All ot
these troumes
'MW are catarrh, and
cannot exist
where the membranes are clean and
Mrs. Lou Davis, FayettevUle, Tenn.,
tells in her letter how Dr. Hartman'a
great catarrh remedy, cured
her of la grippe and serious lung complication.
She say st
" I was afflicted with a disease commonly
known as lagripr two yeara
ago 1 tho doctors said I had consumption.
I got one bottle ot and
the second night my cough stopped.
I took several bottles, and I wlU say
that I bellere I would bo a dead woman
now If It had not been for
Mary M. Prultt, Palpa, Ma, saysr
Mtdicvtt Co., Columtut, O.
I had la grippe for three sucoess.Ta
years; It seemed to get a Uflhter hold
on me each year. It seemed I was la
the Jaws of death. What had helped
ma be foro would not do me any good.
ot I
I saw an advertisement
procured two bottle and it cured me,
I have not folt any symptom alnoe.
You may um tali ta ay way joa
MaSall jam

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