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LI -
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Saratoga Association.
Mr. Charlos "Whcatly, seo'y of tho
Saratoso Baking Association writes
"From tho oxperionce of ninny years
of Quinn's Ointment, I unhesitatingly
recommend it for tho euro of Blood
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do Spina in 1285.
How the Tonne Mionld be Taught Hup.ct
for Age.
A lady of wealth and culture once
said: "Whon I get to bo sixty yean
old, I am going to live In Paris. It Is
only In Trance, unless you except
China, that old people nro treated with
becoming deference and respect."
But why Is thin? What is tho reason
that, In this enlightened republic, as
one approaches threescore years and
ten, his power subsides, his lnfluenco
diminishes, nnd ho Is given to understand
that ho Is of no more uso in life
and would do well to meekly and patiently
occupy tho background Into
which he has been driven. Youngor,
stronger, and mote nctiro ones, filled
with a zeal which Is often without
knowledge, assume for themselves a
supremacy which experienced minds
know to be vain and unwarranted.
They tako no thought of the culture
and refinement 'and wisdom of their
elders, but too frequently Ignoro tholr
presence and givo no heed to their
counsels- In public and In privato, the
latter are made to feel like intruders
where they were oace highly honored
and esteemed, and deeply realizing
these numerous slights they are fain to
retain their by retiring into
obscurity, Thus much of tho gold of
wisdom, gathered grain by grain
tarough venrs of toilsome experience.
Is lost to the world, and worse than
that, thoso of tower years are cultivat
ing ft uarrow, selfish, arrogant spirit,
highly Injurious to themselves. This
tendency to lrrovereuco and arroganco
toward those superior In nge Is, in a
great degree, the fault of parents. It U
a reaction from tho unnatural restraint
and repression prnottccd by Puritan an
cestors, together with tho mlstakon
Idea that liberty means liconso to the
young to deport tbomsolvos as they
The latter, untutored, undisciplined
In voice. In speech, In manners, lu their
youthful naturally concludo
thatthey Know It all. ith an
apco of spirits, untrained and reckless,
they aro not awaro that thoy are continually
transgressing: tho simplest laws of
decorum. Theyare allowed to suppose
that thoy are of paramount Importance,
and all their words and actions aro to
bo observed nnd admired. Thus vanity,
selfishness nnd disregard for their
elders Is fostered In their souls.
Now, wo would not return to the
stern methods of discipline practiced In
former years, but wo would have little
ones taught to use tholr freedom properly.
It Is easier for a child of two or
four years to learn to cuter a room
quietly nnd gracefully und address
othora politely, than It Is nfter ho has
been In the habit of romping about la a
and Interrupting conversation
by his rudo and bolhtorous language.
Oontle, poll to, gracoful man
ners should 1 t .nsrhtat nu age so early
tnsl tney io.. no line a second naturo
before he turn Itnrned tho alphabet Of
courts he should hare his timesor loud
and nctiro piny, out of doors or In somo
room set apart for tho purpose, but in
tho family and In tho presence of their
friends, ho should unconsciously, as It
wore, behave as a gentleman. Reverence
for ago and the duty of eipeoial
deference to it, should bo early instilled
Into his mlnu. ;levelaud Leader.
Inli.rll.il Viilcn.
Eugllahmun '''Owhlshlt you
'avo such harah voices?"
American That's Inherited from
ancestors who made themselves hoarse
hurrahing ovur tho events of a Uundrod
odd your ago." Hood News.
Aniillior I rxuit Ifipun'il.
Editor Out 11 man in your town over
100 years old, uli7
Caller Yi-s, sir.
Kdllov Sows a cord of wood beforo
breakfast, walks twenty tulles a day
and reads the finest print with case, I
Caller No, ilrf lie's very Infirm ana
umi uinia.
s)JK W. Qood Noji, JJ
Ninth. & Main
That Terrible Cuogh.
In thomorninR huniod or difficult
breathing, ra'sinp phlegm, tightness
in tho chest quicr.oued pulse,
ia tho ovoninf; or snea's at niM
nil or nuv of the a hiugs pro tho ilrst
stages of consumption. Dr. Avkot's
Euclisll Coi'trh ff'inipilr will ninn
iheso feurJrl symptoms, and 13 sold
isuiior n positivo guaranteo by It. U.
Herd wick.
Arontino has a locust plngiio.
Pronounced Hopless, Yet Saved.
From n lottnr wriffnn lit- Tra a,i
E. Hurd, or Groton, S. D , wo quote:
"Was taken with n bad cold, which
soiueu ou my i.uugs,cough eot in and
Iiuully terminated in Consumption
Four doctora gavo me up, saying I
could livo but n short timo. I gave
myself up to my savior, detorminod it
I could not stay with my friends ou
earth, 1 would meet my absent ones
ubovo. My husband was advisod to
get Dr. King's Now Discovery for
Consumption, Coughs nnd Colds. I
gavo it atrial, took iu nil, oigbl
bottles; it has cured me, aud thauk
God 1 am now u well und healtbv
woman." Trial Ir.Ules fioa at II. C.
A Baltimore odvarcos tho
idoa thnt Satp 1 und led heir.
You Can Rcly
Upou Hood's Sa'iapaiil'a as a
jomedy forovory from of sciolu'n,
salt rhoum, boils, pimiilos and a'l
caused by impure b'ocd.
impurity u'ld at
tho samo timo toues und vitalizes the
whole system.
Coiul'pa'iiou, and oil t'oub'os with
tnod'gestivo orgnus nnd tho liver, nro
cured by Hood'u Pills. Uncquulcd
ns n diuner pill.
stnleH hnvo onacied
lnws resembling thoAusiral'un ballot
Is Life Worth LlvinE?
Not if you go (hroiigh the world a
dyspeptic. Dr. Acker's Dyspopsia
Inbletsaroa positiro euro for the
worst forms of dysprpsa, ludiestion
Fintu'oucy and Consumption.
aud sold by R. 0. Uadwick.
lln'TOirB inlmli'fnnlq lmi.nrlo.
ovo.' LX) per cont aiuco 1811.
honest and rol;ablo houses wo hnvo
ovor doult with is tho Swilt Spooifio
Company, of Atlanta, Gn., tho woll
known founders nndmciuifao'iiroiH of
the bo vcrv popular blood remedy, M.
S.S., wli'ch lo ourpernoual knowledgo
htw cu.ed maoy neoplo throughout
this seetion ot biocd disoasea.
Our drugg'sis ie'oini us thatiu past
si.-; mouths tliorhai oh j'dmo'o o. S.
S. S, ihaji nuf Ciher niopaiatioa for
tho Ijlood ou their shelves. Tho success
neb'oved is duo to thoir
exlo'jsiyo ndvort'sing nnd fo tho
putliy of tleinod'cino, ni'cli doos
oscrtlh'og claimed for it. Wo nio
unable to a sifiglo iustaueo
ullQm ll lillrnlintor lino linii
ordsanpo'ntKl. At'oaliso oa blood
uuii Bsiu (iiieiibBj w,n oo mailed it'co
to a'l whonddrosi
the swirr srncmo tv., Atlanta Ga,
Jfarr'aeot Ibo e'erfy was tiist
nasiilvo'y fo b'dtlon in J071 bv Popo
G ego-y VI ',
Talking of patop.t meiliciuos you
know the old prejudice. And tho
doctors somo of them nro between
you nnd us. Thoy would like you
to think that wlmt h cured tliousnuds
won't euro you. You'd bellovo in
patent medicines if thpy didn't pro-loss
to euro everything and bo,
Iho oxporfnionls of doctors, and
tho exponents of patent medicines
that aro hold only because there's
money iu tho "stulf," you loso faith in
And, you can't always toll the
prescription that euros by nlmt you
road in the papers. So. porhaiw,.
thorn's no bettor way to noli a romouyd
thau to tell Did truth about it, aud
tnko tho risk of Its doing just what it
proiesics to do,
'1 hat's what tho world's Dispunsnry
Medical Atuociatiou. of Buffalo, NT. V;
ilocxwtth D.'. Piort'OH Gulden Medical
Dibcotory nml lit, Pierco's Favorite
If thoy dou t do whut tholr makors
sny they'll do you got Tour mouqy
back. , e
100 - ti
Tho room's In dleonlrr,
Tbe cat's on the lublo,
Ami Jobnnr la
As louil as bo's able.
Tor nothing goes rlgbtnhon mamrca's away,
What a sccno of discomfort nnd confusion
home would bo If mamma did
not return. If your wife Is flowly
breaking down, from n combination ot
domestic enrcs and female disorders,
mako It your flr?t lutintsi to rcstoro
her health. Dr. Tlcrco's Tavorlto
Is without a peer ns a remedy
for fccblo'and debilitated women, and is
tho only medlcino for tho class of maladies
known as "female diseases" which
la sold, by drujrglsts, under a poiitite
auarantee from tho manufheturers that
it will givo satisfaction, fli every case, or
the money will bo refunded. It is a
posltlvo euro for tho mo?t complicated
cases. It's nn Invigorating, restorative
tonic, and n soothing nnd Mrcngthenlng
nervine. Imparting tono nnd vigor to tjio
wholo system. It's a legitimate medicine,
too cnrefullr compounded by an
experienced physician, nnd adapted to
woman's delicate, organization.
trJni 'f
Hire's THE'aucKtR. tMi
The one thing you'll tlwaj fod la every cow-boy
ontt hta he got lent he ipnnz round-up
a Fnli Ilrard " Pommel Slicl.er. 'Iter mike
tt rtirj perfect Jiddle coat, tad cocoe either Hack
or ysltow. They protect the whole front of the
ridct'i body, being made to At round tho outitde cf
the udilt cotuc. When ved at a walking coat,
the extcnalcm pieces neatly orcrlap each enter,
caltiM a regular overcoat with m double
frorL When rwhnj, th saddle is drvua
bone, from pommel to untie, and the rwlcrisco
tirtly protected la every put of his body. Tbeae
"Slickers being of extra width, make 60
(Jackets forcarap. Beware of worthless imitations,
cvtrv garment stamped with " Fiah II rand M Trail
MatL. Doa't accept any inferior coat wbea yoa
can have the ''FtehHrandSUcker" delivered with.
out extra coat. I'articuUn aai Uustrated catalogue
A. J. TOWER, Doston, iV.a3
Gil U I HI 1CUS LI JAl llhr.Kl UF klHAl.
lity xaike Mrou efruts t rrs Muasalvct,
01 KSOIIOff HOW 9 CC(lsIBl4
lAtj fiul ap.ir sailmiutiiif
(ran. 11 aai aa ihhuu i isirt u
ant frt Ott Till. (wiJtcJl
1 TY " iflWri a. r.kltmtl.J tliM.rttdttiia
tbe rtU8ehf et Etie as
t.'a.l JHicltftB tbe
XVI IVtM'CA Off aj f Min, aadltaw b
iiurrifc. iriLAirrnvrti.
wa, tbe uortl mwl
letter TalllBc Mithoo4.
btt.rtl and Mirreaa
Weakniis ( Bedf
aadUUi, L2setso!Crria
rr ExeiiMS. fltsatait er
Ohroti.a Cueos mn b IuwhI. "'" ijiJiS
nj l KeUrr nd naUoWEAK.UWDIVlWriTp
Uta MsUfr iTodi 0 atti, T rmre n1 Povaifsi ttjfttl.
W. W. AVCK A UOM. wutuUiorlteU eol
Good Looks.
Good looks aro more than skin ilcop,
dopcudlug ou a lioaltliy eoiiillliou of
nil the vital orgum. ll'tlio Mvor be
Inactive, you nave a lillllom look, if
yoiiroioiunuiie is (iijoi'iiuveit j on nave
a l)j'popfio look ami If your Kidneys
ho aflectod you havo a I'luehed Look
Secure good health and you will have
good looks. Kleetrlo Hitters Is the
great alloratlvo ami Toulo iins diiee
tly on vital orgaim. Cures
lllotcho, ltolU und gives a good
complexion. Sold ut I!. U. Ilardwk'k's.
-"l)is Mi t'ryra bollero
everything In hr l.iic.'" Cynleus
"Vos, oxeciit tli unlay of her blrthl"
"My l"y cot i gooa thing last
night," sai l''nuhra "So did mine,"
returned ll..vv'ii "''.l aa nld
UxltSmitlnfr. -X. Y. HoraW
Kthsl "You isitt''ine think of the
prospectus of answpnuor, Mr. Hlnlate,"
Ktalate "Hovr suT 1-, ul "You seem
to have 'oom to stay.' " N. ,Y. HoraliL
Conductor (stambling In' the nlale)
"Aro those your ft, sir?" Patten
gor "Ysa, sir." "You
fihould liava had thm cbeukeil"
Visitor "Ah, whut nsplondld piano
you hovel Aro you foml of inuslo?"
Vcury Ilousnholdsr "I uwil to bo
that piano mjrne Into tho house."
lloston Trunwript.
No TamvU l.ofL "We are
going to dlaband oursewlng society."
Husband "Why, what is tho trouble?"
Wife "All the women In the parish
havo Joined." Yankee Illade.
Timid Citizen (vrl.oliun Just escaped
from n riot) "Who are you, sir?"
"I nui n member of tho police
force. ThoroMnv bfti"" "
Washhytnii Slur.
Sure rnou,'h. 'i'lMrViMnn "I can't
staml thiv audlenne. '1 hoy ar nothing
but a paok of Manager"!
guess yon n-o rfr.'.t I w.ih uround In
front aud thuM whit they were saying
to each other," lirookljn Ciltren. ;
Talk Abo'lt tli II nil it unit Hi. I'lctnrr. II
"Did It evor occur to you to think
how many millions of tnillions of innra1
orlcs uro storcil uwoy In ymtr brain?"
.aMced a learned innn of n Htnr writer,
"Memotias are commonly thought of ns
things posseMlnir neither form nor sub.
stance, but paychophystcal science today
considers Hint each memory Is nn
actual thing with n shape and structure
of Its own. Dwelling in the region of
tho mind the memories aro preserved
and constantly nourished by the oxygen
of tho blOod which surrounds them In
tho delicate capillary vos.ets.
"Tho places whero tho different kinds
of memories nm located aro not dWtlnc'
tracts separated from one another by
deflnlto boundaries, l'roin this notion
sprang the delusion called 'phrenology.'
They are scaltorcd about all ovor tho
convoluted surface of the brain. Yet,
there nro corners where memories of
tho same kind are thickly crowded.
Low down on ench side of the head
above tho ears nre grouped Images of
sounds. There nre all tho old nursery
rhymes, college songs, sonatas nnd
operas that have delighted im. Near by
aro tho words of our mother tongue.
They livo deep In the folds of n fissure,
called Sllvlus,' In the third frontal
convolution. All the verses of our
childhood, of which wo have tint thought
f orycurs and years, in e there. Tho front
corner ot the 'sphenoidal' lobe in the
scat of smell, perfumes nnd odors,
pleasant nnd disagreeable. Tho part o-
the brain beneath the buck of the skull
low dowu Is full of linages, and glows
with colored pictures of nil kinds. There
nro dear old faces ot our friends; there
nre the landscapes and all manner lf
Instantaneous photographs of former
stghtH aud ovpertences.
"llehind the t.pny wall of 'the forehead
thoughts ot n more abstraet order
nre throbbing. There nro philosophical
reflections and matbciautlcnl problems.
On top of tho head, whero It rounds off
toward tho back, nre to found tho
movements of our limbs In their most
complicated combinations. In llko manner
nil the memories and Ideas aro
and distributed. Tho mind may
be considered as an Immense oinplro of
innumerable spirits that livo togothur
In the narrow space of about o quarter
of noubla foot. Spirits they are, because
they ure psychical existences. Yet
at the samo timo they are mntcrlal
realities, having forms of bodily presence,
sustained by the nuurishitig currents
of the blood.
"This vast spiritual empire In Uui
human brain Is excellently provided
with telegraph Unrs for Intercommunication.
Thus nro formed what wo call
association of Ideas. If It happons that
a certain number of ideas assoclato
themselves together so as to form some
thing new4 like nn Invention or a poem,
tho discovery or insylration' Is ushered
Into our consciousness ns If from without
Is It to bo wondered at that tho
poet, tho artist, tho prophet are under
tho Impression that they nro Instruments
merely In the hands of a greater
one than '
motions of tho body depend
upon tlio nu'iMirr pictures In tho
pruy raatUr o! th tir.u i When a frog
has been deprive I f cure) ral hemispheres
it will tint m.i..e any movement
of itsovwi neoiiil; in fact. It can. not,
because, all Its memory pictures have
been taken nwny. It enjoys good physical
health. 1 1 turned on Its back It
will to Its feet; if irritated It will
mako two or three jumps with a viow
ot escaping, When thrc.1 Into tho
water it will stvini until it touches tho
wall of the basin, then It will creep up
on tho edge nnd remain there. All
these motions are simply rellexcs produced
by corresponding irritations.
Without Irritation there is no movement
no voluntary action whatever.
A brainless fro left ti Itself will remain
quietly on the spot whero it has
been pluced, as if asleep; It will tuko no
food, betrays i.o consciousness of hunger
or thirst, shows no gn of fear,and,
unless artificially fud. will lu time dry
up llko a mummy nil this because its
meinorv nlctnreai h:iv Ixvn taken away.
The great novelist Mrnck s wonderful
tr.ith In when he wrote tho
btury of The II united Man, whoso
wish that he conlil l deprived of recollection
was granted by the Shadow."
Washington Star.
l.lttlfl .lliiMijritiic...
Hies get Into the ointment A too
hot lire burns tho cake In the oven. A
heavy rain fulls svlicn nc vunt to go
on a picnic. We tvuih the train a minute
too late, and see it moving dosvn
the track, How miserable these llttlo
annoyances! How frequently we meet
th era! And how lo we receive them?
Often with peevish complaint We
think of them nt wholly bad, nnd ns
bimply hindrances to our pleasure. Hut
hold! Are they not pnrt of tbe provi
dence of (iod? Wo believe It Tho
thorn on :ie rose of Ufa ! placed there
for good. It Is part of our discipline.
If we lake these annoyances in thq
proper spirit thoy will cultivnth our
self-control, ttrvnglhcu eur patience,
nnd rlpon our character. If our wills
were not sometimes opposed, und if
things did not occasionally turn out
contrary to our hopes, we would become
selfish and conceited. All these things
nre really helps, nnd the persons who
learns to look upon them so haslenrncd
ono of tho valuable secrets of life.
11 )
Superior Importance of Ifandj Arrangement
of tin) Kitchen.
To every working housekeeper the
kitchen Is tho room of nil others whero
convtnlenccs aro most neeiM, A sink,
with hot and cold water over It, or If
with nothing butts pump In It Is great
convenience, and Is considered by soma
as mi absolute necessity, but there aro
very many houses where thero aro
none, so If you have one 'in your kitchen
bo thankful, but do not havo n
under It I know there nro Bomo
housekeepers who can keep oven suolin
plnoo clean, but with many, nnd espo
clnlly with the usttnl "holp," the temptation
to tuck away thliigs when thoy nro
In n hurry Is very jf rent and as nrcsult
tho things so disposed of are often forgotten
nnd allowed to nccsinnlatq until
tho plnco Is so full of pots, pans,
biuehes. cleaning cloths ntul what
not Unit a general time Is
a positive necessity.
A lndy who rocpntly built what may
ho cnlled u model liouso, as sho has occupied
It for six months and, us yet, has
not wished to innko any changes, said,
In the beginning of the work, even
when the plnns were only talked of,
that alio would not have n "clutter
place In the liouso, nnd she has not; but
alio has every possible convenience.
Tho sink In tho kitchen Is supported by
graceful braokota that add much to Its
uiU'uuiaiitv uuii no nway entirety wiiu i
tho box arrangement
around the wator pipes. Shelves with
glass doors beforo tluim provide abun. I
dunt mom for nil dlshos, tins, etc., to '
bo used lu the kitchen, but there is no '
place where n cup or anything left
over can bo tct away till a convenient
timo and then forgotten,
Hurler these sholves Is a cupboard
with dodrs, whore tho Iron cooking
utensils nro kopt; but there Is a hook or
a place ou which to hang or stand each
urtlclo, and thero Isn't mom for anything
that Isn't In IU proper place, nud
aa.tljo mistress passes through jl.jj.ooni.
It U linposslblo Hint she hlimiltl not soo
every Btrny nrtlele Nitxr the kltchon,
lut sepnrnte from It an nstobefreo
frOm tho heat Is wlint might bo called
n "cold steriigo" rHm Here Is tho loo
bo,, ami shelves, whereon
tnny Ihi put tho irmnnnls of food fell
from tho table, bnt It In nil lu night
andean not be frg.tteii, even by tho
mostcnroloM "help" and the nsutt of
nil thin In Hint tins work In Hint kitchen
It reduced to the minimum because
everything has n place nnd It Is obliged
to bo kept In Its plnoo.
Much trouble nud umuy steps would
be saved If shnlven could bo plnccd In
the kitchen oivr the Initio or nenr the
on which could bo kept tho articles
most Ufed In cooking. Tho unit
nnd popper, knives, forks and spoons,
baking tins, etc., placed thus would
save the "miles et wnlklngirom pantry
to stove nnd table" which housekeepers
take. Nenr the fink, If you have one,
should hang tho hmnl touel, nnd ovc,r
It a shelf whero tuny be kept combs
and brushes n n bottle
cf glycerine, to Ihi used nfter washing
your hands, and nny othor toilet essentials
you tnny chooto. It will on-
courngo the children to form habits of '
neatness If they find nuch things
venicut, nud that nlotie H enough to
one for tho tronblo of putting
them there Ohleiigo Herald.
Tho WlilU Mini ltlllnl Tliviu OR with
I'liLnn nml
Tho nliorlgliiesot A ustml In Hero exterminated
by poison us welins by bullets.
I can well remember when a
child listening to un nld Moruton bay
settlcr'glvlng nn noeonut to n number
of ndinlrlug nudllom of the manner In
which ho had "dosed" a 'ubor of Hie
savnges. Thoy had been tbe ouso of a
good denl of trouble nmnng his sheep
and cattle, and of constant alarm Lo
.the whites residing nn his station. So
he determined to tench them n lesson.
Under pretense of n daslre to renew
friendly relations he nenj r message to
the tribe that ho required a number
f men from among
'iem to coma And utrip hark to
Mof some new huts thai be was
about to build. He Dru inked to feed
tliem well and that they wore to have
unlimited supply of damper nnd beef
'Iho pine of meeting sstsn nppoltitcd in
tho neighborhood nf n stringy bnrk
mountain. Ho would himself takeout
the flour nnd hake the dumper.
The time Imd come, the blncks had
arrived, nud the sriid wblto nun, (as
thev now thought) had brought a sack
of Hour wills other pinvtsions.
In anticipation of tho feast tho Mucks
scattered ii!int and commenced their
svork of gripping bark, whllo their
gootl white man linked. Not the slightest
suspicion of poison enteied Into the
minds of the blacks. They up
for the great feakt. after putting In n
morning's woik, cimmenced to eat
ravenously, nnd lie white man,
nnxtoni tliat they should eat
so nmeli Ilia I they should
never want t" rst ts;.itn, nrgl Humh
to out mors; and mora, exion the effects
told. Ono jumped up with n sptuui
tVi.n aii'th r nnd sixsn the word went
nmnd "The whit toii Iish (Mlsonod
tin- dnmper." with sgony
nnd rage, thuy mslieit for their oilerny,
who hil already mnnlrd his boix,
but only barely by guHoliigat
full speed away. I heai.l Uii white
man deseribe how. .i few days after,
epOn coming I ne'e t ' !( spot, tlm smue
all nround was like a clumber i.f
Tlio dumper had only too nll
done its Work.
Iu traveling obeut the bush I have
often been skeletons, skulls and the
scattcrotl Ixmas of d ml blaeks who had
fallen victims lo th nitger of tlw white
cinn. Chicago Ilcruld.
An UiimvUMo job.
It is not any tun to Im n. stamp clerk
at a grout prst ofllee, like the one in
Philadelphia, bco.iusu the dutlen lir
very monotonmm. although light.
It U Ibis inouiitiiiiy wbieli
makes the olerks irritable
One of those men was nt ono of the
stump windows not lung ago, when n
little, nervous m.iu. in n great hurry,
ram'e up and laid down tssn cents on
tho window shelf. It svould have been
fair to presiim . with' ut n very great
Btretch of imagination, that ho rmntcd
1 n two-cent stamp, but thr clerk did not
movo, "Well?" said the man, Impa
tiently. "Well." echoed tho clerk,
sharply, "what will you have?" "A
two-cent stump!" shouted tho nervous
mnu. "Wbnt did you suppose I wanted?
A two-cent whistle or two sticks of
candy?" What had been Intended for
A sarcastic sneer on the faca of th
sainrt clerk turned to a sickly grin, nnd
he tossed out a stamp lu alienee. Golden
Ilrrnkint; ih Xews
With nn Imperious gesture of her
hand und a mantling ilusu which almost
rose to the siH'fi of her lofty
magnofein forehead, tint h'.oUly Williamsburg
beauty inuliound the i oung man
to a seat
"Sir. I'cndaib,'' sh said, endeavoring
to conceal her emotion," I have decided
that I will not go to ohurcli with you
this morning, llolloro mo, I say this
for-your own good,"
".Mas-1 nsK," wvd tho young man, sul
lenly removing his "gum and plaolnj it
under his Instep, "what 1ms prompted
you to this decision?'
"You may," she replied 'irmly, her
pure white throat "If my
father's go its got, wind nf tout tivcktla
thoy would all drop Judge.
It la that Impurity In tho blood, srhlcb, accumulating
In tho glands ut tlio neck, produces
unsightly lumps or swolllngs; which
causes painful running sores on tho arms,
Ip, or feet; which Jovelopos ulcers In tlio
ties, ears, or nose, often causing blindness er
deafness which Isthonrlcln of Initios, cancerous
growths, or tho many other manifestations
usually ascribed to "humorsi" which,
listening upon tho lungs, causes consumption
ted death. Ilclng tlio most ancient, It Is tho
most general of ah diseases ,t nScctluu., fur
very few persons aro entirely freo from 't.
Ily taking Hood's SarsaparilU, ulilrh, by
Iho retnatkablo cures It has
often is hen other medicines havo failed, has
proven Itself to ho a poled and peculiar
medlcino for this disease Sonio of 'tries')
cures aro really wonderful. If you suOcr from
irrotuln, bo sure to try llooirs.Barsaparllla.
"My daughter Karr was nEllctedwItii
old till iho becamo ilx years of ace. Lumps
formed In her neck, and ono ot them after
Browing to tho ilzo of a pigeon's egg, became
a running soro for over tbrco years. Wo gavo
fier Hood's rJariapariili, when Iho lump and
all Indications of scrofula rutin If
and now rhe seems to be a healthy t
child." J. 8, Oaiilim, Naurljbt, N. J.
V.h. l!a sure to get only
Hood's Sarsaparllla
lsUfr?a, i'lepandonly
if 0. 1. 110011 CO., A(olUscaii4.Loiill, Uu.
00 Poses Oho Dollar
- ' CnitMk aMiiMiiil.L'.MMM'...Miiiti'i'"XJtSsV'fSSisS'siMSSI
1 A5m
$Sr,&- OCLrl''CP fG&f TtJ?" MIUJ.
vflfrVv'wr ctety r.nmrn rnu
VYlJ' ef two yeiira t.
W;? nltli tlireoanmlii
M pun's :. mm
ti:'LJT IllilliBbeslpr. e .i
PVMlJw of. 1 hmrtl i
Hv s ni,aM ,(.
tiii min..i.i,u.
aur. . i krill,Mli,lu
TMinswAnK, W. II. KlIDY .
WHAT .""..".!'
00 jtMS
you, hut It Is truo. Thcso nre the sure symptonni of thU lerri' jdiicaso. lliere
is one thing which will check It nud that Is
It Is recommended fc j th bcit pfaf.lf Un. In rairop. .o iiunlea.
S3 rnt, SO nilml Ot.O. r. II.IIU.
W, H. HOOKER & CO., 40 Wost Droadwuy. Now York
.saflsls iM 1 s M 4M
13 R E S TfHS
mTXmTrPm,'m,i"'i '-'B
KiiSrJssV Ba.d TON'S
BLtV JbsS .BsbW tftaTM
SI llrcctl.l. r JLItoJ mm
Uicilpltf I'rlc
DrUR Co. rrr. CalUmoro. Mu.
mmum ll ait ..1 I ur it
rue- rcrfus, ilik.
Vriut r liv ll'' lo b ilTfrrH, ss)
tiil.is ,.-i FOF I t IWi
mi l-i. 'sTiM I wrv rnwu t.urrrUti
tiw ) x r rlf 1 v simsvtvK, r i y tit i ; tmx
IM4KK11 l"
x . It
.....(......ll .... .HI."
fi .sr..rit Irot'ur.f'x SI '.
n.d..k.t i;ri..i., ...
C.Uil.ik rri.lt, !
PORE .ki ..a . r.i.ii'. tih sut
UJIr. Sia ll blid Jor Uj
I P1K ISO.. Is Am.rlMI.TtS. 0.1:
ttMm fjvm jew rnifita, ct
: nil 1 O xd ti w. H. iioosts i io, ;
: riLLtfs s.tr.
,,.. ............l......l.l.,.....,l
rTOrjisJsT" Agents Wsntea'l
'T ' CiruTuss rsta. '
t) BrtTiui'i s.rtr ruin Ileum
iliire4M.thm. ttwy
otm vmv r ssrs fttm I to 0. Ltm
tTr Btdn ktM ttmX. Sn4SBOTtM.
ts ii.mt. 19 r. HMUr ..4 pMkit.
lu Kict.l n.lkls.aiii.ib.1 ul'.r.td
tu trmihr Ifx.U., UsU,B.ielu
TO -
Have YourJ'liologrh Msilesl
New Studio.
No. 327 V. Wnluut St.
(OrerJtscaulejr's Theatre,)
l.0t'I9VI!.I.t;, . J,l
.Mid Vt'hl.kr Huh
np 'IDMI cuit'diitliiiiiiowltb
null). in lliMik nr )mr.
iiruinr. Mins l ili.r.
PaMPSMssjwiMsssspinst". " WO'lLKV. M.l)
MWM.liUA, liillrs j, W liltchal! M
Nk4 rC5s!fcM .
MiTm rni u - r
SS i
ht. Vllui Vnuco Cureil. VIU
B IK ANnnitis, CL Co, Cal., Feb. IbS).
... ' . ' la " o sllcetwl by fct
Vitus Uaucothat ha could Jt go to acbool for
1 yasr. IVo bottlea ol rator KewntVi Ut iu
Toulo nl,vre4 bla lirnlih, soJ ho is now al.
tenilltii; sUiool anln.
A Very llntl Iso.
Hi NnsTManiiET, M'., W lrrh B. iail.
JI7 osujnter bail sot- UitaU
ot.a haw B or 7
ilst.ly 'iwr using Nervs 1k,u1.
Uio ora.uij ducreatcl ti number, audi In lc
Juui t u weeks (roui tallt.oih. .., ,i. .....
mUmly c sm.1. lief Jra n.log hw iiwitsla. ho,
.1 Ui. Ut. .,, u, , n'0 till w't iruSV.f
illlS. J, It ANVIt&Vri.
on Nervous
n9r"B""'ft.Vn,,ial)lo.Ilooli lo sayaildr.
If I aii,t M,or p.U.au can 1u obiaia
lEala tills llit'illcluo a of iilunm,
liern nrenartd bytha ItaTrnd
ETblsrMiiodrhas i'art Warn., InJ. .lnca ura, mj
'jow lueiurvj nnd.r bta uinouou Ir tli
KOEHIC MED. CO.. Chicago, III.
r MbyDruKsUlsnOJtrcrllotUo. Ofures.
r 011otUfuri.
In Loutsvlllo, Ky., by Tlonz tt Iloury,
2(11 E. Market St.
aJkAAj Scientific American
iijiMi njruuu rorejurliiu n.l.r.l. In A
,urj tisteu ticn out by it la bmiuihs bfi.ra
th j puLiba iKitieg Eiiu f,MOr cbuuu In ibi
M tintiUu JUntf tarn
Iri rart nrculatlrns at an ICl.llllflO p.p.r In the
storl ifcL niiifiaiuuir iiiu.imti, I Hn lrt.lllir.iit
1 h,u.lj 4k. ttlthout U ' lVVlr, BJ.tfo .
J.W sju hi maraiii.. jtnori
Vl IMIIIM, teT Brvidwaj, Hi .UNi,CO,
'. ou net.
,Tous Wliy I ) i i 'ii(,h lu tlm
morning Do you l eallso ihe oaitnc?
Your nppetitu lajniur What makrs
it rot You eoetii like a cliati;i J
ierson to .your frlonds lo j -it
know what Is the tnalter, or li.i
tho change mi grodihd it 1ms
escnpvd your nolkc ?
You luvvo Consumptloat
Vio do not eny Uds I trlr.1it ti
M limifia "S A fcrSi
rinDKnuai;uMiiH 'oubtaKad
fin ruteasio oe
" sr.touiasio.
Cotton Belt Route,
St.- Louis, Arkansas,
and Texas Ry.
Arkansas and Texas
Two Daily .Trams,
1 .XV,11 l ' TEXAHKANA, FT
luienruHlinto Pointn.
vtoKiuiR a lone nml illsairrooabh.
t i." .'.U,8 """'er ni Jlenu is.
iULi;i,i.ii; rnn mno
s U WaiKtt. it it- ... "
'. -. Art
Ti .
ui.t.i.ie, K.U. LanuAliisr. -
W TrulVrMan. 11 l lliUIIMjK, en.PaM.Agl
' "- ' i
' f'sHlle and Memphis
L'LLHAK Sleeping Cnr.
rki .jti TO
Louirtill.., Memphin, Vickshurg, IU. '
ton Itoiige, und Now Orleans,
via Memphis.
vo sun rsoM
w5!irll,.r,'";'1,"'hU "alllniore,
" "blnalon, .Norfo 1k, 1)1,1 IVIbi ""0rt'
Itlchmor. . llnffalo.,Ce,clai"l,
T0I0.I0 Llilcarii. ln.llanarK.1 ' ,
Memphlt, Vlek.burir, llaton
noiirf. New
Orleans, Mobile, '.title Ilocl.6 flu Sprlaga
Arlansaa, tUululniil. i.i
rangementinthue al through sirs A rr
5i?.E.L.,l",n. '"""Hie and llila inJik!
Srt'r "rreiTd1"" M",ce U," lw"1t'lV
Mississippi Valley Route
(L, N.O.atuiT.fl,.R,)
Trnmisg 1 Snnfjceat ami
hn ritlirMiie Ctrtry,
CTlie Itlco amlSoEsr 1'Ihhihii, ,, .. ,
i'uu:!,,"i1h,."tM """"'"("" ";. :i'J!"
UaUin llnuna ,1 ,,. "" !
me KlifClulli 1,1, t
bet er fall tu ,.!, !S!& .'i,",;;,"""
I..IIIO sgileultnral T'cS' e.W
. . .
111 SI II II I I III ll. 1 I
.'" "i
vniiliri iiin nil llntlM. -..!
Un .!. .11 iu.'. -" "
an m0 jiariouiul.
I is
10 .Nendiliaiu aniNuili.l
crii Tis. H,nl. ,, ol,l
la until Ainu nn,. "'I
.tngu ireni iiuinian llutnu ( r ,,
I'lnrlnnsll. Uoi.illfiiaiiii
HlUiout Change,'
ilenTfrur. ,i
r, 11. Illll, j iL M'ji y ii, 1'
Truniu Manager.
Mcuiphi. r,n.
ilt'Kkof liolUmie.andof lal saw fras),
Wilts m wbstyeu wiat,
rv Urnve I'linr, In i
s , , "An.rti) in
I It'nOx.ii HI,,., In,,,.'
In'us ill .nr i.'u l w
I I .llll lll,1M,Ml)ll
r l.mgilo.
t t
ll. Iflw fW7rii3 w.
"t :J1

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