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w u ! ' im anag
. KltwuilU ftcniurkfoH,
THMOt !. HA,KTI.KT, Katlnets Maaatrr
.WLliiLa .Jim ilJIftUPWI
Dr. And'jrfoii,. CosltT. wos in IJio
! V T olty yi'lerilny.
i dun n j(ubsch reiurnou mis wook w
wA ' school yA Itlehmotd, Kjr,
IrTi . Air. ilia. Crnnsiiaw. of Earllnfflon.
L j jfeslorday in tho oil.
' ur, arcnto noaios, o i onouojgan,
rouiinwi uumo jtf .swmy,
1 v -3
I ' visit of rmvorul months to relatives in
Miss Nottio Edmunds has roturnod
froai nh'ituQiit tfclt to frionds iu
CUuksvillo. .
Attoi'iior J. W. Young,of Princeton,
wim tn Inn pit v n Nlinrt U'hlln Vfwfnrtiav
A 01 btiHluoss.
., J Miss Marr Suo Druffi has Juiit
ol Uit oouphf
!; ... Vy"w --,!
Ic ..- - A 'Sf v
i v
' !.. I .. ...II .I.U I..
iUfumi iruni u visit, vj idiihiw iu
Clarksvillo and l'aducah.
Miss Sndlo Wilcox, of tho Falrtlew
. MU.M.aWMWV,a tiikff.l.f .nrlifiil .,......., Mfuinf lrtilnv ..7 n.wl . WHV finf
ir urn ay whu iriouus in mo cuy.
, Mlssos Lizzio and Ilottie Long,
Y'L ot UiVTuity, spent ororal dys with
l i .KWH.ni noar cairvion lost, noon.
?Oft. and Mrs. T. W. Bucknor hare
Sfc' ltf 3rutl to jheir lrnnio iu Henderson
jiJiili brief visit to relatives in tli"
utou Armtstoad has returned to
ivlllo 1o resume his studio after
fug: tho holidays with bit pa
Sallio Todd left yosterday for
iimo in Nashville, aftor a several
"visit to her aunt, Mrs. A. S,
i Auabol Major has roturoed to
hemo in OlaikBvillo after a visit of
several days to Mr. and Mrs. Clarsnco
Geo. W. Tholps hs? roluruud to
Brvautit Stralton Business College
whence will inTi few weeks completo
the course.
6 Mr. It. L. Williams and family, of
Virginia, havo removed to this county
and will livp in tho Church Ilill neigh
Mr. M. V. Dulin, of Crollon, has
goaa tc Chicago to visit his nephew,
J)vJ. U. Itobiunou.whois quito sick
sUhNfvtiUoid fovor at tho Chicago
2Io.uoiatbia College.
Sm.s,2s'..LVj'.... b)ljes3 manager
ol .MkTKundall' Famous
farce and munical comedy, "A
Vair'of Kids," was in tho city
and inado a dato with Manager
Charlie Andorsou loft for
jestorday nheroho will conduct
b photograph gallery. Cunrliuhaa r
host of frionds who wish htm alt tho
gowd luck that might follow a young
mau so popular.
4T -
Mrs. Dottiff Long died near Kolly
Ji'riday ot ixmstimptlou, aged 21 years.
Mrs. Enoch Walker died nt her
homo .lotfr Kelly last Thursday after-i
noon, of cousumptiou, nftur a long ill
uosi She was about 30 years old.
Mr. Sam W. Tollarorro, ono oi
'Jhiilirio'a most substantial citizoni,
dieil nt his residonee at that plate
iast FtWay, aftor r Uriol uiuoss, lis
liaJiiuy frionds in this city nli
'will of his, sudden demiso witi
Vr9' SIury Durrcll(liHl nt,10r lnti
IfTMidoncoou i Walnut stroot in tin-
Vitv. nt aoon voalerday, aftor a pro
tacted illuoBHholramodiato cause 0
Wljdoall being paralysis. Sho wa Ic
her 70th year. The funeral will take
pile nt o'clock, p. m frou
il '-
.III. lor Into residence.
Mr, William L Gnt,i dlo.. ,,M
Jiht, Ills., ono day last wool.,
whilher ho had gone to seok motiicai
,v treatment. Mr. Garth was at oui
UniiJ u member of the . HopkicsviU"
( bar imu eervel Chrmtinn county
llenn m Sheriff. Hu was wldny
r' knonnodliad many friends, Hit
..... .. ...a ulltKNul l Imti. .I. ..Ill
nt Elkton where iuterrel in
ihe jrnco of a lurgo touco'arso ol
Borrowing frionds.
Child of r:go Stool, iu the city Sst -
L urday.
Iko Pr.rish diod In tho city of consumption
Saturday, agod 35
was Uio man who killed younj:
1. Jior In a row near Longviow sover
at years ago.
ftr'W. D. b'ettloe, agod about sev
and Mrs. Molflo Qroou, a
young widow, wero married near
Crolton lust evening.
,V. D, lattice to Mrs. Mollio Green
A Ortfnnvn
w. WHjr
II' V.I.4 PaS.I in V.niiH Tlmi!trtr
Thei wedding
wh'loh occur at Moayou'a Hall
j this evening promlsoa to bo a grand'
'..n..i. Arnnv relatives anil frionds
6t both tho families of th brldo and
(Room, frpm u distance, havo arrived
AtoUiora will follow on to-day's
trlmis, The conAouy uniting th
Htm of this popular youug couple
will lw iwjnounr ed by Kabul Lewen-
thai, of liwhvlllo, A ball and bat.
quet will follow tbs marrisgts
villo, IVuu.,, will be tho futuro homo
Mrs.Dr. J, A. SouthaU is qulto ill.
Vitalla Liver Pills, small and sugar
Mr. T. A. Smithson is qui to sick
with tho grip.
Tho 1. 0. 0. P. will hold thoir nn
mini reunion and bnnquet at tho Odd
Follow's Hall
Mr. J. E. Taylor is vory 111 nt his
homo now Benuoltatown with llttlo
hopes of his rocorory.
Yoslorday was County Court.
Tuero was a largo crowd In tho city
and tho morchnnw did n nrottr good
William Hatchott, of Uondorsoo,
has boon appointed a guard at tho
ponltontfary at Frankfort by Gov.
Col. D. L. Johnwn has boon qulto
sick nt tho roildenco of his parents,
noar tho city. lie is on tho rood to
rocotery and without a backset will
bo out in a few days.
It is said that looso buyers are
again cleaaing up the tobacco crop :n
South Christian at from 15 to Jfl round.
So far nothing has boon hoard of tho
Regie buyers who bougot last year on
such a largo scale.
Mr. Y. Van Den Berg has beon op j
pointed Traffio manager of tho L. &
N., knd Mr. 0. B. Compton has beon
given tho position of General Freight
Agent tor the company. Tho appointments
took effect Jau, 1st.
Dr. A. J. Knapp, tho celobratod
optician, will bo in Hopklnsvillo on
Feb. 1st, 2d and 3d. As Dr. Knnnn
will not visit this city duringJanuary,
parties desiring his services will do
well to remember tho abovo dates.
Kov. Jno. M. West Ijoh purchased
interest in tho stock of goods
bolongiug to Mr. B. E. McKnlght nt
Crofton. The firm in futuro will bo
West A McKnight. Both are vory
popular business men and tho two
gentlemen mako a vory strong team.
Tho now city Council will hold its
first mooting to-day. Tho only chango
is In the Third Ward, whore Mr. Ira.
F. Ellis sUcooeds Judge Potroo. As
ono or moro of tho members
will bo absent tho question of
filling the appointlvo offices will not bo
token up until later.
Rev. A. W. Meacham preached tho
funeral of tho Into Bobi. Hill at Mont
gomery last Thursday, Thoro was n
large attondanco at tho funoral. Tho
remains wore interred in East End
Cometery, Cadiz. .Mr. Hill hod boon n
momborof West Union Boptiatchurch
for some years,
Tho young pooplo of tho Pembroke
vicinity were highly ontertoined by
Mr. and Mrs. Lyman McComb, nt
their residence near that place Satur
day ovoning list Tho affair was given
in honor of their Clarksvillo guest,
Miss Laura Johnson, a bright and
oxcoodingty populur young lady.
Wo publish to-day a report of tho
condition of the Planters Bank, of
this city, which shows that this popular
institution is in a most flourishing
condition. Prompt and careful attention
is always givon to business,
and as a natural result a very liberal
patrousge is enjoyed.
Tho dwolh'ng houso on Mr. f. V.r.
Ware's farm, a few miles from tho
city, ras destroyod by fire ono night
last week, Mr. Waymond Kirov and
amlly, tenants, occupiod the building
ana barely escapod injury. Thoir
wJTocU wero destroyod also, tho loss
imag total.
Special attention is I called to tho
statement of tho Pembroke Doposit
Bank at tho close of business Dec. 31,
'01. Tho statemont shows a
' our year and tho bank is undor tho
management of gentlomeu who will
bo untiring iu thoir offortd to hold the
institution up to its present high
Thoro will bo unothor salo of the
Iopular weed on tho Board to-morrow
Tho Inst sola was a vory Batisfoclon
one to both farmer and buyer and th'
prosxcts are that this woek's salo will
surpass the farmer one, A full report
I of tho salo will bo glvou by Messrs,
illanbory & Shryer and Gaithor &
West, through theso columns, in FrI
j day's issuo.
Tho attention of our readers is res
pnetlully called to the statement of
, tho condition of tho Bank of Hopkins-
illo at tho closo of its business, Dec,
. 31, . '. "yl, Tho showing is a vory credit
ono and as has boon previously
said this bank is ono of tho safest and
most substantial Institutions of l
kind lu tho South. This staunch iu
ntltution declares a handsomo semi
onuual dif Mend upon a capital stock
of $250,000.
A negro man on a passenger train
between this city and Guthrie ouo
night last woek was guilty of an act
that would havo justified his being
kicked out of tho coach. Ho occupied
a eoat in tho day conch, which
was crowded with wh'to passongers,
many of them ladles, Tho soaU wore
all bc full that a number of passon
gora had to stand lu tho alslo. Tho
uegro removing ono of his ehoos
stretched himself out and weut to
sloop, while tho other passengers wero
forced to onduro tho uauseatlng odor
from a foot that badly neoded to bo
disinfected. There wero ladles Just
in front of and across tho alslo from
thia fellow. Ho should not have boou
allowed to remain oveu in a smoking
oar. The railroad compaules should
be given power by the legislature o
eject such cattlo from cars dwlgnetl
for decent people. As it Is sow thoy
are rowfles to protect the traveling
pubWofiwa muk wmtom, .iriistliM
Located Their Man,
Tho whoronbouts of tho negro who
shot at Conductor Bnrrott atllorndon
ono day last week havo boon located
and tho chaucos nro that tho shoottst
will bo nt nn early dato brought within
easy rango of tho law. IIo is char
god in tho warrant with malicious
shooting mid all tho witnesses to tho,
aflalr It is understood, will concur in
tho slatomont of tho party who sworo
out tho wnrrant.
Metz' Dig Candle,
woiz tivo loot prtzo canulo was
touched off at 0 o'clock yesterday
morning byk Dr. M. W. Williams aud
will bo burnod twolvo hours each day
until It is entirely consumed. There
aro already about 000 guesses as to
tho number of hours it will buru and
tho polls will bo open for other
guesses until 8o'clock p. in., to-night.
The numbers guessed rango from 85
to ICOO. Every purchaser of 51 worth
of goods is ontitlod to achanco. Tho
Bchotno nffords a groat deal of amUBO
tnont to tho customers nnd somo
ot them will got handsomo prizes
Filled to Note The Warning.
Ono night last wook Mr.
den, of Elkton, started to this city to
.w.v av...vw. aavi ?.a u jJaoDVUUI
on tho accommodation and when tho
train was nonring tho city and tho
station hod beon called Mr. Haddon
aroso from his seat and passmg out
upon tho platform proceodod to stop
off whllo tho train was In motion. Ho
foil upon tho ground and rocoivM
sevoral ugly cuts and bruisos. Passengers
ore wnrnod by tho Company
not to leaf o their seats until tho train
is at' stand-still, nndthewondor is that
there are not moro accidents of a simi
lar character to chroniclo when so llt
tlo attention is paid to this ordor.
Flames In Nashville.
A dostructivo and fatal flro visited
tho buslnoss porliou of Noshvilio at 6
o'clock Saturday ovoning. Elovon
costly buildings wore dostroyed aud
six others badly damaged . Tho looses
aggregate 150,000 with about $250,-
000 insurance Tho buildlnjrs bum
od wore tho Noel block, tho Rhodes,
Warren and Webb, Stovenson & Co.
building and others in tho sumo vicinity.
Tho flames originated mysteri
ously on tho fourth floor of tho Webb,
Stovonson ,fe Co., building. Threo
colored firemen were killod by n fall
ing wall, whilo throwing wator from
tho roof of a lower building. They
were Chas. Gowdy, Hardy Ewingand
Stokoley Allen of Stockoll Co. No. 4.
This is tho greatest fire Noshvilio has
had rinco 1881.
The Clarksvillo Fire.
Tho fire which occurred in
early Saturday morning was not
so disastrous as was nt first reported.
Tho threo story brick of L. It. Moyors
and tho old Planters Hotel, occupiod
by several colored fainilios, wore bur
ned out, nnd McGohoo Bros, wero
damagod to tho oxtout of threo fourths
of their invoice Moyors loss
is $3,500 on stock; insuranco $3,000.
Tho store houso belonged to E. Glick,
vnluo I3,000j insured for $6,000. Mc
Gohoo Bros, stock was damagod to
tbooxtontof about $3,000; fully insured.
Tho store houso occupiod by
McGohoo Bros, and owned by Mrs. S.
A. Bowling of this city, was damagod
nbout $3,000; insured. Bloch Bros,
building aud stock was damagod to
tho oxtont of $500. NormoiTMvSmlth;
two tenement houses, $2,5000; Insured.
It seems that McGohoo Bros.
havo beon Bailing on a rough sea for
sovoral yoars ns they wore Just recovering
from a recent loss by fire which
camo noar ruining them. Thoy also
sustained a $12,000 loss by tho terriblo
cyclono which passod over this soction
a little less than two years ago. Thoy
aro operating threo branch stores in
this State nnd havo already com
moncod an inventory to uu
of thoir lastlossos.
The Most Pleasant Way
Of preventing tho irrinpo, colds, hoad
aches, and fovors is to uso tho liquid
laxative remedy Svrun of Furs, whon
over tho system uoods a gontlo, yet
olTocUve cfeausing. To bo bonoiited
ono must get tho true romody manufactured
by tho California Fig Syrup
Co., only. Forsalfi by all tfruggists
In 60o.jind$l bottlos.
The Famous "Kltls."
Manager Galbreath has socurodthe
fninoiii Pair of Kids" Company to
gtvo ouo periormanco at iiouantrs
Opera Houso on Monday Evening tho
11 inst.
Tho company is hoadod by that
well known pantomimio eccentric
comedian, Ezra Kondall, A good
hftrty laugh is onjoyod by overyono
and Kendall nnd "Kids" havo a reputation
of six succossivo years in this
lino of outortalnmont.
Mr. Editor.
Christmas has about wouud to
closo.and the pooplo aro sottllng back
Into tho old ruts and nro making preparations
for tho Now Year. Wo have
had Uvoly times horo during tho holi
days and most oxcellont ordor.
Mr, J. O.Marquoss Is still conflnded
to tho houso nnd bod. IIo has boon
sick for moro than a month and improves
very llttlo,
Mr. U. E. Huston is quito sick at
bis son-in-law's, Mr. G. W, Jonos.
Mr, Earnest Crenshaw will loavo
soon foi tho Purchase where ho nill
mako, his homo in future
Mr. Q, E. Huston will on Saturday
Jan. 2, 1802, st bis residence, offer for
wlehla entire property.
Hoping you a prospimnu New
mi yourVkuly,
Roed tho following and earo mono)
.Sterling JSiftte
Inlaid tn tho baoko
spooks' 'w i I
M Mill Vott lipid tViu
AJtDTIM I ss s
I 32
Standard Plata,
To Wear SG Yoara.
tiu tur i itrmiL
BtorlliiK Bllvor
"L tniuii mitt '"
A. printed guarantee 111 U giTcn with och
tt Mia by
M. D. KELLY. .
I Aluo Ifcp tho Ult mkkci ol th different
Bogers&otlier brands
The SoUd Silver.
Call and examine namnloa tT tm
obovo goods and avoid buying goods
ma. aro ueing inisrcprcscntcu to you
ovcry day.
City Court Affairs.
Judgo M. D. Brown, of tho City
Court, when approached by a
representative regnrding his
report of business for the past year,
said: "I hove Utile to say in regard
to tho businoss of my ofOco as I havo
beon giving my undivided attention
to eamo without any offort at show,
or sock to praise. I havo lost but
ono day from my office nnd havo never
failed to bo at my post at 8 o'clock
oi m.' Tho Judgo then gavo tho fol
lowing summary of businoss;
"uavo on uockot 1U74 appearances
tnou by mo."
"Havo paid into tho City Treasury
"Finos assessed nnd worked out in
tho work houso $3000."
"Number of prisonors sont to work
houso 175."
"Feos duo mo on same $525."
"Amount out standing .$1100."
"Coeton name duo $500."
Tho Judgo further states that ho
iutonds to riiridlv enforce tho ordi
nance prohibiting tho salo of liquor
In tho city on Sunday, and also tho
law regarding inebriety, and asks tho
aid of tho law abiding clement iu this
work. Ono hundred capiases havo just
boon iflsuod and will bo servod ou all
parties who havo failed to satisfy tho
various flues, and evil doors who como
undor this hoad will faro badly if
they do not promptly ortricato
as tho Judgo intends to fill tho
work houso if tho unpaid linos aro not
forthcoming. Undor Judgo Browu's
administration during the year just
post thoro has been moro bus&oss
transacted in tho City Court than for
many'yoars, and tho docket is well
up with.
Ho is prompt, ever at his post of
duty from 8 a'cUxk, a. m., to 5 o'clock
p. m., and can always bo fomid at his
homo on North Main at night, it
Appeals to Your Intelligence.
Whon all is said thoro is certainly
a wonderful satisfaction whon leaving
a thoitro to fool that you have soen
something you can recall with do-
light; to have soon n story developed
mat lias excitoa your interest; you
havo laughed uproariously at fun that,
happonod naturally and which was
not dragged in, im such a seusoloss
fashion as to bo an insult to your in-,
tolligouco. Such a play is "She
Couldn't Marry Threo." Tho plot is
whelMorno; tho fun unceasing; tho
songs now nnd catchy; tho scenery
superb; tho climaxes thrilling, and
tho company is headed by that piquant
llttlo my of sunlight, Miss Lillian
Konnody, ono of tho best on tho road.
lion. Jamos A, MoKouuo will bo in
Koutucky in a fowdays to nttend tho
marriago of his daughter. It may, or
at loast it should bo hta ploasuro to
Bpeak out emphatically whilo bore, as
to his proposed candidacy for Con-
gross. There is no uso in duly dally
ing, and Mr. McKonzlo is n man of
too much brain to bo caught Iu that
class, Tho pooplo want to know, and
many of his warmest friends aro nnx
ious to know his mind on this quos
tion. Unquestionably ho is loosing
ovory day by kooping mum. Ho owoa
it to others who raay havo an eyo to
tho race, provided he is not in it,
Born, to tho wlfo of Mr, B. J.
n ton pound girl last Thursday
Mr. It, GrooU'WOH prosontod with a
lino girl baby by his wife last Friday
Many verso.ts
Ar broken down from OTSnrork or hooMtuld
" Drowa's Iroa Bitters
rubullds tho system, aids dilution, reraoTsi ex.
1 i o tile id cures ntlaru. Ust Urn ceaoln
Wo have decided to adopt tho cosh
system, which U thewevilinff4fttonj
with fill Ti.nnniliiMai. Ma 'iiluaAA rmv
dUmyin whea LauKky is
5c s m - s
- ot o
H- u D
V-ii mm Pu
Sw I
2 -S ill
iiM Sua
- jniHrAumiUofic
o o
UJ 3 5 S
mmk m e w
CE B a S
Om 2 q
. tt W
-C --at a Jz;
S "Jl I 2
aal OT
"" tn
lj m
mmmp 6
in 1
4 j
or tiii
Of Hopklnsvillo, in tho Stato of Kentucky,
nt tho closo of
DEC. 2nd. 1891.
Loans and discounts , i 83,183 SO
Orerdrattt , Wl 67
U.H.llonclJ to tecum circulation 18,000 CO
l'remlumon lionets 1,780 DO
Kxpcntc and Taxas pnltl .. . ,,.,. 2.1M SO
I'urnltnro anil fixtures 1,705 M
Oaih anil cash Items ... ....... ia,S M
Due from Bank 21,711 31
Kedemptlon fund tUtti C S. Treaiur
cr TM 00
Rot.1 stato for Debt 4,700 00
Total . .. 1171,379
Canltal Stock uald In ; 01,00000
Surplus Fund ....... . .., 1,00ft 81
UndlTldeil fro II u t,717 39
National Ilank note outstanding . 11,100 00
Individual deposits subject to check t,H5(W
TOTlr. 171,079 09
Titos, w lomu, uasmer.
Subscribed and m orn to before me'thls 11 day
Notary l'uMIo
I havo takou up ono bay mulo which
formorly belong to mo, about 14J
hands h!guand.alHHit 15 yoars old.
Tho owner will, call and provo him at
once, Eluou IUjimack,
Rouring Springs, Ky.
of Radford's oranges
iust. received. For
prices and further information
see W. H.
Auelocant suit of rooms noar tho
Court Houso. Especially arrangod for
offices. Wiufreo & Kolly.
Each of our Laundry customers
will bo prosontod with a beautiful
book ulato to koop account of all
Laundry, aleo to toll tho amount, so
you can pay for it wheu dolivorod,
T. L. Metculit.
Bronaugh houso and lot on Virginia
St. Applv to A. E. Dronaugb. Cusky,
or W. i'. Winfroo, Hopklnsvillo,
Fruit Growers Attention.
Fruit trees and grain) vinos
pruned and trained. Twonty years'
experience in the businuis.
1). S, Campbell, G. H. Stowo.
V.W.Ornbb,J. it, Winfree, 0. m!
Mwieiiem, u, v, Xjong ana othera,
RlCIURU Exolind.
i i
. d
a a.'2
H C3 (0 A o
IIL1 I'Mil , !
In Every
T hi
Third PedalS Soft
Stop Saves Wear of
the Hammers, also
Delicate Nerves.
Satisfactory Tost Before Purchaso.
Direct From
Tho building of a school house to
bo let Saturday Jan. 6. Call on E. A.
KopororS. L.Frogge, Hopklnsvillo or
It.O.Cronshaw,Poo JDoo, Ky.,
ncauons, etc.
W, I
Has opened n gonornl furniture
ropairioir eatablishmnnt in the
Howo block, up stairs, and ti do all
kinds of repairing. Will also manu
facture to ordor all ktuds of spuug
mattrossos on short nouco. Uuaran
teo all work to givo satisfaction. Tno
patrouneo of all his old friond3 soli
Orders Tor Coal
& Ovorshinur's nnd Diuguid & Woll's
wili bo promptly lilloa.
llopklusvlllc, Ky. Sinking Fork, Ky
HAVING formotl a
desire to call tho attention of thoir
frionds and tha public generally to
thoir largo nnd comploto stock of
Dnib'Ist Sunrtrliw,
Pronrlolurr Medicines,
Combs, Brushes, &c.
Also line, Hue of
Our stock tc comploto in over branch
nnd will bo sold at lowest possible
Physicians and country morchanta
would do woll tor call aud oramiue
our pricoa" boforo purchasing
Save 1-2 Your Money
Write for our Mammoth Catalogue
A Book,
Containing tlluilratlcus, and tlvlnr lowest
n rices ou all klinlsof aomlt and
.implies I (Irocerle. Iluusehold (Ioh1. Furnl
tare.Clotlilnif, l.aillet' ami UrnU' Iu.iiIsb and
rnrnlslilnglloodt, Diets UooiU, Wlillo (IoikIi,
iiriinn.1. Hsu aud Cuim. Hoots and hltnos.
uteres, r.otlont,aia"ware,8tetlruery, Wstchea,
Clocks, Jewelry, Uncles, Wblv,
JIfTlcultlllB. uiiivuiu, u.g,
ii.sm riur.t;j.AB3 iiuui).
Catalosnci teuton rtcolpt ot UOe, for liostiio.
riuotl Agint wanted In erery county sad alt
tolnHwucootir soxts. 1.(t men can Bske
m mueh aa fW ir week,
ai ir STsTkv..aT p. in
Get Prices on
Prepare for a Big Crop
And Buy the
a ntcr
Cnglncs, Tlirohers. Hinders
3toners, Twlni),
riiirtono, tlugulo,
Head. Card, Cultivators,
Harrows, Drills,
Secl, Hay, Flour, l'low,
Doul.lj Sliotels,
Steam Flltliigii,
Ueltlnr, Tumps,
8hpIi, Doors, IlllnJ.,
ilouldlogt, llracaets,
Mantles, Orates, Lime,
Cement, Fire Ilrlck,
Whlto htai3,
l.lntccd Oil, UUm, I'utty,
l'alnt llruin, l'alittr,
Tobacco Hogibeada,
Darb Wire, StaulM,
Kails, Cutlery, Uock Salt,
Saddlery, Harness,
lilacs.. Smithing,
Etc., Eta.
Arlington Hotel
SRATE: $1.50 to $2.00 PER DAY.
3inareiabOTeJ.jr.AI.andL.E.&lSI.I..DepQt.l lHHQVII I P KV
t Squares below Union Depot. I tls
pass the Door Every rive
Now ready for tlie fall tradelwithla handsome
new stock,
tJpaohl Attention 31ven toOrdero fromlaDlrtano,
Ti-.i: nuuli !n lino would do woll to Call find IM
tboir slock boforo purchasing elsewhere.
New Arlington Hotel
Under Now Management.
Centrally located. Street Cars to tho Depots and all parts of tho city
nvnrv IB minutes. Hcatcclhy 8tcam, and all Modem lmprovomouts.
ffi.ton"K Gootl BamP, Room9' Tabl
piled with tho best tho market affords.
Elegant Bar and Billiard Hall Attached.
G. A. ROTH, Manager.
E. C. Morrow, Proprietor
Thirty-fourth Semi-annual Statement
op thx
DECEMHEB, 31, 1891.
v.,.. Mttii ltlll. T)lu,Yintml. . ,.tni,ji it
hnnco I'urnlturc ..., . . ,.. ,. 1.80I.U
... e.i3l,(a
Stocks and llondi .. - ., 5,000 00
SlKbt Kichsnge , . . , . , 31.TH M
Caibonllantl ... . - . .ti.irjet
Capital Stock I 71,000 00
Surplus l'nml .. ... u , tym 00
Individual Depositors , H9.S35 j
Hue Other Hanks .. . . . ,. 30,101 W
. . OJ
Dividend ko.h a bis uj J.150
JM15t TO
Jno. B. Tbick, Cashlor.
Subscribed and sworo to before me, iJeo.olst,
18BL I"A I. SslITIIf
iKottry l'ublie.
Fifty-Third Somi-Annual Slatcment
Ot tho Condition of
The Bankof Hopkinsville
At tho Closo of Duslncss,
Doc. 31st, 1801.
Ians and discounts. , 3J1,4M.W
Ileal Estate for Debt , t,9t.al
llanktns House. .. , 15,004.00
Stockaaml Uornt; . ltssiina
Cash aud Slgbt ExoUango .. , utti.ef
Capital Stock , , . . .,1350,000.00
Surplus fund
... ... 1 soii.rsi.w
Dlfldends Imnalil . .... &O3.00
Dividend Ho. HI Ms Hay .... , f.tOO.OO
j. K. ifoPIIKItSOH. Cashier.
i.,'i.u.riiuj .ml sworn to betoro me this 1st
All kinds qf
Air T,A1 TinnESI. T1TTO.
. itTTrriin r,fT 1 A OCS S ! Al.n.nl
t .?
K ft At .
k ......
tforbes & Bro.'s
Whoa -, ,
A man says that lui iA hrll yott fires Jiajltr
n uoods at fourth quality ptlce,look tt for lt . . ,
Whoan .
Han says tnai ns ea hii you gwiun v
lookentforblm, . ,
Wiicn a man , -
Sells you one Implement at cost, he win sBSrst
you dciuble frollt to even IbLotpr. op 1st JUsi
time ha gita a chance.
"When a Man Offers
Ills Goods "Vi eheaper this week than iter
before" yoa ea make up your mUo.Uiat.lui
profit Wore, or eua bo
iTlnjtoyoui , . - -
IVhen n Man Offers Ills
HOOli "below cost" renumber that they r
ehopwnrhgoods,orleahels"flllln; yoo p" -or
he does not Intend to pay for his good.
"When a Man Offers Ills Goods
At a certain pelco and finally sella them tn m
for half that sum, remember thatjhe U a "Juw"
and thnt he will chest you erery tlmolhe gets
The Wholesale kJd,Kctall Implement Setter
sell their goods at a very small advance oter
cost, and one pcrun can hay of them jest a
cheap i ane ther. One prlco Is the way to buy
roods and that la tho only way you can do bust,
neu with Forbes ft Uro Look OTer their stock,
cot their prices, as 1 then If you wish go to th
compare prices and quality, and yoa will go
back and trade with Forties Bro. eTcry Ume,
corner 10!h and Main, Hopk.ttmUlo.Ky.
atlnstesferaJIptrlaof theCltr.'
or THE
Of Hopklnsvillo, Kentucky, at tha
closo 01 business Docombor
81, 1891.
Notes and Bills Discounted I1W.08J Jf
Debt In fcLtt 1110
Uanklng Houso..,. 6,0003
Stoics anil Bonds,, . 15,504 00
blghtKicbacRO.... . 23,823 01
Cssb 1. M,nr ti
Capital Stock , 1 3,CO0tO
Surplus fund 55.000 ()
Undivided 1'roHts ,. J.teiti
Individual Depositors , ItlUlB
Due to Ilanka, , ,. ....
Dividend Unpaid
Dividend ibis day 4 per cent.. HWM
112511 es
E. B. Loko, Cashier, 1
Subscribed and sworn to bofors ma
this Jan, 1st, 1892. E.
Notary Public, 0. 0.
Third Souil-Annual Btatomont
Pembroke DepcsitBank
At Pombrokp, Ky,, at tho closo of
business Dec. 31, 1891.
Ijtoi and Discounts VTfit S)
Ileal Kslato (llanklnf House) .,.., 1,000 ou
litures . , 1.100
Cash ,, ..... 5,ma
io,iri u
Capital Stosk,, M,(M M
?.urP. j,i.jw
ii'ivy: , : fiaco
Dcellanka .
Dtv dend Uncalled for . .... las a)
Dividend No, 8 This Day ,omw
KicbanroArrosnt , ... la 11
Set Aside o fay Taxes ., .. uj w
W. W.OAttNiJTr, I'rtsldeot.
Usraett, 1'naldtat. this Deo, , isoi! J "" "'
Notary rubllo OnJKy.
wewmpaytoe ab- aalary to any.t)V
T i
1 M
1 1,

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