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. w.,... n.....i ,mi n., -'no faults In tho house plan;
qnmtlons ana rIvo mivkn riinn OF houses nrc, nevertheless, Improving
COST on nil mibjvrtn pertaining to tho all tho time. There has been a great
subject of building, for Hiu mulm of tliU change for tho better In the last few
paper. On account of lilx wlilo cxpi'ilenco , - . i-.,,
8 Kdltor, Author nn.l Manufacturer, ho cars- ' ral 8C0 an Improvement
is, without doubt, tiin hlRlicst authority overy year. The public are demand-
on nil these subjects. Addirs nil Inquiries Ing more comfort with less show than
to William A. nadfonl. No. ITS West formerly. Plans aro selected to fit
Jnckflon boulevard, Chicago, III., and only -.....,, .... ...
cncloso two-cent stamp for reply. climatic conditions and the clrcutn-
stances and needs of the family as
Almost perfect as regards comfort never before. Mnny modifications are
and economy, Is tho little houso lllus- brought about by changes In tho
trated In the perspective view and prices of building materials: but.
floor-plans herewith. It Is a 6-room upon the whole, houses aro better and
houso, 27 feet wide by 33 feet long, ex
elusive of the porch. It would be diffi
cult to put the same amount of build
ing material together in any other
form to make such a perfect arrange-,
ment of rooms, and uot exceed in cost
the amount of money that this house
can be built for. Prices vary so much
In different parts of the country that
It is impossible to make an estimate
of cost which will apply to every loca
tion; but a range varying from $1,400
to $1,700 may be given as a rough esti
mate for this cosy little cottage.
The tastes of Individuals in select
ing materials has a great deal to do
with tho cost of a house In quality of
Anlsh and hardware. The cost of ex
tra fine locks and hinges is not so
much in itself; but if tbo same grade
of furnishing is carried throughout,
there will be a great difference In the
final footlng-up of tho bill. We have
nil heard the story about the man who
was mined by a pair of lnce curtains.
When the curtains were hung, it was
discovered that everything else about
the house must be in keeping or tho
curtains would not look right It
iseems very easy to set a higher stand
ard, but It Is difficult to live up to It.
because any high-Ideal standard has
so many branches leading off in dif
ferent directions, and It Is the following-up
of the different branches that
Involves so much expense.
This is a stylo of house that will
never go out of fashion. We may have
fads about different kinds of entrance
ways and different arrangements of
rooms; we may do away with the hall;
we may do away with the front room;
but after we have experimented with
all the different arrangements possl
Differing Processes of the Mind May
Be CUsied Either at the "Vis
ual" or the "Auditive."
Tho great majority of pcoplo can bo
slassUled in one or other of two psy
chological types, corresponding to the
great senses of sight and hearing.
Those classes sometimes are called
(ho "visuals" and tho "auditlves" re
spectively. Tho "visuals" or vlsunllz-
era seem to conduct tho majority of
Ihelr mental processes by visual sjm-
holism. They "think In pictures,"
I Ihelr mental method Is graphic. The
' ntnlnfllu rf u nnmii Kfil,tirv llna
lllfljrillj ul nuuitii uuiuiif) IU Ull'
group, and, of course, the majority of
painters, sculptors, architects, deco
rators, engineers and mechanically
sifted people. Such people readily ap
prehend space relations, and can con
ceive new ones. If they possess this
power in high degree they may p.iltit
flno pictures, build new types of archi
tecture, conceive new machines.
Tho auditlves, on the other hand,
think more In sounds and words and
not In pictures. They nuturally In
clude the musicians, the men of let
ters and the scientific and philosophic
nmong men than among women. They
notice things around them less, and
aro more commonly credited with be
ing "absent-minded."
It great development of either is
rare, vastly rarer is great develop
ment of both in one and tho same in
dividual. Such individuals stand out
as the few supreme examples of what
we call versatility, and of these the
most notable representative In the his
tory of the world Is Leonardo da Vinci
oso rtoavr
If 'C J-C-
Sherman Forbidden to
Part in Campaign.
Second Floor Plan.
more comfortable because of these
Lumber, In some sections of the
country. Is very scarce and high
priced, while cement and some other
building materials have improved in
piullty nnd decreased In price. Wo
have learned and are learning how to
Jse lumber substitutes. Part of the
xterlor of this houso is covered with
Uucco Instead of clapboards. Shin
;Ies still retain their popularity as a
roof covering; but thero are other
things that are recognized as being
cheaper and quite as as good, if not
This house contains five bedrooms.
which is unusual; but there are many
slblo to make, we shall come back to families where five bedrooms are
needed. It gives on opportunity to aa-
sf o r: : v, -, 1
Historical Records of Longevity That
by Rights Should Be Accompa
nied by an Affidavit.
The Mexican who has Just died at
the alleged age of I S3 has been pre
deceased (according to American
news) 'during tho past dozen years or
so by a citizen of New Urunswlck
aged 1"2. and a comparative yoiitiRKter
of Valley Mills, Tex., whoso age was
only 115.
The man in the street will bo par
doned for thinking that tho 133 lias
been Inadvertently transposed from
a cricket report. Among cx-lllblical
heroes probably Aid i'arr and Homy
Jenkins will stand as tho best au
thenticated instances of superlongev
ity. Tho monument at Uolton, York
shire, records that Jenkins attained
"the amazing ago of 1C1."
"A man ix SG," observed Mr. Dooley
recently, "looks down on a man iv S3.
and receives his callow opinyons
with a supercilyous smile;" and for
that reason probably (if not becaus-e
he was a fisherman) Jenkins was able
to give evidence on oath concerning
matters HO years or so previous. As
a hale oung centenarian he was in
the habit of swimming the Swale
"with ease," and as a boy he is said
to have taken a horse-load of arrows
to be forwarded north for tho battle
of Flodden. London Mail.
Utlni, N y.( out. TpVrfme J'rjjtHit
riV-nuin, Jt btvymv' luirvwi tlii, '
riiiil jlf anil 4iaj ? iiltfU'i 'o
ik- inj pait ,n ylio i'liim.; tiivni.n
Hi' lis uf.f.rtnK from (b-i nfCmsjiin f .!
Iivir.t, (wlycli .uivM-ajiipr ou hj ('yill,,
Ir. ll. It. Pack, miy ilwMi awn lJi
M'i iutJ result, fayiill wVn rfw 'in-t
mutolisfl jLr ten alivjnti? ihj- i
TJw Vlca I'reitrnt tc',uirrl . (r ir
ti, IU3 ln"r yewteinl ly fiicf-ii n ;n ji'i jt r
vt Orovo llLMeli. CiMin. iXi nue- ilisivo
l'i-n turtn.tivl ,i , lv;m, 'ii:i: i'. I'm
Kint, wu j.-rlcl xt trn jh.A nli.y for
i jj'uTt i-unfi'njiiv.
"t hue orilerfl iU n t" luvo ithiK
j iU wIl'i Politic!".-' .vl 1-. IV-ck. mi
sle up w?o work. i think jwiII
?r.iliwlly .nuroo( but ut m ) a
.w ltv ..''
Make i are.it difference in mint women. They ore troubled with "nert-M -Icy
suffer front Imckuciu, Iicvitclw, lccp!esneii, a scmM mot lrritaWv o
tneliinft, h.it tUihct,d.?.y .polN.or nuny other -ijmrtom; o fcijulo weakne, .
The local disorder nnJ inli.nnution iliuiild b treated with Dr. I'icrce I.otio,,
TahlcU nr.J tiw Irrokiilaru mJ wohnc rf tic fcmls ylcm CfrrcctcJ ,md
strenithened witli Dr. I'kWJ Ifuonto I'rccriptlon, The strnin upon the vimn
womnn ortliovjoniinof mJulo nrfo-upon the nerve nn.l blood o.mu.4 Mriicliirci
may be too great for lur tron4th. ThN it tl.o time to tuVe tlui restorative tonn
ond Mfniitli-CtMia nervmj ani rcfjulitur. l'r mci f .rtv vcan Mild by drulvt,
for woman's p.-culur ci'Ui'eni.M uiJ diMrciim4 oilmenl. J he one remedy to periec'
in COIUpoSHIOn UIIU in m ""' ,.v.- ...... sonant
iti mi'ton in prin:ntf its evory Iu,1-vdient on in ouliidj
vrnppor. The nne remedy which absolutely contuim neither
uleoluil ror injjrinu or lubit-fornin4 d.-uC .
Ifoll..vin, letter selected u random frm a Iar5 numher
oi similar oiilm mid citej merely to illustrate these rem irk :
"In tho lnb r of 1M, I Ufirao cn'itlv tun i!n nml Itrrn tar "
vtrilii Mm. Ill MIV Scon, of J in ... Mh'i .K-uitu 1. ikix U ' t
i ' it Ijr 1'iit un ly crew vori nn.l, tit la i n'oUil l niily to Hip on
I r forb!, 'fh.'ilipi'orwll I bail Itiiliiiiimnimn, ti Inrertmnt nrd iicn
I Hon I n In b it efcvMi Va iii.I k t n U-ttfC. Hi i iIc(ji nl.l
voulilln u Invo nn oh rntioii. but lolbn' I noulil not I'stcn Jlyhuv.
Kinil iiiirt hPMil tu UiiiK'i nf Or I Kivk n ln. rlU- Prvrln' AM x
I Lirtnl t" uili- t''l umiilyl couM n walk icrori tho ll.mr but nfi
I In.l Uk n I . i'ttl I i Mill Ivl n uir unin I Omti,-l t
i!( tur niul bolt Ur li vn I miic ip i
I MlM.lil It O. IMV'I Ot Ml
iww than in t n.iv -r.
v '3
tins. Scorr.
ir1!!! t Dily for It I ihir
iiu. j It- t-vv i. uiu uiy li.o. 1 iitl Ua t
Experience Teaches That It Is Well
to Experiment With Matter
Contrary to Belief.
Whenever you read or hear anything
that is contrary to jour experience or
belief it is always Just as well to try
It. If It is within your reach, before
ou repeat it to jour friends, because
If they know it Is not true they may
laugh at your credulity and you will
get a reputation for being either un
reliable or gullible.
Some years ago there was a para
graph going tho rounds nf the papers
and magazines saying that any boy
who wanted to cut glass and did not
First Class Liveryman
Centertown, - Kentucky.
Prompt Attention and Good Service.
The Republican and Louisville Herald $1.35
The Republican and Courier-Journal 1.50
The Reptblican and St. Louis Globe-Democrat 1.75
The Republican and Home and Farm LEO
own n glazier's diamond could cut it j fHF Rki'I'bi.ican uiul Twife-n-WeukOwtMisboroInquircr 1.75
with n pair of stout scissors If he was
The Republican and Louisville Daily Herald 3.50
The republican ami uauy uwensooro inquirer 3.50
The Republican and Twice-a-Week O'boro Messenger
The Republican and Kentucky Farmer
The Republican and New Idea Woman's Magazine..
The Republican and Cincinnati Weekly Enquirer. ...
The Republican and Weekly Inter Ocean and Fanner 1.50
Address ail orders to
careful to hold the glass an'il the scis
sors completely under water. The
t-aiiie thing Is still to be found In some
of the books on scientific experiments.
Tl.o reason alleged was that It is
tho vibration of the glass that shatters
It, but that when both tbo glass and
the tolsbors were held completely un
der water the water stopped this vlbra.
tlon. That this Is not true any boy
could have found out In flvo minutes
by trjlng the experiment with an old
negative. Class nnd marble have to
be cut in the same waj-. by making
a slight crack on one surface and then
breaking it.
the front hall and the front stairway
going up from it with a good, comfort
able living room to one Bide, as an
old standby for the most satisfactory
and desirable entrance to a dwelling.
Every woman likes to have a front
hall and a front stairway, and she does
not care to have tbo stairway placed
In some Inconvenient corner Just be
cause that happens to be a fad. Some
of the peculiar structures that are
now being built will bo considered
freaky and undesirablo la a few years'
cita Q nwTFtv I rKifKH I
I J.L 7""" I I
M J o'm M-ayA 'o'a m ru
4nur Mtxtte hall E3
j o''r (ft I
-j a
the chimney. Good air from outside
comes in through the cracks around
the doors and windows to take its
place. Some people make the mistake
of using double windows and rubber
strips to keep this pure air out. I do
not understand Intelligent people do
ing that way in these days of educa
tion. Everyone knows that pure air
Is absolutely necessary for good
health, and I cannot understand the
Interesting Search.
'William Dana Orcutt, whose new
novel. "The Moth." has Just been pub
lished by the Harpers, is noted for his
extieme diligence in verifying all his
torical facts that appear In his novels.
When writing one of his earlier nov
els, "The Spell," he made a special
trip to Florence In order to verify cer
tain allusions and locations. One of
the first, pilgrimages was to San Do-
meulco to find the ancient Inscription
upon the wall, which Helen Armstrong
points out to her husband In the first
chapter. Says the author, "I had never
been able to discover where I obtained
this data, so was particularly anxious
to vciify It. One morning, accompanied
by Mrs. Orcutt, I set out on what seem
ed a hopeless quest. Wo located tho
old Etruscan wall, with its curious
marks, but no legends. Finally wo
came to some flaring posters announ
cing au auction sale, and beneath
these, when pulled aside, we found
the Latin words, cut deep in the
German's Slot Literature.
Penny in the slot literature is the
lutcst thing in Germany. A firm of
peculiar mental process by which peo- publishers at Leipig has patented an
pio can ueiiDerateiy set tneinselves to automatic inacnine wuicn gives a
work to shut out their greatest neces- choice of a dozen small paper covered
slty. I have acquaintances who never volumes which are displayed behind
open a window If they can holp it. I glass. On a strip of paper across
notlco they usually open their pocket- -'ach volume is printed a brief desenp-
books overy little whllo to pay a doc- lion ' the book, and a coin in tho slot
tor's bill. There Is. however, no law wa 'he rest. These automatic jna-
to compel thorn to breathe pure air If chines aro to bo placed in hotel lob-
tliey don't want to. bles, waiting rooms, theater foyers and
Another point of superiority about ot,,cr ful,llc Places. Tho hopo is ex-
this house Is the arrangement of the Passed that as the books offered aro
dining loom, china closet, pantry, and careru"y selected and by first-class au-
kitchen. It would bo dllllcult to Invent thors lho ve,lluro n,ay uaV( a benefl-
an arrangement better than this for claI educati efect upon tho masses
a woman who does her own work and thus m"truct the iullueuce of
Thero Is, In addition, a good closet off tbo chcap and tra8Ujr "te"aurQ with
tho dining room, to hold a hundred w,h,ch tUo countrr " flooded. Ex-
things which a woman likes in hgv change.
Many Things Young Artist Finds Dif
ficult to Solve Peculiar Illu
sion Is Shown.
There aro many things about per
spective which are very puzzling.
Young artists find much trouble In
getting the perspective In their draw
Ings to come out right, and some
times we even find errors of this sort
in the work of trained artists.
The optical Illusion In the picture
Is due to the defective drawing of tho
two men on the platform. In actual
size upon the paper the further man
looks much taller than the other.
Measurement, however, shows the fig
ures to be exactly of a height. The
Letter Heads
Bill Heads
Envelopes J
And other printed forms are given J
An Illusion In Perspective.
Illusion Is due to the fact that the
head of tho further man Is out of
perspective. It he Is about as tall
as the other, and on level ground,
both heads should be on the same
line. As drawn, he Is, In fact, a mon
ster more than eight foot high.
near by, but which are,not always In
sight. Tho lino, largo dining room
windows Is a good place, for example,
for tho sowing machine; but a woman
docs not caio to store a sowing ma.
cliliio In the dining room. With tho ar
rangement hero given, tho machine
can easily bo wheeled Into tho closet,
nnd left therp until wanted next time.
A built-in back porch that can easily
bo screened against llles und mosqul
toes, Is another Very good feature. II
Is Impossiblu to keop llles out of th
kitchen whoa they are gathorod In
multitudes on tho back porch. A
screen door Is not sulllclent. It Is dllll
Making a Horse.
Little Elmer Mamma, I saw a man
down at the blacksmith's shop mak
ing a horse.
Mamma Vou must bo mistaken, EL
Little Elmer No, I'm not, mamma.
Ho had tho horso nearly finished
when I came by. lie was just nailing
on toe feet.
Special Attenton
In The Republican
Job Department.
First Floor Plan.
time. They may look very pretty
when new, and tbo oddities worked in
to them may appoal for a time to cer
tain young folks who think thoy want
homcthing smait or a little dlffarnnt
from the ordinary; but such pooplol cult and expensive to screen som ten l0 afler ages' tbat tn,i)r saol'l
usually acknowledge after a whllo tbat porches, but this ono Is au exception
they mado a mistake lu selecting the Screening can bo done so easily tha',
houso plan they did. thero is no excuse for .leaving tin
One of the most desirable features porch open as au Invitation for lliet
Jn this uotwo la the two opcu firepluies uud mosquitoes.
Great minds bad rather deserve
contemporaneous applause, without
obtaining it, than obtain without de
set vlng it; If it fohovv them, it is
well; but they will not doviato to fol
low it. With inferior minds tbo le
verse is observable; so that they
can command the flattery of knaves
while living, they care not for the
excratlons of honest men when dead.
Milton neither aspired to present
fame, nor even expected it; but (to
uso his own words) his "high ambi
tion was to leave something so writ
It Looks Like a Crime.
to gciori.te n boy frivii a DKftftlttifH
lon'a Arnici Silve. Hjs niiilili, loiln.
sei-aticheM, ktiir-ks, Nprajrvi wl J" itlws
doiiwrwi It, uud Jt3 iUjn,k rajlirr itoriUurH
si-ajdi, or tuiu j3 Jigi ri,ilv Kuui it
luimly for Uojs, am ffr,s. Jij(ia nr'.
tUjtv,' Jiaijalijo und iliiiti ,lt imtck. Cu.
eiuiilnl for pi Job. Only al noiil t
all ilrussih-gs. I ,a,.1v.
For Infuta and Children.
Ti!9 KM YmHavi Always Bwett
Boars the
Signature of
Couldn't Walk!
"I used to be troubled wkli a weakness peculiar to
women, writes Mrs. Anna Jones, of Kenny 111 "For
nearly a year, I could not walk, without holding my sides.
I tried several different doctors, but I grew worse. Finally,
our druggist advised Cardul for my complaint. I was so
thin, my we ght was 115. Now, I weigh 163, and I am
never side I ride horseback as good as ever. I am in
fine health at 52 years."
not willingly let it die." And Cato k Av1u.1m fl oauud Uy a idyird v
finely observed tbat bo would much cui t&uruiii. Taiw csuiniirbijr 't'u'i-
rather that posterity should Inquire lqu and oumt ntut nnd Uw iw.nl.
why no statues were erected to blra, ai.c-a win djanuu-. I'm 41j u- .iji
than why they were.
Woman tonic
We have thousands of such letters, and more are
arriving dally. Such earnest testimony from those who
have tried it, surely proves the great value of this vegeta
ble, tonic medicine, for women.
Cardui relieves women's sufferings and hulld wpnfc
women up to health and strength, if U are a woman
give it a trial. It should help you, for it has heloetTS ml?
Hon others. It is made from pure harmless hwB InJrSdl
ents. w i r i nd nmmntii, n,i e.i..' '. V.,,,W!b ,ien? ngreai-
It is a good toic7 Tritl YouYdruVgistSir
Writtto; Ladie Advisor Dcpt. Challanooej Med.rin. rv, e-u
lOtWMUnstwcUM. and 64-pise book. "Home Tr,aw7, ' .r.T.r""- "
'" "i. Kuuree. jo

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