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Railroad Commissioners Con
vention Will He HeldAlarch 10
On Account State Central and
Executive Committees
LJccn Called at Lexington
Alarch 8
Paducah Nkws
The First district railroad commis
sioners committee met Tuesday in
the parlors ot the Palmer house in
pursuance to call Usucd by Chair
man J D Mocquot of this city
Mr C M Meacham of Hopkins
ville member from the second dis
trict was present in person He
had the proxies ot W Roark of
the Third and Geo 1 Fulton of
the Fourth district
The state central and state exe
cutive committees hae been called
t meet at Lexington Mai ch S the
same day on which the convention
had been called at Hopkiiiville It
would be impossible f n Western
Kentucky members to be at both
places Fortius mason Mr Meach
am offered a lesolutinn thit was
adopted chingui the date of the
Ilopkinsvilieconwiitto id -in March
8 to 10
Follow in i the otliciti v II from
the committee
Official Call
Pursuant to the call at the chair
man the democi atic district com
mittee of the first railroad district
of Kentucky met at 1aducah K
at noon Februaiv 28 IS
There were present J I Moc
quot chairman ot the Hist district
Chas M Meacham ecietai of
the Second diti ict O W Roark
of the Third district b piv and
Geo S Fulton of the Fourth dis
trict by prow Absent S li Disb
nian of the Kiev en th ilctnt The
chairman stated that when the call
was issued there was but one can
didate for railioad commissioner
and it was thought that the commit
tee might want to take -nine
toWwf V
in regard to culling in the distnct
convention but i another candi
date had enteied the cmitist such
action wa i noiv rendered intd it-able
Tlieietore tne mattei ot call
ing in the convention hvictolnre i
was not taken up
Change of Date
The following rcsiilutioi wisun
animoiMv adopted
iicreas An uutoi tuuate contlict
has occuircd in the tune of meeting
of the democi atic -late executive
committee at Lexington the
Fir st district lulioid convention
1 iiooMii villc oa Maini S In
wliidi niciiiliiTs ot tlu s committee
v liose piexencc is essential it botii
gatherings will lind it impu to
pi tin in ttieir double mi the
bame Uav theietoie
Resolved riiit the delegate- t
be -elected b the countie
of tins district on March 1 undci
the call of this eonimttee are heic
b 01 deied and called to assemble
at llopklllsv die- at 2 oclock p III
Friday March 10 in tead t Wcd
nebda March 8 IK
Whereupon the committee ad
J 1 Mocoioi Chairman
Cuas M Miacham
Secretarj Knst Kailroad Di tnct
Democratic Committee
A southern Association
There is a grand move on the
part of some piominent breeders of
tne South lor the organization of a
Southern Poultr Association
Sjme Texas and Mississippi breed
ers along with myself and several
otnerb of Louisiana have had this
mjst important of Southern chicken
combination talk for some months
aid now that the ball has started
to roll down the hill do not let it
stop until it strikes the bottom and
pans out pay dirt We must
will and shall have a Southern As
sciation and there are today
SUca breeders as N L Hutchison
Cystal Springs Miss W A H
E Pouncey Waco Texas K L
L Simmons Shelby 2i C Savage
Bros Belton Texas C A Mc
Anulty Circleville Texas W J
Warriner Fori Worth Texas J
G McReynolds Dallas Texas
Gnbble Miller Waco Texas
- - - mmi
WSMk ffliB
m m n
wtzzz g yctitmssa
The Amen I
pf marriage ii
j always a baby
i without it
I wedlock is a
summer field
that nevet
blooms a
flower that
never buds a
I night without
star a sermon
without a ben
Icdtctioti a
prayer without
an Amen
There nevei
was a husband
worthy of the name who did not aspire
to be the father and the grandfather of
healthy capible children to hand down
his name and the fortune accumulated by
the sweat of his brow from generation to
generation There never was a wife fit to
bear that noble title who did not wish to
wear wominhonds most trlorious crown
Sanniels New Oilcan- A Alono
New I I h Klfett
New Oilcans- lioige M Clirke
Kensington la 10 Dun tun Wnu
naAIi WI IMingstav Nashville
Teiin H 1 Mcalfei ti Birming
ham Ala and man others wio
would only be to anxious tor the
notice of a meeting lor
tionofthis association while there
are plentv more that I do not men
tion who will be with us The
State ot Texas can lurnish at least
si gMd experienced member- if I
am not much mistaken and I dont
think I am I know Louisiana will
furnish ten iiieinbe i s at
lea t ten Win that- a staiter
w hat moi e do v ou w ant
Now whats the matter fellow
Suitheiii breeders fanciers and
everyone interested with having a
meeting heie in New during-
the Louisiana Industrial K
positioii May 7 to si ISM for the
organisation ot this association
and let us have a show in some
Southern cm luiin the veir IS1
Let it be at Waco Texas to start
with and New Orleans or some
other Southern city the following
year Beside the parties above
named there will be many more
w ho w ill di op into hue by lay and
woik tin the o the associa
tion and we can have- one more
rousing Mmthei n meeting and coin
bied cllort of every Southern
breed ei to put a shoulder to the
w iieel and keep it lolling along
never to Lei every writer in
fie South wnie hi- or her opinion
on tin- that the render
ed the poultiv pie can lealie
tnit the South a- well a- the Ninth
and he 10 ist can have a united as
s ciatnm for the betterment of the
poiilti v i Ueiestsnf the entne South
and I tiu t that eveiy breeder and
fiucici will let hear fioin him
I nominate Will Pouncey Wa
co Texas and N L Hutclu on
C v stal Springs Miss asfitempoi -an
chairiiuii io whom tjuestions
cm be propounded and answered
It each questioner will kindlv en
close a two cent stamp for the
return of the information he wishes
I think any one of the above will
willingly answer all questions
Heres success to the Southern
Poultry Pigeon and Pet Stock As
sociit ion
Yours Yery Fraternally
Jio A IOvkicii
Secretary La Association
New Orleans Feb
They Could Afford to Wait
ill home ve please explain how
the Ohio plumbers found tune to
meet in State convention while vv a-
ter pipes vveie bursting uiul
mjf -Cleveland lJress
Ti e loiifjHt telephone line in Ii r
til uy ei u nets Memel with a
u -e 1 Jl2 kilo neters
ir inin wiin ciriie a llro i
PAINi ER hii
Pape ha ttfiiifH ialty
All work tiuann ti
I HI V- OfilHIh HI UllK Voilllirt
Mvtix i wj cw j
i ii lywFuwrrr
i oiilile the iicieiifrc iiml produoes more
t li it ii Iwiee us miieli eotton ns iinv other
slate in the union St Ihe siime time
thtie is tint one Mitte OUIulioina in
uhieh the priee is Iovmt iiii liul one
Texas Growers Influenced by
the Prevailing Low Prices Are
Turning Their Attention to
Tobacco Raising
the sceptre of motherhood Thousands acres with tobacco Aside from cnttie of the southern staple to 1rcneli ports
of wedded couples otherwise happy fall
short of wedlocks greatest happiness be
cause they are childless In the majority
of cases this is because the wife through
ignorance or neglect suffers from weak
ness and disease of the organs distinctly
feminine For women who suffer in this
way there is one great medicine that does
not fail to accomplish its purpose It is
Dr Pierces Favorite Prescription It act
directly on the delicate organs concerned
and makes them strong healthy vigorous
virile and elastic It allays inflammation
heals ulceration soothes pain and touc
the shattered nerves It fits for wifehood
and motherhood It quicken and vitalises
the distinctly feminine organism it Dan
ishes the maladies of the expectant month
and makes babys introduction to the world
easy and almost painless It insures the
littfe new comers health and nourishment
in plenty It is the best supportive tonic
for nursing mothers
Mrs Jennie IMrks of Marshall spokaue Co
Waih writes I am glad to tell of the good
results of ymir great medicine Dr Piercei
laoirile Prescription I was benefited h oui
medicine In confinement It gives me strength
I hae no tired feeling and m lali is th
picture of health I feel letter than I hae ir
ten years
In cases of constipation Dr Piercei
Pleasant Pellet should be ited as ar
adjunct to the Iioiite Prescription
the areextremcU simple perfectly natttra
and iusuic prompt and permanent relief
TTKXAS planters ure gradually onus engaged in the laising of cniton
ii Domicilii their allegiance to iimI a piohibltivu tnriirhoon put a Mop
- Klm fulfil mil nlnnlifiir fllitf 111 illV flirllllM Illflplief fll till PMinrlu
---- - - -
B - I h
cotton lias for niaiij jenrs been the I lieu the piice fell again to a point
great staple product of the Lone Star den lower than before and lheIYas
Mute und cur after ear the crop has planter hud H again seek oilier
grown larger in proportion to the nets for his acres Those interested In
eral increase in the product throughout solving the uillicult agileultural
the United State Hut the increase of lems of the slate proposed a decreased
the product has brought a decrease of Sicieuge us a menus of raising the pi ice
price until the past jear has seen cot- This might have helped Iiud Ihe acre-
ton ut the lowest price ever reached K been decreased but the planter
In this connection a tble recently com- depended on the olliei man to deereuse
piled by tiie treasury bureau of stath Ids while he wished to prtdil li the in-
tics Is of special interest This table erense in price and plantul even more
shows that the United Stutcs the chief cotton than ever Hut the other man
cotton producer ofthe world has quad- did not deeiease his acreage and as u
rinded her production of cotton since result we find in 18 lh and 1S01
1S7U and that the price of cotton in the
same time has fallen to about one fourth
thut which prevailed in that year In
J87U the cotton crop is shown to have
the heuviest production of cotton ever
raised in the state up to that time
Uie total running up for one year to
more than 0000000 bales
cA Jteld of Cuban Leaf Tobacco in Southeast Texas
been l1Sus 1494 pound s ith mi a
erage price of 2210 eents per pound
In 18 the erop i reported nt 5507
172051 Miiuils with an avt rage piieeof
ti 21 eents per pound
This deereuse in pi lee is easily ae
toiinted for When it iseonwdereil tliat
the other portions of the world that
pinduce cotton have not reduced their
pioduetion meantime it is easily ap
parent that the increase ot the cotton
has bien far in advance of the
Mpiikuion or con siiniing power
While ail of the southern states have
suffered lv this overproduction in thi
Two i ears ago the papers took up the
subject and ng ain pre tie lied di versifi
cation of crops and urged the planters
In theii own interests to plant anything
but cotton The agitation in this line
ut this time was o strong and the idea
met with such general commendation
that for a time it looked as though the
cotton erop of Texus would practically
drop out of existence But when the
time for planting1 came everybody again
turned to cotton nnd the past seasons
erop has been as heavy aa ever and the
price It has been lower than ever
Now the planters are thoroughly
tlieir staple product Texas luis evident- gutted and realise that they must turn
h suffeied most She has more thnn their attention to something else If
jof en ion nt cived an priee of possible wa vv ith cotton Forty cent
hi i
pi i
their fields nre to bring tliemo revenue
nnd have taken to tobaecn
Iirvioiis eperiinent linve demon
strated the faet that Texas has both tlie
soil ind the climate foi tobacco and
other Louisiana in which the piiee is the lettirns for labor promise to be
is low Oklahiim foi her XV M huh mueh larger than could be gained in any
lobuco Thying on Tie Poles
in mi uiiiiii iix ior loUiii io will suioly he more pro II tn Die
alJrui bil iiiHiiKi m ceniM u foiii ioiit fintoii
oiiiMlilii siimi pin- iiiii the iiLriciiltiual clenartment
Iiiiii him mil Tui lit i mijI lino innti s Hint it coMs 795 to cultivate
Iv tin- J t pliniii inn fuunil liuriut and sell an acre of cotton ami
hi piiillts from col ton hnl piaeiiealh Hint the average production is 10H
disappeared and was buiKing li a new pounds lo tlie acre These HgiiicB ac-
piouiiel for Ills acres wlien ilie count for the planters loss on cotton
Hon of cottonseed oil Iiijjiiii which or tobacco the estimated coM of
sent ihe price upwind a lljjhi de- production Is L794 per acre nnd the
jree onlj but enough to lejitvenute the averaije vleld 1000 pounds Planters
hopes of the cotton plnitets In 18H2 can see a profit in 40 cent tobacco
I there wns an iiicieiise of ueailj a mil- At the annual midwinter fruit flow
lion acres In the total acreage of cotton it nnd vegetable festival In Houston
J planted The increase in the price made there was on exhibition a tine display
possible b the exportation of the oil of Tevns jalscd tobacco The denlers
lind seemed to the planter a complete ull over the state linve caught the pa
resctie from the conditions underivhlch trlotlc fever aud are offering their
I lie had been laboring for several jearsi tomers both homc ralsd smoking to
I previously and lie- Intended to make bacco and cigars of home grown to-
ihljlJ7llttJleIorieiLXlLWAnlnriBipm IlinrflferrunnthBR
- li vTy ii -
in iiim 111 yii
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ith nuiruru iiuiuvcuncr patent neeuie oar
patent drcaa guard
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To OtR Friends Another heuf on of seed timt faJt nnnmnnliimr pnrl
the wiwe nnd puiibut frirnir r will HjHin iiBe the old and favorably known
Foi h h bv AdiIIHOU efc Fowlei
aud Whhkoy ITaMtj
cured at homo
OUtnaln Tlnnlrnrnn
I U U tV B 9 13 tiltliHHPTit tlH W
Aiinuut uu eiuico iu a riyor ut
N f0 Fourth
i the most of wliat he considered a good bacco and the citizens nre smoking J T TK
JU m nnnttuooruuMJi ani AXliLL jMATIEK FJSKTILIZEltS
tlmt have for uirtnv yarH done their fu I duty wleu applied to both Spring
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TER FERTILIZERS the most cnnipleteulntit food known and the faet
of luitiinic CID PHOSPHATE ROCK in a ihk itnd branding it DIS
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