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and then lies f&e secret of our great success. The uniformly low
prices which hare always characterized our stock have worked to
secure great advantages to our customers h actual savings on
their purchases, and they have secured a large and ever-increasing
trade to us. hi this way our motto "Low prices rule with us,"
ha been
all around. We" will
heads off of previous
Spring purchases.
Childrens Imported, Full Regular, Heavy Ribbed Cotton
Ro&e, Hernsdorf dye, absolutely fast and stainless. Best
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We cUso our store
I.tinrl llr.iill stl.u ! Only llookl
fur mntt illiui4
A di- ildHmeo v.otof Alexandria,
in hu'itiyliir county. MUsourl, tliera
IKos ii mn Wtweon fifty ami sixty
yrnrHohl who has been lending tlio lite
ol u hermit fur tidily yours. 1 1 Is homo
In In a care uutlur n largo rocl In tlio
side of a Hero lie litis dug
for himself nn abiding place and pnspes
tlis tlma In lolltiuU', his only companion
being boohs, papers ami
which In some mnnner un
Icnown'to others unil which he will not
divulge, he liecps himself plentifully
Ills cave has tlio of ncozy
and comfortable room. It Is neatly
furnished. Around it tide shelves arc
built upon which ore piled many of the
best world of tlio most noted authors.
This strange genius refuses to divulge
h! name or tnlh of his family history
further than to suy that his futnlly was
one of wealth, prominence and Influence
In a southern state prior to tlio
breaking out of tlio war, and that hla
father served with distinction us an
oftlceron tlm confederate shla during
tlio great conlllot He show by
his conversation Unit he Is n .man
of education ni'd refinement. He con.
verses Intelligently about art, music
science, lltoraturo, In fact, upon uny
topic that may bo broached. Ho h unusually
well posted concerning current
events niul for ureal use appears to tahe
great Interest In tlio world from which
ha has withdrawn. (
When pressed as to why he adopted
ucli a modo of living, he said it was
simply n matter of oholco, He denied
that the step was tiilcen because of nny
disappointment In lnvefuiluro In busi
ness, or Ingratitude of menus or relatives.
As he Unit made his appearance
in tho locality In which he has
lived . (J many years about tho
Tfll I of the breuklwr out of the
'war It Is thought by some of tho people
tho vicinity Tim t soino Incident In
connection with that event was responsible
for tho life of solitude so long ted
' by this map.
J'ho cave In which the hermit resides
I at thu em pf u lout ami narrow
path ijulto ruinoto from, any traveled
highway, Ho cnrofully watches this
, approach to his den and upon the up-l
pearance ol any pttrson
' the seclusion pf ,u i,i0 tho hllL Ho
carries on conversation from tho In.
terlor and If satisfied a Intruder Is
dot a peison who l,im soucht him
purely out of ldlo uurlonlty vlll admit
the visiter, who. If he Impresses tho
recluse favorable, will be dplt(htf ully
iitertutnd. Cliluuua Inter-Ocean.
HIiiMiuiltllsiu Ih like iiand lu tho
of iiwhiuorr, Hi
' Haimrilln ii tho great lubricator which
curta tho diboaso.
A man ihsulted me nwlille ajro by
ottering ino WO fo? a vote," remarVod
iv New York nlderrosn to a friend.
3 Wall. I sunnoua von iocUeted tha ln
.... ..!.. ' . DIIL
IU" replitit tho ineuu. jiii r
m cfiinb&kWti Esmiiir the
a mm mit
may bo recognizor! bythe Act of its action.
You know a good rule
M erod in
prices in order to clear
m HoeiE
at 7 o'clock every evening except Saturday
Tlio sonior nroprii'tnrof this tnuor I
lion Ikhsii Miliioct to f rvquoui ooUls fur
Miitia youiv, whieli uuro wuro to liiv
liitit tip H not hoc lo rod tit oui'o. tio
iipilx Hint Clininlx'rlaili'HCoUgli Hum-
My is rolmlilo. It oix'im thu
(loim, roliovos tliu hii)Ki null rostonm
tho syhlcm to n lioaltliy If
freely uhihI, hi wxm an thu cold has
contractcil, unci Iwforo II Iwm
b)tlliM in (ho Nynloin, it b'rt'ntly
Iwr'mh tha nttaek, and ofton curoa In '
u hjukIu day what ninild othoruiso
ho 1)0011 n suvcruroiu
Hotel lloporior, Dim Moines, Iovmi. '
fiO cent Ixittlw for wilo by liucknur
About 10O,006,(X)0l)Ushold in wboal
mid (lour iiivo boon oxtortod from (hm
country sinai August 1.
A potrifiiHl (urtk12 iuuheaiti
uud 5 inche thick bntm found
lu Lako Chiiuiplain.
Now llnmnliiro tnkoa iU nr.uio from
Hampliim, Lngland. 11 uua
calletl Laronia,
Mr. William T.l'nro, Jnsllco of
tho im'iu'o, tit Hielilund. NubrftHka, was
couiined to hir bwl lnsl wintor with n
n Eoveio attack of IuiuIxiko; but u
thorough npplictttion of ChmnlKirloiii'a
1'rtin Ilulin uimblwl liitn to get up mid
go to work. Mr. Prico sayn: "Tho
rumody emmot ho recommended too
highly." Let miyono troubKl with
rhoumutiiui, uournlgiiv or liiino beck
glvo it a trial, mid tlmy vil bo of tho
sanio opinion. HO cimtbottlus for halo
by Uucliiior I.eavoll, Druggist.
Mr. Ktlwiu D. Moad, treats of Phil-lit
BrookH in his Udttor's Table in
tlio January Now Knghind Magazine,
and tnnkesn plcHsant mipplonuint to
Mr. Julius II, Whm'h tfrtlulu on
groat divine.
Wnltor Hluokhurn llarlo wrilivs of
eons and daughters in Hteruturo lu
tin January New England Magutuo.
Tho stories in the January Now
England Miigazlnd ore ol a quaint
unusual character, very refreshing in
thoM)c7ay of clop-trap BoiiBatlunalism.
Edith Mnry Morrin'a "A Salem
Which," in n bright little hlory with u
Btraiu ol )atlios lu it, nntl aouiejlilng
ej Uawthorna's power, "The Yellow
Wall pnpor," byChailotlo IViklim
Stetson, leads like the K'riippy
nn opium debauch.
Uvlileiio (if Omul llllli.
Female oaller And how i your
father, Mn. ll'rch?
IloHtess Real wu!l, thapU you. I
don't remember Oio time that father
snored us healthy tu hu does nuw.
January, and cut the
the decks for early
cSs Oo
.llil 111 Cullimillilr t " Mmii MiiiU h's
lint I-, llu
'You see m'um ttru ,' ihts on a
street car Kiiiietlmok," he remarked,
cloolu; hi puper.
"O. ,vc."
"(ircat plnco to htmly liuiniiu nature."
"X pot my knowledge of humiuilty by
siudylqtr type on the street cars."
"Uml Thatko?".
"Ye I just pick my man out and
study him, nml I generally find that I
nm not fur oil In the Impression I form
of him."
"Jfothlng much In tho paper this
mornliitr Now take .flirt man over
there lu the corner. He's just us meek
as Motes. You cuu walk all over hlrn
and ho won't say u word. Most likely
bo's henpecked (lot all tha spirit
knocked clean out of him. llemluds
one of a proaeher, eh?"
"Which t Hr-yes! O, yesl"
"I'll bet my witch you can twist him
around your flnifor Hello! Ho gets
out whero I do "
The mock mini walked slowly to the
back platform, followed by tho student
of human nature. In hit ruth to (ret out
of tho car, this confidential philosopher,
who U determined that you shall not
read yonr papor nftor ho finishes his,
trod on tho too of the man whom ho
had bceu studying The man raised
Ids shoulder nml threw tho philosopher
over to tha other side of tha car, then
turning to tho conductor suldi
"It beats what a lot of It III
fools one meets on a cnr. I'll be
III if Iliad anything to do with a car
lino I'd change matters or know
tho reason why."
And us tho philosopher sneaked out
ho turned to mo and said:
"We all make mistakes sometimes,
don't wo?" riillndelphla I'rcts.
Till. Military Ci.
Among the now olotn
garments tho military enpo promises to
bo most fashionable. It falls full from
theneck far below the waist, without
height on thu shoulders. Tho collar
and a piece are of fur, and a
short gnthercd capo of cloth Is added to
tho yoke, giving fullness wlthoutheigkt
on thu shoulders. A still more elegant
model Is h deep cape of gray cloth narrowly
edged all around with chinchilla
uml lined with gray brocade. Just
above the shoulder tips In mounted an
olbow capo of gray velvet, falling very
full, and trimmed with three rows of
chinchilla, which gives tha effect of
three, small capes A twist of velvet
and chlnchilln is at the top of tho velvet
cope, hiding tho join to tho velvet yoke,
which Is cut t) Hare out as u high collar
lined with rhluchllla. I'or evening;
capus this design Is repeated In cream,
colored or belgo cloth lined with ermine,
the upper capo bonded with three rows
of ermine, slvwlng thu black "tall
lettes" which mark this royal fur. A
third capo Is of brown clotli trimmed
I with niluk. Very claborcta capes of
i royal purplo or of violet cloth,- combine
lace with tup In the trimming, having
thu upper capo 9! bluok lace headed
I with mink talo or sable fur. lllnck
uloth military cmvm have tha shorter el
bow cure or blank velvet, with collar
and borders of 1'erstau isaib, Harper's
Wheaeveritkleg veetviong, bj,
Wtien Tou'rs tie's or tired,
Whoa jou visit jour best girl,
Ati a fer bar r est Bred,
Tbera's notbing in tie world, tcjo,
t Wllltirlrs 'on piuch relief,
As s rest soon bcsrtjr Itugb, boji,
'Twill soon sllsj jour grftf.
to foretcn tsla whsts'er thoctmo,
Jott try I ho laughing pits.
Laughter an Institution, boys,
Tsn lot's liuib, all no eta.
Let preachers rtts frivolity,
We very well do know
The gretteit proton nit It,
lilt epposa It Jutt for thowt
They Bed It tuch a help, boji,
Al til poor tlnnert do,
And they need Ite consolation, boys,
At much as 1 or you.
Of til th remedies on earth
Within the reach of mtn,
Ltughter's the beit snd cbespett, bojr,
Ttita ltt't laugh sll we csa.
Pharmaceutical Crs.
An Aot of Meroy But It Wrokod
a Life.
Tha superintendent was escortlnj
three guests through his Institution
At a certain point he mada a partial
pause, and, motioning to tho flguro ol
a man vklblo in ono of the rooms oil
tho corridor, said: "There is ono of tin
saddest cases thnt has ever come undei
my notice." Tho person alluded tc
wns seated lu one of the pleasant par
lors of tho establishment which llneo
tho hallway. His hair was gray, and
In Ids' form were symptoms of agi
which a look at his face belled. There
were no wrinkles, none of tho dcef
furrows which care will plow In tin
human face. Tho eye was bright, and
had a look of gentleness very attractive
to tno observer.
"lie certainty Uoes not look lllto t
dangerous Individual," remarked one oi
tho guests.
"Dangerous?" replied tho supcrin
tendent, "he Is ns harmless as a kitten,
ana sometimes I Jon I bcllovo he Ii
really liiMine, but for alt that he Is bet
tcrolf where ho can bo looked after.
You see, ha has fits of temporary dementia,
during which his excitement
runs away with htm, and lie might dc
himself tome Injur', though ho would
never raise Ids hand to harm anyone
"His trouble Is very peculiar! he ha!
an awful ovperieneeonco lu connection
with a rallny ucv.dent and ntcach returning
anniversary of that event he
becomes much ilcpreccd,
only deslriiui of h din;,' himself away
from nil observation. He Is never violent,
but these seasons of depression
aro so Intense that It appears advisable
lie should be w atehed "
"Does he ever, tulk of the event at
other times than at Its anniversary?"
"Oh. yes, indeed: In fact, at nil othe:
times he seems to enjoy meeting people,
and If the sub -ct of aecldcnti
arises In the courtoof he
Is almost certain to tell .1 1 htory, II
you care to hear it un allusion will
bring out one of tho most affecting
stories you have ever heard."
Tho superintendent was right; on the
wuy out he wild: "Well, Sir. JInrtelle,
how are you? Let mo Introduce some
friends of mine."
After a few words of commonplace
conversation, ono of the guests adroitly
leu tho talk up to railway disasters by
referring to something he had keen In
tho morning papers. Murtello was seen
to move uneasily In his chair and tc
become visibly agitated. His face
blanched and In a volco tremulous with
emotion he began: "Gentlemen, you
may 'not have heard of It, or If you
navo, you may liuvo forgotten It, but I
wns in a railway accident onco that has
changed the whole course of my life,"
l'.acli ono present manifested an In.
torcst In the subject that, whtlo pro-
tncuitatod, was not In the least
alTcrted. Thus uncouraged he went on:
"I was making my first trip in tho
west I had been through California
r.ud was heading for tho Yellowatono
couutry. Ono day we wore whirling
along, overybody In j;ooil spirits, Bnd
I hail just gone forward Into the smoking
cur and accepted an Invitation tc
alt In a gamo of whist My partner
was n fine-looking man, about thirty,
flvo years old, with a pleasant faco
and Tolce, and full of good humor
Tho game was close, for ull hnppened
to be good players. Kach side had ono
to Its credit mid tha rubber had been
Suddenly there was a lurch, a
shock, and then for me there was nothing
but a deep unconsciousness. How
long 1 rcma'ned so I cannot tell, but it
could not liavo been long. With tho
return of my senses cjrae tho
that I was hurt There was a
pain in my back and thu blood was
trickling down my faco and nock from
a wound In Co head. I was lying on
tho ground and l wits some minutes
fore I could realizo what had happened.
(Jrudually mnttcrs becamo
clearer. I remembered the game of
curds and the sudden shock, and then I
knew t.01110 dreadful accident hud
While our game had progressed
night hud fallen, and In the dim light
from tlio stars unit several lanterns I
could see thu figures of men moving
about hero and there, and I soon realized
that they were bearing tho forms
of killed and wounded to my locality,
some distance from the Wreck.
"The souso of sight had been the first
to recover; but now tho terrlblo throb
btng pain in my head scorned to lull
and my hearing beeurao more active.
It was un awful sound that broke upon
my oars, iihrleks, groans and pleadings
for help wero mingled with cries
of clilhliuu for parents and parents for
"I mada a struggle to get on my foot
Though at first the puln racked me
from head to foot, 1 found I could
stand, and was soon walking slowly
uud carefully about Naturally ray
first thought wus concerning my friends
In tha game of whist they li'Ing the
only acqualr.tancti I had on ?ho train.
Almost at the moment I thought of
thuin two of them came to inc. They
wero uninjured, and It had been their
hands that had curried me from the car
while I was unconscious.
"It look but a mlnuto for my friends
to ijlvo 1110 some idea of thu extent of
the caUtlropho, Our smoking-car had
baou derailed and had rolled down a
strap embankment, drugging tho en-gin-,
uud one other couch with (t An
uc;n' it they could tell at that moment
tiif. - hud been nt least udoxoti klllod
sua twice that number wounded.
' iiiiiuued: 'Whan Is my partner?
If ii't uiire?'
Y't, lu Is alive,' wns tho reply,
''1 " It In s bqd fix. We aro working
lis 1 to, rut him out of Jhu wreck,
tut Hlil.utji Inil p he iaiinot bo saved,
ita ilv thcio wth hU lower limbs
Baaasd lu battvtfta two great Iron rid,
and with all t, strength wo have been
able to apply vu cim't release him. tie
must be In horrlblo agony, though ho
Is still conscious,'
"It was hut a step or two from where
wo stood tr wliro tho man lay, and wo
turned to seo If there in glitnotbe somo
possibility of helping him, A terrlblo
cry came from the stillerei'. Just then
some ono called: 'The cur is on lire.
The coach Is burning.'
"The flame from ome lamp had
caught thu dry upholstery. Tho wind
had suddenly Increased and was blowing
tho tlamp toward the spot whero
our poor frlind was helplessly pln
loucd. W.ilo some ran for water others
with ax and lover made an effort to
jiry tho heavy rodsnnd timbers from
tho sufferer. It was no use; thcro was
no appllanco at hand with which It
could bo done, nd thoso who went for
camo buck empty-handed. The
engine lay upon Its side and every drop
of water had leaked out and had been
drunk up by tho greedy earth.
" 'For tho love of (lod, men, do something,'
cried tho Imprisoned wretch.
'Must I slowly roast to death?'
"With an awful effort he raised him-Belf
upon an elbow and looked around
tho faces near him. Th?sa wero
rapidly diminishing in number, for tho
hoat had now grown too ficrco to bo
borne, and the crowd which had never
ceased tholr efforts to get him out wero
driven awuy. suddenly his eyes fell
on my faco und recognized me.
" 'You,' he cried In an awful voice,
'you are the man to do It Toko that
ax and kill me.'
"Tho thought paralyzed me. Ho
saw mo shrink and shudder, and with
a supremo effort he pointed his finger
straight at me and cried again with
more Intensity than before; 'You! youl
do It I tell you.'
"The heat was making his garments
smoke 'Don't let mo roast,' he onco
mora cried. I forgot my pain and In a
wild delirium I snatched up an ax and
drovo tho blade crashing Into his skull,
then all tho world becamo again a
' It was many bofore I was
re&toicd to conselousucs and many
more before I wns nl lo to move. Jly
bodily Injuries, though severe, did not
cripple me, nnd I nm now strong and
physically woll. Hut my mind Is some
times upset I bcllovo I did the best
tiling that could be done for the poor
man, hon.rhtho net was p rformed In
a frenzy thai mud- ni" luv'ipouf.lblu.
I to-day It si ait of humanity.
It has wreut.cd .nj life, however,
for mttil mu'iiurtr ra.li I shall bo
compelled to live that over nnd
over again In all IU horror." Chicago
Vnplonfant Conicqutlicfx of dotting: Too
Tar Ahriil of the Aire.
A little more than three and a quarter
centuries hate since tho
birth of Galileo, the greatest philosopher
and astronomer thnt Ifulv Ver
saw. In the t.nn e year idol
was born. At tlut time tho people
of the eastern continent wero
totally Iguorant of the cilsteuco
of Amurkiu They had hcurdln a vaguo
way about tho greut western world,
but they could form no conception of
tho vast extent of our territory, many
believing that it wus simply a small
Island, lu tho same year that Oallleo
and Shakespeare saw tho light tho
Huguenots began a settlement In Florida,
which at that timu was thought to
bo an enchanted spot Oallleo was
tho eldest son of a nobleman of Florentine,
and in his Infancy tnuulfested
an Interest in tho stars. Whllo looking
at the heavens one night he said In
childlike manner:
"There are tlioumuds of stars, and
yot all of them together do not giro
one-tenth tho light that tho sun itself
gives." No boy ever worked harder to
gain knowloJge, and no boy had so
many obstacles to overcome as this
young studeut lleforu ho had reached
his eighteenth year he was well versed
in Latin and Greek, was an excellent
artist and un accomplished musician.
ills father wished him to practice, but
his tastes and Inclinations led him to
follow mathematics. Galileo's Idoas
were ao far beyond the ago In which
ha lived that no publisher dared print
his works. His tlrst essay on
Ualanco" was written In 1538,
but It was not until 1010 that it was
read by tho public. His essay on "Tho
Center of Gravity" was not published
until fifty years after It wns written.
Whllo In hi seventieth year ho was,
cast Into prison and all his works prohibited.
This was a terrlblo blow to
the old man, for he had committed no
crime: ho know in his heart that he
was right When ho asked why ho
was sent to prison he was told that he
had been muklng false statements.
"You sny that the world moves, but It
docs not" said his enemies. "It Is tho
sun that moves." "Hut the world does
movo," said Galileo, fearlessly, as
they wore shutting him In a dark cell.
Wo speak of tho "dark agss," of tho
"orcs of superstition," etc., of tho centuries
put and forgot all about tho
Ignorance, ilarknewi nnd uientltlon
of tho nineteenth century. Galileo
stood foremost among tho unpopular
great men ef tho sixteenth and seven
teenth centuries. Thoro nro three In
tho nineteenth century who aro laughed
at for advocating "lui posstblt" schemes
Mr. Morse, because hu said a message
could be sent by wire; Cyrus W Field,
because, he said a cable could be laid
across the Atlantic; Kdlson, because he
stated ho could light houes and streets
by electricity. Growing Youtli.
TrHii.alliiullJ Me,ira.
It Is not generally known that on nu
avcragu about eight hundred messages
nro sent dally from New York to London
between the hours of ten and
twtlve, says Electricity, Although half
on hour In considered a fair allowance
for tho delivery of n message within
tho city, messages are sent to London
Mid replied tg within four minutes.
Tho result of this wonderful service is
that tins New York and London markets
aro brought so close together that
cither city feels tho slightest fluctuation
In the markets of tho other almost
Cow. iu riprea,
Whenever there is ablgnpplo crop tho
Connecticut cow is apt to go ou a big
drunk. It is easy for her to gullop over
tho pasture wall Into the orchard, fill
lllls herself with fruit, then takes a 1
spin through trie town, kicking up her
heels, shaking her horns and tipping
ever things. Finally she tumbles lu n
heap and rolls over on her baak, with
hoofs wavWif wildly In the air. It
takes a cow; abiut three hours to re
coyer from tho primary symptoms of
luioxlcu'ilou. There are plcuty ol.
applet. ',n the state this fall and sQTVM
T' S
Out For It!
Foot-Wear Exclusively.
9& m M
J. Wallace Warfleld,
Jno. F. DaiifortlL
J2SfiSWill be open for busiuoss in a few day.
Inhuman ruiililimriim In tho Time ol
"Hood (Juern IIpkn."
In the matter of punishments, vre
have entered upon ti time of grrviter
cruelty than under tho
Jlcn are boiled and women
burned for poisoning; heretics are still
burned lp &85one thus sulTered for
denying tho divinity of Christ; ears ure
nailed to tho pillory nnd sliced off for
dofuraatiou nnd seditious words;
long and cruel whippings Indicted
In ono case through Westminster and
London for forgery. An immense number
are hanged every year; tho chronicler
Machy n continually Mt down such
n fact us tint "on this day XII woro
hanged ut Tyburn, VII men and V
women." Mnrliicrs were hanged atlow
water at Witpplng for offenses committed
at sen; the good old ciuA'j.ii uf
was maintained with zoal;
und the paruders of hnchsluleia In carts
or on horseback wns kept up. Thus
0110 woman, for selling fry of fish unlawfully,
rode triumphantly through
the town with garlands of flats decorating
her hoad nnd shoulders und tho
tall of the horse, while one went before
boating brass bason. Another woman
was carried round, 11 dUliiir In tier lined
and a blue hood on her head, for a com'
inon scold. A man was similarly honored
for selling measly prk and another,
riding with his head to tho animal's
tall, for doing something sinful
connected with lamb or veal.
Tho cruelty of punishments r
shows that tho administration of I
law was weak. In fait tho machinery
for enforcing lew und crime
wua growing more and more unequal
to the task, as. tho city grew In numbers
and lu population, The magistrates,
sought to deter by the speetaele
of ftiiftcihi?. This Is a which
nets beneficially only it lien punishment
Is certuln, or nearly certain. The
knowledge that nine criminals will
capo for one who It whipped ull the
way from Charing Cress to Newgate
encourages the wia ten to continue
in their evil, it ays. Men nra )ko children;
If they uru to l koptln tha paths
of Tlrtuo, It Is, better lo watch and prevent
then ooutliiually thau to leave
thetn freiJand to p'trd'h them If they
fall. Hut this great law wns not as ye,
understood. Walter Ifesuut, In
Tho long-talked nbout book from
tho pou. of Gonorol Grant's widow will
booh bo ready for publication. It
should proto an ontertniuing volume
Mra. Grant has wittou ovory word
bolf, wo aro told, not oven dictating a
lino to nu nmanuonsls.
Royal Baking Powder
Has no Equal.
The United States Official Report
Of the Government Baking Powder tests recently made, under
authority of Congress, by the Department of Agriculture,
Washington, D. C, furnishes the highest authoritative information
as to which powder is the best. The Official Report
shows the ROYAL superior to all
others in leavening power j a cream
of tartar powder of highest quality. '
The Canadian Tests:
'The strength of
be 23 per cent, greater
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lc n r 1 r rtr mv
,Atf IWWUIb w 7
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a I
Joan do ileszko, tho tenor, has a
momory. It takes him
usually a yook to lonru n now oporu,
but sometimes ho carries a new rolo
to his room in tho ovening nnd before
bo goes to bod has stored it lu his
mind, note tho letter perfect,
the Royal is shown to
than any other.
lnverifr'irirtne 1 tinn
ii.fvviiiiuiuiig A SItAVS
Powder far superior to the
contains. none but whole-,
is of greatest strength. "
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, At WABlldi of JatUUldMM
(aHWsfsUvSfsfsFf JIJ sVfff VsWVVs
the Royal Baking
others. It is pure,
some ingredients, and
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