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ONES rccollCCUons ot tbo prey I
J ous night were ladefnite Indeed
Faint gleam ot Intelligence fu
gltlvo ash summer zepbYr
came to him as be sat up In bed but
bls efforts to retain and formula to
them Into enUticsof thought were ru
tile Bo remembered having bear d
a Whistles cannons firecrackers and Uo
horns blended 10 discordant Inbar
monT while a large gentleman with a
flush 00 his face like the aurora borea
lis In the Klondlko leaned affCCtloo
atelT over a tablo and grasping hla
band exclaimed with husky effusive
lieu naT Noo Yearsb oil chapl
There were other gentlemen around
the table and all had Ousbes on the r
factS but Jones had never seen them
before The portly gentleman wllb
the beaming countenance thong
must have been a pretty jolly tellow
De would look him up
Look him upl Jones thought a
moment wblle both hands pressed
tightly against either side ot his acb
fag head Look him up Well I
guess not This Is New Years Tbl8
is the day Ive been looking for Will
I look him up Sit still stay wbero tt
you are my beating throbbing head
I shall treat you as tenderly lu the tu
ture aa a father docs his only twin
No longer never again sball my atom
acb rule Tour brain Bide with mo
yet but once and no moro aches ahal I
ride roughshod from frontal bone to
base Look him up This 18 the de 7or
ot good resoluUon8 the dawn ot ret
ormatlons the moment ot reason
with a mind that sorrows Look bin
up Oh Thomas
Thomas responded Jones was pro
dded with a bath shaving water
towels rearranged clothing and break
fast A modicum ot the latter ant
Iced to stay his appetite not at ull
ravenous and make his head Ot tho
bat bo had worn the night before
Then be stood before his dressing
case gazing at his reflection In tho
It was enough BIs own Image bls
face his eyes reproached him for tho
excesses ot n year His reformutlon
should bo complete ne would not
drink or smoke ne would not dute I
Ills letters 1010 for the first two weeks I
y 10 7011 ne would return all the book s c
f be bad borrowed and retained during l
the year lie would make no calls aCt
copt no eggnog no seductive puuches I
lee would refrain from smiting on 1
both sides the man who squeezlll blH
band on the street and shouted Same
to you or floss nn horn All otI
those things he would let go by torI
M was to lie n better manI
Full ot his good resolutions and nr
rayed In his Onellt Jones started down
town The hat hp bnd worn the preI
110UI night he dlllcnnlpil In its plane l
was a derby ot the latest Jloclt ne I
felt good Who bOHnt felt just that I
way on New Years day Why shouldnt I
be feel good lie was going 10 110 goodr
These and other things pulsed through
the mind ot Jones before ho dilicov 1
erro that the wlnll was blowing a gale 1
Then be IIIOPPld thinking and devoted t
bas entire attenUon to keeping bill hatr
On the block going In the same 111
rection were seventeen old gentlemen
friends Thlrtlhreo pretty young laI
dies were also going downtown Nine
tyfour small bOA and girls some with
old gentlemen some with the pretty
young ladles some with newspapers toc
sell and some with mind intent uponII
mIseblef were scattered around lhe1J
Df PtmSUJT OJ TUB 1141
census ot the block also revealed a soliu
Lary negro grimy ot countenance andv
expansive as to mouth sitting with an
mot breezy Insouciance on a brickb
I cart Then came Jones experience b
It was aU over In an Instant and Ith
would take a klnetoacopo and a Dickt
cos properly to depict It Suddenly t
doneeetopged abort with an expression b
As his overcoat flapped In the breeze la
F bQtJt htlJJII shpt upward sad his II
bootis were elapped tronrulalyoly on his
bead Ills bat was aoartng through
the ala That derby ot tbelatest block
was bounding over bumP In the at
moaiihere at t16 rat otitmnuona
illlnUli anti Jlinro bale oferlong was
fluttering He paused for a moment
hopeful expectant but DO help came
and be started after It
Yab yaG ball relied the negro on
the cart throwing his tt up In nn
ecstasy ot mlrtbnshesawJonesdash
lag down the street 10 pursuit ot the
no bo hot laughed the seventeen
old gentlemen clapping their hands
and dancing around
Shriek shriek IIhritkr came from
the tblrl1tblC pretty young ladles
Kp agalnr Eat fro up coat
ta1lsCWhats your hairy Ob look
at the man slater Pupa bpl cbplII
In his bat Catch IU merry babllR
catcalls hoots and pertinent com
meats rem the nlneltour small chll I
01 said lease as be overtook the I
hat and stamped on It with the force
11and vigor ot an enraged human being
0 hotel 0 old gentlemen D
pretty girlRI 0 New Years resoIu
tlonsl D a man tbatll make an ass
ot himself running otter his bat It
Id wafted some bloom In IllJot would
have chased It for me Coed resolu
flans with a mashed bat und ft wind
like this IU look up my tat friendI
uAllright boss walt 0 minute said
Jcs glb me de key AblI gin yo In
nobody Beckon pod better llet me
put yo r bro
Wbas zlI azzerwbwbeI1I Thom
ear dlmnDllld a voice OR the owner
or It jot unsteadily out ot the cob on I
the arm at the driver and caromed I
with a six inch balk line be RPDlPd to
hp AINrlnJ clear ot to the front toI
The voice was Jones the man wall
Jones But ob Gdw different mil I
overcoat was buttoned on a bias his t
bat was crushed In hls toes turned I
backward when bt tried to JO ahead
Ibis face wbolll image bnd reproached
him twelve hours before was flushed
but It was Jones and be bad meL his
tat blend
Some of the Famous Ones That Ring i
In the New Twelvemonth
In tho early days ot the American
republic the new year was announced
In Pblladelpba by tbe ringing ot what
Is IIArler
After the events or July 4 1i70I
made the bell ono ot the most price I
less relic ot the nation custodians I I
ot Independence ball restricllll Its use
tearing some mishap and utter iS30 t
the bell wits no longer used for the I I
new year salute In 1532 In celebration I
lion ot George Wasblngtons birthday 11
It was rung and not again for three I
years when July 8 1835 whUo the I 1
funeral procession ot Chef Justice J
Marshall was passing the bell was If
Suddenly the note grew discordant
An Investigation was made It was o
round that a crack had been started
The bell bad completed Its task No
moro would It greet the new year or
pay tribute to the nations great But
from the tower ot libertys cradle anI E
other bell always welcomes the com
Ing ot a new yearI
Before It collapsed the campanile otr
I r
Florence bad n let ot chimes famous Jt
the world over Copenhagen Cheat is
Amsterdam Oxford touen and Nu
remberg have bells famous alike fort
their beauty and their historical im 11
portance All ot these are used to 1
ball the start for a new twelvemonth c
Bunyans bell No4 In the alphabet i T
peal In the tower ot Elstow church i c
nJland III the Mecca for many an is
admirer ot the creator ot Pilgrims Is
Progress Bunran was Doted as a
Jell ringer and none could get moro 1 k
beauty out ot these chimes than the
rough vlllae blacksmith
England has always revered its New
Year penis and the associations they
bring to mind It 18 nothing unusual
for a wealthy member ot an English
parlsb to Include In bill will a bequest
which shall insure the ringing ot a Is
merry peal on the recurrence ot New or
Year eo
One or the most lovedbells ot Eng I M
land Is that ot St Mnrylrbow Cheap I as
side Gentian which forms the basis I
for a proverbial expression meant to I
convey emphatically a London nativ
Ity Born within the sound or Bow
bells Is
Oldest ot New Year ebf11es In the C
United States Ia that at Christ church
Pblladelph1 Philadelphia was a
colonial town when they were brought
from England at great expense and In
stalled to become one or tllO wonders
the city
It requires eight men to ring these on
bells the primitive methods Rtlll beingc
adhered to Iu the modern method thoc
player sits in front ot a keyboard ot th
an octavct and a bait and plays thes
black and white keys as ho would a s
piano An electric metal supplies the power all
this modern form ot bellBtI
The most ancient church belt In thetl
United Slates was recently discovered CI
by Governor M A Otero ot New Mexb
waS undoubtedly brought over to this d
country by the Orst Spanish settlers th
uud used to call the early Indian con Y
verts to the mission services b
As the centuries went by Itwl1tg
hung successively In I mission church bIn
n ono ot the seven cities ot CibOla Ii
next at Gran Quivers and flashy in tI
tbe church It Algondeaes where It F
blill rooted until now w
The most cOmpletely lost ot all days bl
the one on which we have not l
laughedChamtort Ie
I man who resolves otJtoeD
courage folly In others Is 10
overindulgent husband ot a too
easy going father eta vows
and resolutions arc alarming when
they are made but are ot abort dura
lion usually and should not bo taken
seriously by his family
The woman wbo resolves to keep
track of the household expenses and
the girl who swears to keep 11 Jountlll
aro hopeless It they carry out their
threats and to the very blUe end
they become unbearably meomplacent
It they fail it pains ono to think bow
weak or will they are You see there
Is absoltitely DO way to please ones
friends In Ibis New Years business
The only way to I ako 11 New Years
resolution with any hopoof keeping It
and your natural and amiable beuring
toward the world Is to adapt J M
Barrios rCClpo for enjoying 11 day is
bro Tho fun of staying aU dap In
bed says that canny Scot Is to begin
by saying I will get up to fifteen
minutes When the fifteen minutes
ill swain
are up you continue to nap or lounge I
But you must not say Ill stay hero
all day Bow delicious I You must I
say Another bait hour and then lU
have to get up nut at the end ot
the bait hour you still rest among the t
pillows And so ou tasting your case
all day long
And tbats the way to make New j
Years resolutions Say 1 wont buy i
bargains or smoke or drink or read j
French noels or go to problem plays
ItbL month Then at the end or the j
mouth renew the threats and tbeOrst
thing you know It will be Dec 31 and
you will have passed nn exemplary I
and colorless rear And your stock ot I
egotism wont mount so high ns It does I
when ono makes yearly contracts with i
onos conscienceand abides by them
New York Commercial Advertiser
Stirring Description of the Scene In i
the Great Citys Markets
After having chanced to spend a
New Years eve In nearly every aI
try In Christendom writes a cotta
spoadeDt or the Plttsburg Dispatch It I
Ia my opinion that hero Is moro boI
wllderment to gaze upon and more I
bedlam to hear In and around the
Ihalles ot Paris than can be theI
compressed In any outer spot on earth
lho hallos arc the markets ot the fleet
city the center Into which pour ostI
sands ot trains and vehicles ot every
sort tram all the country round and
tram which Issues the food supply that
keeps 3000000 people from starving
Even on the most ordinary night ot
the year the great Paris market Is a
place ot entrancing interest Victor
Hugo describes It In several ot his nov
els Other French authors hate
chosen It as the chief scene In their
works Zolas The Stomach ot Par
s treats ot It and It figures In no end
melodramas that have been trans
lated Into every known language
Moreover It Is so invariably regarded
ono at the great eights ot Paris
that no foreigner stet comes here
without devoting a night to the ex
ploratlon ot the quaint nelgbborboqd
What It Is on other nights however
nothing to what nil that vicinity be
comes on New Years eve There Is
nothldg pulte like It anywhere else on
the globe Into a apace bounded by
nearly 11 dozen blocks and Oaring In a 4
light that makes It almost as bright as
day comes 11 huge proportion ot the
population same on blslness others
merriment JJ und and nil radiating
claDs dot the singing sea here and
there fighting for dear life to keep
theta feet In the rush but all the time 4
screecblng out Instrumental discord
Temporary bootbs fringe the side
walks behind which are peddlers ot
sorts shrieking their wares so lOud
that you might think they were trying
tempt the lubabltahts of Mars to
como and buy Every little while yon
bear what sounds like the sbarpre
port ot a pistol shot but It 18 only the
drivers of market wagons notltyln
tho crowds to look out for the wheels
Young men and boys go byli1 lis qta
Glowing deafening horns wlthadYldet
that money could not buy EVfT
human being among the tbouSands
who bnsnt i1 born at his Ilpe fe using
that favorite of all eapons for
FrenchmenhlsmouthIn away that J
would make n bellowing elephant
lush w1Rb envy And every one Ie
either laughing or doing what repr j
lenbit for all Paris II merry
v p
Copyright wi by AmerIcan Press Auo
ICopyrtlrht elatlon1
Tempue u fugiting It has the habit
We sprint forever after days to com e
As swiftly as the nimble jaw
We dream each year will bring us For
tunes plUm
And through the Future stretch our
hands to grab it
Only to find in spite of our endeavor
Next year it isas far away as ever
THE deals Twelve months have
1gone to the discard
Since last we had to pen our New
Years greet 11
And now the dale returns and hits UI
I With melancholy duties ot repeating
1be form with freshremarks we inter
lard lard
Like Turn a new page here and
Life is fleeting
The name weve said with lame at
tempts to vary
Eachyearand will again next January
WITH high resolves today our
VY hearts are wart I
This is the happy season that we
swear off
We are protected from Temptations
At least until our resolutions wear off
Well it is good weve one day for re
In view of what OD other days we
tear off
Our vows at least may aid the paving 1
In Colonel Satans latest town improve
AND speaking of improvement here
on earthI
Have you observed the dip we have
been going
Old Nineleenten had reason for hisI
And Uncle Sam can be excused for
Accomplishment has 10 increased its
That what this year may bring there
itno knoWirig
10 twelve months we may allof OJbe
Or break our aileronsandnecksin
l r
1 New Yeru sl jet tit think all
things are pew
And a they are for us till we have
won them
This moment difets fr aD foment
through I
The pants of life are noyd ae wenm
Whatever are air deed t eta ia tnJe
This the first t iime1we
have dose floe
N8 eleven wiper Gt last 0 ii
Aad Matte m iytshe hh bckemiio
I 1892jPu eSPunAIUlInu m
Kitchen Ware
Is Better Than Mate or Enamel
Because it is sanitary and saves your
money time and health The genuine t
spun aluminum ware stamped with the
Maltese Cross will outlast any other cook
ing utensils and is guaranteed by the
makers for twentyfive years
It is pure wholesome md hygienicno
danger of metal poisoningcannot chip
into the food because pure SPUN Alumi
num expands with the heat and will not
crack scale or peel like the old style ware
Enamel ware is hon coated with cot
Iorcd glass Heat causes the glass to chip
off into the food in minute particles which
i taken into the stomach is apt to cause
serious trouble including cancer accord
ing to some medical authorities
1892 It Pure Spun Aluminum Ware is 4
made from solid Aluminum throughoutno
coating of glassand expands uniformly
under heat It cannot clack scale peel
like the out of date enameled utensils it
does away with all possible danger from
this source I
You owe it to yourself and to everY
member of the household to give this new
and better kitchen ware a practical test
If it fails to do what is claimed for it you
get your money back without a quibble or
a cross word
ft ti
At your dealers
Rockport Ky
Shelbyville has Wireless Office I
iheJbyvme Ky Doc 20Th i
SouthWestern Wlrol ss Company
opened UII its nlrelsassLutton herato
This was the first time the station
was openad fur commercial business
C A McGeo I1OlIrosonts tho company
and thit operator 1n charge In John
Young Klnlosldp of Louisville
the president of the company ox
churned ntesrages with the leading
buslnass men or that city attar wilich
many others took the DlJclituntty of
8J11dlng mOS1g09by wlroloss
Manay telegrams Wmt to LoulsYlIb
merchants and grat ISlItlsfactlon was
oxprezcd at the accurate worktnl11g
of thl system The lnstrumoats in
stalled are of the mast modern null
uptodate type embracing all the
Ia st discoveries in th wireless
fldds TJto company expos to OIl
on a Frankfort etation this weak
Lodge Notes
A full attendance ot the mqmbers
ot the F A M Lodge No Gi5 18
requested on Dec 27t1I 1910 ut
1230 oclock at whtch time JtJ3 n
nual election ot offlccrs will occur
There will also be work In tbs first
degree W E EfUTS W 31
Are In demand
pi business men
The Spencorian course In Book
keeping Shorthand and Account
Ing has boon the means by which
12000 graduates are holding re
sponsible positions Hundreds are
earning over 5000 11 year < e
will send full details regarding
rates and coulee to young men
and women who will write us
Speucerlau Commercial School
Ualoll National Baal Building
6tll sadMaiuSta LOUISVILLE KY
Call on
Fancy Groceries
Lunches Cigirs Soft
Drinks Etc
Next Door to Shronders
Grocery 011 Union
Ladles Save Money and Keep D
I Style by Readme McCaU
Magazine and Using McCall Patterns t
acCaII MI Will
help you drcll lIyl
lsbly lit amoderalo I
expense 61 keeping
you posted 00 the I
latest faAhlons 10
clothes and bats 00
lel Fashion Designs
10 oacb Iseue Also
18lllalll Alsot
011 mil borne anll per
aon matters Only
We a year Including
a free patteru Sub
aCflile today or send
fur free aamplo copy
McCall Pal eru 11 I cnablerou to make In your
own howe with fOur 0910 bao sclothingor
yourself and cbllllreo which 11110 pcrroct
In style and nt Prleeuoue1il beribanb
cents Send for free Ilttera Catalogue
acrlptlon among roar friends Fond r1r free
Premium Catalogue lIoltCasb Imo OIIr
r t e t
A T T 1 t
pPrize OffCri from Leading Mi ufiCt + j
a Why some inventors fill send rough sketch of model for
rch of Patent Office re Our Mr Oreel YwufOlTritrly i
Acting Coftimissionerof Patents and as such hadJUllchaJpAf rtrfI
thtlU S Patent OffICe
JC t
Gn ULlfUTP 11
I niCbaPb

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