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Dimes Versus Dollars
To the Hoifse-Wiues of Oiilo b'oilnty:
Do you want to make your
dimes do the work of dollafs? If
you do, we want to PUT YOU
NEXT, by saying to you that' on
Wednesday, the 19th, we expect
CENTS SALE, which continues
until Saturday, the 29th.
You will receive later the. Big
Red and white Circular telling you
all about it. Read carefully every
word on it, also the supplement
No fake. Every article as ad
vertised, and every advertised ar
ticle in stock. We shall expect
you. Tell the news to your neigh
bors, and remember this, THAT
Hartford .Republican.
L., H. & ST. L. R. R. TIME TABLE.
No. 113 duo at Ellmltch 8:32 p.m.
No. 110 duo at Ellmltch 7:30 a.m.
No. 112 Lv. Ellmltch .. 3:40 p.m.
Ar. Irvington .. 5:35 p.m.
Lv. Irvington .. 5:50 p.m.
Ar. Loulavlllo .7:40 p.m.
No. Ill Lv. Loulavlllo .. 8:35 a.'m.
Ar. Irvington ..10:00 a. m.
Lv. Irvjngton ..10:40 a.m.
Ar. Ellmltch ... 1:04 p. m.
M., n. & E. R. R. TIME TABLE.
5,. South Bound, No. 115
' rtDuo'at Hartford 8:45 a. m.
North Bound, No. 114
Due at Hartford. 5:55 p. m.
. (Both "Mixed Trains.) .
x Mr. Raymond Phillips left last week
for San Antonio, Texas.
Mr. R. E. Leo Slmmerman waB In
Loulsvlllo and Frankfort this week.
Miss Artlo May, or Owensboro is
the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Woodward.
For big bargains in Real Estate
eo Holbrook & Parks; Hartford,
Ky. '
Mrs. B. W. Napier will leave to
morrow for a short visit' to Nash
ville. Mis Elizabeth Mooro attended the
funeral of Mr. S. J. Weller of Dun
dee Sunday.
Mrs. Karl Anderson has accepted
a position as stenographer for Mr.
H. P. Taylor.
Mr. Harry Bridges, of Louisville
was the guest of Mr. J. W. Ford and
family last week.
Mr. M. L.Heawln"W8 tho guest
of Dr. C. M. Heavrln and family of
Owensboro last week.
Tho infant child of Mr. and Mrs.
Jesse Casebler, Dukehurst, was bur
led In Oakwood Sunday.
Miss Susie May has returned from
Graham whero sho nursed a patient
for Dr. O. Ross Bennett. ' .
Mr. Jno. B. Wilson was called to
Prentiss Sunday on account of tho
severe Illness of his father, Mr. Levi
Wilson. .
Mrs. OrvlUo, Bennett, of Fort Scott,
Arkansas who has boen appointed
Court stenographer arrived hero
I , Rev. R.'D. Bennet and wife have
, returned 'home from an extended
bvtolttetlM; daughter, Mrs. Wilson,
Charlie Klng Bon of Mr. and, Mrs.
Jno. "T. KlrigTs 111 of pneumonia.
Mr. James Whlttinghlll, of Bow
ling Green, attended tho funeral and
burial of his cousin, Mr. Charles B.
Sullcnger, Wednesday.
Mrs. C. itoss Bennett, and child,
of Graham, arrived yesterday for a
visit to Mrs. Bennett's parents, Esq.
and Mrs. J.- H. Patton.
Iler's Grocery has Just received
another largo, shipment of. Cupa and
Saucers, Plates and many other new
things. Call around and- sec.
Mr. C. E. Smith, after spending
Sunday at homo here, left Monday
morning for Calhoun to be in at
tendance at McLean Circuit Court.
Mr. Chicken, have your boss go to
Iler's Grocery and buy you some
Meat Scraps. Poultry Bone, Char
coal, Musalo Slic'ljs, Grit'- fcnei' Chick
en Feed.
The executive Committee qf the'
Ohio County Good Road's Associa
tion will meet in the law ofllce of,
Glenn & Slmmerman this afternoon
at 1 o'clock. - '
Join Iler's Rotary Library and
read tho new Books and then go to
tho motion picture, show and see the
play. Ninety cents only for Friday
and Saturday.
Read carefully tho big two-page ad
of E. P. Barnes & Bro., In this issue,
This progressive firm offers you
many bargains during their sale
which begins January 22.
Eld. Hr"B7Gwlnn and" wife will
leave Monday for Jamestown,. Ky.,
whore Rev. Gwinn has been called as
pastor. Hartford people regret that
Mr. Gwlnn's work will take them
Build a business of your 'own. Bo
Independent. Retail our Sanitary
Brushes at Big Profits. For particu
lars address,
Freeport, 111.
Mr. and Mrs. A, C. Smith, of Mt.
Vernon, III., who have, been tho
guests of Mr. and Mrs. H ,E. Mlschko
for several days will leave tomorrow
for Guthrie, where they will visit
their son before returning homo.
Latest reports from Mr. Levi Wil
son, near Prentiss fatherof Judgo
Jno. B. Wilson, who has been dan
gerously III of grip and complica
tions, say that ho Is some better and
that there Is a slight hopo for bis
Friends of Miss Minnie Renfrow,
who formerly lived here, will bo.
glad to learn that she has recently
been appointed private secretary to
W, J. Gobdc, secretary, of the Ken
tucky State Fair Association, at a
salary of $1,000 a year.
There has been considerable argu
ment as to whether or not It la cor
rect to say, "wend your way." I
don't know whether It Is correct Eng
lish or not but I do know you will
mako no nilBtako by wending your
I way to tho Green Front for your
Groceries. Farmers Phone.
Your Chance To liny Groceries.
Other business Interests requiring
my attention, I am offering my en
tlro stock of groceries to tho public
at actual cost. Salo now In full
swlrtg and If you fall to-drop In and
tnko advantngo of this opportunity
you are punishing your pocket book
Everything goes for cash. v
Hartford, Ky.
Mrs. I'anUliurst Admitted.
Washington, Jan. 17. Mrs. Era
mellno Pankhurst, the suffragist
leader, now on parolo in Now York
under the immigration authorities,
will be formally admitted to the
United States soon after the papers
In her case reach Washington. Presi
dent Wilson Is opposed to her fex
cluslou. Mrs. Pankhurst Is work
ing In behalf of the Serbian relief
Special CASH Sale For Friday rind
Saturday, Jan. 21 and 22.
1 can Vlssmnn's Lard $0.00
1 can PUro Hog Lard 93.75
1-bbl. Good Flour 90.75
1 bushel Meal. 85c
100-11)8. Cane Sugar $0.35
100-lbs. Beet Sugar 90.20
lC-lbs. Beet Sugar 91.00
1 bag Mussle Shells 80c
1 bag Grit 85c
10-lbs. Navy Beans 75c
10-lbs. Pink Beans 75c
1 bag Hen Feed , .92.10
1 doz. Climax Corn 91.30
1 doz. 15c Peas.. . , 91.25
1 doz. Home Pack Tomatoes. .91.05
1 doz. 3-lb. cans Kraut 00c
1 doz. 3-lb. cans Lye Hominy.. 80c
6-lbs. Soda 10c
8 bars Lenox Soap 25c
10-lbs. Good Coffee 91.20
10-lbs. Peaberry Coffee 91.80
4-lbs. 36c Chase & Sanborn Cof
fee 91.15
4-lbs. 25c Chaso & Sanborn Cof- .
fee '. .'.05c
2 boxes Oatmeal ..'.-.. 15c
7 'rolls Toilet Paper 25c
4 rolls 10c Toilet Paper 25c
20-lbs. Pure Hog Lard 92.25 J
1 doz. Jumbo Pickles 15c
1 36o Mop . . . .- t 30c
1 -40c Broom 35c
Grape Fruit 5o . each
1 25c can Calumet Baking Pow
der ..20c
1 largo box Oatmeal with China. 25c
1 145.00 Range Stove 930.00
Join the Library . OOc
1 75c K. K. Knife 50c
1 $1.00 K. K. Knife 75c
1 barrel Salt 91.00
- Yours for more business,
Washington, Jan. 17. A definite
date for tho withdrawal of the
United States from tho Philippines
should be sot now, with the under
standing that a neutralization treaty
to protect the Islands would bo ne
gotiated at the closo of tho Europe
an war, Chairman Stone, of the For
eign Relations Committee, declared
today during debate on tho Philip
pine bill. He said he favored an
amendment in line with Senator
Clarke's resolution providing that
tho United States withdraw In two
years after having arranged a neu
tralisation pact.
Earlier In tho day Chairman
Hitchcock, of tho Philippine com
mittee, had discussed the Clarko res
olution with President Wilson. He
said later the President did not fa
vor it.
Senator Shafroth, of the com
mittee, said he, too, favored neutral
ization. Senator Newlands (Democrat)
said he also favored withdrawal, but
believed the Senate should be in
formed as to what responsibility the
United States might And still resting
upon it.
Durocs For Sale.
For 9 I will sell you a 5 months
old pig that you can't buy from tho
Pig Breeder for less than $20. If
you don't believe me write for ped
igree, also breed Sows, Guilts and
Whlto Wyandotte chickens and eggs,
Deaver Dam, Ky.
An alligator pear tree In Whlttlor,
Cal., Is probably tho most valuable
fruit tree In the world. It Is insured
against wind and flro by Lloyds of
London for ?30,000. LaBt year it
produced 3,000 pears, averaging tho
grower 50 cents each. It also pro
duced 11.500 worth of bud wood,
making a total production of $3,000
for tho year.
as? .X':
by II.
. Arch StnlswortH Dead.
Mr., Arch Stalsworth died, at his
home just outside of Hartford Wed
nesday evening at 6 o'clock of pneu
monia,. Ho had ben sick several
days and recently little hope was
entertained for his recovery. .Funeral
services were held at the residence
yesterday afternoon at 1 o'clock after
which tho remains were Interred in
Oakwood cemetery.
Mr. Stalsworth was a young man,
being 34, and was very popular
among his friends. He leaves a wlfo
and four children.
Death of Charles B. Sullenger.
Mr. Charles D. Sullenger,. died at
his homo here Tuesday morning at
1 o'clock of pneumonia after an ill
ness of several days. Short funeral
services were conducted by the Rev.
Gwinn Wednesday morning at 10
o'clock at the residence just across
tho nought river bridge, after which
the remains were burled in the Mil
ton Taylor burying grounds. Burial
services were conducted by the local
tent of tho Maccabees of which the
deceased was a charter member,
Mr. Sullenger was 53 years old at
the time' tit death. Ho Is survived
by a daughter, Mrs. Earl IMckard;
two sons, Darrel and Barnett and
an uncle, Mr. George B. Sullenger,
of Erin, Tenn. His wife, who was
Miss Viola Barnett, preceded him
twelve years.
Dies Surrounded by Water.
. Mr. Floyd Iirt son, age 20, died at
his home about four miles below
Hartford. Saturday at 5 p. m. His
residence is on the banks of Rough
river and owing to the high water,
It waa.necessary to bring the remains
to Hartford In ft, gasoline launch
from whence they were taken to
Pleasant Ridge for burial.
Mrs. Nancy Smith.
Mrs. Nancy Smith died at the res
idence of her son, Jim, Smith, on
tho Holbrook farm, 3 miles below
Hartford Sunday night. Death was
due to heart troublo. The deceased
complained of being cold and had
tho son build up tho flro. A few
minutes later he fouud that she had
expired. Owing to tho high water
It was necessary to bring tho re
mains hero In a boat. Burial was
at Oakwood Tuesday.
Delbert Bozarth.
Delbert Bozarth, ago 12 and son
of Mr, Joo Bozarth, died at the home
.of his father in Beaver Dam Mon-
Prince Albert is
such friendly tobacco
that it just makes a man sorry he didn't get wind of this
pipe and cigarette smoke long, long ago. He counts it lost
time, quick as the goodness of' Prince Albert gets firm set
in his life I The patented process fixes that and cuts out:
bite and parch I
Get on the right-smoke-track soon as you know how!
Understand yourself how much you'll like
Fringe Albert
the national joy smoke
It stands to reason, doesn't it,
Watch your step!
It's eay to change the thapa
and color of unsalable brand
to imitate the Prince Albert
tidy red tin, but it is impossible
to imitate tho flavor of Princo
Albert tobacco! Tho
patented procen
,- protect umtl
Copyright 111
J. Reynold!
Totacco u.
day night of pneumonia. His re
mains were brought to Hartford and
interred in Oakwood Wednesday
morning. Young Bozarth had. been
sick about ten weeks.
Further Notice.
To those who owe us, your fail
ure to make some settlement with
us now, will jeopardize a further ex
tension of credit to you.
E. W. FORD, "
', A. B. RILEY;
Jan, 18, 1916. We are having
some cold weather at present.
Mr. Chlnn gave the young folks a
party Saturday night. '
Misses Carrie Russell and Marga
rett Tomerlln spent Monday night
with Mr. Ed. Ashby and family.
They also spent last Wednesday
night with Misses Edna and Novia
Mis Edna Ross was the guest of
Miss Ruth Graham last Sunday.
Misses Altha Robinson, Maggie Hun
ter, Bessie Graham and Mr. Clyde
Robinson were out of school last
week on account of sickness but are
back In this week.
Nearly everybody around hero has
been sick with la grippe but
they are all better.-
The stork visited the home of Mr.
Charlie-Decker of Simmons last Sat
urday and left a fine girl.
Miss Marie Crowder and sister re
turned home Wednesday from vis
iting relatives at McHenry.
Women of Sedentary Habits:
Women who get but little exercise
are likely to be troubled with con
stipation and indigestion and will
find Chamberlain's Tablets highly
beneficial. Not so good.as' a three or
four mile walk every day, but very
much better than to allow the bow
els to remain In a constipated condi
tion. They are easy and pleasant
to take and most agreeable In effect.
Obtainable everywhere. m
Tho Sunday School Convention jot
the Ohio Co, Association of Mission
ary Baptist will meet at Beaver Dam
Baptist Church Sunday, Jan. 30,
1916, at 9:45 a, m,
9:45 Devotional Exercises and
S. S. hour.
10:00 Report pt School and en
rollments of Messengers.
10:60 Reading Minutes and ap
point Committee on Banner.
10:55 Song.
11:00 Doctrinal Sermon, Eld. J.
N. Jarnugin,
Noon Lunch at the Church.
1:00 Song Service and prayer.
1:15 How to Maintain a Teach
er's Training Class, AV M. Fair and
that if men all over the
nation, all over the world,
prefer P. A. that it must
have all the qualities to
Men, get us right on Prince
Albert! We tell you this
tobacco will prove better
than you can figure our,
it's so chummy and fra
grant and inviting all the
lime. Can't cost you more
than 5c or 10c to get ypur
bearings I
Cay Prince Albert avmrywhtra
tobacco it sold In toppy rsd
bat: Set tidy tsd tins, 10c r
handsoms pound snd half-pound
tin humidors and in that classy
crystal - glass pound humidor
toith spongmmoistsnsr top that
hssps thm tobacco in such sirsat
trim I
Winston-Salem, N. C '
W. C. Loyal.
It35 Can Country Churches
Maintain an evergreen Sunday?
C. M. Taylor, Alvin Ross.
1:55 Tho Need ot Education fa
Religious Work, Eld. G. B. Bockery.
2:10 Song and Collection;. ,
2:15 How to maintain a- Youbb:
Mens' Class in Sunday School,. Vilas
Peters, Eld. R. L. CreaL.
2:35 Methods of opening; Sun
day School, Dr. E. W. Ford, EM.
Birch Shields.
2:65 Sunday Schools) ; and i. Mis
sions, Eld. A. T. Ross and. Eld. Z.
'3:16 Business and Amend
ments. . - ;,,
3:30 Adjournment.. ' ''
The Banner of the Convention
now, held by Roslne S. S., will be
given to the largest delegation.
Come and bring your friends to this
mid-winter Convention. Beaver Dam
will gladly welcome all. who majr
R. L. CREAL ' '
How To Cure Coldw.
Avoid exposure and drafts. Eat
right. Take Dr. King's New Discov
ery. It is prepared from Pine Tar,
healing balsams and mild laxatives.
Dr. King's New D,wOvery kills aad
expels the cold germst soothes tho
Irritated throat and allays In&ama
tlon. It heals the mucous taemftntae.
Search as you will, you 'cannot SB
a belter cough and cold remedy. Its
use over 45 year's Is. a guarantee eC
Beaver Dam, Ky.
Highway and Drainage
DR. 0. E. HART
Ofllce James Taylor's Livery Barsv
Succeed when everything eke fnife.
In nervous prostration, and ftmrip
weaknesses they a: a the wynnw
remedy, aa thousanda hava iwtMUJ.
k to tha best RwdfeiM var mU
l over a crngguvt cotwttr.
, OI AIMt- "Trf . i '

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