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Constitutes a General
Purpose Fowl
The first and most important re
quisite of iigeneralpurpoeiowl is to
receive as many erj as possible
and at the same time furnish as
large a market fowl in as short a
time is possible Wc also want as
many eggs as we can ge in the
fall and winter months when eggs
arc high Of -all classes of fowls 1
k Vbave triedlhaVeloundtheAmerican
CIUSS II1C UlUhl pupilim aim
ble They occupy a middle posi
tionNbetween the Asiatic and Medi
terranean classes In the Ameri
can class I prefer the Plymouth
Roclc and the White Wyandotte
hey are the most contented but
Will still Keep busy Contentment
is as essential to a well filled er
basket as almost anything A hen
that is frightened and nervous
every time any one enters the pen
will not lay eggs Their abundant
plumage keeps them warm and
they are active enough to keep
busy scratching in the litter which
should be provided to scatter the
grain in Their small combs will
not freeze so easily as the Leghorn
or Minorca and right here the Wyan
dotte has one advantage over the
Plymouth Rock The rose comb of
tin Wyandotte hen follows so close
to the head that there is really not
enough of it to freeze in a tempera
ture that will not freeze the hen
herself The White Wyandottes
are also early layers equaling in
that respectthe Leghorns We have
had them laying at 4 months and
two weeks and it is no unusual
thing for the early hatched ones to
commence laying at five months old
The Rocks are generally six or
seven months old at the earliest
The next requirement is raising
Mjiickens for marKet and here we
fcwant a chick that will grow to a
the shortest possi
ble time Both Rocks and Wyan
dottes can be grown to broiler size
in ton weeks but the Rocks have
much larger bones and consequent
ly less meat In proportion to their
- size than the Wyandottes The
-A Wyaddottes are shorter aud blocky
Vvjvith short legs and neck and well
developed breast One of the par
ticular points in which the wyan
dotte excel isthefullmeaty breasts
fy The
Wvandottes can be fattened
more readily than any other breed
and not go olf their legs The Rocks
will go off their legs veryeasily and
whenoncedown are very hardtoget
upagain The White Wyandotte has
no dark pin feathers As roasters
unsurpassed Out of a lot
they are
of 45 hatched in May there are
twenty rockerels weighing from to
7 1 nnic TTmv is that at six
months old Pullets out of the
same hatch weigh Ai to54 pounds
One ol the good qualities seldom
touched upon in these days of so
many incubators is the sitting
qualities of a hen Hut we do not
all have incubators and those of us
who do have them do not like to
trust a choice setting of eggs for
which we have paid four or five
dollars in an incubator not when
we can get a good reliable hen one
which we know and depend on to
sit on thenjand brooders will not
scratch up all the May bugs and
worms and other insects which add
so much variety to their food and
put so much vigor into the young
stock The White Wyandotte makes
one of the best of mothers She is
very quiet and will stand great
deal of fussing and
will not drng her chicks all over
creation and her abundant feather
ing covers them well in cold wet or
windy veather
Onethinglforgotto mention The
White Wyandottes fortheir size are
very small eaters They do not re
quire much more food than the Med
iterraneans and considerably less
thad the Rocks and Asiatics When
keeping fowls in large numbers this
is- an item to look at
Mns Joseph N Pkue
In American Fancier
Scaly Legs
Scaly legs are due to minute
parasites which multiply very
rapidly and sometimes affect the
whole flock These parasites be
come imbedded in the legs forming
scales making the fowl a disagree
able looking object It is easily
cured when it first appears An
ointment composed of one partkero
sene and two parts lard wjll gen
erally clean the legs entirely
Whenithe legs become heavily
rnlerl itls jnore difficult to cure
Tnffmlaiipicaae gcranettelgir
and wash and dry them Then use
a mixture composed of lard car
bolic acid and keroseneoil Scrape
the legs and use this ointment
twice a Week until the scales drop
This disease should never be
tolerated and it should have atten
tion when it first appears and is
easily avoided
Profitable Poultry keeping
There are a good many theories
about poultry keeping There are
a good many old notions and a
many or more new ones that cause
the hen a good deal of suffering as
well as the man who invested in
har For years the national ex
periment stations have been grind
ing out facts about Cattle feeding
hog feeding pig feeding and sheep
feeding but science has strangely
neglected the intricatefeeding prob
lems of chickens We hae had
chickens since the dawn of hitor
that is some one has had them
and though they may have been do
ing business at the old stand cen
tury after century 1 dont know
that any one here can produce any
proof or any hard facts demonstra
ted bv actual scientific test in re
gard to the best methods of feeding
and earring for poultry In these
days of progress in these days of
investigation in these days when
our very civilization depends upon
the honest application of -the re
sults of investigation it is strange
that the hen i allowed to group
in the dark century after century
The Utah experiment station is
one of the first to investigate the
hen and it has already given us a
few valuable facts on the subject of
profitable poultry keeping and it is
to be a discussion of these facts
that 1 shall confine myself princi
pally at this time
The first thing probably in these
experiments that will attract the
attention of the farmer is the fi
nancial result Is there money in
hens It seems strange that after
centuries of honest unremitting
work this question should come up
every day of the 3 ear stranger
still that four out of every five farm
ers will answer the question in the
negative There is no money in
hens they say Of course the
correct answer implies that the
hens receive the best possible treat
ment The man who feeds his
hens on the dunghill and a feW ta
ble scraps once a week has no
right to say that there is no money
in hens His neighbor who keeps
his hens till their teeth fall out is
no more qualified to answer the
question It is probable that there
is no money in the business as it is
conducted on the majority of farms
Iu our experiments we had nine
separate pens all under different
conditions The financial results
for the year ranged from nothing to
200 ner cent profit on the cost of
feed These nine puns were all fed
alike They received the same
kind of food though in different
quantities but they all had as
much as they would eat They
were all housed the same that is
all in the same house The pen
that gave no profit on the cost of
feed was of the same breed and re
ceived the same kind of food as the
pen that made 200 per cent The
difference was that the former was
composed of hens three or four
years old and the latter of pullets
There was another difference
the old hens were fed in boxes
while the pullets were fed then
grain food in a litter of straw mak
ing them scratch for it The form
er was pen No 1 and the latter No
4 The hens in pen 1 produced 4
eggs during the year worth at
market price 56 cents Pen 4 pro
duced 182 e- during the ear
worth SI HS Pen 1 consumed fl
cents worth of food while pen 4
consumed 62 cents worth of food
Pen 5 were old hens same as pen
1 but they were fed their grain in
the straw same as pen 4 This
pen consumed 02 cents worth of
food laid 187 eggseach worth SI
a profit of 61 per cent on the cost
of feed The food cost ot the eggs
was for pen 441 cents per dozen
for pen 1 99 cents per dozen for
nen 5 09 cents per dozen The
poorest pen in the lot pen 1 al
though the eggs they laid did no
more than pay for the food they
consumed gave it isquite possible
better results than some hens on
the farms for the reason that they
were well fed and well housed
The same hens on the average farm
and with the average feeding-
mm - i
id come snort ot navintr lor
food they consume
Now suppose you have a thou
sand hens like pen I It costs to
feed them according to our experi
ment 53750 a year They lay
S560 worth of eggs which means a
profit of S2250 from which the wa
ges of a good man must be paid for
the year and the interest on an in
vestment of say 2000 Now take
pen 4 of pullets and what are the
results They consume 620 worth
of food during the year They pro
duce eggs worth S1SS0 leaving a
profit of 1260 from which say 200
interest on investment may be de
ducted leaving 1000 for the labor
of feeding and caring for them
This is not ah estimate on paper
The Poultry Tribune
Collections for the Seventeen Days
Over Two Thousand Dollars
Chattanooga Tenn Feb 25
Messrs Jones and Stuart the
evangelists have gone and the
sinners of the city are again breath
ing freely The following figures
show the amount the re halists re
ceived for their work in this city
Total collections 2H4 ex
penses 27149 amount paid to
Rev Sam Jones for seventeen days
preaching- 063 25 amount paid to
the Rev Stuart for the same time
48180 The balance was dis
tributed anion the singers and
musician Mr Tillman of At
lanta the singer received 125
Mrs Icorge I Stuart piano 75
and Mrs Anna Jones Craham 85
Policeman Davis Now In Prison is
Trying to jet a Pardon
Versailles Ky March 2 - There
is a strong effort being made here
to secure a pardon for policeman
Davis now in prison for Killing a
negro During his public career of
twenty years Davis has killed seven
negroes and badly wounded many
Buy a pound bottle of cryslalized
carbolic acid place it in a vessel of
warm water to dissolve clean out
the hen house rake up all the old
straw feathers corn husks broken
cobs etc and cart them off to the
vineyard or some place where they
will do some good place the furni
ture back where it belongs pour
six buckets of water in a tub and
into this pour half of the carbolic
acid Now with a force pump if
you have one if not use wisps of
straw hay or a new broom sprin
kle all over the inside of the house
and the yards outside If fleas are
troublesome give their rallying
ground a sprinkling they will leave
without taking time to say good
H UlveuAutty
Separata Beautiful Flowers aud
use the lettdrs to form as many words
a- you can usiug the letters back
ward or forwards but dont use any
letter iu the same word more times
thau it appears iuBeautiful Flowers
It is said forty small Euglish words
can be spelled correctly from these
sixteeu letters For example tea
feet eet The Hamil Seed Company
will pay Two Hundred Dollais in
cash to the person sending them
forty works formed as above If you
are good at word making and can
form forty words write your unmeantl
address plainly on your list aud in
close the same with fifteeu two cent
stamps for urn packets of Beautiful
Flower Seeds of ten popular and
different varieties
Uur object iu giving this two Hun
ered Dollars is to attract attention to
and introduce our seeds iu the V S
This offer will be carefully and con
scientiously carried out and it should
not bo clashed with catch peuuy af
fairs Wewillspeud a large amount
of money to start our trade order you
will receive the greatest valus in seeds
ever offered If two or more persons
succeed iu forming forty words the
200 will be divided prq rata Mauy
extra special prizes of value will be
awarded to pei ous sending tveuty
iive words or more who will assist in
introducing our see and specialties
Satisfaction is absolutely guaran
teed or your money promptly refund
ed for the asking Seud your list as
early as possible Address Hamil
Seeci Co U6f Warren Ave Chicago
Clever Little Stories
A stylishly gowned society wo
man and the persistent shopper
formed the dramatis person ae of a
comical incident that amused a
thronsr of Saturday buyers in one of
the citys crowded department
stores says the Phildelphia Re
cord jt portion of he store having
r - i
Paris made garments was thronged
with early buyers and as one de
mure little women stood among the
line of richly dressed models the
persistent shopper began her tour
of inspection
C Continuing her hasty and inquisi
tive examination the woman went
through the entire line disarrang
ing garments on the dummies to
the great discomfort of busy shop
girls When shecame tothe pretty
clad woman who stood motionless
facing the counter the unobservant
shopper continued her inspection
She felt the silken waist and was
making an over careful examination
when thelady who was wearingthe
garment moved With a surprise
ejaculation thought you ah I
beg you pardon the shopper beat
a hasty retreat and left the store
Washingten one day came across
a small band of soldiers working
very hard at raising some military
works under command of a pomp
ous little officer who was issuing
his onler in a peremptory style in
Washington seeing the very ar
duous task of the men dismounted
from his horse lent ahelping hand
perspiring freely till the weight
at which they were working was
Then turning to the officer he in
quired why he too had nothelped
and received -the indignant- reply
Dont you know Im the Corporal
Ah well said Washington in- 1
time your men are raising so heat
aw eight send for
and hestrode off leaving
the Corporal dumfounded
A little girl who lives uptown
went to church lastSunday She is
a bright little maiden and consid
ering her tender age only six she
is decidedly intelligent Her mother
has been suffering from the grip
and didnt accompany her and as
her father was away from home she
went alone
Whether it was the loneliness of
of the big placeor whether the church
was poorly heated mamma wasnt
quite sure but anyway the little
maiden came home and declared she
was very chilly
J My toes got so cold while 1 was
sitting there mamma she de
clared And so did my fingers
and my nose I dont believe there
was hardly a speck of fire in the
That was too bad said mam
ma did the other people seem to
suffer too
Oh yes they did cried the
little maid They just shivered
Then mamma thought she would
divert the little maids attention
What was the text dear she
asked can you remember it
1 should think I could was the
quick answer 1 can member eve
ry word of it
Well what was it
The little maid put her head on
one side and screwing up her
face shrilly intoned
Many are cold but few are fro
And mamma had to admit that it
seemed remarkably appropriate
There is a comforting report that
the new Missouri apple crop is safe
The missing Missouri apple of 1898
has gloomed the entire State and
more or less saddened other com
Whore are the Conuaught Hang
ers who would have brought home
the Russian Czir in the Crimean war
if it had lasted long enough The
Duke am Duchess of Conuaught are
supposed to be iu peril 011 the upper
The country would have been
better pleased if the naval authori
ties had accepted Schleys original
opinion that there were honors
enough for all aud let it go at that
While the Philippine matter is of
sjine importance the world natu
rally turns a more anxious look of
inquiry toward the question of the
St Louis baseball frauchise
If Capt Shaffues rank is to be
raised why give him merely the title
of commodore There will hardly
be any question that he is fully as well
fitted to be an admiral as a commo
Uncle Samuel will have to add to
the army a fire brigade wite the
latest improved engines The Fili
pino is not merely a guerrilla he is
an active firebug
Do not palm off stale eggs on
your customers Aim to get a good
reputation and your goods will be
A TexaiitWoiHler
Halls Great Discovery
One small bottle of Halls Great
Discovey cures all kidney aud blad
der troubles removes gravel cures
diabetes seminal emissions weak
and lamobick rheumatism and allir
regularities of the kidneys aud bind
der in both inu and women Jtegu
latefl bidder trouble in children If
not sold bv your druggist will be
sent bv mail on ieceipi of SI One
small bottle is two months treat
ment and will cure any case above
mentioned E W HALL
Sole manufacturer P 0 box 218
Whoo Texas
For sile by T D Armistead Hop
kinsville Ky
Dallap Texas October 1J lHi S
This is to certify that I ljtve been
considered incurable bv two yood
physicians both saying I had Brights
kidney disease After using one and
one half bottles of Hall- Great Dis
eovery of Waco I think n y troubles
are at an end
H W Brown
St George Hotel
Tin has increased 9c peril since
December and is likelj to go to 30
cents per pound
You should 10 wise and we that your blood Is
rich and pure and Tour whole system out in a
perfectly healthy condition by the use of Dr
Carlstedtu German Liver Powder Then you
will be free from malaria typhoid fever colds
and the grip Dr Carlstedts German Liver
Iowuer is the uest medicine money can buy
For your Cold try Dr Ottos Spruce
Gum Balsam Prico 25c and 50c
For sale by
Anderson it Fowler
Delay in vengeance giu s a heavier
1I1B Kind You Ham Always Bought
Bears the
Zinc has advanced 1 2 cent per ll
since Dec 15
For Infants and Children
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Boars the
of L6affia
Lead has advanced 3 i ceutf pee It
aud is likely to reach 5 1 2 cents
A lond Decision
Four year- ago I was feeling bad
bad no appetite and was nervous 1
read about Hoods Sursnparilla aud
devilled to try it aud after I hadukeu
half a duzu bottles my ppetite re
turned and I hid yteatly improved
in health Miss Flokence Hioiifs
73 Hi Idle Str et Covii gtou Ky
That distress after eatim is pre
vented bv cue or two of Hoods fills
they dont gripe
It is quite natural for a pretty girl
to dress to kill when she goes out
sleighing Philadelphia North
ClmnilierlHuiH Coujli
This remedy is inten lei e pecnlly
for coughs colds croup w lumping
eough itud intlueuza K has become
faiiioui fur its euies of these
over a large part of the civilized
world The urost flittering tesiimo
uia s have been lecvived ginn c
couuts of Us good woik oi t tie ag
gmvrtting aud persistent cougliB it
has cureo of severe cjltls tint hae
yielded promptly to its soothing ef
lects and of the dangeiou attacks of
croup it has cured often saviuy the
life of the child The extensive use
of it for whooping cough has shown
that it robs that disease of all danger
ous consequences It is especially
prized by mothers for their children
as it never fails to effect a speed
cure and because they have found
that tliro is uot the least danger iu
giving it even to babies as it con
tains nothing injurious SjM by H
E ifuiiiHgiug probity Lady of the
house Hetes a fish in this milli
Milkman Keep it for honesty
Gu Seeonl the well known
contractor of Towanda Y says
I have used Chamberlains Cough
Hemedy iu my family for a long time
aud have fottuti it superior to my
other For sale by H C Hardwick
Talent knows what to do tact
kuows what not to do
Dr Ottos Spruce Gum Balsam
A physician cau proscribe Dr Ottos Spruce
rum HaKani The Formula is on the package
Cures your Cough lit a day Very pleasant to
take Children cry for It Largo she bottles
Price 25c and 50c
For a Beautiful Complexion Use Dr
Carlstedts German Liver Powder
For sale by
Auderson it Fowlor
Temper should be maus servant
nut not his master
Wabballa N D Mar 15 18J8
For Joss of appettte general de
bility aud convalescence after any ill
ness there is nothing bo beneficial as
Dr J H McLeans Strengthening
Cordial and Blood Purifier I am on
ioing vigorous health from itBuee
E A Sdabpe
Hotel Latham
Hopkinsville Ky
This splendid new Uotl beautiful
ly furnished throughout heated by
steam and equipped with electric
lights and ice plant nnd all othermod
eru improvements is uoiv open for
business The tibhi will be uusur
passed by that of any other house iu
the South
a sua
In connection wrhjihe Southern Pacific
Through Weekly
Tourist Sleeping Car
Leaving Ini mnati and Toutsvtlleon I R
It fifNew Oil Lira ltfd train
or Irfw and San Francwco without
chanKf The Limited nNo connect- at New
OrleaiiH dully with Kxpre Tratn for the Pa
cini Coai and on Saturdays
after January 4 imimi with the
Sunset Limited Annex
of the Southern Pacific givincspeoiu thriugh
service to San KrandM o of Agens
of the I C K It and ciii necting hue
P O Hah iiDIv Pas- Agent Cincinnati
Jno A v ol T Mv Pi w Agent Mi
A II Pan- n PA JKellonI AU P A
Chicago Loui ville
Inflective Dee -1 90
Lv nopkinsvllle
Ar Princeton
Ar Paducah
Ar Henderon
A r Louisville
No3u Now No Sit
daily dally d lyac
5 00 a m 23D p m 4 15 p m
a 111 i m 616pm
s 30 a in 5 U0 p m
10 Of a ni T 10 p m
in Mi a in 7 5 p in
Train 111 daily ae urat Ilopkinsv 1 lie 930 am
Train 3il dally ac arat Hopkiiiwlle IWpm
Trail- 313 daily m ar at Uokin t Ule8 05 p m
K M Sherwood Agt Hopkinsville Ky
W A Keii omu A P A Louisville Ky
Ntd nfi Hopkinsville Ac 615 a raj
No fH Fast Line 635 a m
No 51 Fat Mail T27 pm
Xo 91 XO Limited 12 8 a m
Xo 92 -Chicago Limited 911 p m
Xo 52 -St Lti EAmail 945a m
Xo 5ti HopKiusville Ac S5 p m
Xo 5 1 -Fast Line 1024 p m
a hvtlle ccommodntion does not run on
Vrih boui d Loola and Chicago Fast
lmve rouzh train and aleepeiB
Chicago and St Com-
Fa tLiur slop only kt tnportant station
id crowing- Ma M ouh Pullmn
Aanth la
I M AiHMAiieni
Brick Encanstic Tile Artifcial Stone
All Kinds f IJ ick W nk Hearths
EiKHiiniic Lt Siiijtn Iave
menti Stone Sip Sill- Ejc
All kinds of loh Work in my lui
properly nmi promptly attended t
such as Grate- Flues and Ctumuev
Telephone 129 3 Hopkinsville Ky
Trade Marks
A r ine npiiiUns a nke h and dPKrrlnt it n mav
qu ktv mm u a ol t wnethir mt
unci 11 Him i Mc f lima a
n iiRFtnt tlii tiii lltuillio k nl ii nt
nit free ii iw y f r n ur ni pare
Iatrilit uki llirUkl MiUii t r
ml not i w id ml clMfga in tim
Scientific American
A handsomely illuMrateit wppVIv T
rnlHtlon of any Mlentini journal riTinafi it
year mur months fl Sold by all newsilpalerx
MUNNCo3GBfoad New York
Branch Office 025 K W Washington D V
Hotel Henderson
Eutirely new aud frst class iu all
respects Excellent sample roomB
and service unequaled iu any city
On Double Car Lino
C B it L P Kleiderek Props
Henderson Ky
thing to patent Protect your Ideas theymav
brine yon wealth Write JOHN WKDDEIV
BUHN CO IaUint Attornoya Wshlcston
I C for their S1800 prize oiler
Tonsorial -Artist
Asbsd by three - first class
Ireet Flack BuHdittry

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