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ttarttora Kepuoiican.. Uio miryfl
Knterrd nrcorrtlnp to In Bt the lo1otflr
Hartford, Ky., m mall mttr o! the wiond
A4dreaa all communicatione
lu Hartford Republican.
BoticctllxTc dridrlDF the pjr cent to n new
addrem must plTe the old nddree In making the
rjnuollclted mannorrlpt will not be returned
sleM Hccmnpanleil 1; pnatape.
Anocjtnone commonlcatloni will rectlxe no
atoiagii. aii-w.... -
For President,
For Vice President,
ijjh elae oX a dollar iliCR-iida Mlch
way it i going. (
All tJie poiltlciaw wHl r3 pompciilsd
to pet off the Xence baton; xtfscHon day-
How can any bitfneF if Pfl county
vqt for oitlrcr Tart or Wdlfpn when
It la known JhoU hot'1 of them fi
vor free .trade with Canada in nil farm
jwodiifita? I '
" The Green IUw Republican should an-
awer itself amatiines. It is pujjpprf
imp Taft for Pddenlt d" Ws Jlfrlal
columns but its patent I qutfljfle st
week charged that C. P. Taft, a hrpt'i
er to. the Preaaidjornt liad tasohHer with
epreecntatlves of iHaxriiman and Ithe
Jn the fliiioe of Ienituy nnrl are fi'icv,
by plivoed in position to nivk up" nil
the chojoo mineral hands. How long
will i ''0 If thj trMifttJon 'continues
uiyjl th'ae men absoli'Gply conliil '.t
a nttcictuiHy as Jf Jit ImvWT1 l0
oon'luotit of the llfiphj.nvn rFVinjft'j.'n!',
Vn,o;hor Jinking i.ffont for i,ii!'(p.j tf.
foot J mule .y the llcvmbi'.rin mart.
ijw jn n cJt,:iii .'Jnii, (lio warn fi cX (iV
ojuiiiyy aru changjiii l.hctr at'.itfulo
wliicjh has lxwn in fctvor nf C-o !ro
gri9',ie party. In iujijvrt of jjhu i.s.
so.rilon i quntnd tho rprw;on ft an
occnIonnl wonrin Induced ito iprv.k 'i
support of tin v,hw tfst wi,ftpslts
Ui'itn? Every true KcntucMnfi mm,-
linj his lioad In ii'mne n. tfie r?vli
t(ji3 fiunlAhnl by Sir. dttDwn's letter jn
reply t fie O'StOJIvon interview nnd
the Pythian affidavit. In wUjrIi It fs &houJ nt nY.gn jjhoniviivea iwi'J ho j
clnnscd tluvt Jlr. O'riuJnn ritvl
op;nly tlia, n.ppninyncni'.p ln (Aw Pmi-
tontlnry iwotilrl hi to no to rjlio Jiun
win fumbled jhc memoy tp mrrj t!,c
election On the otlwr hand look ut
. . . . . -,
of Toy Until Sufficient Momentum
It Acquired.
KWl J1MH , K .......... -
IMW, on ilie gOvnl ft nf. J! , UCVIUC TUH SnNNINU A IUT
proinie to tht.ni Js nt ktrirttv. Sni'li
eprtvRon from a few lnili,v,luai wif. "Y" Shaped Wire Frame Holdi Splka
frnqJt,.)! is il(HUiilT. ryi,y yi ivpuro.
Un,t. not only ,lo,e, tha tiet ri-malnthit
;he crowd whlrfi now conro,l? tl'e Re-wM,men of the couniry, nnd pn,rtimirly An )ngcnU8 tttte device for spin.
publican pirty in Kentucky lt js ma. thoio who an in faor of ;li. (ufH-i.', ning a top has bee designed by a Col-
chino controtleiM, wi,t,h (.lie avpwcfl in- Vro wj.'Jt t'w l,nsn';si.'s, llu Uiat orado man. It remains to be seen,
tilhey n,r3 bciMiiiinir more B"n'Wiy jn- however, If the top can be spun any
thunitie uml Jiard 7rkiin); v,ciy diy better than the average small boy can
all (that nut bo dMio u promote tJn do bv carefully winding his cord up
and snlnnln? his ton bv hnnil. A V
paivrs tKWH. TJuno I- njiVn ' ' "
ov-erywheno an.ons lm ami the r- en(,8 of the armB tQ rcce,ve ,he gpko
suit is lifird work evfrswheiv. They .vie of the tQp anj a 8plnj,e projcctIng
pituitioii. They jnsjst on .takin (,hrir fr0ni the head. Below this spindle Is
part in nvlinx nin,?y Xor t've neciaary a circular groove around whleh the
oxncnMB of u nirty wMivdi la not ft. cord fits, but It Is not necessary to
nnticed by the "int?ivst." No (Mit''e
tontion of preveuyntf .lie free clvri'
slon of the jieojile Jn UiCjr uhftm for
nominations. It is hqadaJ y ItiTi.Jp'y
Senator nnd Clriet dinr-'ner of FevteiMl
Jol and J. t McGufpiiRfi, yaljonil
CommlUcenian and President of JLho Kn
yieky DistlKpas Aoelpciion, Avho le
longa to Hradlry, on,d by i:. T. Flunks,
SU-Uo Cliairnutn wlio b(ilons to M
Cullpugh and Umdjey yike snuff. He
Cullpugh and Ilrsulley ij(fvkoa isntiff.i !e
s the amo Fna-nks wvo foiwrliit the
American Soclcu- of jEmi,tj aqneraj
years ago 'nivl who oppod find fVilt'
Judge O'Rcor last ypur, bctiiww Pif lip
frlcnd.Jilp for the JCeintup-'ky tirjnor.
This is .a iine 1q: f (npni1 iixa Vfm'
mon poopje iwjtli vt cp.iarhjp. The
ProsTfefillve mrty and iekot funni
es tlve ony avenue of esicmpe roni fc'i;s
intoleroble ciondjition omd cnorj firmer
wlvo bcsllQVies in organization mn.d qwry
lfljboner v.lo to'longg ,tp rt UnQom, fefiouid
vote with .tlie ProgrcgigiMea o, t,he ppni.
ing ejocition and mike itjhis ypxty a
force for the ,dositrup,tipn of tlje ro,wcrrS
and swed ond fraud Kvfich -fire firo,t.
tlfois boJi tJie old pxK l" M' Pfa'e
of Kentcky arid in ;ie Pition. ,
No radical action by parity conven
tions or new poetical de,veJppmrji(B of
"Wativs-Pioroe Oil Q-, llnwwed th0 decided lmporia.ripe ,ma,rkqJ (tfie wouna oi
Madioro reviolution Jn Jlexjoo l,for $5,- J jho prieisildenitial oantmiign durinir tlvrj
000,000 and that It had been returned j weel endins September ao. ,ias no
with a premium of $20,000,000, fPnetty ( frkfa olmsfly for tfte enerpy s:iown by
firfroi3 harge against (t(he Pj)epideut . the Jlepublicain jnanagers Jn the djs
wind the cord up. Just loop the cord
risanllM.l 41l innA im Inmild ma
of their nupport In Wn alleiinWd anl l"' ". ." vu.
none in likely to lc!
samily. I
Of Mr AVlIfon in f-lne ctmipnign t
may be flay thai, Ai-lidle he Js devrtpp
ing a,dnii,rube iiiinllies op a &u:V.y
spKTiker, .lie unfortunately Jacks dufjiny.'.
nr3 in his sportcjiefs. He continues t ni
and elusive concemJnK tho f,r,un'js.
is ftrue that hj ha" utLemntcd to .a'k
on the subje)t on eve or twice, tint h"
Ins nothing definite iln Ji Jatform a" I
'jhcr.3 is nothing MefiU'.P In him. it
Is nvst un.tortun.Ule for Mr. Wil-iJti
tha,t he is not h.vted for b:;ir. Jt is
not sufficient for lijlni, as Ike idI wlnn
considering the (subjcot, ,to inen?ly gi;e ,
u,teranie to 'tlve .word 'i-a,'' Or al-'
vjijo Mr. noosnelt to 'ttell ut fco m
ni-irined." Tlverc is stiMl a yivial di
fivo to know wluU Mr. Wilson tliyilc.
about ,'Jie trusts Jid wlwjt liis in.tctlio.is
ar? roacirdlns tlvni. Tllie question of
Ulr best control is the oubjcict proa.:- nd mg Then pu the ghort en(J
est in tine minds of tho Am.eflitijn people and jn paBSDg through the groove
n ithe present time, al'iee Jt .jg the the cord revolves the top In the
matter tfrat mcMt nJfcots 4Jre paop's handle. When the top has acquired
For Spinning Top.
sufficient momentum It will fly out of
the handle and spin on the pavement
Oo. ' ItoosevcJt is gaining grpund
semination -of napor.ts .lfiviivg a foun.
do.tion only on tog. Pur,iBUay anx
ious and vloious or mU taken have be-n
thnousl.oMt tthe Ualtcd Sts ,'in hl , ,o tta th
t - U : ,1Anrfiir Cation .In
unu, w ... ron-i". r--- -it,lore Jvu, be?n a recrUdeL-ence of R;-
tt,e far Soutfi his tavMpey pubim31 rii ln the WeSt and that
eaed intense enfjuiasm awl (he jf the, p. y ,ms rcftUy fx,
Ofljor man w,lvo is malting a campaign bt TbaX .jjp,, Dt 6Uch
ttoe enttne Qouatr. Tne Tat inflJaey pop Ja 0( a pre.
hs. oollwed .eqmpjoteiy and the only conlowd ja apnar.ent from the
twio men in tfM tisht Birtopmvttfa B"a uguiarly coincident Idotee on whloh
Wiison. If you do mt dere p. (rejturn hopoXul annouTOCMnent t a nD,T
Ot the PTioea fand hard me f 1893 con(lltfon of . was f lly
w w, , . - -. t ,.... the cajnpajgn nvuiaKer of 31r. Want and
future wclfone. The PixvsixjssImo nory
ia no handicap hero. j:.al it propo'ea
to do and what it will do when in pow D cUTV lC UHilCV 111 ITII V
er is Idcf-ned In ita platform any! roas-
Sr,dcd in the peqhs f Mr. Uooslt. mm4m of F,n.BenB th, w-r
TMee is no change anjfwhcre do flavor Tur,,y H Net Been Apprecl
ot cither Mr. TaXt or Mr. Wilson and, I By pa( y fnc staepla,
in (ijhe very na,ture of Hiingu, tiheri iin
be aiono before nlction day. If there An Illustration, of. the hitherto no
Is UP be a lnndnd,e it can only Ue i "uspected prosperity ot Italy la the
one diixton, and that oward Hooh?-' fact tnat ,he r Bot haJ to horrow
a vcub wi iuicihh iuvuv; iur iuc r'
New Suits j
Odd Trousers &.nd Overcoats
Fzwll Styles 1912. 2
Don't delay selecting your new Suit,
Overcoat and Odd Trousers while our assort
ment is complete. Every garment offered is
fresh from the best makers.
vejt. In liim aline Has the lJJU(t ot
pense' of her war with Turkey. This
potential stnenfii wleii in influx, wa ha(, CQlt lMy up ,0 Maj n
u?h .rare but always passible poJCt;caj f47.8SO.OOO, or Just 9210.000 day.
oesurrenw. To .imagine a lan,dsifc3 in since It began on September 27, Mil.
the direction of either .tho .ichooiinater, Nevertheless, her 3H per cent, govern'
you win vote ifor Uqopev,ejt o,n,d Jphn- by wJjo mUJ sUpWJe?d wjison, or the cumbrous Mr. ,Taf t moul merit, bonds are quoted la the markets
I ; Itlwilr cues I from Ivim. Evtn th Pfleal- be like imagining a landslide up Ml. ot Europe betweea 97 and 88, varying
OTr GreHnivlF"r.opuqUanpubjshed dent Jilmaejf aeeras itp flaw nbtien ad
t Morgantawin abounfts in a;bu,ge tofplsed to chortle wjth the mat, as?rU
fta fellow citizens wlnoiliiaTO Hhej!ira,ili-j Ing iPloiqldU' dn u iiocqat 4nDarview: "If
bond up .aupnart itlw iProsrcp-.iMe pUQk-.the proper kind of a cam.pa(lgn is (wag
et da opposition to the one nqmimiatr! Ud, wlU carry .Oregon, Kant"ns andiMIn
ty tiheXt at Chicago, ibut j,ts putyde neao,ta, where ttie third ier.m 'treng'th
tKkeee axe printed away 'from ihpme and laa rapidly w.eakened ince the ro;nt
often contain arrficjus B.'voreiy . con- tour ovr jithait seotion hy the pooUy's
-deming Preaident TlatU A ieaning ar- oonididate." I
tlPlie on th firat ta.3e Jat (wieek ijn-1 TUi,e needless fJing by Mr. Talit Ojt the
tgpnajted Uvat "bnojjv.r (aiiiarlje'' )idbein man who made hjin 4a pod Ma,t is
aii4f,li,t making mitions pf dojians out a mirsonol Jnotjjier but if he is j,o
f the unfartunajte jL-oniMJiQnsiitn Mux po,' lacking in compneiienslP" of itodays pojj
T.Wre is nothing drawing or . " JZJSJZ, V"H.
ins or of the hammnr-man in .pr. Bank of ,ta,y( jBgt m( M of.
Thure is no force (a iithe.r.ito cto acm report sUtlng that Italian em
fissure and induce a departuie of the Igrants send at least $90,000,000 a year
mountain -side, ttonqvt ': le on. ' back home, while tourists spend al-
lu- r,ru it i.t.tm ii, o u.t.n .,.,, .v..A most If not autta as much In Italv.
w . ,-..w -...w .... -, -. - -- , --- . ,.
Either one of these sources of wealth
tiqaj conditions as to give wedenao t
the reponts lately aent o,u,t by hisnun.
offer, he js deserving of jimpfiit!iy. He
l as hopeless I as KiVnng's .vampire
ladj' wJio "did not unctaiyjand." I For
.. ... .. . m ,. . i,'tha,t matter, ithough, Mr. Tpft lias at
TatL brothar of Prosldont Taft, through k
. , . 1 no .lilma really "unJ.,'ntnad, iwlnqipicr
. , . , I the foeiing and indention nf tho p'ja-
Btxir founht.us ViiiHuly at wry turn , , ,
... , . .. . . , 1 Pie have bMi conceinYl. I
by Jpaning money a,t lie ra,lje 0 0 per
cent- I
A lew yiearsag"whcn tlio" Kentucky
formers w.e,re atruggling or freedocn
Cram the Tobaooo Trufls. Mr. C. 1
and Preaident TWtwuiit lift ugMn,ts In
to Grant County, ond lffml a d,oen lar.
imyT) .indictd by FcJara ,Ui-dnd Jury
and finrd be-auio they porMu.'led a1
neisfiibor ,to dxjl'ine ti ih;p hU tlUicoo
to Cincinnati, wji.'h aniounttd Ao on. I
Jy a tenhnloal io:iai,iion of ti'ia lf'w.
After these poor .fwmoia haid Un-Jn mill-.
Qhod in fines and court 'expend a fur
tliouiands of doyara, (when Pnvt. ,Taft
tlioufiht it ,mlht help Jim mlitfaUy
jfcn the Kn,tnuky Convciitlwin, J10 is
Neither the assertions of folio Itiinli
lUvin manager or of lis fnomliaiiiuws
are sui)jir,toJ in Jho tillglutfyt .dsrreu
by dsvi'-Jipmcn's or t)v oudjoik any-
whore. Theo- ai.o simply a mimoir J'd.'.-'t'd
in insue hope t't it wtH iiiiMt jn 1
tmiit ithe cry of a dnqwnuin? man
cJutoh,ing at itruwji.
An,otlwr recent expiqtotion ,by J Ite
publiuuii inantgor i ho in'jtanioo fJiat
thie i a retmn to 'J10 jlt'Vliib.llicaii fojd
jjuedapAnlon torCwm at tho ison beiu-u of 18 'hunipMr crops tuid ot
OX Senator Uradto. I tow wn any Ohb. ! 81ellQnt prosperity, all of mhiWIi (no at-
County farnw iqte Po,r IVeiMdeiU 1Uft?
A few Taft tolluweiw it lO'i,lo county
WH4 i"n U'U'tford in (W-'net ajjjaion rJt
urdfvy afternoon in nunsuMipe t -"u'll
(hat lad boen 4i.t wut. Where waiyi
oiout fiftut-n prew-iit nt fjlio m-ttdtiK,
and it i rAIntcd ithut Hion. A. (!
Ilintt, aeiem-tai-)- f 'jha Aofjp poinni;t.
Uf and nativo of Q'ijVj pouty, wlio
was jirosnnt, .tojd uhe .Tatit txe'tilo tfiat
Qhlp twuaty )ioi a Jairgr por coi. of
ltoosavrJit men .t'tui tuny ut(liw jYvmiy
in tfio iVjx.is. TJie lnoecnujv!VKV ano car
talnly in the inajoirty In OI140 j'oun
ty, as the Novombwr ni;t(!On wJJ.1 lii0v.
Tho J) iniooratleJJ"lr'y ofiKcntucMr be
longs ab.olutely to throfl pdil'(onarei,
Mtvxta. Muyo, VaiiMtit and Oinvlti,
JtiMvuMy t iiivjiihuitri f.oou.o t
tlio DuiiUKU'utio C.iinjKin fund for tlijs
yvu-, und Mr. Uwnden J.'lW.O). Ir. EH
llrown, Itenvxy-at and oim'tr imqinbcr" of
tho Prim Commiftj'on, thaijjes tfu
time in:m were giic unp"iitmuila u
uVsr Uio St'ito Jn rt-tuwi tor the ii'miy
wbi 'thy coatribut.od. Uuldqi MiSrs
tiiibutca t tho aJni,inli'L'ivi(M'Jin. Of
oourae, it 'bumper caiops are no be (qouut
ed politiiaJjy, (the cjaim of jjlw lvnx,J.
er nun for (the piwild,en,c' wioiuid pur
pjys tha,t of Mr. Toft.
A .to ithe "paapcritiy" fol'jowijng the
goqJ crois and clajmqd u,s la IlipubliliQin
tnii;agn afsaf, it is mtuble it!ia,l tho
boa,t of its o.ljtence Js uivaccoinpanj
ed by lixfei-ence to tliy Ul'i ciil of
111 ing iwhich ilios KMinu un-lr this nd
iiVtlyutioji, or to 1 fits ifwe tJp Iw
favored "antweits." Nor Js it exiplain.
od Juit wJiijo proaier,l!,ty it Js. AW has
rll jbeen a;d, wlint is the us,e ofpws.
pejilty whn 1W10 'bulk of Jt un;s infi
the jnoffers of a faioro,J oMgrm.hy? Thtt
it is tiojqd to continue Jij ujiafirchy
in prwer ,awetirs ta-'H'jy odmitifd, cjsj,
doitiess, iltlieT IVcsl'Vint Taflt pr hs
Illtii'vil iitanagcr uwuld fawn t Pome
tilling to iy in explanation "f do
seleotion 'of such men as Ilarivi f
Now York n clitlrnuui of the ilt'pu,!)11.
can NaJonai Advisory Cominjy,,o, niul
of ,tlw ltcjiuhllcap Jiiaowrer' jn)iabor.i.
Jtjvn wlUi Uwuos and J'ciuiosc jn yi9
would snore than suffice to pay the
ntq.uuiv.vui a,...-. m c,.e uias&i entre ,,enses of the war. Money
that he is for noas4VM, ,by O3v,arnor B ,o abundant In Italy that when
popular subscriptions were opened In
many cities for military aeroplanes to
be presented to the government, the
lists were filled In a few days, the
total amount of the subscriptions far
exceeding those or a similar nature In
France. In spite of the wave of popular
enthusiasm for aeroplanlng in the
latter country. It is worthy of note
that this war has cost Italy In human
lives only 62 officers and 549 men,
according to the official figures, an
unprecetlenteilly small loss for eight
months of active warfare.
McUovexn, heading the JtKpUUlJnan Ick
e,t jn Wisconsin; the hepifrwt iiojuinmilo
of the unknown Hedges a,.?a;nst the
loved politically formidable Sttuuis for
governor of New Yonlc; (the nlinvitiion
Jn .favor of the P.rog:resvlve of three
Republican 'prtId.qnitiail litors Jn Mis
souri, and the outbnk in favpr of
Roosevelt of ,tho farmers of the Ozi.r
hills of Che nouthorn coum'w of Jthot
state if these be evidence of lt'ipus
llQan gain, then there ,Js snie founda
tion ,for Uie clajni of Mir. (TUflt'i (niin
agcr othorwl83 ho Is tuoljHh. 1
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Hartford College
33rd YEAR BEGINS SEPT. 16, 1912
Ample temporary accommodations have been secured.
A modern steam heated, electric lighted building' will be
ready for the second term.
Unequaled opportunities are offered common school
graduates and all desiring a High School education. Seven
teachers, three engaged in High Schoolwork.
102 enrolled last year in High School and Normal De
partments. 14 High School Graduates and three-fourths of
Normal students made first-clara certificates. Splendid ad
vantages are offered in MUSIC and EXPRESSION.
Second Term and Normal Work
Begihs January 20, 1913.
For; further information address
H. E. BROWN) Pres. fl. E. ELLIS, V. Pres.
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sold Clumherlii.ln's Couh Jlemedy fur
fifteen years," says iKnos Jjol'jar of
Bana.Ugu, Und., "jaid .uanfiidot .tt'10
belt on Uie nurkot.' tlor sa;j sVyill
dqajors. I ' ildv
ISC e n. t -ut c l-cr
District Court of Unlttd atu,'.es Wai
torn dhtirl'it of Kcnitucky. I
Monday tVvnt. Jtith, ;913: t
In the matter off Sil'i'wub pinililng
Company et al., vs. Vinsll M BitvVi,,t
& Comiviny (n bankruptcy. I
T1U day ramu Uio p((tlUijnjr cred
itors by Duain, f4aijjifc4ty & luffiu.
I Uicr coutifivj und filed tire ufiflM-Jit' of
It, ..-.,. . o. i i c 1. rn..,ln.
J 'and moved it'io Cour,t to JUuJif IJioiM
i iDrocfcdJnus. It Is urdeicd iliut lihs
cauo bo so,t fur )iciii-.;uk on ,tnid mi)
tlon on the 12th day of Onvjcr, 13if!
uit Ivjuisvlllo, Ky., ' und jjiat tt-i iWyh
nutico be gm by tho c;crk of tiil
Court t eaoli of tjhe crtl;c;jnj oX thi
raiiondents as (jiown by thi' tvffiduvl
and t,lvut '.ten dAy
notijcc by publication ho nwdo by two'
IneittUn Jn tho Harford Uonubjlca...
a WW(r publhtYl in aald djstriflt.
.A truo oW fWiu tho mjnutes of the
Coifrt. j
WJTNK.S8 any hand on,d itho seat of
BAld Court ti,te jsi, dny of nteqiber
lSI2- A. a. ItOiNALD, (Clerk. I
ny HKNitv v. (CAKsy d. p.
To do any kind of Veterina
ry work. Horses, mules and
cows need not die for want of
attention. Calls answered
day or niht.
Veterinary Surgeon
HontJorU, Ky.
.- .fc-' -.'i 'w. u -'it &i . 'tfBltsM

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