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rI r t I j fiiai
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I to
I 1 llJlfi u tf 7 F r
i 11 of A It iit wL iMlrrth rww + I L t tr b r1 M J
Vol2 No 28 OWENSBORO KENTUCKY MARCH 22 1902 Every Week in the YearI
li It
i Adjouns After Passing One
rr S 1 Hundred aid Thirty
i Measures
I Redlslrlctlho Bill Failed to Del
o Throuoh Either
Harmonu Prevailed Throughout
and all Return Home
Fiunltfort Iy March 21
1 Tlio Liglsiitturo which hits jiut
idjiHirnail lad ititiotliuecl Into
both the Houses seven luirdrcd
thirty bill Of f tills number 478
wiMo introduced In the House
und 252 Illthu Semite Only
oho hundred and thirty of them
i ynce led In passiiiK both branch
esiind now await the signature
of tho Governor to become haws
The most important nve tho
m Revenue bill increasing the tax
I jrlLto tlio Capitol appropriation
clause was stricken out so frank
fort will have no new capitol for
u while The bills of appropria
buns amount to about 500000
and of this amount the Normal
1 School gets 15000
The Registration bill requiem
ing certlllcatea of registration
Among the rejected Ones are the
redistricting bill the school bill
tSt Louis Worlds Fair appropria
The Republicans are to bo con
gratulated upon their sluewd
t t noss in preventing the Democrats
i t r J4fiJtfi f b1i r frtct ngjif al t
ii 1 r though they went to sleep l and
Ii let the Democrats get their regis
regisI I i Y1 l
t 1j Several ulogizing speeches
J were made at the closing and the
I best of feelings prevails among
t hoth Republicans aid Democrats
Tho lecture of Dr Lucas at the
Fourth Street Baptist church
4 r on ilth was quit interesting and
1 kr was enjoyed very much by his
hearers He told them of many
I > 1 incidents that were conn ec te d
r with the Negro cliristain con
> thut convenes in Atlanta Ga
Aug Ottt He spoke timely and
s the point advising tho negro
to comu together organize less
loilgus and more business coop I
orations and put out boys und I
i girlato oLkI I
The Dr proved himself some
I what of H reciter as well its u
lecturer by reciting some solec
bugs from Paul Lawrence Dun
bats famous negro dialect
Little Flock is yet alive Rov
l A > Ervan proatmod Sunday
t and Sunday night
ret tMrs 1 Rachel MoFurland funeral
was attondid last Wwlnosday by
i t A Rev S A Krvan I aha loaves a
husband I II8 uliiltlron and a
I host of friends to mourn hot lost
r i °
neVi Dan Crump will prowoli
at Little Flock 1 thin IHh Sunday
in March
j Marchllrother
llrother Pry is reported no but
t tor
Mrs Sarah WllliiiKluuu Itt nbln
to ht out AKittn
returnedI I
nfuu u I long visit
IH I i > v M I14 4Pt or 014
a hHwprmwhml hn ttlt ultilay IHUI
Ar t
I 1 1
Sunday night ho preachoJ two
very Interesting smiiioiiSH
MlssbllolaSpoldon I taken j laic
lust week
Mrs HiiMiin Hunter ofCiilhottn
wits in thu city a row lays
Mrs iJatthit Twry of Louis
hnig Is visiting 1 her piiruiits Mr
and Mrs Top Uovvtin
Mcsstrs Tnines Cox Goorgo
and IIIIIKN Tlnsloy or Pluasuiit I
Ridge wuiu in town a few ilnyM
MrH Liuly Johnson who IMS
been sick is hiproving slowly
Miss Emma 1po Is in Owens
bolO Stindiiy where she uxpocts
to 1411011 II I Ill tSuiiitnur
Mr Jon Moot man loolccd quite
ploiishig Siindnv night l us hu till
ed huld wtat d
Miss Laura Swain returned
from Subruo city Friday
1clnyI I
i The Moormans of IJnckhorn
were in with more tobacco Tues
Dust forget the concert to be
given the second Sat night in
April at MIl idtnIH chu1chi i
chu1chI I
Mr Luther Johnson of Pleasant
Ridge is in the city
Cheated Out of Ills KIcotlon by the I I
Election Olllcers I
Wants u Connt Whloh k Mny t Cause
Another Election I
Indianapolis Ind UharlesW
Brown of this city who made I
the race for it member o t the
General Assembly and was de
tented by Chalmer Brown kvhite
now claims a fraud was commit
Wupon hi ndwUlt see re
drew He claims that the Re
publicans in order to deceive a
numoor of the Negro voters they
induced Chtlmer Brown to make I
the race and in so doing Charles
Brown claims that a number of
votes intended for him was coun
ted for Chalmer Brown and that
he will be able to prove the
same und now seeks the court
to have a fair deal
If lie should nut succeed i n
getting them counted it may
cause another election next fall
Brown is one of the leading
Negroes of the city
Mr Jai Hayden left for Owe ns
boro Saturday on business
Mr JJB Johnson is on the
sick list this week
Mr Peter Folks was the guest
of Miss Noardus Sunday
Mr Geo Grundy loft for Grls
urn Landing Saturday
J E Johnson wont to Sorgho
Rev Fin duUurtJd a wonder
ful sermon Sunday
Miss Maggio Willit of Homier
son is I visiting MM Joo Logan
Littlo Robert Dtiosou tho son
of Mr and I Mrs Duns Ouosou foil j I
from a wagon Friday aril was
seriously hurt I j
Miss F Duosou who has been
dick for several waoks Is up again
MU l Sarah Clruiuly in I visiting
Miss L I H Johnson this seuk
Mr Jaunts HoKttou h Hotting
along nlcu y with his I now house
Tho whou in this country is I I
looking vory butt i
WNtslil UiHII tu UPI
HOUt thou COUUt hi llll lltOVSt
of f thus 111h1 UieruhtuhiitlliNsiul i
h 0 tI Ibii4 paltias
Prevails And Negroes Are
Shot And Chased In
The River
rerr II
Two Negroes Killed and Others I
Wounded in PaducahI I
Governor tote Asked to Offer a1
Reward For the Mur I
Paducah Ky Marl 21 Nv w8I I
has reached hereof horrible bngI I
wiles enacted in Madrid Bend
Ky 40 miles from Hickman in
Fulton county It is claimed I
that Morgan Bull a whito man
made Elijah Dnke colored walk
into the Mississippi River then I
shot him dcudi i
The body washel 1 ashore and
Ball compelled another Negro to
drag the body out into midstream
Another Negro was killed and
several white men me charged
with the crime but no names
are given Henry Smith colcV
cd was beaten with clubs and
whipped Ho will die Another
Negro was shot twice and is i dye
The trouble is said to be the
result of rhickeirstealing by ono
of the Negroes Madrid Bend
iN located on a little projection
extending into the t Mississippi
River and is i many miles from
nny town of importunce Them
is i much lawlessness there where
one of the blood 1st ferids evwf
took place in i Kentucky w a
fought before the Civil whir v
The Governor will lw asked to
offer a reward for the murderers
13y Ret G M Fisher II n The
Subjectof Will Power
The Will U I that power which acts to
accomplish un object U ulunlfksii l de
81r0 It Is said ur t iVoolloii hU will wu +
not at nil to unino m thtx 1 time thil 110 I
he hat not ilvolditl hecutiii I hft tier
for which h was to jjo to HU onip + Uh u
certain object hurl n iiyn come In J this
uenoo the will of Gun U spoken of who
worketh nil things uwordlnj lo the I
council of hU own will Intentions or
purpose may exist before tho tiint of
action arrives Whuu the time arrives
an action put forth by tho mtiul ovlloJ
volition To proiluuu the ilvMlnnl affect
the IIrlllo of humitii beings may be
fickle and undergo u uhiinu befoic the
time for action citiu lint tha Intention
ofGotln iurpiw lmnu th not and when
the arrival of the p0Kwl lif fret U
duo then aotlon tukss phtut
In Mathov 8i thu will of Cod U
exprtMMMi according to the dv lrt < and 1
faith of the man who was unjl an with
Ipr > y this vs way c jH the will of
hU pleasure fins U I fully dt > inon trat >
t > d where penuiim lI1iIf their will to
him by action fiMin a ptu pus e of htart
If the Irann who U 1 uuolmn doe not
put forth An effoil of tint win It U not
l l OI > uleanse In I
thus 1lIflltti of h1 In or
other word It I U not hU purpoan to 11
where the will at the p p + irMi U In iii
HMltU > u to the will of foil but In this
vase the divinity of Ow U avkiinwlrdtr
al In these wools I 11 f thou wilt thou
cutest this ability lu act wa < peivelvrd
by the leper a 11 Inlnu nb > ilut and It n
only > be aff ot > d l when the 111 > ro >
116116 his II he lrt an bu I alaunstrl
ThU U the will of coon suudt U uvver +
sets 1 until the por oi involvol U I sttti
inU lv ami uhthinllIn 1 + p urIksu > for
mtltit 1101 not hltll mu 4 matter of Uugll
sl hII11I1I until the 1 will of f Nail U In
utvonl with thu willi of M I Thus i U U 1
thw tluio of f ob dleno thu mil tho ut >
oil Iuu 1 of lhtKh lu mict uuul aui thus uuui
dillon of f until Thero lUI II i oh pn mu
of surlpture u s H foniul la tho now
Tv uiiitiiUi iimny ylvw I > i > tl t leudloi
u1 IM Iii bcvw l h 4t IhKt i lyJ l 111
t I
mercy fownwls his without an act of perm
Mann obcdlciico on our port
IJut a close constd rntlon of thin
thought will comtem the idea though U
rends In Homntis i 10 For Itwhen
wo were enemies we wore le whenJ J
to God by the death of hU sun much
wore being reconciled wo stimuli he shy
ed br Ills life Here the net from God
seems to have taken plane without
obedieiico on our part lint when we
consider that Christ In human flesh
stood fir us we sea obcdlcnco In him to
tJSo farther bdforetho act of huts will
uiok place this Is the will of command
lifting in luellJr + It Is written In thoH
Vline h HutGiHl 1 < lommaiideth his love
tdward us In that while we IIU yetsln
iif ruthnt N t in that deuth thereforo to
r celvt the blessing of God we must be
obedient This Involves necessly of
action on part of man which becomes
njlutj not to God only but to euch other
leyo thy neighbor ns thyself do unto
others ns you w iild have others do un
to you If we do this there U I n result of
good to follow The former proposition
shown that God acts with good t csults
toward man when obedience Is regard I
ed The inter proposition shows u t
peniillty for neglect of duty man IIII I
corruplubletind chungahte his mind j o
may bo to accimiplUh + an act at the IXI I
peuxoof I dlxpowsuslug his brother of u II i
great rexvartl God lt unchangable thot i t t
regard that was willed to us from + the <
foundation of toe world for our obedli 110 i
IAce in Christ stands in connection
with eternal life In the great plan of I
salvation 1 herefori Christ said to la III I
tn Get ye hence for it U written
Tjiou shalt worship the Lord thy God i
and him only almlt thou serve There i
U no power I or inducement that Is able i
to change the will of God in this pur i
pose to accomplish the great end of purII <
demption We may conclude this sub I
ject by saying investigating the mix t
siustiable power of will In the OthI I
chapter of Com the power of God will <
seem to be absolute and unconditional 1
und working to one glorious end
Excluding the power and relation of
the flesh from being u participant InI I t
the seed of promise Itoui 99 For 1 11 i I
thins IB I the word of promise I at time willI I
Icome and Sarah shall have a son j
Ia tbithe will of the purpose Is t
Vly mona tb the direction of
arl3r seen movlBg Jb j
vlnrder br tkepower of his OfII II I
u accomplish the promise which took
place at n time when Sarah was old and
beyond the darn of natures p I le a RU rei
and the demlWss of her womb was be 1
yond hope Gen 1811 I Now Abrubnm i
uud Saruli were old and well strikeu in
age and kctuswl to be with Similt alter I
the miinnerof women There the pow I
er I of the will of pur > 0ie dlspIuyH 1 the
divine eo et gad udonta the royal > ecd
out of wuioii UhrUt was burn i I i
Slowlu Causing The Death
Parkorsburg W Va Mar 21 <
Slowly I gasping In r lift away at
her homo in Vilininton 12 mil I
es nor th of this city lies Hum I
HHon Rut l hut infant dtuihti r
of Cud Un I W E Rue of the I I
xU aiiuv Kunuvha Ill + causo oft f I
this sud state of affairs is I probu
ly tliQ iuio peculiar in tho uiHli
cal annals of WIHM County Sev
eral monihs ago tho child seem
ed somu shelled corn and infant I
Ukoput sonic of tho kernels II I I
her mouth and one in her noI I
Tho kernel plavd in tilt noso II i I
wits drawn into out of thin lungs i I
where a 1 h t + wtmu fistttiol Lulor
tho child uitNght cold the cold l I
dnv < ioMu into pnoiimouia tit
gntln of corn Uogiiii gry VIIIK und l
tho KP wth cannot ho LilllI I
limit guild U tK young to slab I i
an oporatloij mid is slowly I 1 lnI I
The Commercial RII I
Tho I r rUvlllw ConmiiMvlnl I the ouV
olul + OI iun of thu Hti > tibllcitii jmrty 1 In 1
> 1111tHlII > i l 1 1111 II
n mu I 1stllllI t ly eurrot nnuktiii i > item 1
Him i finiturti mt > rlnr to any I other
ltulIiUh mhllly
Puihy Ir ycar > till 11 + tl
1 I ii Sunuhay 111
Weekly l
81lIIllh OIU1 ltvri luj HUll + 1
i 1 ltu 1 I 11 i um uu 4
LouHUl lirl
May Be e Used to Secure a Bill W
To Give Cuba Some I
James Garfield Is Slated for the
Civil Service Com
Protection Bill Given a Whirl bUI
It t
Members Of The
Washington Murah 2tTlw
House leaders expect to pass the h
Cuban reciprocity bill some time ed
next wuek Thei programme is i of
to pass the bill brought in as a ed
privileged measura and placedo l
on its 1 passage If amendments c
are offered affecting the tariff InII
tho shape of tho Babcock onCI
other bills Speaker Henderson c
is to rule them out of order Ap 1 SI
peons from the decision may or
may not be entertained by him I
If the leaders ate satisfied tileI I is I
Republicans will sustain his 11111 1 v
lings and the appeals will huP
put If not the Speaker will eg
ecline I
House which of course will end
the matter I There are sOclulll R j 1
precedents of his action in de j
cling so entertain an appeal I
when a motion is declared out Ifa
order similar action having bee IfI I I ti
taken by Speakers Crisp and l 1 c
Reed But the leaders hope tof
avoid such a show of arbitrary v
force by persuading the beet
signr men that as they ltlWe to
take their medicine they might t
as Tell do so with a smiling face
and it will bo better for them in m oj
the end illl It I
It is positively known thntJ J
Harry A Gnrlield would not no i b
Clrot the office of Civil Service
Cimunissioner It is i the report t
that tit President contemplates
the appointment of James K
Gartield another son of the ex
President I
Semitor Hanna was in confer
ewe with the President today
regarding the offer of this posit
tion to Mr Garlield but it way
not deiinittily learned whether an
offer had beet made or would be
During the entire seKsInn of f
the Senate today the bill pro
hUm for tho protection of f thec
President of thin Unit d States
was under consideration hL
Spoonor t t of Wisconsin + contend
101 that tho Government hud t an I
absolute and inlioront right 10I I
protect It I M elf against assault I
made uithor upon it or upon any
of its oftleials Ho maintained I
thut on assault on tho President I
was in tho very nature of things I
an assault upon tho Govuriununt I
IIrUl thieve never was u time whonI I
tho Prusidunt was not in them ox
too of time duties of his oftko
Ills argument was largely logal
loud constitutional + und through
out WUH forceful nut instructlvo
ufi 1 r
tho Uouso at u caucus hold to
night unanimously adopted roso 1
lotions declaring that Congress i
should express tho sympathy of f
the Anuirkan p oplt + for tho
struggling Hour republics nixl 1
pledging tlUMiisolvo to uso I mho IrI
utmost ondfcuvor h tin forco II tho
commltteo to ropo It t rusolntlnos
expressive of such sympathy If
only I thut OoniiriMs alight hMO
an opportunity to act
11h1 i 4 J 0 W UQ1 all rya 1 1 +
pointed Mr 1 George E 1 Wood of
Madlsonvlllu Ky Notary Public
for tho third term Eight years
ago ho was appointed by Ex Gov
O Dradley ho Is the o n 1 y
colored man holding an office or
this kind in Hopkins county
Grout preparations are being
made for Easter service at the A
E Zion church in this city
committee tins been appoint
to decorate the church
t i 4
The Belief of The Negroes of i J
Winchester Vals F
irim i
rim Cl lured people of Winches t
gTif 1
tor Va were very much exercis t
over the alleged burial alive c
Joseph Powell an aged color
man who was buried here c j
recently and at the funeral of an
other colored man who was burr
Id a few days later they wantr iI i I
to have the body of Powell
exhumed in order to satisfy them 4
selves of the fact that PowellI I i A
dead The remains were not i
however disturbed although it P M t
Ihoweer that an investigation 1kl
will take place Several hundred 1 4
people gathered around the LI
grave A number of the mourn
ers declare they heard the corpse
kick against tbe coffin mQUlnI I
catty groan as the casket was I
lowered in the grave
They insisted the man was alive
and It is claimed that they want
Iand the grave digger to raise the
coffin sad it which ho
lcoffin open rem v
dfused to do Powells death was
was due to peculiar circumstan r Y
ces He believed that he wasi i U
conjured and procuring a quan 1
tity of whiskey he soaked it in a t r
quantity of tobacco and thent
theneistvullutted t
swallowed tho mixture to coun <
teract the hoodoo In several
hours he was dead He was VeUto
known in the vicinity us he has
been u idler for u number of
eyeursi Ledger
In The Penitentiary So Says
President Roosevelta
Columbus Ohio Mar 211no
Martin u I twenty five yeur pen 1
itentiary prisoner from tho Ind
Territory has received ethical no t
tico from thu Department of Jus
tice in Washington that his uppli
union for pardon has been rof us V
ed This is i the first rousal rums
culllllLt tho penitentiary based l
oi the grounds recently announe I
id 1 by President Roosvolt thatf li i
bud health is not a ground for < 1
un application for clemency k °
Martin hus been confined f t t in <
Itho hospitlLlfor a number of week 10
tflum consumption and it is bo x
liovod that now that all hope oft t
a l pardon is gone he will rapidly
succumb f o tho disease
Idea or Baa Cooking Increases
Versailles March 20Mrs Htr
chime 0 Clark of this city wuntN
tu t i loud u campaign 1 for this etluc
IUtlon of nil girls 1rioh and H > or
in the art of cooking Tho cook
I lOIiUOnltiho tiYII u is the
most important ono now uoforo
IStho world
IfI 1 till I ccwkinlsold I MrliOItI
1 is rasponsihlo i for most of this
Iohu It uiuul1 of the lHhlY
Uiut is uouuuUtiH + t1 in this country
Tho mlml and stonwuh innkoi
N ilulNileull 111iilq
1J h if

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