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Hartford Republican
tUMId Fridays kt tee HtLtiint fat Colncorpoatd
Tlephoao aunlaaosaC = 33
Entered itHartfctCpistoffici as secondclass mall matter
Jo 0 S BLACKBURN is a pretty I
good Spaniard The desertion of bisI
Iriend Santlford is truly the act of a
vile and unscrupulous s Spatiianl
ThE Democratic party in Obiu
county in Kentucky and in the Unit
ed States is now where Moses was
when the light went outIn the dark
AODINALDO yet lurvivc and Is rov
ing the hills of Western Lnz > n His
capture may be affected any moment
Gen Young is itlll in pursuit of hit
JOHN R MeLEANCincinnatid can
dilate for President then Governor of
Ohio is now a candidate for Mayor
of the great manufacturing town
Cincinnati This appears to be retro
gression to most people Wonder what
McLean thinks about il
SOUTH THIMIILE the author of inejD
Trimble letter to Thompsonwhicb hasg
appeared frequently In the local and i tl
State papers was elected Speaker < > < i K
the House of Representatives Ifaoy D
one desires to know io advance
tbey ttc
that body rill be governed
would do well to read Trimbl6a letter ot
again and then lorm a con loot
been dls
TUE kebel men bare fo
The tissue ball ute haveql
lod qlge
lodged agal
db te
een expJ
them lIe declare toat the ballots 8t
eed in the serenteen counties how an
contested s by the Goebelitee were the bj
same u Irises us thate
are Goebel Mrge majorities This G
cbarge g fa like most Democraha charges n
without foundation
GFv11YAiT UABDIS again bobs °
up in Kentucky politics to save he in
up the Demociatio party from rUIDb
BAd Mr Hardin done this ere theh
election had passed he migbt have b
said thiebut It seems that fie redeem of
er is too late Goebel has lad a dead
cinch on the Democracy in oldf
Kentucky and when he turns loose J
there will not be so much as a shred
left f
Gov TAYLOHB message to the Gen e
eral Assembly is a masterly product
r Ifthows that the people made no mis Ii
take in choosing their Governor He g
ii conversant with the States needs t
and has clearly presented them to the t
proper tribunal for their betterment t
But this scholarly message will doubt
less pass as did those of the matchless a
1Bradleyunheeded However Gov 1
Taylor has faithfully performed bis I
duty he has recommended that which i
seems to the best interest of the State I
and now the responsibility passes to
the General Assembly
WILLIAM GOEBEL has at last filedI
notices ot contest and now Kentucky
and the legislature are to endure an I
other reign of terror In 1702 Ken
tucky was admitted into the Union
and Isaac Shelby was elected first
Governor Since that date a Gover
nor has been elected every four years
and never was a contest filed out ol
this entire number But now Sena
tor Goebel breaks the record He is
an ambitious man with evil designs
and will cause the name Kentuckyto
be a synonymy of fraud and corrup
tion Well might one exclaim II Where
are we at
Tics time to be looking about for
vice 1reeidential limber is ripening
No question about the Presidency is
raised by any JIcKiuleys renomi °
nation and re election n doubly asI
shred It appears that the Vice < Pres I
idential plum of 1000 sboulu be thrown t
In a Southern Republican Nut since d
1850 has Kentucky been huiored with 8
a place on the National ticket Iud r
n > since Kentucky was del vereil from f
Democracy has she been shown proper
sympathy and encouragement by the °
National organization Tlie splendid 81
administration aud career > f Gov W v
O Bradley make mm the most prom S
inent man ol the South Jus wonder 8I
ful ability force of chuactcr and f
manly bearing eminently uualify him
for any position within the gift of the
v people His efforts to tnaiituin de
fend and protect civil liberty in Ken it
tacky have made him the idol of every s
lover of liberty within the State and °
tile central figure of all the SuuthI
An intellectual giant a profound and v
sagacious statesman an eminent law
yer an orator the equalof any of his u
time combined make of him the great S
est statesman of theSoutb and as good it
material ° the nation possesses With
McKinleyand Bradley the Republican
party will sweep the nation and carry c
Kentucky by the largest majority ever t
given a Republican ticket °
TUB secret ballot system just now b
is receiving the condemnation of many a
disappointed and disgruntled politi
cians and editors of newspapers of the o
fourthcass It is charged that since J
the adoption of the secret ballot sys I
tem of voting fraud has reigned su I
preme at elections Never was so base I
a charge uttered by man Under this ii
system of voting every mau both rich p
and poor alike enter a secret booth a
and there choose men to make nod f
enforce laws for himself and country t
Under this system men cannot be I
driven to the polls and voted like Si j
many beast of burden The secret
ballot makes a poor man pqual to the I
millionaire Slauy Northern Slates
have adopted the Australian ballot
system of voting and it has proven
eminently satisfactory in every par
ticular The reason why it is unpnpu
lar in Kentucky is because under its
provisions Democracy bas been de J
throned and the State now enjoys the I
inevitable results of Republican rule 1
progress and prosperity There has g
never been a valid reason given for its
repeal and never will There are none i
THE REPunLICAN is very much in love D
with the secret ballot and It believes to
in this G
the people
it voices the will of
honest men as election mi
statement With
be no fraud in a
tion officers there can
elections m
IWhat Will Kentuckians Do
Recent developments at Frankfort a
indicate that Goebel has the legislature
where je bad the convention Fallen
Blackburn received the caucus nomi
nation for Senator which is not alto r
gether equivalent to an election but u
that of itself shows that the Goebel
geng are in the majority However
Democratic nominations nowaday are
synonymous with the term elec
lion nor equivalent to election Au
other indication that Goebel is san
guine is his serving notice of contest
a majority of the legislators are in
full sympathy with Goebel there Ie no
question now as to the result of a con
st before such a tribunal Among
such honesty is a total strangerright
fairness unknown and justice
eJunong them never Consider
ing the fact that the election which
Goebel and his mercenary followers
now claim was one great scene of
fraud the result of which they are
now contesting was held exclusively
n every instance in every particular
n every nook and corner of the State
by his own ideal men of honor and
honesty and considering their charges I
fraud the honest man loving the t
fair name of Kentucky must blush I
for shame nderauch a state of af
lairs the boasted chivalry and man
hood of Kentucky should rise in its
might assert its authority and enforce
its verdict of November itbat what
ever cost or consequence may follow
We are freemen We must be free
If partisan courts wholly ignore the
great peoples will and decision then
the people should disregard entirely
the decisions and mandates of such
tribunals and seek justice in whatever
manner necessary to recure it If we e
re to be free we must be free indeed h
The outrages of Goebelism upon the
libel ties of Kentucky manhood is an t
insult to her people and goes without
a precedent in all Kentuckys history t
To submit to his fraud and highway
robbery now mean to endure it a quar
ter ofa century Hut we votes the
sentiment of every honest Kentuckian
who regards the will of the majority
above all things else first last and al > I
ways when we say that Kentucky and I
Kentuckians will never endure Goe c
belism I
Democratic Discrepancy
The Democratic party under the
leadership of William Goebel in Ken h
tucky is in a worse and more critical
condition il possihle than the Demo
cratic party in the Uuited States un <
der the leadership of William Bryan
In Kentucky Goebel has destroyed
party harmony he has forced the
former leaders of the party to private
life be baa stolen from the members
of the party their rights in conven s
tions and primaries ho has caused
Kentucky to he placed in the bands of
the Republican party to remain an in
definite period in a word be has de 1
stroyed the party in Kentucky by
rascality and thievery He in un
principled 1111a dangerous man I
With his insatiable desire for positions i
of public trust and honor he loses
sight of partys interest and friends a
welfare He never enjoyed the friend f
ship of a man whom ho would not for
sake when bso doing his own ends c
could hA accomplished lIe ouce en
joyed the esteem and friendship of that u
page of Kentucky Democracy lion I
John G Carlisle and when he deemed 1
popular to desert this friend he did
o When it was necessary for him to s
obtain the enmity of Judge John T i
Hodge that his plans might be fat t
warded be did this too and declared t
that he has a doubledealer and an c
unmitigated liar He forsook Capt r
Stone the man from Kuttawa when I
was necessary to steal the nomina 1
tion for Governor lie has gone c
further than to betray his party sass s
dates When politics in Renton coun I
ty were under the leadership of an e
ther man and it became necessary a
for this man to be slain that his am 1
bition might be gratified he provoked c
and slew him t
It is marvelous to note the history i
of this man of evil ambition This f
Judas Iscariot is as abominable to I
Kentucky Democracy as the Judas t
Iscariot of old is to the religious world f
He has bound the decrepit Blackburn c
in chains of adamant For what pun I
pease That his own ends might be c
accomplished Kentucky Democracy s
for the past year has been under con 1
trot of this apostate Tbe party cued
has been destroyed and a new code of
faith has been Instilled into the hearts
of many Partisans Under the leader
ship of the apostate Goebel and the
decrepit Blackburn the Democratic
party made it impossible for frauds to
be committed in elections especially
by Hcpubhcao The law bearing
the title Goebel was declared Ian
gogue mm Goebel and Blackburn to
the local politician In the famous
Music Hall platform we find this lan
We indorse the amendment of the
State election law passed by the last
Democratic General Assembly of Ken
tucky over the veto of the Republican
Governor We declare that amend
ment to be in the interest of honest
and fair elections its faithful enforce
ment will render impossible the com
mission of such frauds as were perpe
trated in this State in 1896 whereby
the will of the people was overthrown
and the State lost to William J
If this law was not faithfully en
forced Mr Goebel and company are
responsible for it The election was
undoubtedly held under Goebels de
crees and no man is responsible save
Goebeland his tools This is the
partys endorsernentbut the language
of the man Onebel had nothing else
been said should condemn every man
that said aught about fraud But the
half has not yet been told the further
we go the more ridiculous the con
tent becomes In his speech at Loa
isville Goebel with clenched fist fac
ing his Savior in Heaven declared
1 have the election right where I bad
the convention You cannot count
me outand you cannot out count me
This is what Watterson said too But
this is not all at McHenry this Be
elzebub screamed The Republicans
may do the voting but we Democrats
will do the counting This statement
should have buried its author in ever
lasting oblivion but there is still more
If there is to be stealing of votes in
Kentucky hereafter we propose to do
the stealing shouted the decrepit
Blackburn at Mayfield to which the
apostate Goebel said amen at Har
roceburg in his speech In the face
of these and numerous other state
ments these two disappointed politi
cians have set up a perpetual howl of
Republican intimidation fraud force
and corruption When a Democrat
elates that the Republicans stole this
election he gives himself the lie and
ninetenths of his colleagues Having
held the recent election and counted
himself out this same murderer as
sassin and thief has concluded to carry
his case into the legislature and there
bulldoze enough men to give himself
the Governors chair If any man or
let of men should be averse to a con
test most assuredly it ought to be
Goebel and the entire Democratic
party The legislature will never seat
such a man The manhood of which
Kentucky has so haughtily boasted
will never permit it Goebel desires
to keep himself at the head of his
party as long as pocsiblefor when this
contest shall have been settled he will
have become a thing of the past
Blackburn and the Senate
If Kentuckys honor and reputation
have ever been maligned by men of
public favor that time is now and J
C S Blackburn is the maligner and
defamer of her glory Less than two
years ago this same man who has
grown fat at the public crib caused
to be martialed around the capitol
building the State militia to protect
the peace and restore order This
same Blackburn bad a friend Sand
ford by name killed by another man i
Goebel by name and at the tomb of
this very dear friend this same Black
burn invoked the God of men to spare
him and be would make it his liles
mission to avenge the death of his
brother friend by burying his slayer
in the depths of merited public exe
cration The prayers of the wicked
availeth nothing consequently this
prayer was a vain one
Instead of complying with this iuvo
cation he decided he could better
bury the slayer of his friend in that
merited execration by making him bis
bosom friend It was this same Black
burn that persuaded the widow ol
Stmdford to withdraw the damage
suit of 825000 that he himself had
instigated against William Goebel for
the murder of her husband It was
this apostate Blackburn that support
ed force fraud and thievery in the
recent campaign This same faithless
renegade politician proclaimed all over
Kentucky that he did not want the
comm Fsiun as Senator unless it was
signed by Win Goebel Governor of
Kentucky Wm Goebel is not Gov
ernor of Kentucky and never will be
nd the legislature should deliver Mr
Blackburns goods to him after his
own choosing and be will never again
disgrace the fair name Kentucky by
representing her people in the United
States Senate tjoebel ban been fair
ly defeated by the will of the people
and yet this man of dignity was the
first to suggest a steal of the high office
of Governor This man of losl houor
has been nominated by the Goebel
critio caucus to succeed William Lind
say in the United Stales Senate It
is quite probable that this nomination
will mean his return to a seat in that
great body of men yet there is some
doubt If this career be Democracy
the sooner it is destroyed trio better oft
will society be Blackburn is a men
ace to popular government and Ken
tuckians demand his retirement
The Blind Tiger
The blind tiger u raging in most
every town in the county In various
communities the tiger is bold enough
to declare himself a privileged char
acter For a number of years the
people have suffered from the effects
of the illicit sale of liquor Time after
time indictments have been found
against these offenders of the law and
in nine cases out of ten the Common
wealths Attorney would move to
throw the indictment out of court and
as a rule the Circuit Judge would
comply with the request of the Attor
ney and the indictments were thrown
out of court From such conduct of
our courts the blind tigers have been
encouraged not only in a certain lo
cality but everywhere in the county
It has been very sad to the Christian
people in some sections of the county
They have had their revival meetings
broken up by the frequent visitors of
the tiger The peace has been fre
quently broken on numerous occasions
by the tigers patron
While Hartford had saloons the
tiger had no place here but ere the
saloons had been cloeed a fortnight
this animal had come to Hartford
From the nature of his decorum he
seems to have come to stay His ef
forts to take the town have met with
wonderful success so much so that the
people have become alarmed They
have organized a club to urge war
against the tiger in all the future
courts When the Commonwealth
Attorney moves to throw out an in
dictment the anti tiger club will
have a man to object and if the Judge
will not give them a fair trial they
propose to swear him off the bench
and elect a man that will act accord
ing to law Those towns infested with
this creature of perdition should have
a similar organization to that which
is in Hartford They should join for
tunes and destroy every tiger estab
lishment in the county The whisky
men are organized against the Chris
tian people everywhere and it is emi
nently important that those opposing
the illicit sale of liquor should link
their interests together and make an
united effort to exterminate the offend
ers of the law The members com
posing the antitiger club are the very
best citizens of Hartford They are
very desirous that the law may be en
forced To this end they are earnestly
laboring With an effort upon the
part of the new town officials the good
people will succeed in banishing from
our midst the most cursed of all crea
tures the blind tiger
100 Howard 100
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AntlTlgor Resolutions
At a public meeting of the citizens
of Hartford Ky held in the Circuit
Court room on Friday evening De
cember 22 1899 the following resolu
lions were adopted as expressing the
sense of the meeting to wit
Whereas The people of Ohio county
bare by a fair vote and a decisive ma
jority decided that the sale of Intoxi
eating liquors is an evil and is hurtful
alike to the citizen and to the body
politic and that the sale thereof should
be by the law prohibited and
Whereas The people of the town of
Hartford the county seat and chief
town of this county have by a free
and fair vote fairly and honestly taken
and counted decided that intoxicating
liquors should not be sold in this town
and when this vote has been success
fully contested in the courts of the
State have again by a free und fair
election recorded the same decision
and have followed this decision by a
long legal battle in the courts of the
State wherein this decision has been
upheld by the law of the land and by
the judgment of the courts and
Whereas The people of Hartford
with but few exceptions are law
abiding people and desire to give no
offense to the good citizens of this
county whose business or pleasure
brings them here by setting at naught
the thus recorded will of the majority
and at defiance those high obligations
which rest alike upon every citizen of
town and county to uphold and respect
and obey the law and
Whereas It Is the desire oi the hon
orable people of Hartford for the pro
tection of the peace and good order of
society as well as to guard their own
homes against evil to give hearty and
organized support to those in author
f1s shock and itratri of beinjf
fired from a cannon dally
through a circus season
L would seem to be extraor
dinary Hut it is not nearly
T so wearing upon the
average womans nerve
OIlS system as the strain
and drain of the ev
I I ery day life of the
1 sdsU m rriCtI woman It
is not the great shock of
the storm R which wears the
stone but HA the continual
dropping EL So In womans
life it Is not Mb the great de
mands upon i her energy
which wear her out but the
interminable leakage of her strength
through the diseases that affect the deli
cate womanly organs
To stop this ceaseless leakage of
strength is as much the desire as the
duty of women It can be done once
and for nil by the use of Dr Pierce
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chronic diseases peculiar to women It
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inflammation beats the
ulcerations and cures the C
displacements which are r
at the bottom of womans i
There is neither opium
cocaine or other narcotic
contained in Favorite
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I almost helm condition uflerlnr
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decided to try Dr Pierce Farorite Pre cripUoo
She took MTeral bottle of the medicine and
rare birth to a ten pound lOa on January jut
1898 She U now wood and well and doing betA
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postage only Send 31 onecent stamps
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for cloth binding Address Dr R V
Pierce Buffalo N Y
Ity who are charged with the high
duties of seeing that the laws are
obeyed and enforced and to aid when
ever and wherever possible In the
suppression of lawlessness and crime
Whereas It is being openly charged
that there are some lawless characters
here who defiantly trample law and
order under their feet for the lll gotten
gains which they hope to reap and
who thus proclaim that they will not
obey the mandate of this free people
fairly expressed at the polls now
Be it resolved First That the
good citizenship of Hartford will not
permit these lawless persons to insult
and offend the good citizens of Ohio
county whose county town this is by
defying the law against the sale of in
toxicating liquors or by disregard ol
the peoples recorded will in any other
Second We pledge ourselves to
use all honorable means to bring to
justice and to punish in the courts of
law all those who seek to violate the
recorded will ol the people of this town
prohibiting the sale of intoxicating
ThlrdWe pledge to the officers ol
the law to the County Judge and to
the County Attorney and to the Cir
cult Judge and the Commonwealths
Attorney of this District the hearty
assistance and support of the law
abiding element of Hnitfotd in an hon
est effort to cbtain a just and adequate
tnfoicetnent of the law prohibiting
the sale ot intoxicating liquors here
and we respectfully ask of the Circuit
fudge and the Commonwealths At
torney that no indictment for the vIo
lation of this law be filed away or
strIcken from the docket until a fair
and speedy trial of the offender has
been before a jury of Ibis county to
whose upright and fearless judgments
we are willing to entrust the rights of
this community in this particular
FO1rthIn an effort to brIng about
the purpose of this meeting and or
ganization as expressed in these reso
lutions we earnestly ask the aid and
support of every citizen of this county
who believes In the maintenance of
the right of a community to govern
itself by the expressed will ol the ma
jority of its citizens and the protection
of society from that class of criminals
who for gain are willing to violate
this law just as the same criminals
would for sufficient gain disregard any
other of the laws which guard and
protect the life liberty and property
oi the citizen and would violate the
homes and firesides whose only safety
and protection in a land like this is
the rigid enforcement of the law
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which In this matter as in all others
is the fairly expressed and duly re
corded will of the majority
FifthThat a copy of these resolu
Lions be furnished to each of the coun
ty papers with the request that they
publish them and a copy thereof be
presented to each of the following of
ficers to wit Hon W T Owen
Circuit Judge Hon J E Rowe Com
monwealths Attorney J P Miller
County Judge and Hon M L Heav
tin County Attorney
In Momory
Whereas Through the operation ol
divinely established laws the Inexora
ble band of Death has been laid upon
the Hon R P Rocker for many
years an honored and efficient mem I
ber of the Board of Trustees of West
Kentucky Seminary
Be it resolved By the faculty and
students of this institution that in
the death of Mr Mocker we In sor
row recognize the loss to our beloved
Institution of an enthusiastic support
er a faithful friend and a valued and
efficient counsellor
That we desire to give public ex
pression of our sincerest sympathy
with his bereaved family acd his host
of relatives and friends
That a manuscript copy of theseII
resolutions be presented to the family I
and that they be published in the
county papers
List of Letters
Remaining in the Postoffice at Hart
ford Ky which if not called for in 30 I
days will be sent to the Dead Letter I
Office at Washington D C LetterI
Mr W G Kirk Mr Steve EllIsll
Mr Campbell Johnson Mr lames I
Mlze Mrs Jennie Bennett Mrs Mary I
Hill Mrs IIl1ey Bennett Messrs II
Roach Stogner Miss Annie Sullen
ger Mr Birch Felix Mr John Cook
Mr P L Clifton Samuel Hall Mr I
Lee Warden Mrs Mary Hoover Re1
H 11 Carter Miss E Williams El
der C A Brown
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otters will please say that they saw 1
them advertised <
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32 and 46 i 1
lip iGttttty lank
< r
DECEMBER 30 1899
Loans and Discounts 415393
Overdrafts Secured 2056 64
Overdrafts Unsecured 52939
Due from National Banks l36ooS3
Banking House and Lot 500000
Stocks and Bonds 131066
Cash on Hand 10252 53
Debts in Suit 6000
74848 98
CapitalStock 1000000
Due Depositors 63205 28
Certified Checks 100000
Quarterly Dividend 60000
S R COX Presideut
Sworn to before me by S K Cox
this Januay 2 1900
My commission expires Jan 10 1902
Stitement of the Condition of the
At the Close of Business Decem
ber 30th 1899
Bills Discounted 91 00036
Overdrafts Secured 120000
Overdrafts Unsecured 21682
Due from Banks 52830 26
Cash on Hand 11257 40
Checks for Remittance 983 31
Banking House and Lot 300000
Other Real Estate 3000003t3S
FUlnlture end Fixtures 1000 oo
Current Expenses 260348
Debts InSult I 596 55
Capital Stock 4000000
Undivided Profits 420348
Surplus 207
Deposits Subject to Check 88944 91
Tlinecertificates of deposit 5256107
Dividend Unpaid 52561071
Subscribed and sworn to before me
by J C Riley Cashier this January
My commission expires Jon 28 1900
Mens Furnishing
25C for mens Xmas Initial Hand
5oc for mens Xmas Neckwear In
fine quality of silk or satin in all new
shapes styles and fleets
5oc 75c and 100 lor mens Oxford
Mufflers all styles
A beautiful line ot mens fancy Sass
penders at popular prices
A handsome line of mens and boys
fancy and white bosom Shirts in all
new and late patterns
Our mens half Hose department Is
full and complete In late novelties
Mens Xmas Umbrellas in natural
wood handles also a vast assortment
ot ladies and mens fancy trimmed
Umbrellas for the holldaysranglngln
price from 75c to f i 50 trimmedt
Just received a nice line of mens
and boys fine Hats for Xmas w
Gloves cf all kinds for riding driv
Ing and street wear
Young men ask to see oar excellent
line ot Clothing and handsome Over
coats for Xmas
Fancy Napkins 5006 c 750 and
85c per dozen
All bleached dinner Napkins 650 to
135 per dozen
Satin table Damask 390 490 500
and 65C I
Colored tableDamask 15c23e45ci
Nice line of plain and fancy Towels
from 2oc to ft oo per pair TowelsI I
Our assortment of ladles and misses
Cloaks and Capes is new and up to
date The Cloaks are in all the new
shades and styles We have Capes In
Broadcloth Plush and Golf effects
In Momorlam
TrIsler Ky Dec 30 1899
It Is once more my painful duty to
write of the death of a beloved friend
a model neighbor Ideal citizen and
Christian gentleman J W Miles of
Trisler Ohio county Ky On the
25th inst at about it a in he fell a
victim to pneumonia complicated with
an acute neuritis of sciatic nerve the
latter at times during the last three
deys preceding death giving him In
tense agony
I think I may safely say he lived
and led a blameless life from its incep
tion until the end embracing a period
jot near Citynine years Perfection I
suppose Is never found this side of the
Beautiful Beyond bat In this case
as neighbors will testify It was bard
to find a genuine Imperfection
I I Yes Will Miles as we familiarly
called him is no more our neighbor
patron and friend no more the lov
ing and beloved husband parent and
counselor in a worthy family no more
to be numbered with the most orderlyS
walking members of Pleasant Grove
I Baptist church but from indubitable
evidences of his acceptance so clearly
shown in his dying hour all of us
have an abiding faith that Heaven
is richer by one jewel and he at rest
But five or six howl before his death
when asked by the writer if he feared
to die he promptly answered 0 no
though I would like Tt stay a whilel
longer with my family I am not
afraId to die adding we must die
sometime anyway
He was sadly laid to rest by the
hands of neighbors and friends In the
cemetery at Pleasant Grove on the
26th inst after a beautiful funeral
discourse to a large concourse of peo
pie weather considered by the Revt
rest from the trials and vexations of
earth rest until the final morn when
soul and body shall be united and 1
purified rest beneath Iht monument
ol marble which will mark your graveI
But you have another monument I
reared by A well spent life that mon55
ument stands In the heart of memory
and with all who knew you here
The free song ol the uncaged bird
and the blooming wild flower will en
liven the scene of your narrow dwell
big but as oft as we pass that way a
sigh will go forth for the friend we
loved notwithstanding your triumph
ant death assure us that your re
deemed spirit is safely housed in the
bosom of Godf and happy in the full
fruition ot the lively hopa which f j
beautified your life JW M
Fields bus meets all trains at
Beaver Dam

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