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Streets In French City Paved With
.Glass Blocks Also Asserted to
' Give Satisfaction.
TTio Increasing uscn to which crystal j
'J being put aro little short of mar-1
t mar -
. thrao
mctous. In Lyons there are
'twiAla ntVAtl ti'ttVi rtlnoa 1lrrtla
iboinx adjusted so perfectly that' water
Is ot able to pass between them. It
3 mid that tho glass pavement has a,;
igxrailpr resistance than stone and Is n
Krai conUuctor of heat, for which rea-
.- i ,!., no fr.rJ r.,iii ,, ii,nf
surface. Moreover, It U beyond qucs -
1ka tnoro durable than stone. It In
SiMr and more easily portable, and
IX. ffrrs either interstices nor hoi-
Kcnvs where mud can lodge.
lu Germany, near Frankfort, there
2s a factory for tho manufacture of
-crjfitnl telegraph poles. In order to
si. 0 better solidity to tho crystal mass
of Ihe posts they carry a framework ,ul u a uanauian num. paper iur- orpi,an asylum. So whenever Decern
r r,ii, .im ti.o. nnqts urn hpttnr 'ency having been the circulating me- ,.. comps nrnunA t iinffn fn ...rin
-of thick wire. These posts nre better
ttxA wood because they perfectly re
Dlst the attacks of Insects and are Itu-
-purrious to atmospheric Influences.
Grosses made of crystnl thr.fi
-Aato been known for somo time.
Drc-ises of Bpun crystal havo a brll -
JJaacy lilio silk. Curtains, carpets,
smUcb. and relatively flno textures
waerolly aro being made of crystal
while factories nro going up in various
parts of western Europe for the fur
thrrfg of this Industry. Harper's
JWanuTacture of Artificial Article Is
Bitterly Resented by French Deal-
rs rn tne eai ining.
.. n !
r. 1,111, ,vnra nr Prnnoo nrR wnc
finran unusual war against the mak- The'ae wo,r?e ..Bf Monto C'?rI'
m of artificial silk, which was pro- Perhaps." he sa d, "than anywhere
-dsccvl last year to the amount of flso In the world. The German tour
fi.DOO.OOO kilos (a kilo Is 2.2 pounds). 'st is sneered at in Monto Carlo be
according to tho Berlin chamber of cause when he enters a barber shop
fnr n ali.nvp no nlwnvs nRUt vhnt tlin
Tetter grades of this artificial
SloiflSA SolSrtnS;
Bilk rnatq -it least $8 40 a kilo to
silk costs at least 88.40 a kilo
Tbe effect of this competition is
Suxwn by the falllnx off In the produc
2103 of silk. The number of silk worm
rairs has declined since 1S92 from
3JJ.O00 to 102.000. and the product has
detained 40 per cent., to only 423.000
Appeals to the law are being made
by tho silk growers, who saw that the
use of the word "artificial" in connec-
lion with silk Is not enough to profjet
bem against ruinous competition. ,
WoHrflnn Rlnn. .'
"Slwrt peoplo know that the reason
foe -ueddins ring Is put on the fourth
Tmser of tho left hand is said to be "" " . a "
because the first two fingers and the 1
tionnb wero counted all as Angers, 1 Balkan Ballads.
and therefore as three. The thumb ' In tho Balkan countries the ballad
maeo to be tho ring finger anciently, ' makers have certainly been at least
susrfi Hi seal 'rings of those in author- as important as the makers of laws,
5U'tr -were placed on this first short, Scrvla's national ballads, commem-
thick finger, the most useful of the,orat' the glories of the Servian Em-
.hand. The wedding ring is the mod-. pc Dushan, the fatal battle of Kx.j-
Tra. descendant of this old-time thumb' bovo ; -d the legendary exploits of tho
civs and was removed to the fouftb . hero 2Iarko Kralyevlch and his horsa ,
fnvs-er in this way: The first three I
ztra named -for tho three persons ol
nii Trinity, nnd at tho word amen,
rafter tho naming of the three, the
tisus reached tho fourth finger and was
Mi Sbere. In reality, the ring finger
is O10 safest place for it
Tfcwe is another and less pleasant
mrlBiii, too, for tho wedding ring. The
clil rings wero the mark of bondage
.ax well as of dignity.
Tho Gentleman.
'Carlyle said ot Robert Burns that
'tiiero was no truer gentleman In Eu
rope than tho plowman poet. It waa
because ho loved everything the
jsnv&be ancj tho, daisy, and all the
taurine, great, and amall, that God had
-made. So with this simple passport
he could mlnglo with any society, and
enter courts and palaces from his
lUtle cottago on tho banks of the Ayr.
Voa know tho meaning ot the word
"'jrentleman." u means a gentlo man
as. man who does things gently with
lore And that Is the whole art and
jnymery of It. Tho gentleman cannot
In tho nafrwro of things do an un
Stwlo, an U4gentleinanly thing. The
j,;-ntle soiH, the inconsiderate, un-3-ij))atht'tic
naluro cannot do any
tiling else. Henry Drummond.
Didn't Improve Situation.
There was a certain master of fox. I
thnmids In ono of tho English ahlres
fco was greatly angered by tho awk-
-mi'ilness of ono of tho gentlemen who
:fATariubly rodo over tho hounds. At
-jjc of tho meets the M. V. II. rode"
uu to the awkwurd hunter und, in the
aiufii chilling tones, said: "Mr. So-
.-mO-.v, thero nro two dogs In tho peck
-today, Snap and Tatters,-which I am
weyrieclnlly fond of und I would eBteem
lit a favor if you would avoid killing or
maiming them with your horso'a
boois." "Certainly, my dear fellow,"
replied Mr. So-and-so, "but, as I do not
Imow them will you be kind enough tc
.put tugs on them for mo."
Master of Languages.
f Sir Charles Eliot, tho now principal
. .-of Hong-Kong university, is forty-seven
years old and speaks 23 languages
.Unently, For many years ho was In
tiho diplomatic acrvlco and to overy
country to which bu wns sent he mas.
vzured tho language, beginning with
ttussla in 1887. In 1889 he brought
jjnt a Finnish grammar. During his
coarse at Oxford bo bad not only
nwept the board of all tho classical
distinctions within reach, but, while
fcatfll an undergraduute, bad won tlio
tlfcxlen sauskrlt scholarship and the
ijyriac prizo.
New $10 Goldplece and New Ptnny
Look Much Alike, Accord-
Ing to Banker.
Similarity In appearanco of tho new
, Lannuaian iu Bo.u ,...- -., w
nai,lan Penny and the consequent dan-
fr f confusion of tho tv.o caused I J.
Canadalan $10 gold piece and tho C.v
! iv- Spanglf, vice-president of the
.', ....
Irect Urns c 1 the men at the windows
lu """ u"1 '"' "'" i"-' "'
Tho coins are nearly alike In an-
pearance, excepting that tho penny la
' trl",e nwllor than tho gold piece.
l liu uuauiau uiiu imciou diuvm Ul UVl.
, .'olns are similar, excepting that the
ottering is respectively ten dollars
' in, ono c , , . . ..
The penny Is of unusually light cop-
er c,oIor- 1 10 b'l1st,of lnf ?rg ,
I sll"n In "' bth coln,9' and,
he ?olJ coln ,stha Arst ever-turned
Hum above tho value of SO cents.
Huslness men have been warned of
in auommeu irauu uu iu yari ui ..
n Canada who have triple plated the
,ew Cnnndlan penny with gold and
i iavo floated the coins n this country
s $10 eId Plece, relying on tho hur-
V of business to successfully concea
he tell-tale lettering, and It is stated
, "' ," ;.,.."
ho Pacific Xorthwest.
Mnte Carl vl8ltor Had Learned Cau-
tlon From the Size of His Bill
at the Hotel.
tiiifiCR 111111111 ii. .1n11rH. 3i r 11 uursu
.,..... 4 . . i..
iiun DUjJlJl'i lu vjULiiaiu o uuno. uw
lei. discussed hotel prices.
Wj. to bo before he sits down la
uTwhat is a man to do ,n a bar-
ber shop where it Is no uncommon,
1 dol
i.. n, .ii. .,(i
lars for the simplest opera ion? ,
"And its the same thing In the ho-
teta. I know a man ho to a suite
at a Monte Carlo hotel without Wng
the price of an thing-and in the res-
tauran ts or sucu noteis us a common
"Well, when this man came to pay
his bill it was enormous. But he paid
It- Then ho said:
'"Have you any 25-centlme stamps V
"'Yes, monsieur,' said the clerk.
in -i .1-1.
W mailj UO JUU WISUi
"My friend smiled blandly I
, ""rel1 mf flrst- Please,' he said,
Sharats, are of Homeric proportions, ,
and, sung to the accompaniment of
a guitar with cords of horse-hair tails,
have kept national feeling warm for
centuries. In recent years the Ser
vian government published a popular
edition. In Macedonia, Sir Charles
Eliot heard a schoolboy recite a Bul
garian poem which took an hour and
a quarter, with a simple but signifi
cant plot. The Pasha of Sofia sum
mons a Bulgarian hero who Is his
friend and tells him he has orders to
execute hlra. The Bulgarian asks
why; the Pasha says he does not
know, but he must do It; and he does.
Looking for Owner of Fingers.
A Mrmer near Kansas City, Mo.,
Ib looking for tho owner of a couplo
of fingers ho has la his possession.
He went to market with a load of
potatoes and started to sleep In his
wagon during tho night before market
opened. He was disturbed by tho
moving of tho canvas over the load
and, waking, saw a hand slip (beneath
the canvas and abstract a couple ot
the tubers. Tho operation was re
peated so many times that he could
foresee nothing but tho disappearance
of the entire load unless ho took sum
mary action. Raising a sharp hatchet
ho had with him, tho farmer smoto
the hand the next time It appeared
and tho next morning found two
guilty fingers-In the wagon. The re
malnder of his potatoes wero not
Twenty-Cent Shoes at Panama.
The ropejjoled slippers, with cloth
uppers, knJwn as Spanish alpargatas.
and worn by practically all tho Euro
pean and colored laborers in the
canal zone, nro imported all tho way
.from Spain In such quantities that
they can be retailed at the low price
of 20 cents a pair. Tho European
laborer wears them 12 months in the
year on tho iBthmus, and over 1,000,.
000 pairs are sold annually by the
commissary. Alpargatas aro durable,
and havo been adopted by Isthmian
bathers as the most convenient form
of beach shoe.
To Give Women a Broader Outlook.
It le not expected that women will
niako politics cleaner. But tho broad
er outloot upon life that politics
brings to women will make, them
worthier friends, wives, sisters, moth
ers and companions for tho men and
children of this Btate. That inclden
tally will react upon politics, and the
participation of better men and worn
en in politics will cleanse it. Em
porla Gazette.
After tho stout woman had flopped
Into the nearest armchair, scattering
about twenty-four Christmas bundles
, on tfco floop a -h ,,Id 8,J0 , ,
d Qno
j nnturaII havo cxpcctcd undcr tho cIr.
, cum9tancea
"What's tho matter?" asked her
fr,cn(, you ,ook ag thmgh youM
lest pounds and pounds from worry,"
"I think I havo," replied tho stout
,.., -,,,,. , Ji,k. vml i.-
,,, l)0S8c.a my "favorite niece, as
you know, and she's burdened with
0Ver.lnduIgent l)arent8 who glvo her
, overytIllng sho wnnta beforo Bhe
knows that sho wants It. Now, how
,g R po8slblo to plcaso auch ft gIrl
with "' k,"i M She has Jewelry
by tho pound and sho gets enough
camly ovcry christma9 to fccd an
my hands and say what undcr th(J
shlnng sun can , got fop ,,C88le?.
That-S tho wny t BOt my first gray
hair8, , got a fresh nstaUmont ot
them cvery christma8.
sho waa caiming down now Her
frlend had poiiteiy asgumcd an air of
deep attentlon.
..After ,,ours and houra o bra(n
racKing eiiort, went on 1110 stout wo-
man, "I found out that Desslo wanted
a Princeton pennant. Thero was ono
Princeton pennant left in tho sport-
lng goods section tho day I went to
buy Bessie's present and I wrestled
for It with two husky youths, a middle)
aged woman and half a dozen giggly
girls. I got. It, too, although In tho
process I lost three perfectly good Jot
buttons and snralned my wrist.
ttrrn. rt V. i.
That night Bessie's beau brought
her an atrocious big Princeton pen
nant about three times the slzo of tho
one I had worked so hard for. Sweet
ot him, wasn't It?"
"Go on," begged her friend. "Your
thrilling recital makes a war story
.. flatas ph Jt tha? been
Jessie can, over to -y nouso one
aa- sa'a "l0 8lout, man- a n,J
raved about an embroidered shir
waist of mine that some poor soul had
me an ,dca $ ,mraedlatcly
gtarted o :naJ.Q ono
gx d embroIdered unU, 1 MW
and j coumcd gtltcM n
my sleep.
Even my football playing son, who
reels off signals In his dreams, became
alarmed at tho symptons that I dis
played. My family roso In wrath
when I brought the thing to tho table
at dinner and embroidered between
1 courses. And then when the waist '
,, tw ohQ ,,...i, mi,mi,i.
ered shIrt walst3 wero getting Com-
mon and sne woudnt wear ono for
"Dear, dear!" murmured her friend,
-j fejt nko telling Bessie that If sho
changed her mind again sho wouldn't
get any present from me," said tho
st0ut woman. "But next morning I
Btarted out on tho warpath, all splifted
up m my oldest clothes, so that I
could grab bargains, with the best ot
them. I ran into a sale of Jewelry
women six deep fighting over lit
tle 99 cent reduced from $1 cole
purses, and all trying to get waited
on at once. It took me half an hour
to get next to the counter. Really, it
was cruel the way I climbed over peo
ple, but It was for a worthy cause.
Anyway, I got thero, found tho coin
purses all gone, took another half hour
getting untangled and had to pay $3
for the same thing in another store.
"After I'd been patting myself on
the back for about a day for having
solved the problem I met Bessie on
the street. She hailed me, and then
broke into lamentations. 'What do
you think. Aunt Helen?' she said.
'Uncle Billy brought me another coin
purso last night, and I had three al
"When I came to I was In a drug
store and Bessie was rubbing my head
and cooing, 'You shouldn't worry so
over Christmas. You know you do too
much, auntie.'
" 'Yes, I know, Bessie,' I said. 'What
do you want for Christmas?'
'"Why, I don't know,' sho replied.
'Nothing much that I can think of. I
want a diamond ring, but daddy won't
glvo me one. Must you go so soon?'
"I think now that I'll go a florist's
and order a couple of dozen roses for
Bessie the stems to bo at least three
feet long. I sent her somo when she
.had appendicitis and sho raved over
them then, but now goodness knows!
She may have developed a cmo of
,rose fever by this time.
"Honestly, the thought of all tho
Chrlstmases that are yet to coino Is
enough to kill any one. Yes, I do tyel
as though I'd been through a key
hole. "Well, Merry Christmas! Here goes
for Bosslo's!"
Don't Shoot.
"Hero's an Item," observed -Rivers,
who was looking over the exchanges,
"to tho effect that tho king of Sweden
raises prize dogs on bis farm."
"1 suppose he uses them," suggest
ed Brook, "to drive his Stockholm."
After which tho rattle of tho type
writer broke out afresh with great
Victim of Noise.
"Why did tho elopement fall
through?" .
"Wo had a signal arranged. She told
mo to como to her window and maka
a nolso like a robin. I did so."
"Then her father popped out nnd
made a noise like a shotgun." touts
vlllo Courier-Journal.
In 80 me Households There
Hundreds of Servants Whose Du
ties Were Manifold.
1 Tho lloman deprived himself of
mnny prlvato comforts that ho might j
make a rich display beforo his guests.
The wealthy man's dwelling was very j
large; the so-called Hourc of thu l'nun
nt Pompeii occupies an entire squaro;
that of the Homan noblo usually cov
ered a far greater area.
1 Tho caro of a lordly residence re-'
I quired tho servlco of n multltudo o( ,
. slaves; wo hear of n man who In tho
' country and city together employed
, more than four thousand. Thoy wcro
organized somewhat like an army, in '
r divisions and companies under their 1
1 several ovorseors. Kach servant had ,
as his special duty sohio minute part
1 of tho household work. Jlany wcro.
needed for tho ceremonies attending
tho admission of guests, many for tho
care of the baths, bedrooms, kitchen
and dining rooms, as well as for tho
wardrobes, toilet and personal serv
ice of tho various members of tho
family. On going out the master or
mistress was accompanied by a
throng of servants, whose number and
splendid livery advertised tho rank
and wealth of their owner. Other
compnnles of slaves spun wool, made
clothes, kept tho house In repair, nnd
cared for tho sick. There were some
whose task wns to enforce order nnd
quiet among tho rest. Wo could hard
ly believe that so many persons In a '
single household could find employ
ment or that tho processes of labor
could tin sn mlniitplv nortlnnml out.
did we not tnke into account tho gen
ius of the Komans for organization.
On tho country estates were plow
men, herdsmen, vino dressers, gar
deners, keepers of bees, poultry and
iish and ninny other classes of labor
ers. Botsfo'rd.
Mr. Chase Succumbed to the Force
and Length of the Orator's
William T. Evans of Cincinnati Is
what might be termed exhaustive In
his oratory, if ho undertook to tell of
an adventure with a taxlcab chauffeur
he would begin with Adam nnd finally
reach tho street crossing where yellow
taxi No. 41144 hit him.
Mr. Evans was one ot the principal
speakers on the program of tho Wom
an Press club at tha Waldorf one
afternoon. Ono of the other gentlo
men on the program was William A.
Chase, the dean of American painters.
Mr. Chase occupied a scat upon tho
platform somewhat to Mr. Evans" left.
"And so," said Mr. Evans, "I bellovo
that my conclusions nro justified. I
am sure that our dear friend, Mr.
Chase, will support mo In this. Is not
that so, Mr. Chuso?"
Mr. Evans turned to gaze bcnlgnant
ly upon Mr. Chaso. Tho feminine au
dience rustled expectantly nnd craned
its several rounded necks to behold
Mr. Chase.
Mr. Chase.thead slightly upon ono j
side ana eyes ciosea, siepi sweeny on.
"Ah poo." Mr. Chaso breathed soft
ly through his parted lips. Baltimore
Training Children of Wealth.
Not all wealthy people are foolish,
although many who inherit means
may do foolish things. No niothor,
who has to work for a living, has
more saastble methods of bringing up
children than Mrs. Edna Reahlrt of
Toledo, O., whoso five-year-old son Is
to irierlt a million when ho becomes
of aga. He Is being taught the value
of money by being obliged to earn the
pennies he would spend. Then be is
blng taught habits of thrift by a sim
ple bank system of his own. His
mother Is not asking the courts for a
big allowance annually In order to
bring up the boy "according to his
station," as If tho possession of a
million made the child different from
ordinary children. It Is safe to say
that ho will not grow up with ex
travagant, foolish notions, and that
when the million is put In his hands
he will not know what to do with it.
Wliat is the favorite word of tho
English language? The Germans have
thotr "schlag" and "zug." which cov
or many meanings. But we beat them,
in tho one word not "post" which
you might suspect of the supremacy
of ambiguity but "sot." Ono always
thousht that "post" waa tho word that
meant all things and nothing. Tho
puiyiter should watch thp word "sot,"
which has achieved nearly seventy
columns in the new English diction
ary. It Is a small word, but Its raeatj.
lngs aro almost unlimited. You should
net to work on the word, which you
Jm overy day in a hundred senses.
And it would bo a pleasant, popular
game to set down to the number of
ways In which' you havo used that
word during the day. "Sot to part
ners" you might "call it. London
Orange ,piosom Anaesthetic.
A Baltimore 'surgeon has discover
ed a nowTuiaesthotlc In orango blos
soms which bo has fourid may be em- (
ployed most happily in etherizing his
Women patients. No. this doesn't,
show thatfthe ruling passion Is strong
in death. But it is a real discovery
since it promises to lead to a greater ,
discovery, and this' is that woman
does not think with her brain, after
all; that neither nro her sensory
nerves located in tho supposed seat
of Intelligence, her ralnd. All the
roads that lead to Rome in her case,
touching sensation and emotion, reg
ister upon tbe switchboard ot bw
heart. i
'fiffteffiymiMd 'ViirTarxrtrS:
You can not keep posted on current
events unless you read the
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$1.5 0.
Regular price of Weekly Courier
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make a special rate on Daily or
Sunday Courier-Journal in combi
nation with this paper.
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Cut Rate, Orders Must
Be Sent to Us, Not to
The Real Poem.
T'i." i"tf r-oMii nt u'm pr.wmt air-.
n.rjrUis to a piwiiLiftnt .u r-fTi.;'r
alitor, U Mr. KlpUnsVt "If.'-A t-,t it
of jr;l, enpeoVilb iwrttf. nuy take
miu willi l (oliturVU .i,-A-kiir!, lust fur
our .rtirt, wo preiur to asyw wlWi lice
Kintvinn of Uvj t"pt,wTiU,ir.
This itoim ot .Mr. Kliilluirs o-siftaJn-
ly U in ,tuno wIVi m)d,-Tn Vis, ir
wilSh tli mnl'inn irMvi ot lh light. "If
you oan kfr'P your 1W1I wihrji all fibout
you, Am VUu; tlv:lt ound liUuiilrv; It
an yoi" w,lia: nouM more iwairly te-H.-rllw
Vie mental attltuita at this
tli;, wi!umi tlw ar lv ln flits 1 Kl'.li
si'u!i:-y E1441I110 all nt tfrt-i ixnMv
8)m9 ?ars? VerBy, vt to? attxrvj us
hut iluu i:ul Vn R'i,ugi"4, In -"n
cJasn'c wa-iU, perhaps, drilled Inlo hii
UTU It )vu InilDnvj u jwt uf ou,r i--
Uslon, But Uilo tho fhnt nnt la,it
-M u of tn tom. In Uvslr oampJeVi-rvsis-wit
Jiiow rtlnmttfkiK HnJ Jrat.'p
Pain Pill,
Taho it
For Neuralgia, nothing is
better than
Dr. Miles'
Anti-Pain Pills
Used fay thousands
for a generation
Those who have suffered from
neuralgic pains need not be told
how necessary it is to secure re
lief. The easiest way out of
neuralgia is to use iJr. Miles'
Anti-Pain I'ills. They have re
lieved sufferers for so many
years that they have become a
household necessity.
"I have taken Dr. Miles' Antl-Paln
Pills for Ave years and they are the
only thing that Uoeu ma any good.
They lmo relieved ncurulsU la my
head In fifteen mlnutm. I have Also
taken them for ilieumutlsm, head
ache, pains In tho brcaat, toothuche,
earache and pains In the bowels unit
llmlH. I have found nothing to
equal them and they aro all that U
claimed for them."
J. W. BEDOE, liluo tiprlngs, Mo.
At ll druoalt 25 dose 25 cents.
Never told In bulk.
MILES MEDICAL CO., Elkhart, Ind.
' Ul """"
I in' n in 1 ii r - wii fTJMfi 1 iiu-rnMskBai' 1 lia itnilillsM
tvn vUt--n Cr :i ;t,'it iu! yours?
If iu .ui k-.jp tfi.nr h'vl wi!in nil
a,'ut you
An logins; tilii- u,n,.l liUmin.- It '
rn yi;
If u oui tnwt j(curlt wm nil
nv-ji twbt yi'iu.
Hut niaku allowinnue Zur itlWr iltilt-
Wu, ,V),
ju ot.1 wait arl nt tv tl-I by
Or tirttv? .lUfl n,Vo4t, .lonH tUol in
Or beinjr Intel, uv',t gl- utvy in
Anl yut fin't ioak tu !. evtr lk
Vx ,wi
U ynx v Wk 'wlih crtiwds ami kvt
your ijntue.
Or w.ulk wJt'i klr33, 111- i ttto
CV-nnvn touah,
U jvUiv fo u inr lvlnfir firlrls iui
hur.t y,oj.
If all mo cqu.-t wW you i,u,t onco
I ftx .iiroiuh;
If u un flit tho uivlr'.vlnr mJn-
j WH'i alxty s-KXrvlV urtfi Uf dLi-
( Ui)tx( Ta-i.
Yoara is t'w e-utih ant overj-qulns
.ti'nfa In It,
"vl-iw',r.h U flmv you'll he a Man,
iny r"u'i.
.ir. A. It. Tabu-, of CrJlr, .Mo., IkuI
lwvn trojjilvd with stek lir-a'lwlio for
aiui itve years, wiieai a 19 ibrin tvt
Ini- a'i-uiiurlaln's ToMols. .S'm has
taken Uo tMttlcs of tlnetn hikI tiV-y jhav
cunl Imr. H.ft JiiiUe;io Is causal h'y
a itlsord,Ml Moinach tar whloli t'taiJ
LohUts aro sc!ally Jntenlrtl. Try
tluni, mit wUI and eUy well. Sold by
alt dealers.
Increased School Attendance.
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at n'10 DWiiwrt of nVtoiMon -it
Fmntrprt tndVjto A'-f'. ,tfw tutti olnncio
at Uifj ruirU h'idiVs 6'iv?!a:iJt tlio
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Vie at-t Ui'lntf t'w fewlwi-s hjiry jn
ttw attsu Utitv-.
F.yltiB Men Fall.
victims to Htoniaoh, Ih-r and ki.ln
tpul;is Jut llk atirm pfwte, ,wltti Uko
(n(MUl,ts In loas of a-ppollUi, baokojlio, nar
pusiimf, hoailalve, and .tlnl, ILiUm,
run-lawn CvjIIuk. Hut tlwm'a w na-M
, to f.1 JI1W (that as T. J). IVjbVH1Uonry3l
Tpn-i., ipnoved. "Six twWV of Uiqat,rla
UHitM-.-' lie wptea, "dJid no- ,V) ffUy,
n9 tnjw sttiMioWi and kh1 aMP-to Wian
ail oUitr stoinoqh flwnlt-vs 1 ujl." q
Uwy Iwlp worybody. I,U tolly ip auffU)
wiwn tJUs ffneat TnuOy will ,Jelp
inx-u uw fltmt, dose. Tjy Vt. Only
Qiiii'-s at all druUKfflst.

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