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iplmttrillc mttttekfmt. AFTIM YOUll NAMi:
Zo npletoJob Otftcfii a
IX (lUiNkCIIOri Renew promptly
and tliero lies the secret of our great success. The uniformly low
prices which have always characterized our
secure great advantages to our customers hy actual savings on
their purchases, and they have secured a large and ever-increasing
trade to us. In this way our motto "Low prices rule with, us,"
has been
fad "11 around. We will
heads oil' of previous
Spring purchases.
Ohildrens Imported, Full Regular, Heavy Ribbed Cotton
Hose, Hernsdori dye, absolutely fast and stainless. Best
value in the market for 25c.
Ladies fine Imported full regular fancy Hose, fine gauge
and last colors, great value for 25 and 35c.
Men's fast Black, and Brown Balbriggan Socks fine gauge,
soft quality German Manufacture, Good value at 25c.
WejlosG our store
Tk vieJes of tlshlug tor oyntern a t
at varUna im the tnortrs uf rearing ami
rat Inf. At Minorca the fisherman
dives to a depth of seventy fcl,
with & weight Id one hand to carry blm
lorvn. TTlth the ether huiiil lie ploks
p at many oysters as ho o m curry, aud
Vrlog them up to the boat
lletween two small lakes near
Tlorut, Sweden a htrlp of Innd hat in
terruptod trafllc, hut engineers have
overcame the difficult by constructing a
lip railway acrosi It unci building n
mail steamboat that can run lUeH
scrota (mm one lsko to this other. The
vessel has accommodations (or sixty
A much soughtdeslderatum, namely,
a really practicable method of waterproofing
leather and raw hide, la
claimed to hare boon practiced by an
chemist, with much
success, hl method bain? to impregnate
the material with a gelatine solution,
combined with totnu mineral aalt
to coagulate the gelatine in the porta.
All sounds, whether hlrh or low,
loud or soft travel at precisely the tauie
iMtc, L , about 1,100 (cet a second.
Were this not to the different notes o(
niuiio would retch the ear at different
timet, nud the retult would be
lustead of melody. I( the tun
(tare forth aounda loud enough to reach
tht earth, such aounda, lnateud of reach-in;
us In the tpuco of about eight minutes
aa light does, would only arrive
after a period of nearly (ourtten ytara.
An Interesting Incident showing at
bow treat a distance a oauversatlon
an ba oarrled on it related by I.lent
Foster, o( the third Tarry Arctic
in which he says that ha eeqversed
with a man aerott the harbor ot Fert
Hewers, a mile and a quarter away,
and it hat nltq been distinctly asserted
on good authority that at Gibraltar the
human vole hss boen distinctly htard
at a dltUnco of ten miles.
Jt It tinted that the shlpmeata (
pork product, Including pork, bacon,
liama and lard, from the United State
fer the year 18'JO were J, sal, 009 peuoaa.
The total coiisumutloa of pork product,
exclusive of lard, in the United Qtatea
during 18" ! estimated at 9,033,000,000
pounds, which would raaka an annual
ontumptlon Jer capita of ovar fifty
eight pounds. The domestic
pf lard it about 540,000,000 pounds,
r about 8.0 ptr capita.
Tht photogrsphlo analyttt of rspid
tnovsment has made gieat proirrett. In
a recent series of Instantaneous
Autvhutz, uf Lino, hat tseurtd
twsmtyfour tuccestlve lmprettlona of
dof iu the act of muklufr a tlugle Jmn
Ttr a low oust), and each Impretttoa fa
not a mere, tlltiouette, aa was the oaaa
with MuytTidtfe'tflttt attempt of tela
Wad, but a little picture showing- a half-toot
uud .Utiill. Some of tb attltudst,
uertr caitRUt by tbo eye, teem qulu
amullu, Thla it truo at the
of U' ju"P. hf d01
bind toe k ouly touch the ground, and at
tht end of the jump, wlwu hit leg are
'isjttuored tegethtr lu heaji.
w D4r ..... nnn tit.l at Ail 'MStt
WM.Jvifii UaseriHti AMI
may.be reoognized. by the effect of its action,
Youkno agoodrulo ( ,
out-Herod Herod in
prices in order to clear
at 7 o'clock every evening except Saturday.
wo kinds of etlHleC Tn one 'the air
blows out splritll.T from the enter In all
directions, the. weather it (fcnerally
fair, the nlrdenie and the, pressure recorded
by the bnromrter hltrh. In the
other the air blows uplrnlly Inward from
all directions, the Weather U more or
lets clondy und rainy and the barometer
la low. In the northern hemisphere the
winds circulate mound the former in
the direction of the watch hands, and
around the latter In tho opposite direction.
The whirl, with Inblowlng wiadt
and low btroineter, form onr ttorms,
which, lu thU latitude, generally mot
from the west or touthnett, and appear
to be carried along by tho (reneral
morements of the atmosphere, llko eddies
on the bosom of the rlrer.
Th I.I l)l.llic Tl(hn.
The first telephone was for short
After Ilelte, who is really the
( atber ot the telephone, and Hell
the possibility of the electrical
transmission of speech, long distance
telephoning became the dream of scientists
and lot enters. When the telephone
left the hnuds of Hell Its voice
was weak. The microphone transmitter
had to be inrentod, and the Induction
coll and other Important accessory
dCTlcet had to be brought into requisition.
It was only after the telephone
bad attained Its natural growth by assimilating
these necessary elements
that the hlghef development began.
Earliest in the field of lnng distance
telephoning wan Mr. Olllett, of Michigan.
Then followed 'Uunnlng, ot Eu-gland,
and after him, Adar, of France.
UUlett produced tho only practical long
distance transmitter, Running's requiring-
"shaking down" at short Intervals
aad Adar's being very lond but
Chicago Urnphlc.
Tho sonlor proprietor of this paper
bai been subject tofroqueut colds for
some years, which were sun to lay
him up it not doctored at once. Ilu
ilnds that Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
is reliable It opoas tho
relieves tho lungs', and t .r
tho system to a healthy condition. If
freely usod, as soon as tbo cold has
bou contracted, and before it has
settled in tbo system, it greatly
lessons tho attack, aud often cures iu
a siugloday what would otherwise
have boon u sovero cold North woalorn
Hotol Reporter, Dos Moines, Iona.Jgtrong, defiant contratts In. color nro
M) cont bottles for salo by Bucknor
Loavell, Druggist.
An omployorof Gemma alerlsays
that th y work 20 per cent lower than
English ones. It
Mr, William T. l'rW,.VViktlcu of
tbo peace, at RIchland,MtBka,'was
ecu lined to his bod last'wlnter wltffu
n eovere attack of luthbagoi but a
thorough application of CJiawbeilalti's
Puln Ilahn enabled blm to get up aud
an in nnrk. Mr. Prlna ! "Tim
remedy cannot ba reooramwided too'?
ov" .--- -. """i Deentne History or suon styiei in
rlmumatlsm, neuralgia or lamo back'sonsgoneby. It remalua to be scon
give it a trial, aud they will bo of tho whether. they will, nt this time, remain
same opinion, W) cent botttaa for saU elegant after they h,ite ceatl to boa
byx Lmtw1 Dttiggm,
stock have worked to
Januarv, and cut the
the, decks for early
I Does Protection Protect?
Corlttinly, in ono instauco, it docn
Ilootj's Saraatwrilla is tliu groat
protection against tbo datiKOrs ot
blood, niui it will curoorprovont
all diseased ot tbia class. It 1ms well
won its nomo of tbo best blood purifier
by itn many rouiarkoblo euros.
Tbo hiRliest praise bas boon won by
Hood's Tills for tboir oasy yot efficient
action, Sold by all UruggUta,
l'rico 25, cents per box.
IZUgsnt t'tmls mul 1 i In llonnnls.
Satin and velvet nnd rich fnbrlcs
tutted to the fnshioni tiro
used In preference to the dull, heavy
silks of other seasons. Not only Is velvet
used for smaller accoqry trimmings,
but In comblratlon with faced
cloths and other woolen goods in tlm
same wny tha silk w ns onco used. Tho
high flaring collur, the full high sleuvcs,
raised on the shoulder, but kept scrupulously
close to the foionrm. are a
part ot the season's fnshlons. Richness
and luxurlousness In dress prevail, such
as characterized the reigns of Henry
II. and Charles IN., nnd especially the
regime of the notorious queen mother,
wlo Introduced Into Franco tho luxuries
which were already beginning to
make Italy an efTetu kingdom. Unugh
materials of all kinds uio In special demand.
Dome of thoe cloths are covered
with a bhaggy nap, like the lion's
cloths of n generation ago. Othars nro
soft and thick, like tho Vicuna cloths,
and others arc striped, n band of shaggy
weavo alternating witli a soft stripo.
Astrakhan cloths with the wool combed
out, so that they are hardly recognized
as the goods of a year ago, are used Iu
combination with plain cloths. Homo
of the new rough cloths Imported from
France liavo a ground ot ono color, coy.
ered with a long nip of another color,
and this tuny be trimmed with shaded
velvet which Is re-introduced this season.
The uso of shaded effects and of various
colors toned into euoh other by
graduated shadot is a feature of the
season. Thnswolmvoa pnla ashes-of-roses
cloth, covered with u chestnut
brown fleece, trimmed with velvet, toning
from (fray to brown and touched In
an intermediate way will, rose color,
thus avoided, and, (or tho time, ombre
colors prevail Kspeolally Is thin so in
millinery, where shaded effeots are al-ways
seen to the best advantage. Tha
ombre ha never btcu successful, though
has frequently been introduced. It
describes well and looks well on tha
merchant's counters, but such effects
tre not becoming to our pale. American
women, who require some decided color
and the use of piquant and somewhat
pronounced combinations, to give them
what tho Parisians would tall chic
Shaded offtots am ant to Cegonerato
Into dowdlness and become common,
Uluif oM In cheap effect before
wrtHtjr.uopa jioutKeeping.
, I
Otelc borne onoa mure. Lord, nln't t glall
Tht city alius mrs mo mml.
With Its unpltjla' rusa ncd roar,
Wit'. luck t;e beck'nlu' ui before,
With hard times cloln' up bebluu.
Till one don't scsrcelj know hli mind',
'Ccpttlist he's fear, esk, and sick
Of such n erttltitlD' kick.
UH home, a tsila' to mlf I
"Old bov, jou'r out of the rtoe for pclti
Itlght gosh you'll Jutt set down.
And wilt !or fortune's smile or frown,
DellerlQ' hnuplniMS will oomo
As tulok to you, thro'iih pstttnoo dumb,
At when you fret, both day sod night
For things you ntter get to, quite."
Dsck hens, where nothing seems to Changs,
'Cpt wL; j the csttls huTo the tnsnge,
Of when tho weevil smuts the grttn,
Or ill the weather run to rain.
Yst ren bsd luck creeps easy here,
Old friends remain, eld faces chetri
flstUa what will, tn this we're blest.
Wo sllus ess sit Jinn and rest.
Dsck home tgsln to dream and piny,
You bet your lira I'm gcln' to stsyl
Like a tired child so Blat tn be
Once more upon lis mother's knee,
I heave a sigh ot buxo contsnt.
Ana lauch o'er my follies spent,
Knowlo' whate'f r be sent by fate-In
the long run tt pays to wait.
lirowne Pcrrlmsn, In Yankee Dladc.
Tho Illusion Was Dlspollod and
Ilapplnosa Wrockod.
Illusion Is the mother ot happiness
and none can nlllrm the contrary, (or
without Illusion what would Hfo be?
And what would havo been Richard
Thollln's mnrrlugj? It simply would
not have boon, thut Is cvldont
Wchard Thollln was thirty, tall,
dark, with sharp, briirht eyes nnd a
long, silky mustache Ho was chlof of
nn Important department at the
Iiouvrc, enjoyed n good salary nnd a
fair percentage on silks and shawls.
So woll to do was he, in fact, that he
could well afford a fow luxuries, nnd
uf tcr tnaturu reflection- he resolved to
lay his heart nnd riches at tho feet of
Mile. Htephnnla Marchct, tho daughter
of a small merchant, nn unthnlnst in
muMo nnd n pupil nt tho conservatory.
Hho possessed no dowry, but Mic was
so graceful, so oxquislte, and Richard
was so full of courage.
It was a beautiful June evening, and
thoy riRd passd through nil tho phases
of a delightful honeymoon, when Richard
suddenly broichcd n proposition to
his radiant spouse.
"My dear Steplmnla," he said, tenderly,
"I lmve resertcil tho best for
tho last. I wanted to give you i little
surprise, and here It Is. Kow, what
would please you most n two weeks'
trip on the Rhino or a beautiful
shawl to protect you protty little
shoulders from fox and rain."'
As became an enthusiast in music,
Stephanla afloctod a dreamy ppso nnd
"My love. I prefer tho trip to tho
Rhine; to that classic l.i.ut of music, of
my sacred art! It seoms to mo thut I
nm already there and that the divlno
melodies of Mozart, Schubert nnd Ilea
thoren nro ringing in my oars." Aud
lowering her voice, sho whispered:
"Let us go there; tho coshmcro shawl
will como later." i
And so the voyatfo was decided. Tho
vessol that carried M nnd Mme, Thol
lln glided gayly alone tho Rhine, mat
Ing frequent stops on those enchanting
snores, where the happy couple mused
nnd dreamed, charmed by tho coquettish
villages aud tho grren vineyards
that nestled at the foot ot tho hills on
which ton cred old burgs, picturesque
ruins of militant feudal manors.
While asboro nt Stelnburck n frightful
storm overtook them Thoy found
It impossible to rcnuh tha boat In tlmo
und wero forced to take rcfugo In tho
only Inn uf the plaoe. on old tumbled
down bulldtni standing at the foot of
a rugged mountain crowned by tho
ruins ot an old castle,
Tho rooms u eio modest and tho faro
masger, consisting principally of mutton
stew and bcuns more beans than
mutton, lint rucIi a delicious white
wine sparkled in tho glasses that they
almost forgot the rest. In war we do
as warriors do; a good consclcnco promotes
guy ety, especially when
by a little white wlno; and white
wine, wo must admit, was Richard
Thollln's weak point.
Th storm continued to rope without,
and they perfoico resigned themselves
to an evening at the inn.
"Como, incUter," said Richard, ns
they sat together In tho largo room
after supper, "wo nro In tho heart ot
the land of legeuds. I.lka nil your
countrymen, you must bo woll versed
In such loro, und, though not on tha
bill of fare, 1 hopo you will servo ono
for dessert"
"Ah, my Ac ,r monsieur," protested
mine host, "wo should not spca'.c of
suoh things when tho thuudor is
rumbling over our lieadi; it will bring
HI luck."
"Oo on, anywnyj wo don't mind tho
"Well, monsieur, you see that old
castle towering above us over there-It
Is haunted by . specter, and that is
why it Is deserted."
"Jlut who Is this specter?"
"In his day ho was a pow erful lord
and a great brignnd, JIu wns harsh to
his vassals, robbed travelers nnd buried
his moucy and stolen goods in some
cave ltnoun to him only. Di'ring a
great storm ho died suddenly nud had
no time to disclose the placo ot concealment
In which ho had chosen to
bury his treasures. And slnco that
time, whenever there Is a storm, frightful
cries are hoard from tha ruins. It
U the soul uf tho accursed lord, condemned
to wander tlmro until some
good Christian finds the trensuro nud
distributes it to the poor."
'Mali! What n farce!" sneered Richard.
"I must gq and see tho plnco, aud
If I find thu famous treasure well,
yuu (hall lntvo your cashmcro shawl,
my Stephanla."
"My dear, you are ridiculous with
your legends," replied his wife. "They
make mo yawni I inn going to bed."
Itwastnldiilght, tho fantastic hour,
Richard Thollln was tolling up tho narrow,
rooky path that led to tho ruins
of tho old castle, lie was no coward
and was determlued to scorch the old
U'irg la the hopo of meeting the phantom
and finding out where tho treasure
was concealed.
As be entered tho bomber urchway
tbora suddenly arose bofora him u tall,
White figure, luminous nnd moving,
With tho light And shadowy movormmt
of tht specter,
"So you have como at last, Thollln,11
said a deep, sepulchral voice. "I havo
long expected you. Messed nro you,
courageous mortal, who came to
Then, pointing to u cavity umlvMM
fMts)Wy hf went oui A
"All the tools nro there)
take them and follow ma "
However brave a man :nny bo, lie. in
at way Impressed 1iy a phantom.
found u plek nnd shovel,
placed them on Ills shoulder and followed,
Tho specter nsondcd n narrow
BtnlrwnyV llirhtod only by his
spectral light.
"Whstl wbsll this wny," ho called.
After many turns und w Itullng they
halted and tho phmilom pointed to u.
large ling with his bony finger.
"Thollln," he commanded, "ralso
that stone and tako the treasure my
luor treasurol"
Richard set tovork resolutely, pant.
Inff nnd perspiring, os ho tugged nt tho
heavy stones; (or it was a work moro
fitting ti laborer or u mason than tho
chlc( of nn important department at
the Louvre. Hut success 'at last
crowned his efforts, tho ling yielded,
was quickly thrust aside, rcvcallnga
dark cnvlty. and then what a dazzling
slghtl SUvor florins, gold ducats,
sparkling stones ah, what u treasure!
llo filled his. pockots they wero
too small. Inking off his coat, lio Improvised
a bag and filled it also, but
still there was more.
"I will take this much," he said to
himself, "and come booh for tho rest,
to-morrow, ilow delighted Stephanla
wlllbol Sho will not only havo her
cashmere shawl, but wonderful Jewels
also "
Ho started (or tho door, but the phantom
stood on the threshold, barring tho
"No, no, Thollln," he said, in nhnrsn,
determined voice, Clothing- by halves.
I will tako nothing on account on my
salvation. You must tako nil or yo
cannot pass."
, "Ah! I cannot pats, eh?" cried
Thollln, who u ui not endowed with
much patience. "And do you think
you can stop mo, yon villain? Walt!
I'll show jou what n l'arlsii.n can do."
As he spoke hesprung nt tho specter,
clutching his thrcut In his strong
"Mercy! Mcrcyl Are you mad? You
are strangling mcl'1 gasped the phantom.
"Strangling you, nm IV So much the
better -the world will bo rid of vou."
nnd Richard's fingers closed tighter arid
tighter, until the phuntom ccused hla
"Tlirro 1 havo settled him,"- mut
torod he; "now for the trensuro"
OM u hat stupefaction! No coat, no
pawning cavity, no treasure, llo
rubbed hi eyes am' u soft light
the modo.t, room of the inn; it
was tho dawn of duy.
Un the oed ut his sitlo Mine. Thollln
was gasping (rightfully, her faei
purplo, her throat discolored.
He had strangled his wife his darling
A ftor much troublo and anxiety sho
w as saved. Hut slo has never forgiven
him. bho Is determined to obtain a
diVoree and return to her music.
Krom tho Trench, In Chicago News.
Tim IUre tn xald tn llo llylui; Out In the
Chief Lot, of the Lower Spokanes,
gives tho following causes of the da
cllne of his race: "Our peoplo are accustomed
to n diet of fish, gamo and
herbs, with plenty of exercise, nnd tho
change to our prcjent diet lifts been
detrimental to tho health of our young
men. The majority are now attacked
with pulmonary consumption nnd the
race is gradually dying1 out t beliovo
that if schools wero established in our
country, whero physiological and
tary laws could bo taught, nn improvement
in tho physical condition of tha
Indians would result. Tho young men
havo attended tho Chemawa school,
but tho change from tho mountains to
tbo low land has been fatal to them.
Wo want sohools In our own ttrrjtory,
and both tha loyalty nnd the health 6!
the Indians would be increased.
"It is sad," continued tho chief,
speaking Impressively and emphasizing
his words with emphatic gestures, "to
look upon tho apparently healthy mop.
standing around me, nnd then to think
of my peoplo declining In health nnd
strength und dying promnturoly. I account
for this by tho fact that th eso
men are educated, and their knowledge
of physiological laws enables
them to prolong life, while illness of
our poople means doath. The Indians
wha choose agricultural pursuits as a
mode ot living tiro doing well, and will
improve when they understand it
thoroughly. I am n farmer, as is tho
majority of my tribe, Tho farmers'
physical condition Is very good. Tho
appliances (or catching salmon lu tho
Columbia aro to effcctlvo thnt wo seldom
seo any in the Spokane river, and
fishing has ncarlyd!eil out" Portland
sho Lutes n Toad.
Tho IHddeford (Me.) Journal has
found a Sw lady who has n very odd
pet In n big garden touil which has (or
three years passed his existence iu tho
lady's (root yard, No clog etcrknow
his master or mistress bettor than this
load does tho ludy of the house. When
sho puts In appearance tho toad Invariably
comes out from under the.olep
togrcot her and blinks wisely and attentively
as she talks to him, but should
any other person or voice intrude upon
the sceno Mr. Toad qulokly retroaH to
his abode under tho steps. Durinirono
ot tho hot days tho lady went out into
tho yard to water her plants and tho
toad promptly nppoured, wearing; nn
unmlstnUnbly oppressed aspect It
Boomed to tho lady thut ho wus begging
lor n snowcr until untl sho gave hint
otio. sho suys mat the toad actually
smiled his gratitude to her and sang
contentedly until the left him. Upon
Wat m days since tho toad has como In
as regularly for his shower hath as tho
pltiuts lmve fur their sprinkling.
Ill) Took u IlulltUy.
"I don't often ti eat myself to a holiday,"
said n young business man to a
friend, "but i.iy wife kept teasing mo
to tako n day off, so yesterday I staid
at homo."
"That must havo beeu pleasant," responded
his filcnil; "(col rested, I
"Not inuohl Thu girl left nnd I had
to help my wife. 1 took tha screens out
of all tho door and iv!mlows,washod tho
windows, shook thu dining room rugs,
burned tho leaves 111 tha fiont yard, duff '
up the house, plants nud potted them In
tho cellar, can led In it ton otcoal and a
load of (liidllug, chopped the tomatoes
for my wife's ptcalllll, und tha int of
the time took care of tho baby. No, I
can't say thut I feel rested." Detroit ,
t'roe I'ress. t
-The routl ngunt U In
throw up their hands, but 1m dQMiiM
SjiWS y
rt) )
Out For Ifl
J. Wallace Warfield,
Jno. F. Danforth.
And Ho lCrpt 'rrrnmleiit from Writing
Un It lliann 1 liluct fur l'rllit.
One of tho correspondents who followed
tl'O fortunes of the nrmy in the
northwest reports a suggestion of satlro
from Fort i'recl Smith The serlbo had
been filling pages with notes of the
country and the events transpiring
there, or wiitinfr them out nt length
from all soi ts ot lmfoi inatlon. llo tvas
Inclined to know moro about the Indian
question and tho standing army than
tho goncral commanding, and was by
no means chary of suggestions suggestions
which ho tendered tho pack-ors
when tho oillcers would not listen.
One day he wus sitting iu tho
tent when two ofllccrs wero Ailing
a certain long-necked bottlo with an
for possible snakebites. The
jug containing tlto general supply had
a Ititge, diffusive, mouth, nnd the bottle
Into which they wished to Introduce It
wus provided with n stingy opening
that received yury relnctantly, no matter
what thu volutin) of Issuo might be.
"We'll spill moro than wo save," said
ono of the ofllccis. "Where's a funnel?"
"Mlkuenrsa inula sloped on It Inst
night aud mashed It."
The correspondent stopped in tho
door of the tent llo wnnted to bestow
uilvlco. but was doubtful of its acceptance.
Tha colonel commanding came
along, He advised the subalterns to
drink u much a they would probably
wpste, and break the bottlo. Ono ot
the" ofticers nuggested imagining the
bottle was full, and nn attempt to
(haw stimulation fiom fancy Another
thought If tho mule who mashed the
funnel knew what Interests had beu
uffeoted ho would probably ,'pologlre.
Hut all iMs time tho ixittle was empty,
I'rcsently the colonel turned to the
coi respond jnt, tore a sluot of stiff paper
from his ample note book rolled it
Into n funnel and thrust Its little end
In thotltiw
"Homo people," Mid he, as tho delighted
oillcers together held up the
Sf; nnd lutoni'.! to (Uii Ikjuor chatting
udly dotvn tlm tapurwoy, "nomo pco
;0 spoil good paper by writing1 oa M.
f l'1',1," ,f,"'tW Wd ,mi' irosa tkt)
Furs In l'uror.
Moss-green plulnor with
shaggy bnrsnr dots, Is combined with
various fura and looks remarkably well
with nearly every sort. It Is extremely
effective nnd stylish with black fox and
black braiding.or wltti black astrakhan,
looking brighter and richer by contrast
It combines excellently with
mink or sealskin uau Is In equally good
taste with beaver or lynx. Itollsof fur
as a finish to all tha edges of a garmont
nre (juito hs fashionable ns bands or
vJMo borders. Golden-gray bonvtr is
much usod t inwn color and gray
cloth by women of clear complexion
nnd rich color. The deep, rich shades
of brown nro, however, becoming to
moro types of faces s than any other
color that is made up unrolieved with
other color, Itedlngotcs of goldtn brown
Velours du Nord are both stylish and
eminently becoming Cloak dresses
mailo of this material are slashed at
the sides, showing petticoats of golden
brown corded silk or India enshmere
figured with small Dowers or gray-lined
tufts tinted llko nulomn loaves. Chicago
scltiiillln illclis.
Old I.ady These 'ere scientific notoi
In th' pupers notvpilays Just make mi
tired Never heard such uonseuse ii
my Iwi n days.
JS'ephew What have you struck now
Old I.ady This paper says Jupiter l
in opposition to tiiv vim. The Idea'
Olc Jupiter can't luild u candle to Mm
K V Wueltly
Highest of all in Leavening Power. -
No Ailvuntagv.
A. man whoso head wm peHtsttfy
bald sat down In u chair In fcOrlsweld
streat barber-shop with a grin oa kit
face, and as ho was bulng lathered attUt
"I suppose you huve observed tkat I
am bald-headed?"
"Yes, sir; I has obsarvcf It, salt," atv
piled the barber,
"liather got tho ndvuutageef mat,
"How, sail?"
"Why, you can't very well ask Eta II
I want ray hah cut."
"No, sah, I can't sah; but I wishes! to
call your 'tcnshiiii to my li'arreuewar
flfty cents n bottlo a pint ia Vrttl
make your h'ar grow lu fo" vttlaa.
anr Uotrolt Tree Tress.
A foml Jluiitnr.
"Sow can you have the heart to boat
ytmi own Uesh and blood so cvuelly?"
oakad a Texst jiutlcoof anejjrowosaar
who was up for cruelly beating bar
looking child,
"Whar't dur any flesh and blood?
2W am uuffin on de brat 'ceptltv hide
und bones. I'so beat dut chile by 4a
Boar an' ham t lotcli uo blood. I
mv tke tight ot blood nohot
Jiop, nhoso fablsa havo booen rowl
for more than 2,000 yoars was born
'2G0 yeare bofora Ohriat. Ho woh a
slatti In tht island of Snmos, Grooco.
Hussoll Sago's income in estimated
nt$lGnraiuuto. Thatdyuamltocrnnk
must havo robbed the poor man of
about f 1.1 8C worth of wltublo tiino.
. U, S. Hov't Report, Aug. 17, i88r
a' I

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