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TSnrfcey Can Still Pay All Her Loans
If Left Her Asiatic
"Financiers arc figuring out now
fccndholders will stnnd after the map
f Uie tlalltans Is rearranged, re
cwirfcs the New York World.
AU the llttlo states have been run
alsc Into debt, getting ready for war.
rbrot-Ionrths of their bonds nre hold
s 5Vnnco.
Yarfceyinst year had a debt of 5570.
iCQ, , not badly depreciated. With
n$r Constantinople left In Kurope she
win aUU hvo nearly 200,000,000 peo
filv, "but 4k Is not easy to tax Ara
fck.au. Her debt la $2S.50 per bend.
tir -comparison, that of France Is
.fit a head, all held at homes that
yt the 4Wtcd States (Interest bear
ing, "SIX; at of Now Zealand, $250,
nhpr or productive purposes.
. jorrowliig money Turkey hns
auVwted 4o conditions thnt really in-v-HTw.i3t'i.t
nations would refuse, Por
.Xw. wi nor revenue aro ear marked
Tor ert? dobtg, and the powers
cinSm tVo right, to restrict even her
txrisr rales. This will make flnan
sl readjustment complicated.
n3Earia has old loans of $24 a
3M-.3S, has recently borrowed $3,000,
C5&9 eaore. and presumably owes Czar
2?Vn!iiianJ tils great pcrsonnl fortune,
vfeteh he has risked on the war. Ser
iii,3 debt Is $50 a head. Greece's $65
saad rather depreciated. With more
SFTrttory her credit will be better.
2Icr government Is now efficient.
3e.T.tencgro has not had to wheedle
sxnat? lenders to buy powder and
zxaaxm. nig brother Russia has long
adfcnwd her $200,000 a year for guns
-antC schools, chiefly guns, and King
NfcftKdaB can get any money ho needs
inscs Ulcli relatives In St. Peters
Tfcsrjr ifttliout bothering the bourses.
"Montenegro bonds aro practically not
listed a tho exchanges, but sold by
cprlvxle agreement.
Ccraslderlng their fertility and re
aassTCca, none of the Halkan states is
AXsausinglyw handicapped by debt, as
32-artagul seemed to be with her $XC0
- Jui-mI of bonds when tho republic
rsi sJt-clared.
-jfattn Ware's Act 8hould Bring Relief
to a Few Distressed
77blle working through a mlnfng
XSiract recently I saw an advertise
nswutt ia a country paper that ought to
"'Jvrw; relief to a few distressed
isonia," said the traveling salesman.
""at 5ss4ed. the personal column,
nrxit, riiaJd:
""Els it "hereby known to all my cor
.TwajEwlenls that I have this day de
jsteaM 'aW letters that they would
reufts to be destroyed. JOHN WAItE."
Coat tiotlco was so extraordinary
r&ac I stopped over for a late train
anofi called on John Ware. Ho was
ca. xolul old man and willing to talk.
2ie said ho was a person to whom
gKiepXe Toluntnrlly imparted secrets;
Jt csany persons In bursts of confl
rfsnoe Xiad written letters that no
.Xjift .afterward regretted having writ
'iec Sometimes they said, 'Destroy
'ifcAa- sometimes they didn't. Anyhow,
.ialw. "Ware liad kept most of these In
csssantlmr letters. But now that
oe was iratting old Re had seen what
Jftarrs might result from those letters
-TsKas into strange hands, and he
"iad isikttt that novel way of notlfy
2ns hU .orrespondentu that they wero
TEiax "tiiTlc with John Ware set me
'.Oikiteag. The first thing I did when
3 jvofc. back -homo was to burn a batch
-aX lefiiers."
Planning the Garden.
Now Is tho time to look about for
nnnin onrlv crou that will bring In
a little inone). For those who live
cloao to n village or small city the
early vegetable catches the tllnies
and dollurs. Even though there are
many aniens In town, there aro
n great ti.niiy who prefer to buy their
vegetables. In connection with the
sale of vojietnhles, early plants pay
a ha.ulsome dividend, says a con
tributor to Farm ami Homo.
The great thing in gardening is to
have the vegcnblcs tvady a week or
two before the other fellow. You
not only get the advantage of high
prices at the first of the season,
but when once n customer, if your
goods are O. K, you can hold them
throughout the season.
A quarter or half aero Is largo
enough to begin wih. This amount
if worked intelligently, will produce
an astonishing amount of "truck."
The piece of ground selected for the
garden should be cleared of all rub
bish or trash, such as largo dry
weeds, stie'.s, cte, t'.int will Interfere
'with cultivation or which will cause
the soil to lo3c moisture.
The spot selected should be top
dresEed with well rotted stable ma-
' nure or that from the pigpen or poul-
I try house. Use all of these: there Is
no danger of getting the soil too rich.
J Hut be sure and get the manure well
mixed with the soil. After plowing
,nnd harrowing the piece of ground.
I scatter 125 pounds of high-grade com
mercial fertilizer over It and work It
In three or four Inches with a culti
vator. Cultivate tho garden all you
can before planting. It matters not
how rich the garden is, the fertili.er
will warm it early In the spring, and
also start and help to keep up a rank
growth throughout the season.
'State of Ohio, City of Toledo, (
Lucas County. (ss.
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that
ho Is senior partner of the firm of
F. J. Cheney & Co., doing business
In the City of Toledo, County and
State aforesaid, and that said firm
will pay the sum of ONE HUNDRED
DOLLARS for each and every case
of Catarrh that cannot be cured by
tho use of Hall's Catarrh Cure.
Sworn to before me and subscribed
In my presence, this 6th day of De
cember, A. D. 1SSC.
(Seal.) Notary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken In
ternally, and acts directly on tho
blood and mucous surfaces of the
system. Send for tettsimonials free.
F. J. CHENEY & Co., Toledo, O.
Sold by all Druggists, 75c.
Take Hall's Family Pills for con
Hogwallow News.
'Social Amenities In Macedonia.
JMxooat -st tho moment we entered
ZBtrcnuL -n ihot was heard, and a po
HIosasaB who was trying to disarm an
.A&aalAtt -who was carrying weapons
fictcirary to tho law was laid low. So
Tac s -we could learn tho Albanian
cxsteSi? walked off unpursued, while
rth w policeman breathed his last
.a fh train that took us back to Sa-
IcmTti Ibat samo afternoon us he was
bir.B carried to the hospital. Such
-& Sacldout, seemingly commonplace,
toM volames about tho Albanian peril,
ssatt the antipathies between the lr-
revrrccilabla races of Macedonia. In
'jrp&e or tho murder things seemed to
go en quietly and peacefully enough
ix. the streets of Ueroea. Tho mer-
sbxats In the tiny shops sold their
groOs la leisurely fashion. Llttlo
,j?irii with cocked knitting needles
TJjfvhd them Industriously as thoy
walked along. Tho unusual advent
at four strangers, for an American
a&aJanary and a Greek pastor accom-
3rJted us, beemed to glvo tho Ileroo--Tii-A
no llttlo diversion as wo made
cvnr way with Interested curiosity
ihron?h tho narrow streots. Christian
Unique English Churches.
Tfco two Essox churchos of Willln
al Doe and Willlngalo Spain, which
ave been repeatedly robbed within
'CJ6 past few months, aro probably
. nriuo In England, for, though they
v different parishes, they stand
Ea the same churchyard. Local legend
relates that this has resulted from a
relentless quarrel between two sis
ters. Unluckily tho romantic story
does not square with tho types and
vXaita of tho architecture. Tho south
ara and more ancient of the two
rburches, belonging to Wllllngale
Spain, Is a small rubble early Eng
f.feAi structure of Henry Il.'s reign,
vftut the church belonging to Willln
'goto Doe tho curious name of wblch
.a ww a corruption of Wllllngehall
J&totu la a decorated stone building
tttutf appears to date from tho tlma of
tiilwara III. London Chronicle,
Never Give Up.
Then take this honey for the bitter
est cup:
There is no failure save In giving up;
No real fall so long as one still tries,
For seeming setbacks make the stron
man wise.
There's no defeat In truth, save from
Unless you're beaten there, you're
bound to win. Farm and
You Judge a man not by what he
promises to do, but by what he has
done. That Is the only true test.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy Judged
by this standard has no superior. Peo
pie everywhere speak of it In tho
highest terms of praise. For sale by
All Dealers.
Pain PHI,
To Head-Off
a Headache
Nothing Is Better than
Dr. Miles' Anti-Pain Pilh
They Give Relief Without
Bad After-Effccti.
"It gives me great pleasure to
offer a word of recommendation
for Dr. Miles' Anti-Pain Pills,
as there arc thousands sufferintf
unnecessarily from headache. I
was afflicted intermittently for
years witli headache and after
other remedies failed. I tried
Dr. Miles Anti-Pain Pills. For
the past ten years I have carried
them constantly with me, getting
instant relief by using one or
two on the approach of headache.
They are also effective for neu
ralgia, giving immediate relief."
C. M. BROWN, Iistherville, la.
For Sale by All Oruaglttt.
2S Dote, 2$ Cents.
MILES MEDICAL CO., Elkhart, Ind.
The mall carrier observed a rab
bit setting by the madsldc Just this
side of Hounding lllllows Tuesday
morning, and hu cxiccted to to;t
and shoot It upon his return Tues
dny evening, but it had fled.
The Old Miser of Musket Ridge Is
letting the fire die down In his fire
place and warms his feet in tho cook
stove. The smoke wears out hi
j chimney.
Miss Ilditotter Hocks sang several
I nice songs at tho Rye Straw sociable
the other night. She was asrfis'ed
' over the hltth ularos bv Haz Harlow
on ills little fiddle.
The Tlckvlllo Tidings has editor
ially conic out against compulsory
The Wild Onion school teacher
lectured on tho United States Fri
day night. Wo wore surprised to
see such a largo and Intelligent aud
ience out. In the course of his re
marks ho paid a glowing tribute to
our country, and It is a pit that
everybody in the United States
could not have been there to hear
him. One reason wo keep so far
ahead of other nations, said lie, Is
that we are getting up and going to
work on this side every morning
while tho people around on the oth
er side are just going to bed.
In giving his opinion of the suffra
gette business, Tobe Moseley the
other morning stated that there was
enough argument already going on
around the house without adding
Wash Hocks notices that the pub
lic makes an awful to-do about it
when some Bill passes the House at
Washington. He says somebody
passes his house nearly every day.
But Bat Smith says if anything has
yet passed the still house he hasn't
Yam Sims caused a flutter of ex
citement In our midst one day this
week by galloping up in front of the
postofflec and announcing that he
had just met a green colored mule
down the road. While Yam is re
garded as a truthful church member,
the crowd could scarcely '"'"believe
their ears, and a delegation started
out to view the mule with their own
eyes. They looked up and down the
road for ssveral miles, and when
they got back to tho postofticc they
found that Yam had looked at an
ordinary sorrel mule h rough green
The conversation at the postoffice
the other night drifted from tho In
auguration down neraer to home,
and the subject of buzzards was
dwelt upon at length by Luke Ma
thewsla and others. Frisby Han
cock recalled that he had seen prob
ably the biggest and oldest one on
record. He said this one roosted
over In an old barn In the Calf Ribs
neighborhood and was a hundred and
twenty years old. It mesaured more
than fifty feet from tip to, tip, and
many a time ho says he has seen It
swoop down and take a cow right
out of tho pasture In Its claws, and
feed It to the young ones.
Jefferson Potlocks has a grievance
against the high handed manner In
which the government does busi
ness. He says when It began to lay
out the parcel post system, It cut
the country up Into small units, and
never asked anybody for a right-of-way
through their farms.
Cricket Hicks observed Lincoln's
birthday by attempting to split a
Ono reason why tho flea Is so sen
sitive to noise is that most any no'iso
Is bigger than tho averago flea.
Slim Pickens has purchased a dish
pan from the Tin Peddler, and Is
trying to Join tho Tlckvlllo Band.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy has
won Its great reputation and exten
sive salo by Its remarkable cures of
coughs, colds and croup. It can bo
depended upon. Try It. Sold by All
Who's WhohfiieV Cabinet.
JENNINGS BRYAN, publicist and
editor. Born at Salem, HI., March 19,
1860. Homo, Lincoln, Neb. Educated
at Illinois College. Democratic can
didate for President of the United
States, 189C, 1900 and 1908. Served
in Spanish-American War. Made trip
around world In 1906.
and railroad president. Born near Ma
rietta, Ga., October 31, ISM. Home,
New York City. Practiced law In
Tennessee and New York. Builder of
first tunnel under Hudson River.
President of Hudson & Manhattan
GARRISON, Jurist, jenra old.
bornCainden, N. J. Home. .Merchant-'
vlllc,' N. J. Son of an Episcopal cler
gyman. Brother of Justice I'lmrhs 0
Garrison, of the New Jersey Supreme
Court. Apjointed to the I'hnmrrj
Court lu 1901, and re-nppolutod by
Chanrollor Mtihlnn Pitney, now i.
member of tho United States Supreme
Born at Elkton, Kv Fobnmrj '.
b02. Home, New York City. Educat
ed at Vanderbiit University and I nl
verslty of Virginia. Practiced law at
Nnshvllle, Tenu., many cnrs. As
sistant Attorney General of the Unit
ed States, 1903-u". Afterward spec
ially retained by U)v eminent In anti
trust matters, pnrticularlv in tobacco
and coal trust suits.
and lawyer. Born nt San Marcos,
Tex., June 7, 1S03. Home, Austin,
Tex. Educated at Texas A. and M.
College, Baylor University and Uni
versity of Texas": Assistant City At
torney Austin, 1SS5-IM). Attorney
Twenty-sixth Texas Judicial District,
1S91-90. Member of Congress since
1S99 and re-eelcted to Slxty-thrld
Congress. "
PH US DANIELS, newspaper own
er and editor. Born at Washington,
N. C, May IS, 1SC1'. Home, Raleigh,
N. C. Educated in Wilson (N. C.)
Collegiate Institute. Editor of Wil
son, N. C, Advance at IS; of Raleigh
State Chronicle, 1SS3, ' and Ra
leigh News and Observer since 1S94.
Democratic National Committeeman
from North Carolina.
yer. Born on Prince Edward Island.
Canada, July 15, 1S64. Educated at
University of California. Practiced
law In San Franclsro. Candidate for
Governor of California, 1902. Member
of Interstate Commerce Commission
since rjO.'i, and at present chairman.
University Chancellor. Born at Mon
roe, N. C, February 17, liOtl. Home,
St. Louis, Mo. Educated at South
Carolina College and Harvard Uni
versity. Dean or faculty, University
of Texas, 1S90-190:'. President Agri
cultural and .Mechanical College of
Texas, lOOl'-OJ. Chancellor of Wash
ington University, St. Louis, since
man and manufacturer. Born at Al
bany, N. Y., June IS, 1S5S. Home, in
Brooklyn, N. Y. Educated in public
schools. Engaged In Iron and steel
manufactures since lsS3. Served In
Sixty-second Congress.
BAUCHOP WILSON, former miner
and Congressman. Born at Blantyre,
Scotland, April L 1SC2. Home, Bloss
burg, Pa. Came to United States In
1870. Educated In public schools. Min
er from 1871-US. Member of National
Executive Board, which organized
United Mine Workers of America,
1890. Member of Congress since 1907.
Author of bill creating Department
of Labor.
For 1913.
You can not keep posted on current
events unless you read the
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What Wo Never Forget,
according to science, aro the things
associated with our early home life
such as BucUlcu's Arnica Salve, that
mother or grandmother used to cure
our burns, bolls, scalds, sores, skin
eruptions, cuts, sprains or bruises.
Forty years of cures prove Its merit.
Unrivaled lor piles, corns or cold
sores. Only 25 cents at All Druggists.
For the Pujo Committee."
A newspaper. In speaking of a de
ceased citizen, said: "Wo knew him
as old Ten 1'er Cent. tho more ho
had tho less ho spent tho inoro ho
got tho less ho lent he's dead wo
don't know where ho went; but If
his soul to Heaven Is sent he'll own
tho harp and chargo 'em rent."
For Infants and Children.
T!s9 Kind You Havi Always Boughi
gnatur of CXyffl&j&t
Many sufferers from rheumatism
have been surprised and delighted
with the prompt relief afforded by
applying Chamberlain's Liniment. Not
one case of rhuematlsm In ten re
quires any internal treatment what
ever. This liniment Is for sale by
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tucky because it is the best newspa
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people know it.
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