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WE ARE receiving now almost every day the
newest creations in Millinery. Also some
advance summer styles. Never a better time to
make your selections. If it's a new one, we can fix
you, or if it's an old one we can touch it up.
Panama hats re-blocked and re-clcaned, at a
nominal price.
When in need see us, and remember that it pays
to trade with a house that saves you money.
Dr. nnd Mrs. Wlllard Lake, of
Simmons, wcro in town Monday.
Mrs. Oscar McKlnncy, of Heaver
Dam, spoilt Iho wcok end with friends
In Louisville.
Mr. llrady Peyton, of Fordsvllle,
was thrown from a horso a fow dnys
ngo, and painfully injured.
United meal nnd straight meal,
mado from tho very best corn.
41t4 W. B. ELLIS & DUO.
Mr. EMM Park, Mrs. J. I). Tappln '
and Miss Kmma Park went to Owens-1
horo Wednesday, where Mlsa Kmma
will take treatment under Dr. Hoover.
Dr. E. II. Pendleton nccnmpanled !
Mrs. Dan King returned Saturday
from a visit with her daughter, Mrs.
Charles Jennings, at Graham.
Judgo Newton Belcher, of Grecn
vlllo, will be the principal speaker at
tho patriotic rally here Sunday.
GO TO ACTON BROS, for your
groceries, whero you can get best val
ues for your produce nnd money. 44t2
Some sale! For tho rest of the
season I will sell my E. B. Thomp
son Eggs for half price $1.00 for
1G. J. C. lLEIt.
Miss Hnttio Weller, who had been
teaching in Oklahoma for several
months, has returned to her home
at Dundee.
Whlppoorwlll Pcas-BEST QUALI
TY, Tennessee stock, ?3.G0 per bushel.
4 -III W. E. Ellis & Bro.
Archie Mnxey, came down from
Camp Taylor Saturday to spend a
few days with his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. C. I. Maxey.
Tho best place to buy your rubber
roofing Is where quantity, quality and
right prices prevail.
Writo Fordsvllle Plaining Mill Co.
for prices on first class wood silos.
They will bo glad to give you full In
formation promptly.
Wo have lots of Roofing. Nails,
Staples, Light Hardware and Screen
Wire. Just received. Corn Flour.too.
Olllo Duff, C. T. Whittinghill, Amos
Carson, Pearl Drown and Carrie
Southard were Ohio County visitors
to Louisville last week.
Mr. J. II. Thomas will move his
family hero from Loulsvlllo next
week. Mr. Thomas, will occupy Mrs.
Olllo Harnett's residenco , on Fred
crlcn street.
At tho election hero to-morrow
successors will bo elected to Mr.
Henry Carson nnd Judgo W. H.
Harnes whoso terms as members of
tho school board expire with tho pres
ent school year.
William S. Moore, who has been
spending the past wcok hero with his
mother and family, Mrs. E. P. Moore,
returned to New York, yesterday, to
resume big duties with tho Federal
Shipping Hoard.
A Doubly Interesting Announcement
New Welworth Blouses Are Here
No Advance in Price
County Clerk Claudo Blankenship
and Mr. Chester Leach, of Heaver
Dam, were In Loulsvlllo tho first of
tho week, where Mr. Leach took
treatment under a specialist on
nervous troubles.
Look at that yellow slip on your
paper, then add to tho amount owing
by you, 409 like amounts. Perhaps
you may get an idea as to how It
hurts us In our business to carry de
linquent subscribers.
Pondorosa, etc., 10c per doz., 2Cc per
3 doz. and COc per 100. By mall, 5c
per package extra.
E. M. MOltTON,
40tf Centertown, Ky.
You, who are going to bo In the
market for an OIL STOVE In early
spring or summer, don't forget that
we can furnish you tho New Process
and New Perfection Stoves In tho lat
est models.
Dr. F. B. DeWitt, who entered tho
army medical corps a few months ago
with the rank of Lieutenant, was
recently promoted to the rank of
Major. This is a splendid compli
ment to this young Ohio county
.The Hartford Republican
Esquire WInson Smith, of Select,
was In town Tuesday.
M., H. & E. R. R. TOiS TABLE.
South Bound, No. 115
Deo at Hartford 9:05 a. m.
Korth Bound, No. 114
Dae at Hartford ...6.46 p. m.
(Both "Mixed" Tralni.)-
i Personal News i
and Social Euents. :
Hay for .Sale. U. S. Carson.
Glenn Tluflley was In 'Owensboro,
Buy your staples, poultry and barb
ed wJre'from Acton Bros. 44t2.
Dr. E. B. Pendleton was in Louls
vlllo a fow days last week.
Sale Tomato
Plants. Mail
Mrs. Lon Austin, of Beaver Dam,
was a visitor at this olllce yesterday.
circuit court will begin here Mon
day for a two weeks term. Only
civil cases will bo heard, and the
docket Is of some length.
Mr. Morris Patterson and Miss Ar
tella Slone were married at Olaton
Saturday. The wedding came as a
surprise to the community.
Miss Ruth Riley who has been at
tending the Business University at
Bowling Green, came homo Saturday
for a few days visit in Hartford.
If you want ice buy Ice books or
pay. cash. This applies to all regard
less of rating. Will Instruct driver
to get tickets or cash or not leave
42t4 Hartford, Ky.
This office frequently receives news
letters that we would bo glad to use
but for the fact the writer has failed
to sign his name. Under no circum
stances will wo publish a communica
tion unless we know who Is respon
sible for it.
ono of tho new
Priced always
and every
where at Just
two dollars
The ever-growing popularity of Welworth
Blouses is due to their superior excellence and to the
ability of the manufacturer to continue to offer them
in the same high standard of workmanship and ma
terial at no advance in price.
Foresight in material purchases many of which
were bought several months ago at prices which rep
resent very substantial savings combined with the
unique and economy-effecting method under which
they are made and sold accounts for this fortunate
You will have to, see these exceptional Blouses
to realize how much your money will buy; they
represent the latest and smartest styles and are un
equalled in value and service giving qualities.
Carson (EL Co.
Mr. J. S. Carden, made a business
trip to Owensboro Tuesday.
Judge W. H. Barnes is In South
Carolina this week, attending to some
legal business.
Mr. A. E. Pate and Miss Anna Rac
Carson went to Owensboro, Tues
day and each drove a new Maxwell
back for the Hartford Motor Co.
Mrs. J. II. Williams and Mrs. J. E.
Davison left Wednesday morning for
Hopkinsvllle to attend the District
Convention of the Christian church.
Mr. Henry 'Carson was in Louisville
last week.
Mr. W. S. TInsley was In Owens-
boro Tuesday.
You can get horse and mule feed
at Acton Bros'.
MLss Myrtle Lashbrook
. Owensboro Saturday.
as In
Uncle Dan Wilson.of Horso Branch,
was in town yesterday.
Mr. John Rone, of Centertown,
was In town yesterday.
Mr. Billo Hamilton, of Cromwell,
was umong our visitors Wednesday.
Mr. Abbott, traveling auditor for
the American Express Company was
in town Tuesday.
We are now selllnk 48-lbs. paper
bags for sacking country haras.
Mr. I. S. Mason, of where
ever there Is an insurance prospect,
wub in town Monday.
Judgo Walter Wilklns, -qt Central
City, was In Beaver Dam on legal
business Wednesday.
ice ticket books are worthless un
less endorsed on back by W. E. Ellis.
Robert Mason, son of Mr. and Mrs.
Ike Mason, was recently transferred
from Hattlesburg to New Jersey, and
Is now probably on his way to France.
Miss Marguerite Taylor, of Owens
boro, and Mr. Coakley Taylor, of
Maceo, were guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Howard Ellis Saturday night and
There is one visitor that calls on
all of us in early summer and no one
wants him In their home, I speak of
Mr. Fly. Tho best way to keep this
unwelcome pest from yous homo is
to use screen wire' cloth, which can be
had of ACTON BROS. 44t2.
Clarence Robertson, a highly re
spected young colored man, who for
merly resided In Fordsvllle, died at
Nashville, Tenn., Sunday night of
bronchial trouble. His remains were
taken to McQuady, Breckenrldge,
County, the place of his birth, for
Remember the Red Cross Toa
room will be open to-morrow after
noon and evening. It is a worthy
institution and should be generous
ly patronized.
Squlro W. S. Edge and Mr. C. D.
Evnns, of near Magan, were In town
on business yesterday.
Mrs. Claudo Davis, of Akron, Ohio,
Is visiting relatives at Horse Branch.
Mr. F. L. Felix returned Satur
day from n buslnoss trip to Loulsvlllo,
Get that Blue Bird Plow you prom
ised yoursolf, from W. E. ELLIS &
BRO. t4
Mr. Glenn Barnes, who spent the
winter In Texas, returned homo Tues
day. ,
Tho frost Wednesday night did
porno small damago to early garden
Any ono wanting Ice call W. E.
Ellis' residence, elthor jbono, or the
Ico plant over Homo phono.
Buy some of thoso good cakes In
bulk from ACTON BROS, and seo if
they don't taste like more.
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Riley will
move into tho Dr. Riley property on
Frederlca street, next week.
As an inducement to sell ice books
will sell books at 5 per cent discount;
a 12.00 book for $1.90.
Hartford, Ky.
The board of supervisors will meet
Monday to hear protests of thoso
proporty holders who think their
raises wero too high.
Do not soy to delivery boy "let mo
have Ico and I will pay you In tho
morning." Pay him now and ho
will leavo you Ice.
Mr. M. L. Heavrln returned Tues
day from tho bedside of his brother,
Dr. Charlie Heavrln, who is critical
ly 111 of euremlc poisoning, at the
Pope Sanitarium, in Louisville.
Bring mo your junk and get your
feed, fertilizer, seeds and farming
42t3 Beaver Dam, Ky.
At the Christian Church, Monday
night May the Cth. there will be an
open meeting of the Woman's Mis
sionary Society, The Circle and the
Mission Band. All members are urg
ed to be present. The State workers,
Mrs. Walden and Mrs. Stanly Will be
invited to attend.
G. A. Barnes, J. A. Cadwell and
County Agent Browder went to Glen
dcane Tuesday to look over some
short horned cattle with a view to
buying breeding stock. They did not
find just what they were looking for
nnd will tako up tho matter later
with other stock breeders.
Eyes tested, glasses and frames fit
ted tho best way, and guaranteed at
beforo-tho-war prices. Why pay
more? No charge for testing.
43-4t. Jeweler & Optician.
Attorneys C. E. Smith and Otto
Martin, with their stenographers,
wont to tho Hopewell neighborhood
yesterday to take depositions in a
suit to bo heard at tho approaching
torm of Circuit Court.
B. A. THOMAS' Stock and poultry
remedies Is mighty good stuff nearly
every farmer knows it and wo want
you to know it-Get it to-day-You will
need it to-morrow.
W. E. Ellis & Bro. Agonts.
Wo were misinformed about the
death, In France, of tho soldier boy,
Clelda Evans. A young man from
Evans' homo community canio into
our olllce and reported tho incident,
and later we called tho nearest point
we could reach to young Evans home
nnd again woro told the report was
correct. Upon such Information we
felt justified in making tho report.
Murray, Ky., April 30. Yellow-
paint last night was smeared on the
doo'rs and window frames of the
News and Truth office, Covington
Bros.' Wholesale Grocery and B. Lu
cas shoo store and the home of the
Rev. H. B. Taylor, preacher-editor,
whose writings on the war started a
controversy in this section of the
country. In addition to tho smearing
of yellow paint at Mr. Taylor's News
and Truth office and home, arrows
wero painted. The significance of ar
rows is puzzle. It is believed that the
paint was used because a prominent
young man failed to report to his
draft board after hearing the preach
ings of tho Rev. Mr. Taylor.
Tho embargo on hens has been
lifted and we are paying 16 cents
per pound for hens and 10 cents per
pound for roosters any timo you de
liver at our house, still we advise you
to keep all laying hens for the eggs,
and BETTER PRICES which are al
most certain to prevail later on, yet
it is perhaps advisable for you to
dispose of your roosters and non
laying hens at present prices.
W. E. Ellis & Bro., Mgrs.,
Hartford, Ky,
Crunk swore out a writ for Allen, and
when brought before the county
judge he gavo bond for his appear
anco in county Court here Saturday.
By I. D. Clalrs
Energy dosn't always get Its just
reward. Ed Barrass always walks
like he was goln' to a fire, and a wag
form the country, seeln' Ed comin'
down the street in his customary
hurry, remarked, "Ed Barrass must
be wonderfully behind with his walk
In' "
It's grindin' on one's nerves to live
In constant dread of beln' asked an
embarrassln' question. I cant sleen-
good'o nights wonderin' what I ough
ter say if Mrs. Tinsley asks mo whero
Wilburn spends his evenin's.
- .,
Have plenty of Ice at plant. Will
not deliver until weather gets warm
enough to justify running wagon.
Prlco the season, 80c per cwt. Less
than 25 lbs. will bo a cent a pound.
By tho block, 50c per cwt. Will sell
strictly for cash, so plcaso keop ticket
books or cash on hand If you expect
to tako Ice. May purchaso ico books
nt plant, from dolivery boy or from
W. E. Ellis & Bros.' place of buslnoss.
42t4 Hartford, Ky.
100 lbs. Hen Feed, no grit
100 lbs. Baby Chick Feed, no
grit 5.25
100 lbs. Oyster Shells 1.15
100 lbs. Mussel Shell 85
10 lbs. Peaberry Coffco 2.00
10 lbs. Good Coffoo 1.50
20 Cakes Lenox Soap 1.00
1 Doz. LARGE Jumbo Pickles. .15
1 Can puro Hog Lard 1:1.50
G Boxes Macaroni 25
3 Boxes (20-oz.) Oatmeal :t5
5 Cakes Fels Naptha Soap... .35
1 Doz. Hudson Lye 1.00
Northern Potatoes REAL cheap.
Will pay tho best market prlco for
Bring us your Sunday eggs for the
benefit of tho Red Cross. Highest
cash prices paid at all times.
41t4 W. E. ELLIS & BRO.
Onis Evans, 20, Narrows, to Polly
Daniel, 18, Fordsvllle.
Jerry M. Clark, 42, McHenry, to
linnle B. Forbes, 24, Williams Mlno3.
Oscar Kelloy, 21, Beaver Dam, to
Edith Chinn, 17, Beaver Dam.
Marion Patterson, 18, Olaton, to
Artie May Stono, 21, Olaton.
Willie Mlnton, 23, Echols, to Annlo
Shafer, Echols.
R. W. Brown, 60, Butler county, to
M. E. Chapman, 47, Prentiss.
Herman Park, 19, Hartford, to
Hartley Tinsley, 21, Hartford.
Miss Aleno Leach, daughter of Sen
ator Albert Leach, who has been at
tending Frankfort High school since
tho first of tho year comes out with
first honor in .a test regarding a car
tain standard for Honor Roll", only
two In tho class reaching that stan
BUI Allen, a singlo man of Render,
was arrested Monday on a charge of
detaining a woman. It is alleged
that Allen approached Mrs Dora
Crunk, n married woman, nud
attempted to ombraco her, and made Clarence Wilson, Guy Benuett and
indocont proposals to her. Mrs. Tom Baker.
William Chancellor qualified as No
tary Public.
Mrs. Bessie Moxley qualified as ad
ministrator of the estate of J. C. Mox
ley, deceased.
L. T. Riod qualified as Notary Pub
lic. Road overseers woro nppolnted as
follows: Walter Campbell, C. A. Llud
ley, W. A. Dover, Energy Mooro,
Fred Samples, J. T. Newcomb, J. W.
Brown, Estll Funk, James Golf, Fred
Faught, E. A. Bennett, Norman
Camp, J. A. Stewart, Ernest Boshaui,
iTBhiii f i tn 'iwm

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