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Bol Ivoolxldge on the Wrpnthuave wi
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New Members A Stirring Scene
taking ud
i5 the regular or
der of busi
ness b a1 i d
Pres fdent
Howell as he
removed his
nhfiw of
i slco and called the Baldheaded Club
i to order I desire to sunnlement the
s very able remarks mada in my
urai aaaress witn a few more
sions arrived at as the result of care-
r Till nAntiiHnimdAn AnH bAHAiln nMiln
iiu wuLuusinuuu ttuu ddiiuuq vugiur
tion J was very much embarrassed
andjfoViBrwhelmedwith confusion as
rtis usullv the case when I deliver ah
address and unwittingly neglected to
nAiroi tna nooa no rVia Karirai a oar
VI n trtnlfkH i Art 4fnf I nn
ihg out of my way to drop my pile
L driver on toes neither
iar uooui uouging joes mat iiuppou
edtoibe in myt way To use the
words of my friend Sam Jones It is
the hit dog that hollers If any
bodyhas heard any yelping around
town since my laBt argument in favor
of truth and morality in pdlitics he
may reasonably conclude that some
bodys purp has been hit- Further
more I want it understood that in the
event there is anyfighting to do as a
result of my fearless utterances I
have made an arrangement by which
i I am relieved of the responsibility
thereto appertaining The editor of
the Kentuckian who is usually pres
ent to report the proceedings of this
Club has kindly consented to as
sume responsibility for any provoca
tive matter that may get into his re-
port Therefore if any remarks I
may make from time to time should
inflame any belligerent with a desire
to shed blood will some member of
the Club please inform said disturber
of the peace before hostilities begin
that J am busy and that my represent
tativeinallbellicos6 matters cariv be
lound at the Kentuckian office We
will now proceed to business
The petitions presented at the last
meeting were taken up and acted
upon s
Col Jeff Morris on afavorable re
portrfrom the Sparse Plumage com
mittee was admitted and instructed
-in the secret work
l typol Green Champlin
pitied for one year for shaving his
hepd was re instated
CqI Walter Southall whose peti
tion was referred to the Circular
Clearings committee was taken -in
and given the grip and passwords
Col Crit Anderson on a favorable
- recommendation from the Barren
Landscapes committee was given the
thilSUand highest degree Col An
derson is an unusually fine subject
having discarded the use of hair en
tirely excepting an almost invisible
lambrequin just above his collar
Col Dave Wiley was fined 1 and
sentenced to spend his Christmas in
Nortonville for using snake oil on his
head last summer
Under the order of new business
Col Bob Wooldridge offered a reso
lution tendering to President Cleve
land who by-the-way is a
man at heart the services of
the entire membership of the Hop
kinBville Baldheaded Club in the
event of a war with Venezuela
This patriotic resolution brought a
number of timid members to their
feet and several pairs of knees were
seen to knock together
Col Walter Kelly said he was in
favor of all of the members going ex
cept himself He had just rented a
new office for next year and couldnt
possibly get away for three or four
Col Lem McKee said he was like
Henry Watterson he didnt care
what nappened so it didnt happen to
iim He couldnt think of going be
cause he didnt believe -it would be
altoc other safe for a man of his robust
L physique to get out in iront or a lot
ft of loaded guns
H r Col Y1 Cooper said tnis tnmg or
lighting witn modern armaments was
no childs play With these new
tangled guns that shoot a hundred
times a minute somebody would be
pfetty apt to get hurt and he was
afraid it might be him He would
have to be excused from going
Col Buck Leavell said ne couldnt
fiffhtuntilJbe eot real mad and as he
ijyiad nothing against the English he
gi a aencaoy in Killing mem xe
idesHehadbeeu -elected city
urerand tbetown couldnt spare mm
Col Wooldridge had been mani
festing great impatience while these
discouraging remarks were being
made and bb soon w he could catch
the eye of the President he sprang to
his feet and delivered an impassioned
address that has not been equaled
for its burning eloquence since the
famous speech of Col Claggett in
favor of the abolition of the ridicu
lous custom of wearing hair on the
outside of the head He threw hiin
1 self into the breach t and with eyes
1 flashing fire and his voice trembling
with sutroressed emotion spoke as
r I am ashamed or trie cowardice 1
onanuebitju uu woty piuu xaua n
fto this that the baldheaded
i BBofthe country are never to
7 Mri mi
c irOQt OiUtJpl 1U VrtllUlJ IUCUUD3I XOi
lpwe61ohel43 it possible that Jyoi
going to sit idly bV and see
mi licked without taking a hand
the lkloug i There iw blood by the
barrel tobe spiltndwemust help
spill it It his oeentuty years
sincewe gave - Johivan tji last
thrashingndhesetiiug too big
for his breeches Wo f must go to
Venezuela Wemuit invade Canada
we must ngnt ana ngni iOf ki
wo die think of
live think of the
on vou one and
the glory and it we
pensions M call up-
alLto rally to the
finer wn lnvoi Get ouVvdur fisrht
ing clothes and wheat the eaglo
Screams lets beardthotBritish lion in
his den arid takehisBide for a door
mat I have spoken
It would be impossible to depict
theiscede that followed this ringing
call tdarms
Every member was on his feet and
spoiling fora fight The vote was
taken and the resolution passed with
out a dissenting vote - Patriotism
was rampant and Wooldridgewathe
hero of the hour
There was not much use attemptin
to transact any further business an
the Club adjourned for one week
Before you leave to mingle with
the outer world said the President
Let me speak a few words oi caution
Next Wednesday is Christmas and
you knowthe dangers that are liable
to beset you during the holiday seas
on Be careful how you fool with
fireworks and things Kemember
that the government may shortly
need your services Dont get in the
way of explosives and risk your lives
in times of peace Donft get shot
Dont geteven half shot Keep your
eyes open andyour heads dlear and
when the gavel vsbunds next Satur
day nigh tlet every Colonel be in his
place The meeting stands adjourn
ed Southall gimme chew tobacco
I Lamentations
Ive Votched th6 postman day by day
IrePDIlrecl deep and long
TU1 really i am growing gray
VMy porves are much less strong
Of sisters dear I hare but ono
01 brothers I Jiavo three
Ivwatched the malls from sun to sun
And no one -writes to me
Yes sun to sun and week to weeK
And not one single line lf
Til now Ha heaped up months on
months j
The cause I cant define I
Ive pondered on the thought till lo
I amieellngveryblue
At least one letter each theyowe
- i And long since bver due
I bad some friendsln by gone days
Atleastlthoughttherflso -
Xswonldonotlinowl t
Oh can It be through lapse of time j
That theyve forgot my name
Or anchored In some distant clime
Their lettejs never came
Or from this sinful wdrld below
Their spirits all have filed
Oh can it be Oh can It be
That all my friends are dead
J P Brasueab
Fort Worth Texas Deo 11 1895
Major House sold 66 hhds 5 hhds
Anderson co new leaf at Sll 11 9 80
- -
9 10 9 8 Fayette new leas at 513 50
12 75 11 10 25 to 9 20 5 Fayette new
luirs at S7 20 6 90 6 30 6 20 5 80 2
Favettenew trash at S3 60 310 10
Owen new leaf and lugs at 1225 11
10 75 9 80 to 8 20 6 Owen new lugs
at S6 60 6 30 5 90 to 5 10 Madison
new leaf and lugsat 39807 65 80
6 Mercer new lugs at 620 6 10 5 80
5 60 5 20 5 15 Scott new trash at
U 90 3 60 3 30 3 25 280 to 1 77 3
Barren new dark leaf at S5 20 4 80
4 60 1 Hopkins new dark leaf at 6
Pee Dee Letter
Pee Dee Kt Dec 18 May we
again occupv a small space in your
Everyone is making a great many
preparations for Christmas
The young people are making
ready for many parties
Misses Mary and Lizzie Nance
who are in school in Auburn Ky are
expected home Saturday They will
spend the Christmas holidays with
us add then return to their school
We are sorry to know that Miss
Annie will not spend Christmas with
us she prefers staying in Monmouth
111 Albert n not the only one who
will mourn her absence but we all
miss her very much for she is loved
bv both old and and young and car
ries gladness and sunshine where
ever she goes
Rev Meacham will fill his appoint
ment at Little River church Sunday
Miss Zaidee Hester spent several
days last week in Bennettstown
Miss Lucy JNance nas peen reai
sipk for several weeks We fear she
has heart trouble
Mrs G W Jones is reported no
Much to the sorrow of many
friends 3Iisa Crenshaw talks of
spending Christinas with Miss Sallie
Deeds near Trenton
We are expecting a visit from two
Fairview boys next week
Mr J B Nance and family are go
ing to move to Hopkinsville next
year We are very sorry t6 lose Mr
Nance from our vicinity
Mr Bracio Campbell of Roaring
Springs visited our neighborhood
last week t
Mr Ed Jones ofNewstead was
asked why he was looking so pleas
ing He answered Oh T just had
a letter from my girl and she will be
at home Saturday
Dr Caudle has several very sick
There is a good deal of pneumonia
in this vicinity
Mr Ri F Donnell is color blind
He thinks everything is Redd
Misa Minnie Jones ofNewstead
spent several days with friends in
mir tnwril V
With beat wishes to the
Romeo c
There anf stilf tipples to
Governor Bradley is a very busy1
man these days i
Mi3s Winnie Davis is preparing
new book wjth scenes laid in China
George W Adams has been ap
pointed postmaster at Georgetown
Hon P Wat Hardin has decided
to locate at FranUfbrt and practice
law there r V
Mrs Zelinda Ashton has been ap
pointed poptrnFer nt Flemingsburg
tp succeed her husband v
- Allen Thurmans will has been ad
mitted to probate His estate was
valued at S160000
Failure for last week have been 377
in the United States against 340 last
Fred Short a solicitor of the Sun
Life Comoany Iibb lert Paducah
short- 88 in his accounts
The Court o Appeals affirmed the
last of the Tafe defalcation cases
The surities are released from the
paymeni of 59000 inconterition
By an explosion of fire damp in a
mine at Dayton Tenn 29 miners
lost their lives without a moments
Gen Moses B Walker the last
federal to leave the battle field of
Chickamanga died at Kenton O
Dec 18
Gov Bradlev has appointed Dr J
T Kindley of Owenoboro burgeon
general in the state guard with the
rank of Cononel
A girl baby born in Kokomo Ind
a few davs ago is the fourteenth
daughter of the fourteenth daugh
ter of a fourteenth daughter
The twenty eighth annual conven
tion of the National American Wom
an Suffrage association meets at
Washington D C January 13
Treasurer elect Long has appoint
ed his brother-in-law H E James of
Edmonson count Jf to be his assistant
The place pays 1500 a year
Win Allen of Casey county was
run over by an engine at Morehead
and killed He- leaves a wife and
eight children
Benedict Carrice of Raywickk Ma
rion county killed himself with a
pair of shears stabbing himself
through the heart
Archibold Forbes the war corres
nnnrtant and iournalist is danger
ously ill and believed to believed to
be on his death oeci
Mrs Martha Worthington mother
of the Lieutenant Governor was
found dead in her bed at Greenup
Heart failure
Gov Bradley appointed Frank
Coles of Ashland Thomas J Lan
drum of Louisville and George H
Ahlers of Newport members of his
millitary staff
Postmaster General Wilson has ac
cepted the Invitation of the faculty
of -Vanderbilt university Nashville
Tenn to deliver the commencement
address in 1896
J B McKinley of Crittenden coun
ty who was injured by the premature
explcsiou of dynamite while working
in an O V quarry has recovered
2500 damages from the road
A panicky Jeeliug prevailed on
Wall street Friday and there were
heavy declines in all stocks Several
failures followed the sudden declines
A better feeling prevailed yesterday
Richard P Clay has bought a 10
000 slander suit against Dr O W
Rash at Henderson Clay alleges
that Rash accused him of stealing
his tobacco sticks
Joe Vendig has deposited with
Richard K Fox a check for 1000 aB
a guarantee that Bob Fitzsimmons
would meet Peter Maher at El Paso
Tex February 14v -
Morgan the oldest equine survivor
of the civil war died at Versailles
Ky Wednesday aged 37 years Ho
was ridden byGen John H Morgan
the famous confederate raider
A farmer named Smith living near
Little Rock Aark fatally stabbed
his wife and then blew out his brains
The couple had agreed to seperato
and quarreled over the division of
their five chrildren
Thp unprecedented rainfall of last
weak ia the West has causad a rise of
sixteen feet in the Mississippi river
Forty families in the lowlands near
Alton 111 have been forced to flee to
higher ground Much damage to
railroad and farm property is report
ed from Missiouri but no lives nave
been lost
Highest Honors Worlds Fair
A pure Grape Cream of JaHar Powder Fre
from Ammonia Alum orariy thdultrant
t -
i -
r VymiWiwn
ivS -
fcHf J
J i
Vi mt i C ff-
U CMr l i EJ
- TOtf
m -MB -v
y Mi
Dont forget that the cold weather
will hurt your horse
Buy a 331anket for him
QJE different patterns in Lap Robes
for you to select from
We are going to close out
the balance of our
7fl I V-
i We areofferincr tob much for the monev audiny th
fcVi i a
lafet edition of tliispaper our Santa Claus
ed into smitbereensTaud his jolly old face wont smile -on
- i
w SM
5 f 1
t itJt
A t
lv7 Jk TPSWI
-- rrn
Thats what thq people are when they look at what jh a
they have bought elsewhere ior a -dollar arid thenseejr ikTr
what they could have bqught here for the same amount
i idii t
It is conceded that we lead all our competitors
in new and stylish DRESS GOODS-
Whatever you want in the way of Dry G oods 6
Carpets Shoes Notions and Millinery can be found
in our elegant stock Call on us
Just A Vord
One Half Price
adjust half the original price jfot a great many
-left now and sizes are brokeii so you had better
come early
M Mens and Boys Suits carried over
from last year will be sold at
Half Price
r W
s aft

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