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The Hartford republican. (Hartford, Ky.) 18??-1926, February 14, 1913, Image 4

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rtarttord Kepumican. n ,y MM ft ,tllI ,Mvm v.,.
winter nvV.!w t'l ! 'I'w' v
no, nefflcctel. N,ii.wWH(tirinrp this
Viero n.r,i ,.-ne vyifo nrmirol iY.e w'"'
are elthi?r 83 imt'io'm'-ii&il V' urwn!.i-
. . . I 1'iAlln IIKI .. r.nl- II... Til. , II .t ri (!. III
C. M. BARNETT, J. NEY FOSTEK I -" " """- " -
EDITORS i'pPo'ji.Wy .vtMt nr.lin, t's brail H
t'-d 4o i pj or lire? vi llipv1nl'
pised to Vie wfcVi-y vfi.b vl -uelly
nlett). ll.v-lfo'd 1w ifi-pls sil
jaxwiutliirlort an I ,itrqy bhiwlt A'P0,1'
dumb Unites brliiffi rirfi feTwf
Knteied Recording to low nt the l'oMoffli
Hartford, Ky., n mull mutter of the eeond
AAiima all communlcitiocs to
! Hartford RopubHoan.
BnbM-ribcrs rielrlng th paper rent to a new
ddrM mutt Rive the old nddreM In Milking the
TJo.ollcltfd mnnierlnt will not be returned
BSfoMncrnmpnnleil by postage.
Anoojinoo" communication will receive no
ssouafla Hlvr - 2-23
flit DAY, .FKBllUAUY 11.
Wo are authorized to noyiauncie '!
. .B. X1QH.ENOU oX Hartford, Ky., .route
6, as a candidate 'or the Detiiiaarat'c
oomintU-loii for -Vie office of County
Judge of Ohio punty, subject to the
,ton of ithe General primary, Sal
UnViy, August 2. 1913. . ,
We aire aufwrlswl itp announce C
P.- Turner of iHajntfon, Ivy., as a can
didate tor the .Democratic nomination
lor tihe office of Jailer of Ohio cou.i
ty, uHlact to th5 action of tlie Gen
jwal Primary, Saturday, August 2, 1913.
We one aUpthprlZfHl ito announce JOHN
A- DANIEL, of llamtfond, Ky., as a. can
Adste tor the Democratic 'nomilnajtI; l
for the oifHce of Jailer of Oilo cojurity,
uWepit tp tlifl acUon of Uie Oneral pri
mary, Saturday August 2, 1913.
Oj. Dpyap V to b; .V l?atqj.
Tike a t,p 'fro-n u. U h a Vad J,tma
(a ai(0ij wiy fnm OWo county.
' tYe are " ttrai-'d Wllsom w-W have u
W (frrlng before Jils t,qrm la ouL
Ttepje do no,t tuffl unless Uvey prar,t
to, and wto-n they do po'fiin oxn pr;
et it.
T"ve iralshiiotWooiled"Q'ii,Sken4 Li jxat
ttrootlrg about as mufah irtoreil
UMftf lajrmera as cattle nd (hosts. ,
i V. r
V have had more than our aliafe of
ruined orojis 'from too jnuchM-atart tmt
"it 'a long road that has no turn.
trt'V nre3:ait pricrp tf "crude- oil 1t
urqs raJh ne'W developmeriit and Ohio
0uaj is sure to be kn tf'fj mid,t of
Pwarcssi'.ve prlnctoltis Have laame to
etay, url no onii .ro:osn1zes tlvls jmore
tiUan those who voted for M)r. Tai't
J$9 Prosident WlUon Is nit spins to
turn fc'je "rascals" out. Afiy all itihe no.w
ver t)ije election. V!lo iiuxro'.'jd In the
torch-light proots,slons, anyway?
Gov. Jloq-mry miyiivt ,liai;o lacHe'-'
-that lie prefers ta pp to fie Sama'j.'
their tfian wrestle with an ee,r ln
CTeaalns si'ate deficit at F.:ri.nkfot:t.
The Diinifioiuts turnls!i,l four tote
from Kemtucky In the llusa m&o.lnst
the Wobb llcmor iUv, while two oth
er, SUnl"y and T'lona., TI'e con,ven
leatty absjt.
Wlwrt ha lioco:w of Uie 1 1 a,rt.f rw .1
Dnvcralo jolltlcHns w'w MP'Miit so
mush U,iio )it f,ill trn,ir to (parsuilo
V Bull .Moose that Vwy shoidd .re
main repulaa? 1 II k? uii-qiniont xtlll
Thcfe a:e many ntrlkihi; ovaiixplfis of
tee value of goi .roads. Wherewr
noad,s have iv-en jKiriiutnoiuly ilninnveil
It is foiu.n1 tint t,!re lvv hef.n n. p-,fry
rreart Inqreae In Vie .valua of n'if a'l
jctcent 0iwPMrty.
T.lie plan ,to .vdl a dertr,tiniait i txu
ts Vj the Kiitn,ly lliicxffn.'U A!'.
elation U comnieinl.Ula and et.-t-ry IrjiKte
In tliU county rfiould Oi'.tpjidi tlic unre
in,? of the A?-olatlau iat l,ulH.ilM".
April 30.
Our County and Circuit Court CllxliH
rj w have it, i?lr hT,v,IJ,thni', us ilo ti'u
S'lciltf. Cli-cult o,ik1 County J.thVjU!,
Counlo'' and Qjin,nion'(iV,U'! .Wi'V
neys. U11vf' Jmve found It o.lvatVtuw-
ous to nio;t nn.1 aucius umionw uei'ii
sjU'os the problems iqsiiiinari to Mirfii
all, pHruiln,? Vi?lAVi.ton mnd n,lnvxll-
tratjvo rqfomns nnrl mdopt,t,lng, us fa,r
as may be, a d.Mlna.b'40 uniform synVm.
If It 1,1 lmpqrfcTjrit o!rait ti'i.ese vtflclail.i
a'lould jne;t anjwially Jor official nw
feirpinc.'p, ilwr.v infjpti 'moiB vlt.i,Uy lm
noifttarstit b It tliat ,the pnen frvtmistul
lWi the rontiro of our ini'"-jn
schools n'puil w.rls fut ti'wlr pruMijins
In trwont. Tlw S'jitj ,ioerlntenil,'"t
lias .nniUtftal Uio "n"3le of Kienfiwks"
tlht' at lant itfie su-cess or friilhire of
his ,i,lni,uii'stiiittlon will d.penrl uriiin
tfie- fcfnir oif men tlrey elect us .truste-
and liqw t!ify ivjcoivnt 'for OyrrM?lvs In
Vie uViiInlfrttfon of the loi:iI Ho'iool
aiffalrs. illrp ,t,Hfn, L no H'lraM inaas
"u rs of rapoivslhlHtj' nssunved.
Rio'i loia.1 bo,nnl ienconn(t(ri3 ,t,ts jyu
Mar umibaiirussnifjn.'.i tuyl problem.
Uu,t lOie rO"iinys are 'Wiat .when Vv
Prusf-erri so lo that motiVi,?.- (tfies- will
ftail tir; a-wncwie, V'io iluis nW an,d
so&rrl Wioie .very proilem. while they
ca,n slvio Jlk,e mid to ot'rs. Tllrf are
qnVMofV "f H3hoo,l iV?silat,lon V be
O-Jaldeirrrl ait ,the AnPclatVn moptlrv;.
Tiei tll,sa. cam bjnlivs 1njo tfieVr con-ViriiiY-n
tf'o tristee's Mlw-ivW f"'1
tf-hiF at W constltuemcy, ,to sujupVI1"
aril irfuJUy Vie pnfkfesslSTail a"ipfnt, n.1
,'i Ifl iYfl-nvj1 to (1,'ie itcrvfr"' and 'th'c
Tfie-re U this hftlptul cscfiattsr" lof cipe
.:tfvs: but t'-rV-e, I aUll the bsttrf
p.xrt. tf'it at n;vllallzd .t,nitqre!!it to be
MVli'lrrtl by 0Ointj!rv:t wlt.li otiVr" n
rid hi Wio sams tiod-k, lund Hjenanp I"
uUr.Vfl 'by prfia-nl x,neirrtv. W ha
ini t.'ifj expectation jthrtt avav Anns
Its vJio atlewVi )tt ' jC. E- A. twUJ
return h?mia ent(Vnr,la."Wc iOvit-thb jwioflk.
frrUnff Mint Ills Is an office tp Ibp prauid
of, nnrl In'rt'Yvl of Vie israitultquis Scir
Vlce peirfp.rms oeflrvj P- bur)len in
tri iuituur?. It will s his dVrisu,ne. f
AK f.r fie rf'jU-indivnce oif tlio (tfliohesti..
we can. only add 'W'vat iwhUo (fi avnrasj
W150 of the teaq'idr In Kn,Wilb'
pot -whdi It nuslt fto be, fwe, Jltitfp
sy.nipatiiy. for t'lje f.n'fkr avI'io ha" nrjt
eiupfi pfr)f!j?lo,nal InteneVf laiyl FITirlt
to ivttend a piofeaiianul tsapfvqntyva anrl
13 Cimiself. '
JudgeBowdleAbly Discusses
Woman Suffrage Question.
PictureofTrueWotnanin Solomon's
Time Down to Days of Our
Mother is Shown.
Our jv'v'i"' to ifvt Ohio iTounity fairmei'
U in nUse Jpas tobicto aril (niOireoliosH.
Thai 1, p,vovlded tictia coavnand Ws'i
fttcee wideir Up ,Wlbn IdminVttra
(ito. ilowever, If' tall farm ptiiots go
tfl tie level and borjtom, God oply knows
wHX jpu'ean do. '
We utavTtiur lCinti(;ky-"Apiil51i!oon
Lt&sue matrt.iwi nno! of a'ie ipl.rt IL
jferad In f he election or OUIe ' Jujnve-t
p tee SenfUie, a,tM hiW flqht tn t'ie
ttmm laM wk affaln.Ht .tg'ie ta'w to
rrit the tfuppfew, a IVtuor Cium otli
r WWfr: lajto dry tomiltony.
Tier is . m ln,ls,Vr llw " ni3nneili,ti
ttia edttpr. .U a dint olttoniuJ u.
vxwttan he uffeivfl ,t'ie iftq'.kiw'Ux? ftcvi3t :
"T mvs him Xrom builm.Tticy, (aver.
Utt In lite prayer libtiraAlj-. i!V" ,vf
him tron Att'itlr uid Um evoy Jtt,ni
of ivewo .of .wMoli jiou cm jit liioCJ.
To awe hibn fjoni ju-ofvxto IwnMe ypw
cortfTpondence tii!n1y on que nii of
the tfl'Ot, and a?nd )t In f frnly lh
psUle. T &xve him ifrani mU7vkes
bury hVu. Dead peopje a)n t! (njy Mi V
sriy of.ar nialie JnWakts.
GiaeJly-followfiTonrvs a fwm
, like )io baa enough. wcvey fevtal-
Circuit Court Notes.
T'Me thirefl wti?ks torm of th.9 iQ'ilo
cJtvuJt Court dospd 'eilii.'j.diy aifte..
mn, atfrr bfiw; lix .-mJri n tlV-le
oiar a .w.v.k.
Ti'ie Binril (Jfiry vjs ilS4nlflrOi W."!
nemlay arti ,'ih.vIjis ii'.tu.rnj:"! t.vonty
I'fi'a bil't.'imntH. (
Csim'tii. s. Olive-- rvig'vittN-HNlP''
tirfaj s'.vjjU1 and fM.s.5 c:i.Uw'i 1 aiil
il-.f. mhiiiit 5"affJiJzed n Ub sum of Jt'
for ilii'ct appjwi-iiiiv ut Cie Saw t,iin
of lllft,
Ciciii'IIi. v,. (3uy bifkt, cit al jila
of siuU'J" fTltiR'ed, und fjned $2j. a.il
corttn, wli'iv'i was piM.
Cpi'u'U'i. ,,. ,01(3 VIckA. nV. Tvyvlor
iiiiid, irekri)rt an -liO ir.riui In JV 1ntidH
as tmiimlTiy, 2.y, jiiivl Auiiw tirnrl
ovr" J. 1. Tiwlor, aw voinflten-
ConiMfi. vs. I,. & X. ill. '. Co.. nla
oif tuJto' tJid flntd Ji'i.iln feMeii riii-'e,?.
n'mnri. ,v.m. .I,. & K ill, It. Co., itiwo
ca'Os, 'ji,-HCnt r.S; jyid oa I'l, H-i6
dUni.ljfi 1.
.The foiMcwnKB Ji'iry tinlals Jwve (ban
dWinrtirrd flLnrve our last Uw J. fy
G)isro-k .vs. 1. p, Jl." It. Co.', ntln.u
wl; J. Jupii's,' ms: 1. C. n. at. Co.,
iiv. 5lanv'in illlUu" nl Civnmoinwaiilt!i
AMorriey 11,' o p. IUpku . rjY1"! J,i tb
Vi.Ir fprcs In. Owpuboro ,TiviJ(y, fta;v
IAS (ffTii'Vl'-fid the.tr iwn jlwtne Uhls
aint. ' ,
Fiylng Men Fall.
vlctinls to stoma cl), 'livor and kldiKV
tnaubl,(is Jiwt like othr -peiople, wUti like
results In loss of appellte, baokaclie, ne
VQUnt, lvoaxluic.lve, and lUnal, fbtle34.
run-dowm fficUng. nut tivene's no n,eotl
to 8"ol Jlkte AhAt as T.i X. P.aub.las,Uenry.
TAn,n., (proved. "Six hqtUes of Eleptirlo
IlldtMrs" he write,', "dhl mo,: ito tte
nw rifi-w stnenHtih and sool AHPUte than
all dUk.it Htomooh Jietikodlos I usjtfJ." .jo
they help everybody, lis folly to auffr
wjm.n tills grpat rmealy will .help yon
train Uve first dose. Try it. Oitly S
ooats at all druugt'bU.
SpcJdi .the lion. Slaiijley ,E. ;vw, lie.
it-'ltBiilo fiiiin llumlltain cttunty, on
wonVn suffrafi Ohio (imip'Ji'.iiHO'ii.il
Mr. I'res'jJtjit i.nJ Geii-Veiiicn
The time (i;w been so sho.tciuil by
the ntUido )f tjic piivonn' of sin
tiige Wiaj. I iae iihipfl mtv ii!i5--''
with some illff.cii.Uy, wltj'iln fie tin
mlnutc.s jvr-uwlbeid. Hi,l I h'K hmp
tp ak thut ri oulil ,! aOTfar to be
non,t to e.ce-l ti'ie Jjluill t.'init lnie
'Ji.y' niljMivate ivvtio tie oTidr flay de-
nounoed me, iv.ba and (jratroiifiiy nunc
to eeiiil my Mine a inltvi.te Kr fiwj.
A ,ote for or .Uiilivit ti'ifw guxv1"'"
tlAii ilois not noce-!urH- ln(ticate M'le"
PQsltrnii on j'ic itt(ni-.it niii,?.ii 't
Vie fcfnifiiliie fraiiL'hlpe. ,
Several r'aH?s ae rfrffifitcd In yib
ConventiVfxn. j
TIii3 tire tf) w.'io ojippue Miffifie,
hut nro .ullllw.? til enmilt -Vw iUe--
tlrm to thp nft.r,1p.
iTliene i.re .Vioag w.lio ori(pose j.niffia;je.
but are unwilling (o Kulmlt tJio u i(-'-tlon
to the people, bcicause tlicy do
urHVe It. timl vfyi fu?l thai t i,-y in
not in igooxl conscience (P-enit liw?
to Vie people In which ,1'iey d-yivielvw
do not belleive,
.TiliQie are those M'io Oo nqt fpo.c It.
but Are .angled -to subiiV-UBiij' tl-o nueu
lion b-nwv It inij- r!fT to iVv; ene
mies of the ;iw Cons''tutUiM sjniply
uiiqYwir artfiUin'nt w.'Vi w.Vhi'i to "t'l'.;)'.
Vie document. tThwe porefins AI.e
Viat thofr duty Is jtone. w.lKfi .tl(j Rita
t'? in'jHa,t,lve ovi JV'fi-"" Hjmi h- ;'.
lueans ViiousJt w.hK'Ji .Wimen's ,8uf,f!ic
may be jjattan.)
There are -Vio.se l.o do not ojpiose If.
Int bpllo e that Vic .qu'-stjon rt'ioiiM b.
sub.mlt'ftd ti the ioiiitn Vitrns-;lv-s.
Su;h -mon a:ent .tCie position rut wic'i
notetl pfnixw as -Lyman AibboM an-1
Tiiooil'jn nooneve,lt..
U'prosentatlve a0Ternnit9t is ajt uiwlc
flnttl HUIinT .Wihio b jropre9ntd by Wiq
rpresenta,tlvee? If lie b "u.lle?ed,
does he' irnp.reaeirt JUs CfVn Vfovv? If, so,
nlnejtj- iper cent pf -thjone who .viojtejJ to'
me aTO oposed to fesmmlne HuCUrage.
toe he represent the nmnan (wi'y did
not vqte for him, and who (as In my
cose) denounced "Jm ipublloly? Well,
hardly., Why ahjird he not say ifnt
he rorertents ;tho vast ma,-w af (women,
wives anjl, moWiers wlio (a,iis einr(-)iiql to
Vie sutfrase? Are they p,oit icrt,lv of
rcor(3ienia.tlon? ''
One luis axitireinie' dkCfkiulty lnv (dfln
Ins Jlt whaf. As meruit by irepirasonl l
tlvo gv. :mmiral. ,
I ."'rial witfi Jnidpe ' A-tihln(rrfjnL 1
a'tou'it favor Xem-iine tjjOftase ur fi ma
jority totuortteil It iunder a. ireOvn'iiu!H
taken by them. You ,11.. e all lcai-l
a nrreat nibe In the 1ui('ij;(iil, liit on
laokbw It .was one osb nlyj Wo; ivt:,
Vib fiiwjentb" wre,at l.i(-imr (o- t('ie b.il
Ipt., It ill Jnt j. hojndfiil of Aor-ally alft.
erl ivih'mus. .
A e wo'iiem rcprqstmlui la Vle ''ta.te?'
ure Ht'iKn .rejirvit(l 'In the oil .if
our Vyyik'.U'.e? .;i, ycs. ,
.vo uvnion ien-(Mn,t,tfl In the mfie
l.mscis and i)!vrlne iioainis if unr n"51'1
Ili'fi? I ,
Ar wrnien rarfpcjt(l in tins Bron
tlois of Jii8lllne by ,pro,:irir H'"-vitpns?
A 'woii.vi would not caie to we .1
wo nan iiu 4fKiiiii ojjtr.il o.i lie,r.)
Aie ninnjii ivpiiMtntotl at Vie fliant
lit war? .'
Aro upnten ,rrnrpvnl(jil .by .men an Ju
v)ui? Why, moil give liar a more liberal
deal 'tlun aaiy Juiy of voiiien xpud
(jive her.
Aro winie.il repicstrittcid im t'li'e tienci
o,f America? T!i(y know t'ut (theiy p,re.
(Are Viey a.tfpre,sentqd in ,the 'reiU
deipartments of titoutKintf an-1 iilhltojuiphy?
Ajli, yes.
A liip-fttony or tho sturdy ft poi-
nlni; and ")rosfr,viciyf has bw:n utPtin'l
at 4Vv rTraticJi by tip Unltol SuUm
Bureau of Chemistry. , ,
Yris, ithat pUq'Jl JeJVow, main, la tfierp
idTtsjl.liiis for her. , j
atiprvsente,d( AV'ien (did Uie rase bs-
a-ne dii.lded? V,hun idld our 4n,tqr(nt
bci joins hvic1? Thb jjeverance af s
Interacts Is not a leassrlni? prfiV-iica)
syncitom. '
Is ji'at irrun ir4nrese,rted lh the l.0fne?
Yea, viirl-)-, und by lib ("o jiiwl ets.tc.
i i
Is not she represented In t've fi'.ute?
Yea, eiily, niid by Jymband , an.l,
Urn lh erf, ''
He b TrjiresrtUti In (Vw iwyt oy
oas pX siiiP('lor sex na'aV)ty-viix pflrtra
ailarttfl to tliq jrulni'nanee of Uie
She U riityteui'.efl li the riuile by ofi
of Muporlor, pecunloiry and oorittrajiliraJ
bjnnuvnJantwl U the )iiH.'itemiice of
Vie HUte. '
AU tfils Is 'do (llvjne nder. wuj',
tfien, wAVi these ymjp.atrirv! fPhce
oin he none. 'Wve iraBe U mjvitlvalb'
one-Oi the oye of lllrn'" before fnfin a fsCit, wlo puts up the livuiran3e pre-
Ltioru U uhtf "HisJe pcr femafe, .pv . mu,is, wtd :cMlo-ially TmUs (wltn
li.irl.in, Fsythlnn, lyjiiid nr fi-.'," ,
It ! ciirloufi to obsf.rte f.imv ljvoln
s-e;iM .'.ij .'live t,'d so'iniilrii y tpn y
iiie;t!on of rjifo ,-ii-csvcn on r.:fd :n in-drcn,-iiut
of in h's day. ((Kvrry lnniia t
nfifr:ii ! sVinxely Jlkc it,i a'lrll''Jv,
n !'! i rt. nvl )'w iii irnfiniuir ol
n-'Xiiifi.- ta by tlnoK a iWinlsil
il'iUlp,v or a l.ifrtitla MWjt,).
I Tie r-ir'j .r f,. n Truidill tVny
lqy.il liiijn'.u on Vio ir.t'0rnji9 pv
l.n'ir., but I aisj.'ne u'lmi fie n,Vlitl''
in' ha.e b''in''!indi(l to li(m Aiy A
suffitWAi', fr If. wim far fi,-.li c.vr.jct.
"I s.j fo.r n'J s..iijnir ahe pnlit!tK,
of tne nv.'r.rn.nn.t, who nisbt n lieu,
linr Its bunion, con.eiuetly I bo tr
ad:n'iV(i nil wliltij to fie riKht '
suffrage, ,Vio pay tax.tn .or Usar aipiu.
by iyj ti'ojirii c.i'jiiltns f . nUss."
TVieie .wiiflb, Jlni''.ln V.o trxrUi
to wfilte und tnpat-i-s, a-o fpiunl in
fie New Siljni Jo.irnul of Juii? 13, KM,
and are ciuo,ted by Jdi T.vrlmll, p,ie J27.
In her Mfe of IJniv-.MJss .Tm-'.iell
being an antlt4iifXrut3ls,t. (
lllere m a arrest an'r.'.oprallc Ifr.v of
the fra.iwhlse, n..rJ by t'' uufflrafrfsts
as a nuwt ilefiioraUi! i:r
Yes, I ar'ree wlt!i Uie dbllni'iifio.l
meni)ier from IlajulV.on, JU.lge Peck. It
U no loniriw a Joke. It b Wfir. As" the
very .Itaerend Anna S'lav ..H: "It Is
lMillo.ts for baUo.ts.' .njone wip renls
the reports from l.on.loni iwlH .un.lortaul
how correct JuJrj l'u:k really if mbuut
. It Is a .set wiix. No, ao, il-t Jiie nt
xy that. It Is n uiuce h,inUul of
wo nen breiiklm; ,w.'nJi)WH, i niiultini
omuii'iii't inlnlsifirs a c'.e,r!c whole
possjMo ,-ind ,oot) prcMen. e o.t Uie
ballot U han already sivel a jl-lii
botiit u .urlous cnndltlon of mirvtal
Vjisciiilou'ne's uuioig uncti, .so iViat on
Vie fliwr of this Convention, we i.e-ir
aie'ibtit) vx'lftfale "If. b a rTte:t
nlguia Ji1lI any man oan italte (the ikther
si!de of this ruestJoin.'' "He niu.-jt ha.vo
smuie slnbr nrotlve.'
1 tcCt jou the whole soenmien)t Is
but por.'t of the offe)iinate vjporifh.'lullty
of tib BAiicrartiori. T1I aus?rflcllilty
finds its cvMvmtama'.lon In Jti'ie present
masculine aaxH'mtrnt rvo.v wpi'-ncAtod In
Amonlca and hire on th's floor. "Wprnea
are nvoro capable than inen.' 'W1picn
aro more h.qaociuble .Uian men.' ''Women
live on a higher piano Viam men."
"Women wll pnrfy tjhc ballot." wUld
?y on ail nA'JsCum. An1 when op o'phi
nuloas bower to women Is aked mihoVi
r ha would aire to no to .war At t'l
nVtuait uf a fqiioJe 1'ioildent p,r fe
na'e S"iia,tor, .lie d.'vtjtly avaUIs tin
Issue "by sayln?, "Vioiri.ii Is greater
'ian Vic soldier, bfonuse ,'ie niol,ucts
the .iiMI"-.'' What an ans.vcr.
I rvil' it() i'dfl w,'j oppiovp thb of
foiiilnaito fiplnlt of the atgc, ,ly"fljn,t
you-' be Jasit and algtiit about lt. why
lont you asr-oe to itiiin avr thjis acov
lnnemt "tf women, If they, a'o lideI
yow tuporlors-viliy not ha.o nionruvn
liMtiietp, )H'rvui Presldtint, wo'na.1 ion.
ators? Ah, jio, ov,3n jou do not bdw, so
o'duenulouisly as lhl-)our trqm.blln?
kneos wi'ill not kfcik thtm or.
You assort Viat FemoJe Suffiuge' will
itVtYiiplYih treinwdi'ms things. 1 itn?
It. It b .lmpo-sJbilc. ln pilltlqil and
peMin'aiy ma,t,ttrs ,wo.ii:n a.t jIV .
seifi,s,h as men. i And, as Jinilsp .P,'t.-k al
n,1ted trankl-, -In the lUroil rori:tna.
tuia nta.ttq's of Ijfo tfieu- are really
Ifrw rorcful. ,
Demver iw,h,rfl for jtwepUy yearn wo'iiin
have votail fir ev(ritfilivr H'om ilrpl
dtpt to ioundnii,st(1r 'Is as cp-yicit
l(ill,idtp!ila. Dcji't tlnrik iv pn In
siojit Viat I b)ine whiih'm wf (tjx
Ah, no. 1 irwak ot It p-Ura It demU
tho .woiwlorful i.urto- an 1 pf;eiMcnre ji"
femule vubir, Jin;?e lii-lsao'h boak,
"The lleast,' f-m wriVJl'i' Imt a yea.
ijf. It. telb ot UA-a'f jjilitiin tt?
'-lie ipit ten aui-s. .rl, .nirip k ou, liu
tells Jw S-nu'ortAS Alaia Uiffe,ity and
Uv .Ilcifi. JliUT nratlfonl, two muVi-.i-
ettM, Mttvnptil Ct'oitv'ix j,qii'ji. Mm.
i'i!ltn iMo'iion esM-xi'isa the j-nvflru-niontul
fune.tVri, ii 'Vhvni.-e ,KJ.IcWy hiihs
ivo h'jr ei,L'.re k'iiim. NViw her fm '-uii.
asa wfjfe, Is linnmne ,00111 the 'nus
banl's mreHtois (for all family a
countA). It l.s evJilsr.t that vit'ien wi(nen
or'.upy ,fie,se JiaJJs n'de by lde .with
mqn'whfm the ,w!rs ,a'.e niriy veto
the huaVHifl'H-wlien rs'ie o,V ifqr Wie
war MhJtih men uiuit flj;hU-lt Is evi
dent I xy Viat wlie,n ti's cme: al(iut,
he.r entire tage ai'id ntatus qhartges.
She .tihen hctoniM tJie peuiuilany 'iliead
af the liouse. "
Hfre n Ohio -ti'ie 'wife Jias ra dqivttr In
,fl: J,i wevy plpce,f jreaj enta.t
ownoJ by. U'ie,hu,sbandln q-kloiarlp h
fix mo uu,?p Initerft. ,Hp can seM nvci-y
a) (ho has tree from f-lw wICs ijlaim,
Huve on,'y Ci'ie f iKSia4 Wli.fi rAeas-
sumcil t"3 ,-p,ve:nmen(tal JxkVoti, e,ho
cnwntfi -to cmteir the mrfpa of Vie In
WllN'AdiUalbc stnitigJe jw.hie tle(-fl i ,no
S9x kvdin. Tiie leal iu to"in fdl O-pirj,
aaoujt her.
Why, wlien wornen aot Vie l(iHq In
Oot'oradp V, ljpk iniinry ,yec-s ilfjr tfw
Hxid, wwrnen to istiv Vie natuant winan
te. T.v) unavailing oiing uried .Co ivote
Viom by Vie 1ia.?kload. U ,ww merely
anotiher fivJl'iiJdwl to ,Vw elec'ja.-aCe.
I bVt1 hew us Vie uiu!e pf Mie
ni'd nui Jiiete inan-yi-annkal pnan.
'IVu o!,l f-kliv who Urlnss dome V:e
ivniV-vlo eu.b( out of a kettle W(t no in
and fills t with klndlln -fr oi,rr
riOiiiw !n rt'ie eteniu;. The o!d fellow
He never lied
r , Listen!
Veve got sense
enough to know
:hat Success in
business goes
with honest
George Washington has the greatest
reputation of any American, because he
never lied. Truthfulness and fearlessness
made him the leader of our nation ln war
and ln Deace.
George the Third caused the separation
of the United States from England because
he demanded an unjust tax.
In our business ve have followed George
,Washlngton--rtot George the Third.
Ve have nevermlsrepresentedanythlng
we have sold and have never been afraid
to carry upright merchandise, and have
never asked unjust prices. Ve wllfsell
you ten dollars worth for ten dollars.
Hartford, Kentucky.
4 tth',Ue .morlsage-nivl ,nlo Ooeptr'Trt'ie'Js'Xar ttboB,ibol,,' i
trlfUnir tlUngs 'ike that. I jrjvwiit
Vie pld fellow about vlom lntlo
Po?tKy Ls written,'1 wibo .buys jtha millin
ery aivl hlK'.i-prlced clotihfs. -mul the
ater .tickets, who gci'.s olo,:k djVjs wien
Vie Hlnu.33le sets Jifurd a,nd itihe nwivy
short. I Wtand here fov Via,t conrmon
ofd fMkw ,who ,1iu(s gailantdj- male a
rowal conil)Uon of .refuge for ,wotnn,
v.'io has seporod tor tioim an lnto-est
In his proporty so tliat lve ,axn not nfi t
Bago or dbpoe of .hb own .without
woman's crmsiint. T.ho old differ who
1ms inat((l a .condition of rvfugo hele
fi, and hir 3rlvats fortune, are im
mune qven from crediUors .who ,lavs
fimnlshikl lyr tho very foo,l she aS
and Paris clothes that B(,0 ear-4).'mt
nil felow, that trynnt, wfio Jus sur
"1 ito h- nil iljJitH of contuvt injny
'ji liy lilmspjf, all tie pifylln(p of
ciU life wIVi few of Its duties or
rtiwulWHteH tho pld cnlger. wji fur
nib'ies the woild vvltsii u iin-.U ,jy-l(e,
i:-0 itniKKlei oil anild n h.ifVi'i l'lHza-'
Vrin tn'illo nuiltltudes of (her) parade
one- utreuto, weaving beautiful clothing.
,'Wirl Ji,re as the ntvs)Ue of tlw old
f!l!ow urtft Jins he.wn Urn ,uood and
dra-wn Vie .w.i)tor, wi, 4i.vs tunnHed our
mountains, wli,o jhas hotilge,! ,n,- -Uers,
Wim h built qur raIun:uto, lm has
cnlurJ t'w p.rlvatWn rf flnruitlnn
Ofi?.s, .who Jus JbrtrrUuM ,tlie coinptia.-.
el air In euUions, ,wiio has unveil onr
qont'monta by marvelouri injirlne ,riv
hounds, who Jias with infinite 'viought
a,od buckjbriklnff labpr can,syiptJ
the' astoiv!iJilng aflparnjtun of filvJMza
Von. anl Oi'.l (that b woriy. iip.o-late
In HKvoTipient, and whp rKw5rtaJvb (n
Vie jpreflcince of t aW wecy-lnfo piii-i
diodes, hpVltng up, harpy .hands; wyfiry
In body an lnSni otiv, nilivniR
taa1flMna)nj'es ;tlmt die Is lniee)j a
tOljamf. Ttho. j).la.ln old fellqw 1 tn1
tat, .vriio, has, fJU,s'nt tfie blopdi- biubtiwi
of. tfie rij)-ld, &;!!) hu), juj y war
treniihes wlith hlmsetif-iv,'ip fa ffimes
or, paace ami ln liouns pt irtroi.oe,rt0r has
nof eot)M for - unnleid duhhcjsj,"or
pn--ewBc of the b,lood, iw'lo Itifi npj-.
ri-fl Amrriiawi wo-iimi. Yes, I rtnrraehi
"Tlie he.srt of ler hasbatd dpyt safeJr
trust in heir, so .Vtat :he siioll hive n?
i .-
need of niwll.'' J
"Sho will do him gqqd. an1 ti: q4I,
all tho Uy,s of, lJkle,"
"S'io .s-a-kath" wool and Va "and w,ojrk
cth diligently wi Jjer ,hnb.'
"s,io irlsuth tiiso wtillo It t yet
DA1UC and g(orhnvut' to ltor Jiourc
hold anil a portion .to fur ijatdns.''
"S(e iTMisiderot a flold 4d buyolh
it; uit'i tho .trult 'of I fir pjvtU ahu
plantuVu u ln-ajd." . '. if,
"Slve pqroeeth int hr mejfiaIf.-'
b 1; -her -aivlle -tjoeVi t not by
"S'lo Mtrntolnvh out .her. h.-lhds V the
I"r; ye i, she ivoclKfh for.tih ihqr fwids.
to Vie nely," , .
"Sfio layeOi lnr rfian.b .to icli.; spindle
an-1 ;iqr f.uu;e,rs hold the dbtott."
"ll'-r I'mslianrl k fUnvi In ,Ve 3v'.s.
whnro he slttiitli ujinon; ,Uie v,Utjt ot
Vv: l-uml.-
"S'io ojiuiiiUi hnr mtAiJi iniioni,
and Li her t.igue b t"io huw (f iklnd
nris.' ".Sho lokith Weill t iVif iwoji f
lu(. ihonoliuM, m, Hm OAt(Vi rn.it the
In-tnttl nf kllcuvKs.' v .Z.
"Ilur uhlMren a-,e ,it onl iiHhe"
blesslj lm- Imvuid' pfi-ti, Md ho
'prabeit,h hqr.'i
"ti'ie layuii lier fw-uinta tp t"io ilrvlle,
an,d her tlngfjns ,lirld tIie lUitaV' vct
a bit rf It. She lajTeth il of ii 'Ak
pn,d awuUed Uie Prime jM Inlsttj-. ' "Sho
look4'h iw. jto hr iionfiufcl., Nt?
bit of It; n!ie uMill ifof st(!i (Hom
Htoretary and pnVpth 4' winiskea-.
'nier ihuslwnd Is knwww ,lii .Vie sa-tes."'
Vensttf U. ii, j, the imoUcqdrtte of
the convnunlty, an, doctili ,the house
work, jlle pondiUi Ivb bifu-re I'jiwtb
Ulni; pf -11W Hapqrkylity.. .'
Oh, yeji, fie Ji-ojue b -j-ciatnunl wijimcm
ani treat, arvl o-a- homp nrere area.'
yi 8Ta.tr, tn toihuir 'dnyp-tbe days
Of our inoOvftns, whim RAn was no
daimor tor Vie bal'ot. Is Uie hpmp to
day as kdojx is In formex d-on? UcnVe
men. puej ija fon ,Wle d-ralox-
cinrftS(nl aJiIa, ,n . . '...
fc.: has .led for and dl fl "' "" ZS?
ye In pUe o all, I aaj- y,at IE tfio
ftvkmw of America resily' desire tho
ualio. they m.ust be -co Jl, i,rl I
should not fajnn Jn tie way' of ,)helr
nVoiution. um. ioy d(isjra u
now. I liave dons..
WQiin, htm wlio tn Alntpim b Bo
yaOanrt lomonlH hnr t,hat n Jury (uf
him) will nlrt beiVe.ve him f.vlic a
womaji b lnolved. utnti U though
he" fcnows tjulj well that In piurt and
out of itt kfie b quite u cibje of
di'.ssJmu.'oi'.Ioiti ois 'ilmnelf.
I.ffi me stfve' you u plsaure of a fcriu
v,VJiian. as e e-UsVU in HoJmoll
day, an1 a.sted drtnm to Vie dajw of our
who -pays for .the food and heojt and own mothers.
Soipmpn 8iyi: (
"Who wn find a helpful woman, for
Th,oiK u no bmliVir TnHei,. matllw
colds Van CWim.be.rm.nX Cuur, Koin
edy. It affta a' naAuro's plan, jrvlljt-
vio iunv-a. ojwrw .t!e n Mrqtlonp. al.li
c.xp.otqru.Von; and ato.i, B)Tjit,.i
o -a 1wlthy cwrtntion. ! mJ.by
t"Jl Deajorii,

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