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Necessity For "Best"
Teacher In Each
School District
By JOHN B. M'FERRAN, Chairman Educational Committee,
Louisville Commcrcl.it Club
HFIUEXD of mine interested in schools happened in Boston
not long sinco nnd in going about investigating tlio city's
schools, on reaching tlio lowest and poorest part of the city,
was surprised to see going up n splendid, beautiful school
building to cost $.'17fi,000. No said, "Why on earth do you put such a
handsome nnd costly building in this part of tlio city?'' The answer
was, "We want to innko good, intelligent citizens out of theso chil
dren, and we think- this one of the important ways of doing it."
I should like to know why wo pursue the unbusinesslike, illogical
nnd absolutely unfair method of offering three kinds of teachers' cer
tificates, especially now as the counties have the right to tax them
selves up to 20 cents on $100 for general school purposes. ARE
AND THE BEST ? In a true democracy thero is no use or room for
classes. Ought not our efforts to bo addressed to the one object of
making an average intelligent good citizenship ?
Under present arrangements we arc compelling the poorer sections
of our counties to employ third-class teachers whose capacity will not
suffer them to go above a wage of $30 to $40 per month, while the
cities and towns nnd wealthier parts of the counties are paying $60
to $75 per month. Of course this higher pay and better environment
attract the bast teachers, those holding the first class certificates.
Now, this is manifestly unfair and very unwise.
There ought to be, as soon as the proper legislation can be had,
only one certificate granted to all teachers and that of tlio first class.
If there arc districts unable to pay in fulj for a first class teacher let
the county board make up the difference out of the countv fund, for
which it was intended. THESE POORER DISTRICTS PAY THE
This is not only generous and unselfish, but it is Christlikc, and
it is a wise business proposition to make good and intelligent citizens
out of iheso less foitimates. I think when the people consider this
question deliberately they will sec the folly of present methods and
demand a change and will get it. Therefore it would bo wise for
tcaeiiers to prepare themselves to get first class certificates, and I
think they have no timeto lose because the change when started will
come quickly. The state has two normal schools an'd the university
whose business it is to prepare teachers.
Not 25 per cent of tlio teachers of tho state are taking advantage
of these opportunities, and many of them will be left out when the
change comes. I am hoping to see tho day when our teachers will be
better paid, but when that day dawns it will bring with it also an un
deniable demund for better prepared teachers.
Management of Chicago Hotel Will In
the Future Pin Its Faith to
1 Domestic Bird.
The manager of a big Chicago hotel
has found a very simple solution of
the fly problem. It Is a flock of ducks.
The ordinary hotel perhaps has no
particular accommodations for live
ducks; but in this there is a fountain
In the center of (he approaches to the
various dining rooms. The fountain
has a large basin, and just by way of
novelty the manager several months
ago placed a few ducks in the water.
They paddled around and enjoyed it,
nnd the guests enjoyed seeing them.
Hut, better still, the ducks also enjoy
ed the flies that attempted to enter
tho dining rooms and feast upon the
good things therein. Tho flies In
Chicago, at least fly low; and ducks,
ns any ono who has ever Been them
knows, nro especially quick In catch
ing Infects. Tho consequence Is, this
particular hotel, onco troubled with
flies, now has practically none. And
tho ducks, onco lean to vergo of
scrawniness, nro fat and sleek.
The duel; method of disposing of
tho fly nuisance cannot, of course, ob
tain in private households to any de
gree: but in this particular hostelry
the duck3 have caused tho wire fly
swatter and traps to be thrown Into
tho ash heap.
Perhaps next year tho enterprising
manager will attach some sort of a
meter to every duck, so that at the
.anarchy Is passing, even in England
It has passr-J in France and Portugal;
it has become merely nominal in other
European tountries. Even China has
become a republic. Germany Is con
servative on the subject, no doubt be
cause It has had excellent rulers
From an American point of view It
seems likely that the last nation to
change, as the kaiser prophesies to
be even later thSn Russia.
Monorchism, like feudalism, has had
a proper place in tho evolution of civ
ilization, but, like feudalism. It must
go. There have been a few real kings
and queen3 whose work for the world
has been great, and the Ideal of king
ship, as Carlylo paints it. inspires
high sentiments and noble deeds. Ilut
this is an age in which kings and
queens liavo little to do and in which
education Is so widely diffused as to
make tho real leaders recognizable as
the need of them arises. The world
progresses politically ad it progresses
materially, intellectually nnd morally.
How to G;t Rich.
One of tho richest men of a certain
Indiana county i3 known a3 well by
his penurious habits as by his bank
account. A s-hort time ago he Invited
an old friend to dine with him. Accept
ing the Invitation, the friend was
piloted to one of the cheapest "hotels"
In tho place nnd two dinners were or
dered at 25 cents each. A second cup
of coffee was ordered by tho guest and
when ho finished it tho pair, after the
bill of 55 cents was .paid, meandered
out on the streot. Noticing his host's
downcust expression and silence, ho
end of tho season ho can tell how asked what had come over hlra.
many flies eacli busy fowl has disposed
of with neatness and despatch.
Nothing." said tho host.
"Hut something must bo wrong,"
said his friend.
"Well," said Croesus, "I can't under
stand how my bill was 53 cents."
X, . ....... I TT"n U .1 C "0h" Bal(1 ,l, fiUP3t' "' Ila(I a B0C"
Kaiser Wllhelm, With Prophetic Eye, ond of cofr00blU ni pay for u
Foresee, tho Inevitable Coming of j,Q ftt onco look a nicke, out of hla
Triumphant Republics. pocket and Croesus accepted it. Iu-
.... ,. , . , 'dlanapolls News.
"My eon will bo tho last of tho cm-,
perors," Kaiser Wllhelm Is said to !
liavo told- tho historian, Karl von
Kroon, recently. "All tho world will
lio republican within CO years. Ger
many will bo tlio last of tho empires.
It is Inevitable."
The kaiser Is credited with being a
far-sighted politician us well ns an
uhlo upholder of his prerogative as a
Lamp Socket Is Quite Useful Where
Concentrated Light on Machine
Work If Desired.
A lighting device, by means of
which the light can be directed on
tho tool or the work from the top,
sldo or any other point, tho change of
position being Instantly accomplished,
has boon developed nnd Is shown In
the Illustration.
This Is a portable electric lamp
using the ordinary Incandescent bulb,
but possessing magnetic power so
that when placed on any mass of Iron
or steel, smooth or rough, even or un
even, painted or unpalnted, It sticks
and holds Itself In the position placed
with a pull of scores of pounds.
The lamp can be placed with
equal facility on machlue tools,
girders, bars, castings, automobile
frames, engines, locomotives, rails,
Portable Lamp Socket.
vault frames, safes, pipes or any struc
ture that Is entirely or partly com
posed of Iron or steel. It stays wher
ever put, as If it were cemented to
or formed a part of tho surface to
which It Is held by its own adhering
It hangs vertically from a surface
above or extends sidewlso Just as
rigidly as to a surface on top of which
It may be placed. Its position can be
Instantly dimmed and heat, cold, jar
or vibration does not affect Its grip.
Direct current is necessary for the
proper operation of this lamp, as it is
Impossible to produce tho magnetic
power with alternating current.
German Invention of Particular Inter
est Because of Elimination of
Dangerous Acids.
A German vacuum Ice machine
made in sizes adapted for use In tho
home. Is of Interest because It does
not Involve the use of sulphuric or
other dangerous acids. It may ho op
erated by hand or by a small electric
motor, the smallest type of machine
producing from 4 to G pouuds of Ice
ut each operation.
The apparatus consists essentially
of two communicating drums attached
to a common shaft, the smaller drum
being provided with an outer casing
having Insulating walls. Tho Ice Is
formed as a circular shell between
the smaller drum nnd the outer casing
with which this drum Is provided. The
larger drum, which la hermetically
sealed, coutalus an absorbent liquid,
chloride of zinc, containing a small
prorortlon of water. This liquid half
Alls the drum, the remaining space be
ing a vacuum, and serves during the
life of tho machine.
In the operation of making tho ice.
gas jets under tho large drum are
lighted and the drum slowly rotated,
the heat driving off a part of the wa
ter In the absorbent liquid, the wa
ter passing, In the form of vapor, In
to the smaller drum, where it Is con
densed by means of cold water, which
Is made to flow over this drum. Whea
the distillation of the liquid has pro
ceeded stifllclently, the flame Is extin
guished, the smaller drum Is then cov
ered with Its annular casing, and wa
ter is poured In until the space be
tween the drum and cover Is filled. A
water jacket is then clamped over tho
larger drum, and water Is passed
through it to cool the absorbent liq
uid. The apparatus Is then again
slowly rotated, and as tho absorbent
liquid cools, It causes evaporation and
absorption of the distilled wnter In
the smaller drum. Thus the tempera
ture of the smaller drum Is greatly
lowered and the water between this
drum and Its casing Is frozen.
? Tli Nervous Woman,
.V -,., ericncei hot l,h notldnl !i so ;.,
t r mc " - -. nuns f nccric cmi.h . ,11 1
and calm tlie.iwrvoui M;'tc in a P ? ,j b jnltfi, for llu p! J
d made without alec M. " ' ', !,,,.. : . Preoption
years, and m.nt f.uor.i lv """"" ,',,., ju.--.,.,,, rf f,:r!im spclh, lM
onJ female disturbance ."- rcln.uu u,
of Doctor I'icwc. . Favorite Tr. ration" imports mm.
1 As a powerful, lavKoMli "'""J ; ,.,e ort-n, distinctly f r.u .
to tbe whole 'E;;?w7"nn,. ,.... nnvdown." dsMKiw
i ST-A .!-!,.-. milliner., IrcMma:cri,cit vrc-c, 'hop-r,,
cM&vh-c?) ; -'"'iienj rp",,,i ri r"?raU,vo ,on"L
1 N& Nt'ttl .,,.,. Hl,, ,.-. rail. .If tmvr-l.n-vr.tri K". I.ptv Mtr
I V. V,9 ';,.i .,! IW.t "In riw.isrliirir.ll" Til,
1 II W .'in- I ll" . .i 1 !... I MIM liinil M'Vl'll 111 IIIIl 1 Hit I
Y 1
I Mo. McDoNt.n.
I SHilllllSliliMSBSlllSlllllllMI
'J''h , .2? II ill vM lA tol.nvoi.il ow.Tt.or Tl
fm-.N" Phy ; "i "S",a Aft. r trU T t! - Wtci o" l)r I,
l""n"IJ..'l.lcr U now laUwM rrwrrlrllnn' r.r.,1 Pr TV
r. , 1 i .i, ,1 lit. 'ivrn nli i'i. IV rt t r nrrvmwnif ntl t
r,,-l.t-n iM '' '',;;,;,,1',, 1 . -,,, l.cr rvrr much .- n
no V " fiv i Wlh M yiur n.ll ln for fcnulo troul.l.
Dr. Ihcnx
'j IVmm.iI ItW ladit.s n'U .iiturst bcn-cl raoi r.71
First Class Liveryman
Centertown, - Kentucky.
Prompt Attention and liood Service.
The Rkpublican and Louisville Herald....
The Republican and Courier-Journal
The Rki'tumcan and St. Louis Globf-Democrat
The Rki'Uhmcan and Home and Farm.
.... 1.75
.... l.f
LATHER RUBBER MADE HANDY! The Rki-imu.kan and Twice-a-Week Owcnsboro Inquirer 1.7f
Makes Country Home More Comfort
able Than Those of City Fur
nishes Light and Power.
But for the magic influence of elec
tricity the back country districts
.vould be well nigh uninhabitable.
There would bo no communication, no
connection with the outside world, ex
cept a desultory mall tervige. The
people would be isolated, lonely,, with
out entertainment or tho comforts of
Electricity has changed all this
within the last few years. The elec
tric roads are running up and down
the distant valleys where the rail
roads could not hope to build, afford
ing an easy and comfortable means of
visiting the town or villages, the
lelghbors or relatives. The telephone
Unes extend from house to house,
from town to town, from city to city,
and at a very small cost one can visit
with fi lends or transact business
miles and miles away. Electricity in
the shape of light and power, makes
the country home even more comfort
able than those of the city. It fur
nishes the water supply. It does the
hard work about the bouse and the
premises and a nundred otner things
undreamed of a few years ago.
Obviates Necessity of Rubbing Soap ThE REPUBLICAN and LoillSVllle Daily Herald
Into Skin With Fingers While I
one is shaving. , The .REPUBLICAN ami JJauy uwensooro inquirer.
... 3.f0
... 3.F0
To obviate the necessity of rubbing JThe Republican and Tvice-a-Veelc O'boro Messenger 1.75
lather Into the skin with the lingers,
when shaving, a suiall attachment for ' TlIE REPUBLICAN and Kentucky Farmer .
Lather Rubber.
the shaving brush has been provided.
It consists of a rubber cap which la
fitted over the handle of the brush.
The end face of the cap Is formed with
a series of concentric annular flanges
which catch the lather and assist in
rubbing It Into the skin.
The Republican and New Idea Woman's Magazine.. 1 W
The Republican and Cincinnati Weekly Enquirer. ... 1.50
The Republican and Weekly lifter Ocean and Farmer $1.C0
Address all orders to
Two Shapes of Ingenious Combination
Shown in Illustration Several
Parts Eliminated.
Two shapes of an Ingenious combi
nation electric lamp fixture, designed
for offices and factories, are shown in
the accompany Illustration, says the
Popular Mechanics. Each is a com-
A bowl shape In
the combination
type of fixture.
The dome-shaped
electric lamp fixture.
hlnation socket, shade-holder, Insu
lating Joint and reflector, and,' being
all In one unit, eliminates the sev
eral separate parts required In build
ing up a successful lighting unit.
j Kuunlnff up una iluwn .lrral nifv,..
Ins iui'1 liiirUntf ovr m-vkltiu be-U will
I not niaku a wom.ui huilU.y or Ik-.vj-.I.
fill. SV niUHt ot out uC doora, Wll
'a iiiIUj r two ovry duy uwl tnU Char
l.yriUn'a T,.btiJ jo ltnjirvu bur ilJs.
Ho sees the drift of the tl(m Jtv ".uUto Ujt (iweK I"or boio
times as other crowned heads see It. by ail amors.
Motor Raises Weights.
Automatically pulling up tho weights
operating a clock by an electric motor
la tho substanco of a patent issued to
George II. Ilupley.
When the weights have reached a
predetei mined position, nn electric
circuit Is formed, starting a small mo
tor. This motor Is geared to tho
weights and raises them, tho current
again shutting off when they havo
reached their top position.
New Electric Fan.
A now electric fan seems to com-
Glyccrla Is a by-product of the soap '
factory. I
It takes 7,000 tons of coal to bring
one of the modern liners across the '
Atlantic. j
Two districts In the Philippines aro
yielding gold profitably and prospect-1
ing Is In progress in several other lo-'
calltles. (
A calcimine brush Invented by an
Ohio niau ronslsts of a number of thin
brushes fastened sldo by sldo to a sin
gle handle. j
An Alabama man has Invented ap
paratus to bo fastened to tho back of
a horse to hold its hoofs In position ,
for shoeing.
A locomotive that originally was ,
built In 1S47 has been reconstructed .
and given light work to do by an Eng
lish railroad. ,
Wltli a production of moro than flvo
and a half billion pounds the Chilean
nitrate fields established a now rec
ord last year.
Tho value of canned pineapples
shipped from Hawaii during the fis
cal year of 1911 amounted to two
million dollars.
The success of the stepless car on
tho street railways of Now York has
led to tho placing of an order for 150
cars of this typo.
Tho back Support of a stepladder
natented by a Texas man can bo turn.
cd up to form an extension ladder of I
the ordinary type. j
A heating plate of the usual type, a ,
Inml tt "Imlrl fnnri nnil n hnnrl in A.. I
BI.II1 kv .... ww HHV m ..wv... U but'
er them form a new oven for use over
a slnglo gas fatovo burner.
To an actress Is attributed the re
cent Invention of a capacious trunk
which ran be converted into a com
plete bureau and dressing table.
And other printed forms are given J
Letter Heads
Bill Heads
' Statements
Special Attenton
In The Republican
Job Department.
Stubborn Case
Mr, 7? 7al,l',,!dC5 tI!cTtre.a,,ct of two doctors , writes
...... . . ....,,, , 1Iluiail valc v and heypr0.
nounccd n.y case a very stubborn one, of womanly iJafe.
lake CarduL3 "P' W"en l coni,cn"d to
I used it about one week, before I saw much change.
Now, the severe pan,, that Had been in my side for years
in S ?"d ' d,n,t SUffcr at a,L l a' feeling better than
in a long tune, and cannot speak too highly 0 Cardui."
bine all the well known types by hav A machine which thoroughly
lag two sets ot blades which rotate cleanses 200 barrels an hour by wash
around the standard and tilt up and Ing them Inside and out and rinsing
dowa as they revolve. them several times has been Invented.
VZ ?rC MnC f hSe ai,lng women W,V suffer from any
Of the trOllb CS SO Cnmmnn tr. ,., '
n . . . , " " ""WWII.
Lardui is a builder of womanly strength. Composed
of purely vegetable ingredients, it acts q i kly on he
WOman V SVS em. hnll,lln .. . . H"iy Ull HIO
the womanly ZS
Cardui has been in successful use for more 5 50 veara
Thousands of ladies have wrirten to t II oUl, benffitT;
received frnm U TV., n r . . . "'c uc,,t cy
"" ' " ,u' uur troubles. Begin today.

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