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IN A CITY OF 8,000
A nil A
fOHTT OF :: 40,009 :: IWLITIO
A tin, Neuray u I FrogMlve
Complete Job Oltice
$2.00 A YEAR.
strained to continue
genuine uargaias visit
, l Superior qimlily,
wiu prove an interesting uarguin. dbio
toile du nord,
Ami other find dress
coloring. This salt) He.
Magnificent goods,
Sale price 12 cents
Finest gingham made, celebrated the world over, and
actual value 40e, Thin sale loo. -
New Summer dreia style, satino finish, all noveltieii. Sale
price 6e.
,7 7,"' , WhaMs 7 : ' X '
, ImfanU miA Chlldrn' Complaint- Sapi lor to CMtcr Oil,
lwgarl or Karcotlq Synif, CMlJr crjr foratojri. t Mil
OuCiwU wm (VI k". rntwtrMn f r ' ( t rwoMwwtJ Cartori for ohlldfvrt
Mur Htoti'U, uirrbi, Kructnuna " I
.Kendrlok.'vPottus;'& Co.'.UB
All Tobuiwo Insured unless wo have, written instructions to -.
., - . -tb eontrary.
W, II K. XO,
Warehousemen . and Commission Merchants,
f . . ' .......
f4Lllwl Ailrnocoon Con.lgnirouU. All T.iluioco Sent n. Coreiod by Iniurtaea.
T. C. Hanbsst.
- HOPKINSVILLE, Ky. K R. St. Btt lOlh and 11th.' ' ! 1
m-m .it.il..H l t ... 11. ...I ii, It KiuwInMll tit UN I,11rnl Btt-
TAitfv nla.U on it. I. . .. in -iltro UwA qiiai-tofs
uuiiwHUuiorwiM) iiiMi'iicwii,
Central Tobacco 7 Warehouse,
"Personal attention void to imiri(jliDg and soiling tobacco.
NATOAITI1K11, MiwiK0f.
The Nat Gaither
- Liberal Allownuccs on Tobiicro In Store.
. "I'oar Month. ftwntruKfl to t(intni. ..... : 1
' U. It, NKI.SOX. - : r.W.DAUNKr.
- R. Rrand llthSts. Hdkins-dlie, JCy.
Lilwrul advances mndo on Tblwieco In a tore. All tobacoo insured at cost of
-. owner unless written lnstmcffionaj to the djntiary . , 7
sh for the Marvelous Bargains offered
through this week, let r
us. . -
elegant MyUA colon absolutely fast
pnc i. pot
ginghams, all th latent designs and
perfect colors, flue cloth, value 20e,
rrfmpiuaia. u auiMr uKOr prM-riM
111 a. Oxtanl SL, Braokljr. X.T.
Ti CurrFK Ooru, TT Eurtj ., Wow Tork. '
M. Y. Siibise.
fur tt-uiin nui Vflanutera. ; All UUaooo humhI
- ; KENTUCKY I L 7 1
, JAM ICS WKST. HllMiau.
Co.. Proprietors.
the loss be what it
. - -
. p A00
." -'.,. fob THIS
Jersey Suit,
Tarolihcil pilnt my be elosnod by
rubbing with cloth wot with korowma.
Kxorclno should bn used In tho (ntor
vkIh botw.oii iuo:il. but not liomodiato-
!j belofa r ttr Uioin. -
liow to Hwk Out Hood Lob.ter.
It vou rxniulno a lohtr thai wii
when Unvwu int. the bolh-r you will
find that lh Ull U curled up to ths
body, wbllo ono th.t ra dosd bat tba
tall oxtendtnl. lu buying loutlors tliti
Is goud ihluf to Ix'.r In mind.
-tiwout Apule - Ilcklm: one iurt
lnour, lx cupful, brown .ugr, ono
tvupuontul onch ot clnnumon, clovoi
and all.nioa. Hull and akin; add applna
cut in halves, cored, hut not parvd. boll
Ull tomlrr. Tho lulu ahould envoi U10
apploa whon in the croek or thoy will
inold.-rXolwlo blnle. ,
Corn Cup Cakoa: Ih'at up tori.tliorono
Ubloauoontul butter and onn ot sugar;
boat up well three ezv. add two enpa of
milk, and pour it on two cup. of corn
meal with which baa boon alfUHl two
tuairjoonfuli baklni towder. (SKt tho
meal nnt slao, bedira mos.uring lu)
lioat np hard, and bako Iwsnty mluutos
in hot isnvpaua, la a hot ovon.
Chopped Eggai Uavs ready alx eggi
boiled liard and ohopped fins, and sous
t;al orsad. 1'ut la a ai.a alternate
layori of ohopped egg sad grated bread,
aeaaoalng oaoh Uyor woll with psppsr
and salt. When tho dlah ta full, pour
ou ono pint of boiling milk seasoned
with aalt, popper, und one tableitpaoatul
ef butter, lluko toa Hicht brown.
. - Itollod Cbinkea wilh (ifatenu 1'pfc
pare tho vhlokon as (or roasllng, adding
ohopped o.v.ter. to tba stuffing. Fut tno
(owl in a tin pal1, tightly covorod, and
plaoo the pail In a pot ui aula water,
lloll (or one and a half or two hours, as
required, Jlake a gravy from tho liquor
In tho pall, adding toit some of thooys.
ton. 'J'aie a half-doien of the largoat
oyitora cooked until tho odgoa eurl and
lay over the oliiciran. rut ovor it a 111
tie of the gravy, and gcrvo the roat la a
bowL ,.",-.
.-Hunter's ruddlng: One-half pound
of ral.lns, one-halt pound ot evrrnnta,
one pound of uoL one pound of bread
Of. cracker oxumltf, one-half pound of
brown augurright fg'. one tabloapoon
ful of flour, one-titt&rter of a pound of
citron, ten drops of Haenco of almonds,
one-halt a nutmeg gratod, a toanpoonful
eacb ot cloves and inaco, Ntono and
chop the raliiiiM'hlp tho suet vor flue,
eut the citron Into thin sllooi; mix' all
those Ingredient, woll togi-ther, add the
sugar, beat tho tsrj to a frotb, and to
them add ttia flavoring add those to tha
dry Ingredients and mix well: a to am
eight hours In buttered mold. liostoa
Herald. .
(Uendorlng Iard: I'lrst see that the
KSttlO uatfU I. periuuujr cmiu.um piuwm.,
thoa out In tho lcaf-lurd out up In small
pleooa about an Inch square and If tho
kettle Is large and thero aro many
pound, to bo rendensl, add a gallon of
water.' Cook three or four hours pretty
fast, until the water I. all cooked out
and the oraekllng begin to fry or get
yollow. Whon wull done dip It into a
largo pot to settle, and beforo It chills
put It in tho Jam in which It Is to be
kept, lie curoful not to get in any of tho
settling., or tho lard will bocomo strong.
Orange J udd Farmer. ' '
II I. Cheaper and More Comfortable
Than Cottua or Llnau. .
11 mother, know the liumonse saving
of : trouble thai thero U la dressing a
buby In flannel altogether, ovon putting
out l -the -question iU grant physical
bene fit to tho child, It would bo a strong
argument In ,1U favor. Every mother
knows tho quantity of waahlng to oe
Ai.m wherf there 1. a baby, ot which
tlto Starching and Ironing I. not the
least part :uf tho trouble. All this la
done away .with v-hc re llnnnol Is u.ed.
Half an hour, br lcus, will lufllce to
wash a bahj'sl whole flannel wardrobe.
Homo will-think that to' provide a
"layette" ontlrely of flannel must be s
very oxpenHivo proceeding; but it neod.
not be so.. Thoro will not bo required
so many garments of flannel a. there
aro' of oottori or linen, and they U.t
rauuh longer, and they do not require
any thing liko the aaine sinnnnt of ftuo
sowing In the making. .It la rldlouloua
the amount of time aomo youug mothers
spend in preparing their first layette.
Hours ' are ' pawed with head bent,
shoulders stoopod, and eyes atrslnud,
nianufaoturlitg countlous tucks and
frills to llnon shirts and petticoats
in our Great Dress Goods Sale we are con
may. Additional attractions this week. For
Sheer SatinPlaid White Goods.
. :' i. , : . it "..
Very fine quality, bought at a Great Bargain, Hand
some Patterns, worth 15c, ,, . , j
This Sale lOc. yard."
Garners Batiste. v::t:
Yard wide, Beautiful Goods, mill pribe 10J cents, ' ''' '
Oc.yard. ' ' '
De Laine Calico.
Soft and fine, new and rich designs, just out of loom, 1 !
7c. yard.
Armure Silk Sashes
Lovely quality, 4
Black Organdie.
Celebrated Dragon
down from 20 cents, . , :-.-
Hale Price IffSc. . ,
Dress Goods.
The wonderful reductions of last week still prevail hero,
every article mercilessly slashed.
and rubes that, after all. aro only to In
jura tho little uroaturu for whom they
aro prepart.iL ' There is often as much
spent in the pttrebttHO of useless lace for
the adornment of thebo unsanitary gar
ments as wmild purchase a year's supply
of ounifortablu. Iiealtti-presorviug flan
nels And It need nt Ito seppoMud that
flannel gnrinonu munt be ugiy ones.
Thoy will bear a great deal ot orna
mentation if tho maker of them feela so
disposed. Thoy can bo shaped prottily,
and can lie embroidered either with ailk
or that flax tbrad known aa Uourishiug
cotton, lo wash. flannels put thom to
aoak in warm water in which aoap has
been boiled. To every four gallons of
wator add two tablospoonfuls of liquid
ammonia. After the clothes hare soaked
an hour draw them through tho hand
onoe or twico. Very dirty spots should
be brushed with a soft brush. To thor
oughly remove tho soap, rinse out twice
In lukewarm water. Thoy aro hotter
rung through a wringer than by band.
Hang them u dry lengthwise. Iron
while still damp, stretching them to the
necessary length and width. The Iron
thould not be unnecessarily hot, nor
soda nor lya be used. The smell of ant
moms disappears when dry. Leeds
(Eng.) Usroury.
How ta Whltan tha Uattda.
Tba hands may be whitened by nst ot
this rceoipet Take - a wine-glass of 00
lognor another of lemon tuloet then
scraps two eakoe of Has soap to a
powder and mix woll In a mold, Whon
hard It Is ready to uso as soap. An old
English reolpo for whitening aud soft
ening the bands is mado as follows:
Myrrh, I ounoo; honey, 4 ounces; yellow
wax, S ounces; roecwater, a ounces. Mix
thewholo' In one well-blonded mass,
melting the wax. rose water snd honey
ever boiling water, and add the myrrh
while hot Rub this thickly ovor the
skin before rotlrln.fr. It is exeelent for
chapped surfoucs and makes s fine mask
for the fuco. N. Y. Journal.
An English mllltla Captain, recently
asked to resign on account of his age
to mako room for a younger roan,
replied to the authorities that if they
would send on a dosenof their strongest
men he would walk thorn for forty miles,
and thon loud them -to tho top of the
highest and stoepost hill in tho neigh
borhood. Tho authorities declined the
challengo, and did not press for tha
Worthy Of Trust.
A tourist climbing up a mountain
side doseu t want a small, limber or
rotten stick. No, he wauts a stout
staff that will bear his whole weight,
one that he can loan on in confidence,
ono that is worthy ol trust and that
will iiuliulcl him should his feet slip,
So an invalid, in ' search of health.
Thoy dislike to fall into the hands of
a doctor and be experimented with.
They want to use the proper remedy
for their ailment in the start. Thuy
are onlv willinir to take medicine on
condition that it will make them well.
Now thero is one remedy whose olfnet
is a certainty. It has boon tried and
taxied in thousands of instances and
has never failed. It is called Smith's
Tonic Syrup. Its principle was dis
covered by the eminent Dr-John Bull,
of Louisvdle, Ky. It is pleasant to
take, and possesses all the good medi
cinal qualities of quinine, but is free
from all of its objectionable qualities.
It will euro chills aud fever when
quinine fails. It will also prevent and
cure colds, influenza, la grippe, etc.
Its influence is positive, and it is a
remedy worthy of trust. ' -'
A Long Farewell.
Pnidine Don't go. Reginald.
Reginald I must, love; it is after
10. .
Pauline Indeed it isn't; it's only
half after. '
And llegmalti, upon consiiuuig nm
watch, olisorved that it said just 10:30.
Harper a Uoxar. ,
oan't si.xep Hnirrrs.
js tlie complaint of thousands mif
fering from Asfthrun, Comsumption,
Cotiglis, etc. Did you ever tr Dr.
Acker's Englieh lUimedyl It is tha
best preparation known lor all Lung
Troubles. Sold-on a positive guaran
tee at 26o. and fiOo.
H. B. Gasnib, Druggirt,
yards long, cost. $1.00 to make,.
Brand, warranted absolutely fast,
,Tf 111
Tha Peril of New England. ,i(
The linn. Roger Oj. Mills la tho June Kurum.J
What is New England to dof . She
cannot go back to agriculture, be
catise in this she cannot compete with
the West and South. Their lauds an
new and fertile; hers are exhausted
She caunot go back to the sou, .when
she was onoe at home, bjcause Ut,
tariff has .laid uo embargo o:( hi
commerced Sho cannot go into m ;
lug, because she has no uiinvml n
sources. She cuunot go tuto iure.-Ur :
because her hinds are d .uu4 tr ui
even the lumuor retiui itU lor u.
manufactures mint ba br night fro.
beyond her Imrdors. Sho is restrict.
to manuiacturos. buoiuuit .proilu ;
11 her wares ut tho l ine 4
cost. Tho chief factors of eo '
ery article . aro uisterial and 1 1 .
She has no I lie ciieaHHt, most skill
ful, aud most productive l.ibor. 'iuor.
is something in lutr h;1 a id eliniiit.
and perhaps in her bloo 1, thut umke
her people easily first in tiie inei-iite-
of lubor-s iviug machinery. 1 11 ooat t
raw matorials sbe is at a great disutl
vantage, because they' are taxed. It
they come front foreign 'countries,
they are taxed for transportation
charges, and taxed for government
revenue, sna utxea ior tne protection
of the home producer against foreign
oompetion. This burden she must
unload. To oontiuue to oarry it is to
abandon the contest and to contract
the oircle of her trade. By lowering
the tariff so. that she may obtain her
raw materials ou tne same terms wiln
her rivals, she can largely extend hur
markets, and dislodge manv compet
itors who now feel securely estab
lished. ..... ... ....
She should begin at onoe the work
of emancipation. She has already de-
layett it too long: Instead of con
tracting the circle of her trade, as she
Is now doing, sne would, by demand
ing the removal of all taxes on all ar
ticles that she employs in' manufact
ure, very greatly extend it. at Dome
and abroad. She would make aU
ports of the East accessible by sea
tributary to her mills. Sho Bbould
likewise it n ito her whole political
power to untax the food upon wbiuu
iter people lire. Huving accomplished
these ends, and possessuig the advan
tages derived from tne constant low
ering 01 the rates of transportation by
rail, she would enter at once upon
a new ufe.
Is this the policy outlined br the
new tariff bill? It is precisely the re
verse. The bill proposes to increase
the rates of taxation on manv raw ma
torials. It transfers some of the most
important articles from the free to the
dutiable list, and on some of them it
imposes very heavy dutios. . Further,
it increases the duties on all food pro
ducts, a great part of which New
England must buy from other re
gions. '
It remains to be soon whether New
England will help those who are try-
ing to help her, or whether he will
continue to amuse horself in aiding
Pennsylvania iron maHters to build a
wall around hor deserted factories.
ws cak and no
Guarantee Dr. Acker's Blootl Elixir
for it has been fully demonstrated to
the people of this country that it is
superior to all other preparations Km
blood diseases. . It is a positive cure
for syphilitic poisoning, Ulcers, Erup
tions and Pimples. It purifies the
whole system and thoroughly
builds up the constitution.
H. B. Gaumki, Druggist.
"I want to hnva a nrivate bilk with
Smith which I don't want anyone to
I hear, but 1 don t know to manage it.
. His office is always crowded."
"If you don't want any one to hear
you, talk to him over tne telephone,
Well er I waut Smith' td hear."
' It is surprising that peoplcwill use
a common, Ordinary pill whon they
con secure a valuable English one for
the same money. Dr. Acker a -biig.
lish nilln are a positive cure for sick-
headache and all liver troubles. They
are small, awnot, easily taken, and do
not gripe, Jl, a. u-Aairia, avruggtst.v
a-. .It
: 100 Men's Coats and Vests, without Pants to match. Original
prices of suits $10, $12, 15 and $20. Prices on the odd coats and
vests cut 25 per cent.
.300 pairs Odd Pants remaining from suits
per cent. : " ' ...
f 50 Odd Vests put 50 per cent , running from 25o. to 2.00. '
100 Men's Black Luster Coats, worth $2.00, for $1.50. ...
. " -it I- ,
200 pairs Ladies'
first-class makes, originarprices $2.50, $3.00
25 to 60 per cent. -''. .
'.' 100 Men's fine Calf
prices $2.00 to $5.00
, , v , . NOS. i and 3 MAIN STREET, GLASS COR.
'..t' Census Questions. '
Christian name in full and initial of
middle name. '
Surname.- '"'"
Whether a soldier, sailor or marine
luring tho civil war (United States or
Jon federate) or widow of such person,
Relationship to head of family. "
Whether white, black, mulatto
piadroon, octoroon, Chinese, Japan
m ur I ,diau, t' .
: Six. . .
Age at ueorost birthday. If under
lie ve ir, give atfc in mouths.
Whet In r siughs married, widowed
i ilivorced. ;. , : ; t
i Whether married during-the census,
.car (June 1, 18S-J, to M.iy 81, WOO.
Moth.ir of how many cliitfron and
anmber of these cUildreu living. "
l'utceof birtli. .. .
l'luco ot birth of father and m )'.Uor.
NuiulxT of yours in tho United
3tato.. ' ' ' : ' '
Whether naturaliied.
Whether naturalization popors have
kmu token out.
Profession, trade or occupation.
Mouths employed during the con
'iUsvear." . Atteadanoe at school during the
census year. -' t, !
Able to read: able to write. .
- Able to speak English, if not, the
language or dialect spoken.
, Whether su Soring from acute or
ohrouio disease, with name of disease
and length of time aillicted.
Whether detective , of iniud, ht,
hearing or speech, or whether crip
plod, maimed or deformed, with name
of defect. ' ,. I:- ' ' I
Whether a prisoner, convict, home
less chilli or pauper.
Is the house you live hi hirad or is
it owned by the head or a member ot
the family. :' ' ' ' - '
If owned by the head or a member
of family, is tho house free from mort
gage encumbrance 7
If the home or farm is hot owned
by head or member of family and
mortgaged, give tho postoUice address
ol owner. t : ,
is lif i woRra Livma! .
Not if you go through the world a
dysiioptic. ' Dr. Acker's Dyspeiisia
Tablets are a positive cure for the
worst forms of Dyspepsia. ' Indiges
tion.. . Flatulency and Constipation.
Guaranteed und sold by . H. B. Uab-
nkb, Druggist, i
When an author -cannot live on his
first stories, he may have to tke to
the attic. L lunuer.
. . A CtiUD' KILLS'). ..
Anotlior child killed bv the use of
opiate given in the form of Soothing
syrup" Why mothers give their child
ren such deaaiv poison is . surpris
ing when they can relieve the child of
its peculiar troubles by using Dr.
Acker's Baby Soother. It contains no
opium or morphine. Sold by U. B.
Garneb Druggist. . . : . .
"Did you hear that Mr. Curtis takes
his dog to a ciuui
"Quito to the contrary, Mudam, he
takes a club to the dog." Plunder.
,Poor little child! She don't oat
well, Bhe don't sleep woll, Bhe don't
look well. She needs Dr. Bulls
Worm Destroyers. Papa, get her a
box. ...
.'7 Tha Forum for June.
In the Forum for June is begun a
series of autobiographic articles by
nf the foremost men in Englund
and AmorioB, poiuting out tho chief
formative influences on their educa
tion and careers. The first of' these
is by W. E. H. Leek, the author of
"The History of the Spirit of Ration
alism in Europe."
Col. Henry S. Sanford, tho Ameri
can member of the International Com
mission which organized . ths Congo
Free State, and himself uu African ex
plorer, explains the political and com
mercial significance of the work that
has been dune in oponiug the -dark
continent. This ts the fullest account
that has been anywhero .published of
the commercial opportunities of Africa
and of the labor that has boon done
looking toward tho building up of
civilization there. .... - . ;
, ' " ' ' 1 ' '.
,7. .7 ..; : : ,77.
fine KidJ. Button Shoes,
Shoes, all 'shapes, I kinds and sizes, original
cut from 25 to 50 per
Not In tha Book Trust.
The statement has been widely cir
cuhited, probably by parties who
wished it might lie true, that John B.
Alden. Publisher, of New York. Chica
go, and Atlanta, hod joined the "Book
;!V,.t ,. l,;l, tr.,n tn n.nnnni;,n
the publirution of standard books, snd
to increase prices from 25 to 100 per
cent.., Mr. Alden sends us word that
he has not joined the Trust, and there
is not and never has been any proba
bility of his joining it. The "Literary
Revolution, which has accomplished
such wonderful results within the past
ten vears. in uouulnrizinir literature of
tho highest character (no "trash" ever
finds piace In his list), still goes on.
instead nf mcreasing prices, large re
duction in prices has recently been
mano, particularly on copyright
books bv American authors. A cata
logue of SXJ pages is sent free to any
applicant. One of the latest issues
from his press is "Stanley's Emin
Pasha Expedition," by Wanton, a
very handsome, large-type, illustrated
volume, reduced in price; from 12.00
to 50 cents.. This work tells a most
interesting and complete story, begin
ning with the conquest of the Soudan,
and continuing through years of Afri
can exploration, the revolt of the
Mahdi, the siege of Cartouni, wit u the
death of Gordon, the. return of Dr.
Junker, besides the storv of btanley
own adventures, incliidingliis success
ful Uelief Expedition, it is one ot
the best and most completo works is
sued upon the subject. Send Alden
your address, and you will receive his
kl-pogo catalogue, and from time to
time specimen pages of his new publi
cations. John B. Alden, Publisher. 393
Pearl St,, New York, also Chicago
and Atlanta. . . . ... j
To Nervous Debilitated Man. . '.
If you will send us your address,
we will mail you our illustrated pam
phlet explaining all about Dr. Dye's
Celebrated Electro-Voltaic Belt and
Appliances, and their charming effects
upon the norvous debilitated system,
snd how thev will auicklv restore vou
to vigor, and manhood. Pamphlet
free. If you are thus atltioted, we will
send you a Belt aud Appliances on
a trial.'
Voltaic Belt Co., Marshall, Mich,
"Mr. Englishman, you have - some
big fish in your Loudon society, do
"Ho, yes. We'sve the Prince of
Whales, you know. Plunder.
DrunkennessLiquor Habit In all the
World there Is but Ona Cura, Dr.
' -Haines' Golden Specific.
It can bo taken in a cup of, tea or
coffee without the knowledge oi me
person taking it, effecting a speedy
and permanent cure, whether the pa
tient, is a moderate drinker or an al-
coholio wreck. Thousands of druuk-
nriln have been cured who have taken
the Golden Specific in their coitoo
without their knowledge, and to-day
believe thoy quit drinking of their
own free will. No harmful effect re
sults from its administration. Cures
?;uaranteed. Send for circular and
ull particulars. Address in confi
dence, Uoldem specific uo., ioo race
Street, Cincinnati, Ohio.
Bill (gold miners doing up the
town) Boys, wliat yer going to huve?
Boys Whisky straight. ......
Barkeeper Can't soli it to you. ;
Bill-Why not?
'. Barkeeper It's against the law to
sell to minors. Plunder.
Highest of all ta Leavening Power.
K m a mr t
11 Nv-
ABSoiisiTEiy Pirns
of all prices, cut 25
odds and ends from
and $4.00. cut from
cent. , . 7 ' 7;
An Atlanta Lady's Sad Condition.
"About two years ago a sore came
on my nose. I called in a physician
who could arrest it only for a few
days, when it would appear as bad as
over. Finally it became permanent,
and despite the constant attention of
several physicians it continued to
grow worse, the discharge from the
ulcer being exceedingly offensive.
This was my condition when I com
menced to take Swift's Specific (S. S.
S.) about one month ' ago, but I am '
now happy to say that after taking'
four large bottles of your wonderful
medicine my nose is entirely well, and '
my general health is bettor than it has
been in ten years." - 1
Mas. Lucinda Rush, Atlanta, Ga.
Swift's Specific (S. S. S.) cured me
of a blood taint that troubled me for
years. I consider it without an equal.
James Sherwood, Nashville, 111.
Treatise on Blood and Skin Diseas
es mailed free, Swift Specific Co,
. Atlanta. Ga.
The Home Magazine, conducted by
Mrs. John A. Logan hasi-In May
number a beautiful illustrated poem,
by Clinton Soollard, entitled, "A Boss
tor itememoranoe.
Portraits of Bismarck, Caprivi, Gen,
Crook. ...
Ad illustrated artiole on Rome, by
Mrs. Logan. . i - :
A Trip to xiourou, ny Mrs. x.ane,
A Chapter of Chronicles, by Amber.
"Janet; a story," bv Mrs. Oliphant.
Finely illustrated description of the '
interior of the Blaine Home.
A Sketch of Amelia B. Edwards,
with portrait,.,., .... .
Bright Bits from Bright Books, with
extracts from "A New England Girl
hood. . , ..
Washington Society Notes,
Lincoln at Home,
Memorial Day. - -Illustrated
articles on Home Dress
making. ,, ..
illustrated articles on fancy worn.
The Trilliums, a lovely spring poem,
by Arlo Bates,
The Necklace, a short story by Guy
de Maupassant.
The Dining Room with Spring Soup,
and Recipes.
Mothers' Pago, and Chrildren's
Page, full of bright stories and pic
tures, aud many other good things too
numerous to mention.
All for six cents a number.
The Home Maoazini sent for three
months' trial subscription for ten
cents sitter or stamps. Try it.
Address :-
The Bbodix Publishing Co.
Washington, D. C. '.
Mr. Fast Why would Germans
make good ball players!
Mr. Slow I couldn't toll you.
Mr. Fast They're great ou work
ing tho pitoher. Plunder.
Minister (meets a tramp) Well,
my poor unfortunate, do you ever ex
pect to get ahead again?
Tramp Yea, sir; it won't take me
long to get a head when I get the
money, i'lundor.
Little Untitled Agricultural Land.
Mr. C. Wood Davis, whose recent
articles in the Forum on the condi
tion of the farmer have attracted very
wide attention, makes an estimate, in
the June number, of the small re
maining tillable land not yet reduced
to cultivation so small that it will
all be occupied in a very few years.
Then home consumption will soon
overtake production.
U. S. Gov't Report, Aug.' 17, 1889
a l
. ..." a

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