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Louisville Hotel, Louisville, Ky., Main St., bet. 6th & 7th
Tho Only Hotel In Louisville Operated oa the
American and European Flans.
Itoonut without llutli but with Hot anil Cold itunnla Water.
7G Rooms slnglo, $2.00 por day; 2 peopto, $2.00 each
60 Rooms single, 2.60 per day; 2 pcoplo, 2.26 each
60 Front Rooms. single, 3.00 por day; 2 people, 2.60 each
Hooiiim with Private Until :
60 Rooms single, 3.00 per day; 2 pcoplo, 2.75 each
60 Rooms sliiGlo, 3.60 per day; 2 people, 3.00 each
, EUROPEAN IMiAN (Without Mails)
Rooms without Until hut with Hot mid Cold (tunning Water.
76 Rooms single, $1.00 per ilay; 2 people, $0.76 oach
60 Rooms single, 1.36 par day; 2 people, 1.00 each
60 Kront Rooms. single, 1.60 per day; 2 people, 1.26 each
ItooitiN ulth Private Until :
60 Rooms single, 1.60 per day; 2 people, 1.26 each
60 Rooms single, 2.00 per day; 2 people, 1.60 each
THE OLD INN, Louisville, Ky., Cor. Sixth and Main Sts.
Ktiinpeiiu 111111 Only.
Rooms Without P.ntli, $1.00 unU up; Rooms With Prlvutu Until, 91.30
mid up Itesl Killing I'lncn In Town.
The Loulsvllto Hotel ami the Old Inn nro located In the wholesale
district suiil only u 3-hlock'B wnlk to tho retail district and theaters.
City Workera May Py Weekly, Whllo
In Rural Communities Systems
Adapted to Needs Are
Being Developed.
The government "partial payment"
plan is being adopted hy many of tho
titles and towns throughout the
Eighth Federal Unserve District fdr
handling the Thi.d Liberty Loan,
which Htnits April 6. Commlttoes lmvo
hf-cn appointed In several cltle3 to
Woilc out details In connection with
the plan. It is thought that no form
of subscriptions to be used In tho sale
Names of Men Falling In Duty on File
In Washington.
Poes of the Third Liberty Dond Is
sue throughout tho United States will
bo listed und their names placed oa
file In tho Treasury Department,
whero secret service nitenta will huvo
I access to thcwTnt all times. The sev
eral million Liberty Uond salesmen
. throughout the country will carry yd
I low cards furnlshul by the tuve.a
.nt, upon which they will w.iie Hi
i-tnie, address and objections of ml
p rnona'who refuse to buy a bond.
When a person shows an attuuJ.i
( hostile to the loan ilk- salesman will
t ke out a yellow card and tell him it
i Mil be necessary to get his name an I
I'ddt-pss and an exact statement aa to
vhy he will not subscribe, so that it
may be filed with the District Liberty
Loan Committee and also in the
'ireasurj- Department at Washington.
Secretary .McAdoo In Ills Instruc
tions to tho various Liberty Loan com- j
luiiieos throughout the country has ex
plained that thu Government does not
intend to force peraons to Invest In
e Memaaeaa pyptMa-
Off A I I
The Hartford Republican
of the bonds will reach anything liko loals who cannot afford to do so, but
for your
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Thl Otter Is to new Youlh's Companion subscribers only )
2. Tho Companion Home Calendar for 1918.
3. McCALL'S MAGAZINE every month fori year.
rty Npcdiil arrangements, wo are enabled to furnish these two
papers at this low ruto for n limited time.
Tho Comincrclnl-Appcnl Is it large and ono of the very host pa
per published in tho South. Cash must In nil cases nrcompaiiy
each order. Tills ruto is applicable to renewals and new hubscrlb
crs alike.
i t
Mv two .lurks Itl.OCICV IH)V and ltOlt, and Stallion MACIC
lCACI.E will make the present m'jisou at my farm on llarlfoid and
Pt. Pleasant road, near (Vnlerlowu, nt 98.00 eneli, to insure a liv.
iii colt, proiidcd marc be not disposed of, in that event, the season
feo becomes due. A lieu is retained on all cults until the fee is
These arc pond Individuals, have been thoroughly tested, n.s
to breeding iimilitics and Inspection is courted.
the aggregate number of subscribers
who will tako admntagu of this meth
od of purchasing.
In St. Louis a committee of bankers
has been active shaping arrangement
f.o that purchasers ol these bonj.s will
have the privilege of buying Uinm on
weekly Installments.
P. O. Watts, president Third Na
tional Unnk of St LoiiIr and chairman
of tho .Metropolitan Committee of the
Liberty Loan Organization for the
Eighth Federal Reserve District, is
highly enthusiastic over the plan.
During tho previous loans, Mr.
Watts said, there were Rnnroximatolv
38,000 subscriptions In St. Louis which
were taken on a v.cekly Installment
plan, but In his opinion that city
ought to have 138,000 subscribers to
the weekly payment plan. That U the
goal set by tho present committee for
the Third Liberty Loan Bond Issue.
Of the 47 banks in St. Louis, 1", have
signed up to co operate In pushing the
weekly payment subscriptions, and a
uniform contract to govern such sub
scriptions, nppiored by the St. Louis
Clearing House Association, as well
as the banks themsulies, haj been
adopted. I
Form I3 Adopted. ,
The form of contract Is given below: I
The owner of !! "Lllwrtj- Ixmn" pans look I
n ncri-rd to iurilmc from the '
lnk or trust roinpiny dot-
uri ir Milue of ll.o Unltcsl State fior
in each case tho man who falls to do
o will be asked to give his re.iaons
It Is pointed out that many who
bought $50 and $100 bonds on the ot't
r loans could have Invested in $50
and ?1,000 bonds, and thoso will be
Tha government Is iVtcrralntd net
only to list the military slackers of i
the nation but also the financial slack-'
crs. Uncle Sam takes tho position
that the man who can afford to Invest
in a Liberty Bond and refuses to do so j
Is Just as much a slacker as the man '
who attempts to dodgo the draft. Tho '
government has launched a campaign
to keep tab on the disloyal men and
women of tho nation and no one may
Congress has been asked to enact a
law that will provide a fine of $10,000
or Imprisonment for not more than 20
Jears for persons who circulate sedi
tious and traitorous propaganda,
whether by word of mouth or litera
ture. One of the principal objects of
the proposed law is to halt opposition
to the Liberty Loan campaign.
Succeed when everything else falls.
In nervous prostration and female
wcaknesse" they are the supreme
remedy, at thousands have testified.
STOMACta trouble; ?
It is the best medicine ever cold r
over a druggists counter.
Devastation and Cruelty In Cuba Out
done In Belgium and France.
f Every Woman Wants
Havana, Cuba, April fi. On tho
eve of tho llrht anniversary of Cuba's
declaration of war against Clurmany,
Havana presents to-day a festive np
pearanco and, as Sunday is a day of
colouration in till Latin-American
countries, extensive preparations have
been inado for a demonstration of loy
ally to tho Entento allies to-morrow.
Slnco Cuba's war declaration, many
activities, some military and navnl,
othors economic, liavo been put In mo
tion hero to aid tho United Stutes.
Front tho tltuo when tho Ccrinan and
Austrian stoamshlps seized In Cuban
waters woro turned over outright aa
a gift to tho United States Shipping
Hoard, until tho present, when Cuba
Is mobilizing her military resources to
Hand n forco of from 10,000 to 20.000
mon to Kranco, tho whole policy of
tho ropuhllc has been to subordinate
other mattorri to thoso obligations of
alliance which hor declaration of war
ontailod. Tho Cuban army and navy
lmvo been reorganized, and exports
from tho United States Army Staff
havo estimated that Cuba's military
forco could bo enlarged to a. maxi
mum of 100,000 men and maintained
ut that llguro ludofinltely.
Tho Cuban navy has ussumed pa
trol duty not only in Cuban territor
ial wators. but also far out In tho Car
rlbean, and It has boon augmented hy
n fleet of submarine chasers, whllo
other craft aro under construction. In
addition to these military and naval
measures, many young Cubans uro
now In tho French battle lines as In
fantrymen and aviators. As Instruc
tors for tho Cuban escadrlllo, which
is Intending to snll shortly for tho
French front, tho allies detailed two
of their leading alrmon to Havana,
and both theso ilyors woro natlvo
Economically, Cuba's sorvico has
boon conspicuous, Cuba's crop of
sugar this year totals 3.G00.000 long
tons, which Is said to bo tho greatest
sugar crop ovor raised by ono country
In tho world's history.
Tho entire crop has been turned
over to tho agencies of tho United
States food administration and is be
ing marketed at a flguro which, whllo
It brings n diminished prollt to its
patriotic producors, nt tho samo tlmo
has tended to safeguard tho world
rom profiteering and extortion In this
essential food commodity.
Besides this, Cuba Is dovoloplng
hor agricultural resources In othor
lines to a great degroo; so it Is hoped
that tho necessity for Insisting this
year on tho usual importations of
foodstuffs from tho Uuited Stutos will
ho diminished in tho mouths to coino.
Tho Cuban Ucd Cross, headed by
Madame Mariana Sova do Monacal,
wlfo of Prcsldont Monocal, has raised
$1,000,000 for its work, and ia now
equipping a hospital unit exclusively
of Cuban physicians and. nurses for
sorvico In Franco.
Children Cry
rnment ijimttj Jjnn fiold I!ond, mid here.
I.y iiBrt'O to iy for mtio nt tmv Milue ami
iTined IntercJt In Inntallnunti wltMu I.'
months from the dnto hfn-of.
i:c!i payment nhall tie rotltlrd to Inters
fartifd at the r'ntc of the sold Third I.IUrt.v
lnn llnnds luar, Jmt no ptjm.nt ahull draw
Interest prior to the dato from which the
trends thetnseltes lierr Interest mid said Intir
tst shall Iw adjuilcri, at the tlmo ut surren
der of this pass liook.
The purihnser tnnv rompleto Iho entire pay
ment In lens than one 3 ear and may pay any
amount at any time, except that a minimum
payment of not less thmi i" per tent per eek
must Iw mn'ntalued.
In rase nn Issue of llonds Is mi.de hearlnc
a hlcher rato of Interest, and Into whlrh this
Issue of twn.ls may lie converted, the said
lis nt or trust company may at Its option cur
rise tlm romerslon prlvllece; In which event
such lmrcnscd rate shall accrue to tho pa.s
ImkiU om ner
If tho purchaser shall liecome delinquent In
innMus regular payments, tho sulci hank or
trust rompHiiy resertia the rlfrht to return
such pnnients plus or minus tr Hmmnit nn.
(resenting tlic dlfferenco lietnern the market
tBlue and tho pur xnlee of tho bonds. This
jiasa IsKik shnll not lx necotlabl. and must Iw
jiresonteil hen iiajments are made.
li tho ntitptatnt' of this pass book the own.
er thereof nnvpts and assenta to these terms
and i'uiiteuts.
Tho pass books and deposit tickets
for tho -16 St. Louis bunks have been
ordered and will bo distributed to t'm
participating banks sometime next
week. The Publicity Committee Is co
operating with the Publicity Commit
tee of the Central Organization, and
It has been arrangod to cover the fiuld
from every angle of advertising
Special copy for street cars, factory
cards, billboards, newspapers, maga
zines, dlrect-by-mall circulars and win
dow cards are being prepared, bo that
tho duty as well as the opportunity of
every American citizen will be care
fully brought homo to the people.
Callaway County Adopts.
Not only In tho largo cities through
out tho Eighth Federal Reservo Dis
trict will tho "partial payment" plan
be adopted, but In smaller cities and
communities as well. In Callaway
County, Mo., tho Bankers' Association
has already appointed a committee to
work out a plan suttablo for tbo banks
In this busy ago many buy their
homes, automobiles, pianos and talk
ing machines on the Installment phtn.
Undo Sam says, Why not buy gov
ernment bonds in this mannorf Wo
can whip the Germans with our
money, but not with the money in our
pockets or bank accounts. It must go
into the United States treasury in sub
scriptions to Liberty Bonds.
To win this war quickly and deci
sively, it is necessary to enlist the co
operation of people of all classes and
occupations, and thoro can bo no bet
ter way to do this than by effecting a
general participation In the invest
ments by which tho government will
finance our fighting forces.
All America shuddered with shame
and contempt when a heartless Span
lard drove 400,000 peaceful Inhabitants
of Cuba from their homes and forced
them Into reconcentrado carnpa to suf
fer, to starve and to die. 1
But no one over accused tho Madrid
government of such brutality as
marks the cruelty inflicted upon chil
dren, or the unmentionable barbailty
uhown to women by tho hcuitless Ger
mans In Invaded lands.
What the Prussian hns dono In Bel
glum,, in Russia, in Routuanla and the
other European countries he would do
in America If the Kaiser wins the war.
Buy a Liberty Bond and register a
protest against the saber-rattling, '
bloodthirsty Prussian war lord.
America must win the war or civi
lization Is doomed. Uncle Sam can
nnd ho will win, but he must have tho j
loyal support of the men who stay at
liome as well as tho soldier who goes I
to France.
Billions must be raised to supply tho I
guns, the food, the thousand and one
things that aro necessary to support
the army.
Tho free citizens of tho United
States must supply the money with
which to feed, clothe and munition tho
nrmy. The best way to do this Is to
buy a Liberty Bond tho safest Invest
ment In the world.
Dissolved in water for douches stopr
pelvic catarrh, ulceration and inflam
mation. Recommended by Lydia E.
Finkham Med. Co. for ten yecra.
A healing wonder for naal catarrh,
soro throat and sore eyes. Economical.
His eittkorJinary cJeantinu and jKmicida' power.
Saraio Frco. Site all dnietuii. or p.roiJ by
lne""loa To3el Company. Botto-. Mta. J
p For U
p Weak ' K
P Women j
XK lnuseforover40years! !
I X Thousands of voluntary t1
YA letters from women, tell- yA
They Will Root for Third Liberty Loan
Bond Campaign.
Will Sell Farm for Bonds.
A farm in exchange for Liberty
bouds is tho offer which has beon
made by G. L. Campbell, a real estate
dealor of Hopkinavlllo, Ky. Further,
Cuuipboll stat oh positively ho will not
take money of the usual kind for tho
farms it Is Liberty Bonds or nothing.
Missouri pigs will root for the
world's freedom, will supply food for
tho Sammies und create a fund for the
purchase of Llmbertylhm shtmcshrdl
purcbaso of Liberty Bonds.
A whole tralnload of young porkers
will wond their way from Audrain
County, Mo., to tho St. Louis market,
whero they will enter the shambles
nnd willingly glvo up their Uvea that
the boys "over there" may llvo.
The "pig" idea is the product of tho
fertile brain of a Missouri woman.
Mrs. C. F. Clark of Mexico, realizing
that "pigs 13 pigs" no longer, but
monoy Instead, took her project up
with tho farmers, who heartily en
dorsed her plan. They have agreed to
load up tho train with pigs and invest
the proceeds in Liberty Bonds of tho
third issue.
In use for over 40years!
Thousands of voluntary
letters from women, tell
ing of the good Cardui
lias done them. This is
the best proof of the value
of Cardui. It proves that
Cardui is a good medicine
for women.
There are no harmful or
habit-forming drugs in
Cardui. It is composed
only of mild, medicinal
ingredients, with no bad
C'j'bratcd for style, perfect tit, simplicity
f ............. ,it,ij ,u years, sou In nearly
every city and town In the United States ai
Canada, or by mall direct. More sold tha
any other male. Seed for tree catalog?..
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magazine million a month. Invaluable. La.
est styles, patterns, dressmaking, milliner,,
plain sewing, fincy needlework, halrdresstnc.
etiquette, pood stories, etc. Only to cents a
year (worth double), Including a free pattern.
Subscribe today, or send for samnle con.
10 Agents, i'ostal brings premium catalogue
and new cash priae offers. Address
3m uccail co ss to :u n. 37ti su mm tot
IN 101
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sons explained by Moving Pic
ture machine. Seven big De
partments Shorthand, Book
keeping, Telegraphy, Stonotypy,
Music, Primary Normal. Ex
pert teachers. Modern equip
ment. Position assured.
Write for catalogue.
1 Daviess Co, Bus.
Petro-Mcnta Relives Piles
No matter how stubborn tho
case may , bo Petro-Menta will
bring relief. A trial will convince
you. For sale by Ohio County
Drug Co. Price 2Gc.
Glide and Trailers Prepared In Wash
ington and Sant Broadcast.
Moving picture shows throughout
the Eighth Federal Iteservo District,
embracing seven states and parts of
statos, will educate their patrons
through a series of slides and trailers
that will be supplied through tbo na
tional organization at Washington.
Theso pictures will bo a reminder of
the duty that the pooplo owe to their
country In tbo present crisis.
The Woman's Tonic
You can rely on Cardui.
Surely it will do for you
what it lias done for so
many thousands of other
women! It should help.
"I was taken sick,
seemed to be . . . ,"
writes Airs. Alary E.Vesle,
of Madison Heights, Va.
"I got down so weak,
could hardly walk . . .
Just staggered around.
. . . I read of Cardui,
and after taking one bot
tle, or before taking quite
all, I felt much belter. I
took 3 or 4 bottles at
that time, and was able to
T do my work. I take it in
W the spring when run-
down. I had no appetite,
aim 1 commenced eating.
It is the best tonic I ever
saw." Try Cardui.
All Druggists
j. 10
For Lazy Liver and
the Troubles ol
Feci ripht nil tho time. Don't lay otf
from work for days by taking calomel
when pleasant V- Ver-Lax keeps yix
on your feet, wliilo rclievingyour troul
le. Safer too, and easy to take. Don't
tako anything else. You can't afford
it. Eliminates poisons( cleanses sytv
tern and relieves constipation. A nat
ural remedy, natural in its actions, sun
in its effect and certain in results. It
won't bo long beforo Uo-Vc-Lax wiD
completely displaco calomel in ever)
home Children can tako it freely an
with perfect safety. Every bottle guar
anteed. 50c nnd $1 in bottles Nun
genuino without tho likeness and sign
turo of L. K. Grigsby. For salo by
i U. WILLIAMS. - HjkrUord. Xi
We Knock the Spots Outof Tbingi
Ladies' and Men's
French Dry Cleaned and Presiod U ft
Superior Manner.
Bend tie your Garment and "
Packages called tor and uellTere.
A. Iva Nail, Prop.

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