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.&StJfiiAv The
Mr. Wllllnm A. KncUnnl will iinnwer
iqurptlonn and kIvo mlvlro I'llUI. OF
'COST on nil mibjiiln m rlnlnltiR to tho
.subject of bnllillnK, fur Hie rtndcrn of thin
'pnper. On account of litn nlilo experience
Inn Editor, Author nnd Manufacturer, ho
li, without doubt, the hlKlif-Kt authority
r 'on all these auhjerts. Adi1nit nil Inquiries
lo William A. rtndfnrd, No. 178 West
IJncknon boulevard, Chicago, 111., and only
enclose two-crnt Btnnip for reply.
Home building In u topic of peren
nial Interest, for nrotiml It center all
.the tcndercHt and sweetest things of
(life. No higher ulin has ever net unt
ied the human heart or stimulated hu
man ambition than that of establish
ing and owning n home.
A comfortable and roomy cottage
like the otto shown In the accompany
jlng perspective and floor plans would
icoit only about $2,r.00 to build com
plete. This house Is designed 2G by
(28 feet In the main portion, with a
'story and a-half extension of 16 feet
In the rear. When It comes to lay
ing out good, large, square, sensible
Irootns, you have an advantage in a
plan like this, because you have noth
ing to Interfere with the principal
living rooms. The extension 1b nicely
laid out Into the different accessories
belonging to the household workshop
that ore so beneficial in houses where
families are large, besides a good
kitchen 10 by 15 feet, we get, on one
side, a splendid pantry, and a porch
where the Ice box looks perfectly at
home, while on the other side there Is
a large bathroom and a good store
room. At the entrance to the dining room,
a sideboard Is built in, having an
opening looking Into each room. This
large sideboard Is built flush with the
dining room side of the wall, and It Is
handy to the pantry which Is worth
a great deal to the housekeeper. It
works all right from the dining room
side, because It does not break Into
the symmetry of the room.
This is a style of house that takes
well In the country, where a good deal
of kitchen room and pantry room is
needed, and where the kitchen Is
'often used for a second dining room.
In the country, conditions are differ
ent, lie aa careful as you may, more
or less mud or dirt Is sure to be
tracked Into the house from the gar
den and the roadways. By having the
bathroom and washroom away back
i l t v
In the corner like this, the dirt Is,
confined to the smallest possible sec-;
tlon of the bouse.
Generally the woman of the house
occupies the bedroom on the firfet
floor, where she can look after tho
seals and the necessary housework
without a great deal of running up
and down stairs, in country places
especially, houses should be built
with a view to making work as easy
as possible for the mistress. It la dif
ficult to get help, and this arrange-
.' First Fleer Plan.
saent will be recognised aa a great la-ker-sTer.
It would be difficult to plan a large
house with so many conveniences for
doing the work, on any other lines,
There is an individuality about most
bouses. Some of them are convenient
and comfortable; while others are
turned wrong way about, so that In
doing the Work you feel left-handed
because everything conius the wrong
A woman takes a good many steps
la the course of a year Just to over-
I X' ''&"'
i atMtVi5UJilr&. ' b&&U3,&
FS2teate: ' , '
VaauK"v -;BBaapaBBBBBBBBBaaaaaaaaaBw v-x; www, .
IBBBBBp'PX-? ' Li.! " UsbW-' lSmBBBBBHsflsBBBBBH
HB BL alHSalBwkCallllllllllllV IiBHHHE9BbQT' 'ivV "" YJMsLsflsBBBBl
n -rv
. i-Ja
owv HI
II il
- ouo In tlio living room and the other I
in the dining room. It Is Intended, of '
course, to heat the house with a small ,
furnace In the cellar; but there are (
ninny days in the spring and fall when ,
we do not want a furnace fire, and yet
the house Is too chilly and uncomfort
able without some artificial heat. Then,
too, there is a saving in the winter
time by running the furnace low, and
having a grato flro to keep one room
warm enough to sit In. A temperature
of 60 to 65 Is warm enough for the
whole house If you have the dining
room or living room heated up to about
72. By managing thin way, probabaly
a ton of coal would be saved during
the winter.
llut there is a greater advantage
than this. The open fire Is not only
the most cheerful flro that you can
have, but It Is the best ventilator that
tfci ceo rooM Mdox
Second Floor Plan.
was ever put Into a house. You can
not have good air in a dwelling with
out some proper meant of changing It,
and this should be continuous. You
can open the doors and windows once
In a while, and let the foul ait out
and the freah, pure air from outside
come in and tako Its place; but you
can't be doing this all the time. On
the other hand, a Are In the grate is
drawing the foul air from near the
floor all the time, and sending It up
Ign rooms to boys and girls as they
grow up, which Is very desirable.
They take an interest In their own
rooms, and appreciate home Just that
much better in consequence.
It, is not a very expensive house,
either. With careful management, it
may be built, under favorable circum
stances, for about $2,500, which in
cludes hardwood floors and cement
wainscoting for both kitchen and bath
room. This, of course, means that the
16-foot extension is floored with hard
wood before the partitions are put in.
It is a good, comfortable-looking
bouse, appearing much like a solid,
old-fashioned home and looks go a
long way to make up the value of a
piece of property. Sentiment .depends
in great measure upon, looks, and sen
timent controls values to a greater ex
tent than la generally recognised.
Refreshing Bit of Devotion.
Some children were grouped about a
mush looking huckster, whose horee
had picked up a piece of bright paper.
The huckster was quietly ana tender
ly removing It, and aa he had finished
be patted the animal's bead and said
to the children:
'That's the finest little lady In Chi
cago. She'a my best girl ain't you,
And be gave her a bit of sugar,
while the children looked on In won
dering admiration.
Such a refreshing bit of devotion to
see la the heart of a busy, hot city I
Chicago Tribune.
Woman a Prolific Inventor.
Mrs. Anna O. Hagestedt Is the only
woman In America today who holds
an aeroplane patent of any kind, says
a writer. She Id uleo the on'.y per
son In the world w!:o Us n pi test r( r
a combination ncrorhnc, bo.-.t tir.U mo
tor for the land, watT and ho :lr.
Her Inventions are tr-p result of a
lifetime of study. Inn plied by wltiiexn
Ing a balloon Ubceiibiou wUu tttteu
yean old.
31 BAT
. omsB
Rings Chase Eaoh Other When Pa
per Is Turned to Right or Left
Hoops Change Positions.
There are some tricks that can be
played on a person's eyes which are
pure Illusions. Hold this paper a foot
or more from your eyes and turn it
gently round to the right or left, In
small circles, keeping your eyes fixed
on the three small rings, as shown in
the illustration.
As you move the paper round like
the hands of a watch you will find that
the rings In these circles seem to
chase each other In tho same direc
tion, and the longer and more Intent
ly you look at It the faster they go.
Circles can be made with spokes
In them which to some persons seem to
be going In the opposite direction to
that in which the paper Is turned, but
the Illusion is not so perfect unless
Chasing Rings.
the circles are much larger than there
18 space for in this column.
Another curious optical Illusion that
has puzzled a great many persons
who have tried to account for It Is
aUo shown.
If we suppose these to represent
wire hoops which of them Is nearest
you A or B? The answer Is that It
is the one you first make up your
mind is nearest you. But now If you
look steadily at it for a few moments
your eyes will get tired of that Idea
and it will suddenly shift that hoop
to the furthest away from you, In
spite of1 your wishing to keep it as it
was, and after you have looked at
A i
I ' '
Hoops Change Positlone.
In Its new position for a space It
will go back again.
It you do not decide which Is the
nearest to you at flrat, but Just look
at the middle hoop steadily, you will
see them one way, perhaps with A In
front and toward you, and then A will
suddenly go back and B will be In
Nooody Hesitated to Take Advantage
of Peculiar Privilege Allowed
In Olden Days.
The modern minister likes to have
things quiet when he talks. It dis
concerts him to hear a baby cry or a
woman cough or an old man snore.
If he Is put out by such trifles as
these It Is Interesting to conjecture
what he would do If he were to take
hold of a congregation where every
body brought nuts to crack during
the sermon. Worshipers used to do
this In England, and even in our own
stateB during colonial days. This dis
turbance was not a weekly occurrence
by any means; If it had been, the poor
preacher would have undoubtedly left
hlB congregation to administer spir
itual consolation to suit themselves.
But as It only happened once a year
he was forced to endure It. This one
day which was attended by such re
markable license came the Sunday
before Michaelmas day and was
called crack-nut Sunday. Nobody, no
matter how pious he might be, hesi
tated to avail himself 'of the peculiar
privilege granted him, and men.
women and children came to church
with their pockets stuffed with nuts,
which they complacently cracked and
munched during the sermon. It can
be easily Imagined that when forty
or fifty people get to cracking nuts
with all their might the noise Is apt
to be something terrific, and many
times the minister waa hard put to
it to "hear himself think." The cus
tom, from being regarded vita high
favor for many years, finally came to
be looked upon as a nuisance, and In
the beginning of the present century
the habit waa suppressed, although
the act of suppression waa attended
with considerable difficulty; so firmly
had the nut-cracking fever taken hold
of the fancy of the people.
Willing to Walt.
Parson Wouldn't you like to come
to Sunday school and hear about heav
en and the beautiful golden streets?
Little Lola Yes, sir; but It will take
away the surprise when I get there.
Picnic Date Waa Uppermost
The Parson I'm glad to see you on
your way to Sunday school, Algernon.
What do you expect to learn today?
Algernon Well, I expect to learn
tke date of the picnic, for one thing.
Just an Example of What tht Re
sourceful Hostess Will Do When
a Party Dragc.
Miss Charlotte Van Cortlandt Nlcoll
recently gave In the surf off Long
llrancli n bathing ten party, n man
servant wading out with a boat-sliap-rd
floating tea table perfectly ap
pointed, herefrom Miss Nlcoll and
her friends. In five feet of water, par
took of buttered toast, caravan tea,
muHins, scones and cakes.
f PnnfrrAtt.lntfwl imnn til nNti.il ..
ty. Miss Nlcoll, who Is a sister of Do
Lancey Nlcoll, smiled and said:
"I believe In the hostess who Is re;
iourccful the hostess of Mrs. Blanc's
"Mrs. Blanc was giving a tea party
on her yacht. The affair, for some
reason, was dragging dreadfully.
The guests talked of nothing but the
weather, and even In this talk there
would come long, deathly silences.
"Suddenly Mrs. Blanc, losing her bal
ance, fell heavily ngalnst her mother-in-law,
who sat beside the low rail,
and with a moaning cry the dear old
lady went headforemost overboard.
"Of course, she was rescued: but
afterwards Mr. Diane took -Mrs. Blanc
privately to task.
'How clumsy you were, he said,
'to knock mother into the water like
that. Im afraid she won't care to
visit us again in a hurry. You really
should be more careful.'
'Now, George,' said Mrs. Blanc,
'be reasonable. I had to do some
thing. I simply had to. Didn't you
seo how our party was dragging?'"
St. Louis Clobe Democrat.
Wives Will Know How to Sympathize
With the Unfortunate Better
Half of Mr. Graball.
Old Graball Is niean really mean.
He once built a house, ami nearly gave
himself brnln fever deciding which
was better a lot of windows which
were cheaper, but needed soap and wa
ter for cleaning or more bricks for
wall space.
One day he came home and found
that his wife had saVed money out of
hfa housekeeping allowance, and waa
reiiapering the dining-room. And then
he started to rave.
"I don't object to the money being
spent, although new paper is Just ex
travagance when the old one has only
leen on seven years," be gasped, red
and hoarse with rage, "but I do object
to the way you have put it on. Oh,
how lare you paste It on!" he finished,
with a wall.
,. "How else could I put It on?" asked
MrB. Graball, in surprise.
"How else?" he retorted when he
could speak. "Why, tack It on. of
course! You don't supiiose we shall
live in this house for ever, do you?"
""' Habits of the Democracy.
Arthur I. VoryB. a regular and opti
mistic Republican, was voicing his
opinion that In the next election tho
Democrats would repeat their many
former experiences and bury their
hopes at the polls. It reminded him
of the experience of the middle-aged
womnn who went into a shop, and, with
out hesitation, made straight for the
crape counter. The girl who handled
this funeral material was extremely
"We have a large stock of crapes."
she explained. "Let me Bbow you some
.new French goods, very popular at
this time for every kind of mourning,
and designed to express every degree
of grief. It you will Veil me for whom
you are In mourning, I can fix you out
In exactly tho right thing."
"Husband," replied the customer
"In that case." said the girl, gra
ciously, "I can tell you Just what "
"Young lady," interrupted the older
woman angrily. "You needn't bother
jourseir. This Is the fourth husband
l'e burled, and I know all about It"
Tbe Popular Magazine.
When the Small Boy Talk.
One day recently a coterie of young
women in West Philadelphia complet
ed plans for a moonlight excursion on
the river, and when the evening of
the trip arrived it was noticed that
one of tbe most charming members
of the party woro a Bbawl about her
shoulders. One of her companions
wondered at this and to her query aa
to whether the wearer was afraid of
taking cold received a negative reply.
Another suggested that possibly she
had malaria. This was also emphat
ically denied. At this Juncture tbe Ir
repressible small brother of the shawl
wearing young woman volunteered to
explain matters, aud despite bis sla
ter's Tebemeut command to keep si
lent, said: "Tbe reason sis wears that
shawl Is soi that when she Is on the
bbat .Bob can put bis arm under It
and hug ber, and she thinks nobody
can see through tbe game."
Incident of the War.
During General Blrney's raid)
through Florida, a bright little girl
was feund alone at one bouse, her
parents having escaped. She did not
know whether tbe troops were union
or rebel. Two One dogs made their
appearance while a conversation was
being beld wltb tbe child, snd she
Infomed one of ber questioners that
their' names were Qlllmore and
Beauregard. "Which Is the best dog?"
axked a bystander "I don't know,"
said she; "they're both mighty smart
dogs; but they'll either of 'em suck
eggs If you don't watch 'em." Tbe
troops left without ascertaining!
whether tbe family or wblrb tbe girl
was so bopeful a scion was union or
rebel. '
Condensed Statement of Condition
Beaver Dam Deposit Bank
At the Close of Business June 29, 1912.
Loans and Discounts.$197,018.3G
Cash in Safe 11,948.43
Cash in Other Banks. 52,803.52
Stocks and Bonds 17,504.00
Overdrafts 540.33
Real Estate.Furniture
and. Fixtures 2,000.00
Total $281,814.64 Total $281,814.64
The Only Bank In the County on the Honor Roll.
Accounts Solicited. ( Correspondence Invited.
Promptness and Accuracy Guaranteed.
I. P. BARNARD, President.
JNO. H. BARNES, Cashier.
From Hartford to Beaver Dam and Return
Splendid car meets all trains.
Telephone or call at Tour stable
when you want to leave.
Hartford, Ky.
.Burns nlte,
steady to the
ftha ...Irik tit
XamUy. Insist
Bmokeless - Bootless Odor
less costs no more than in
terior tank - vaaron kinds.
Saves eyes; sav
i money. Yourdeaier
risssty s Wastes, re.
Correspondent Praises Roosevelt
And Gives Bradley a
SiOnhur Spriiifc'B, Ky.,'fqjt. 2"i, 1912.
alitor HcpuUHoAii Dlve"Jcdtioin is close
at Jmnd and Ksnaior Biwlley lias Oipcn-
ed the Tuft catnpa&n 4i Xpatfxy V.
Lexilnson and lifs aprmPK fljio fill Is
nsti)lntt ltooscvcli end tjho l'ruKrcsplvo
I'urty. Bradjcy Mtatra itimt four years
aso ltoa?c!t !r,ll t,MJ "Ptff"" WofSer'
udid it was tlie first "SUwm Halle
li,o iwer saw .and he sPld I "a?1" ftjjm
ltpoiwrjt's eirop ami was aanft it
and it niaft'ied him so tpf tfvut ho liiul
to uit a turnip p Jgoiw Itffa up. I
I bolleve that ive usc4 ,li nurop i.n
tho wrens ipart af (hip irtiy wnl 1
tlijnk ,h.o s'ouJd toe wl tow tnunp on
1'jj Head instead of lifts taody. Oft (surely
mint tfwo attenlij8bra.lrw, taiiw fr
yqj, uftofwianij li,e wio on Vto 'W.cim
nQUfu-. aid .lio vo,td ,to B"Hfc JnUniir
In ho U. 8. ScnajOe.
At far as Jloossvutft JundJliMr ' trf
S,tep.m ltoller or rodor,t T rtth
I Idoivt beljoe itfiajt Rhw Jwiqw ony
UJng of the roller and fif tfl tjhe mak
ln of una raoohin it jp mpfla fiy Bar.
tvj. Crmrw, Penrciss, lWt oird Oomwu
and the fjjrat (rtarfiino I r.pr hiorl ww
a,t Mid Hurts JIoJl at lmBlM frt"
Benpi'jogr GoebeJ was oopnimiqd XQr floir
ermiur end ho'tt de.ifi.
I Wvluk Bradley Jim ono Dmoflratp
btvmigo Wfl ,lud a ovtTi(0(id nr .
KnAu:hy last fall and Ji eyied nK
hl,i moui'Ji. I
Jtow tJ I. Wotdrpw ,WIYW H
mude a ue2i n Kumvj rwantly
aalna CtoJ. lltiosaejjt on J tfu lr.
ltivsilvo Variy ujvl ho 'j.l tfuU)lil!
Hooaevpy was pipaiinjt Mi (he Trun
BQt tWekor and jiw numerpw, ul ao
... .......... it iit
Tin: -
Capital Stock $25,000.00
Surplus 27,822.10
Dividend No. 30 1,250.00
Deposits 227,742.54
clear and
last drop. Far
virvrtn. In thm
on iavlnf
Lamp Oil
has it la tarreis direct trom our works
K "Ne-Csrfar lata OIL
not do for a pnyfrlcnt of 1(11? Un'iil
Stfttea fp fjislvt Olio Tr.ng'-B UTifl UOiQSK
tflfl TRUJSfl-p. And npw what Wdlson
aud the (Democratic I'urty mnwt gs (ha
cpat of IMnB and Upw liaiPcr, awl
there. Js only one t)itiBr V'1 WW fcneflp
en them, and that V tp etet WUon
and floor the tariff.
Now to tiio ' Vofwa ftlirouahiant tha
United Stoics euid flwt (to tihio nprgrul.
turrets, -Under 41iaKnpuMjan adjnjriisAra
Hon wo have Mil. We faive -VMli'rot one
dollar; we have lioaa m'jio ctvUs wil
cattle fon cenils. otvl ftfinp llive iloitfiri;
tobacco trom Wiroo to ten (Vtyira, '
Democratic prjp unfV-T Grpxqr iCJqvtf
land ate aa foJjXiws:
Wjvcnlt forty crav.p.
Hogs two txiri ono Jiujf ntnjs. (
Cattle ,two c,an,ts , I
Sheep one tdcllar por tfp,,
Tobocfo fpojiii ififty lenfe IP tP a.ml
oio half dollars. i i
NVV Ho the day Jnbojxr under ItejpuU
Ucon, V" Wla W now ore from ono
to t,wo daVAm ptr dpy nnjl iiiKhr ID oui
cratjc adjnnitt;wfiofl ijio patf-- nuirl
frqm filjty oeoj' tp tV$i."g l'"d roup
houses. Now, Jlr. IXvy lJjfojvr Wito
your choice Ltiat P.oJi'xiiics ; fi frter of
Old RuJnhur prjrrs tf ' unlid tor
Itooisiivr),. I
Jlnrnali: for llooevelt. ' I
Almost a Miraclle.
Ono of .-the moat startling hJiojus ev
aeon Jn ujiy ijiian. anwrdlng 'to W. n.
IIo0Ow, ICtixcndon, 'flex., waa sffoctn
years oko In his brother, "llo Ami aue'i
a droudrul coush," lia write, "ifttkt fcll
our famly tlioujrljt Ivo wim eoimt iln"
oonsiunntlon, but lie bean fl uo Dr.
Krve's new Dlaoowy, and Wrts wi'ii
pjetioiy cured by ten Unttlos. Nmw 1H1
Howvd an-J we a;vd wiixli 218 ioitndv
For many yviw& twr fumyjy Jr.u M""l
UiJ woiidf-rful ronitidy Uv iCuslii a.ti I
Colds with excellent ru;iL." It' qufrf.
sate, rotable and suaraitteod. iTrlio
CO oontg and $1.00. (Tri bqtiUle froe nA
all dru((s. I I Av
jcpruc to wnsfnw bmuh "in

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