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i n.i iniwTini-T-t. ,MTT.rt1.f,r
Will be easy, as neariy everything" has advanced in price
- Mmmi Mil
I "
There lis been no raise on gold
unci tilled jewelry and ninny other
articles in our lino, but Clocks, Cut
Class, and Silverware nave uuvuuu JSv,
I'd some. rs1
Wc urgo jou more Uian ever to buy early this year, us materials of all fciwfc,
are so scarce that the factories may run short a little Iatec. So as jewelry k Sfc
most appropriate girt, and always has been, a it can lw kept longer and appro
eiated more, why not go right now and select your present and have it put. lack?
Nnt e hrtd i qoud biipply on .s.
will 50 at the ull price as. long as tj
;Vv last.
XV k& Iwr Ue toa yrs wo have been her-, sieiidily inorenmxl our stock
Mrib ))kv ami raUiy and this year is by tfo means an exception. There
ai (hvi MMHttr Auas to UHHit;;n, bum few are Vateh Bracelets, Ncoklnccs., llings,
TW O.1 i ISfc? SiiYannuw Cut-ghvi-s, and I&islnmn Kodaks. The Watch
IfcawNHfc ! &tnwMi KMlaksary exlromely appropriate this year.
We also lest eyes, fit glasses and frames and guarantee them, and we are always here to back them up.
J. B. TAPPAN, Jeweler and Optician, Hartford, Ky
1 ii m ' ' ' - -immmmmimmmammmimmmmmm
Hartford Republican.
EoUnd according to law at tb Potofflct
Hertford, Kjr.. mull matur ol tb oecond
W. S. TINHLEY,. .Itustaess Manager
Address all communications to
Tne Hartford Republican.
by bringing- us some 27i cent paper, UrU TDflnDS IDC
cheaper ink and other necessities. mUnL inUUltl nRL.
Very truly. .'
It seems that certain events of
by-gono years transpired upon cer- 3LVXT
tain days that we may keep them
holy and the mind of the aged rest-;
cd and the hearts of the young glad-
jdened. What a chain of monotony'
1 these links of twenty-four hours
BoMcrtUn (Jwlrlajf tb paper nt to a new
ddreu taiut Eir. tti old addrei Id mallcfi tb
Bii1n Local nnJ .Votlw- lOe t-r He acd Jc
Vrr llotfor tnt nildltloDHl Insertion.
OblUnrie, BmoIo tlori" nml Card of Tb ink J
p.r IU, nontj la adtonte.
Cb.rcb 'ntI- fur tfTitt ttrt, bat- olhr
idTrtlvaiit, 5c pr !In,
San Antonio. Tex.. Dec. 19. Na-.
would be were they not variegated t(oca, Gua.d orgaaisaUoas assregat- '
now and then witn a noittiay.
It is the nature of man to celebrate
ins over 10.000 troops yesterday,
were designated br General Fnnston
victories, great deeds and the birth Jto ,eaTe the nler and . return to
of humanity. And be the victory. nheir respectlve states, to be muster-
the deed or the birth of sufficient fm-; , f th Federai serri. -
I portance, holidays, feasts and celc-l The organizations will move home-'
sranons voice me juouauon 01 me ward thre gronpS l0 faciliute use
onrmuai iommnnVtioM iil recir no . people. December 2S- wc celebrate rolllnc stock. Cars are now bein
tt"tlont 1 1 nativity of Christ. Some would 1 aHen,bIei for reglmcnts included In
- -EiayssiTsc. jhavo the youth dl8Pensc wlth the first group and the movements
cratoia. iss 1 firework, his ecstasy, his glee and irom vari0U5 border pojnU vn bc-,
-. cs (assume a countenance 01 piety. ; Rjn j a fcw &Ay9i
. I the first appearance of the col-. Th. moVBmf,n, ' Wfls
directed by
yBIPAV DECEMBER 22 obrlty to be celebrated, or Is the birth Gcn Fun8ton nnder authority of a
(of Christ to be piously commemorat- Bcneral order is8ued recently by tho
.. .. , t. ,.!" Ab "l ,s the birth and not tho ,,. . DcDartlllent to reduce aB ho
xji.iy couiu.. t uuR uu b u., ChrlHtmaa annlversarizcs ..'..., . ..' v.
. - uet'iiitu uent uiu iujci-o uk mc .
w-iat t t2-ir now what you will
If a sSctBt nuratwr of our voters
wt!l pst this question squarely up
to tie candidates they Intend to sup
port, tfc' defeated candidates will
ttvt ashamed to kick, however.
strtMty they may feel like doing
I hope our candidates will each
make an honorable canvass but I
would advise against signing any
agreements that however honorably
kept, might-form suspicion or fnlso
statement endangering the election
of the nominee.' However, a pled go
to support a candidate's successful
opponent would not bo objectionable
on the accounts indicated. The pub
lic admires the ganto loser, as It de
tests the cowardly kicker, and let us
In adynocc make kicking appear ro
contemptable that no defeated candi
date will dare to do it.
but he can put the lid on Sunday.
Number In Out of All Proportion to
event Joyful to tho human race and
a tlmo when young and old, alike,
' should bo merry and happy. Let
tho children havo their fun, let laugh-
Inr rlnr ntnl vmi lnllph. tnn. fnr Mmi-
pric of former years to turn a new dQy Js thQ blrtMny of tho 8011 of
Can't we have a little legislation
regulating 'the tobacco season?
It will co it nioro than double tho
we taKe tne position mat 11 is mi Uona, 0uard on th0 border. lt .
volves 16,647 men, which brings the
fitretigth of. militia troops on,, tho
Mexican border to 75,000 meq. Tho
entire movement is expected to bo
completed by January 5.
leaf this year.
'your God.
Tho business manager of a county
has tho devil to pay every
SioaU'n dove returned with a leaf ' " on hundred vehicles were
but the KnlBcr'a brd came back .orcc,,. t0 wait ten minutes at Len-
Twenty-fifth street at 6 o'clock the
clothed lu tho latest Paris styles.
Many a movie star appears on the
other night while Walter Ilrown,
creen apparently before she has com-, "7"' i'i I'vrivwnuu "P
pitted bcr task behind tho screen, j cratlon"jwlth his knife. He had td
- 'cut Rway(a part of the shoo of Mrs.
When wc appear upon the streets J Cecelia Mdtlileson, 36 years old, or
Christmas day wo jippe not to seo-1C3 W! ne Hundred and Thirtieth
.any poor girl with empty stock trf0t, who was literally a prisoner
or rasnion.
Mrs. Mathleson was crossing the
Jip 8O011 as Germany heard about street when tho wind blew her skirt
Henry Ford's Intention of organlz- about her shootops and It Caught In
lug another peace expedition she pro- onq of the patent buttons on some
posed poaco. now and very fashionable shoes.
.. ! As she stooped down to fix it she
1 "Mado gown in 7 minutes," says ' caught tho third finger of her right
headline, Guoss 60. We could tako hand between the inside of the sjwjo
a pair of scissors and make somo avo und her stocking on the end of tho
have neon In eoven seconds. j wlro holding tho shoo button. Tho
: .... : 'wlro hctod like a fisli book und sho
Advlco to composing rboirt for cou,jn't releaso her fingor." In
mnns keep tliu heads, "Awaits Kng- tUat Ml0pinK position sho screamed
land'a reply," "Awaits J5nland' re- for hoiv aB an automobllo nearly ran
ply," and "Awaits carrnnza's repiy her ,OWU-
Iirown hold up traffic and trlod to
1 .kaue ibe finger, but could not.
Then he cut aav tha top of the
kiinn Mrs. MAibesou wait put in
An English writer 1ms11v Oar
many's shells conUln pSiitr. We
don't know about it being in tb '. 'b ...d laken t uariam Hos-
eholln but there lius uoen popper b- j wber4, Dr noach had to par-
Famous Man Rounded Out Hundred
Tho troops to be sent home includo
guardsmen from Pennsylvania, Mich
igan, Indiana, Missouri, Nebraska,
Maryland, -Illinois, Iowa, New York,
Wisconsin, Minnesota, Kansas, North
Dakota and Utah. 1
Indiana troops In tho list are:
Company A, Signal Corps, Ambu
lance Company No. 1; First Battal
ion Field Artillery, less Battery D;
Urlgade headquarters and Thirty
second Infantry; ' Field Ho'sp'ltnl
No. r " j
, 1.
Farm For Sale.
I desire to sell ray farm of 75
acres, located on the Hartford and
McHcnry public road, 2 miles from
McHcnry, ono mile from Hartford
aU! Ceiitcrtown Mke. Three good
wells of1 water, plenty of fruit for
family uso, fairly good buildings, 20
acres lu woodland, balanco cleared
of which 20 acres is bottom land.
Will sell at a bargain. Chango In
occupation only reason for selling.
24tf Beaver Dam, H. 2.
loro Bomewhero lu Germany's war
Tho winter meet of tho Kentucky
.Prose Association will bo held lii
LnniuviiiH DMMiinlMir 28 and 29. A
form an operation to get tho wire
out; How York Herald.
I'njs $.100 For r.O Cento.
Konokha, Wis. Anton Stolla, a
liulohor. horo, la an export at catch
good program has been "ranged and ;'- -
Jf tho editore can forgot the high '.',,., , M,nininB tmt.
,u nf n,.fer ami other urllitlliK ma- 'v "-. " .- ' "-. '-
turlals in any town that plnco Is thu
Kentucky metropolis.
rons with his pet feat and becaino
so acurato that ho nover missed.
Each tlmo tho coin went higher and
ri. i.,...iviii.. r'liv fv.nncll hau loach tlmo landed squareiy ueiwcen
passtxl an ordinance prohibiting the 'his teeth. It plowed his aUdloltco.
uso of human dontn Unps. It le well . Finally tho coin struck tho celling,
that the Kails City is taking stops to It ramo down with surprising force,
tirotoot this bartlewlar speelMt of
eamo, wbth would soon beauino ex
but Anton 'was on 'tho alert.
r:tti8ht It, but not In hls'toeth.
(Inat at th rate It baa Ui goInK, landed in his mouth and ho swat
far the past low months lu that lo-( lowed 11.
A pliyBioian nurriuu una i" "
ProBbylorian Hospital in Chicago.
The coin was removed from tho
butchor's osophagus by means of an
J''ATipt that his medical bill was
Dear Mania- -We havo tried to bo
good boys during tho trying inonthB
of 1910. Whether wo havo suc
ceeded or not wo havo. endeavored to
get out n jjood clean country paper.
Ploato cucourago us In our efforts back.
Editor Republican: I road with
interest your rcceut sensible editor
ial advice to prospective candidates
boforo tho Republican primary 'next
year. '
Porsonolly I care vory llttio aiiout
who carries tho keys to tho county
Jail,, or performs othor duties of
tho county omcoe, but I am Inter
ested In seeing tho preservation of
the Republican party iuOhlo county.
An tpparontly saro majority Is a
tempting bait for numerous asnlrante
before tho primary, and I know of
no way to limit tho number, but tho
remedy for harmony after the prima
ry may bo exorcised boforo It by our
I will llluhtrato It In this way:
When John Doe, who Is a candldato
for a county office, npprouchos rao4 If
I am for him, I will suy, "John, I
want to bo for you, If you are a Ho
publican first and a candldato aftor-
ward. Politics isn't ordinuriiypiay
od by Sunday School rules. Some
body Is going to bo defeated and it
may lo you. I am more interested
In tho succoss of tho Republican par
ty than I uta In your personal for
tunes. Now, It you are man enough
to accept u defeut, if It comesto you,
and will plfedgo In advance your
New York. Some Interesting, al
though discredlble, statistics were
brought out as to the proportion of
murders, lynchlngs and othor felon
ies in tho United States as contrast
ed with other countries in an address
before tho Society of Medical Juris-
prudence, at tho rooms of tho
New York Academy of Medicine, by
Henry A. Forster, of tho New York
Bar. I
"Among -tho enlightened nations
the United States leads the world In '
freeing murderers and felons," hi)
declared, "while Anglo-Saxon coun-'
tries not under tho American flag
have tht) least percentage of mur-;
tiers and felonies,"
Mr. Forster gare the number of
homicides (including manslaughter)
in tho United States In 1912 as 9,
152; tho number of executions, 145.
In 1913 there wero 8,992 such
crimes and onfy eighty-eight execu
tions. In 191-L, the figures wero
S,25l homicides and manslaughters
as agalust seventy-tour executions
(and two of theso wero for another
crlmd); and In 1915 there were 9.
230 killings and only 119 executions.
"Tho murdor rate In tho United
States," said Mr. Forster, "Is from
tea to twenty times greater than tho
murder rato of tho British Eraplro
and other Northwestern European
"Our murder rato for tho period
1903-1913 was 6.4 por 100,000 of
population. Tho rato at tho samo
time for England and Wales was 0.8,
for Prussia (1904-1913), 2.0; for
Australia (1910-1913), 1.9; for It
aly, 3.0."
.... , . yf.
Administrator's Notice.
. All persons having claims against
llio ostato of R. L. Taylor, deceasod,
aro horoby notified to present samo
to mo, properly proven, on or before
February 1st, 1917, or they will bo
forever barred.
' The most notable centenarian of
all time, one who had more lu his
life than mere length of years, was
Manuel Garcia, born at Zafrl, In
Catalonia, In 1S05, died In London,
on July 1, 1906, passing away at
the age of 101 years and four months.
Ho was considered tho greatest teach
er of singing the world has over
known, and was the Inventor of tho
laryngoscope. On his 100th birth
day ho attendod a banquet In his
honor at tho Hotel Cecil, London, in
a distinguished company of must
clans and scientists. Ho composed
a "speech for tho occasion and read
part of It, hnndlng tho manuscript
to the chairman, who read tho re
mainder of it. This spooch was as
"There Is qn old story, somo of
you may remember, which, when (
read It, changed the aspecUof things
for mo by its very name, for that
was n stroke of genius. 'Put Your
self In His Place.' What n differ
ent world it would bo if we all did
that! Well, you try now, Trr
hard. Think yourselves each 109 C
yearn old today. Not tho ladles, I
will not ask thorn. Though they
may como to that, they will never
look It, and they will uovcr know It.
and no ono will ever bcllcvo it. But
you men can try. Fancy you each-
lived 100 years and woko today to
find yourself surrounded by klndlr
clamorous voices, 'troops of friends
What would you say? I think you
would cny naught. I shall say
naught, naught, .naught to all of you,
except Just this, God bless you ercr
In his onc-hundrcd-and-first year
ho revised the proofshcets of a book
and colubrated tho beginning of bis
ono-hundred-and-iiccoud year by play
ing his Kultnr and Btnglng a Spanish
song. Some weekH later he attended
n performance nt ono of thu London
Tho available water power' of Eu
ropean Russia, including Finlaqd,
the Urals and tho Caucasus, has bocn
estimated by government experts at
30,000,000 horse-power, of which
scarcely 250,000 horse-power ban
bocn utilized.
nnn Antfin la out nothlnR by thu
mishap, as 'ho htfs his half dollur , hearty support to tho othor fellow
it no is uouuuuicu 1 um iur ?uu.
! Trim Tlmrn. I
Offlcor What's that In tho ditch?
Tommy Private 'Igglnbottom,
Officer What's ho doing thero?
Why don't you help him out? ,
Tommy Well, sir, wouldn't that
bo a soft tiling to do, seeing na 'ow
I've Just put 'Im in? London Punch. '
t , I
Wo Cure For Dumb Beasts.
Wo havo opened a hitch and feed
stablo in tho building recently occu
pied by Cooper & Co., and aro ready
to moot your wants In that line. Leavo
your Iforso whero you know It will bo
cared for.
Hartford, Ky.
Will Be Your Lewst
But the earliest shoppers for
Holiday Merchandise will have
the largest assortment to select
from, and can get better service.
Don't put oil making your selec
taons until the last minute. Get
busy' now. However, nobody
must be disappointed. We will
be on the job late Saturday night.
Every one shall have an opportu
nity to complete his holiday
list and be well prepared with
Christmas Edibles for himself"
and family. We are expecting
you sometime between now and
midnight Saturday.
P. Barnes & Bro.
Beaver Dam, Kentucky.
I '1

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