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DflLiEt W
I S-" JIyATES, erlyHf JF ' ?
Jevtf f J C sT Vfl T"i'
... ' A k. ,..
I .,.-- ...,V 'UaHa)aB f Mi Ml a -if flwa. sn i T sn
T ii
4HSJ. I h
,J W it x
Js I
nartlio utTall
i f" ?'baWIUy tli w
tho o ty,
iuil 01 w
and cuhkh) I
jId riVU'l
A tJrutjkoti nOffi
V, trala at Horudi
nml btcnuiu 80 b
duttof llnrrctt, a'
iuunod'ittuly Wul tlitw cupbonrJa
train uullwl 'lch ..wlnM
.0 , hok,
wfiilfftt they r '
SSlta. Vut (
utrur In the front and ex
it mniln In a almplo KotaeU
will not Irom
-i-..,.. . i ....
aumo ciouin mum w'
tjTalielf Btoneenilot tho Inside, and
Jtr?niht keoti an open enn of atone lima
fil, or Uacl. 1 k tlll conirnoU damp
H ' itlmirtt i.wlll ai 11 Ifaritt ffTj.riiti nr
,.VV"'VY'ltt MUVIM IIW" " - -" -
kctllfl witn v coals and stand It on a
plcc of "bourd lnvio the cupboard and
elote tho door. v
If tho pantry Is huall mid baking
mint bo dono Irt the kvhen, Imvo the
table stand neartliocnpbdtw or drosaer,
lier tho dUhea nnd sro
Itcpt. to avoid taking tmnocessaia; Blapa.
If, as la often tho case, there) Up r4.
ceptsele for cooklnK utonslls lnh
kitchen, thua obliging you to carry thou
back and forth from We pantry
they rro used, determine to do It
no longer. Study the situation, tee
where there Is a anoce Id vrliloh vouean
ut a lonf shelf, or iwo or tnreo inon
es over each oilier, iron, oraeMeis
.t Vut little, ami aro aajuittt
xly, A helf sir nr seven laohes
19 M
as K IsIbbV ??' I
W aaM
ti Jl liom all me uauinff ponuer,
r'tlracti and the like (n common
JiuW crowln(f small hooks to tho
mlct ldc, ctnr Veat?r, cupi, spoons,
(a,,lTi bo suspended, when on Is
ejnrali'il for nwra. sujor boxes, pans,
flu., rVn bo hunc from tho under slda
of a tihlvby serewloir two strong lists
utrnnAuinffonally and putting hook In
special mm
Believing it to be to the best interest of our customers, our clerks
and tWpublic generally, we nave decided, to close our store at
every evening except Saturday. Begining Monday January
esjannot expect the best services from clerks vno fritter their
tflway from 6:30 a. m., until 11 or 12 at night and we think the
jsed snap and vim resulting from shorter hours of work will
than repay our frier; 4s for any slight inconvenience caused
s movement.
take this step purely from motives of justice and right, and
I vd f sk your co-operation in .the matter by adapting yourself to the
iLbtLrsrfameqS' Promising he VeSFbest attention and courtesy
EuX.u .jfflE.., n.nna, W
wn of prices and alues.ud honorable dealing, that has ever and
jEVER Jcharacteria as .s long as we are in business.
S:3D i M
11. lUt
& i-
m(q wliyho tm
jufgwl btiu with j
! W"I V WaVU
'I'J, l-U
ihr cUi,,'iir.lNCE.
nriiiii (.i uuim
la l
tho iloor auctl. liutUo n ninaTi pint
fornt wllliiiistcrt ntjanch enrfvor to
4n.rn.nt to Inll' '"' ,,""' '" " tmllt .Mt
.....--. - r. .n
to lifjl In eljrht tlKTcrcnl
Lrnn hi iim koonlns.
lo ntliura ua ro
i Vi'iltllntlou nml
''mato with a upafii!0 ha mnlnjdea
ejwl BJTro tnotiij' lo that n Mtch
clvoberup. HumI l "D.d
- , , h were mi ino
a.-, bv rocoulzist Sirlfty houwiWne
if ButB'J ftrnw' JlnT,jliiM(;haJU'1f
V BWti tttJJ
. rllnctloh
It ono ! do
IrnlUxof alnnd.
ccuntlnue to take
lina enough ln
In the useot
gols to remedy lU
for the Lri
f nate ii It af
cover of ilol
tho top and
A Ion? at
fastened if
by puttUiJ
tweou It
makes a
Tho horl
havlnp &
If v I i'in B" "1 tW'?
1, ttilm lf tlio utuuir lloop.
'irolv tntfctUT. niiJ put a
)litiiittituo,.utl,)nualln over
t It tirouml win hoop,
pot iiiii!ittuuV molding.
'he aide wall uctty tho ttyro
n smnU Wock or, wood li-id
tho vail MgfflNt"1?,
nvcnlent plncifHH&pat
r convenience
not neccary I,
lundrj; o, If you.
lKlf there are no castors on tho kitchen Rugs, If only a atrip of rag carpot,
vZ. ilrTrr,n.,'r.nnd
you might limnnjro as n frleivho
has n lariro kltehon ind U latf;vm
atrontr. A wldo, ons7 loui
ant corner of tlio room is no leaser
vltlnir It opens HUo a box
lioMt tho wnh boiler, wringer, clotUi
olos. lronlna board und eacMrons.
If thera lira no drawer for holdl
the surnlus Mock ot dlh towels, hokV
ra, cleaning cloths, etc, which should
alwftY be In rvadlness, get a wooden
box high enough to make n
seat) hnng the cover on hinges, pud
tho top of It, nnd cover It lth blue
denim, and thus joit have a receptacle j
for holding the towoln. i
Hairs of votloui Btvlos, especially
those inada wth four or moro pockets,
and Inched to tho inside of doors, aro
very convenient. Have a crocheted
twlno bag, a pair of shears and u hanging
pin cushion la soma convenient t
olncc. I
A hanging lamp at tho renter and ono
or moro side lamps suspended by brackets
are far more convenient and safe
for kitchen usa than stundlng lampa. I
At the windows have Holland shades
"Wl good aprhm roller. Don't think
mavsomo olil thing that won t woric n
the frut pnrt of tliii house la good
tnough lr tho ktloheu, where you nrn
Invariably i ah irry when you wout
to UB0 tlll'lll. j
I you can lowtlni top of your win- J
dows and If.jou ti not, havo them
arranged to you can luwcr thorn with-!
out delay It I n good nlm to hav he j
(hades a few IiicIk's beluir tho top of
the Vvlndotv, 'iu mm Uiui Uavo shade
and vontllatlou nt tho same tlnuy.
Hash curtain sraunoM'allentstj'la for
kitchens, and thtiy enn be modo of almost
any cotton fubrlj. One often has
an old muslin dress that can bo utilized
to muke pretty ones.
.bbi., nut somi onj a set eoav 0017 cemmeii or uonnq oi oacu onu, aro ory . M1.ii
fnBAtV.Bvo cents, and they rn adjusted restful sud easy
t'o tipper, thus wwang ' I
rcoiiif r iu
, botax.
.'. VaI.I .ixll
c' l!l save maoVi
L V r
fur tired feoL
...I - I Y (A . 4n l... n . 1.1... I. ..h Inltla
tuthllVf lion l irj w nwii n nivu,vi i.w
VjTvrt a thre 0 short ielvs a e wblto. for It's
Q'r the othor, supporttA
" tVt lronracV,U, and a. curtain of some
WWhabW uesjaitiru.ij a
imall niatal rod attskH th edg of
too hard work, but over
that as well as tho shelves moat la nto
with oil cloth, It is ohenp, looks well
and U a in rut time nud labor-saving
Ilayo oim or two hanging sosp dlahes
A. M. UNTIL 10:30 P. M.
sett && Ck
rrtvrllnr T unrlira.
In iui'l' t , ii !i ih fr tiuvolliiir,
It I - ul'u t.i.'l l It uoV o.nninKViliif
ntticletof n 'imiNsj;"lin'acter. nulthor
( those liable hi iiy way to offend tho
sciiaoH of tlio lookorj on An oxclinntfi'
very ttnibly nitfRt'iti Hint "to avoid
lunch odors tluno alioiihl lo two or
thrco baKkotN or p,ickiiirvH. I.verr ar
tlclo aliould bo carefully t ripped In
clean, soft, while paper ' Of courha
thcro ahould be plenty of Univua. forlis.
hub do 'spoons und mtpklns, tli.it the food way
lib mi bo lmndltd and eaten In o dainty and
. srodiUblo manner Tim basket, when
, . .. . ... - ,
Uln1l,.IHh. nioiiKlllHA. '1,la O.wuwi. " "" .'"." ." "
'j;,t, nn tm neatness, and this al.oulil bo prv
"" !' " ""
teried throughout, so far as may be.
u onlcr to facilitate this, ono Individual
o: tlic party snouiu do eiecicu 10 uavp
;. m
o charge of tho pulling up and giving
oil of tho luucir, no ono being sunercu
to'dlvo"roin!scuoui)y. Into tho basket
Ji forViythlng ho or
nMvnn. Kiich rimo
ld-V too thU
l'eitllar Customs of -ma uf tlio Ocean
nrnnfthlv ito
lv l'n aerubl biU wliltu floorsi olthor oil t,ie Unn."',
them With warm Unsood oil or koro. t ' p8'' f ""J1
.su, to vhteU burnt has been
Idsd. '4U)iir may be applied at night.
bo ready far usa thr next inoruUg,
ton Her ua,
break i
Naive of tho Mnldlvd Islands hold
to ceitalu ways of domcstlcj life that to
us aAdrri decidedly unsocial. To oat
alone VisunJs tlplr highest IJea of
Into tho mo'.t secluded
corner M ttjelv' homes, to drawdown
tho clotrS serving a blinds, that there
bo no through which an out
aider might peer in, Is essential to wyir
pleasure wlillo refreshing the innor
man. Oue writer itiggests that tuch
' c r wrwjiiiMirriit -"V-1
TIT f ?'
til . liUk
! IBM-.&.
line ot
itfitwa tawjtT.G.Yulwr I0WE8n(rjju'iUN.. and Silver
MMaaaaaiiiiijiiaiaiiiMMs mil ?
i ' f'St , i
fl'W , VOL. i
ilfU . .- ?' i i iliimwjmii.i .... J 1
iyMr,9Ma -- nr ? "" THE
!l CiSMw Year's Standari
i ?
Bright and smiling he comes lo the front,
iind in his hand lie holds the banner inscribed
with the name that has come to
mean so much Quality, Quantity cheapness.
More than ever this year will our
name stand for this.
uLMJLui 1
sno may nappeu 10
after tho donling out
samo persou should
rcia,lly rourrongo the lunch. Qool
unUV i
cautloiliuay arho from feaXJ3LpaoalJ
prowlliig poslbly.ysatiH,j
loab (iicaiinn"i'v jmmv.j Yn
glyphla touch, be cast ujBWla?
hospitality bo nemanded at tlict&iu44
In tho latter case mo "nviuajrwaaw
an inferior, niiutoibteak
bread or oat salt wuii any ia oeneaia
tho host In ranlt, ifjlie Q- mgnlty Is
among thesa peoulWr p3plo'au mtter
Impossibility jjfr
l'hlllpplno Ialantters rye rjults the re-verso;
sociability U thur very life, and
hearty .companlouhi ut meal-time
tho height of pleasure) if no person U
near, search will bo'in.ude In haste, for,
however hungry thi'auvago may be, he
will uo, eat alone. I
D'Israelt sar thk tho Otahelteans
are naturally socliy'in feellnSi and even J
in ineir Dturoourne wuii one
peivftst nor la;-
m re,wouiu cat at
f, 41. if "
tlto. Mrs. Wok
tkavo any toast at
Sm Mrs. I)U-'I
ot Ih.
Alt doknl In mitumo rtd nJ goli
A brav trro t ld hluh
Sli liJ, ind munj pcupl tw,
Aa dtllr tlisr cttticd br
And on thorn all tho ruJ lemctell,
F.ult on tti helpful tuU to tell.
Unto tho children romping I ;
Tht colon ipoko rf Jojt
To tntldi tho red meant lore ad 1'.
And lo the growing boy
tt meant timMtlon, firs and youth,
Bo each ono found a living truth.
Tho poet fait n Mlliful pitn,
Atultlal the gtawtug abower,
TnW ripened to n aong, which raoTCd
Tlio world 1J It end power
Tbe nrtlat caught the beauty rare
And made nflcturr. urundroua latr
Tbe man of thought found In tbalearei
A aermon lron and urnnd,
Which too multitude uutA
Intptrlni heart and hand.
To aaddentd onei. the ruttllng breath
Said: "Llfxla chango, tberola no death.''
. "
' And when the lait leaf fell the tree
Found comfort In the thought
That ho vrho gltea la erer rich,
And ao hla heart failed not.
AM now, through all Ma walling days,
lie lift, to Heaven a on of prune.
Myrtlo K Cberriman, In Detroit Free Preia.
It la tho Mint la Coining
Oonta by Millions.
Nlnetyl'our Millions of Tliein Hinted
Last Year, and Still llm Cry Is for
More-Wright i.r Dollar 1)111
SSuiJInteil Money,
AMiat becomes of all the ponnlcs?
It seems to bo with them very much
as It Is with pin nobody know whero
and how they disappear. Yet thoy
vanish in some fashion. Last year tho
Philadelphia mint coiued 84,000,000 pennies.
It would ta'co a good-sized building
to hold so tnauy, but thoy did not
begin to supply tho demand
for wore. Just mw tho establishment
referred to I hiird at work
manufacturing further supplies, and so
it will continue
Dronze cents arc subject to more accidents
than happen to any other
United States coins. It Is said that a
penny change hands in trade ten times
for onco that a dime passes from ono
pocket to another, llelng of small
value, these little pieces are not token
much caro of. There are a thousand
ways iti which they get out of circulation,
and thus the minting of thorn has
to bo kept up continually. The metal
blanks from uhlrh they are made by
tho Blmplo. pt s of stamping aro
turned out for Undo Bam by contraot
by a factory la Connettlcut at tho rato
of & thousand for ono dollar. As they
coma from the machines, 'rcsh and
new, th7 look llko gllttnrlng gold.
Ono iccyi' J tiio'ln f r the number
of pennies lost from tho hKtory of tho
old half cents. Of these, 800.000 wcro
isiueil a, few scars ago. Where are
they now? A few aro In tho tablnots
of coin collectors. None have been returned
to tho mint for rucoinage orro
held by the treasury Nobody Eees
thoiu In circulation. All of them except
some hundreds saved out by curio
hunters havo absolutely disappeared.
Of tho old copper pennies, 119,000,000
still remain unaccounted for, s,ve that
occa in a long while 0110 sec a specimen,
'fhero are moro than 3,000,000
bronze two-cent piece somewhere out
of 4,500,000 of them, that tho government
Ihsucd. Of nickel three-cent
pieces, nearly 2,003,000 aro yet outstanding,
ulthough It Is seldom that one of
them is comoacross.
Inthe treasury hero on day recently
tho (uostton cauiB up as to tho
weight of a dollar bilL Scale of perfect
acenrncy were brought Into requisition,
nnd tho surpiislng dlscovory was
mado that twenty-seven one-dollar
notes weighed exactly as much as a
twenty-dollar gold piece, Tl ? latter
just balances 50 grains. However,
tho bills wolghed wero perfectly crisp
,nd now. Trial ma(Jo with soiled
notes, such a come In overy day for
redemption, shoncd that
of them weighed considerably more
than tho twtrnty.dollar colli. Every
paper dollar 'in its way throjgh the
worll continually accumulates dirt, bo
that after a year of use It is perceptibly
Tho Actual weight of paper money
which tho treasury sends by express
overy year to all pBrts of tho country
Is In tho aggregate enormous. Since
July 1 It has dispatched 28,000,000,
nearly nil of it in smalt notes, to mo
Kouth'nnd west for the pnrpoao of moving
tho crpps. Tho banks lend this-this
cash formers on whatever
they grow, and thus tho product! of
tho llelt' ate harvested and shipped.
Speaking of tho redemption of pape
money, a very novel nnd Interesting
plication was mado tho other day to
tho division of tho treasury which bun
thla buslne In hand. The Btory, as it
clThio out, was as follows:
An Ingenious youth employed to
BweepoutaNew York bank devoted
attention for a considerable period to
gathering up the crumbs from tho tills
in.thoshnpo of corners, and other bits
of.rotes such a got torn olf and fall
nbout In any nlaco where dollars are
fountcd. In tho courso of time ho got
tfogothor a quantUi of scraps of tho
r a ,,. .Ill A ..!. M.A1,n
BOri BlIlllClUllV H .ill I'lU. mvuouik,
and ho sent them on to tho redemption
bureau at Washington in a box, with
tho explanation that thoy had been
eaten by mice. Ho stated the amount
at 8-'00, and ashed for now bill in exchange.
Ills little gomo was botrayed
on tho faco of It by tho fact that the
ntaros forwarded remcsontcd, It any-
th'ng, not less than 81,000. Tho usual
affidavit was demanded from him,
sweating to his loss! but ho had not
thought of that requirement and lucucu
tho nerve to give it, luckily for himself.
Undoubtedly the rodomptlon division
docs sometimes get swindled, tbou.ih
not often. Tlio women expert employed
to axumlnt the money sent in
aro wonderfully sVKful. It Is marvel
oua how doftly they will poke over
few charred fragments of note am.
set nn accurate vuluatlon upon them.
Tho other a poor woman In Ohio
sent 11 wee corner of a 110 bill, wuii n
Itlf ul story about her baby's having
burnt lb Hurdly more was loft than a
another. At thajj,uur of repat tho frroont b) ffen0Ugh to show the fig
members of a famly place thenisr Jvos 0, tlQ (,cnoll,i,mtloii, but sho will
at u dlatancij of t(o or three yards from get tho money ,,R(sU J1Uu aro KWll,
ami n aoun ahuUer for use lu dlill Wash- "f
i... TV...-I , - ttlrnnirll, fnnllsl,i J "Did your
each othor, tula their baoks, aad la
auth modest faMfm "J'i 0iclv,from his
own basket, In llofoijnil alienee, -Har
per's JlalEftrA
to them forliYIng, and when they tire
lighted the grcinbncliago up in rmokC,
Tho grentoft' wviin over consumed ty
lira in this country was 81,000,000. Thai
amount went up In smoko ot tho sut
treasury, but tho government was tibia
to replace It nt tho colt of paper ana
printing, It has been estimated that
one per cent of all tho papor money
Issued Is lost or destroyed. Of tho old
fractional currency It Is reckoned that
8,000,000 hns been totally lost.
A few days ago nn old colored man
from across tho Potomac In Virginia
brought to tho an extraordinary
looking liimn ot 1uct.1L lie said
that It nas a lot of silver dollars,
halve and quarter", which ho had put
In a tin can soma years back and hidden
In tho Mono wall of a barn by removing
a stono nnd plastering up the
orifice. When recently he took outthe
box, ho found Jbat trickling water had
rusted It almost away, covering tho
coins with o.vdo of Iron anil sticking
them together In a mans. Assistant
Treasurer Whclpley had tho lump put
Into acid and treutcd wltti lyo and sawdust,
so that the silver pieces came out
as pretty end bright as when they wero
minted, and tho old man carried thorn
away dellghtod.
One day this week a 9i note on the
national bank of Kholo Island at
Nowportcamo In for redemption. On
the face It looked quite now, but tho
bnck was washed perfectly clean, no
that not a mark yii left ou It. The
Joko ot it is that tlio bureau of engrav
ing a topted tho brown back for such
bills on tho groan J that It could not bo
washed off, us tho green back can be.
It'Was Intended In this way to prevent
counterfeiter from procuring treasury
paper by rendering notes of small do-nominations
blank w Ith acids and printing
big ones on them. This is tho first
time thatconDdcn'W lnthe indelibility
of the brown fcik has been disturbed,
Even tho seal on tho front, which Is
dono in the simo Ink, has entirely dis
destroyers of paper currency, andsom
of tho most hopeless spclmus tha
como In have been chew ed up for beds
by those little rodent, bonietlmes a
pill box full of liidUtlrlgttUdablo ashes,
will arrive accompanied by u certlfl
... ..t.ws tl,.t iiiunnnf t'ArtPAAUti it'll
appeared in the. bill described. Whether
tho thing was dono for n Jest or by accident
tha authorities do not protend to
The new designs soon to be mode
for tho entire series of silver certificates
except tho one for two dollr.rs already
completed will furnish a big Job
to the bureau of engraving. Only tho
backs are to bo changed, but the
making of a single ono ot theso money
plat"s, with all the lettering nnd geometric
latha work Involved, is a formidable
tuk. 'It is not ou this no-count
tint" Chief Engraver Cnsllear
thinks the proposed altjrations unwise
His opinion Is that it Is r. inUUiko
to change tho appearance ot currency
moro often than Is absolutely necessary
Tho people do not reailly accept
p ipor ctsh that hns a strange look.
To llluttratu thK Jlr. Gaslloar
told how ha hnppjnod to be In
Now York at ono tlroo during tho war
looking out forn gang of counterfeit
ers. To avoid making tils preseuco in
the city conspicuous he put up ut a
second rata hot4 where ha was mif
known. For some purpose he handed
to the clerk nttho Jaslc a brand-no w
note It wis in Iviua Just out,
with Umi. Spunr'i partralt on it, the
likene5 having- luen snlitltuted for a
picture ot Jiuthe with her scales,
which tho forgers hod Imitated very
Tho cleric loo'cod at tho note with
evident suiplclon and handed it back.
"I never saw anything llko that before,"
ho said.
'It Is good, I assure you," replied
Jlr. Cosllear.
"I don't bollovo It," said tho clerk.
"Very well," rejoined Jlr. Oasllcar.
"It doesn't matter, tlou,'h I know It Is
good, because 1 made It myself."
Tho clerk smiled sardonically.
".That Is Just w hat occured to me,"
ho said. "Therefore I refused to accept
Mr Cuslluar felt that tho Joke was
on himself, so he treated himself to a
bottlo of at the bar and left
for.Washlnglon that ovenlng. Washington
Cor, N. Y, Sun.
That Slsnatura of Vours.
Why makelt so small that lUrco,u!rcs
unusunl cure and keen eyesight to read
I It? Why mako it so complicated that
I no human being but Its maker can
cipher It? Why sprawl it all over a
chock or letter snect? This writing ot
a slguaturo Is not a small matter with
thobo correspondence reaches
thousands ot letters dally Wo have
frequently seen all tho force In an
spend halt nn hour to decipher a
signature which should hao been writ
ten so as to bo read at a glance. Some
foolishly entertain tho Idea that an Intricate
signature is lots easily forged,
when the truth Is that ono that is plain
and bold is extrumely hard to copy. As
examples of what a sign&turo should
be, study thosa of doorgo Washington,
John Hancock, Hon. Hamilton I'lsh.
If you want to bo cciontric, tuko Horace
Oreeley'h nignature for it model,
but spare, oh, bpare us your Ideas of
sprawl, complexity, noiolty, under tho
mistaken notion that It Insures safety.
It robs others of timu and patience,
aud Is a nuisance to everyone who
handles H, unless thoroughly conversant
with your abnormal sign manual
Thoao remarks- aro prompted by
tho receipt of a signature measuring
of an Inch, although It
Is composed ot nine letters, nnd should
occupy not less than ono und
inches, anil better K two. American
Knaklnir l'onrlls la (111.
A new discovery has been mado by
railroad clerks In Httsburgh regarding
tho saving ot lead pencils. Tjils will
bo a great boon to thosa nho nro continually
using oxplethos nnd bonow
Ing pockotkulves on account of tho
fialltyut good, soft lead in a poncll.
Every one who hns much rapid writing
to perform prefers u soft pencil, but
nothing has couio to public light so far
by which tho load aau to un extent bo
preserved. Tha P. C 0. & St. h.
clerks havo brought about u now ora,
in tho poncll busiuossi ulsvi havo they
morally benetiud Immunity, Inasmuch
as they decrease violation of tho third
commandmenb Tho new idea to pro-
servo a soft puncil is to take a gross of
tho useful article and plnvo thvni hi a
Jar of llnsood all. Allow thorn toro
main In soak until the oil thoroughly
permeates overy parltcla of tho woo
and lead. This has the effect of softening
tho mineral, nt the same timu
making It tough and durable. It has
been found fury usef'tlnnd saving, an
ordinary pencil belug used, twlca as
long, under tho now treatmcnt.ToUdo
Of courso suih a tute Is It J .-She "IiOW can woVjup thorn frtet
iitiktmlly ajUHohoiH'Uvc tatanropno knowing that u are btiw m
Kltehon stoves Urn uii moro Cit.!i1roonT" WJ- ' "Ww atIM
every year than Is iit 1" u.V ether OuuLjf ya,M 11
way. rtsopla will linttdo Mr heitrU MjrolMfis SAt
Men's fine Alligator, Plnsh and
Morocco Slippers, all sizes, 5 to 11,
offered at "
It is tho " Bwwtbuy and buy,.cttlm
candy shops all tho thno. Boston
Ii'iiiirtifiim fripf iilmnt Hood's
il'ii. it (' Imd humors ami
- o ll."iim. Th guru lo yot
Jf Nut lvilui i .. .- 1. emii o l,r
1'f.fl ti.1 III- tC HI.' II
The lni nry tint h i often lwca made
and no or satmfAtt.n(y answered is:
"Why it It ti(it u i ittsiful woman Is
riN ' f loan 1 1 1 Htotl U the gum chewing
hublt ' If aim Is, she certainly
never in ittes an exhibition of it la public
places, It may bo that she realizes
tho fact that the proeest of mistlcation
docs not enlmnoo the nttructiveness of
the human faoe, liauoQ has tho good
tense to tuko no chances of disfigurement
Anyone who will take the troublo to
observe will note that tho gum chewer
Is invariably homely enough to stop a
street car without pulling tho telL Tho
samo rule holds joo 1 In every public
placo whero tho gum chowlng woman
Is met.
Physicians tnvo condemned the habit
as physically hurtful, but this has hod
no e0oct in reatruitln tho Jaws of tho
gum fiend. Perhaps, however, tho
O'dnlon expressed on State
street tlio othor day may havo a moro
otllcaelous o fleet, A couplo of gentlemen
wero conversing when a -.veil
dressed girl camo tripping by.
"What a pity that ovary ugly woman
who chews gum can not bo stricken
with lockiaw."
'Did you over see it handsomo woman
chewlug gum?"
"Como to think, I novor did."
"How da you account for It?"
"1 don't account for It, I only repeat
the .fact"
Ihls was a slilowal't opinion as to at
least ono unfortunate homely gum
ohowor. - -Chicago Herald.
11 '!
Nothing is more acceptable to a
Gentleman than a nice pair of easy
nnd slept good for tho romaindor of
tho night, bho got tlio croup tlio
second uight and I gnvo tho samo
remedy with tho same good results,
I write this bccfiiibo I thought thoro
might bosomoonoln tho Btitno neod
ami not know tho truo merits of this
womlorful medicine. Charley A.
Tliompsoon, Des Moines, Jowa. GO
cent bottle3 for salohy BuckncrLcav
"Excuse nie, Mrs. Hushcroft," said
,tho preclao boarder, "but there Is no
moro milk In tho cream-pitcher. Indi
anapolis Journal.
Cora "You've never been cfver
tho world much, have you, John"
John "No." Cora (yawning) "You
ought to travel." N. Y. Herald.
"What makes tho policemen take In
ao many tramps?" said one ot tho profession
to another. "Cos It's so easy,"
was the reply. "They knows wo won't
run" Washington Post.
Five thousand a day
aro mado in Shlocton, Wis., and the
married malo Shloctoner never stays
out at night longer than nino o'clock.
Kicks So yon think tho ministers
practice what they preach." Hicks
"Why, yesi they preach sermons, and If
you lived near ono you could hear him
practising a wook beforehand. " Lowell
"iflnx's conscience Is a pretty unsteady
affair," said ono young man
about town to another. "Yes," was the
reply, "It poems to have a load on It
mott all thn Hm " Wavhlnirton Star.
An honostSnodo tolls his story in- The laws of health nro taught in.
plain but unmistakablo languago for our Bchoolsj but not In a way to bo of
tho benefit of tho public. Ono of my much practical benefit and are
took n sovoro cold nud cot lustrated by living examples, which in
the croup I gnvo her a toaspoonful ' many cases couldeasily be dono. If
of Cliamborlnin's Couch lloinody, and . some scholar, who had just contracted
in fit ominutos later 1 gavo her ono colu was brought before tho school,
moro. By this thno she had to cotW 8otuat all could hear tho dry loud
J. lieu ,"j"e"i nuuanowiia Bigmucanco; boo
tno garnering iu nor inroat.
i wont to sleep and Blopt good for tho thin whito coating on tho tonguo
pen minutes. Thou shogotupand and later, as tho cold dovelops, boo
nilodtthon sho went back to bod i tho profuso watery oxpoclorntioa and
tlilri trflf AM linliiin i 4Ia MAAn
MW&wfra H
not ono of them would ovor iorget
what tho first symptoms ol aNld
were. Tho scholar should then bo .
given Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
freely, that all might boo that ovon a
herere cold could l.fi cured in ono pr
two jdays, or at least greatly mitigbtod,
whon properly treated as Boon as
first symptoms appear. For ualo by
Bucknor LostoII.
"I'm sorry you don't llko tho now
nurse," she said to her husband. "Sho
Is so good about alnglrm to baby nd
keeping him quiet" "Ysc," i iha
reply, "that's Just It) I rather hear tho
baby cry," Washington Star.
Moro Than Sho Thought Jitn.
Bumpus "You aro so moan that It I
wore to die I don't think you would
givo enough to put a decent headstone
at my grave." Iiurapus "O, yes I
would giro a good deal to put one)
there." Ilrooklyn Cltlren.
Lucky to (let Off Ho Kaslly. Jones
"Smith, did you ever And a red ear
at a husking bee" Smith "Idld, and
two moro after I got home; my wife,
you boo, happened to bo there; too."
Drako's Magazine.
A Qood Candidate. Captain "So
yoil want to try for tho rush line. Ever
played before?" Oroenman (from tho
countryj "Noj but I've dono shopping
forma on bargain days." Captain
"Go put on a suit, I guess you'll do."
Harvard Lampoon.
Thoro is a hotel koopor in Maine
whoso nnme is Gim.
per ct. difference.
S Strongest, Purest, Most Economical.
Certain baking powder makers are publishinp; falsified extracts from the
Goyeirment reports, with pretended analyses and certificates, wherein an '
attemptjs made to compare their baking1 powders with the "Royal," or
making"lJogus tests from house to house, their obvious purpose being to
counteract the recent exposures of the inferiority of their own goods arising
from their impurity, low strength, and lack of keeping qualities as shown
by the Government chemists and others.
A.1 to whether any of these baking powders are
equal to the "Royal," the official tests clearly determine.
When samples of various baking powders
from the grocers, and analyzed by the United
States Government Chemists, anu the Chemists of State,
and Gity Boards of Health, the reports revealed the
tlitthc "Royal" contained from 23 pt,;r cenf. to .Oojier
cent, more leavening strength than any qtherAcrearo of.
0 .
iit'Wv Maiiagcnicnt
Mrf'ii' nnrl nUn flln ifrvrni . . ., . , -,, ?. . . .
"" "" to -.-? --' r - VBa , .Ctian 10 tlto lionoia Jinn an pans mini.
made, of puingind $ggggg itoom.r Tabio
At (lU ulYS saury rV'tlKarCj
letiiiun selltnu uur asnvral fcsru
Ol Fen r Ii r ' "nu Mr eiuf n
Jbesiflesi IW nivor Stroot,
r .. r"iihsiiit
(PKlviClvui irvvHA ui niivt.t..
Elegant Bar and Billiard, Hall Attached...
E. CsViVsORROW, Proprietor.
A, ROTH, Manager ;
' r r "'' v. cr:: t,1l"
" , "iiimsr.i
i-i jaf ,. ,- ,. ,i.r !- '
li.1 --
-T-l- ,V. !! - 1, .t .' .V'- as-
'i vt
J5bT 1
r' w
i w
it m
1 .3W iTs BIP.
p JU? sat-
ijfSF'i V ML V-X
.flRSswn Bj.w7
.3t" l BtA.i
" 0 . . I WSfjV il
i . '. r I i. a1
4,., . LL - 31

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