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jQopMnsuilU llnitiukiait
JULY 111, 1SSXJ.
Eil Boyd returned from Diiou yes
I enluy. - - " -
Mr. Olho Graves, of Louisville,
in the city.
Minn Katie McDauiul lias rotunied
from Dawaou. j : ; '
Misa Florence Buchanan ia visit
ing in Elkton.
Mr. Geo. O. Thompson is alDuw
Hon thia weekv -
Mm. It. P. StuveuB returned fnmi
Heuoerson Sunday. .
Dr. J, D. Jacluou, of Crofton, spent
yesterday in the city.
Walter Minna, of Memphis, is vis
iting friends in thi) city.
Mr. llourr Scales, of Nashville,
peut Sunday in the city.
Mr. L. G. Wood, of Clarksville, is
visiting Mm. Eugene Wood. .
Miss Helen Wilson, of New Orleans
ia visiting rolativeM in tlio city.' i
Mitw Kena Wail, of Gurloy, Ala., i
visiting her friend, Miaa Buttle eil.
Mm. W. T. Bouts, who has lioeu
quite ill for several wl, l luiprov
. in. '
Mina Annie Whitney, of Fayette,
Minx., la visiting Mrs. Dr. J. K. Ar
uiistcad.. Mra. I. P. Oerhart, of CWrkuville, in
visiting tho family of her fatlior, Mr.
Jno. Bryan.
Jiidn Jno. W. Mci'hersnn will
leave iu a few days for White Sulphur
PpriiiK, W. Va.
MUsoi Alien and Jennie ITanna, of
Deninou, T-i are visit iitg their aunt ,
Mm. J. D. KumwII.
Frank RaKdale, of Lafayetlo, was
In the city Sunday, and by chunce
met hia Tennessee girl.
Mra. C. B. Welib, Mim Ellen Jolin
aoii and Mim Mary Feland returned
from CVruleDU Saturday uight.
Miss Xauuie Kiissell, of Mt'T'heraoii'
Kan., la visiting her brother, Mr. K.
A, HusaelL of Julien viciuitr.
Mrs. r. P. Hurfiuan anil ainlon.
wera auuunonnd to Rowling Green
Saturday by the illness of a relative.
Misses Graeme Camplell and Mary
McOowan are viaiting Mm. Alls-rt
Kelly in the Casky neighliurhooil, thia
Mia Daisy Rewl, of Clinton, Ky,
paid a two weeks' visit to tho family
Jot Mr. Waiter Kelly, nid lift fir
home yesterday.
Mra. Mary Hunt, after a very pleaa-
aut visit to the family of Mr. Walter
Kelly, returned to her home in Jack
' son, "Venn., last week.
Mra. Luciuda Wilkins and daugh
ter, Misa Doric, returned to their
koine iu the Autioch neighborhood
vesterdar. after a visit to relativea iu
the city.
Owen J. Smith, formerly of Pem
broke, has secured the position of As
aistaut Traveling Auditor of the
Louisville, Now Orleans A Texas
Railroad, aud will euter upon hia
duties at onee.
Mra. Bettie Mcore aud daughter, of
California, are visiting Judge W. P.
Wiufree'a family. Mra. Mooro ia a
daughter of Mr. S. T. Winfree, ol
Casky,' aud thia ia her first visit to
. relatives here since alio moved to Cal
ifornia in 1H75.
Vilnlia Liver J'illa restore lint ap-
iK!tite. : i ; f.: .
It. M. Woolilridgo, livery, foed it sale
stable, Fritz' stand. Telephone 144
There wusa big crowd iu town yes-
tcririy from every section nfthecoun
; , . . .
Mr.' W. W. Ware cut ; ono of hi
knnos very badly with a drawing
knife Friday. .
A few thoroughbred South Down
Bucks for tain at ton d illnrs. " ' ,
l-lnio (J. K. jAnRKrr.
There wiw a very enjoyable party
given at tho residence of Mr. William
Vaiicoy last uiirlit.. Several from tins
city ntteuded. ,
Miss Multie McUiio of Treutou was
married to Mr. Ephraiii Camp, at the
residence of the former a parents
Thursday Inst.
A reception will bo given at the
residence of M r. Jos. D. Russell to
morrow evenii'g iu honor of Mm. Itus-
sell's guest, Miss Haniia, of Texas.
If you intend going to Old Point
wind your name in so provision can
be made for you, nnd be sure to
secure your berth at your earliest ouu
vouieiuv). , , .
The white Teachers' Iustituta will
)n venn in this city on the 11th pro
ft will lie conducted by Prof. Ja.. E.
Soulier. The colored Institute will
convene on the INth.
Luther Baker and Moses White,
b it li colored, were arrested Sunday
for fast riding. They wero each liued
$ and cost. Baker paid hia Una and
White replevied the ulnoiint against
N EARING SI 3,000.
Tho clay pigoon shooting ninlcb
between Wm. Page and Robt. Owsley
at tho Driving Park Saturday resulted
iu a victory for Mr. Page. Both cou-
nslauts are fine shots and mode good
scores, Owsley making !10 and Page
Willie Griksam, the mail carrier bo-
twocu kirksinanrillo and Elkton, was
Uirown tnmi hia horse ono d.iy last
oefc and aeriously hurt. Tho horse
became frighteued during the pre
valence oi a siorm ana run aivay
throwing his rider.
Tho unnual Lougview picnic and
limn dunce is announced "to tab
platM Wmlnesilay, Aug.' 0. Judging
from nil previous ones held thero this
will be a very pleasant anil enjoyable
atTuir. A large crowd of young wipli
from thia city will attend.
Tlu-re are now aliout twenty
Tho braudt of 1.133 l .li- In Exco of
tho Previous Year.
T.'p to the completion of the exami
nation of tho 18S5 books, tho Boyd
mid Brown Bhortugo was $ 1 1,621.
This did not include a partial state
ment of raises for lubulateil by
the Auditor's agent during previous
examinations. This partial list footed
up about $S0, but 1WH in full will
far cxi'fled this amount. . Hotvover,
adding this to the Hinouuts coiifessoil
or proven, tlio total has now nMicluil
SI2,l'X). The books of 1KS0 aro now
lioing examined and the rottenness
uncovered ulreudy shows that the
figures will lie raised liy tho end of
the WMk to Boiiiothing like $l!yXX),
and that tlio total shortage will not
full short of $1B,000, about four-fifths
of it iu Boyd'a terms. This will show
the snug sum of $1,1X10 to lie some
thing nour tho uinount of the niiuuul
stealage iu four years. Mr. Boyd
stated iu his Pembroko SMjeuh t but
his bouilsuian, Omur S. Brown, by
whom he claims the swag was guth
erod in, had put up f 10,1)00 to replace
tho stoleu money. If this Is ail that
has boou put up, some of the plunder
li still being held back iu the hope
that all of (lie raseality will not lie
unearthed. By the lime the interest
is figured up aud everything is uncov
ered, it will be found that the gang
will have to shell out a good deal
more, if the rest of thoir ill-gotten
gains have not been expended iu the
vain endeavor to get Boyd back into
the same office that was used for four
years to fleece the people. Perhaps
this money still being withheld la the
samo lucre that will bankrupt Boyd
to have it to pass out of his "posses
sion, which ho so fieluigly mentions
iu hia very remarkable manifesto or
aril of confession, recently promul
j Mrs. Luoinu P'I'ool died near Pool's
Mill Saturday ni;;lil last after a long
'illness, or consumption, aged 92 years.
Drnvasiul was a christian lady, loved,
by all who knew her. She leaven
imslHind and four little children to
numm their loss. . The remains were
interred iu the City Cemetery yefctor
dr.y. Child of Rolicrt Long, neur Bever
ly, lust Friday, of choleru infantum,
i colobgd. - ; r?
Mary Caldwell, in the Bt-llnview
neighborhood, Suturduy, ugud uboiil
HO years- . .
'Xiuo-months-old child of John
Womack, iu the city, Saturday, of
f over.
thOBAjtm l IIWI MMlilTlWWttlllllWr'm
His Wound Proved Fatal.
Lem Morris, who was shot and so
aeriously wounded by Jack Hender
son, at Fruit Hill about two weeks
ago, died of his injuries Saturday.
Hia remains were interred in the city
cemetery Sunday Henderson
ititl at large.
Bassatt & Co's. Supplement.
Uwiug to tlio rusii ol job work in
the Kkntuckian ofiice aud tho inabil
ity to gut extra priulers, the niaiuuiotli
lialf-pagn supplement for Messrs, Bas-
solt & Co. 4iitcudcct for to-day, will
not appeur until Friday.. Watch and
wait for it. It will be a daisy.
The Purest and Best
Articles known to medical science and
used in preparing Hood's Sarsapa
rilla. Every ingredient is carefully
selected, uersouallv examined, aud
only the beet retained. The medicine
is prepared under the supervision ot
thoroughly competent pharmacists,
and every stop in the process of man
ufacture ia carefully watched with a
view to securing iu Hood's Sarsapa
rilla the best possible result.
Grand Encampment Q. A. R., Boston,
On August the 8th and 9th the L.
i X. railroad will sell tickets to Bos
ton, Mass., and return at one faro for
the round trip; tickets good to return
until August 5th, with a provision for
in extension to Sept. 301 h. Also on
August 1st, 2d and 3d will sell tickets
to Chicago and return for 112.00,
August 4th and 5th at $'.1.20, good to
return August 12th, account Conti
nental Contounnont Patriarchs Mili
tant and I. O. O. F.
W. W. Alexaxder, Agt.
! Commencing Monday,
July 28tlij I will offer
some special bargains
m Dry Goods, Millinery
and Carpets.
' Read Some of the Prices.
MOfie: lints, :
Wagon Factory,
Implement and Feed Store.
Figured French Organdies and Batiste at 8Jc, worth 12JC
Silk Finish Persian Mull at ?2Jo., worth 20c.
White Goods worth 10, 12 and 15e. down to 7o. choice.
Black Silk Mita that sold at CO, 05. 75 and 85c., all mnrkod down to 50c.
choice. ,
Gold and Silver Necklace worth 25c., go at 15c,
Ladies' French Balbriggan Vests that sold at 50c., marked down to 25c
Extra large size Mutquito Bars at $1,50.
All wool Carpets, best make down to 62Jc.
Best C. C. Wool Carpets down to 51c
Half wool Carpets marked down to 42c.
These prices are for one week only, so call
early. . .. ... ; ...
"Leader and Controller of Low Prices."
WewishtocallthoHiKH-ialaltonlionof furmors to our Immonso Stock of
Plows, Wiigons, Buggies and Soods, t .
Guaranteed to : be First-Class.
Blount's True-Bluo Cust Steel Plows, "'
Hoilmnu'a Cast Steel and Chillml riows,
The Celebrated Vulcan Chilled Plows,
Avery's Steel and Chilled Plows,
South Bond Chilled llowa ,
Tho WOrlll renowned T)nArinir HiRnf
- - -. .
mowers, dinners and Keepers, cutting
, 0 and 7 feet. Tho cheuiest and
most ocononiical machine ever put in
the iielil. . , 1 . .
Climax Disc Harrows, 1
Iron Duke Harrows, '
The Evans Harrows,
Kftvstnnn TTurmwa
Buggies, '
1 hrotons,
Spring Wagons, ' ' '
Rond Cnrtji.
Buggy and Wagon Harness, ,
biulilj. and Bridles.
Engines, Threshers and Stackers.
Builders' and Farmers1
Doors, ' : i ! :v . ... .
Mouldings, ' i
Brnokets, ,
Lime, ' s
. f Hair,
Cement and
Fire Brick.
White Lend, -
1.111800(1 Oil,
'' ivGIbsb and Putty,
Ui'tf 1.7? I'aint Brusliea.
ShorwinAVilliam Mixed Paints, Fam
ily ramts, Floor Fmuts, Etc.
- Th Supplemental Regiitration.
Yestenlay was the time for regis
tering the sick and almmtees iu the
Clerk's office, and tho office was
rowded all duy and the registration
wis very full. Up to 4 o'clock about
1(10 had registered and all sorts of
excuses were trumped up by those
bomol I lie Uun Club aud tho 1S applying for certificates. Some who
aro improving very ninullv under
ly lost their votes, while others with
,, rh. C.rulaan Encampmsnt.
Company D went into camp at Ce
rulean Springs ourly on tho morning
of the 20th, and broke ramp last Sat
urday night. The tenta they oxpect
fcd never arrived and they were quar
tered Iu a rery comfortable house just
to the roar of the hotel.
The boys went on this encampment
for pleamre only and they certainly
' enlnyed thnmwlvea, if any such thing
, is possible in the midst of thirty
beautiful aud captivating young
ladies. Everything seemed to com
bine for their pleasure, and they did
nothing but love, eat and sleep for
ono solid week. . .
Some of the boys thought camp
life somewhat rough aud preferred
the hotel, but that waa not according
to rules and regulations.
Tom Pelree, tho only deserter, got
enough after one day and came home.
John Burnett waa the light of the
Springs, and pluyod his part-well.
John could not bo porsutded to
return with the boys and came homo
' Frank Boll also "had a roaring," as
the boys termed it.
Harry Tandy, pf Paducah, joinod
them and made everything much
Capt, Henry, in hjs usi)al dignified
manner, made several very dear
friends, but never fell in lovp, -
John Landnim, the king of heart
breakers, was also there, .
The german, given . by the young
ladies Friday evening, and led by Mr.
Saunders Fowler, of Paduonh, was
the event of the week. The young
ladies wero ot tired in beautiful cos
tumes and the gallant boaux per
formed wirfl their port, the military
boys showing up well in thoir hand
some uniforms,
Paducali, Clarksville, Princeton
and Hopkiusvillo were all well rep
rjieutcd.. Mike's Band discoursed sweet
st ruins for the merry dancers ovory
The boys of tho company wish to
exteud thauks to Messrs. S. W. Gunn
& Co., the popular proprietors, for so
nicely entertuiniug them.
After all, the best way to know the
real merit of Hood's Sarsaparilla is to
try it yourself. Be sure to get Hood's.
practice. Tho third meeting was held
last Friday wheu some good shooting
was done, several of the momlieu
breaking fifteen out of twenty clay
Col. M. D. Brown ia a candidate for
City Judge with bright prospects of
election. He is iu every way well
qualified for the position" and will il
oIocUh mukd the best city judge Hop-
kinsville has ever had. He Is opposed
by J. C. Brasher, the proieut incum
bent, aud Iiobt, Lauder, colored.
There bare lieen several cases of
sunstioke in this county this seasou.
An old oolored man named Win. Jef.
fers )u is the last one reported. He
was prostrated last Thursday while at
work near the city, but Is now up and
about mill. Mr. A. C. MiOchee, of
Gracey, who has been suffering from
a sevore stroke, is still quite unwell.
Last Friday night a thief entered
Mr. J. D. Ware's houso by cutting a
slut in the window shutter no as to
loosen the catch, and entering se
cured a silver watch, chain and ele
gant charm belonging to Mr. J. T.
Bice, who was occupying the room
broken into. Tho lcm is almut S50.
No clue to the bold thief.
The candidates have seven apixiiut-
menU this week, beginning at Fair-
view to-day aud wiuding up at the
Court Hons i Saturday night. The
last week of the canvass begins with
excitement running high and no ma
terial change in the outlook except
thatGoode, Independent, Is dovelo;.
ing strength enough to endanger the
election of Long for jailor. If any
considerable number of Demoerals
vote for Goods, Hanlierry, tho Repub
lican candidate, will have a chance to
slip in. Up to a week ago the election
of Long was considered a certainty,
hiKcdupon tho mistaken hypothesis
that Goo lo would cut uo figure Iu the
Tak. This to Yourself.
"Wo have dpuo just what ovory mor
phnut in this town ought to do, ro
nowed pur membership in the U. S.
M. P. Associat ion. This mode of col
lecting ia the best in u,sOj as attested
by thousands of menihors everywhere.
All monies aro paid directly to the
creditors, and uocolloction, no charge.
Cull and the Kkntuckuh will oxplain
more fully. " -
P.rsonal Comfort a Specialty with th.
Seashore Excursions. .
No one who feels inclined to go on
tlio Old Point trip should hesitate for
fear of being crowded or neglected
for this can not possibly occur with
tho extra care tnkon of the .excursion
ists. Each passenger oocu pies his
berth In the aloeper, Is carefully wait
od on by nh attontlve porter, Is run
through on schedule time, and as
signed a room before getting to the
Hygoa Hotel so as to "avoid any rush.
What more could you nskl
A word to the ladies who have ho
escorts. Especial provision will Je
made for your comfort, and extra care
taken to seo that You will receive
every little dotailed attention. For
further Information apply to W. A.
Wiuius, Traveling Passenger Agent,
253 Fourth Avenue, Louisville, Ky.
no better claims got their certificates
Autirew ifailiortl, a Ueverly negr.,
was allowed to register because his
wifo hud a "deep oold" on the last
Saturday. He hod no other excuse
for the other three days.
On the other hand a man named
Tom Tatum who produced certificates
from his father aud ph vscian that be
was sick was denied his certificate,
although his father stated that he
h id lived here three yours and was a
ljgnl voter. A great many certificates
wore issued to men who swore falsely
to get tlieni
At tho time of going to press the
indicnt'o.ts were thut the registration
would reach 200, a majority .being
colored. All voters to whom certifi
cates wero issued under false repre
sentations are of course liable to
prosecution for perjury and the of
ficers of election should see that they
aro not allowed to vote, as such certi
ficate, aro null and void. A great
many of tho " invalids" wero located
in the coui'try precincts, but most
of the colored " absentees wero as
signed to Hopkiusriile No. 4.
Soma of the Republican candidates
were present aud actively assisting in
the registration part of the day.
Married at tho residence of tho
bride, In Todd county, - Mr. Eph.
Camp to Miss Mat tie McRae, July
21th, at half-past six o'clock,
To thi Voters of Pembroke and Vicinity.
Pkubsokg, Kr., July 25th, 1800.
At the earnest request of a number of
my friends and neighbors of the Pom
broke mngisteiiul district of Christian
county, I have consented to make Die
raco for magistrate, election first Mon
day in August. U you think me a
suitable man for tho place I would 1 e
glad to havo your votes, and if elected
will endeavor to serve you faithfully.
. . , Very respectfully Ac,
. ' Chab. W. Morrison.
There will be a church social at
Mrs. Durnitt's, next Tl'Hrsday even
ing. Ice cream and rake will lie
served. Only 10 cents will be
Th. Forum for August,
Tho Forum for August contains an
article on th possibilities of agricul
ture, by Prince Kropotkin, who has
made a thorough Investigation of the
greatest yields In the most densely
settled si ct ions of Europe. It is not
a matter of the future, but an accom
plished fact, that by agricultural
methods already lu use, the portion
of the earth that is now under culti
vation oau bo wai,U to sustain perhaps
ten times as many people as aro now
alive, not only with bettor food, but at
lower cost than now. Prince Kroput
kiu makes a suggestion that 100 acres
be set apart fur this purpose as a part
of the Chicago exposition, and bv this
he feels sure -that an objoct lesson
could be taught to fanners of tho
United States, which would enable
them to begin forthwith a reign of
plenty. Elizabeth Stuart Phehis, in
an osBay ou the dmilMle in modern
life, points out the decay of delicacy
not. only in our social life, but in our
art., in our litorature, aud even in our
politics. I
To our friends aud customers: W
are pleased to inform you that wo now
havo a sure euro for chills, which is
perfectly sweet. It has -no taste at all
It will cure any case of Chills. Quit
utluiig tun bitter Chill ionics, anu lot
us sell you a Isittle of Pomroy's Sweet
dull Cure! rnce tXJ cents. Uno bot
tle holds enough to cure two or three
cases of Chilis. Come and let us
show it to you. Your Friend,
Hopkinsville, Ky
Caskv, Ky, July 20. R, F. Riven
and J. T. Garuett are at Dawson this
Master Douglas Graham gave a
croquet tea to his young . friends
Wednesday. -
Miss Matlio Ferguson' is visiting
her brother, Mr. James Ferguson, this
Misses Mary Henry and Florence
Rives returned from Clarksville Tuna-
W. E. WarfiohU Jr., has formally
announced himself as candidate for
magistrate in this district.
Misses Sarah anil Fannie Gillispie,
from Franklin, Kv., are visiting Mrs,
J, F. Gsniett.
Dr. Bart let t, of Kirkmansvillo, was
tlio guest of Dr. Anderson Wednes
day last.
'Squire WarCuld is still coufiuod to
his room with a severe attack of flux.
Mr. M. H. Nelson and wife spent
Thursday evening with Mra. S. E.
Warfield, at "Waldemere." ,'
Mr. J. W. Kendull, who has boeu
spending several weeks with Mr. Jno.
G. Kendall at this place, left Friday
for his home in Guthrie, . ., ,
Misses Sallie Wallace aud Carrie
Warfield are visiting Mra. S. E. Warr
Miss Jennie Bronaugh Is tho guest
of her brother, Mr. W. T. Bronaugh.
Misses Susio and Carrie Bart let t
hare returned to thoir home in Kirk
mansville. '
About twenty colored men, who
havo been working in Alubama, hare
returned home to register and vote.
"Pearl," Undo Branch Vaughn's
old white sUer, butted a freight train
Wednesday. Uncle Branch mourns
the loss to the amount of thirty-five
Veedlns . tonic, or cliiMren Hint want building
Up. Klioulil tnkt;
nnowN'S i iioiv uittkhs.
' It U ,lcKWi.t .ke, wire Malaria, ludigua.
tton, aud ailiuuiinuita. AlliltfaleraktiiibU.
ey cow, solid fawn color except
white (leak in each Hank. Hole
small w
in one ear. Halter on when left homo.
Any information thankfully received
ana uer reoovery rewanleu.
F L. Ellis.
ni lira
I .will on August 0, '90, soli at pub
lic auction nil the town lots and the
residence of the late Jus. E. Jesui
Now is tho time to buy you a Inn
lot. iorms, 1 cash, balance n l hiii
2 years. W. S. DA VIP' N.
7-18-7t . Executor
Mr. W. N. Dusker i
still on hand With the
furniture establish
merit of Geo. O
Thompson and ready
for his fiWid".
You can get your p'o i ' onifs, steel
or cast, sharpened at .1 no. .1 Metcalfe's
in hrst-cluss shape for only 10 cents.
A Pleasant Lemon Drink.
For biliousness and constipat ion.
take Lemon Elixir.
For indigestion and foul stomach.
take Lemon Elixir.
For sick and nervous headaches.
take Lemon Elixir.
For sleeplessness and nervousness.
take Lemon Elixir.
For loaa of aptiotite and deMlitr.
take MMiion cuxir.
For fevers, chills and malaria, tako
Lemon Elixir,
Ionian Elixir will not fail Vou in
anv of the above diseases, all of which
arise from a torpid or disordered liver,
stomach, kiiluevs, bowels or blood. .
l'reuama only by Dr. 11. Mozlev,
Atlanta. Ga. 50c. and $1.00 per bot
tle, Sold by all druggists.
A Prominent Minister Writes,
After ten rears of trreat suffcrinc
form Indigestion, with great nervous
prostration, biliousness, disordered
kidneys and constipation. I huvo tieon
cured by Dr. Mozley's Lemon Elixir,
and am now a well man. .
Rev. C. C. Davis, Eld. M.E. Church
South. No. isTatnall st. Atlanta, Ga.
"Just as Good,"
somo dealers who try to sell a sub-
stiiute preparation when a customer
calls for Hood's Sarsaparilla. Do not
si low any such false statements as this
induce you to buy what you do not
want. Remember that the only reason
f ir making it is that a few cents more
F relit will be made on the substitute,
nsist upon having the best medicine
Hood's Sarsaparilla.' It is Peculiar r
to Itself.
Call on C. B. "Webb
and see his fine Gray
Eagle . Horse. -Fine
Buggies, Ph se t o n s.
Harness and Saddles
on hand. I n fjr
"Now Homo" sowing machluo, $15
3 "Now National" sewing machine, 40
Marliu improved repeatiug rifle.'. 27
Lovell wasliluir machiiios.... ..
These articles are all new. Will
sell them at a bargain or trade other
useful nrticlus of equal value. Ap
ply at K.ENTUOT1AM OUjCe.
The farm of Mrs. Mary ' B. Soates,
3 miles south of town, adjoining R.
S. Gary, is offered for side. Tho farm
contains 100 acres of land with house
and other improvements. Apply for
portiTUiars to
V W. H. AnAis,
July 1, 2m., Church Hill, Ky,
" For'Sael! ;
The largest and best stock oh fitraw
berry and liaspberry plants hi the
South. Thirty-live varieties of Straws
berries. Fifteen varieties of Kaspj;
berrios. Prices low. Stock warranted
truo to name. Afnny of my Straw
berries this season measured over
seven inches around. Address
s. usij . F. B, Hancock, O. I
Casky, Christian Co. Ky.
We are carrying the largest lino of
And in fact our complete lino, in
assortment, quality and prices,
without a parallel iu this city.
The H, B, GarnecDrugCo.
Re stanrant,
Clarksville, Tenn.
Louis ' Michel has
opened a first-class
Restaurant at the
the above place, under
the management of
Mr. G. A. Roth, who
will cater to the wants
of the public, and so
licits , the patronage
of the public of Chris
tian and , adjoining
counties whenever
they visit that place,
We dofy any implement house in tlio United States to beat the above
lino of goods, made close to home, and we keep a full stock of repairs for al ,
we most cordially invite you to call and bob us.
MostRospectfully, v.
' 1 ii
Farm For Sale.
iSOarreaof (Inc fniTnlnslnnil Mmr In TH
nullity. Ky , a Unit thrvi; tn Hen from Lit K.vm
ami kmm n uh tlie Cot. W W . Anifk-n nlnce. 10
aiM'ttH tif thi I Kin I if dlon rod ami in uihmI atntc of
ttiiltlvutioii, thn iwlHurt! hi ftim thitW. Tttvre
Bit) iniir KitKUt umaitt linrnn Mm Llilat nlaon aa.i
nnoff thrill n Iiu )n' khtidilfd Imi-n wllfl A X. 1
toiwi'riHru'wr In naniu. Tlie ilwiMllnir; ItciiKelft
in mum iinir, inrjrn nun ihiiit, 1'; ntoiien
m k ii. iffn nMiniM ikii.iw hihi iwii ntmT with a
hull Itotwofii, nmlau ll runuliijt luMk for tln
Intr itKmi nntl rtKik nnmi. Also sinkI nultU'n,
nii ii-ri'lliB, ttinokiliuiixe miU ilalry (jikmI nlrv-
u vii wiin I'topm-uy fdiiiii H'iii u funilnli Miiur
tlinitiirh Hit' hiniiiiicr iihhh Iim. i.immI .o-li.iiitui
Hurt lii fnct all the iictiwniy niiivonleiHifH hk-
' :n iuiiniv:Mi idoco. Tli
lnoelxwfn tt-urr-iTtl by n iniiiiliia ctixam of
UT fc.1 l.y r IfiiTfi'niirliiur. onhl utit'Hm fnrni
a tin wvlem Ixmniiary llnt-nf Clio i.nce.
Will ItlkfH'IOflttlirO III hIhih Iii- llin nlarN tft
pnrth-K wanlinj; to buy. Kor furllior Infrm-
mm run on or mru uicai i.n rayclle, Kv.
I am now clearing the decks for the next sea
son and my summer goods have gone down
to reduction prices. -Now is the time '
to secure great bargains in Ladies'
f Dress , Goods, White Goods,
Summer Underwear, . No-,
- 11 tions and Novelties.
' ' ' ' t ? ; , , -. , ,
Also call and see mylargfe and complete stock
of Shoes for men, ladies and' children. The'
very best makes, unsurpassed in style, '
unequaled in quality, faultless in
manufacture and' at the same
prices asked for inferior T ' ; vlZ I
; fbotwearuf .o.ijot I'it.jii:
My stock of CARPETS is the largest in town
and selected with the greatest care.
Don't fail to see my elegant Brus
sels Carpets, handsome In-
grains and latest style
.." MATTINGS. . .v V y c"
.The Great Summer and Winter
uawsoa , xiopKins uoxinty, iy: d
ThPfMi Cplpbmtp'l Clialvlwnta and Salt Snrinim hi-. ailntf.l dm..,
New A BllatoltMlj)). Valky ItAilrontt. 106 miles wtt4of l4ulitvlIU, Ky.
Wlalcly upnn tlio New jKirt
ami wi in i Id t-uHt of I'e-
TIxg .icadla .Hovibo.
Id new rinl nnnlly fnrnlolicit wftli a r
f i '
flilD.lrltV nt ntii-tnfHinar "Jx
'1 nit) alMinvi)Ai ( tho HiiriiiK nut I the inif'Mt"! 'ho Ait mil IIiiihi tu
T)lP OU IK'IV ill Ihn II..- .
UK M'KIV.S Willi. nit i-Jtlitt chai-Ku. TuvnlM-i !mui rniiiiilMpthut ho nxu'u'i, ,,i t'nv ...
iiiiu om:r inanv advtuitiitrcH to iiii-hoh4 vllilinr tint Surimra 'ii.. .i.. .....i u ...i i
faRlurwl at thOM) KprlnxH. For puuiithletn, flrculm t., apply to
J. W. PRITCHETT, . .N. it. UOLK MAX & CO., ,
Warranted 25 Yearsl
When Iu Clarksvillo call on William
Fassbemlur, proprietor of "The Pearl
Saloon," ou Franklin St. lie has a
new houso oWanMr furnished the
finest place in the city. All kinds of
impprtod and domostw j quors kept
oonataiiU; in stock. .V.
! Am a Candidate .
i ...
Before the peoplo to sell I hem Dry
Goods, CluUiinfr, BiKts and Shoes
cheaper than thoy cau be bought this
sido of Now York. ..
John Moaton,
. ''Tho Farmers Friend."
.' 105 Main Streot.
Fine lino of Jewelry and Optical
goods on commission. Aliint be sold
regardless of cost. Fine Jewelry Re
pairing and WuU'h work a specialty.
' J. H. DL'KANDO, Agt..
Plow Points.1
Cast and Steele nlow rtoliitn shnro-
eued for 10 cents at Jno. 'J. Metcalfo i.
half through the back at
pointa oiposed to wear,
as shown by out.
Guaranteed to oontafn
mora allvsr and ora mora
durable than any plated
or LIGHT at.rllr.fi Sliver
a;oota made
BtA wM kw Dm
Aluo a largo stock of
Sterling Silver Goods.
9A arroxof hT-lt lftroil land, gmn nrl), nltrmt
hnlf inl "ith of t-llv NiiiltH aud aUiiK lun
yanUwt'Ht of 'n.b-Aii.!onnu).
Alwi mlJohiliiK JuUn A. Twytnau't M on
,S4IUtll Mil I It MtltM't - .
Anil M m im uit KUx Mill mat). alniltone mllo
from tlio i-l It. Ai$y to It. H Lltioll or the
I .
But Everyday
Hopkinsville, Ky.
Tho Furniture Dealers and Funeral
Undertakers. ' "' "
' Up Stairs iu Henry Elovk, '
IIOFKIXSVir.LK, , - . r .- KY.
Tiend our red lionrd posters. You
will K'O tiioni all over the coiintr.
try word on them is true.

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