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Farm Department
'Good TnctlcW
Cnttlc ticks and powder don't mix.
Would you rather feed a tick or
feed n soldier? Tho dipping vat
gives you a real choice.
r...,,. i,-.i mnfnlia.l in flm ,ilnnlne
va t helps our soldiers march to the
..... ..... .- ,.!.. . .l. v.
livery iick is suckiub hi iuc
tlon'a commissary
Don't let ticks entrench, them
eelves in the hides of your cattle.
That dipping vat will help keep
our navy afloat and our armies afield.
Give the ticks a ticket to the dip -
pW vat.
The more ticks, the fewer pounds
of meat, quarts of milk, vats of but-
If you really believe in efficiency,
take the ticks off and put leeches on
do the same work but faster,,
The days of cupping for blood are
over dip that tick.
A dipping vat may not be able to
float a battleship, but It can help
feed the Navy;
How much of your feed Is going
to fatten blood-sucking ticks?
Every dipping vat is a solid foun
dation for the Nation's food store
bouse. Potatoes (both Irish and sweet),
when cooked, furnish about as much
body fuel as an equal weight of
cereals; they contain less protein and
fat but more mineral substances.
How To Can Tomatoes.
The following method Is used by
canning demonstrators in the North
and West:
Select firm, well-formed tomatoes.
Scald l1,: minutes, or until skin
loosens. Dip quickly into and out of
Peel and remove stems
cold water.
and cores. Pack directly into cans
or hot Jars. Press down with a
tablespoon (add hot water). Add a
level teaspoonful of salt per quart,
p,,t tho rhor rlnps nml rnns nf lar
Into position, but do not tighten fully
Seal tin cans completely. Place the
packed containers on a false bottom
In a vessel of water sufficiently deep
to cover them by 1 Inch and allow to
remain at a boiling temperature for
22 minutes, when using hot-water-bath
canners. m , , . .,,.
.--' '"
" Rats breed from six to ten times a '
year and produce from C to 17 young
In a litter. ,
To Cm Sweet Corn.
Can as soon after the corn Is gath-, of good purified healthyblood. Dr.
ered as possible.. Remove husks and King's New Life Pills are a non-grip-Bilk.
Blanch by placing In boiling ' ing laxative that aids nature's pro
water for five minutes. Remove and cess, try them to-night At all drug
dip quickly Into and out of cold, gists, 25c. --.. .i-isn, . - l
water. Cut the c6rn from the cob i o
and pack directly Into hot Jars or Sheriffs Sale,
-cans to within one-fourth inch of the j By virture of a judgment and
top. Pour In enough boiling water I execution No. 933, issued to me from
to fill the container. Add one level the Ohio Circuit Court, on transcript
teaspoonful of salt to each quart. J from the Hartford Police Court, for
Put rubber rings and caps of Jars into ; $25.00 with Interest from Jan. 23,
positionbut do not tighten the wire! 1311, together with $5.C3 cost in
clamps. Seal tin cans completely. favor of J. E. Fogle, Plaintiff, vs.,
Place containers on a false bottom L. T. Wright, Defendant, and whlcn"
of wooden slats or wire mesh In a execution was by me levied on the
vessel of water deep enough to cover herebelow described tract of land,
the containers compl&teiy, Keep thg . I wM on .Monday, August the Cthj
'water boiling for three hours." 1 1017 at the Court House door In
Remove the Jard, tighten covers, Hartford, Ky., at about the hour of
Invert Jars to test seal, and cool (not - o'clock, p. m., offer at public out
In draft, as Jars might crack.). --'-'. t0 he hlSest and best bidder on
,, , , , , 'a credit of C and 12 months, the fol-
Tin cans may be placed In cold ,ow trQct of ,a or Q mucn-
water for rapid cooling. thercof ag may be neceary t0 6aUs
After the containers are cool store fy plaintiff's debt, interest and cost
In a dark, cool place. a the cost of this levy, advertise-
iiapui preparauun mr luuuuib is
especially desirable for corn If a good J
-. .-.
y ---
vutiiinhi e Bfit
fliltlULt KUE
Mrs. Quinn's Experience
Ought to Help You Over
the Critical Period.
Tt-ill. Mass. "For( the last three
years I have been troubled with tho
Uiu bad leeiinga
common at that
time. I was ip a
very nervous condi
tion, with headaches
and pain a good
deal of the time sb I
was unlit to do my
work. A friend
asked mo to try
Lydia E. Pinkham'a
Vegetable Com
pound, which I did,
nnd it has helped me in every way. I
nm not notiriy bo nervous, no neauacnu
or pain. I -must say that Lydia E.
I'inkham's Vegetable Compound is tho
Lest remedy any sick woman can take."
Mrs. Margakkt Quinn, Koar 259
Wortiicn St., Lowell, Ma3s.
Otherwarning symptoms aro a sense
cf suffocation, hot Hashes, headaches,
tackaches, dread of impending evil,
timidity, sounds in tho ears, palpitation
of the heart, uparks bi'foro tho eye,
irregularities, conBttyation, vuriuble
tppetito, weakness, inquietude, and
d. .InoM. .
.1 you need special udvice, write t
tin tvdla E. l'inkhnm Medicine Cc
feontuk-ntial). Lynn, ilasu.
Iiiinll ll XJ III lllll
quality of product la to be obtained.
The best results can be secured when
one person cuts the corli from -the
cob and another, nils the containers.
, 1 1 It Is necessary for one person to
work nloilC 'she should CUt off SU di
dent corn to fill one Jar, pour on
j bollInB water, add salt, place the rub -
.oro on.l Mt tn nnalHr.li ntl.l nut
- w -i'. ... ,.......-.., ...... ,...-
tho Jar or container which will bo
given to the cans first filled will not
be Injurious and a better product will
be secured than if the cut corn wero
allowed to stand until nil Jars were
, filled.
j Fifty rats on a farm will cost the
owner $100 to $300 a year.
Do not place glass Jars to cool in
J a draft, which is liable to cause them
to crack.
State of Ohio, City of Toledo,
Lucas County. es.
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that ho
Is senior partner of tho firm of F. J.
Cheney & Co., doing business In the City
of Toledo, County and State aforesaid,
and that said firm will pay the sum of
and every case of Catarrh that cannot be
cured by the use of HALL'S CATARRH
Sworn to before me and subscribed In
my presence, this 6th day of December,
A. D. 15S6. A. W. GLEASON.
Seal) Notary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Medicine Is taken In
ternally and acta through the Blood on
the Mucous Surfaces of the System. Send
for testimonials, free.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo. O.
Sold by all druggists. Tfc.
Hall's Family Mils for constipation.
"Facts is Facts."
Scotch whiskey comes from Penn
sylvania. Turkish cigarettes comes from Vir
ginia. French china comes from Ohio.
Persian rugs come from Massach-
i settB-
iiussian caviare comes from alien
I Igan.
I English herring come from Ore
gon. U i ,.
' -orweigan saruines come irom
Havanna tobacco comes from Ken
tucky. Irish linen comes from New York.
Cincinnati Enquirer.
Yon Need a Spring Laxative.
Dr. King's New Life Pills will re
move the accumulated wastes of wln-
ter from your Intestines, the burden
of the blood. Get that sluggish
spring fever feeling out of your Eys-
tem, brighten your eye, clear your
complexion. Get that vim and snap
mem, saio c.
A certain tract or parcel of land
in Ohio County, Ky., on tho waters j
of Elm Lick Creek and bounded as
follows: Beginning at a black oak
on tho side of tho Hartford and
Leltchfleld road, Clark's corner;
thenco with said road S. 75 E. 34
poles; S. C2 13. IS poles; s. oo b. vi
poles; S. C5 E. 13 poles to a whlto
oak In Sam Cox line; thence with his
lino W. 40 poles to a whlto oak,
Cox's cortier; thence with another of
his lines W. 32 20 poles to a
whlto oak, dogwood, dead red oak,
Clark's cornor In Cox's line; thenco,
with Clark's Hue N. 40 V. CO poles
to a whlto oak, Clark's corner; thence
with another of Clark's lines S. GO
W. 24 poles to a red oak, Clark's
cornor; thenco with another of
Clark's lines S. 10 W. GO poles to tho
beginning, containing 30 acres, more
or less. It being part of the land
convoyed to E. C. Hubbard, deceased
by Honry Schroader, etc., by deed
dated October 25, 18S2 and recorded
In Deed Hook 4, page 210, Ohio
Countv Court Clerk's olllco and will
oil to Luev S. Hubbard by said de -
ccdont by his last will recorded In
Will Rook D, pago 23S, In the olllco
aforesaid and samo land conveyed to
defendant by tho said Lucy S. Hub
bard by deed of record In Deed Book
No. 39, pago 227, In olllco aforesaid.
Tho purchaser will bo required to
cxecuto bond with npproved security,
immediately following tho sale.
Given under my hand, this tho
19th, day of July, A. D., 1917.
3t3 Sheriff of Ohio County.
The Ohio County Board of Elcc -
tlon Commissioners, consisting of S.
O. Keown, W. N. Stevens and 1V. S.
Tlnsley, met on last Tuesday and
appointed the following olllccrs to
conduct the August Primary Elec
tion: K. Iiiittfotil, No. 1.
H f- ' Harnard
. J LC9lle -"U8-
C S.
E. Ellis
W. Hart ford, No. 2;
3 H. E. Brown.
J J. II. Thomas.
S S. F. Riley.
C Henry Leach.
Hetla, No. a.
J C. B. Shown.
J J. A. Bajrd.
S W. C. Ashley.
C W. Q. Parks.
S. Springs No. !..
J J. Ellis Mitchell.
J W. V. Renfrow.
S W. V. Sproule.
C J. W. Thomas.
Maiiun, No. u.
J A. C. Baughn.
J Jno. Westerfleld.
S Walter Midkiff.
C C. W. Moseley.
Cromwell, No. O.
J Clarence Havens.
J J. W. Butler.
S Dolmer Stewart.
C Sherman Taylor.
Cool Springs No. 7.
J Q. M. Benton.
J C. H. Brown.
S Neophus Taylor.
C H. Allen Taylor.
" N. Korkport, No. 8.
J P. O. McKinney.
J J. E. Maddox.
S J. W. Ross.
C J. I. Hoslck.
S. Rockport, No. O.
J J. H. Miles.
J P. S. Coleman.
S J. I. Clarke.
C S. O. Maple.
Select, No. 10.
J E. B. Finley.
J C. W. Ranney.
S N. II. Keown.
C W. I. Langford.
II. Branch, No. 11.
J Joe Miller.
J -Virgil Geary.
S F. B. Frymire.
C Jack Walker.
Rosine, No. 12.
J Clarence Raley. -
J W. W. Hatler.
S Loney Thomson.
C Everett F. Liles.
i:. Ileaicr Dam, No. 1.1.
J Luther Render.
J Ellis Smith. . j
S D. B. Reid.
C Mason Taylor.
AV. Heaver Dam, No. II.
J J. D. Williams. Jt -
J R. H. Barnes. --"
S W. R. "Cook.
C G. D. Young.
McIIenry, No. 15.
J S. B. Snell.
J E. F. Render. .
S A. M. Smith.
C S. J. Tlchenor.
Centertonn, No. 10.
J S. H. Render.
J -Scioto Hocker. .. " ( :
S T. H. Boyd. J r
C O. M. Bishop.
Sinalllioiis, No. 17.
J J. C. Hill. -
J W. M. Addlngton.
S Alonzo France.
C Guy Barnard.
E. Foidsvlllc, No. 18.
J J. W. O'Dell.
J -C. E. Miller. ' '
S L. W. Truman.
C -W. H. Miller.
W. Fords Me, No, II).
J Lon Richards.
J Dennis Walker. -" ,
S Joe Cheek. ' '
C R. I. Miller;
AeiiiuMlle, No. 20.
j Frank Mcltinley.
j VesxWhiteley.
SW. L. Wade.
C W. II. Phillips.
Sliieve, No. 21.
jC. T. Whlttinghill.
j a. B. Grant. .
S Rufus Dowell.
C Oscar Petty.
Olaton, No. 22.
J M. L. Patterson.,
J -Henry Felix.
S Ernest Truman.
C K. C. Dyers.
Unfold, No. 2!I.
j c. D. Hudson.
J Owen Magan.
S Walter Blair.
C J. D. Holbrook.
lliii tied, No. 21.
iJ -D. II. Uartlett
J Clarenco Patton.
S Ira iiowaru
C Hosea Shown.
Helllii, No. .-3.
j noy Owen.
J L. B. Charlotte,
S W. 13. Heflln.
C Rufus Williams.
Ccrulvo, No. 20.
J Finis Rowo.
J Elbert Brown.
S W. P. Barnard.
C John Woods.
Pi. Pirn-nut, No. SI7.
J Wat Taylor.
j J J. N. Nail.
. S Nat Llndley.
J C L. E. Everly.
Narrows, No. 28.
I J A. R. Renfrow.
J Joe T. Sliultz.
i S Sam Beniiett.
I C -C. C. Carter.
l Ralph, No. 21).
j J. A. Greer.
j J. L. Pntton.
S John Raymon.
C Lon Owen.
I'lentKs, No. no.
J O. E. Scott.
J Jas. Shepherd.
S T. W. Bennett.
C H. B. Taylor.
Herbert, No. ill.
J Grant Midkiff.
J -Vlrgal Miller.
S G. M. Burdetto. 1
C Wnlden Haynes. .
Arnold, No. .'12.
J. G. Byers. (
J O. B. Howell. l
S Blumer Renfrow.
C Clarenco Arnold.
Itciftlor, No. a:i.
J Joe James.
J Geo. McFarland.
S Milton Park.
C Claude Myers.
Simmons No. !M.
J Geo. T. Tlnsley.
J J. E. Southard.
S Guy Ranney.
C Wlllard Lake.
Bad Colds From Sudden Changes,
Spring brings all kinds of weath
er and with it comes colds and the re
vival of winter coughs and hoarse
ness. Dr. Bell's Plne-Tnr-Honey will
head off a new cold or stop tho old
one, the soothing balsams relieve the
soro throat and hca the Irritated tis
sues. Get a bottlo to-day and start
treatment at once. At your druggist,
25c. Formula on the bottle. 1
Ohio Circuit Court.
Rowell Printers' Supply Co., et al.,
vs. Notice.
W. S. Tlnsley, et al., Defendant.
Pursuant to Judgment and order of
sale entered at the July term, 1917,
for tho purpose of paying the various
Judgments set out In the Judgment
filed In tho abovo styled action, and
for tho purpose of paying nil cost, I
will offer for sale at public auction to
tho highest and best bidder at tho
court houso door in Hartford, Ky.,
on Monday, August C, 1917, at about
tho hour of one o'clock p. m., upon a
credit of C and 12 months, the fol
lowing described property to-wlt:
1st Ono two-letter linotype or
typo casting machino of the manu
facture of the Mergenthaler I.inotyn'o
Company, bearing name "Linotype,"
known as' Llnotypo Model 5 No.
2nd One standard Babcock
cylinder press, 12 by 18 Chandler &
Price Job press; one S by 12 Chandler
& Price press; ono 30 inch Chandler
Price paper cutter; one four horse
power Fairbanks & M0l'6o gasoline
engine; ono 2 horse power Fairbanks
& Morse gasoline engine; one eclipse
folding machino; one Boston stapler;
ono Mosler llro proof safe; and all
typo cases and other material be
longing to the prlntery of tho Hart
ford Republican, and any other prop
erty belonging to said Hartford Re
publican, as olllco fixtures, typo
machines and any other proper
ty owned by tho Hartford Republican
and, now being used by sftld company.
togother with all botes and accounts
belonging 10 tho estate of C. M.
Harnett, deceased, together with tho
subscription list of said paper, and
tho good will of tho business.
3rd A certain lot In tho city of
Hartford, Ohio County Kentucky,
bounded as follows;
Beginning at tho Intersection of
Union and Mulberry Streets; thenco
with Mulberry Street 104 feet and
10 Inches to tho lot now owned by J.
Ham Barnes; thenco at right angles
101 feet with his lino to tho Morton
property; thence at right angles with
a lino of said lot 104 feet and 10
Inches to Union Street; thence with
Union Street 101 feet to tho begin
ning. Being a portion of lot conveyed to
Hartford Lodgo No. C75 F. & A. M.
and recorded In Book M, pago C41,
Ohio County dork's olllco and con
voyed to C. M. Barnett by W. II.
Moore, J. P. Sanderfur and J. C. Her
trustees for tho said F. & A. M.
Lodgo by deed recorded tn deed book
3D, pago 402, Ohio County Court
C'lerk's office.
j Tho purchaser will bo required to
exocuto bond with npproved security
immediately after sale, and a Hen
will bo retained until each bond
executed is paid In full.
. Given under my hand, this tho 12th
day of July, 1917.
Mastor Commissioner.
Glenn & SImmorman, Ernest
Woodawrd, M. L. Heavrln, Attorneys.
Ohil.dren Ory
In city where good hotelt
bound, tht Powbttan hei the
It It fint'ln tht'hurti of It
I countrymen.
The Towlutan it teffntJ, ex
(luint, anj ttitful. Ill excel
lent location en Penne-lrama
Acnuc, 18th an.l It hlteeU,
inakci it a ileut.M headquar
ter lor Initial couplet, touritt
pJMiei, convention,, Schooli anj
collecei. ,
The tohatan attract! the
reoplc o( culture and education,
is proximity to State, War and
Nav Department, alio to manf
Kinti vl lmtnrical interot,
make tin, hotel rtpecially at
tractive to i (Incriminating pub
lic The Powhatan offer! roomi
villi detached bath at .$1.10.
$2.00 and up. Room, with pri
vate bath, $2.50. $1.00 and up.
"Vv'iite for booklet lth map.
If you purchiue tho .NEW 1IO.MK you will
have n life naxct nt U10 price you juiy, and will
not havenn cniUe cluiln of repair-.
it is the
in the end
In r.iitr.
- " "
If you wniitnuewlnt: machine, write for
our latrat caUilot-uo before you purcluiac.
The New Home Zimi Machine Co., Orange, Mass.
One hundred per cent
value. Special work for W.
O. W.
R. F. D. 7. Hartford, Ky.
Representing Continental
Marble & Granite Co.
Get on
J? you Tf ant to toccecd
(nlif loumuil Lnow
w hat 11 uew In Luilneu and Indua-
(let out of the rut) ct on the tiling Un. ReaJ
trv In inv-ntlnn &nn ul.nr..
Popular Science
tVie rnoet Interertlnsranil tuerul maratlri. and
U10 Livfcit uioney'i worth. Utery uiouut
300 Picture 300 Article
all for only 13 cent. All the new Ideaa and
Intennona iu rieciricnir aun wirtir., m
autowolillea and aeroplanea, la ahopwork and
1 I M ton !. Awift Iri l-r a rt 1 1 1 w a mf
now 10 v... mum .1 iwuhn v .. .
month, IncluUitiv rcfrlceratnii, poultry houaea,
t b-1a iLFb... &. 1.A.Ha AavrV
II II lull V u.vt.y-......, ..-....p ..-
It la written In plain tailuh lor men end bortv.
15 CenU a Copy $1.60 a Year
Oet It from a newadealer or write direct to
Popular Science Monthly-, IM Fourth Are., N.Y.
CD EC TeeceUcti-frMlIyeeieal'e.rtaarp
rttllCi (u pttltn ui auaUae till ftf.
Call 011 Tho
Job Printing.
Republican for Fine
t CLIFFORD M. LEWIS. , S.ndrroJel. otuoriketch for rn-C.r-rort I
b ."iianjcer. z on AUnuUlltr. w juV rrartlr SUR- I
- PAINQ nircrCNCCt. ror I n oaida
M' Jr . on ProfltaMi. rwente write, lo
lu'iiiilili'iini-ii" irr'iwnniE B0rP5..s?ji'"t; -. I
1 " -.woninmiun, u. ej.
mm M "the MJiU$ljZ3t
IV r WW . --
u ndle r LI 1 1 nil L dSSSLk
v ANY nH bSBIII rz
H lp H U H bbH B?a mV
Otto C. Martin
Attorney at Law '
Will practice bJs profession, fn itit
and adjoining couutUtj. CuranierclaJ
Jid Criminal Practice a Specialty.
Beaver Dam, Kyi
Highway and -Drainage
DR. 0. E. HART
Ofllco James Tujlor'n Livery Bora.
I Tmlicini
for WEAK
A quick rellel for that tire J, rundown ferlinc.
couchi, paine In chrtt. nlchl tweati. Iiemor
thacri, weak lunit or coniumptlon. II II doea
B.I kelp yea it eoite y.a nalblat.
Lock, dox 610
S.- y. -w
O .'J
IfEEP Informed of the World's PmirrM In1
Engincenng. Mechanics nnd Invention. For
ratncrnnfJ ion nnd Alilne tamilv. it nnn-a!
iu .11 1 classes vj.u nnn lounR-ienana ttomen.
Ii 11 aw r aToniti i6aiiu m iuou tmii or
omi-i thrnastiout tt worM Our I- orcJin
(orrH'ondcnt arc roriitantlf t-n llie watch
m lor tUoK new unit lunriilnki mi H U
Written So You Can Understand It
Tb Shop Nol DprtmMit (CO Taiteil contain
I'ractlcal lUnU fnr hbop or k and pv; waj4 fur Uir
juaMo in uo nunc irnnnn ue jiome,
Amtttur MetehaWiltK (17 l'jiorai tnr tri Wnt mnA
le unit It'hrttpH Outtitu, I-'ubIi-c, Monti hnow
aav-t--, urnrirj. ikrri g urill.H rt', r.V. l4)U(tlDI Q
Orj) fr ywr WIm lrd Irm U pnllkw
Sompl copy will b nt on rqul-
a no. micnigan Aotnui, wniUAQU
anb CURE the J.UWCS
0r Kins'i
New BissmrjH
FOR tfSHe?"8 . ?l I
-tarvi-WvT I rill uams ireea
PROCURED AND DCrcriDCD. "-"-1''. I
GIKWIIIOI liHVl"I.IMfll.rt-""lli .'("
Hvo ulrlci, luw to bbluln iu.nt, train u.A.
coprrlifUU, lUi, IN ALL COUNTRICS.
Jlivlntu Jirret v ' H'jtilngtort Mitt tinl,
mnty ana rjien wtfjuHi.
"ile.nt trd l.ifrlngtnnt Practice Excl.j'vtly.
r 'm or t-ome tu ui at
lbta ttrwt, scar tTct4 ItatM Fatast CSca, I
H Secured or Your Money Back
if you taka tlio DrutiKhoa Trarulng, tha
, . lF" PS"? ' ',Bt ''"'Ino" io-'O iii.lorko.Yua
can tako It al eolttoe or b mail. Wrlto U-1im
1'aduclit iij,
- and TnAOC-MAIKB irtrnpllr obtalu-J In
all cu.birl' v or n j 1 1. v olu.ii PATENTS
- THAT PAL a.vcii. tinuii.wr0u4U-.it nr
m 1 airiv. t
VB-m I

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