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Fine Job Work a Specialty IP IT IS NEW YOt WILL MM IT IN TilE HIPfHIICAN Subscription 1 a Year
Frank Blames Throat Cut by
Two Young Negro Men
Whites Turn Out to Lynch Them
But They Made Good
Their Escape
Stephensport Ky July 19A
race trouble occurred here last night
which will end In the death of Frank
Blaine and the lynching of two ne
1e Ip groes II they can be caught It Is
i alleged that Frank maine who Is a
I wellknown young white man offered
I an Insult to n colored girl named
Daniel last week Last night Dug
and Emmett Daniel brothers of the
girl met Blaine and commenced a j
y quarrel with him about his Insult to j
their sister the end of which was i
that one ol them slashed him twice j
across the throat with a razor Inflict j
deatht his
themselves with the Intention ol I
lynching the negroes but they es 1
caped They will he lynched If cap i
lured Intense excitement prevailed lorI
some time and It was with difficulty J
thut the whites were prevented from
killing more blacks For several j
hours during the night the negroes j
were chased through the streets of t
the town with stones but so far as Is
known there were no other fatalities I
The feeling against the blacks In
Stepheusport and vicinity Is growing
more Intense and It looks like
the trouble Is not at an end I i
It Is feared that the negroes will i
show some ugly feeling at the first I
opportunity In which case they will
be run out of the town without regard
to age sex or condition
Denounces Surrender to Forces
He Has Been Fight
Des Moines la July 21A W
Maxwell who managed the Hearst
campaign In Iowa and has been gen
erally recognized as the head of the
Hearst faction in the StAle in aslgned
statement Issued today repudiates
the action of the Democratic national
convention In St Louis and declares
his Intention of bolting the ticket
11Mr Maxwell tenders his resignation
as a member ol the Democratic State
committee and relinquishes all claims
upon the chairmanship of that body
to which he was sleeted by the Demo
cratic convention which has since
been in dispute
Mr Maxwell in his statement says
that he can countenance neither the
candidate nor the platform ol the St
Louis convention lie says The
party has been hound gagged and delivered
I >
livered bodily Into the control of the
very Interests I have been fighting
4for for the past eight yealII
Steamship Doric
Our stay in Honolulu was one con
tinuous round of pleasure and sur
prises From Pacific Heights we
looked over the clouds upon old
Punch Bowl and Diamond Head two
extinct volcanoes and below through
the misty haze we could see gardens
of tara the roots from which Is made
the native poi Honolulu robed in
rich green and many colored bloom
1 lay soltly bathed in morning mist
f T Our next ride was out by Queens
r t Palace to Moana and Walkiki BeachI
The clean white coral gleaming
through the surf looked pure enough I
to wash away all the sins of such a
peaceful happy people as our new 1
brothers of the ocean As we left I
port the boys came out to dive for I
coin They are mermen upto date
We go to Toklo today YoursJ
w 1
Been t > > TM Klee Yoe Btw tlln wIIt
Gets in Its Work on Mail Dri
ver Dillard Head
Was Bitten Saturday Night and
Fearful Suffering and Much
Swelling Followed
The kissing bug fad has return
ed to Owensboro says the Owensboro
Inquirer and its first victim of the
year is Dillard Head the drived ol
one of the U S mall wagons
Head was lying down at the City
Transfer company stables Saturday
night when the bug rushed across his
face Imprinted his kiss and got away
unharmed The pain was like fire
and the victim had no moresleep that
night His lip swelled to a great size
and he suffered very much A phy
slclan was consulted and the proper
remedy was applied
The socalled kissing bug Is more
properly called the harvest beetle ItI
is a black beetle about thr eefourths
of an inch long with slightly fluted
wings covers of which shine like bro
leaded satin The color underneath
varies from a very bright yellow to a
light brown The bug dots not bite
but on being touched or even disturb
ed it exuses a small drop of an oily
peculiar and ill smelling liquid from
Its mouth As a little girl said who
was attacked by one of them it
tastes like fire only hotter
The bugs are very much worse
some yeas than others Five or six
years ago they overspread thecountry
and a number of deaths followed their
attacks the Irritation resulting in I
blood poisoning Nothing has been
heard of them for about three years I
but they me coming to the front I
again I
July 2Prof L S Mason is at
tending the Institute at Hartford this
weekMrs co
Mrs J W Smith who has been
sick for some time is convalescent
Quite a number from here attended I
the que Saturday and the Ball
Saturday evening
Mr Willie Sargent Is on the sick J
listMrs f
Mrs Mamie Bolin and mother
Mrs Perry of Irvlngton visited
friends and relatives in and near town I
last weekt
Miss Gertrude Hickey Whitesville
Is visiting Miss Annie Smith this t
Miss Ellen Sutton ol Owenthoro
is visiting friends In town this
Misses Ethel Allen Cora Fuqua J
Hollle Miller Edna Cardon and Mas I
ter Dock Miller will attend the Insti
tute and commencement at Hartford 1
this weekC
Mr 1 J Cundiff of Louisville
is visiting at the home of Rev Ben I
nett this week J
Miss Mary Keown of Hartford Is
visiting her brother Mr Clarence c
Mr Guy Jones of Louisville Is t
visiting In town this weekj
Mrs J W Ford and children ol
Jackson who have been visiting at 1
this place are visiting at Whites
villeMiss I
Miss Frankie Stoop of Owensboro
is visiting her sister Mrs C S Li t
kens this week
Mrs J Owen Ragland is visiting
her parents in Logan county this
Little Miss Beulah May of Owens
boro is visiting her grandparents
Noah Miller
Mr and Mrs 1
Mrs Mehena Coppage Mrs Flor t
ence Quinn and son Hubert visited att
Barretts Ferry last Saturday and Sun
Mrs Veola Bradfield of Owens
borq who has been visiting Mrs M
Coppage returned home the first of t
this week t
Coach ontoLouis at j
On July 26th round trip tickets will 7
be sold to St Louis Mo at rate of d
735 limited to 7 days for return CI
Tickets not good on sleeping cars
Madisonville Girl Crawls and
Thrusts Out Tongue
Was Bitten by a Viper and Has
Since Had Horrible
Madisonville Ky July 20Mlss
Stella Castile a pretty girl of 18 bit
ten by a snake a few days ago now
acts like a reptile Her case Is a
most pathetic one
Miss Castile was out walking last
Friday and stepped on a spreading
viper one of the most polsonlous of
reptiles The snake bit her on the
ankle The girl returned home and
told her parents about the accident t
but as the wound gave her no pain
the family delayed calling in a phy
sician until Saturday when the girl
showed violent symptoms
Sunday afternoon Miss Castile es
caped from her room and jumped into
a pond near the house She was IntoI
cued as she was sinking for the last
time and removed to the house where
she has been constantly guarded ever
Miss Castile bas now taken on the
ways of a snake She tries to crawl
and at times sticks her tongue from
her mouth like a reptile She is seiz
ed with convulsions two or three
times a day when she is delirious and
attempts to crawl out of bed At
times she tis rational and chats with
the members of the family and friends
who call to see her
The attending physicians say the
case ol the young girl is probably
hopeless and that she will probably
die in one of her convulsions Miss
Castile is one of the most popular
girls in Madisonville and attends the
high school here
July 19Mr Harvey Axton and
family Owensboro are visiting rela
tives and Irlends near here
Miss Carrie Carson Louisville vis
Ited Mrs Nancy Foster last week
Mr L B Tichenor and family
spent Monday and Tuesday with
Mrs W B Tichenor near Hart
Miss Fannie Austin who has been
attending college at Bowling Green
is visiting her aunt Mrs Lucy Ben
nettMr I
Mr Edgar Coelem and little daugh
ter Bessie Sutherland visited rela
fives near here Saturday night and
Mrs John Chapman Owensboro
who has been visiting her mother
Mrs Cordelia Hoover returned home
last Monday
MissClara Bennett spent Tuesday
night with her sister Mrs Lee
Chinn Hartford
Messrs W R and C K Carson are
attending the Teachers institute at
Hartford this week
Mr Roy Her Beaver Dam was in
our town Sunday
Mr and Mis Rupert Bennett were
the guests of Mr Alonzo Hoover and
family Barnetts Creek Sunday
Born to the wife of Mr L C Ben
nett on the iSth a boy
R P Bennett went to Smallbous
last week
The following young people spent
the day at Hockers Bluff the 16th
Misses Albert and Blanch GieerPearl
Nave Owensboro Ludia and Stella
Ward and Ethel Bennett Messrs I
Everitt and Sam Ellis Walter ParkI
Shadrach Greer and Port Stowers 1
Misses Llllle and Nora Cantrill and
Ethyl Moreland No Creek attended
the musicale at Mrs Liles Saturday
Seven Hills Chatauqua Owens
boro Ky
For the above occasion round trip I
tickets will be sold from Beaver Dam
to Owensboro Aug 3rd to Aug i8th
rate of 195 limited to Aug igtb t
for return Also will sell Aug 5th J
7th nth and 18th with limit of one s
day from date of sale at rate of 150 J
for round trip S B VAN METER
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28 Army Generals
The Inventor
BrliadlcrGcnera King of Confederate
Writes II I unhesitatingly ntatolliatl
am convinced Peruna IB a medicine that
will effect all the cures that is claimed
for Us weJ Floyd King Wash
ington n O
General Smalls Beaufort S C
Writes II I have used Peru a for ca
tarrhal trouble and find it beneficial
and to l > e all that it promises and freely
give it my unqualified recommenda
tJonItobcrt Smalls
VritclII I am fully convinced that
your remedy Pcruua is an excellent
tonic Many of my friends have used it
with the most beneficial results for
coughs colds and catarrhal trouble
Ira 0 Abbott 900 M St N W Wash
ington D C
ICaptain Yarnell of Washington D C
rittJIIII Your medicine Peruna I be
lieve to bo the best medicine for catarrh
on the market I have taken only a
small amount and can see very benefi
cicl resulteW G Yarnell SKS Lin
coin street N E Washington D C
General McBride of U S A
Writes 1 have no hesitation in rec
ommending Pcruua to all persons who
are afllicted with catarrhal troubles
J D Melirldo 450 Pennsylvania Avo
N W Washington D C
General Longstreet of the Confederate
WritellII I can testify to the merits of
1Peruna both as a tonic and a catarrh
remedy Parana enjoys the greatest
reputation as a caarrh remedy of any
medicine yet devisedJatues Long
street Gainesville Ga
General Noske of 0 V U
Write hI commend Peruna to those
who ore troubled with colds producing
catarrh as a most efficacious cure and as
a good general tonlcChlI F Noske
218 B St N W Washington D C
General Erwlns Recommend
II Many of my friends have used Pe
Tuna a a dyspepsia remedy with the
most beneficial results John JJ
Erwin Washington D C
Brig Gencral Schell Benefited
II Peruna is indeed a wonderful tonic
and for coughs and colds r know ofI
nothing ootwrP M Schell Wash
ington D C
General Duffield of the Union Army
WrlwlIII I have used Peruna in my 1
family and have found it a valuable 1
medicine and take pleasure in recom
mending It to all who suffer from ca c
tarrh of tho stomach or who require a i
tonic of efficiency The Cairo Wash
in lon D C
The Kansas Hatchet SlinperSIaps
Stranger in the
Face I 1
Cincinnati July IMrs Carrie I
Nation of the hatchet swinging lame
spent a few hours in Cincinnati She
created quite a sensation at the
Grand Central depot by slapping an
unknown man in the face
Her presence in the depot was dis
covered by a runner from a hotel who
met htr when shf first visited Cln
clnnatl News of her presence spread
about the depot A fairly welldress
ed man approached her for the pur
pose of Introducing himself He was
chewing tobaco and before the
stranger was able to strike up a con
versation she slapped him on the side
of the cheek that bulged out where
the weed was lodged and the chew
being driven down his thtoit
choked him He bowed himself
out of her presence and disappeared
like a ghost in the crowd
Mrs left for the West
Nation at
1noon 4
Been theThe Kind You Hao Always gJJIC
of I
Biennial Encampment Knights of
Pythias Louisville Ky I
On account of above occasion round I
trip tickets will be sold from Beaver
Dam at rate of 3 40 Tickets on
sale Aug 12th to 15th limited to
Aug 31St for return
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Send Letters of Endorsement To 1
of the Great Catarrh Remedy PerunaD
General Butler of South Carolina
VrlteII I can recommend Peruna for
dyspepsia and stomach trouble I have
been using your medicine for a short
period and I feel very much relieved
It is indeed a wonderful medicine bo
side m a good tonicM C Butler
BrigadierGeneral Kirby
VrltesII I can recommend Peruna to
all those who arc afllictod with catarrh I
General D T Kirby Washington
Gen Powell Meeker Post No 443
ritesII After using ono bottle of Pe
runa I becamo convinced its curative
qualities and continued its use to date
All symptoms of catarrh have disap
peared yet I continue its moderate use
as a preventive and an old mans tonic p
W II Powell Belleville Ill tonicI
Gen SebrIng of the Confederate Army
rilesII I can cheerfully recommend
your valuable remedy Peruna as a very
excellent Ionic and also good for coughs
colds catarrh and general debility
W IlSobring 133 W 1th St Jackson
vi Tit
General Lumax of Washington D C
Writes 11 can cheerfully recommend
your remedy as a permanent and offer
tive cure for catarrh colds and to any
one who needs an invigorating tonic to
build up their ilystmllJ L Lumax
1603 J9th St Washington 1 C
Gen Payne of Washington D C
Writes I Join with my comrades in
recommending Peruna to my friends as
an invigorating tonic to build up the
s stlmGln Eugene B layne 407
4th StX W Washington P C
General Talley of Pa Vol U S A
WrlhlIII Your Peruna hal been used
by me and my friends as a relief for ca
tarrhal troubles with the most beneficial
results I am so convinced of the etllcacy
of Peruna that I do not hesitate to give
it my recommendation Win Cooper
Talley 713 D St X E Washington
General Blgclow Cured
Gen J G Bigelow ILl C St N W
Washington D C writes
1 Peruna has made mo well and it has
given mo more than ordinary strength
and spirit for work
Gen OBclrne of Washington D C
Writes liAs many of my friends and
acquaintances have successfully used
your Poruna as a catarrh cure I foal
that it is an effective remedy and I rec
ommend it as such to those suffering
from that disease as a most hopeful
source of relief James R OBelruo
290 Broadway Washington D C
General Chase Asst Adj Gcnl G A RM
Writes 1 The excellence of Peruna as
a cure or relief for catarrhal disturb
uncOil is well established Many of my
friends have been benefited by its usoH
15 F Chad 23 Harrison St Ana
costla D C
General S S Yoder of Ohio
Writes 1 I have found Peruna to be a
wonderful remedy I only used It for iv
short time and am thoroughly satisfied
as to its merltsH S Yoder Wash
ington D C
General OConnor of U V Legions
Writes If you are suffering from ca
tarrh or physical debility immediately
commence the use of Peruna It has
been of the greatest benefit and service
to many of my friends Dennia
OConnor 73S 82m St X W Wash
ington n C
Gen Wright of the Confederate Army
Writes I take pleasure in recom
mending Poruna It is a remarkable
medicine and should bo used by persona
who are in need of a good tonic and
by sufferers from catarrh Marcus
Wright 17il Corcoran St Washington
Gen Hawley of Washington D C
Writes I have used Peruna and hind
it very beneficial for kidney trouble and
especially good for coughs colds and
catarrhal trouhhsA I Ilawlcy
Gen Urell of Spanish War Veterans
Writes Many of my friends havo
used Peruna with beneficial results as
an effective remedy for catarrhM
Emmet Urell 813 12th St N W Wash
ington D C
Other Army Generals who praise Fe
runa are
BrigadierGeneral Cook of Wash
Ington D C
General Sypher of Washington D C
General Mlddleton Hancock Regl
went U V U Washington D C
It you do not derive prompt and satin
factory results from the use of Parana
write at once to Dr Hartman giving a
full statement of your case and he will
be pleased to give you his valuable ad
vice gratis
Address Dr Hartman President ol
Tha Hartman Sanitarium Columbus 0
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cently opened at Beaver Dam Ky Washing
Laying out and dressing dead bodies done free of
charge Calls answered at any hour of the day or
night A fine funeral car stans ready at all times
Prices Reasonable Satisfaction Guaranteed
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