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Offlcs IB ana SO Hlata BttMl.
TUESDAY, JANUARY 5, - - -1891.
Llko Kentucky, Maryland now has
G or. Brown who la a Democrat nnd
n statcaman.
.Tnmua Coonor, tLo cir
cus man who owns tho Foropaugh
circus, dlodin 1'hlladolphla, Friday.
Chw. lion, a prominont citizen of
T?mmr,nnRlmrir. Ya.. hiccoUKhod him
uiirtnulnnlliliutwcok. llo waa af
flicted for cloven days.
Don. Montgomery 0. Meigs, of the
"United Slates Engineer Corps, retired
list, died of la grippo in Washington
Saturday, agod 76.
Larnos and Houston woro both passed
by in tho Faducali postoffico matter
nnd Capt. Ed Farloy secured tho
covotod plum. His appointmont was
mado Saturday.
Joh Diotol, tho champion fat man
of the world, who woighod7G3 pounds,
euccumbod to an attack of tho grip at
Cincinnati on Now Yoat's day. Ho
was 25 years old.
Bov. Goo. 0. Barnes, tho evangelist,
who has boun living in Scotland
for sovoral years, is on his way to tho
United States nnd will again tako up
his rosidonco nt Stanford, Ky.
Gov. Humphrey, of Kansas, has
appointed ex-Congressman Bishap
W. Perkfns Unitod States Senator to
juccood Sonntor Plumb, doceasod,
Tho appointmont is for ono yoar.
Tho cold wuvo in tho Northwestern
Stains una far bovoud anything over
experienced in this favored clime,
whoro tho extremes of heat and cold
nro never felt. Tho mercury in Min
nesota nnd othor states dropped to 22
degrees below zero.
Tho Supremo Court of tho Unitod
States will decide tho Boyd-Thayer
gubernatorial contest from Nebraska
this woek, nnd it is bolievod Boyd will
bo doclarod oligiblo and restored to
his office, from which ho was ousted
by tho Republican!).
Lewis C. Laylin, a Shormau man,
has been nominated for Speakor of the
Ohio Houso by a voto of 88 to 31,
Jno. F. McGrow.a Forakun man claims
that this moans nothing and that
Littlo Brooches will defeat Sherman
in the Senatorial caucus. All the
indications point to n very close race.
Atlanta, in her desire to "turn over
a now loaf" has concluded to grant
only liquor hcensos in
skad of about 800 undor which she
has been oporatiug during tho past
yoar. This means n fortune to those
who secured tho nocessary permits as
the trado in the liquor lino in that
city is reported as immonso.
Treasurer Halo at tho last moment
reconsidered his determination to re
tire from office nnd withdrew his resignation.
He took tho oath of office
yosterday for tho four years' term.
This puts nn end to tho Governor's
proposed promotion of Snm Norman
nnd Ed Leigh, who will remain in
their present places.
Aichibald Forbos, tho famous wor
correspondent, is always in readiness
for marchiug ordors. Ho has a rot of
equipments for warm countrios and
anothor for cold countrios, and keeps
himsolf provided with passports for
every laud to which there is any
possibility that, ho may bo ordered,
no has a keen and
intellect, and is master of a vigorous,
inciaivn style. His endurauca is great
and his bravery remarkable.
M. Doschnnol, doputy of tho department
of who has boen
commissioned by tho French government
to proceed to tho United Statos
with tho view of iuvostigating tho social
question and thopositiou of
tnd thoir mas ters, will confer
with Cardinal Gibbons.Henry Goorge,
nnd the loudiug men iu all religious
bodies and schools of thought in
Aboutono hundred nnd fifty
convicts havo boon returned to
the mines at coal Creek. Thoy were
claimed together iu Bquads of five a
special guard put iu chargb of each
croup. There are no murdorors nor
rapists amoug tho number sent.
the law especially providing that
that class of prisoners bo kopt in the
main prison. No furthtr troublo is
anticipated. Twenty thousand meu
are hold in readinoss in caso of au
Last Friday was tho day fixod upon
for tho substitution of tho woighlug
for tho gauging system iu tho internal
revenue dopartuioiit, and as soon as
practicable all hlsky will hereafter
bo wolghod on scales for that purposo
sent out by Commissioner Mason. For
this chaugo a Louis .illo firm of dealers
is principally responsible. This
firm wrote tho commissioner iu season
and out complaluiug of tho expensive
proofing, tho niw of tho barrel hoads
and tho classification of tho barrels,
and if the new system protoa successful
tho credit for trolling it belongs
Twylinucli to thorn,
War on The Taxai Oordar,
It is not generally known that part
of tho United States army Is now
In an effort to ropel n foroigu
invader and that sororal nkltmishos
lmvo occurred. It is difiicult to got
tho news, as tho bcouo of tho troublo
la roraoto from n telegraph Station, and
still harder to get tho straight of tho
affair from tho imporfoct reports received.
A revolutionist named Garza,
with LOO followers, is engaged in au
insurrection against tho Mexican government.
Pressed by tho soldiers of
President Diaz, Garza crossed ovor
tho Bio Grando nnd established n
station in Toias, Ho has been
oiwrating chiofly in Starr nnd Duval
caunlies. Learning that an nrmed
troop had invaded Texas, Capt. Juo.
G. Bourko with 150 soldiers sot out to
find Garza and drivo him out. Horn-mod
in between Mexican regulars and
Unitod States soldiers, Garza has boon
fighting dosporately and Capt. Bourko
has found it necessary to call for re-
inforcotnonta to protect Ft. Ringgold.
Troops to tho number of 1000 are now
hurrying to tho scone and Texas Ran
gers havo also been called out by Gov.
Hogg. In tho inoanwhilo Garza has
met and defied tho limited number of
Unitod States troops in tho field and
shows no signs of retreating. Ho is
colloctinff moro men and a conflict
is liable to occur with as many as
1000 mou on each side.
Twice during tho last twenty years,
tho offico of Governor of Kentucky
has boon filled by a statesman not only
able, but broad-minded nnd possessing
an intolh'gent conception of
publio affairs. Tho mossagos of Gov.
Knott were models as State papers,
but tho first messago of Gov. Brown,
whilo characterized by tho saino high
ordor of Ability, pitches into existing
evils w'.h a directness thai shows
that Kentucky has had no oxocutive
with tho courago of his convictions to
so marked a degreo as tho present
Govornor. Gov. Brown's administration
promises to bo ono of which
not only tho Pennyroyal country but
tho whole State will bo proud.
Pensions Granted.
Augustus Miios, Co. Ky.
In ft., increase $6 por month, from
July 11, 1890.
Martha A. Johnson, widow Jno. D.
Johnson Co. A., 3rd Ky. Cav'y., $8
per month, from Aug. 6, 1890.
Goorge Browdor, Co. H., 101st U. S.
C. T., $12 por month from Aug. 1,
Rhda Dillard, mothorof Znchariah
Dlitard, Co. A. 9th U. S. C. H. A., S12
por month, from July 28, 1890.
Joseph F. Pylo, Co. G., 17th Ky.
Inft., $12 por month, from May 2G,
C. W. Moachom, 1st Sorgt. Co. D.,
17th Ky. Inft., increase $6 per month,
from July 10, 1890.
Wm. R.Skeon, Co. C, 20th Ky.
Inft., $12 per month, from Oct., 21
Jas. V. Forbos, Co. E. 17th Ky.
Inft., incroaso $12 per month, from
Juno 10, 1891.
Jas. Anderson Sr.Co B., 25th Ky.
Inft., incroaso from $10 to $21 per
month, from May 20, 1891
Rich'd R. West, Co. E., 17th Ky.
Inft., $8 por month, from Feb., 21,
W. S. Witty, Co. G., 17th Ky.Inft.,
increase $10 por mouth, from July 10,
Pouolopo II. McGinnis, widow of
Owen G. McGinnis. bounty $200.
To Our "Charter Member."
There nro upon our subscription
books a number of subscribers who
tho Kextcokiix coutiu
uously since its first issue Jan. 1,
1879. Thoy wore "chatter members"
and have stuck to us through thick in
thin, year iu and year out for thirteen
yoars. They havo followed tho pa-
or through all its changing fortunos
and stood by it with a loyalty that has
never wavered. Now that tho
is firmly established as tho
best and most prosperous nowspapor
in Westorn Kentucky, wo have this
proposition to mako to our old
Every subscriber who
has taken tho Kentcckmn since its
first issue will, during 1892, bo civou,
if lie dosires it, an extra copy of the
paper free, to bo sout to Bny address
desired. This does uot coutouiplato
a ronowal of your own subscription
without pay, but tho proposition is to
gite you nco papers when you pay
up for 1892. Tho only condition re
quired is that tho oxtra paper bo sent
to a name not now on our list. All
thoso subscriptions will expire with
tho yoar 1892, whethor put on Jan. 1
or July 1. This offor is mado for
throo reasons. Tho first is to show
our appreciation of past favors,
to introduco tho Kentl'ckun
into families whore it does uot now go
and tho third is to prove (hat "13'
after all is not as uulucky a number
as lm boon represented.
State of Ohio, City of Tolodo, (
Lucas County. j 88,
Frank J, Ciionoy makes oath that
he is tho senior wartuor of tho firm of
F. J. Cheuoy & Co., doiug business in
tho City of Tolodo, county and Stato
aforesaid, and that said flan will pay
tho sum of ONE HUNDRED DOL-Lars
for each and oory caso of Catarrh
that cannot bo cured bv tho use
of Hull's Catarrh Curo.
Sworn to before mo and subscribed
iu my presence, this Oth day of
A. D. 1880.
i A. W. ULEA5UN,
SEAL .. . ,, , ,. I
riotarv l'ublio
Ilall h Catarrh Cure la takon inter-
nally and acta diroctly ujwn tho blood
nud mucous Burlaw of tho system.
Sonil for testimonials, froo.
J;'. J.UutNEr&Uo., l'rops., Tolodo, O. ,
KrSoM by Druifffista. 76o.
i '
Trenton Social.
TntxToy, Kt., Jan. -Mi, 1892. Tiio
social ovaM of tho sonson nt this placo
was the Leap Year ontertalnmont
given at tho mansion of Mr. nnd Mrs.
Sam E. Stegar. Tho committoeon
nrrangomont, Misses May Bello Johnson,
Susie Garth and Jossio Dickenson
knew how to cater to tho palates
ot tho fifteen couples in attendauco.
Lot good digestion wait on
was tho motto.
1st. Course:
Florida Orangos, Bananas, Figs,
Pears, Malaga, Concord, nnd Catawba
Turkoy and Ham, Sauco, Roast
Mallard Ducks, Oyster, Egg nnd
Chickou Salad, Oysters, Salmon nnd
3rd. Course:
Cream, Vanilla Sherbcrt, Lemon
Pudding, Bisque Fruit Cako 5 yoars
old, layer Citron and Vanilla, Iced
Lemon, Chocolato layer,
lth. Course.
Choose, Doughnuts, Protzeleltos,
Chocolata, Mouicr, Van Houtcn's
Cocoa, coffoo.
Messrs. James G. White escorted
by Miss Ella Couch; D. Mortou
Tandy, Josso Dickinson j Rev. A. 2i.
Couch, GortioMcElwain; Goorgo L.
McElwnin, May Robinson; Ed J.
Ware, Lucy Minims; Homy J. Chiles,
Mario Mimms; Martin Horschfiold,
Alma Yost; Luto Petreo, Otis Dickinson;
Cross White, Lizzie Small;
Chas. Wallor, Wess Slock; W. J.
DickenBou, May Bello Johnson; JoQ
Walbridgo, Susio Garth: E. Sebreo
Reeves, Ida Horschfield; L. P.Guinn,
Imojrono McCown; Arch Dickinson,
Polly Simms; John Dickinson, Poarl
Simms; Horaco Rutherford, Anna
Mossr5v John Garth, Otis Wilson,
Sam Dickinson and Walter Buck.
After refreshments, tho party on-
gaged in original wit and humor, and
all of tho latest gamosof fascination,
until tho lato hour of 1 o'clock, when
the weather becoming very inclomout
tho party odjournod. Tho young
ladies, nBsuined gallants that thoy
wore, escorted the young gontlemon
to thoir soveral homes and sow them
safely enscouEed with their parents,
who received them with open arms.
And He's'Right, Too
Manager Opera Houso, Galbreath,
in a recent conversation gavo vent to
his indignation, at what he terms "tho
neck" of tho fly-by-night thoatrical
snap, which try to socuro time at his
house, and ho shook his hoad as1 ho
said "no moro for me, I'm tired; I'll
know they're right or thoy don't got
in; this town is good enough for tho
best only." Ho certainly has c fine
list of attractions booked, somo abovo
the avorago; ho fools highly elated at
securing tho great New York succoss,
'Siio Couldn't Marry Throo," which
will appear hero for ono night during
tho next few weeks.
Hon. Polk LalToon has becomo editor
of tho Shofliohl, (Ala.,) Enterprise.
A great many persons, who hate
found no relief from othor treatment,
havo been cured of rhoumatism by
Chambcrlnin's Pain Balm. Do not
givo up uutil you havo tried it. It is
only DO cents por bottle. For salo by
liucKner .LeavoU.
Tho statement of tho
City Bank is published in this issuo.
This banking institution was never in
a moro prosperous condition than now
as shown by this statomout. With a
capital stock of 100,000 a surplus of
$55,000 is shown after declaring a 1
per coat, dividond. This proves conclusively
that tho management of tho
bank's aiTairs has boon judicious, nud
further, that it has enjoyed n vory liberal
patronage, which is very gratify
ing to tho many friends of tho institU'
is often used as medicine, in which
caso the purity of tho article is of tho
greatost importance. I. W. Harper is
a Kentucky dUtillor of national reputation.
Tho product ot his Distillory
is shipped direct to tho retail trade;
it pasos tnrougn no mtuuia mans
hands, to bo mixed, colored, and
watered. Consumers, therefore, havo
tho nssuraueo that I, W. Harper's
Whiskey is sold in IU absolute purity
by his Agents, J.W. Smith, and W. It.
Loxa, Ilopkinsvillo,
Parkins "My son la a, smart fellow,
He'll bo a rich roan some day,"
"What does ho doV Parldna
"He ts an In tummer, and In
winter he runs a combination builnets,
of plumbing nnd coal" Harper's Da-'
MUa Kllnlcer "I b&yt you out rid.
ln(f ycaterduy with MUa Wealthy." Mr.
bouer (hurriedly! "I'ardon me. MUa
Kllnl'cr, you are mlatafcen. That was
that homely, little shrimp,
Qay Manners," Miss Kllnker "Dear
met I could have sworn it waayoa
Much a atrlklnjr rt'semblanco. Harper's
"I met your friond Dab last right"
"'.hat do you UilnUof hlra?" "Honestly,
I waa disappointed. He Is the
flattest funny man I ever listened to.
uuw couia you can mm b lauaw or isr
finite Jeat?'" "O, you mttuuderatoO'V
roe. I aatd lie was a follow of Infant
Jeat" Crypt
Tlmo Will Tell. Fire "Somotlraos
tho absolute futth my boy lias In ray
wisdom make mo almost ashamed Of
myself." l'otts "You need not worry.
It will up all right lly tho
time lie'ls twenty ho will think you
know no t) In tf at all." Indianapolis
A Matter of Location. HtuiTer (at
t. Ami n t, Ki,ni,i,inu i..u "rv. un,
Unow, I oan't flml rov overcoat uny.
where," Hlmnlilna you looWd
In the refroJiment roomV" Stuffsr
"Why, no. Han couH It bo In there?"
blmPkln - Yo, l"ven't been any
oio during the ''X, ha ' i
yottt"CIotlier oud jjilajn
Let us nil make somebody happy at the close of this fruitful and glorious year of our Lord 181.
We keep a large variety of goods especially suitable for
presents, gentlemen and. boys5 presents that are useful
and will be appreciated; such as
Late Style Brown stiff Hals, Custom mado Suits, Extra fine Custom made Silk Vests-Prices
arc beyond question lower than any house in town.
-"I suMKMfl tho babv Is n doltcnto
.lnV oh, UronaonV" "So. lie's a rev
mm ycllcr," replied tho proud i.nd
lopy father. Harper' llazar.
, "What nro you doing now," Inquired
tho mamiplriff editor of a man
who waa writing a criticism of tho ballet
"Itoastlng ehutnuts," was tho reply.
Washington Star.
Wife "I went to a new dry (foods
Btoro to-day." Husband (sadly) "I
aupposo, ns usual, Hint you opened a
now nccount there?" Wlfo "No,
They Jwln't know mo, so tho things nro
coming Q O. D." Cloak Kovlow.
Tea Is now ndulterntcd with hops.
Tho hops am grown In Kngland and
(hipped thenco to Japan or China, whoro
they are treated by a process similar to
that of drying tho leaf of tho tea plant
and then mixed with tho tea for tho
English and American markets.
Tho ship Challenger, of llath, Me.,
recently arrived at Havre from Portland,
Ore., after n passage of IU (lays,
breaking all sailing records between
those porta The same ship has made
tho run from San Francisco to Liverpool
In 09 days, tho average passago
being 180 days. The average from
Fortland to Havre la 140 days.
Tho health oflleer of tho port of
Now York holds that preparations ought
to be mndojfor the establishment of an
international system of quarantine.
The health officers of different countries
could notify each other of tho prevalence
In their resnectlvo Jurisdictions
of any contagious disease, so that a
timely check could be put upon its
In fiahlng for sturgeon near Kala-mo,
Wash., tho fishermen do not uso
bait They have huoks about a foot
apart on a rope that Is suspended a short
distance from tho bottom of tho river.
A fish, rooting alpng the bottom, gets
caught on one hook, and by flouncing
about gets caught on ono or two more
hooks. Tho fishing grounds extend ns
far as tho Dalles river In Oregon.
A Columbus, Ind., musical freak la
called "Slngbllly," though his proper
namo Is William Ialntrlgger. Ho plays
in a peculiar manner with his lungs
any tuno with a distinctness and clearness
that brings out every note as fully
ns It ran bo brought out an any piano
or other musical lnstrumentby tho most
accomplished performer.
That curious plant commonly called
tho mother-in-law obtained Its namo in
a queer way, An expert of botanical
gardens attached to the Smithsonian institution,
in explaining tho curious
properties of the plant to a reporter,
mentioned the fact that It had tho power
of paralyzing tho tongue. "A good
thing for a mother-in-law," said tho
reporter, nnd then nnd there tho namo
mother-in-law waa applied to tho plnnt
Fanners on tho Pacific coast are Interested
In a discussion of the useless-ness
or usefulness of a pig's tall. Ono
sido argues that it la as useless as tho
letter pin pneumonia. Tho other aldo
asserts that the tail Indicates the exact
physical condition of tho animal. If, it
hangs loose. It Indicates that the pig is
not in condition and that its feed ehould
lie changed. If it is coiled tightly, it
indicates contentment and good health.
While ascending I'lkc J Peak by
the new railway, about ono person In
S00 Is affected by tho rarity of tho air at
tho high altitude, Tho Indications of
distress are itching and redness of the
noso nnd thon blackness under tho cyeu.
A woman who was dying apparently on
n trip recently was sent back on tho locomotive
to tho foot of tho mountain,
whero sho recovered. The summit la
14,400 feet above the lovel of tho sea.
As no ofllclal provision could bo
mado for tho entertainment of properly
accredited persons who visit Chicago In
tho interest of the Columbian exposition,
a reception committee of lending
Chicago society women, of which Mrs.
Ceorgo h. Uunlnp Is chairman, has
Veen formed for this purpose. Tho
members of this commltteo ara ostoh
pledged to oxtend In turn the hospitals
Ity of their homes to such guests as tho
management of tho exposition shall
to havo entertained.
Moro Troublo. "Since you think
yourself so smart," said tho
back ward over bis
"perhaps you can tell mo why tho
Ittter't'lsllko j.orcl Jiyron." "I don't bo.
Hove It la," retorted tho financial editor
belligerently. "Tho lottor 'f la llko
Lord II j run," said tho oxehange editor,
raising his voice, "becauso it gives to
ImmornTlty immortality," And tho
other man, wth a hunted look In his
eye, raised tho window Bnd stuck his
ha ail out to get frosli air. Chicago
Tho Ilurglar Alarm. Customer
"la this tho latest stylo of burglar
alarm?" Clork-"Yos, air." "What la
tho principle of It?" "It rings a bell
when tho burglar raises tho window,
and by means of nn Indicator tells in
what part of tho houso an ontranco -is
being attempted." "And am I supposed
to got out of bed nnd grapplo hand-to-
band in tho uarkneas with tho burglar,
.or ii)urglara?'' "Yu, unloss you can
ot your wlfo to do It Instead."
"Humph, I l'uojs we'll mako tho old
style Imrfrlar alarm, tho dor;, last n
Ilttlo lontrer."
Tho three tribes of tho Fort
reservation are included in tho
nine tribes Iu the' United States that
have uovcr been ot ivar with tho government.
Of thuso three the Mandans
re the amallest, numbering a Ilttlo
over 200, small-pox liuflujr almost destroyed
them about 1853. Hut thoy aro
the mo interestlnK. There Is a story
to the that they ara descended
from koi.. iVolshmon who sailed west
from Wales In the eloveuth century and
Were never1 henrd of aftorwnrd, Tho
ttory Is that tho party reached tho
mouth of tho Mississippi and worked
their way up tlint river. Many ot thoir
words resemble the Welsh lmiguago,
and they aro of inucli HRluer complex'
Ion than Indiuns usually are. Ihero
,P '" l,lood!l1 Inal4n "J04 wU
S" tUB - - -
1 Mi in
NAT (lAITllKn.
Planters :-:
Tobacco & Wheal Commission Merchants,
Olecinl attention given to Sampling and selling all Tobacco couaiuued
Oto us. Four months freo stoiajro to planters. Liberal advance on Tobacco
In store. All Tobacco Insured unless otliorwlao liutmriiul, nt tliu rnto
of twenty-five, cents por Hhd, for tho first sixty days, and ciiiiU
per inmilli thereafter. (looil quarters Tor teams nud
Gov. Flower, of- Now York, was
inaugurated Friday and
Hill will tatio his Beat as Senator (bis
week. Ab ho would bo promptly
by tho Now Ybk legislature
it is not likely that tho ttepublicans
will try to carry out their throat to
to hoop him out of h:a soat.
oivi5 isistjoy
Both tho method tnd results when
Byrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant
and refreshing to the taste, nnd acta
gently yet promptly on the Kidneys,
Liver nnd Bowels, cleanses tho system
effectually, dispels colds, headaches
and fovera nnd cures habitual
constipation. Syrup of Figs is tho
only remedy of its kind, over produced,
pleasing to tho tatto nnd acceptable
to tho stomach, prompt in
its action and truly beneficial in its
eflbcUi, prepared only from the most
healthy sua ngrecablo substances, Its
many excellent qualities commend it
to all and havo made it tho inoei
popular remedy known.
Syrup of Fiw is for salo in COo
and 61 bottljs uy all IcadW druggists.
Any reliable druggist who
may not havo it on hand will pro-euro
it promptly for any ono who
wishes to try it. Do not accept any
towsviut. r. aiw roiix, it.r.
Ttkei!ffect NoTCmberloth, WW
So U H. 81.
Lv. Uvtiittillle, ,. ,,,.to:oaoi Stfoixn
Ar Henderson . , ivimu in n:xi n w
r Cnrjilon 11:11am l:iiii
Ar MnritanflcM . II:M in lo:ooii in
Ar lleltuvcn . i::spii ir:i i ,, m
ArrifurKli Mim lo:i5 pui
Ar Mai Ion l:i: it .a ii in
Ar i'rlm'iiea H?Otnr ; At mil
Vli 81. Su it til
Lv Pilneeton S:C0n in ntioinn
Ar Marlon 4:07 a in ?:Wi. in
Arbturitti s:iiOitm I:M. in
Ar lielii.ron iMliiw 8:iu nn
Ar J!ortainlclil .iuiaiu n:iiuni
ArCoryilia . . ..0:ain Mint
Ar llrinti"roti 1:13 a in 9:Miro
Ar Kraimllle 7:isin 10:10 pin
Having cliaugod tho namo of tho
Kress Medicine Co.,
of Kvnmtville, Imllaim, to tho
Carlsiedt Medicine Co.,
tho preparation Introduced by us null
or tho niiino of KKKSS LIVKlt
I'OWDLU will fiom now on bo
known in
This gro.it Ciennsin Itamcdy Is a
valunblo family meiUciiio, It U a
siiro anil ofl'uctlvo euro for all llllloim
Diseases, Dyspepsia, Costivonos,
Llvor Complaint, nnd Al'iio,
Nervous ami Sick Hcadaclio,
lima nmlDyaontory of a bilious typo,
uUoaiucvoutlvo and cnru for (Jon.
Utlpitluii ami l'llos. For salo by all
uriib'uisis, ai coins.
Caiu.stkdt Mkdicink Co.,
Doc. 1, 1801. Urausvllle, rnd.
Monday, Jan. 11.
Spocinl ongaomont of tho well knann
Eccoutrio Comodian,
Iu his Uront Lauidiluir Crazo,
A PAIR OF kids.
Supported by bin own company of
CouitdiauB, Throo bourn of lauuli
Uir. Sfiventh Vcav. Tho lauirhinir
ovont of tho honwn,
I'ricM aCo, 1300 and 75c.
Kooml soota at QalbrefttVa,
L & ft. R. R.
Through Trunk Line
between tun elites o
Cincinnati. Lexington, Lsubvi
Svanavlllo, St. Louis,
And the cities of
Naahvillo, Hemphlo, Mont
uocuo.ana now orloann,
Shortest & Quickest Route
From St. Louis, Evansvillo ami
Henderson to tho
Through Ooaohes
"From abovo cit ios to Nash.
villo and Chnttunooga,
making direct con-
tion with
For Atlanta, SaTanoali,
Macon, Jackson.
Ylllo and PoInt
in Florida.
Connocliona are mado at Guthriu and
Noshvil'o for nil pointa
North,East, South andV7est
In Piilltnin Palneo Cars.
this rood will roccivo special low rates
Seo ngouta of this company for rates
routes Ac, or writo to
0. 1 Atmobb, G. T. & T. A
His Rooms Crowded on
His first Visit and
laaaaaaPESrif'1' lVI iwna4afl
llaKaaVIr llKaaaK IB
itrfHIB.r.Tfil n?iv'aaaafrnir, ALLLLLHP
- 5:"misaci mmmtumrr
nrT .. '
J. S m. D.
Tliu uololirateil
English Specialist j
Koimeily ot fracllre ot Jte.llclne,
Electrical Medical CoIIcl'c.
NOW Examining Plivsipinn
OUIllllL'Ul Jll lllSlftlltO,
Will be at II a I'l I 11 J f i Vi i
II, nn .lay oil) Juliuilng vMTuiMveeUl
civ iinKiiio cnr, noiuua. mii.iui., in.
III. A til il tint A II III n u lint ti nt.t .., ft ..I l... ...
iiltal MiMtYn iiuiyi New k I Tit;'..". I l";
bleclilcnlSIu.llcali;olloio. Tuiimtn: ( in. ii
hasmailo a nwlal .inly ot Ihci il,ui.,.. u '
tlfiiUIn llioRiuat llelluiie ami (liiutir j(M.
pllaU loracTeral yoan ami rw(Knjt., ii;,i,,lf,
Horln illainwlna; nml trentlnu ctmmlu ui,. 1
l)iill. Iloilevptcsalllilitlnvoiotlmirrjiiiidntl
of ehronlo ami ncnuui illeuv .... til Imtli .. m
ml hli.Kll a. unl.il.... I.. .1.1.
r...ii::..i.ri"i" ,, .i1 ....' '.'" ri" . i'a
t. nv.i v. ,a,.M 4IV4l icmtiillj ai,
jiltr unil Clirmile Culiirrlu ltliiulnr In '
HiiXllUililvrTrimtiliM. ..ry
ilUctu, iv.
tlpailon. Klromuatlsin aii.li'arJlykli. ' "
Eiilltp.y t.r AltiKntilTVly cmwl'
nuiiii 01 Alfiul in (111 Anffi.l ..
i.wn,alnrrliea, Iinitehey, Kiuptlo ,. 11 "
ijmlla of m ror. v wiwoa? ),i
H la loalate. Wo n cnia ir cua
hi not irono tui tr,
Supei fiuuiia hair and all
' "'"'"l the facta
iiHmi.Vuit.ly nnioreil,
niootlnnd Sinn Disoanoa.
AaSriilillla, Hciorula. birlotniu. (1I...I .,.
cured 1 noTcrfallliiifremiKlloa, I
lilteasea of women, sueh as louenri luia, lain, f
ful uienstriiatlun,iiUilai'i)iiieiit of woinlk '
IheDwtur cmr ea nil liU iuiiuM. i........
av iiriMiaavi .i. IHlMlslUIW HiH,n'M4 l,t
"Ureal tin ml (villa kIvak am tn. I.. "
V Humviit HVI Hl ' Mill
wousuunuiiit Vwa and Cuiiftdonttal,
Tlio ; outbuilt JfeillJitl nud Sut't'ltul
MOHftUAToauo, Louisville, Ky, i
irP'sriE, jDiazEciHiisr $c
For Salo by Rogers ft Elgin, Hopklnivllle, Ky., J. Y.
Ky., W. B. llrowor, Fairvlow, Ky,
T. K. HANCOCK. n.n.
Latent Hancock. HallUDU A Co. .Lais wltb
Banco k
'' ' aM JM11
Warehouse, T'RS0CK'
urn M
tliim. Itlpimthni with ml iUIt In.
JIrn . h au.liMiioiuoclUn I
JOIt LAllltS SlM,l.l
Corner Jrffcinm, Center and Oixsea atreeu, eppoilte Court Iloues, Iiul.rllle. Ky.
Rocontlv ronovntod from collar to roof. All Modern improvement, In
eluding steam boat, olovator, olectrio coll bclla nnd tolograpli (ofb'c. Entira)
houso lighted with incandescent olectrio lighta. Eloctric cars pass th door
for all parts of tho city.
J. J. SULLIVAN, Clerks.
i i
s n n s I i
n m
AftorlOycars' oxporienco wo feel confidant that
order oiltiiuled to u will be executed in a skillful
mil nrtUtio manlier.
one But' cest material Used- '
MR. F. M. WHITLOW U our Solicitor for work.
e an Hie!
TTTTTirTT ''AylotrarillnjtArcnt.anaSiilieltorspollerfeesantl higher rates for
tcrleriiiiolulno.llMii'ji.illlliiloiiiJoiiriililritlc or 7 uw It.
suraueoyou wlb flaceilf
Kcineinboranjr Insurance Ateut can sell yon a policy but for proiapt ana satisfactory sm
iiomeni wiion a iou ucrun, you neeil a policy In
...a..... .. . ... .
rviiretenteillntJiallccorUIng Agency ot OAUNKTT
Ltta Aguntu
A UOOllE, Oeasral lamraaca aadjKe
FIVE Uriels Metal ItoofStoiehouies oa Main Street,
Two.tory trsma resilience amllot on Kilt BerentU Slreetj1 roorai, Ineluilntr irrmt'i
iooiuiihiilli,(fOoitublo,loi, gcrden anUoot bulldloi, llouie receaily utlnted d T re"
Houo.uu()otoii iloiuli Liberty Street) I rooms, hill, stasia aad enl buildings.
LultueVioVi' hmp,iX'rla1'' 'r",,T ""' Ml M""'' r". itaW anl oat.
Por Rent-
TWO llrlok,,orB,'OB0,0,lwe,"1,,
one pr ma seren leillB(, reliable Conpaalst
Mala Blrset. roussilen Ursa January I n!
property OKaers haelar bnnu,. i. .. . V."-
wHUaWh." iRiaf;,,rtlS23 IfrMoTaS,'
Agonta. Officea cornor 8th and Maia
Business bilitt
V wlMMWVlIk W' v
lll L A!tK,miturup our list and
W ill would do will to list them "
Qonornl Insuranco and Hoal EataU
Stroota, (2nd floor) Ilopkinsvillo, Ky.
'tri r
V t V
Medicated Food,
A Sure Curo for a1! LSsoasej Iff
Cattle. Sheep and Hogs
iilalnf from ImporlUtc of th Blood, and
from Functional Oeraagemwta.
Cabanlss, TtmWq
tvrriiKKs, , mc. noTD,
Iteration A Major. llow.ll, Kj,
Chas. .EL Layae,
(Succeisor to Po'k CnusUr.)
Livery, Food And Pale
i.he.tiy.v l.1fh . Mixclil n In 'omrare.'l
lot a'llilalit mi:k ii aitivi. uitnu
WTIUtzs $2.60rnDxT.
'. 1 HJJJJ
TTtis furi nifvmrsnurktmrmtmrrfw$WtFm
., . . I
V, m
v-. . nl
4 "Vii
. t
..;'., ij.i'.

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