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tHartford < Repunlican
But 4 according to law at the roetontce
e IaruordS7 iuU matter t the ecoud
1 MBARNETTEdltonangProbrlrtos
Address all communIcations to
The Hartford Republican
m saPxorsa
Q brln 40
t iouRhrZ17s = 2
The fellows who have for 3S
bOOn fighting the DurM Tobacco Saw
olety and doIng aU they could Tv
hamper the pool having suooeoded
are now trying to organIze to pro
gent their frIend the trust fronl If
tang them These prople Lave been
favored with good prices because
of the sacrifices made by t11efr bro
ther farmers how that the POOl has
tumble and the prIces wtUt It they
are very penttont hon the dudl
was sick the devil 1 Plonk wiuld be
When the devil 1s well devil of a
Monk Is he
The Republican has heretofore bad
something to say In regard to the
tax Jaws of the State Almoot every
OCupaUon and trade Is now taxco
to support the Stme Government We
have on the StAtute books of Ken
tucky some of the most drostlc laws
affecting the business lnterestsof any I
State in the Union Those matters
oan be remedied but they 111 have to
be remedIed by Ule people inthe sal
tCtJon of their representaUves In the
tEiIfatur We should got tgoth
r nd select a man for the position
sItuation and able to n1 Ke himself
felt when he goes to the legislature
Not every good man is properly qual
tJatle to be of servIce Ito the people
he represents should have a fair know
ledge of the laws of the State to be
11n withbe familiar with We Jaws
now in existence and atffive tJO rPE311
the ones dltrlmrntaJ to the mater I
n1 welfare of the State and nESEt Jn
enacting some wholt1Ome ones net t
benefit n tew IndivIduals but on I
that will be ot benefit to 1 major y
of the people While on this subject
we have hoard mentioned the name of
B A And l1Sn as 0 suitable po on
to ropresoot OhIo County in the next
Legislature Mr Anderson is a thaw
rough Republican a man of experi
ince and a lawyer of 6eyernl years
practice and would make a desirable
candidate and ex good presntatJIve
Jf Ire consents to make the race
nut is ekekd
last week the Democratic State Exe
cu116 Committee was called iO meet
in Louisville to determIne the man
ner of nomInating the State ticket
The varIous candidates for Ih eState
adfiexs to be voted for at the sec
tion Nov HIll were also tnvtted to
attend and give an expression of their
vows or choice between 0 primary
oletion and State Convention Of
the twcutone Candidates present
ninEteen favored a Convention and
only one expressed hlmw far a
primary Thl1 Committee then votoo
by a large majority to order a prl
mary ignoring the wishes ot the men
whose advice it had sought Tire
machIne Js In charge of Senator Me
Crror and ExGov BICk ham and
the primary will be run by the ma
chine from start to finish Evo the
modest request of 01111 James toahate
the SenatorIal met incJul In the
primary was voted town anal wIth
It went down the much heralded de
votion of the Kentucky Dane > emey
to the policy of election ot Sexnhrs
by llOulnr vote If they ronnqt even
allow theIr oran panty members a
Vote for their choice whCIl would
they over give It to all the pee
vie The slate Js McCreary for Coy
tnior and Dlockham for Senator now
mh1att by 0 legislative caucus
WIth nIl the appolnUveoWces held
out M latent but silent dnfluen i
< ces Thus go gUmmerlng the Senaj
4 tonlaJ charces of our tmend the on
1 ly qlUe Jeems ana coming c1os
< home we fear also or tlto chaos
or our own Gabriel Idkenswho swats
1D have hitched up tin it1i wrong
crowd and has boear reduced Jb a
F mere innocent bystando3 lliorJt
u written and it Iwan > not written
by tOO friends or Ben JohD elithor
that it is to be a primary fI1beprl
mary wit not be run In the iaterast
d its onemios It will beremembl
ft1b7 the olio people tOOt II State
primary was held about tour years ago
118m not lIB partners but as opposing
Candldates for the Sonatorsbdp lt
1KIJl the bribery and corruption charg
r I at by these caodddetes and heir
faleni9e agei nat aaohatee is fore the
reoenttNew York and 111ina4s ieg1
wlye8CII dais w aeaok Enid mnol
iYteMay ay i > ycetirfoas in
furnIsh the oil and the oilier the inr
gar or other necessaries for campaigni
purposes Who can stand beforethtatl
We proocl that before May 17th there
will Dot be more than one caadk tote
torany State of lee bcr rethe prJm
excepts for Governor Friom such ma
chine mothode and nnahlnoanade Can
dldnt08 thousands of hOneS Ken
lucky Democrats wlU turn again to
the n j blclcn party and note for
O Rear tui the rest of the ticket
Baptist Church
The officers and taChaI18 of ho
Sunday school and the deacons and
theIr wIves will hold 0 special meat
lug In the DllmM room Friday even
fag nt 630 odock Lundh wIll be
served and filMS for text Jars wont
wm be discussed aDd the pastor will
gIve an outline ot the Sunday school
lessons for 1911 All the officers
and teachers In Itho Sunday school
the offlooNl jn the church and the
deaconS wives Qoo tatted to thIs
meeting SerI et neat Sunday Sunday schoo
sotsion at 946 ocleek
Morning wOIfJLlp at 11 oc1ook
theme ot rolJllon The Untrodden
Evening worship at 7 odoclt
throne of sermon The Greatast SID
anyone can CommIt
Young PEoples meeting at 60cloelt
The ordinance pf baptIsm will br
adtnini8ter iI at the eOIllng srvlces
Notice in Bankruptcy
In the district court of the Unit
ro States for the westIIIl district of
Kentucky OwensOOro division
In the matter of Fernando F Phil
lips bankrupt
To the creditors lof Fernando F
Phillips lately of Narrows In the
county of Ohio md District afore
saId bankrupt
INotice Is herb1 elves that on the
25th AY of Decemban A D 1910
the said Fernando FPhilups was du
ly aduated bankrupt and that the
first meeting of creditors twill be
held at the law office of Dean
Dean In OWiEnsboro Kentucky on
the 13th day of Januany A D 1910
at 2 R 11 at which time the said
creditors may attend pnn1e ther
claims appoint a trustee examine
thoBankruptand transaat such other
buslnlfS M may properly come be
fore bald meeting
J A DEAN Referee in Bankruptcy
OwensOOro Jy DccembEr 28th 1910
Republican Convention
At a 1DettJDg of the Republican
Cumnattee eot the Seventh SenatoIi
201 District or Kentucky held do Beav
er Darn cn the 17th ot Doc 1910 at
1 ocock II m Cor the purpose of de
termining the time place and manner
of nominating Q candidate to be voted
for the State Senator for said
dlstrdct nt the regular ovtmbore1ec
lion 1911 Mr B F Green was oICC
00 Chairman aId J C FIIJner See
On motion it was ordered and dl
rooted that n deutgatxx1 convention
of the reproacctatdves ot th IWpub
l1can party of the Saw > Mh SrJn1tor
aU district of Keaucky be held In
the city of Beaver Dam Ky at 1
oclcek p m standard time Monday
the 30th day ref Jan lUll for the
purpose of nomInating a Republican
candidate for State Senator for saId
d1sr t to bo v ted tOil at the regular
November o1catwl1 1J11
The delegates to said cdnveanton
shall be selected by county mass eon
vendons to be hold at the county
soot In each count ot said district
nt 1 oclock 1 m standard time on
Saturday Jan 2Srth 1911 Each coun
ty JJall be entitled to one delegate
fur each one hundred or fractIon
nee for governor in said county at
tho Novcunbor oeJooUon 1J07 The
form ot voting at paW county mars
convention for drlgates shall be by
vIva vooo The number of delegates
under the alp rUOIment nllOlWed to
each of the oountdjS 18 as follows
Butler f 21
Ohio ii30
NUmber of votes necessary to a
choice W r r40
D 6Ihe meeting at Sulphur
springac Diducted by Rev Lahthum
closed FIrtda night was quate n sue
1J Tdltord who bas been
tdladtiog friends at Le1tchUeld for the
p few weeks returned home Mon
Mill Martha Thcanast left Saturday
to spend Xmas Werth ro1llt1VkJ6 nd
frten is at HBrttord
+ M > Fronfe KIng of Hartford Js
the guest at tier mother Mrs Sallie
King 1 I
11Jl4psr Vanla Harrison spent Wed
nesday and Thursday nIghtswithIiea
I Sulphur Springs at1
Master Raymond Felix iekSaturdayy
i for Oar4al fi tx ghere he1rJU esd
Zftt I Yvifauany reaaUveead
Last Friday and Interesting Lit
erary Program and Din
ner Were Provided
Program of the entertainment giv
en at the close of Fairview school
on FrJdaybacember 23 1910
We1QOme Addressflargureto Wil
l son
What I should LikeJoslo Ethel
ltocltatlonha llrtJS
SIng a sang of ChemunessJ3IUIih
Walker Wilson
A warningR M Drownd
Two llttiestocklngsLorena Wilson
I RecltAtionDeNtt Dee llcrs
Why dont you answer the boyhl1
Bell Faught
Merry C1IrlstmasIda Myers
A childs ChrIstmas prayerMzmie
LCe Stogner
11y little speechIi 11 Browud
WInter 1s nearMary Lorcun White
If I wore a little sfrlJosle Ethel
Stogn er
Christmas timeShelby Irera
Santo ClauIda Bell Myers
RecItaUonFe1lx White
Take care of the mhulesEmmet
There isnt anyone for me to play
with any moreRuby Acton
Farmers wife MargariteWilson
A peculiar WeddIng SceneBessie
K Acton
The wreck of the HesprusWntter
Mers The lIttle Christmas Itr6rDorn
Papas letteIMyllLlo Drownd
Why Should the splrft of mortal be
proudA11 Wilson l
ChnstmasEunlce Wilson 1
Changing colorsDock Brownd
The Old Actors storDe88Ie Acton
Dialogue OUr Christmas DollsRu
by He1lun Acton MamIe LessleStog
ner Mary LorenC White Lorena Wil
son Deulah Walker W1sonlda Bell
Myers Ida Dell Faught
Dialogue The tables turnedDeck
Drownd MamIe Stogner Margart
WIlson Lorna White Ruby Acton
Lorena Wilson
I Dialogue The + Womanls Rights
I Bessie Lta Raley Eunice Mas WJI
I song Walter Myers
Dialogue Miss Jones MIllIl1YY op
IDJalo K Acton Eunice Wil
son Lucy Brown Dora Paught Mar
I garet Wilson antI Horace Hughes
Dialogue A Proposal Myrtle
Drowrd and Walter Myers
DIalogue Editors Busy Day Walter
MYErs Shelby Mrs Dora FauSbt
Eunice Wilson BessIe K Acton Mar
garet W1sn Ioorace Hughes I
Dialogue The Train to llauro
ssle K Acton Walter flyers and
Emmet Faught
II DIalogue The Bachelor HaH led
LeyLucy Drown Dom Faught Mar
I Barite WIlson Eunice Wilson DossIe
K Aeton Armlt Wilson Deck Drovnd
I Walter lIYlrs Horace Hughes and
Emmot Faught
I Dialogue Morning CallersEunIce
I Wilson Dora FaubiM Lucy Brown
Bessie Acton Iamle Stogner Ruby
Actonsbclb 1yers and Deck Brownd
Dlarogue The Frog Hollow Lyceum
Dora Faught 11argarite Wilson
Lucy Brown Bessie Acton Walter
Myers Deck Brownd Annet Wilson
Shelby liyls and Emmdt FauGht
I Dialogue A Sudden Dsooonr
i Dora Faught Walter Myers and Hor
I ace Hughes
Closing AddlSSWnlter Myers
I SongGod Be With You TUJ Wo
MeLt AgaIn
I Delightful music lags furnished
throughout the progrdm And at noon
a greet dInner was sC1woowbICh had
Ibock prepared by the patrons of the
school in honor ot the teacher The
diner was very nice Indeed nnjl all
seem d to enjoy Jot very much The
tOO hl lIssBessle Lea Baby doily
ore an Ynteresting aDd mp ve
t lk which was onjoyudby aU She
has by she y sweet spostlon rwon for
herself a place in our hearts that
will ever be hers
Ve the pupils cons dcrthe past
term ot school the mkt profttablo
nd pleasant six moDthB of oudlvE8
and trust toot out dtrar teacher may
ever beIIS loved and emdeared iy her
pupJis and friends at bid Fairu low
We desire in her bohalffo cxwnd
out thanks Wthe kind1a4leslwho
prepared the rice dinner twltlch was
1iid00d a plya t surpniee Uqu
exceliont musicians Who wgi Pres
ent told ooMrbate I t the a eCaB la
by their music and Wthepttj lYwho
presented their beaches with a1id
Ieaome gifts and Lastly tlothe people
fortheirr p4encp 8iDd forthe1r6oel
lent order4 whIdh was m8 tnod
throughout the day nd vtl an
other six ntonahs havererto11ea4i 1d
m4la e aU beyamltttod lots Ta fe ur
greeeurae with edi other 1it fe i
tJipprshpfthe wnttsr f I
RepOrt ot the Condition of the
Yordsuil1e Banking Compan
Bank doing husine < s atrihe ToWn of
Fordsvllle County of Ohio State
of Kentucky at iJleCloEe
of business on the 15
day of Deoemieer 1910
Loans and Discounts 4804383
U S and other Bonds Stocks
and SocurJUes 9li4000
Due from Banks 466330
Actual Cash on band 523251
Checks cash items and ox
change for clearing 18SI
Overdrafts Secured None
Unsecured 198741 19S7Jl
Current expenses and taxca
paid y G728
Real Estat 43fOO FurnI
ture and Fixtures X5178050e
Total 608050
Other Asses not inriutlod
under any ot the above
hoods 23846
Total 7607239
Capital Stock paid In in
cash 1510000
Surplus 58177 UndMdod
profits 7226 total G5403
DeposIts on which interest
38 laid 4123196
Decaks on which 1nt11 t
Js zot paid 1404077 ToWil
DJoolts 5527223
I Cashiers checks outstanding
4G13 Certified chocks
chocksI 4613
eshone Banks
Notes and BIlls rediscounted
None Bills payable 5OOOGO
Total 500001
Other liabilities not includ
ed under any of the above
Total 7607231
State of Kentucky
I MorrIs Wilson kashler of the
above named Dank do 601cmnly swear
that thC above statement Is true to
the best of my knctWledge and belief
SubscrIbed and sworn to fore me
by Morns Nilson this 24 day of
Dee 1910
My CommissIon expIres Jal1 20th
J T afl1TH Jr
Report of the condition of the
Bank doing business at the town of
llcHenry County of Ohio State
of Kentucky at the close
ot business on the Iii day
of Dec 1910
Loans and Dlscounrts 3155306
U S and other Bonds Stocks
and Securities 20000
Due trom Banks 2926ji
Actual Cash on hand 240086
Checks cash items and exatutnge t
Checks cash Items and ex
change for clearing
OverdraftsSecured 27350
Unsecured None Total 27350
Current expenses and taxes
paid 158582
Real Estate 331405 Fur
niture and Fixtures 204008
Total 535413
Other Assets not Included
under any of the above heads
Total 4429407
capital Stock paId ro 4n
cash 1500000
Surplus iiOOOO UndlVided
profits 2657144 Total 315744
Deposits on whIch lntereitI
Is paid 700238
Deposit on which Imter est
ds not paid 1ii13425 oro
pal Deposits 2613663
OashJers Checks outstandIng
none ConWled chocks
none Total
Due to Banks
Notosand Bills rediscounted
folio DUI paybale none
Other ilabdliUes not Includ
ed under any of the above
Total 4429407
State ot Kentucky
OoUJltYofOhl Set t
1 IB J Tioh iorPresidemttof the I
above naarodBank do soltuablv swear
that the above statemex t 9s true to
the t ofmy knowledge and belief
Subscribed end dw9r1t trotbatoreme
byB J11chi1orifh1s 23 day of Dec
1910 + +
AfyConrmlas1bh eslydaim Jet 21stI
1912 r I t
0 1LNALL Notary Pubux r
i jrIiClI E > v a
1 hf 1 fDlreeto
A 11tiJI3i IJ
New Year
LTO Everybody I
Your Liberal patronage and loyal sup
port has rounded out 1910 showing thef
Iport volume of business in the history t
of this famous r trading place Our
grateful hearts go out to you and words
I are inadequate to express our apprecia I
tion Thankingr
You wr Our mWm un PiosriIy I
We start into 1911 promising the best
4 5merchandise the best store equipment
the best service and an honest fair
equipmentI l
store shall be something better than a
place to handout goods and take in
1place Your interest shall be care
fully guarded in every instance You
cant be more loyal to us than we will
be to you May the New Year be willi
and when time shall harvest 1911 may
we all 1Ze here and able to say ijAPPY
IE P Barnes BrosI
0 9
ONT fail to see the bartsfD
D Men s Clothing Ladies Clothes
aI1d Coat Suits Reduction skoufi
these Upes J bed ns JANIIAEY 2r
bq sn i
closes Japuiary 101911I kf
t I
it 1
Celltetown Merca
L 1 Irsc orror4ted ri o
C Ntr RT4WN E Tu 4
if nt 1 i tL 11
iu ti
i 1
k 1
f 1r

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