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Picturesque Man Rose From
The Ranks
I Strong Factor in The South
IWestern Poli
i ties
Oklahoma City Okb 1C 28
Leo Cruce varnorolect 01 Okla
homa fa orwof the picturesque fig
uroo InpcUtI in the Southwest HI
Is a squowleivinnot in the defama I
tory aoneo but only from the fact
that he wasmarrled to a fullblood
ed Indian glrl1nd h never held
an otnoo wWhLn the gift of tthe p o
pie He comas Iftralght from the
ranks to tno gubrlUtorJnl chair Ih
fa a forootul apaaker and Is tall and
londCd but Is of 0 reserved unassum
log nature his camiziign lodge to
the lUwrs of tWJ state was 0 l > st
from tho hlflhurrah of ILltcs and
a rule 01 slnslLlne and prosperity
I would rather bo the man who
helps sootI1 uunshlne Into th1wuts
of tho poor and helps bring pnaprl
ty ou float wings to Oklahonanays i
he and helll place the balllhr oC
OkLahoma along ids the lrlllnurs oC I
other great stets than Brave aU the
gold there Js bonmth the sun I
Cruco romo to the Indian Territory I
from Kentucly In 1891 and sottlCd
at Ardmore Ito bcid sludtod Jaw at
night nnd other bib or odd time rJ
solving a low final touch s ot Van
derbllt unihw6lt In Tenmeenao and I
wont Into the orflcJ wIth lids brother
A C Cruco who had llrooodoo film
rom Kentucky and formed a part
nersWJ with W B Johnson former
Unltoo SUlfcog atwrooy or the Indian
Territory district The uw furl was
known IlG CrUCQ Johnson Oruc
until A C Cruco bo ulle oho fooJral
dlstrlCl atotrnoy under In sld nt
Cloveland W1 Cruse a brother
who bad gong to 1xas calllo Ito Ard
more then and the new firm bClIllJ
known nsCruca Cruce Cruce
Loo Cruco romalned a mtJIubi1I oC
the firm until 1JOl when he orgIl
boo the Ardmore National Bank and
was chosen cashier He was prutiI
dent of the 1n3UtUtlon III 1903 and
held the position until January I
1910 when Jla l09IguOO lo make the
race for governor as n DiJmooraUcI
candidate lie won In the 11lllllary i
resolving a plurality over tho com
blued vote ot his OjlllOr anta one of I
whom was Will II Murray slIcul
6r of UIO ulna house or 1 glsllUr
and prcsdent oC the Oklahoma iron
aUtuUonal COtlJIIotOIl I
Ie was a clldhlnle for the nomi
nation III the first rao against 0 N iI
IMkcll Uu3 present governor IUllli
was d rvatod by a unroll plurait y
The campaign was epacially vlu1
dlclsc Haskell r4aried to Cruco
as a naomtl bank r and Cmce I
chUlSoo JlasltcU WWI blng n tia9ld
at prouiotr
Cruco WI married In 1893 to
Chtclda LeFlore a fullIJIod Chicka
saw Choctaw IwVan of tjho noted Lo
FJore family of Cart w county She
was concudd to be 0 a of the most I
broutUul girls In this section of the
territory She and her deter ware I
known throughout the southern part
oC the stllo as ClLlclde and ChC1Clt
Ie The mother of the g11s was a
Chlckasaw and the father n Okoc
atw Mrs Cruce who disci eight
ytnrs ago Inllenltod the lacrul char
acterl6tcs of tJll Ohlckamws and 111
nnmod Clltcklo while the namo
Chocklo was given to the other I
twin who ra + jmblcd her fathers
raco the OhOCtltwH
The term squaw man o1a9 bo
come one or nn unonlolabl3 nature tXJ
a certain extomt ill Oklahoma since
many worthkus white men sought
Ute hands of many Indian girls for
the sake of thou lands until they
waro recently prohlbUoo by leglsla
tlon the law requiring them to pos
tiU38 a certain amount or property
The fact that Cruce was n squaw
man was commented on by Haskell
now governor In ono of his speeches
nat Cruco in the primary cam
palgn In 1906 In 0 caustic manner
Cruces reply to tile attack made on
his home has booome one of the paw
JWcal classIcs of the new slate Has
Jool1 never agadn nnule reference 10
Cruces IndIAn wife or halfblood
daughter Goes so loved the mom
arT of his IOOlan Wfe that he bas
never marrJoo althnugh he was left
with aD infant da1J8htar when she
l L9renaJe Cruce the only child
ii ke BOroloot 1s sixteen years
f dh beoi the idol n1 lerfk
aln e too death of th mother
4vt1n b given BCOU1lrigOUtp tltyl
This is the
chief L
for making
Bake Day
I DayFoods
Foods U1
Iain ng
BIkwder I i
Absolutely Pure
The Powder only made Baking I
from Royal Grape I
Cream of Tartar
made from grapes
j 10 Alum
NoLime Phosphate
while her Path jr is Inthe ex3CuUv I
ml1l310n The father has always prow
tcctd hr from hta influences of the
outside world He has always rd
fusd to allow her to attend the pub
lIc schcol and she Is now a student
In the Hargrove college at Ardmold
She iswelleducated and nn acoom
pllshod muslclm She has a voice
of remarkable quaHty awl ranb huh
In elocution
Gov Cruce was born on a arm
five mhos south of Marion Crttea
dan county Kentucky July 8 1861
ills father was James W Cruce and
his mother JaM Hill Crus3 His b
titer dIed when he was seven years
old and he was thrown on b3own re
source Jh attended the grade
schools of Crlttenden county and
sIlent one year In the Marlon high
school He then began t study la V
at home at night while he had
chArge of the harm Alta a period
of home study he wont to Vanderbilt
university for one year While thQre
ho was n member of the Beta Theta
P1 fraternity The fOllow1ng year he
came to the Indian Territory to IJIUC
tlce lAw and one of his elder broth
ers returned to the Kentucky homo tn
care for the agodmother whUe Lee I
ohblnod a start The mother dial a
few months after he came iwost
Govtnoneeloot Cruce 1s nOw tn1k
lug a visit to his old homG In Crlt
t6lldln county aw attending the
oonference of governors OIt Frank
fort and In Loulsvibe
Farmers Weektexinton Jan
nary 27 19111
For above 000181011 Illinois Oentral i
Railroad Co authorizes rote of 50
round trip from Beaver Dam Ky
Tlokets on Sale January 2 to l191
IncluatveSitaal ietura limit to roach
shorting semi not JaW than mid
nlght January 9th 1911
lT i J
THE 1911 caI tabs is 11 peach
Nat a single holiday falls on Sun
ed by bills A Louise lJabJaga the
Sweetheart of the Kentucky Press
says TM Har ford Republican arid
the Woodford dart were arnwod with
brilliant holiday pages last week and
rtleotkd the Christmas epmlt Thank
you MIss Louise
IDONT throw awaysthat newp9ckot
oook AW the bill onlleotcr quts
03lLlIl you will find in useful
which fornllY bad Its office at Bow
Uug Groen has moved to Glasgow
Iy and will be odtted and managed
1n tM future by Mr 0 B Foster
former buslnes mul1g t of the
Glasgow Republican
JUNIOR Is Indebloo to 1Ir J
Ro6mhlat the general merchant of
tbs cIty for oourllA3lea entonded
May he have a prosperous New Year
CHINA cuts oft her queue and tho
r t of the worldclaiming more
civilizationburls it and puffs It and
wears It Queer freak of fashion
WE are gmtiCiod to learn from all
f tll3 merchants in Hartt8rd thtt
they eljooJ a splendid Christmas
trade tills yearoven batter than
Uhey expected owls to the recant
crop failures On Saturday they
were un rushed frem early morning
unal late at night
MR E G DARRASS manager oC
tho Kentucky Light and Power Co
has the thanks of all md especially
the business houss for the excel
lent service his company has bacn
giving especially during Christmas
holidays when lIghts iwero needed I I
In the stores much earll r than usual
IT will not ba long now until the
boys who got angry a few days be
fore ChrlstnllS with their girls will
bJ trying ta come back and no doubt
tf13y will kes In traces for about elev
en months without any trouble andt
th1n the same old thins decide to
quit for awhile
WEI were sorry that Judge W B
T3Ir was unube to attend the Good
Rows Con nt1on to which hIJ was a
del gat and whIch met In Louis 1
villo this wreak
AT ttho meeting of Ohio Tribe No
188 Imllrooo Order of Red lIen I
We1nesday Nght Mr S A Bratch
er was deservingly honored when he 1
was Qootd W5 Repre3entatlvo to
the Great Council which meats In
01ensboro early In the spring
School Notes
I wIsh to correct a mistake In re
gard to the ttlna oC holding the Com
mon School Examinations The ex
ambition will be held en Janj
and 28 Iisld of Jan 13 and 14
I hate permission from the State
Supt to hold this examination at two 1
1I1aoJ3 In the county
Those dealrtng to attend may JaBs
o ther at Hartford or Fards1lt Re
member the date Jan 27 and 2S 1911 J
Louisville Hotels Lose
Louisville Ky Dec 21I1he Seel
bach Hoiol oonii any and fittean other
hot 3ls in the cIty were knocked out
of their case against the city of
Loulsvlllo and the sinking fund com
ms31on In their attempt to have the I
ordinance licensing hotels declared
void and tJJ recover about 5000 al
ready paid by the hotels ns license
taztiw for the fIe years past This
blow was dealt by Judge K1rby in
suaalclng tlw demurrer of the city
ot Loulsvllli to the poUtlon of tho
iittnSfl It was contended by the
plaintiffs that the ordnlanoe was
void for the reason that It dhcrlml
nated In favor of emaLl hotels
Kept The King at Homo
For the past year wo have kept
the King ot all laxaUvesDr Kings
New Life Pl1la1n our home and they
hAve proved a blessing to all our faint
ly writes Paul Mathulka of Butta
to N Y Easy but sure remedy
for Stomach Liver and KIdney trou
bles Only 2Gc ot all druggists m
Eating Further lack j
IUw iras5nt drop n the price ofpork
has enabled many of us to do aathe
old darlW of whom we ante 1d
Henry was a man of all jobs around
tbe tQWIIl where he Uvall 11eswas
t9pecla1l1 In demand about t1pIng
time when the woman wan fad theIr
yards cleaned up aid f1owerbod
mid axed frequently accepted pay In
tkeshpoof thesis 01 some 1I41iegtft
fi in the famUy larder r Rgood
any yearn tral beau e4ed In
gettiI pension togeth wiY eon
piderabic lAck pay Ho tMdt 1
Ch4 d Let mehgd oQ ilrsad
It o
l abardaneder Jo ed
like WOrk One day aiady sent wJ
wOrd DY her husbandthat ebe had a
few l41 joJ and U he would corn S
attd dothem for her she rorpuM glN
Wm a nios jowl Sccrning the offo r
Henry replied Thank ye bosstb t
you go and tell bilge Billie Ise ealt1n
a little lurder back on the llonow
Executiirs Saleo
On Monday January 2 1911 at i
the coUrt house door 1nHartord I
Ky l wIU otter for sale by public
auction the followwng prooprty 011
six and twelve months time with ap
proved sec unity namely The five
acres kUqWll 18 the Hickory Mill lot
just woat of the town ltl1lt and bo
twoonRQ gh river and the pIke
deeded tbL F Condit dCO19Cdb y
J H ondJts heirs also onohalt
undivided interest in 358 acres w ost
of and adjoining above lot Also no
undivided Inter 1n 10 acres was e
of and adJoining the qbov lot ond
east or W H Moore Son8 slaugh
ter pens
Sale between one and three oclock
Lizecutor of I F Condlt de
ceased 2213
The Night After Christmas
Tuas thenlght after Christmas and
nU throUgh the house
Not a crmtuN was stirring except
ing a mouse
Tho stockings were flung In haste
over the chair
For hopes of St Ntcholas were no
longer there
Tb children were reitiessly tossing
In bed
For the pie and the candy were heavy
ns had
Vhiln mammJe In her kerchief and
I in my gown
Had just made up our minds that we
would not lie down
When out on the lawn tht4O rose
such a clatter
I sprang from my chair to see wIllt
was the matter
Away to the window I wont wIth a
Flung open the shutter and throw UI
the sash
The moon on the breast of the nell
fallen snow
Gave the luster of noonday to obJJCs
When what to my long anxious eyes
should appear
But a horse and a slcgh boUt old
l3hlnel and queer
With 31 atlaold driver eo solemn and
keen at n gJ1C It must ba Dr
draw In my had and was turning
When upstairs came the doctor with
scarcely a sound
110 wore a f1ck overcoat made long
And the board on Ws chin was white
with the snow
Hp spoke a few words andwent
straight to 1111 work
He felt all the pulses then turned
with a jerk
And laying his finger aside 01 his
With n nod of his head to thooMrn
ney he goes
A spoonful or aU maam tt you have
It handy
No nuts and no candy no raisins
no pie
Thcs tender young stomachs can
not well digest
All the aw3tB that they got toys and
books are the best
But I know my advice wU1 not find
ninny friends I
For the custom of Christmas the
ether way tends
The fathers and mothers and Santa
Claus too
Axe exceedingly blind WoU 2 good
night to you
And I heard him exclaim as ho drOve
out of sight
These feastdngs and candlee make
doctors bills right
Land Sale For Taxes
By virtue of taxes duo me the
Sheriff of Ohio County Kentucky I
will 011 Monday January 2 1911 ex
pose at public sale at the Court
House door In Hartlord Ky be
tOOIl the hours of 10 a m nd 1
p m the following lands or 80 much
thereof ns may 00 neaetIBBIY to pro
duce the sums required vJz
No3 Beds Land r T
KOkls Ira Annie 50 a 425
Hoover Lewis 22 a 4 510
Maddox G W67 a 9 I
Stevens n B 5 e 805
SteOIIlBA 1 2 a o 640
Smith LD l8a 7S5
Smith A 140 L rJG
Wastes M B 45t a H 975
Ward W E Srr30a 8 3
Watterson Richard 60 a 1UG
Brown G U 130 Lhi 11 S9
Brown C Nl30 Lits
Brown E B t5a u iP K
Haskins1H 90 a r r l N
Trios Clay by JJerrt
man1 t22 r hi 9i 1
tJ of
r l t
P f
ta Henry ands CJ HJ
r Brown85 a 10Ii
NO 3OPremUs
Bracken 1J150 1 G2G
BuElor DCl1i t y46
EmbryPaetol GO e 1150
SltvOlsVI 1 4 ft 350
Butler A F80 I a
Same 75a 600
Daugherty H H40 a 5OIJ
Embry N J 50 a 605
Howard Jesse 100 4 495
biaarts R P 9 B 430
PltmatJ A 3 a 625
RIggs B 1iC a fA 575
Baize EE66 a G I
Engl1ahE 9 30 a 5il
Leach ft D SO a 585
Renfrow SUns 1i0 a 505
Ashley J M 4 a 6G
Combs WlJItaJn 15 a
Same 3 town Lots 160
Clark Irs Mary 105a
Saul 10 n + 94Q
Gray Frank 117 In 1245
Long J HSr 40 a 503
Myers W C 127 a 1175
PlummerD C 64 a 770
Spinks B E 10 a 5tO
Shroader Mrs Rosa 60 a 720
Shrooder Mrs DerdJe GO a Gds
Stewart J A 73 a 965
Allen W L Ha 830
Cox F E 100 a 1275
Dawson L J 40a 1125
Hoover S A 13t a 2850
Hoover J C 75 a 160
Jackson 111 65 a 1560
Lake J S 1 town lot 7fiO
llJdkltC S L 100 a 1310
Smith R 4 a 41ii
Smith V L 90 4 1610
Allen T F 77 0
Same 3 a 519
Allen J W 70 a 433
Coy Mrs Rosa 2j5 n 825
Cook R E Sa 115
Evans Mrs Polly 70 a 2DO
Peyton J A 90 n 725
Coppage WE 25 n 209
Moxley C S 100 11 1455
Weattiertord C J i0 a 1010
Wmoughby Monnie 130 a 615
Wilson Jack 77 a 1755
Wilkins Bill 30 a 605
Blackburn Wm 1 town lot 750
Delio William 1 Awn lot 320
GIvens Led 1 town lot 8g0
United Mine Workers of Ameri
ca 1 town lot 210
Asbby and Brown 50 a 830
Ashley Mrs Mary E 1 town
lot 435
Bosket OB 1 town lot 1373
Rono W A 2 town lots 380
Runhl1l John 16 a 40
Davenport W H 175 n 2100
Brown Stephen 1 town lot 1510
Gillaspie Clarence V 74 a 910
Potty Fred 1 town lot 9Jfi
Smith C lII 60 a
Same 4 a 322
Truman L W 71 a 840
Armende Roy F 2 town lots 21115
Ford Wm P 100 a 1lGv
Hurt 01lle 100 a 1315
Muffebt Ivory 5 a 415
Robertson Henry P 100 a 1280
Seaton John T 55 n 935
Ambrose Ja9 H 101 a lUG
Evening Mrs Nary A 20 a 400
Gray Jas W 40 a
Same 31 a 8GO
Greer D 100 a 95
King S 1 182 11 1515
Krk Goo N 53 a 735
Martin Irs Saute 113 a 830
Phillips Charles 41 a 985
Rhoads Butler C 125a 1550
Rhoads M S 111 a 1660
Simmons Nancy 60 a 24Q
Taylor Basil J 75 a 8SS
Westerfield 111188 Minnie 51 a 285
While Myrtle 34 a 210
Hill IrsE G 1 town lot r 355
ROwe John P 100 a
Same 19 a 1790
Reynolds C W and L A
Freela 2107 a 29GO
Crowe Th06J 4914 a 689
Farmer Mrs Nancy 70 a 423
IGooer Sam J 6612 L 710
HoWard WmT 22a 640
Meritt BWnper 65 a 573
R Ja A U2 a 903
Weatezfleld CLlnotT50 a 710
Harden WmbY W A Stll1nett
Agt 15a 260
> fiskloi WincH 4634 L 1i65
Hint Kr Zilsa 1 a 2115
aye J Fi 18 a f 0 640
iiteeer Hr 96 Lh 830
las Mrs BMi G 4 210
Opadae i W fa <
1yK L
Same 41at < p 1 3LN r WJJ P
HarrieostMre Meons 57 Liti Ir t i
Rogers J H 35a 8c 1
1iV I
shbyH MGO a 715a
Bratcher V B 35 a n
640yBraucher i
Bra hcr Oregan 65 Q 880 6t
Bratchert J W 35 11 4Jr
Cooper J A GO1t 61ji
Deevor N 1 65 aOf
Fitzhugh James 140 a 201
King J B 140a 22GO
Kuykndoll Mrs 11 E 60a 1175
PeaolliJ V 30 a Of 500
Peach A J 40 a 50G
Rentrow H E 1 n 500 u
Toms J J 80 aOf 1040
Wright Wm T 50 a 980 + U
Legrand J38 1 220 11
25a 58201
Same 25a 5820
Stevens JW 54 a 113G I
Wade Mrs Julia B 50a
Same 20 I
Same 1 town lot 1365
25HEFLINBennett 605
Jarnagin Cass 40 a 580
Baughn Thoa M 60 a 77G
Baughn CW n 60 a
Same 75 a Of 71G
I Har400 C J 85 4 835 J
Hicks Wm H 25 n G1ii
Neighbors S S 6 a 370
Tanner Isaac 43 12 a 700
Wedding Rich A 75 11 128G
YC3terfleld Root by JL GIl
1Iam Agt GO a 430
Leelloo Joseph 25 a G40
Anderson V L 6t a
Same 1 town lot l55G
Culbertson lIrs Laura A 1
town lot 82G
Dibble Mrs L 0 1 town
lot 32G
Fulkerson Mrs Rosa A
15 a 225
Whltbker L D 2 a 13G5
Williams Irs HebUe B d
106 a 1240
Napler JohnCol3 a 485
Austin Mrs Verda 1 a 221 f
Banton JP 1 town lot 705t
Fulkerson A E 15 a 440
Fulkerson A I 38 a1090 J
FullwersonJ T 612 n 505
Fulkerson Mrs Mary 70 a 655
Heck Mrs Minnie 2 town lots 630
Nickel E S 1 town lot 1160
Maddox J H 20 a 503 i
Poole G W 1 town lot
Same 14t a 1875
Sowders W R 12 town lots 10lii
Martin Mrs FrancIs 1 a 260
Duft L T 1 a 117G
Bennett L F SO a 2325
Howard Sylvester 65 a 905
lloseler Irs Dellah 120 a 1455
Nix John 47 a 1080
Sutton Mrs Francis 28 a 82G
St art Mrs Dellah 1 town lot 127G
Vance P S 25 a 44G
Waddle Ham 30 a 1010
Wilson J B agt far Dudley
and Grogg 4 ° 2 a 6895
Martin Leslie 50 a 770
Pendlotan Dr Horace 90 a 217G
Baughn F D 1 town lot 6420
Davis L B 87n
Same 18 a
Herun Malls 25 a 500
KIng John T 1 town lot 925
King D W 1 town lot 48G
lUbbs V 0 3 a 635
BoottyJ R 2 a 18oI
BllyenH 13 1 town dot 200 I
Coy AIiIi a 180
Ohr1sU nJrs G B 64 a 493
Depp ahey own lot US
DnnCharles l wn lot 110
Evans c W S 70 a 425
Felix Mrs 1IIargarett 1QO a 825
Farmer Jim 50 a 55G
GordonJ qt f5r Stogner heirs
1 town lot 600
McIntyre Will by G W WhlW r
1 town lot 175
Ruby B 0 1 town lot 200
Robertson C C ROOert
bY C 1 Ro1iertli
son 12 town lotst 515 i
Whlttlngh1t Mr M E by
n B lIarUnl2fi a 969
Williams W L 27 a 35
Barr Louis 1 town lOt 54
i laee Steve 1 town lot 4 r a
McHenry bits Mary 1 taRIa
tot 3 2
2Park r1y
Park William 1 town lot 7O j
I Taylor Mrs Angellne 2 t 3Y
8ime L 4iewli lot
a1 fawn tot rl
sse 1tawn 4t
twPlrallet i144t

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