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Tlio rhrrg.nns, a people of Asia
Minnr, wore tho lirst to coiu gold and
Tluonrli tlie oflbrts of Ouida, tlm
practice of skinn ng frojrs alive has
Boon stopped in the markets of rlor
ence. Japan possesses ?,0UO newspapers.
Not a s nglo journal of any kind ex
isted or was thought of in the country
iwenty-nvo years atro.
A woman who had been fourteen
years in the service of Queen Victoria
was couviolcd at Jlitldlosex Sessions
recently and sent to prison for two
months fur theft.
A Venetian gondolier makes on an
average four francs (about eighty
cents) a day the year round. On this
he w II marry, roar a family, and put
conic money away
At a reeeul caucus meeting of tho
senior branch of the lionapai'lists it
was niieu mat no orator, when he Ba
rf to-sed Iho sovereign people, "should
speak with a plug of tobacco in his
Nicholas I.eblanc is to have a mon
ument. Ho was the French chemist
who, in 1712, discovered how vo nt'
duce soda artificially, thoreby contrib
uting lmmen-ely to the niotlorn progress
of intltistr cs.
There has been a heavy decline in
many securities in the past few years,
but tlio Shapiro manuscripts load tlie
Jist. A couple of years ago thoy were
ollorcd for .5,otii,(00. Not long ago
they wore sold for eighty cent.
Disease germs are probably much
less affected by extreme cold than
might be expected. Experiment! have
been reported to tho Glasgow l'liil
osopbieal Society in which a temper
ature of ii?0 degrees below zero was
insnllicient to stop processes of putre
faction. The King of Siam is a very much
married man. He has some three
thousand wives. The establishment
where tlicy are housed is a city almost
in itself. Thev aro kept very close
from the oycsof m.'ii. No European and
very few nalives of the male sex are
allowed to enter tlio sacred precincts.
One hundred and fifty-four thou
sand pounds of orange blossoms, 111,
(K:0 pounds of accacia blossoms, 154,
010 pounds of roso leaves. 122,000
pounds of violets, 32,000 pounds of
jasmine blossoms. P.OOO pounds of tube
roses and a largo amount of Spanish
lilacs are aununlly used in tho manu
facture of perfumery at Cannes and
.Aniong the most recent acquisi
tions made by tho trustees of the Brit
ish Museum are a serie of pen-and ln-dian-ink
drawings executed by tho
Venetian artist Giovanni Domo-iico
Tiopolo. Tiepolo assisted his father
in decorating the palace at Madrid,
and di; d in t-pain in 17U5. Tho sub
jects represented are chiefly ruvtliol
ol i 'al, resembling in manner somo of
bis etcliings which are in imitation of
Benedetto C'astiglione.
Dow Fluli Are racked in the Atlantic
"I want you to go through one of tho
fish curing and packing establish
ments," said a eilie i of Gloucester to
a reporter a few days since. "I doubt
if you have any idea of the work that is
done in one of them. Great changes
have been made in the business. Years
ago curing lish was synonymous with
dirt and oll'cnsive smells. All that has
leen done away with, and the curing
and packing of lish is done with as
much regard to clean'iness as is the
grinding ot wheat and packing of
Where shall we go?" asked the
An where, into any of them: in all
of them the processes are clean and
wholosome." lieing near the estab
1 shment of Messrs. John Tow & Son,
the representative asked the proprie
tors to show him about, which they
kindly did. The establishment covers
two or three acres. The lirst thing
which attracts one's attention is
a huge reservoir which is tilled from an
artesian well by power furnished by a
windmill. 'We are obliged to
have an abundance of pure wa
ter," tad Mr. Pew, "because
thorough wash ng is of the utmost
importance in this business. At the
v.hnnes of the company were two
ships unloading salt. "That ship,"
J ointing to one of them, ' is one of the
ast of the famous fleet built by Mo
Kay." The salt used is of the cleanest
and best qualiiy. great care being taken
to get the best and to remove nom it
all impurities. A cargo of mackerel
was just in, and a crew of men in one
building were at work repacking them.
Whore they are caught they are put
into barrels with little salt and regard
less of size. In the curing establish
ment they are all taken out, classified,
re-alted and packed into barrels, half
barrels and kits. Large houses were
filled with hogsheads of cod and other
lish in pickle. These lish are not sold
in that form, but cargoes are usually
kept in that condition as tho most con
venient and safest prior to drying.
The lish are dried on frames, those of
this firm covering half or two-thirds of
an acre, and one dare not say how
many thousand pounds of fish can be
cured at one time thereon. The pack
ing of dry fish is comparalively a new
industry. In days of yore the dry fish
was thrown down iti most any place in
the retail store where it would not dry
lip or lose anything in weight
All this has been changed by the in
trodiiciion of packing and boxing. It
is also a great saving. Heretofore it was
dillicult to sell the small fish; now that
the skin and the bones are removed
the sin all ones are just as good as the
larger. On the second floor of one
building were over thirty men, women
and boys engaged in cutting, curing
and packing dry lish. It was a model
workroom, light, with the cool breezes
from the ocean coming in at the win
dows. From a pile ot the fish men
With strong hands took the fish and re
moved tlie bones in less time than it
takes one to tell it. Others seize it and
pull oh the sk n. Another gang cut
them into pieces about two and one-half
-by six inches. This is done on large
lilden divided bjto squares, tlmush
which the knives are run. Girls next
put the pieces into packages weighing
two pounds or moro. These paokagos
are next passed along to men who put
thein into presses and reduce them to
tne smallest space possible. Then girls
take thorn and put twine about them.
The bunches are then carefully salted
and put into boxes, which in turn aro
nailod up and carried out. The
Gloucester houses pack fish for special
customers to all parts or tue country,
Dllttino- t,hlir hrnml nn r.hn rnnL- nir.ta
The wood for the boxos is pino, of
small d monsions, and comes largely
ironi new tiiuiipsiiire, all pro
pared to bo nailed together.
The boxes are printed at tho
curing establishment on a job press run
by gas power. The Pews print lifty or
sixty different brands. Other grades of
fish are skinned, boned and cut in two
or three pieces and shipped iu larger
boxes, according as ordered. What
becomes of the refuse? The skius of
the hsh are made into elun in (ilouco
ter. It is the only glue that will stick
wood to iron. 1 he bones go to the fer
tilizer factory and are disuoscd of there,
Nothing is lost, and certainly nothing
is left about the premisos. The Glou
cester men are as careful about their
packing and curing as aro the packers
of fruit It is their interest to be so.
There were two or three lishermon at
tho wharves, either unloading or ready
to go to the Banks. Thoy woro neat
looking vosscls, and all of the r ar
rangements for the business showed
tne constant care and expenditure
which is demanded to mnko tho bust
ness modorately remunerative. There
are no fortunes niado in this business,"
said one gentleman. "There' u not a
rich fishorman in Gloucester." It is a
verv comfortable looking town, never
theless, and the sound of the hammer
and tho click ot the trowel indicate
that it is growing. It is the headquar
ters of the ocean fishing industry.
N. I. 'Graphic
The Efforts Made lljrthe Unemployed ti
Villain Work.
In sunshine or shower, fog or fnu
weather, the approaches to the do, k.
and wharves of the metropolis are
every morning thronged by crowds of
eager, anxious men, struggling nay,
in many cases lighting like wild beasts
to obtain work within the gates. As
the hour draws near for tho ringing ol
the great bell announcing the com
mencement of work a crowd of often
a couple of thousand men press around
the principal entrance to the London
docks, and as the big gates swing slow
ly open the mighty mass of humanity
rushes forward like an overwhelming
ert.i u: v.-..-: ...i
iw iiiw vu.wu-uui i icia nutne wit
superintendent gives out the metal
tokens entitling the holder to employ
ment with n. Of course heshows pref
erence to those previously emploi ed.
but there is always the chance ol
obtaining a ticket, and the men
strive to clutch one of the precio is
tnnsmans wun intense ana passionate
eagerness. 1 hoy push and jOilic and
struggle, leaping on each other's
shoulders, and lighting andwresiling
in the mad rush like famishing animals
rather than human beings. Tho most
desperate determination is written on
every face, and there is small thought
iu tho mind of any man of that surg
ing crowd for any one but himself.
For work means food-poor and
scanty, no doubt but still something
to keep the terrible wolf from tlie door.
Failure means semi starvation or
Hut of the crowds who struggle and
fight at the gates, frequently not more
than one-third are selected, and the re
mainder, beating their sad fate with as
much philosophical fortitude as they
can muster perhaps it is stony de
spair, rather turn di.-consolatcly
away, some to seek work at other
places which open later and others to
wait for "calls" which mav occur al
any time during the day. Thus a vis
itor strolling through the lino docks
and adm ring the shipping and im
mense quanta es of merchandise pi'rd
on every hand is suddenly arrested by
the strange sight of a sea of white,
anxious faces pressed wistfully against
the bars on a side entrance. Yes, mon
are st 11 waiting there for any call ol
laborers that may come during this
day. And presently, as you wait, ths
superintendent appears, and cries:
One man wanted!"
Instantly all the watchers spring up
like caged animals when food is
brought them, yelling, shouting and
extending their hands. They leap on
each other's backs and clamber up to
tho topmost rails; and all this feverish
excitement is to obtain one little metnl
ticket perhaps for one hour's work,
entitling the owner to tivepenee or six
pence at most!
One out of the large number receives
the ticket apparently by chance rather
than by any other manner of selection,
and then the noise subsides, and the
men wait on, patient dogged, hungry
eyed, as I oforo.
' At another'time a call will come for
two men, and the same scene will occur
again, and so on throughout the day.
But of the great numbers who crowd
the gates in the r desperate struggle to
obtain employment only a very few
comparatively can ever be engagod.
One in every three or four appears to
be the average number who obtain
work. The Quiver.
"No, gentlemen." said a patriotio
citizen, "1 am not personally ambi
tious. I am only ambitious for my
country's good. I want to see her oc
cupy that posit on among the nations
of the world to which hor greatness en
titles her. And," he added, rather
weakly, "if I am fortunate enough to
obtain what I seek, I pledge m self to
do all I can in that direct on." "Do
you understand," he was asked a little
later, "that there is no salary attached
to the office to which you asp re?"
"No what?" "No salary; not a cent."
"Then the office can go to thunder!"
said the patriot N. . Sun.
Exchange of courtesies between
two Arizona ed tors From the Gila
howler: "The lickspittle greaser who
edits the ltipstiorter lost h s head last
week in trying to answer us." From
the Bipsnorler: "The reformed bum
whose oflice boy edits the Howler for
h!m can't lose his head, for he ui
Created Dj an Eugllah Carloaturlst :osf
Somo of the distinguishing marks ol
burlosquo tho tags by which thocomio
artists make' their victims known to
the public have been so long in uso
thoy can scarcely be traced to their in
ventors. For, im lanco, thore is the familiar
and extraordinary figure of our Uncle
Sam. Every American acknowledges
k.nsliip with him, but few know how
he came into existence. Even some of
the artists who have dopictod him, year
after year, iu hi different moods and
attitudes, know nothing of his origin.
After making many interrogatories in
regard to him and considerable research
into his genealogy I learned that an
English caricaturist created him in do
r's on long ago. The intent was to em
body all tho ignorance, egotism, crude,
ness, pretension and asserlivenoss ot
the saucy young country iu tho quaint
li:uie of the old Yankee. But there
was a dignity in tho tall, angular, self
satislied old man which his creators
neither meant nor saw. Tho people of
the new country saw it, however, and
took him to their hearts. They adopted
the idea of the beneficent undo, and
put him. into songand story. Then they
u copted him as lie was portraved, thin
and elongated, long-haired, hatchot
faeed, and wearing raiment tho like of
which never was seen on land or sea-
striped pantaloons of nn economical
o it, a swallow tailed coat of most an
tiquated design, a high hat that is a
challenge to all modern hoadwear, and
a vest gaudier than a tropical bird.
This I ecame tho familiar figure, which
in eomio art represented our beloved
country. Tho idea took delin to form;
it became fixed in our fiini.r. it waj a
creation dostinod to livo and to grow.
Uncle Sam became a fact, a reality, a
part of our-elves and our history.
He was first made familiar to his peo
ple in I'd u tec Kotion. a comic paper
that flourished more than a quartor of
a century ago. but has long since
climbed the golden stair. Nast was
the lii st artist to lift our revered uncle
out of ridiculo and contempt, endow
li i hi with proper dignity, and make
him a distinctive and honored charac
ter, though he claims no credit for it.
lie says ho remembers him as far ba k
as he can remember anvthiug in tho
way of pictures. Tho other artists as
sert that Nast has made him what ho
is a kind, wi-e. courageous, quick
witted, sunny -spirited, dignified, lov
a'de old man, keenly ac ive to every
thing allect ug the interests of bis peo
ple in short, a gentleman.
it is interesting to see how the char
acter of l ucle Sam has developed with
mo character ol lus people One real
izes this by compa-iiig some of the old
portraits of him with somo of tho more
modorn. In Nast's allegorical sketches
we have scon him in all the phn-es of
bis strong, spiiited, ami noh'e charac
ter. He h is wept with Columbia ovor
the bier of heroes; he lias held fast to
the old Hag when it was riddled with
shot a id shell, but has turned his pray
head aside n humiliation when the pub
lic trusts wore betrayed aid honors
abused; ho lias mourned over his slain
sons as thev lav in the valleys, on the
hills, and by the rivers of the South.
His keen wit has mercilessly punctured
shams, and his big heart overllowed
with sympathy when the children of his
adoption sull'oro I. Dear, quaint grand
old Uncle Sam. may his ki nl and rug
ged face o.or beam upon us in love and
good will. When he smiles his people
rejoice; when he weeps or frowus they
are sorrowful or d'tsobed ent
One of the whims of caricature to
make l.'nclo Sam fat and jolly when
'tunes aro good and thin anil sad
when liuaii' es Inngu sh. Kcpplor first
mad him tut n the prosperous days of
tine ot rsnst, s tuts was gvmg li in
a swollen silver leg and one good solid
siher 1 "g during the monetary confer
ence in Fiance and the ni n ng excite
ment in the Wo! s x years ago. The
liver leg was gouty, and could onlv
he moved by st - aps and pu leys. It
tied h m to a chair and made an in
valid of li i iu, of course. I'illsburqh
How the Affrlrii are Conducted In 6i
It may sound strange, if I mention
the fact that notwithstanding the low
m arriageable ago fixed by law, elope
ments ure common. It i truo they
are of a quite peculiar sort and they
m glut be diiided into elopements with
and elopements without the consent of
the parents on cither side. This cus
tom so illustrates tho character of the
peasantry ot all regions, that I must
not dismiss it wilh too briot a mention.
Elopement with consent is an import
ant matter. Tho voting pair are agreed
and have the full ncqu esi ence of the
parents on both sides. But every roar
r ago calls for a wedding, and a farm
er's wedding is. under ord narv circum
stances, no child's p'ay. The rela
tives and friends must be invited from
distances extending to liftv or a hun
dred miles. The substantial part of
the feast is rather it secondary I
it ii ii ir to tne larmor ricniv pro
vided with farm products and enttlo.
but then drink must be furnished, nnd
tho National drink it dear, and will be
consumed on such occa-ions iu im
mense quantities. In order to escape
the expense of this provision, which
would be borne equally bv both fami
lies, the parents of the bridegroom ad
vise him to elope wiih his beloved, and
her parents advise her to consent to
the elopement After roeeivinj; the
blessings of tho crafty parents, the
voting people steal away i-ito the bush.
On the next day the friends sot up a
cry as of murder, beat around for a
while, and laugh in their sleeves. The
oung couple must, of courso, come
back after a little while and receive
forgiveness, for there can be no wedding-feast
after such a "scandal." The
latter is confined to a narrow circle,
and the brandy is saieJ. Dr. Alfred
Brelmt, in i'ojmlar Science Monthly.
Now York Girls Developing a Taste for
Our young ladies are not only devel
oping horsey tastes, but thoy nro devel
oping a taste for turf gambling that
would make their grandparents turn in
thoirgraves if thoy know of it Ayouug
lady who can not talk horse nowadays
shows that sho is not in the social whirl
pool. She must know tho points ot a
horse as readily as any jockey. I was
amused the other day on tho train by a
conversation of two young ladies very
ladylike ami quiet girls they were, too
who, afterdiscussiug Schumann'ssongs,
began to talk horso, and they seemed to
be as familiar with ono as wilh tho
other. "Were you at the exhibition in
Madison Square Garden?" asked one of
tiro othor. "No," she replied; "unfor
tunately I was out of town nt tho time."
"That was too bad," said tho other,
"you missed a splendid show. .1 have
noverseen finer cattle. Tho yearlings
looked exactly like three-year-olds!''
Tho other expressed her disappointment
at not having socn those wonderful
yearlings, but sho had seen particularly
lino three-year-olds that sho thought
were going to develop into lino trotters.
Tho other day I was driving through
Central l'ark and tho handsomest turn
out that passed me was driven by a lady.
It was nono of your villago carts or Vic
torias, but was a genuine Stanhope gig,
with footmen up iH'hind. and tho liulv
on tho box holding tho reins of n pair tit
prancing steeds; no ponies, mind you,
lint full-sized horses, and frisky ones at
that. What I liked about it was that
she was such a quiet lookiug lady.
There was nothing at all horsey in her
appearance. Sho woro a simple, tight
fitting coat nnd modest bonnet, and was,
1 should think, about thirtv-tivc or thirty-seven
years of age. There is Miss
Daisy Cameron, who drives a pair of
tost horses; but sho drives them to a Vic
toria, which is more feminine than a
Stanhope. Miss Fussy Uriwo alsodrives
a spanking span, and in winter her cut
tor is tho admiration of the road. iV. X.
Cor. Jioston Uazctte.
This is on tho whole a surprising
scheme of tho English Salvation Army
people to raise $100,tXK to send fallen
women to this country. But though tho
English are showing as great a zeal in
tho endeavor to rid themselves of this
perplexing problem as they did to solve
tho pauper problem awhile ago, tho
scheme will not work. This country
can hardly be expected to take uihui
itself the risks of so tremendous an ex
periment and if England insists upon
shirking the task, she will probably have
to turn it over to huiio of her own eu
ones. Providence Journal.
There is a remarkable natural
bridge spanning a iion twenty miles
north of la point where the Atlantic &
l'ncilio Railroad crosses tho boundary
between New Mexico and Arizona.
This bridge is 65 feet lung nnd 15 feet
wide nt the narrowest point It consists
of tough grit rock, underneath which
tho soft sandstones have been worn
away to a depth of twenty-livo to forty
feet beneath tho arch. Near by is a
petrified forest. The stone tree trunks
lie just beneath tho soil, or half expos,-,,
fallen in all directions. Chicmo Herald.
m e i
A tleposit of natural soap, twenty
five feet wido, has lux-ii discovered neitr
Mammoth, Montana. It is said to re
semble castilo soap, both in appearance
ami quality.
Count Tolstoi, tho Russian author,
has become a shoemakers' apprentice in
order to give his brain a needed rest,
lie sets a beautiful example. t7itcyo
The Stato of New Jersey gives one
dollar bounty on every ton of sugai
cane grown in that Slate, and one cent
per pound . for every pound of sugar
At Meycrstown, l'a., two women de
liberately smashed a plate-glass window
that they might he charged with ma
licious mischief nnd join their husbands
iu jail.
Gilbert Cloonen is living at Sing
Sing with a piece of his skull as large
a a half dollar removed from the top
of his head so that the ptilsat on of his
brain can be plainly seen. Whi e ston
in up a well his skull was fractured
by a piece of rock. A. Y. timet.
Rupturo radically cured, also
pile tumors and fistulas. Pamphlet of par
ticulars two letter stnmpa. World's Ills
pousary Modlcal Association, BulI&lo,N.Y.
Whim the Oar is compelled to have a
mastiff to etiurd him, tome of our Ameri
can ladies feet secure with a pug. .Atlanta
' Paor. Proctor describes how the earth
will look sixty million years hence. It I
very interesting but does not compare
with the hurniiiK question: liow will we
lookWiifotfeOiAi'i C'uf.
, Very rash A boy with moasles. Life.
A Stock-Yards hog-thief is certainly a
pork-reacher. (Shicwjo Sun.
Till seaside Is a Rood deal to the niau
blind in one eye. Merchant Tratelcr.
A organist who advertised for vocal
ists for a church choir, headed his ad
vertisement: Good chants for the right
parties." Itoibnrij Advocate
A sharp-talking loily wtti reproved
by her husband, who requested ber to
keep her tonuue In hor mouth. "My
dear," she said, "it's against the law to
carry concealed weapons." .V. 1'. Inde
"O, where does beauty HnRorf" de
mands a (Quaker city poetess. As a UBual
thing she lingers in the parlor nntil her
mother Has cleaned up tne Kitcnen. .y. X.
If one dog can be placed on a scent, how
many dogs can be placed on a trade dol
larf Kalamazoo Vanity Fair. '
The cholera germ is said to tie shaped
like a comma. Can't It be brought to a
full stop by cutting off its tail? reck't
Who says that fish do not cry aloud.
Little Paul says his cook makes a codfish
ball every Sunday morning. The Ham'
"Circus Soap " Is advertised. We sus
pect Its manufacture Is controlled by a
ring, and the article in used principally
for washing " tumblers." Norrtctown
A Bad Case of rolsonlnt
it that of any man or woman nfUictedwitb
disease or ooraugotneut of the liver, re
sulting In poisonous accumulations in the
blood, scrofulous affections, sick-headaches,
and diseases of the kidneys, lungs
or heart. Those troubles can becured only
by going to tlio primary cause, and put
ting the liver in a healthy condition. To
accomplish this result speedily nnd effect
ually nothing has proved iUolt so ctllea
cious as Dr. l'ierco's "UoMen Medical Dis
covery," which has never fulled to do the
work claimed for it, and never will.
France presents America with the
tattle of litierty, and we put up the pe,l
estal a sort of has ingratitude. Teiai
What can be more disagreeable, more
disgusting, then to sit in a room with a
Iierson who is troubled with catarrh, nml
ius to keep coughing and clearing his or
her throat of the mucus which drops Into
itr Hueh porsous aro always to tie pitied
if they try to cure themselves anil fail.
Hut if thoy get Dr. Snge's Catarrh Ueuiedy
there need be no failure.
The sky, unlike man, Is most cheerful
wheu the bltieat. Worcfster thizttlf. The
grass, unlike man, is most delightful when
the greenest Oil City Derrick.
PiKE'sTooTnAriiEnitors ciiretnlmlnuto.Sto.
(,rmri StWiitir Snap heals nml hcatitldes. ffiQ,
GKIUIAN C'OltN ltEMOVEll kii li Corns a llUUiOUI.
A MAN must he thick-bended who will
row with a double tkuU.Jiuchetter Democrat.
Wajne, Du p,,, o, jmi
rercaerea Rmn valuta ml SS,00O,oeo,
which laclvdva ahoHt
Winn Porlt of tilnod in wt(tM!iifd tr fxytlBTfN w
eonM In ti..- prf hf ron Stud Book of Frtvaet, Uw tail)
Stud lhHifc owr pulilliii iu Uint cuuutry ,
InporM Brood Harm
Imported Kla'lions,
Ok! month fur
Twe yiwr eld awl
rtrlo c-'inl bv Hit ljilrlll.
'.' "'" 'r iiimaii mar
fumj.h .,!h tl,.lm.l" fr,. i ,? , " EV'K
";;'. fr. w.,i,..I i! WTi ' ",,
ia r f lit
feX K 17 17
Customer Have you some good, im
ported cigars)1 New Clerk Not just now,
but we shall have in about an hour. The
printer around the corner is at work on
the labels now. Chicago Ii'cw.
when a i piled into the
tiOAtrtl. will be at-nortV
til. rdrctutllx cltsuti
Instil nnfW mtarrh
ftl VilUV raualiig trl
ttiy (jk'iTi-i ion. H at
U lutltiutiiAilitn. ir
uvia tit tiii-mhritm'
fnin frrtft Ct'lilA, o.ni
rlclt'ly hi lt tlifl tt-irt'e
ami rctt'irtu (hi Dcf
ol twieuiiltmelL
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Narrow Esoape.
. RormtsTr.ii, June 1, "Ten
Years ait'o 1 was altitoketl with the nioet
Intrnso and duttthly pains in my back and
"Extending to the end of my toos and to
my brain I
" Which made mo dollrloiisl
" From aeony 1111
" It took throe mou to hold rue on niybtd
at times!
"Tlio Doctors tried in valu to relieve me,
but to no purpose.
Jlfurififitc ii.i'l other o;ildc
"Hud no effort I
"After two monllis I was given up to
" When my wlfo
hoard a ni'lglilKir toll what flop Hitters had
done for her, she nt once got and pave me
some, Tlio lirst ttoso cased my brain and
seemed to go hunting llirotujh my system
for tho pain.
Tlie second dose eaed me so murh that I
slept two hours, soniethlntf 1 hiul not done for
two months. Hnfoi-o 1 hiul uxed five bottles, t
was well and at work an nurd artany man could,
rortiverthiuoweckii; but I worked too hanl fof
my xtivnflli, and lakinu h Inn it cold, I was tak
en Willi tlio inontaouu. and palnriilrliouinatlHin
all ttirouli my avrttein tlntt ever wait known.
"lenllcd Ihodoetors again, and aitorMivnrat
weeks they left inu a oripnle on iinitt'hen for
life, as they sutd. I met a friend anil told hlta
my eaiw, and ho mild Hop Iflttem hud cured hlin
and would cure mo. 1 poolied at him, but ha
was so eiirnetit 1 was liiiliieed to uao Uh-iu ajraln.
In les than four win-ka 1 llircw away my
crutches and went to work llKhtly and kepton
until the bitters for five wetikisnnill I lievaine
asKcllasauy nuui living, ami have been to
lornl Y years since.
II has also cured my wife, who had been
sil k for years; and has kept her and my
children well and healthy with from two to
throo bottles per year. There Is no need to
bo sick ut all It tliese bittern aro used.
1. JilKitK, Kx-SuieiTisnr,
'That poor Invalid wife, Slslor, Mother,
"Or daughter II I!
"Can Ira made tho picture of health I
" with a few bottles of Hop Hitters'
" H ilt iou IttfJicm mferllir'
I'rotrrttte the Striiutlrr til
If wlx-nrne callfor linn Illu-r th .InirrUt hanSa
out anvtlilitii Imii " .p Rat'it" wlilii;rr.-nrlmir
of l,ic uu wliltfl IiIh'I. ,liua that tta,.-rut aa oa
wimM a li,cr; ami If hi-liuaukm ymuiiionrT for a
lltu alulf. Iii.lkl 1, 1 in ltiha h.mUn.t tar hill, fn,
iWuiwa l,,r iha In.llr. and wo will nwanl Ju
lllH-rllrfor lti rotivK'ili,ii.
SBi- T. a. Court liiiunt-ilxn atalnat C. P. Wamrr.
ia,llnir. Hitch., an,! all lila aalr-mrn anri aici'UUL
russlaia ana other tuillat,.nLtakn warnliiK.
Uut' Ulllkltb m roca I
Wrwlfn hai Net n awtr affllrird with Krifna t
Pilt Itht'iim frttlil llifam-r- 'n trlr-d t-vrry kanwt
n-mnir, lut to n avail, hit aa ali afflicted with
pcrli-llt til nrrvmii hcadurhr, Anineltiiirt fitltnrd
lijr in Inferuiliti'iit fe-er. that hrr life ttri ante a
Ittinh'ii in her. Kitinlly I d-tr rmlnrd tu try H. H K.
Mm ruimiieiired irvrn wettka bhi. After lh Ui(r4
iHiiilcilir titnatiiinatiin dip)N red. and aif apia
rlitrd un and lumed hlte and m aly, aim! finally
hruli'llht'in i-IT luan Itupalpal-I hll powder fff
i inUli'iK pun aait. fh l tw taking tit" all ti tvt-ti-;irr
apiwatanre tif tlie dlieAMj u tn and hr
fl -Mi li "tt and wlilfaA a cMid If rr hrsilnrlirt
dlAipiM-am il and itie enjuiAllif nnly it" -d health
in) linnktuiwii In 41) yrvta. Sownndrr he d'-rtm
tery Utttleiif b. 8, 8. U wnnli a lluxitand tttitealiJ
weiAt In iiold. .KlllN r. Kit A Pl.K V,
lfintt. Stirh , Vay 14, ISO. 41 Urlawuld SU
For aala )jr ait druututi.
iiin bWiFT srrrinc ro .
V. T.. IS? W. 3M St. Drawer -k Al lanta, (la.
UauM lU-pU and Marrli.
i raw-h rrar. 4aT pa:.
m 1 14 iBrheA.wllheTrr
3,000 tUnalrallona m
mnoim Plrlatra C-atllrrr.
Jl KS WboleaaU Prlr
4lrr4 tt tnumrr mil ajocla gnw
prrwonial or fWmllr taa Trllakvw Co
ortlrr. and ajlvra iar( eMt of r
thing yon atar, iatt drink. wnr( r
hv tm wilh. Thfta INV AM ABI.Lt
B(H)KR coauia Information xl4d
lYam lh? nararii of tha warlwU Hi
will mall a copf KHliK t any ad
dreaa mpom mlit of 10 eta. to aUfraf
spraao of mall Ina;. Lt au hoar frona
yom. Hrapsrctfalljr.
ttl V XttU Wakauak Aveaae, t kka.. Ill,
lose OmuiIm laleu krarlaf tkla Klaap
rStMll MEANS' 13 SHOE.
MMada In Ilntion. roncrrM an-i
l tt'f i r Ant. t iieiceuea
a JJirtihtinii. Vomfrvt ami
ApJHarah'. A P-aUU rarij
1 to u will bring yita in-
i hn in any btata
i aeani atv i -w.a
a i.incttin eu
ft 1
A'' -Sk. Hi"
jm r m re xr. .
Pi -a a-V1
J V V Wll,llihll,l f..l.,.nl
ait.l pnitii.Mv. n llawLlna, Hnltlln.,
Itrnldlnif, ar raln.. l.'aa ai, kmS rfrl..ll,
liiw ru!li. raa or Jam. A hanOwaua THrkUa
jlua m.,la .tih y,) na, w.,h l oarna ai,
THE PP&RI " KKH " -f
ftS, r tHrit an all rnlna m.ralnra. w
Vf? 7J""'I l"'nl". Il wllaal alahl.
a'i'-'ilVJ"'' P"'e" ' AawlaMaalrt
Haixl stamp lor riirulara, lua, and t"iu
j..uitr4to, aim actaiMca,
R?al In Iha WMrld. il Iha afeaalnn. Kw
fry nrliMaiat hna tr Triade-tMatra; wn la
aarkta rraaar'a. aol.U X.U. I V HCBIU
lUNCOUALLinroa eiMt-NTiNd
V awl by Main a ffaiallo m.b.,, Al-laooCol-ullm,,
Mf.l i
Saula Tib Caaa awl a Mall, ilia
Lorlllard's Climax Plug
N arlnr a rrrf tin tug ; ttiAi Iorlllanl'f
II na. I aif flnatfiil . Oi.l Txllt.H ai
N'mtt ( lipplnaa, aml thit Lorlllanl'a fDMflaiar
Uio buat and ci)oait. (uallty cnnMdorad t
UflMF an nT. Snin-alliialnaaiEdiraili,nhr
numb mall, trulli noalMaa t'OLLaua, llnnau,,N V.
l M AJ . a C m al,.v
Paaltlvalr ears SIOK-RSUAOHB, atUonanMa, aaS all LIVBM anil BOWltL Canntalnu HALA&tA.
SLOOD foisoij, and , Slim Dlaeaaai I IONS pri.L A DO (I El Var rim.l. o'npU !a "i.a "ilia
ha.a no aqnal. "I nnd la.oi a .aloabla C.tbarto- a.d Llr.r tlll-Dr. i. If. Palai.f , MoalloallB. T a
"la nr prai-tloa I oaa no otliwr. J. fiaaolaon, H.D.. DnWltt. Iowa Said avarvwhar. nr a.nt t
SOI niFBQ,nrw!'WB;0"Mr,'irrfa
ed; Panaloaa and Inoreaaei azpartancattroarat
tucraaj ar no tae. Wrtta fur circular, and iawa,
A. W. MaCOUMlCK .SUN. CUioumaU. Ohio.
A Clear Skin
13 only a part of beauty ;
but it is a part. Every lady
may have it ; at least, what
looks like it. Magnolia
Balm both freshens and
TraatM and cnird wKhnntth" knlfa.
xiK on in nfinrni ifni tree. Ail3fe
l-.roND.M.U.. Aurora. KAnCo-lU,
Did you Sup-
pose Mustang Liniment only good
for horses? It is for infiamma
tion of all flesh.

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