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IN A CITY OF 8,000
mm m or M two, w mnuTiM
A Live, Nentj an i FrogreMlve
8EKI lEtkLI At Ml $2 Ml TUB
Complete Job Office
VOL. XII NO. 45."
42.00 A YEAR.
1 1 1
illi iiltiiQllr
Owintr tn thfi rnntinued rush for the Marvelous Bargains offered in our Great Dress Goods Sale we are con
strained to continue through this and next week, let the loss be what it may. Beginning Monday morning we.
offer additional attractions. For genuine oargams visit us.
.Siijwrior quality!
Will prove an liilervstuig bargain. iuio
Ami other lino diess
coloring. Tina sale w.
Magnificent goods, perfect colors, fine cloth, value 20c,
Bale prico 1 J eonta..
Finest gingham mudo, celebrated tbe world over, and
aHtial vnluo s)0e. This sale lar.
Now Suinmor dress stylos, sntino finish, all novoltios. Sale
price Co. .,
CftHarU ji Dr. Sum! PlteTir pIJ. fcarml mA qalclt ufi tow ;
lalkaU jund Clilliiraa'a Complain t- Suyrlor to Vmmtcr Oil,
Poronrip or WarcBti Syrup a. Children ory for Ctorltfc. Mil
tiont jot Mothr tlr Cfctoriu
OurtoHtt rami Oolle, Ponnf lr(oo j J
K-ur KUtliim'h, lHrrtifi-, fcrucUnti I
Kendriok. Pettus & Co.,
All Tolino-o Iimurml unions wo havo written instructions to
: , : the contrary.
JOIIX T. BODDIE, Boddie, Ky., Agent.
W. II. y.XN,n.Kk.Koeiir.
:TOIJACCO: ;' . '
Warehousemen and Commission Merchants,
g I.llioral Atlvnuro tm CoilflituimmU. -Ml 'i'kIimdo Sent n.C'OToriHl by liiMir.AU..
T. O. IIandebt.
Ttiix cH iiiatk' on toiint-i'ii in hUiiu. Uuoh fuai ur
nnluwulliui wlMi tiiHlrui'tcil.
Central v Tobacco "Warehouse,
"PorHonnl altoiilion paid to aainpliug.Mtd selling tobaooo.
NAT (1 A ITU Kll, MnnnKor.
The Nat Gaithcr Co., Proprietors.
Hoplrirxs-vlllo ZZzr.
Llboi nl Allowniicns on To'bncco lit Store.
WW' Month. frotirage to ))lnntir..
R. B. and 11th Sts.
- Lilwral advances mwle on Tobaooo in
owner unless written instructions to tho
elegant stylos, colors Absoliitoly font
pnco u. jut jum.
ginghams, all tho latest designs and
! rmnmnefi'1 Cartorta for phlldwn'i
enfnpltUuu.au aupftflar Uianjr prnciipU(Ml
kuuwo to tu." II. A. Abthkk. M.P..
Ill to. OzforU BL, bnMkljH, K.T.
Tas CanTAoa Oomtaxt, T7 Hurra St,( Kew York.
M, F. Siiiitm.
K. St. Jfc t JOLh ami Uth.
fur Uiaim w ni ininubttnn. AH Wlmcco luiuiou
JAM KS W KST. H.limtiiu.
, - K. W. DAI1J1KV.
Hopklrsville, Ky.
store. All to'aosu insured at cost of
Jersey Suit,
Abat.mlou.. Rponk-rrtMr iadlvl4al. Pro
t.eiril bj ri.ro. WumrtU.
Aliout tbe niwtt ourioua InHtttution lo
Chink ii the portal urrlce. It includes
two quite dlutinet syaUims, one lor the
irovtruiuoot oIIIl'UU aud the other for
every one else Tbe dispatches of tho
government are carried by mounted
postmen with tolerable awlftnoss. Thoir
arrlage and delivery are under the
direct supervision of the Ministry of
War In I'uktn. The people at large are
not allowed to aond mall by the olUcial
carriers. Thoy are obli;ed to transact
all thoir postal busiuosa lhroutharauch
aluwer mtnlium.
In evory Chinese clly there are sev
eral post-ofllcos which rooeivo and do
liver in their respective distriota the
mail ciatter of tho general puliliS Each
gur.ntot tho aafu doll very of evory
thing intrustvd to its care, and In case
of loss of valuable pupon or goods reim
burses tho sender without delay. The
contents of evory package, howovor,
must bo exactly declared at the time of
mailing) as the postage varies with very
trivial variations of value.
Tbo postman of this branch of the
mall service walk or ride on asies'from
station to station. With some eighty
pounds of mall matter a postman covers
about three mlloi an hour. The minute
he arrives at the end of the route he
transfer, bis burden to the shoulders of
another poituian. who. whatever the
time of day and whatever the weathor,
hurrtos oif to deliver it at the noxt sta
tion. To keep himself ready for all emer
gencies tho Chinese postman nevor fud
dles Ills wiu by ovorcatlng. Ho always
takeunry light meals. "Kate himself
only seven-tenths full," the Chinese
ay. Ho is usually a man of fine phys
ique and loss afraid of ghosts, wltcbes,
otc., than fortvnlno out of evory fifty
of his fellow countrymen. In faot, an
applicant for admission to the service is
generally subjected lo a kind of elvll
aervlce examination of his courage In
withstanding the horrors of supernatural
phenomena. If ha stands the tost with
out quailing and proves that he has not
Incurred tho enmity of any bad spirit
which wight Interfere with him in tho
discharge of his duties, he has taken a
long step townrd procuring his appoint
ment. This singulur condition for ad
mission to the service Is universally
oonsldured to bo quite proper, for the
average Chlnamun Is so afraid of spirits
and the dark that the slightest noise by
tho waysido atnight would cause him to
drop whatever he was carrying and dart
oif like a shot to the nearest settlement.
An ordinary letter may he sent 1M
miles or moio for about eight cent.
Thirty por cent of tho postngo is col
lected In advance from the sender. This
amount covers the exponao of trans
portation, and Is a guarantee against
fraud on the part of tho sender. Tho
other seventy per cent is oollocted from
the receiver, and represents the prollt
of the servloo.
The postmen often carry Tory ralua
ablo mails. Traders Intrust to them
drafts and stlvor bullion without hesita
tion. To protect tho most Important
mails small guards of soldiers are often
used, or troopj of fighting oivlllans who
havo especially trained themselves to
fight uiall-rolibors. Three, four or flvo
of theso oivlllans are always ready to
tight at least a doien hlghwaymon. The
mannur In whioh they proparo thorn
selvos for suoh unevon combats Is an
iulioratlon of a pugilist's training in
punching the bag. From the roof of the
empty shod in which the prsutlco Is
taken hang on ropes ten hoavy sand
bags. Tho man who Is learning to be a
guard stands in tho midst of theso bags,
while his instructor on tho outside sets
them to swinging. The man among the
hags then strlkos out right and loft
with his fists for the purposo of punch
ing tho bags away ftom biin. As soon
as ho learns to keopall tho uagi In mo
tion without letting thorn touuh him he
is pronounced ready lo go oa tho road to
knock out mall-robbers. -N. Y. Hun.
AtlTmturr.j of llnron Who Rr,nt! Mar
rl.it an Atuvrlean Wlr..
lleresford Alfred, Huron d'Knto, and
his wife, neo Ifarnoy, whose first hus
band was the Vincount do Nouo, are at
the Southern. Tho Huron d'Ksto Is a
Frenchman by birth, an Italian by do
scent, an Kngllshinaii through his
mother, and a roan ut muuy countries
by virtue of travel and inclination. Ho
wears bis title lightly, as one who ha
eea much of the world and lived
Sheer Satin Plaid White Goods.
Very flue quality,
8ome Patterns, worth
This SalolOcyard
Garner's Batiste.
Yard wide, Bountiful Goods, mill price 10J cents,
Sic. yard.
De Laine Calico.
Soft aud fine, new and rich designs, just out of loom,
7c. yitrcl.
Armure Silk Sashes.
Lov.lj quality, 1 jaola lo.ff, flM Ut make,
Till Hale M.I.
Black Organdie.
Celebrated Dragon
down from 20 cents,
Hale lrice lfc.
Dress Goods.
The wonderful reductions of last wook still prevail here,
every article mercilessly slashed.
among tlioie nations where rank Is lev
eled by necessity; and suuh is indeed
tho case. '
In con vernation ynstcitlay he said that
lio had ieiit tuuch of his life in the
Hrltish colonies. Tho Union is a hand
some man. with a Riinhurned face, speaks
English like an Ungllxlimau. and does
not look over forty years of age, though
bo niuy lie older. As a young man ho
spent several years In Aintnilla,'but In
1870, when cotton was commanding a
very high price, he, In ceeipany with a
number of friends, went into tho busi
ness of raising the cnll oductontho
Kijl lalauds. The islands at that time
wero inhabited largely by cannibals,
and white men, though assisUnl by the
friendly natives, carried their lives in
their hands, aud went constantly armed.
"The sister of my first wife," said the
Hnron yosterday. ''was shot down by the
nativoi, along with her husband and
their two children. The cannibals then
attciuptod to carry off .the dead bodies,
Intending lo eat them at their leisure in
tho mountains, but fortunately rc-on-forcemcnts
camo to our aid aud tho sav
agos wero driven back. My business
partner died, and some of tho wrotehos
pilfered his grnvo of two thigh bones,
which they Carried off to Ihelr mount
ain retreat as trophies; but 1 found out
who had been guilty cf the desecration,
and succeeded in recovering tho bones.
"I w as once on tho point of tasting
human tiesh myself. Home of the natives
bod been assisting us to build a house,
and the completion of tho woik was
celebrated with a feast. In tbe course
of the dinner I helped myself from a
dish whoso contents resembled pork,
and was about to taste of it when a
friendly natlvo nudged mo with bis
oIIhjw and whlsiicred one Btiggcstivo and
sufficient word '.Man.' I needed no fur
ther explanation; hut it must havo been
a great disappointments the cnunilmls,
wiio would have been much pleased to
thinkthnta white man had oaten hu
man flesh. Our lifewascertainly adnn
gerous one, but cotton was selling high
and wo maJo money. In 1075 the En
glish took possession of tho Island. I
gladly joined their forces, and the can
nibals were. all either killed or tnade
prisoners." '
In IHT8 tho llaton left the Fiji Islands
for India, where ho went into the busi
ness of raising sugar, lln also spent
some time in Madagascar, hut for tho
past few years-lias been llvlnj In l'arls.
tit, Louis ltcpubllo.
Drunkenness Liquor Habit In all the
World there Is but One Cure, Dr.
Haines' Golden 8pecific.
It cau 1 taken in a cup of tea or
coffee without tho knowledge of tho
person taking it, effecting a Hpoedy
mid poniiaxent cure, whether tho pa
tient is a moderate drinker or an al
coholic wreck. Thousands of drunk
ards have been cured who have taken
the Golden Specific in their coffee
without thoir kuowlodgo, and to-day
believe they quit- drinking of thoir
own free will. No harmful effect re
sults from its administration. Cures
guaranteed. Sond for circular and
full narticulars. Address in confi
dence, Golden Specific Co., 185 Kace
Street, fjincinnnti, Uluo.
"Whnt Now York paper do you
lika Ivnnf 1"
"Well, the Sun for EngliHh. The
Herald for deaths. The Mail nud Ex
press for coucoit, and tho Century
Magazine for news."- Puck.
I had calls for twelve bottloB of
Smith's Tonic Syrup ono duy Ixiforo
noon. There is no chill aud fever
tnedicino that gives Btich good satis
faction J. A. tlarifootl, Corinth,
Miss Hyacinth I wish to submit
some verses on spring. You will find
it is a priceless ixioin.
Editor That a lust what wo need.
We uevor pay for poetry. Towu
lopios. ..
Knowing; that a cough can be
checked in a day, and the first stages
of consumption brokou in a wook,
wo hereby guarantee Dr. Acker's
English Cough Remedy, und will re
fund the money to all who buy, take
it as per directions, and do not find
our statement correct.
H. II. Gainer, Druggist. '
bought at a Groat Bargain, Hand-
Brand, warranted absolutely fast,
He Foraak.. the Polltltril Pornm and
Msk. It lilt a. a Auitlufie.T.
Sandy MoFaddon did not got along
vory fast as atump-epeakor for his
ward. Ho was at perfect liberty at all
times to gird up his loins and go about
to help oloot some other follow, but he
never was forced Into any affioo of trust
or emolument himself. So he quit mak
ing s pooches tor the boys and went into
businosa as an auctionoer.
Ho found this business oongenlnl, and
It was not long until he mado his mark.
Home of Handy'a oratorical efforts are
woll worth preserving:
"Now, la lies and gents," ho said oa
one occasion, "lot me call your atten
tion to this beautiful oil painting en
titled 'Washington Crossing tho Dela
ware.' Observe, if you please, tho at
titude of tho Father of Ills Country as
he stands in tho bow of tho boat and
does the heavy yolling, while tho men
at tho oars do the work. Heo him; with
ills august finger lifted pointing tho
way through the floating lco and urging
the men to put in their best licks. In
buying this pluturo, ladios and gents,
you buy a picture of tho noblo Wash
ington in his most horoio attitude. The
orosalng of tho Delaware was an event
of tho utmost importanco in our coun
try's history. It Washington bad not
orosscd the Deluwaro on that memor
able oeoasion whore would he havo
"He would have been on dls sldo,"
shouted a fellow on tho outskirts of the
crowd. .
Sandy checked the levity and wenton:
"That was an occasion and this isa
plctjro to stir ovory patriotic heart.
And what am I hid for 11? Do I hear a
dollar? Look at tho framo, ladios and
gents. There's a frame that is worth a
dollar, .to say nothing of the subject
and tho ploturo. Do I hoar ninety cents
for this magnificent masterpiece? Not
oven nlnoty cents? Why, ladies and
gents. Is it tho rich, led Ameri
can blood that dunces in vpur veins, or
1 it tho sluggish, pale gray liquor that
trickles through the llritlsh subject?
Does not the sight of tho star-splanglcd
banner stir your pulic? ' And yot I do
not hoar ninety cents for 'Washington
Crossing tho Delaware.' I am ainased
and pained. 'Was tho Revolutionary war
fought in vain? Was blood spilled on
Hunker Hill to bo so soon forgotten?
Think of Valloy Forgo and tho Buffer
ings of the Continental soldiors during
that awful winter, and then give me a
hid on this ploturo. What! no bldl La
dies and gents, I Intended noxt to put
up this magnificent, AitTerlcan oaglo,
stuffed in the highest stylo of tho art,
but I can't do It in tho fuco of this senti
ment. In tlila crowd, tho birds with
the broad and sweeping wing wouldn't
fetch tho price of a plucked jaybird. I
will now proceed to sell this lieantlful
English huntlng-caso watch." N. Y.
World. : .. .
Worthy Of Trust.
"A tourist climbing u'p 'V mountain
side dosen t want a suiull, timber or
rotten stick. No, he wants a stout
stuff that will liear his whole weight,
one that he can lean on in confidence,
one Unit is worthy of trust and that
will uphold him should his foot slip.
So an iuvulid, in search of health.
They dislike to full into tho hands of
n doctor and be experimented with.
Thoy want to uso the proper remedy
for their ailment in the start. They
ure only willing to take medicine on
condition that it will muke them well.
Now there is, one rembdy whose offoct
is a certainty. It has lieeu tried aud
touted in thousands of instances and
has never failed. It is called Smith's
Tonic Syrup. Its principle was dis
covered by the emiuoutDr. John Bull,
of Louisville, Ky. If. is pleasant to
take, ana possesses all the good medi
ciuul qualities uf quinine, but is froo
from nil of its objectionable qualities.
It will euro chills uud fever when
quinine fniln. It will also prevent aud
cure colds, iufluonza, la gripiio, etc.
Ita influence is positive, and it is a
remedy worthy of trust.
"Good story, ohJ" ,
"Yes. It's very original to have a
man lull in love with liis landlady.
What are you going to cau n i
"I don't kuow. What should you
suggestf .
"How would 'A Boardor Romance'
dot" Smith, Gray &CVI Monthly,
' I
100 Men's Coats and Vests, without Pants to match. Original
prices of suits $10, $12, 15 and $20. Prices
yests cut 25 per cent.
300 pairs Odd Fants remaining from suits
per cent. -
50 Odd Vesis cut
100 Men's Black
200 pairs Ladies'
first-class makes, original prices $2.50, $3.00 and $4.00. cut from
25 to 50 per cent.
. 100 Men's fine Calf Shoes, all shapes, kinds and sizes, original
prices $2.00 to $5.00, cut from 25 to 50 per cent.
Confirm our statomeut when we any
that Dr. Acker's English Uomeny is
in every way superior to any and all
jtlier preparations lor the inront anu
Ludtn. In Whooping Cough and
Jroup it is a magic and relieves at
nee. We offer you a sample bottle
ree. Kemouilier, this Kometly is
uld on a positive guarantee.
11. B. Garner, Druggist,
Finst Itiiporlor -Don't . J-ou think
1 1. i;u:ili'ii's ktylo is too intlatedf
..?. ouil l.'epjrtcr - Yes, but what
i I.I'v.mi e p ( of a man when the
ii-ir'in' editor jrivos jiiin u blowing
pove. y day f - IJnrlii.gkin I' roe 1 'reus.
In tho morning, hurried or difficult
breathing, rawing plileg, tightness
in the chest, quickened puho, j'hilli:
new iu the uvuuiug or sweats ut night,
ill or anv of these things are the first
it tges of rousumptiun. Dr. Acker's
linglish Cough Iioincdy trill cure
'.liete fearful symptoms, nnd is sold
inder positive " gunrruuteo by H. B.
Garner, Druggist.
"Has Mr. Puncher, tho conductor
on the Central, given up his situa
tion!" "It's reported that ho took Iub lost
fare well. Plunder.
Tired feeling, dull headuche, pains
iu various part of tho body, sinking
at tho pit of the stomach, lossot up
lietite, feverishnoss, pimples or sores,
are all positive evidence of poisoned
blood. No matter how it became
poisoned it muni be purified to nvoid
death. Dr. Acker's English Blood
Elixir has netwr failed to reincve
scrofulous or syphilitic poisons. Sold
undof a positive guarantee.
II. B. Garner, Druggist.
Just the Other Way.
Tho story is told of a famous Bos
ton luwyor that ono day, ufter having
a slight discussiou with the judge.
he deliberately started to walk ott,
"Are you trying, sir, to show con
tempt for the court f asked the judge
sternly. "No, sir," was the roply, "I
am (tying to conceal it," Exchange.
To Nervous Debilitated Men.
If vou will send us your address,
we will mail you our illustrated pam
phlet explaining all about Dr. Dye's
Celebrated. Electro-Voltaic Belt and
Appliances, and their charming off ects
upon the nervous debilitated system
hihI hnw thnv will nuicklv restore: vou
to vigor, and manhood. Pamphlet
free. If you are thus afflicted, we will
send you a Jxut ana Appliances on
a trial.
Voltaic Belt Co., Marshall, Mich.
Trade With South America.
From an open lotter by .Alford
Bulcli on "Trudo With South Ameri-
cu, in the Coutury for June, we
nuoto as follows: "American maun
fucturcrs have lieeu iu tho habit of
forwarding to Columbia such goods
as they thought tho Columbians would
buy, and huve then lieeu surprised
to lind they made no sales. Many of
theso goods wore absolutely dead
stock for the simple reason that tho
people had not an idea of how to use
them or could not apply thom. What
is tho use, for example, of shipping a
McCormick reaper to furmors that
grow no wheat f Some of the goods
sent out could not bo sold because,
in a country of canoes aad puck mules,
thoy could not be carried. For in
stance, the standard American white
cotton is woven twenty-seven inches
wide. This cauuot be sold hi Colum
bia, because with pack-mufos the
caro-u, or pack, must not liemoie than
twonty-two inches long, as otherwise
it will gall the hips aud shoulders of
the animals. American cotton can be
roped on a pack-mulo, with the IxilLs
lushed vertically, but such n pack is
very ant to tret disununsred. and the
cai'fcro, or muleteer, charges r;ore
for tho trouliio no is put to. .Natur
ally the merchants in tho inierior of
the country purchase English or Gor
man cotton, woven to forty-four nnd
folding to twenty-two Inches."
50 per cent , running from 25o. to 2.00.
Luster Coats, worth $2.00, for $1.50.
SHOE HI fiiiiiini
fine Kid Button Shoes,
Irato Housewife "You'ro always
breaking somothlng.H Horfant; "huro,
but I ain't tried it on your record for
fault-finding." Homo Sentinel.
In Spanish, liberty is "libertnd,"
and a liberty-pole is therefore a liber
tadpolo, which may account for the un
popularity of liborty In Spain. High
land Cadet
A Sure Sign. Two blind mon are on
a train. Suddenly loud smacks aro heard
all over the car. 'here," suid one to
tbo other, "that's the fourth tunnel wo
havo passed through to-day. "-kludge.
Tho First and Only Chance. First
Man (excitedly) "Our Iwurdlng-houso
Is aflro!" Second Man (calmly) "Come,
then, hurry up, and perhaps wo may be
ablo to got something hot" Jury.
"I observe with regret George,"
said Georgo's futhor, "that you are still
at the foot of your class. Is there no
profipect of your doing hotter?" "O,
yes, father; I expect to bo second or
thin! in tho noxt class below noxt torm."
N. Y. Sun.
"Yes," said the eldcat Inhabitant,
"this Is a pretty mild winter, but I re
member a season that was muuh warm
er than this." "How long ngo waB
that?" queried his listeners. "Only last
summer." Norristown Herald.
The Mimical Director. Mrs. Young
husband "Well, Aunt Jane, how did
you like the symphony concert?" Aunt
Jane "Oh, pretty weil. Hut It kind o'
spoilt tho effect to see that fool Dp in
front pretending to dram on nothin'."
llurllngton Free l'ross.
Ellin's llrothor "Do you love my
sister Eflle?" IOfflo's SU'ady Company
"Why, Willie, that is a qucor question.
Why do you want to know?" Eflle's
llrothor "She said last night she would
glvo a dollar 'to know, and I'd llko to
scoop It in." Puck.
Caroful Parent "Iloforo I can give
consent to your proposed marriago to
my daughter I must know something
about your uharactor." Suitor "Cer
tainly, sir, cnrtulnly. Hero if my bank
book." Careful Parent (after a glanoe)
"Take her, my son, and be happy."
N. Y. Weekly. -
Collector "When aro you going to
pay this bill? I can't be coming hore
every duy in the week." Debtor-
Well, what day could you come on.
conveniently?" "I could call on Satur
day." "All right; from, now on I shall
expect you every Saturday." ioxas
Dull All Around'. "I'd like to have a
little money on your account" intd the
barber as Mr. llurdup settled himself
for another shave to bo "put on tho
tab." "Well, I am afraid you. will have
to wait this Is tho dull season, you
know. Great roots! Hut that nicer
pulls! Don't you ever bono your
raaors?" . "Not in thp dull season."
Torre Hauto Express.
Dror Sargent (reading of tho oon
vlctlon of a fellew-oltlien of color)
"No, sohl of I'd 'a ben on dat jury I
wouldn't 'a brung in no yonjio ob
'guilty.'" Hrer Moses (in surprise)
"Hut brer, don' you see do paper say
how as ho douo plead 'guilty' 'for' do
jedgn and do Jury?" Hrer Sargent
(scornfully) "What difT'renoo dat guln'
make? Ho He so 'siieo' I gwino bo'lleve
w'at ho Buy? No, suhl" Dotroit Free
Press. ..
Why Adapts!,!. tii and Weinen Ara the
t-'rtvitrlt. of Hnrl.lv.
Tho popular people, that Is, the peo
ple popular socially, aro tho adaptable
ones. The man who doesn't liollove his
lio.-.t Is responsible for the weather, or
his luck of appottlu, or tho fact that
most of tho people aco strangers to bim,
or that his clothes aro uucomforlahlo,
is tho man who is going to be luvlted
out often. T'.io woman who doesn't ex
Highest of all in Leavening Power.
ii V
on the odd coats and
of all prices, cut 25
odds and ends from
pect her friends to bo always at the
fever boat of affection, who dooan't ex
pect them to keep a day-book of hor
likes and dislikes, who doesn't wanttbs
best scat in an opera box, and who
doesn't complain if she has to entertain
somebody who isn't as yet a colobrity, la'
tho comfortable ono and tho one thai
every body is glad to moot again.. She
Is certain to make even stupid peoplo
bright, or, bottr.r still, to make them
think themselves bright, and she Is
equally certain to bo a tolerably happy
person herself, for there is a great deal
of truth in what ono of the slum sisters
so funnily said; "If you make other
peoplo 'nppy you're a 'appinosa in your
own 'art that cawn't coino in any othor
If you ask a man how you had botteV
dress to go to the theater, hell say:
"Oh, wear a black frock and a little
bonnet" Then, it you tell bim yon
haven't got a black frock that Is lit to
wear, he'll ask "If you don't own some '
quiot little brown thing?" Very young
men and very old mon, those nearing '
their second childhood, llko to take out
women who aro conspicuous by their
handsome gowning, but the real man,
the best type of the man of the world, .
profers that whlle-a woman is woll, she
should still bo quietly drossed. An oh-.
servant cltlscn, wIiobo opinions of men
in genoral and women In particular are
good, said he'd rather havo, when be .
took out a woman be cared fur, a man
say to bim the next day: "Tommy, my
hoy. who was that quiet little lady with
you lust ovonlng?" than to trave him
rush up to him and say: "Tom.'yon can's
keep that to yourself. You'vo got to
Introduco that stunning creature to me.
Never saw such a boauty in my life.
What a lucky fellow you are!" Men are)
a hundred times more sensitive on the
subject of refinement in women than
women believe, and the young woman
who is given to-ctgaretto smoking, who
"slings slung" like a man, who talks
about tho fellows, and who never
flinched boforo mouse or cow, is apt In
timo to bo relegated by thorn to the
world in which she belongs. Mon are
deoidodly tbo host judges of what Is de
sirable in women, and thoy seldom have
a doep-soated admiration for the fast or
horsey one. Chicago Inter-Ocean.
Toor little child! She don't eat
well, she don't sloep woll, she don't
look woll. She needs Dr. Bull's
Worm Destroyers. Papa, get her a
A Man of Power.
"So your daughter Jennie is mar
ried ?" -"Yes."
"Marriott wolll"
"She married a man of power and in
"Indeed! Statesman, banker, poli
tician, genorHl or government official !"
"Neither; she married the janitor of
a flat." Boston Courier.
Many mothers would willingly pay
a dollar a box for Dr. Bull's Worm
Destroyers if they could not get it for
less. It costs only 25 cents and is
sold by druggists.
Smart, If he was a Dude.
"I am told that you am writing
poetry again," said Miss Belle Pep-
perton to Willie Wishington.
"No; I twiod, you kuow, but I gave
it up."
"That is too bad, I'm sure. Why
didn't you porseveref"
"Well, 1 found you know, that there
was no way of making 'youth' and
iK'uuty' and 'gwneo' aud 'loveliness'
whyme with Belle, so I gave it up."
Washington Post.
U. S. Gov't Report, Aug. 17, 1889,

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