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Ait n. wu i vc g,uuu
flHiJiti w W k U,tM :: Wt'UTIIIJ
Urn) AWJr lab. It M UmfnUr m
tank. aaal Tkrivaa m I a.
Ureal la the paver of Iks carumoay
placa .'XI y frieads, " it) lb preacher,
ta aa Impressive snanaor. "Alexander
a; r.apuiroa uiou; you will ail aier
Thls prufousxl remark, ao Uim, so
thoughtful, ores let a deep seasetlun,
It la deepened by tit stsuiwent that
"aiea It a moral being." The profundi,
ly of aueb startling aesortloaa cows the
spirit; thojr appeal to Ilia ualvertal oob
aclouaaoM, sad we burr in the genius
that deliver thorn. "How truel" wo
stclatas, aad go away wltb aa ealargwd
aeass of our owa capacity fur tba cow.
prehension ot deep thought Our eon.
oalt la fUiuiml. 1H not Ilka tba
hooka that ralaa ua to lb great
Jevol ol tba oaanjoaplaee, where,
a Dio.a wltb a . Bene at
power IM4 aot Mr. Tapper,
tbat sweet melodious shepherd ol tba
Bndlsputsd. Irad about veal Book of
beep over tba satisfying plala of meal.
eerily? Waa there arar a greater ex
hibition of power while It lasted? ilow
loair did "Tho Country Parson" feed a
bupfry world wltb rbotwleal atat.
meats of tbat which 11 already knew?
. Tba tblnaer tble eort of tblBf la apread
out, tba Bore aurfaca It eomra, of
cuuraa. Wbat la ao oaptlratlaf a ad
popular at a book of aataya wblrk jr th
ere togetbor and arrancea a lot ol laota
utol blttorlee aad anerolopedlaa, aet
fortb la Uia form of ooareraatlont that
any one could bare takea part InT U
not tbla book pleaitnr beoauaa It la
aommonplaoa? Aad la tbla beoauaa wa
do not Ilka to be lutultod wltb orilnlW
ty, or boeauaa la our axperleaoa It la oaly
tba ootnuonly aoeepted wbleb la true?
Tba auteiinan or tba poet who lauaohei
out annladlul ol thee eoadlltoaa wilt
be likely to eoaie to frief la kla feaer
atloa. Will not tba wlaa aorelUt aeak
to encounter tba least Intellectual. re
Hhoiili oaa Uka a oynloal view of
taaaklnd baeaaaa h paroelraa thla
(Treat powder of tba ooamoaplaeet
Not at- alt ! aketild roooiralaa and
reapeot thla powrr. - Ha ay area say
tbat tt to Uila power ibat makaa tba
world fo oa aa itnooth ly aad oontaatedly
aa tt doea, oa tba whole. Woa to ua,
la tba thought of Carlyla, whaa a
thinker la let looaa la tbla world I Ha
boooniee a cauea of aaaaalaeaa, aad a
aouroa ol rago eery ottaa. But hla
power la limited. He Altera through a
few ailadv uatll gradually hla Ideaa
bfcoaio eommonplaoa enough to be
powerful - We draw oar anpply of water
from reeervotra, aot from torrent,
I'robably the aiaa who Brat aald that
tba Una of rectitude oorraipoada with
the line of enjoyment waa dlaltked aa
well aa dltbellved. But bow lapreealra
now la tba Idea that rlrlue and bappl.
aeta are twtnal .
Tarbapa It la true tbat tba common
plaoa weede ao dofeaae, elaoa orory
body takea It la aa naturally aa milk,
and tbrlvea on It, llelored and read
and followed la the writer or the preach
er of oommonplaoe. Hut la not the euu-
ahlao common, and the bloom of May?
Why aiggle with those things la lit
erature and In lifer Why aot Battle
dowa upon Uio formula that to be plati
tudinous la to be happy? Chariot Dud
loy Warner, la Uarper'a Magatlne.
A Faalars e rw,rrlM.I Ufa Whlok
Mas Merer risen l-resente.
It may look Uka a very easy thing for
a fnamhor. bavins' his soeooh wrlttAtt.
to deliver It during tba course of an
bour la the House, but It Is not aucb aa
easy thing aa It looks. Tba average
speaker gola a doal of athletic exer
cise la the course of an hour's speech.
There are some members ta the House
wbo osa stand and read a speech with
out lifting a hand except to turn the
pages, and almost without changing
position; ajd there are others who can
talk all day without gelling tired; but
the average speaker prasplrea as if ha
were sawing wood. Aa off -band apeech
of tea minutes doea not count, but the
man who tbrowa bit arma la tbe air as
If whirling Indian clubs, hammers bla
desk Ilka a blacksmith, and danoaa all
around the place for an hour or more, la
taking violent exercise. Experience
has taught soma of them that tt la aot
aala to make i such a ipeeck without
taking extra praoautloaa agalaat sool
Ing off too quickly afterward.
1 kaow several members who take
extraordinary, precautlona, Thay do
Never was such
ft ad SIili BARGAINS M to.
aot apeak olira, Tbey know lor weens
beforuhaad that tbvy aro to apuak, and
after all precautions are made tor tbo
apoocb Itself, and the day cornea for
tba effort, tbvy bare a servant bring a
complete change of llnoa aud under
wear and a hvavy ovorcoat to tba Capi
tol aad wall with those thing at band
uatll tbo rnvech It endod. Thoa the
apaaker, wltb tlw perspiration pouring
eg of him, rushes to the oloak-room.
where tba serraat stands with tbo eoat
ready, and thrown It over hla aliouldera
aa soon as bu cornea witbln reafh. Noxt
tba member, with tbo collar of bla over
coat tarnod bigb, tuck, bla dry undor-
slothing under bla ana aad aiakaa lor
j Ilia bath-room.. 'I bun be ealera tba
I waiting-room where the temperature la
high and Ibvre can be no draught, bo
lag nnderaround, and n ails to cool off a
littla pro pars tor y to a bath. There la
ao rore work fur him la tba House that
day. . Warn ba baa got bla bath, be
makes lor bis iodg ngs as last aa be can,
aad atays there until thoroughly rested.
Washington Cor. Philadelphia Tele
IBs amsetesa Abroad,
Wbea ba goes abroad for tba Drat
time, tba American looks after the
aallqua. Including the baronial castle
la wblek bta a noes torn wrro bora, and
which be usually Dnda out la only oaa
story high. 11 u visits tbo places whera
from degradation arose the principles
ol liberty, the cathedrals that eynj bol
lard la atone the religion ol tbo race
aatll it waa expressed In a butter !ona-
tba spirits ha aeaa tba wonderful can
vases ol the masters, and roturaa a
broader, richer, fuller man. Tba eec
ond time he goes abroad it la generally
for the scenes; but ha returns coovlnoed
tbat there la ao see aery In tba world
that ijrquala, that .of - tbo failed
Btates. Oa his third tlsltfhe wtshot to
study tho Inxlttulions of the Old World,
and ba flads Ibat there can be no eom
parlsoa. Rich lb antiquity Europe may
be, but In all that pertains to the prea
aat or the future America la vaally la
the lead. C. at. lie paw.
; . - J k X fi I.t
lrlaa Uasa tke Lava, j 1 j
Landlord See acre, you owo me tot
back rent and I'd like to know when yon
Intend to pay It ,
. Tenant It ba. boon tbo Invariable
rule of my life, sir, to pay aa 1 go.
Landlord Well, tbon, go aa Boon at
possible. J. V. Lodger.
;. Wanted.'. i 1';
Wa want an A No. 1 Agent in this
cotiuly at once, to take cbaafre of our
biiaiuuM, and couduct the aal of one
of the yerr beat, moat meriloriouH, and
faateat aelliuir invuutioua ever ouerod
to the American people. To the per
son we mill pay a liberal "alary or al
low a larire coninuaHton. cor lull par-
ticulara audram
No. 218 MarNhall, Mkh.
Count Editor (out West) This
has been a lucky day for me.
Faithful wife has some one been In
to pay a (uliscriptionT
Editor-Well, n-o, it wasn't as lucky
as that; but I was shot at aud miiwed.
New York Weekly. . .
' It is surprising that people will use
a common, ordinary pill w lieu they
can secure a valuable English one for
the same money. Dr. Acker's Eng
lish pills are a poaitiro cure for sick
hesAlache and all liver troubles. They
are small, sweet, easily taken, and do
not griie, U. Ii. Oabmkb. Druggist,
- A Gentla Hint.
Miss Van Prim JA1 TV.A
think the census perfectly lovely, Mr.
Weeks Well, really
Visa Van l'riin T linv .
braces 26,000,000 womuu 1 -American
Grocer. i
is Lira WORTH UTINof
Not il you go through the world a
dyspeptic, lr. Acker's Dyspepsia
Tablets are a positive euro for tiie
worst forma of Dyspepsia, Indiges
tion. Flatulency and ConHtiiiation.
Guaranteed mid sold by U. B. Gab
Mil, Druggist, - r. . ..
DOMESTIC co.tcrr.NS.
-Warm water and a soil cloth are all
I that are required to koop last In a
Htrawborry extract Is made by
covering frosit, ripe berries wllh eqnal
! parte of alcohol and soft water. Let it
j stand a few days, thou atraia carefully
aad bollle. Country.
- -Onion Sauce; Chop one onion fine,
atew fn one pint of water until tender,
when, add onu lablespoonful dripping,
lableapoonful of flour, stirred to a
-smooth pasta In two apoonfula oold
water, ealt, pepper and a clove,
i To bleach a whlui straw bat. Ural
wash tba hat In milk-warm watrr; then
aprlnkle a handful of aulphur oa soma
live coals, and when it commences to
burn bold tba hat la tbe smoke.' Put
ea more aulphur as needed and tuta
tbe hat about Toledo lllado.
i ; Pine Applo Water: Peel, alios ant
pound to a pulp a pine applet pour onto
It one pint of bo.ltng alrup (as ta
orangeade); add the strained Jiilow of
one lonion, oover for two hours, the
ftllor through a fine elove or atralaQr
cloth, and add a quart of cold water.--Tbe
Household. .
Salt mackerel la aa exoolont appe
tiser lor a hot-weather breakfast. It
should bo soaked all nlgha, ekia aide
up, then put on to boll In oold water
for half an bour, whtoh removes part of
its oil, and then broiled. Serve with
gooseberry marmalade or catsup.
'Tomato 8auee: Slice throe or four
firm, fresh tomatoes, and stow gently
half a pint of etock until they are
tender,-but not broken. (T'ako thorn up
carefully! season the broth highly with
black a red pepper, and a Utile of soma
flery'catsup or bottled sauce; add a
amall cupful of csaain. salt lightly, let
It boll up, and pour over the tomatoes.
Old llomeetoad.
Jellied Lobster Wrepara mold of
gelatine, tiling bho-tblrd vinegar with
two-thirds water, to diasolvo it; lot it
become oold, but not hard: remove tbe
meat from the clawa and tail of tbe
lobster; chop It fine, season with a little
cayenne and salt, add the gelatine and
mix It thoroughly, and placo on loe to
booome bard; tor to with tbla slices of
oold tongue.-lloston Herald. - 1: '
- Uarnlshlng of tirouu 1'oaa. Bomova
the rind and out in amall squares six
ounces of salt Tiork, parboil Ore min
utes, amis ana fry slightly browa in a
atow-pan with an ounce of butter;
aprlnkle half an ounce of flour over and
fry three minutes longor; add three
pints of small, fresh-shelled green pons,
parsley aud green onion stalks tied to
gether In a buneb, aud a pint of water;
atlr, aet to boil, oovor and eook slowly
lor hall an hour; remove the bunob of
parsley and onions, skim tbe fat, tasta
and serve. Indianapolis Sentinel.
'To Food Parrots: Parrots being
tropical birds, tropical fruits and nuts
are their favorite diet. Give them ba
nanas, pfnoapples, v orangea, - apples,
pears, grapes, blackborrlee, whortleber
ries, English walnuts, ahollbarka.
chestnuts or peanuts. You can give
tbem biscp't without soda, andtboy will
live on plain bread and water, orcrsck- j
era, but If you want thorn in good health
and plumage, give a mixed diet. Ulve
no animal tat; occasionally lot tbem
have a little raw beef, but It must ba
lean. The Home.
A Slaaple Process Wklek Answers All Or
dinary Aarposs.
Kough testing ol cement, so aa to en
able a workman to get a etude and im
perfect Idoa of lis value, la easy.
Enough o. the pure cement should be
taken to make a ball an Inoh In diame
ter and mixed With Just aunlolenl water
to niaka it hold readily and be rolled
Into a ball Tbon It should be exposed
to the air andi left for two hours. . At
the ond of that timo It-should be aet;
then It should bo put Into water and
left. It should trow gradually harder,
and should show no signs of cracking or
crumbling, even when loft for ton day.
Any oament that doea not endure thla j
test la not of SulHelont good quality to
make satisfactory struoturoe; any
oeniont that stands this properly wilt be
gonorsllysatlsfactory If properly used.
In determining bow to construct a
building, a aeries of tests ia ofton re
quired Hint shall show tensile, break
ing, .twisting and crushing atrongth,
and also adhoaton of the materials usod
for mortar. No one of those oan be dis
pensed with, since material tbat will
tndure one satisfactorily will ottaa fall
utterly in anothor. ana tienon prove
worthless for the iiMdmlroJ; but for
g,norel purpuras the test of cement
which Is tbe nio.1 valuable U tbat
which dt.'toriulnes its tun.ilo atremrth.
Comparative teat of this abow the
valuu of cements from diffurent sources
butter than any other one tost Prof.
La Hoy P. Urlllln, in Popular Sciouco
Bouts LHtlntr C'oHtrlv.news.
A protty book-case and one that can
be made with vory Utile expente la at
follows: Take two nine boards forty-
two Inches long find eight broad,
two boards thtrly-Alx inches long and
three otliors th trty-uvo. Screw or nail
the two Sd-lncb boards to the top and
bottom of thot-J-lnch boards. Placo tbe
other boards on wooden cleats fastened
to the tn.ldo of tho frame on eaoh aide
at a suilablo dlstanco apart to accoui
modate your books. Uko pbined wood
and slain it cherry, maple or oak.
Fasten a brass rod to tbe top, from
which auapend curtains of China silk or
soft material. A protty corner piece
oan ba made almllar to this by having
two boards much higher and broader
than tfaoao for tbe termor, c aaten these
together to form a Irlsngle and At In
ahelvoa. The Brat shelf should ba the
height of a table Irom tbe ground, and
the other sbolves at certain regular die
tanous above Have rods and curtains
attached to the frame and tho wood
atalnod. If for the diuing-room the bot
tom part may bo shelved and used for
table llnon and the upper part for China,
N. Y. Herald.
Oa tk Limited Train.
She I feel vory uncomfortable.
. He That'a becauso you eat too fast
-She Oh, my dear. - . .
He Why, I Just aaw you eating at
the rate of forty mllos an hour. Life.
An oleander tree near Spaulshlown,
fla., covers a apace of ground thlrty-ala
feet la dlamoter; from the ground to the
tip of the topmost limb Is twenty-Ava
feci; at tbe surfaco of the ground the
trunk la divided Into twenty or twenty
five aoparate slcuia, the group being at
least five feet through, and one single
stem la, by actual measurement, four
teen Inobos thick.
n o
more are noouv a tnousana eiK
kilted tn Oregon and Washington every -year,
the antlora from most of which
are sent to Kugland for orua'neut.
. can't sleep hiohts.
Is the complaint of thousands suf
fering from Asthma, Coinsuniption,
Coughs, etc. Did you ever try Dr.
Acker's English Kemedy? It is the
best preparation known for all Lung
Trouble. Sold on a positive guaran
tee at 25c. and 50c.
H. B. Gabneh, Druggist,
Advertisor I wish this advertise
ment placed m some part of the pa
per where people will ue sure to see it.
Editor Yes, sir yos, air. I can
put it right alongside of an editorial
if you pk-ose.
Ad"r. Hm! Please put it along
side of the baseball news. New York
Another child killed by the use of
opiato given in the form of Soothing
syrup' Why mothers give their child
ren such deadly poison is purpris
ini; when they can relieve tho child of
Un twOTiilin tmiilkltui ltir nuinir . Dr.
Acker 8 liaby Soother, it contains no, most severely cnucise me men
opium or llionihino. Sold by H. B. n newspaper are the identical men
Garner Druggist.
C, D. Warner chides tho newspa
per for trying to usurp the yntron
age of the magazine and also tilwiea it
for ffiviiig an inferior quality of read
ing matter. It seems to lis, Charles,
that hero is a retltx!tiou on the mnga-
zinos which is not deserved. Judge,
, , i I
w can and do - I co10jc wreck. Thousands of dnink
Guarontee Dr. Acker's Blood Elixir ards have been cured who have taken
for it has been fully demonstrated to the Goldeu Siiocillc tu tlu-ir coffee
the people of this country that it is without their knowledgn, and to-day
super.or to all other preparations for believe they quit drinking of tiieir
blood diseases. It is a positive cure owu free will. No harmful effect ro
tor sypliilitic poisoning, Ulcers, Erup-. gulta from its administration. Cures
tions and rimples. It puriiies the guaranteed. Seud for circular and
whole system and thoroughly full particulars. t Addresa in confi.
builds uj the constitution. donee, Golden Specific Co., 185 Kace
H. B. Garner, Druggist. Street, Cincinnati. Ohio,
Watch Your Health.
When you feel chilly and feverish,
tuko warning. An ounce of preven
tive is worth a pound of cure. A dose
or two of huiitli g Tonic Syrup, made
by Dr. John BulL of Louisville. Kv
tuki'U at this time may ward off a dun
gerous or prooauly lulal illness. J
has an immediate Deneficial effect un
on the mucous membrane and c.'ru,.
latory system. Its timely iu will fre
quently word oil au attack of puei.
mount, A sligut colli will bo gouo I
the morning if a doso of this renin,
is taken at uight. It is truly a hous
hold necessity aud no family can u .
ford to lie without LL . It tauten, at,
aud children will ask for it. It is i
fact a irruat discovery, uuvinir all i.
good elfects of quiiuua and none :,
its evil qualities!, it is uaniilesstot; '
most delicate iuv ilid aud will not n
range the system It is a certain cu
for chills and fever, colds, Inlluenz
la grippe and all oilier eitects of in
lui iul influence.
Mr. Clevelaud Diwtor. what seem
to be the matter with me I -
I hvsicisn You nenil it chain.
This New York sun don't sirree with
you.-minaer.. ... i
. ' i i ,; i
Smith's Tonic Syrup eives perfect
satisfaction wherever tried.-I-ur. W.
Cochran, liotunnlle, Ind.
Hotel Clerk (at tho races Hollo.
Jock! 1 thought you were sick.
Jock So 1 am : I ain alwavs a littlo
bettor dowa herov-Pluuder, , t
J ' ' I -' lil. Ai A. 1 1
v First Tramp I'am iroinir to work
this summer, Bill. .
Portlier You worked last summer
for all it waa worth-i-Hunder.
" " Eupepsy..",
--'This is what vou oueht to hove, in
fact you must have it, to fully enjoy
life. Thousands are searching for it
daily, and mourning because uiey find
it not. Thousands upon thousands of
dollars are spent annually by our
poopffi in the hope tbat thnymay" at
tain tVw'bojn., Andi)et It may "be
hod by all., ( We guarantee that' 'JEkev,
trio Bitters', if used according ba; tli
rections and tlietise persisted in. 'will
bring you Good Digestions and oust
the demon Dyspepsia - and - in
stall instead Eupepsy. We recom
mend Electrio bitters for Dyspepsia
aud all diseases of Liver,. Stomach,
and Kidneys. Sold at 60o. aud $1,00
per bottle by H. B. Garner's 1'lmr-
A Scrap of Paper 6aves Her Life. ' j
It was just an ordinary scrap' of
wrappiugr paper, but it saved her life.
Sho was in the last starres of consiiinn-
tiou, told by physicians that she was
incurable and could live only a short
time; she weighed less than seventy
pounds, un a piece of wrapping
,"."i. ruq iiwi w. is i . JA.U1AJ a isew
DiiK-overy, and got a sample bottlo; it
helped her, she bought a large bottle,
it liiilped her more, bought anothor
aud grow better fast, continued its
use and is now strong, healthy, rosy,
plump, weighing 1-40 ' pounds. For
fuller particulars send stump to W. H.
Colo, Druggist, Fort Smith, Trial
Bottles of this wonderful Discovery
Free at 11. B. Garner's Pharmacy. . .
It is a suggestive fact that tho men
who have been mont successful
tlieir failures to edit it. Judgo.
Drunkennsss Liquor Habit In all the
; World thara la but One Curs,' Dr.
, Halnea' Golden Specific.
It can be token in a eup of tea or
coffee without the knowledge of . the
person taking it, effecting a speedy
alio pormaueui cure, wlietner the pa
tient is a moderate drinker nr an a).
12, 1890.
You Are Cordially Iuvit
. Tetter Cured by S. S. S.
I used Swift's Specific (S. S. S.l
about three years ago for" an aggra'
vatca case of letter, aud was cured
sound and woll with three bottles. Ij
have had no return of the annoying
lisease since. I tried various other
remedies Ixifore using S. S, S., but
liev lHilitl to cure me, or benolit mo
n any way. Oi.is C. Foolk,
' Fairfield, 111.
I huve sold Swift's Specific (S. S. S.)
a i. umber ol years, aud can cheer-
fully rettmiiiiemi it As a tonic and
-lout puriller it is Hifliout anequnl.
V a). Grcbd, Narhville, 111.
Contidsrt it Without an Equal.
"I hir.e 'i n! ym r valiiuble remedy
,s. a a. ) .rn i, umber ot years, anil
ouxi-t -r it v,:i l out on equal as a blood
ii-.!i"r n il ti.iuc. in tact, 1 would
otatf in t to enter upon a spring or
mm. ii- r m nes climate without it.
never ire of saving a good w ord for
,v iv wnen I nave an Tipponmiity
11. W. Coleman, Daue City, !la.
Treatise on Blood and Skin Dis
eases mailed free
Swift Specific Co., Atlanta, Ga.
i 1 i ..
Aa fadatrr lnlroSarct Into Knsbuid by
' Thres Dateh MhsnlcA.
The Introduction of clocks Into Ores
rtriUitn we apparently owo tu the Dutch,
In 1300 Edward 111. granted a llrsnse for
three moclianlcs to como over from
Dolft In Holland, permitting thorn tu
pursue their trade In England, also for
the education ol uiechunics in our own
land, wheraby they might be Initiated
In the art by tbe mora skillful aliens.
The oldest knows clock la England Is
ono which is fix in a turret at linmpton
Court, Jt was constructed, and thore
fit tod up, by command ol lloury VI1L
In the year 1540. From tbo period ot
their introduction down to tho ruign ol
Elisabeth. they were called orlogos and
horologes. Until after the Itosloratiou.
clocks found tboir patrons only In Lon
don and other largo towns, for, tn conn
try houses, up to tho date mentioned.
the "auclont sun-dinl" helJ its own.
i Amongst ronmrksblo liublio ulocke,
.thero are two which atand foremost
'those of Lyons aud Strasaburg. Thoy
are well worth attention, partly on ac
count of thoir curious workiuanship,and
partly on account of richness of orna
monl and originality of design. In the
former, two horsemen, fully armed ca;i
api, encounter lu deadly combat, oa it
wore, and beat the bour upon ouch oth
er's armor. Then a door open, and an
inuige of tho Virgin, beai-iu in her
arms the child Jesus, stops out She In
turn Is followed by the magi, wltb ret
inue marching "ull lu good order;
presenting Ihctr gifts, heralded by
trunqiots, which continue to breathe
forlli from thoir brazen throat while the
prooeasieu Is lu movement. The scene
which tho Strasabiirg clock presonU Is
aa follows: At ooub hour, as the clock
goes round, thore la a cock which clapa
Its wings; again, in this, a door opens,
and an angel appears, who sulutes tbo
Virgin, thou the Holy Spirit in the form
of a dovo descends aud alights upon the
aliouldcr of the Virgin.
i About alxty-flve years ago tho East
India Company pcesontcd the then Em
peror of China with two time-pieces,
manufactured by Eugllah artists. They
were of tbe finest workmanship that was
ever executed. Thoy wero of similar
goitlgn, and so It Is only needful to de
scribe one of them. It was in tbe form
of a chariot, which was of sulld gold.
A Indy la eeated, In a languishing atti
tude, loaning her right baud on that
side of tho chariot In tho center of tiie
aame side is set the clock lUelf, wltb lta
faoo outwards, and whtch Is no lurgor
than a shilling. It strikes and repeats,
and, upon being wound up, goes for
eight days. A bird, which Is almost
completely msdo up ot diamonds 'and
rubles, rests upon tbe lady's fluer. At
striking tlmo It flutters Its wings for
several minutes. It la nomotliing leas
than the sixteenth part of an Inch from
tho tip of lta bill to thn extremity of
the laiL Insldo Its body ore contained
lurao of tho works which animate
It In her left haud Uio laly bulds
a golden tubo which la littlo thicker
than a large pin, and upon tho top ol
which la Used a small round ornament
of the site of a Rlxponco. As long as the
clock. continues to go, this uriianienl
moves round with a regular purU'tual
motion. The lop. of Ibe ornament la
studded thickly with precious ttonoa. as
Nos. 1 and 3 Main St.. Glass Corner.
Is tho whole chariot Ahovo tho fair
oc-.upaut's head is a sort ot canopy, un
der which is placed a boll. To tho in
quisitive eye tho boll rovoula no appa
rent connection with Hie clock save as
f munlcatlon between tho two. At the
an ornament J.ut therois a secretcom-
hour, from: under tho shade of tho can
opy-thore descends a hammer, which
strlkos smartly and sharply against tbe
mellow-sounding boil. This perform
ance can be repealed nt pleasure, simply
Dy loncuing a catch in Uio form of
minute diamond button. The chariot
can bo set in motion by Iho couching ol
a spring, and will run In elthor a circu
lar or a straight direction. As it moves,
thore are two birds with appear as If fly
ing In the air. Cliunibors' Journal..
She Said the rtrat Tl.lua That Came In
to llr HentL ,
Women as a rule do not enjoy Mr. W.
D. Howolls' niluuti vivisection of their
peculiar littlo Itliesyncraeies and weak
nesses, 'lhey otijuct to tbo womon bo
depicts on genoral principles. As one
of thorn cxpres.W it the other day;
"There may bo and undoubtedly aro ex
actly such tiresome women In tlio world
as ho glvus uj, but I should avoid thorn
tn life If 1 encountered them, and object
to bolng liore-1 by them In books. It
may lie Interesting to people to road
throe-page treatises on tbo way a woman
drops her shears wlien she Is sowing,
but it isn t to Din, I would rather reud
of tho exceptional woman, If tbdre Is
one, who didn't drop hoc shears, for 1
might learn from her. '
Doubtless tho writer a fair critics will
be Interested In tho discomfiture ho may
uavo experienced from this littlo Inci
dent It was at a great dinner In Hus
ton, and a well-known woman writer
sat bc-sido tbo novelist Some ono culled
on ber for a speech, and, womanlike,
she rof used to respond. " ' "
O, you must asy soniathlng," Mr.
Howells insisted, "(let up and say tho
first thiug that comos In your head.
The lady rose at bis Instigation and
said slowly: "I can t make a speech.
nover could; but Air. Howolls told me to
ssy tho first thing that cuine into my
heal, and ao I will say, Mr. Howells,
where In tho world do you find tho per
fectly atrocious women, you give us In
your books?" and, under cover of the
isugh which followed, the embarrassed
lady escaped. Chicago Ti-ibuno.
flfroratctl bjr tlis Kalter.
Charles Jl!mun.-oT ht. liuls, 'Upon
whom Emperor William lias conferred
the first-class decoration of the royal or
der of tbe crown, has been tho lawyer
for tbe Uorinan crown In this country
for many years, beginning with King
William IV., ni;d has been kiiiglileu by
threo Emperors, Tho lull Emperor
William made him a knight commander
of tbo royal crown nnd the Lniperor
of Austria conferred Uxm blm the
cominander'a cross of tiie Order of I'Yani
Joseph. Tho present dccoralluii is the
highest ever conferred by (Jeriimny upon
an American cltlxon, and Is, In fact the
highest Oeriiian decoration known in
this country up to tho present time. Mr,
Gibson's relation s attorney to the lioi
Inuu crown bus brought liim Into inti
mate relations wllh all the Ucriiinn
ministers resident in Wahbiugten, be
ginning with Karon Oerolt. His iiiflu
onco has always been exerted In pro
aiollny kindly feelings nnd cordial gov
ernmental relations between the two
countries, and this last decoration Is in
recognition ot his services In that line.
Wash'.iigton Letter,
"Bullion, tho bankor. bclonira to the
literary society." j
"Does he f What paper does ho
contribute tot" I
"None that I know of. but he con-
tributes largely to Uio treasury of tho
society." Light, ' .
Highest of all In Leavening Power.-
'A Live, Newsy an.l ProaTastlyS
shimmi it inr $3 ru mi
Cdhvjjlete ob Office
$2.00 A.'YfiAJJ.
O no Provisional Government of Ura
cil has Issued a decrrs auppresslng re
rigious Instruction In tbe Stato schools.
A Ilritlsb- clergyman of Bote esti
mutes that tbo Protestants nave In
oroased the Inst hundred years nearly
fourfold, tho Roman Catholics and the
fJi-cck church each two fold.
The Italians of lioston have jual
hold n meeting to take stops to establish
nn Industrial school for young men and
women of thoir race. In which also they
can learn to read and write the English
T-Tho traveler and othnologlst. Tush
kurolf, points out tho fact that there are
400,000 heathens and 60,000 Mohamme
dans in the Itussian army, the latter
forming 75 por cent of tho Cossack rog
lments, and also declares that Chris
tianity is dying out In Southeastern
ltus-slo. . - . -Several
of tlio Southern States, no.
ably Virginia, Florida and Arkansas,
are aqvuiop.ng good school systems, and
tho newspapers of North Carolina a
Stato which has not been as progressiva
In this rospect as others calls upon the
peoplo to make an Increase of at leaat
ei50,ooo a yenr in the appropriation for
educational institutions.
Tho Illinois Suprome Court recent
ly rcmlorcd a decision that will Interest
members of the Y. M. C. A. The court
holds that tho Y. M. C. A. is not wholly
a religious body, but is largely a Chris
tian and benevolent organization, and
of property to bo held by religious
corporations does nut govorn tbe Y, L
In Oilessn s n cent decision of th
authorities prohib ts Jewish teachere
from teaching- in Christian schools.
Furthermore.-ndhcronts of the Jewlsk -faith
aro net allowed to glvoprlvato lea
sons In Christian hemes. The gonoral
public la wurned against Jewish teach
ers In large posters on the bulletin
linsnl. tvliieli allowA ,.li t .Inurl-h l.o.h.
ore endanger morals and religion.
' -School statistics for Paris state thai
thero nro 14T.S1U children attending tho
municipal or State schools; 81,204 at
toivling schools directed by religious .
orders, and 3:1,000 attending free lay
acliools wbcro religious instruction la'
given. It Is also stated that attendance '
nt municipal schools bos Increased by
only about TOO In tho last three years.
Tho annual expenditures for Uio munic
ipal schools 1s c.ti,.'i"0,000 francs. N. Y.
Formerly thn education of girls tn
Franco was entirely in tho hands of tho
convents, and was dliforent in evory re
spect from that ot buys. Secular schools
for girls have been founded, especially
Binco ice, onu more are now Illtv-ono
such high schools In France. One was
opened last year in Paris whose build-'
tngs cost about SI 00, 000. It haa twenty
two teachers, and tukca girls from
twelve to seventeen years old. Sewing
and housekeeping are taught The reg
ular course is tlvo years, and a toaohor s
diploma Is given for the studios of the
sixth year. -
A straw true storv "It's urettv
hard to satisfy editors."
"Kn it i .
"The editor of tlio Housemaid ad
vertised for marvelous stories. I sent
him a story of a man who loved his
mother-in-law, ainlyet ho returned it
as unavailable." Yankee Blade.
Ia the sanctum "Yes, sir; I feel it
in mv Imnna (fn.l mr name will be
written 'on Fame's eternal bead-mil
as one of the Arrest humorists of the
atro.' "
. "Well, vou 'II have to beadrollor than
you are now. James, pass mo that
wastchasket." J'uck.
V. S, Gov't Report, Aug. 17, 1889.

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