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Fine Jb Work.
No., 48
rnUiT roMi'iifs Tn -onoH
nines Ami Kloteis Wear
M'hrs Out.
Distill If
Kasl St. Louis. III.. May 30. A
nni of perhaps 2,000 persons vent
through the- negro quarters ituriiiR tho
light, shot one elorcd iiiiiti, seriously
wounding lilm. beat ii score Into uii-
consc3oiiMiehH, drove seveial hundred
.negroes ucnus the Mississippi rlcr(
lit Idge. Into St. I.ouls, .Mo., iinu men
.dispersed curly lodnv.
Tim assault began lifter a repoit
hail been circulated that u .vhll
uiinuiii hud been Insulted and two
...l.i,.. ....... Ii..t,l mi hv nei'rocH. lust i
null. ii,. -- ,- - -- .-.--- - - .
.. "V , .i... r i I
.niter a roiuniim-i- irnni un- viuiim
Trades and Labor Union had attend
ed u meeting of the City Council to
make a protest against the Importa
tion or any more colored laborers in
to Hi. I.ouls.
Shots wvro lired at frequent In
tel vain, but only one negro is known
to have been wounded. Jle tied to
.St. I.ouls aud whs found them uii
.coiisclous wllh h bullet wound In bis
head .Mild three ribs fractured. All
negroes were searched, and if armed
they .were beaten into uncouselous-
Many negroes were given refuge in
-the city Jail, nml at mldtilgbl tho po
lice estimated thut 11.000 persons r-ur-ronnded
thu building, threatening to
storm It The mob was 'dissuaded,
however, and ruMied Into the buMuess
surllon, where street cars were
.stopped and aloon. searched. Sev
eral negro salons were wrecked aiid
Mayor Mollman Issued nn order for
.nil bars In thee Ity to close
All Police Called Out.
Itiot calls brought out tho entire
city nullcu force, but the 120b went
virtually uncliecked. Tho Sixth 111!-I
nols Infantry was called and put 1
4inilcr arms, but took no active part in j IM.docd thoy. :,8Sorled. only seven
the disturbance. I miles from Genoa, after tho naval
Many workmen here havo been J C(UVoy llul,Ml.lt the 8teainhip. bo
Idle 011 account of strikes, and MiUuvlnB 1kt saf0trom aitHck. Tho
estimated that at least 8.000 negroes ,,, niJ heani by pers0ns
navo men i.nporicu uum wie ouuw.
do take heir places.
A tho meeting of the Council.
wiurii nu uum in iuo .u..u, "'u"1" ' i stroyed vessel In Genoa, the Wash- "ulllue'a' ',,,lu """j l" ""'
Juin of the City Hall In order to ac-!inpton iL,tt xew York April 3. but late enlistment. Tho daily averago
rouinodato tho crowd, tho Mayor , ..,..,., ri!Cords fo not contain ' recruiting has dwindled steadily.
lileadMl wltli tlio men to restrain
.. .. .
themselves from violence, and prom
Jsed that soniu method of coutrollliis
tlio Ingress of negroes would bo
The crowd seemed peaceable
ftiough until a rumor was heard that
i( white woman had been insulted,,
UI.U lliai IWO Willie uieu nuu ncuu
Jheid up by negroes. Then tho mob
began attacks on negroes, who woro
seized and searched. If unarmed
thoy were punished lightly. It they
carried a weapon they were shown
no mercy.
This continued Intenulttetitly for
inoro than four hours. Governor Low
don was aaku.l to send troops, but as,
tho National Guard has been federal
ized, it could not answer such a call.
A report was current that 'members
or tlie Sixth Illinois were aldliif; tho
police-, hut this proved untrue.
Thu mob began to dlsporse shortly
lioforo 2 o'clock, and at 'A o'clock tho
oily appeared quiet.
Police officials said, however, that
thoy leaved unother outbreak, es
pecially If nogroes start to work lu
pltintH whero strikes liavo been called.
Mob Makes Second Attack.
Kast SI. Louis, III.. May 30. Tho
xrcoiiil night of anti-negro rlota horo
reached Us climax after throo white
men and two negroes had beeu
-wounded by bullots, several negroes
betUou and half n doxou negro homes
Iinrned, thou subsided suddenly and
tlio city became comparatively quiet.
Small mobs formed quickly last
nlKht but wero soon dispersed. Dis,
turlwTices becan about 7 o'clock in
thu outlying districts and wero con
fined to these suctions. Sis cotup
uiilfit of National Guaidsmen, uuder
couiiuuud of Col. O. fc2. Clayton,
Fourth Illinois iufautry, formed a
cordon about thu negro districts and
itibpciscd troupd tit men wheruver
sighted, but a tho lights had been
shot out small mob formed and
dished wltta thu negroes lit frequent
Intervals, despite their vigilance.
Two laborers were wounded slight
ly when they entered a negro district.
Thomas Ultchlo, private detective Tor
tho Baltimore & Ohio railroad, was
hit by a charRo of Mint from a shot-,
gun ,11 tho Uii nls o' f negro' whom ho
had challenged In tho company yenrds
HI? wound was not (prions, j
One of the wounded negroes prob
ably will i!:c, ti ihe other suffj nl
oiilj ii llesh wound. Whenever shoot-,
lug started the guards rushed to the
scene and Idspersod the trouble
makers who offered no resistance to
tho officers, j
Several false flro alarms were turn
ed In, and six negro homeswere tired
by whites nml burned to' the ground. '
None of the negroes who were biuten
was badly hurt.
- - a.
30 accent'
Washington. May
mi'ltary events In Italy are being fol
If wed with the most 'Intense Interest,1"1" "' "-""" i"""" " " ; "
by membeis of the Italian mission. Hrht with :!00 and .New ork
I who sav that the fall of Trient now
'is Inevitable. They are anxious, how-!
I ...... ,... .
ever, not to uomonra mu cuy, ami
,ope the Austrlans will not destroy
11 before evacuating.
I Trlnst hni.v.r. In viewed as a side
(M.U.. to the miMu offensive, which is organizing ho newly authorized regi
now dlrctJ-d toward opening up the " These, of course, are for the.
road to Leibach. which in turn opens ri-Rr army and quite ..pari from
thefoad to Vienna. Sharp mountains Wo army to bo raised by selective
stand beforw the Italian advance and j conscription,
it 1. h, ,1 i. wilt e,t. 500.000' UP'U-' thu afct that tho nation Is
mon -to puss them (Sen. (.'adorna. It is
thought. Is seeking to avoid this loss
by going around.
lyiTjj D77 CAU" 1,- l0 l,50 n uayl,clals say
nlltr UvLL'anTl must be Increased to 10,000 or 20,000
'n day If the forces which In allvprob-
1 ability will bo among the first to fol
MKUITKKHANKAN HAH- low Maj. Gen. Pershing's division to
A.VD SOW MINKS WITH ' Kurope are to-go forward promptly.
New York, May 30. Officers of
the former American steamship Vlr-
glnla. who arrived at an American
nnrl tiw'nv hrnilL'ht word of thu sink-
Qf ,ho Urltlj,u ttMsM BtcaiAihtp
Washington by n German submarlnu
, T..,. Washlnctou was tor
ashoro tll0. declared.
A,.11P,ii , ,i, vinHnl.Vs n-mrK
wIjn t.)lkca wltIl ,no crew ot lll8 de.
..... --..-. ... --
the do,arture ot any vess, of that'
name trom this port. There Is a
Briliih steamship named Washing
ton or 5.0SO tons gross, owned by tho ,
Kadcliffti Steamship. Company, I.oti- !
don. but her movements are uot re-
Tho. virElnla officer said the U-J
buatu operating iu tho Mediterranean
1 haie become so bold they go almost
iu'o harbors, planting mined and cut
jting nets. They declare tho German
I siibuuiriues are equipped with nct-
cutting apparatus, "a sort ot wire
! device like a buzz saw," they di
I scribed It, which cuts a net-' like a
,... ,,.., ., ,.,,,- mi.,nJ o,.,i ,.J
hot knife through butter."
The Virginia was sold to tho
French Government on hoi1' arrival
recently In Europe.
-- m
"Wnshlngtou, May 30. The llrst ot
(he dirigible balloons belii built for
tho navy, much after the pattern of
Hie British "blimps," made an entire
ly micwsslul Might yestorday from
Chicago to Akron, O. Loavlnc Chi
cago at noon shn, landed without mis
hap at Akron about 5 o'clock in the
afternoon, making up. airline distance
ot about 500 miles.
jYKAU I-'IHK LOSS !tJU,.:i),lli5,
AN 1NCKKASK OF .iH.,0Ol),ory
n !
Now York, May 30. Tlio firo loss
es of tho country during. tli3 last year
totaled $214',G30,U9fi, as compared
with J170.033.200 for tho year pro
vIoiih, nil Increase nt more than 514,
000,000 nccordinR to a report read
nt tho openini; session of (ho annual
convention of the National Board ot
Flro Underwriters' horo Thursday.
Tho loss per capita Increased, as a
result, Troni $1.71 to$2'.io. ' .
AXI) filTAItl).
Recruiting I'lgiiws Show That Vol
unteer I'liin Again Has llroken
Washington, May ".0. War De
partment officials are pointing to the
daily recruiting figures as proof anew
that tho volunteer system again has
) broken down in tlmo of national
Yesterday's regular army recruit
ing lirntiizht ill 2.237 men. nut King :i
.......I 1 r. 1 O jlnti, A. ell 1 Illinois
second wuu -yi..
t army officers declare that a
?r,.ni ilrivo for volunteers to ill the
" ---
," and .National .mini 10 u.e new
war rK "'" " -'
. ..- aI. . f.. 4 1d. ik .lnll-f ,l,klll 1 W
'ss "L'r" '" " "" " nc"""" "'' '"
nt war and American regulars nro
under orders for the lighting frout
iu Franco, less than 200,000 men
haje enlisted since April tin tho
regulars and National Ouard.
Ills IncmiM' Net-e.i.s'.ry.
Tho present rate of enlistment
An appeal to tho country troni the
' President may be necesnary to get
TJho National Guard Is In ve.n a
w"e iiiuauon. 1110 present iota,
strength of the forces is less ban 200.-
000 and ratseu to a -war looiins. a3
has been ordered, .should total 330,
000. Iu addition the sixteen National
Guard division plan, on which the
War Department is working, would
require' nearly as many more to fill
necescary additional regiments.
The moot striking fact' in-connec
Hon with the recruiting, rate for tho
regulars, officers say, 13 that even
tho announcement that Gen. Persh-
Ins would lead adjvislon to Franco
... .j.. 1
If voluntiry enlistment tans, uo-j
splto tho- recruiting campaigns that
I Aval V- !? f i vCy Cm r,
CI lwflf
arc In prospect, the only recourse will
be to fill up the regulars and Nation
al ('.mini with men selected for mllll
fary service underthe draft.
I'. S.
Washington, May 30. The Liberty
Loan ami other war linunre measures
compel tho Hureau of Kngruving and :
Printing these days to work twenty
four hours a day aud employ 1,200
extra workmen and clerks to produce
the 2,7110,000 impressions which now
are turned out dally.
Director Ralph estimated today the
Biireatithls year will make 25,000,
600,000 mites and certificates of va
rious kinds compared with 5,000,
000,000 last year. Heavy additional!
work Is created by the Liberty Loan '
bonds, .1,000,000 of which already
have been partlaly printed, eertili-
cates of Indebtedness ad Interim, war 'tineral Gregory 10-day lnstriirte.1
tax Kamps, extra postage stamps re- j Foiled States Attorneys and Mar
quired by prospective Increase In let- '-nIs throughout rhu t itAitry to n-ake
ter rates to three cents, army officers' 1 c rtaln that rog'sirars die prot.j-fe-l
ctinimlssloiiH, postal savings cerll-'lt the fullest extent, ' and that hi
ilcates and federal reserve bank n. diate and effect lv. I. gal stept are
notes. 1 taken against any who tail or refuse
m Jlo registers
ij.7, ".'" I-'OH AIIH'HAFT Anti-draft agitation has made !t-
A.N'H "Sl'lt" HASKS riCKI!inlf felt somewbiit In many sections,
. j I nt thus far ther" r.pparently is lit
Wusiilngton-, May 30. Appfoprla-l' tie conni'ctlon hetwetu the outbreaks,
tinn of $7,455,000 for submarino niii'.liOlluials have undertaken au ex-
aircraft bases on the Pacific Count is
i-cc 111 mended Iu a fourth report of
the special Naval Yard and Stiilluu
Committee, sent to CotiRress Tuesday
by Secretary Daniels.
In addition to two sites" already
rei-nmmended the report names fesr
others which should -he developed.
Tlie names will not be announced for
military reasons. .
. Accompanying the ' recommenda
tions of the majority' -is a minor re
port by Commander Charles L. W.
Hussey, concurring In the specific
proposals of the cctaimlttee, but ex
pressing the opinion that mpnrtaut
data have been omitted and that the
majority report does not properly
present facts vital to establishment
of "the necessity, desirability and ad
visability of such bases In general
and on the Pacific Coast In particu
lar." Besides the proposed perma
nent bases, for which appropriations
are asked, the committee reeoinmenda
a number of temporary operating
bases for war purposes, which will
not require .expensive plants.
; ? Miss Verna Dulto Qf this place has
accepted a position as Instructress in
Stenography and Typewriting in tho
Western Commercial Business Coil-
ege. of Saskatoon, Province of Saw-
Uatchowan, Canada.
Miss Duko
left . Tuesday for the above named
place to assume her duties. She U
well qualified for thls field of twork
and is mont than certain to fill tho
position lu an acceplablo mauner.
-.Wood in PiidaiUiiitna PiiDlicft-tdnnr.
Teutonic Hand Is Seen In Plots Op
posing, Registration Ami ('on-
script Ion.
Washington, May 30. Because of
tumors for registration day. Attorney
liuustlve investigation to determine
ir the whole anti-drart-seutiment i
uot rooted In extensive machinations
of German propagandists in this
country, having h certtral headquar
ters. Color to the theory Is lent, in some
degree, by tho marked, similarity lu
the methods ot procedure In widely
separated .communities,. ;.Some offi
cials believe that the" entire agitation
Is manufactured by German .agents
who, ball led In (heir oriffihal pro
gramme calling for an armed upris
ing of German reservists " lu this
country upon America's entry Into
the war, bitve turned their energies
to this method of hindering the mili
tary plana or th Government. If
such is tho case the conspiracy will
come to nothing, officials believe The
Department of Justice; It- was au
thoritatively announced to-night, ex-
peels 100 per cent, of ellgibles to
register and prompt prosecution un
der the criminal provisions ot the
law will be instituted In tho few
cases where tbo law IU not observed.
Nation Asked To Help.
To brlug out the full, registration
Attorney General Gregory to-day In
vited the entire nation to constitute
iself a committee ot the w:holo and
evory man of military ago a commit
tee of one, to report slackers.
"Rvery man subject to registration
Is not only expected by the Depart
ment ot Justice to comply with the
law," reads an official statement, "but
also to constitute blmseir a commit
tee ofono. In his community to see
that each of his acquaintances who
should register does so, or is prompt
ly reported for prosecution uuder tho
criminal provisions of the law. At
torney General Gregory invites all
young mon ot ttfp country to co
operate In the enforcement ot tho law
a a part of their patriotic duty.
"Hotel mined to crush In incipiency
ovory movement designed to thwart
or Interfere with registration as pro
vided fer In tlio law, tho department
is having its officers throughout the
country an est promptly all agitators
UKiiiist compliance with tho law.
"The department Is no depeudent
entirely upon IU agencies to discover
disloyal activity. Stalo and munici
pal police are co-operatlnK.and meni-
Ibew of ntitioual patriotic and com
mercial org.iulnttousi which word on
listed after thu declaration of a state
61 war to guard against all acts In
imical to the general welfare are eu
KRKu In bringing to notice of United
States Attorneys and marshals all In
Htr.nt'cs of attempts to discourage
."Theitf huv6ral aei'iiclta will be on
duly June 5, honeycombing tho coun
try to tee that evory man subject to
registration complies with tlio law
nml that every official delegated to
carry out Its provisions performs Ills
duty properly."
- '
If." S. iil'WItill SHH'
Nev York, May 30. -The Ameri
can schooner Margaret. B. Houss,
which loft St. Andrew's Hay. Florida,
February 4. with cargo of'pluo lum
ber for Genoa, wns tunic by u tmb
nmriiiK April 27, near the Krench
Itaitan coast and the crow robbod by
lltu crmtina, according to Capt. Prod
1 Foot, nuikW of tho schooner, who
'tlrplvorl tinrn Inrtntf finm Pmnnit .nl
Foot said a detachment from tua
subinarlue boarded his vessel and
took from It everything of value. In
cluding fodstuffs, navigating instru
ments and even tho extra clothing of
himself and his six men. They weru
set adrift in open boats and woro
landed at Monte Carlo by a patrol
boat which picked them up. Tlio
schooner was sunk by bombs.
The Margaret B. Houss formerly,
was the barkcntlne Herbert Fuller,
!1now" ma1' years ago as a "raurdor
snip auer tour persons were murd
ered on board during a voyage from
Boston to Nova Scotia. The trail of a
mate for the crime In a Boston court
about eighteen years ago was a sen
sation at that time.
Now York, May 30. An abnormal
demand for marriage licensee with a
corresponding high, ratio ot csre
nionics performed 'by fity officials has
been observed here Monday ami
Tuesday, with the majority of ap
plicants men who are of conscrlp
tlve age. Officials say It is a renewal
ot ther un on the marriage license
bureau begun when the selectiro
draft law was passed and which
stopped when It was announced from
Washlugtou thut newly married men
would be treated the same as bacan
lors. The Increase Is attributed to a
report that married- men will be tho
last to be drafted. The records show
that 243 licenses were Issued Mop
cay and 167 to-day up to '4 p. tii.
with a long line -of couples in wait
ing at that hour.
Wage Increases aggregating $lC0,-
000 a month' and the eight-hour day
have boen voluntarily granted by the
L. & N. Railroad Company to alt
shopmen and foremen over the gys
stem because ot tho high C03t ot liv
ing. The increases became effective
May 1, and between S.000 and 10,000
men are beneficiaries. This Increase,
in tho number of pien benefitted and
tho amount of money Involved, ranks'
among the largest ever voluntarlly
made In the history ot railroading.
The nine-hour day formerly pre
vailed in L. & N. shopsbut the eight
hour day went into full effect along
with the wage Increases. All work In
excess of eight hours Is now paid for
at overtime rates of time and one
half. Machinists and bollermakers, who
are among tho most skilled ot shop
workmen, received the largest In
crease, amounting to G cents an hour.
Their maximum pay was raised
thereby from 42 cents to 4S cents an
Car repairers and men doing-similar
work received an increase of 4
cents an hour, or 32 cents a day.
Helpers in several classes, were
granted 3& cents an hour Increase,
while all apprentices woro granted
2 Hi cents an hour Increase.
Tho increases were authorized by
the'eompany management without
olther demand or suggestion on the
part d the employes.
Boston, Way 8().' The proposed
employment of women as conductors
on street cars lu this city to fill tho
places made vncant by 'men called to
the colors was opposed in resolutions
announced by tho Boston Streot Car
Men's Union to-day.
"Organised labor," the resolutions
said, "would protect women against
thciuo.slvfcs, that their labor may not
bo exploited by the captains ot in
dustry who, under the guise of pa
triotism, hide tho real motives ami
purpose which seek to deny to thoso
at present engaged in this occupation
any tftrlous collective effort to peti
tion for a little 'moro In wages that
will enable tlem to jualritaln tlu
Am"erlcai standard of living.
"This kinder ptitrlotlsui'ls tho ki'id
for Iho overthrow of thoso for wheiu
our nutton lu to-day taking up arms, '
Tho oxccutlro board, ot tho union
was Instructed to "flgbt to tho limit"
any attempt to givo women such po
sitlono. -'

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