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Contcrtown, Ky., Oct. 14.
Editor Republican,
Hnrtfonl, Ky,
Dear Sir: I was glad to read
your reply to tho Governor's rebukes
to tho Republican party, and do not
think you said any too much. I think
It Is tlmo every true Republican was
calling n halt, on such rot as the Dem
ocratic party leaders are putting out,
and getting down to business.
We keep hearing tho Injunction
coming from Democrntlc speakers,
to support the President, although
Republicans nro supporting the Presi
dent In every way except to vote tho
Democrat ticket, and I don't suppose
nny reasonable American citizen
thinks they should do that. It Is a
plain fact that it Is going to take
more than voting tho Demo
cratic ticket to win tho war.
It is going to take men, money, ma
terial and nil the food that America
can furnish to win the war, and this
should bo backed up by a solid Ameri
can citizenship rind the best brains
we have In all parties. This is no timo
for mudslinglng, and all patriotic
citizens of grand old America, of
whatever political faith they may be,
should see to It that poHtIc3 be kept
out of war management.
Let us all do all that wo can to
hold up the hands of our Pre-dJmt In
this trying time, as he needs the sup
port of tho whole American people.
Let the laborer do all he can, for he
has as Important part In this war as
the soldier; and not only tho Inborer;
but every man in every walk of life
has a very useful part to carry in the
winning of this terrible war, If lie will
.only do his part.
Now for the present I think all po
litical parties should go shoulder to
shoulder in the struggle for the world
peace, which 'can only come when the
Huns 'are conquered; remembering
that the harder the fight and the.
stronger the support given, tho soon
er will our brave boys be released
and returned to their loved ones and
home-again. Truly youts,
Varm land for sale.
About six hundred acres
of No. 1 farming lanafknown
as the J. F. Collins farm on
the Hartford and Beaver
Dam pike. About 165 acres
in cultivation and balance
cut over land, well drained.
Will be sold in tracts to suit
purchaser. For further in
formation and terms, see M.
H., or W. H. COLLINS,Hart
ford, Ky. 6-tf
We desire to express our sincere
thanks to our friends and neighbors
for their many acts of sympathy ten
dered us at the death of our darling
baby, Virginia Bell Southard. Also
to the donors of floral offerings. We
are especially grateful.
The great war has already claim
ed more than 40,000 American sold
iers as casualties. The lUt will con
stantly grow larger.
England has lost more than 900,
000 troops In killed alone. The Ger
man loss In killed hah been more than
2,000,000. The French losses have
been almost as great.
Statisticians who have made a
study of war casualties declare that
in killed alone the casualties or ull
nationb Russians, Serbs. Ruman
ians, Turks, Austrians, Itulgars and
those before mentioned have been
more than 10,000,000.
The majority of these men were
young. They wore tho men who would
have tilled the fields, worked in tho
hhops and raised the families of to
morrow. ,
They were the promises, unfulfill
ed by tho mad dream of tho brute at
Tun inllion lives cilt off at tho tlmo
whan they were bioudouliig into use
fulness to civlhitlou.
Civilization is paying the price and
must continue to pay.
Rut this orgy of blood shed, of
murder and rapine mut never bo re
pea tod.'
It Ls you who munt soo that it is
not repeated.
If you have bought. DRY MORE.
Louisvlllo Horald.
When ou nave Backache the liver
or kidneys are sure to bo out of gear.
Try Sanol, it docs wunders for the
llvor, kidneys and bladder A trial
GOc bottle will convince you. Get It
at the drug store 4G-yr
I: yC$J2 "5)7 WEST TRONT L-2H
Made for the women of America by Amer
ica's greatest shoe manufacturing organization,
specializing on good shoes for every woman.
'Oueen Otralitv" shoes have Fail
maintained their high stand
ard of quality and kept
their prices within reason
able and ecmitable limits.
"Quean Quality" manufac
turers and merchants pledge
to you Price Equalization
commensurate with Maxi
mum Quality and satis
faction to every woman.
nd Winter shoe styles
to American women
genuine beauty and grace
in footwear of established
reliability and true value.
"Queen Quality" shoes are
within limitations pre
scribed by the War Indus
tries Board. They are
the standard of comfort,
fit and corrective features.
This beautiful fiRute, adapted ai truly representative of
"Queen Quality," will be seen wherever the shoes are sold.
It is reproduced in colors on the cover ol tho Fall and
Winter Style Booh, noiu ready tor ficncrcl distribution.
I c 5
A A ) A
Buy "Queen Quality" shoes with confidence
and wear them with pleasure. They fulfil
and conform to every American ideal.
Approved styles being shown all over the country.
Now ready for your kind consideration at the store of
Apprrtoed sttflt, made nt bitch
1tid,aUo ten nt tobacco rail, and
similar ztyks U otter -u.-'icri.
Beaver Dam, Kentucky
f Jfc ff
The Ghl Military," Tabatco or tan
inoute, tobacco
thj'$iX2p kid.
calf, alto arau, field tnoute, tobacco
ttruwn or black
o . i "
Grau, 61-1 mute or t'tatco hro&i
hid, alto fitld mous top wtth brawn
kid vamp. Various $imllar Hyltu
This fian Json wool r,au to hzd tit
thirty call, Tht at tlmilar ttyttt
of othur UJthtrs and pattern.
K arr -'i 'ii r m . .. ki i
T I? i
A Wach hldhoet ofbtcmty an I eraee
It ha $impltcity of (tn and dlf
txlty of style fur tailor-mad sown.
Cray, ficM loaif, tobacco brown A J,
at the leather uttd in thlt hand
torn model Many $tmllar itultt
R. I
fell ill.
You can't afford a now house, but
you could if it were burned.
You can't afford a new coat but
you could if It iworo worn out.
You can't afford n liberty bond, but
you would loso your child and your
wife and your homo and your busi
ness and your coat If tho Kalsor won
this war, which is precisely what
would happou if every one refused to
make a llttlo sncrlflce. And tho Kaiser
wouldn't kIvo It back with four und
a iuartor por cent Interest, either.
The tlmo In which you may assess
your property Is rapidly drawing to
a fln.se, bo you that have not heeded
the call, Ket busy and present your
self and list at my olllco immediate
ly. D. E. WARD,
County Tax Commissioner.
(ChlcKO Tribunt.)
You wiii't uftord to giv a tliousand
dqllort, but you cow Id if your child
Ohio Circuit Court.
I. A. Vincent. I'luintilf.
Va. Notice of Sale
Ray Vincent, Defendant.
lly virtue of a judgment and order
of salo of tho Ohio Circuit Court,
rendered at Its Sontember term,
11)18. in tho nhovQ styled ucCon. for
tho purpose of a salo and applying
the proceeds to the education and
maintenance of the dofumliiut, Ray
Vincent, and for tho purpose of nay-
ltib' all tho cost of this action, in- thews
' eluding a reasonable attorney fee,
and tho cost of this sale, I will oiler
tor salo at public outcry to tha high
est and best bidder, at tho a-ourt
hotiso in Hartford, Kentucky, on
Monday, November 4, 1918, (It be
ing regular county court dayj nt
about the hour of one o'clock p. in.,
on u credit, of six and twelve months;,
the following described properly.
A certain tract of land In Ohio
county, Kontucky, boui.ded us follows:
Reglunlng at a stone, said t-lor.o
being A. L. .Muddox's corner alfo;
thence V. 140 chains to a Mono, bo
lug said Maddox's corner alrfo; thenco
N. 479 to a stone, holm; .;ald ftluii-
dox'a toruur also; thenco V. .",097
to a stone In O. Casobior's lino,
and being A. L. .Maddux's corner ul
so; thenco S. 2 W. with tho old
lino 2422 chains to u stone, beliiK
Verda Sladdox's corner also, an I clt
uatud In old lino being G. C Case
blor'B line ulso; thenco S. SS 13. :I41C
with Vorda Maddox's lino to tho bo
glimlng. Containing Sl.G .acres,
ntoro or less.
A right of way for road 16 foot
wldo along tho line between said A.
L. Mnddox tract and Vorda Maddox
tract from beginning comer of said
tract to tho oast to tho road between
A. L. Maddox tract and J. K. Mad
dox tract being reserved. '
Said tract of land being convoyed
to J. M. Vincent, deceased, on tho 1st
day of March, 1904. by A. U. Mad
dox and OUlo M. Maddox, by deed
of record In tho Ohio County Clork's
Thlt) land to ho sold subject to tho
rights of the widow, Mrs. Carrlo Mat-;
Tho coal, mluerul, uud gas
underlying said land being reserv
ed. Tho purchaser will bo required to
execute bond with approved security
immediately aftor sale, and a lien
will be retained ou tho land until
payment of tho bonds Is made in full.
(llvon under my hand this, tho lCth
day of October, 19 IS.
lOt.'i Master Commissioner.
John T. Rono, Attorney.
m m
Ohio Circuit Court
J. Wilson, et ill., 1'lalntllTs,
Vs. Notice
M. T. Likens, Admr. et al., Dofts.
All persons having claims against ", ,ai,i, nd tho furthor sum of $64.03,
of October, 1918.
Master Commissioner, Ohio Circuit
Court. 16ta
m m
Ohio Circuit Court.
John Y. Halls, et al., IMalutifls,
Vs. Notice of Salo
Henrietta Halls, Defendant.
lly vlrtuo of a Judgment und order
of sale of tho Ohio Circuit Court
rendered nt Its July term, 1918,
for the purpose of a salo to satisfy
n Judgment of Mrs. Kmnui Halls,
A dm rx,, vs. Henrietta Halls, In tho
sum of $45.00, with Interest ut 6
por cent from March 27, 19 15, until
tho estuto of Mrs. Agues Drown, de
ceased, will fllo tho same with mo at
my olllco in Hartford, Ky., properly
proven and verified, on or beforo No
vcmbor 11th. 1918.
(11 von under my hand this 15th
day of October. 1918.
Master Commissioner, Ohio Circuit
Court. 1G13
Ohio Circuit Court.
Martin Flener. Admr,, et al, I'l'ffs.
Vs. Notice
Letha McKluuey, et al., Dofts.
All persons having claims against
tho estate of S. P. McKluuey, de
ceased, will lllo tho same with me nt
my olllco in Hartford, Kentucky,
properly proven uud verllled, on or
beforo tho 11th day of November,
Given under my hand this 15th duy
with Interest at tho rate or. 6 per
cent per annum from September 21,
1917, until paid, tho cost of thla ac
ion und of his salo, I will offer for
bale at public outcry to tho highest
und best bidder nt tho court hoiibo
door in Hartford, Kontucky, on Mon
day,. Novembor 4, 1918, (It being
regular County Court duy) ut about
tho hour of ono o'clock p. in., tho
following described proporty or a
BUillcIoncy thereof to pay tho abovo
Judgments, interests and cost to-wlt:
A tract of lan'd ill Ohio County.
Kontucky. ns tho waters of howls I
Creek and bounded and described as ,
Heglnulug at a stake or stone in ,
Jeff Curtis' lino; thenco N. 09 rodi I
to a Htako, Honnott's corner; thonce
gum, A. V. Maddox and Jeff Curtis
corner; thenco with Curtis' lino 1-ii
lods to tho beginning containing, lot
ucres, ocing pun or mo saint i;m
conveyed to T. K. Halls, deceased
by T. S. Heuuett by deed dated Oc
tobor 26, 1906, nud of record in deo
book 29, pugo 181, Ohio County
Clerk's oilier.
Tho mineral underlying tho nbov
described land Is reserved, havlntj
boon heretofore conveyed,
Said property to bo sold subject ti
tho right of dower and homesteut
of tho widow of T. F. Hulls, Honriot
tn Halls.
Tho purchaser will ho required t
exocuto bond Immediately aftor salt.
wltli approved security, uud u llqi
will also no retained on the laud un
til bonds uro paid in full.
Given under my band this, tho 15tl
day or October. 1918.
1 6 1 .! Master Commissioner.
Foglo & Fogle. Harnes & Smith
Woodward & Kirk, Attorneys.
Ohio Circuit Court
Robert Konncday, Admr., Pl'ff.
Vs. Notlco.
Laura Keiineilay, nt al., Dofts.
All persons having claims ngalns
tho estate of Thomas Kq'nuedny, do
ceased, will lllo tho same with mo n
jny ollico In Hartford, Ky., properly
proven nud verllled, on or boforo tli
11th day of November, 1918.
uaBt with T. 8. Dennett's lino 148 i uivon under my Hand this iijtn da
rods to a iiicuory aim mapia; inoucu ii uhuito, uio. t
nearly Kast with C. W. Huntor's lino OTTO C. MARTIN. I
to his corner in A. C. Maddox's line; I Master Commissioner, Ohio C 1 oul?,
thouco with his lino to u stouo and Cdurt. ICt."

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