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Wlicn Pullets Take to Laying
Al this time of ycur we anx
iously look day by -day for our
first pullets eggs Some early
hatched stock has been laying- a
week or two but November is
the month for pullets egg
It is very important to place
your pullets in coops as they arc
intended to remain during- the
fall and winter It takes them a
while to get accustomed to their
surroundings or mother words
to feci at home Fowls are great
creatures of habit and once they
cstabtsh certain habits they do
notlie to be disturbed Mov
ing In crs therefore from coop
to cocp simply upset their hab
its and they begin all over again
to sudy the new situation and
during this time they usually
st0p laying-
When pullets begin to lay they
ecm quite uncertain Some willJ
ay regularly every other day
and some onlv twice a week Of-
course the first eggs arc gener
ally too small for market use
but they increase gradually in
size It becomes quite a study
to keep pullets laying regularly
A regular sytfeni of feeding has
much to do wiJhSiti By regular
feeding is meant not so much a
regular hour as a regular quan
tity at each meal One dayva
feast and the next a famine will
upset any flock of layers and es
pecially pullets Fowls as a
ntfe eat about so much at each
meal and it is a Very easy matter
to determine just the quantity
required Feeding a little short
during the day induces exercise
and feeding all they will cat at
night brings contentment and
quiet roosting until morning It
is my opinion that the majority
of breeders even our best feed
too much or feed injudiciously
Feeding layers to produce eggs
is a very delicate matter I do
notmean to produce an ordinary
number of eggs but to produce
the greatest possible number
I consider that green food of
some sort fed eveny day in the
year is really more important in
a continuous egg yield than a
choice of grains Of course in
spring and summer nature in
the fields produces green food
enough and of sufficient variety
but in the fall and during the
winter this green food ration
should be kept up Cabbages
mangel wurzels and steamed
clover together with boiled
beets carrots and turnips fill
the bill almost as well
The hardest task in maintain
ing a constant and continuous
egg yield is to keep the laying
stock in prime condition This
means such a condition of perfect
health that the eggs will not only
be laid regularly but that they
will be of uniform size according
to the breed laying them Un
der such conditions we should
have large eggs from Minorcas
Leghorns Plymouth Rocks and
Brahmas When such breeds
lay small eggs abnormally large
eggs with perhaps double yolks
or soft shelled eggs the stock is
out of condition and usually over
fat The eggs will thus be laid
tng will stop entirely Layers
should be kept active and activ
ity is induced by short feeding
A hungry hen is usually a good
Some breeds such as Leg
horns Minorcas Andalusians
etc arc by nature active but
still they can be overfed Other
breeds such as Brahmas Coch
ins and LangshatiH being natur
ally slow in their movements arc
less active and can be easily
overled As a rule lazy hens
arc poor layers and must be in
duced to exercise Hunger will
compel activity more or less
Some breeds are called good for
agers If hens arc inclined to
forage and they can do this in a
coop as well as in the fields they
must find something after a dili
gent search Scattering grain
therefore in very deep litter
will compel a great deal of exer
cise to find it A hen that seeks
and finds will be induced to seek
again but if after great efforts
in scratching- she finds nothing
she will become discouraged and
wait for feed time and then eat
too much and thus contract lazy
A very successful egg farmer
once told me that in winter he
always had something in his
coops for his hens to pick at
scattered grain a cabbage hang
ing up and even bones with a
little meat on them always some
thing to find in order that his
ilock should not contract lazy
habits In this he was humoring
the natural instict of the animal
A hen let run at large is almost
always hunting picking and
scratching first at a blade of
grass then a bug then a worm
and next a seed I think yarded
hens lay more eggs than fowls
let run They cost more to keep
but the returns in eggs are us-
The fact is that
irregularly and many times lay- strain of any breed
Mwy m i tmmmtmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmavimrwmnmmima mvu
varded hens fed on food which is
chosen because it will make eggs
convert this food into eggs as it
is intended they should whereas
if let run and fed the same way
they arc apt to convert the food
into flesh and music rather than
Water may help layers but it
is not as necessary as one would
think Yarded fowls and those
cooped up close without access
to yards in winter drink much
more than fowls with free range
Drinking becomes a habit the
same as in humans and when
fowls are idle they take a drink
not knowing what else to do
This is because the water is
handy by In winter fowls should
be watered once a day The best
time is about ten oclock in the
morning and let the pans remain
full until after evening feed
when they should be emptied for
the night and cleaned to be
ready for the next day Water
ing too early in winter simply
induces fowls to fill their crop
with ice water and this process
will in time check laying
Feeding for a continuous egg
yield requires good judgmentand
a great deal of careful watching
in order to keep the flock in
prime condition A good laying
These symptoms mean torpid liver and a clogged condition In
the bovels They also mean the general heaim is below
par and disease is seeking to obtain control
Quickly removes these Symptoms Strengthens the Stomach
Cleanse the Liver and Bowels and Promotes Func
tional Activity in the Kidneys A few doses
will restores Health and Energy
in Body and Brain
ITlco 100 Fer Bottle
when in
prime condition will lay eggs
regularly like clock work but it
requires care and constant watch
ing to keep the machinery in or
der Neglect and shiftlcssncss
will upset the whole Hock and
ruin what might have been made
a good paying investment 15
IS Koessle in Country Gentle
Paragraphical Comment
Ira U San key the evangelist
has been kicking up a big rum
pus with the duck farms near
his home at Eastport Long
Island Mr Sankey wanted the
duck farm abolished as a nuis
ance by the Board of Health
Sankey dont like their quacking
and declares the ducks dont
smell nice After an investiga
tion the Board of Health con
cluded that Rev Sankey had bet
ter move if he couldnt stand the
ducks The Board stood by the
ducks and intimated that the
birds were a necessity while
Rev Sankey was not or words
to that effect Good for the
ducks Hurrah for the Board of
Kansas City is preparing to
make a change in the method of
marketing eggs and will sell
them by liquid measure instead
of in the shell as formerly I
quote from the Kansas City
Times as follows Give me a
quart of yolks What are
whites worth to day Send me
up a gallon of mixed Such ex
pressions as these will be famil
iar terms in grocery stores and
butcher shops in Kansas City be
fore long Housewives will make
them so For eggs will be sold
by the pint quart and gallott in
stead of by the dozen In fact
the big confectionery establish
ments of the city buy them by
the gallon now Kitchen econ
omy suggested the scheme and
local packers immediately took
it up
How often it is that a cook will
break a dozen or more eggs in
order to get the yolks to make a
cake The white will be thrown
away Or vice versa Why not
make a saving of the whites or
yolks as the case may be was
suggested The packers put
the question to the confectioners
and the latter saw the pointy
Now when a confectioner wants
to make stuff with the yolks he
sends to a packing house and
buys yolks by the gallon if he
wants to use the whiles for
something he sends for them if
he wants to use both he sends
and gets a mixed can It is pre
dicted that housewives will soon
adopt the same method
With this new system of hand
ling hen fruit there is abso
lutely no loss The egg shells
are even used They are ground
up and sold for chicken feed J
II Davis in Practical Poultry
Beginners With Poultry
It is unfortunate for one to en
ter into a business and fail be
cause of ignorance or lack of
knowledge of how to manage
and it is seldom that it is done in
mercantile pursuits yet hun
dreds attempt the poultry busi
ness under the supposition that
anybody can raise chickens
when the fact is that the poultry
business requires more skill in
management than is required in
raisingcattle or other large stock
The reason is that if a farmer
has one or two cows the small
number permits him to become
familiar with each animal He
knows their peculiarities the
kinds of food preferred by each
and should one of them become
sick he quietly detects it and at
once proceeds to use remedies
if necessary sitting up all night
to take care of it With a llock
of fifty hens however the case
ts different Although the ilock
will not require any more room
than one cow yet there are fifty
indivlduulu eich being entirely
ditioent in man respects from
jUxothrv md all having their
v - 1 t
mm md m
fr Tantwwli i - -
JOJrjtokjkQOtP -
tooomMiidB For Catarrh
Hon Myron II McCord Ex lovrnor
or Now Mexico In n lottor i Dr iinrt
man from Washington I i
Doar Sir At thuHUggct a of ufrlond
I was advised tousoPe m in for catarrh
ami tiftor using ono bottlo I begun to
feel Iwttor In ovory way It holpcd mo
In many respects I was troubled with
colds coughs soro throat etc but as
booh as I had taken your mcdlclno I
began to improvo and soon got well I
tako ploasuro In recommending your
groat romedy to all who nro aflllctcd
with catarrh M II McCord
Tho spring presents a much moro
favorablo opportunity for tho porma
nontcuroof chronic catarrh especially
old stubborn casos Now Is tho tlmq to
begin treatment Insist upon having
Thoro arc no successful sub
stitutes for this remedy Send to Dr
Ilartman Columbus Ohio for a freo ca
tarrh book
For Rent or Lease
Modern cottngo on Iligli PtriM
J rootiiH good cistern and nil modem
improvements Apply to
Moato3 Stobk
characteristics and peculiarities
making it much more difficult to
understand their requirements
The ordinary farm hand seldom
notices the poultry except to oc
casionally give a mess of corn
and but few farmers give suf
ficient personal attention to fully
understand the thorough man
agement of a flock so as to derive
the largest profit therefrom On
the large majority of farms the
owners do not know how many
fowls they lose in a year from
the numerous causes and dan
gers and there are also hundreds
of farmers who do not know
whether their fowls pay or not
If the beginnerperhaps some
person who desires to seek a
living outside of a city on a limit
ed capital is to succeed he must
pursue a course which differs
from that usually practiced on
farms But how is he to know
and how can he anticipate the va
rious conditions under obstacles
which he may meet Even a
small investment is a great deal
when it represents all perhaps
the savings of years hence the
greater necessity for knowledge
in going into the poultry busi
It is possible that a beginner
may have fair success the first
year but as a rule such is not
generally the case The only
safe mode is to begin with a few
expect no profit the first year
and but little the next devoting
the time to learning without in
curring much risk and success
will come later
Aurora 111 has had more mayors
in tho lost 40 years than any other
city in tho United States For moro
than 30 years past Aurora has tho
distinction of having never elected a
mayor to succeed himself and for ton
years prior to that such a proceeding
happened only onco Since 1857 Au
rora has produced in all 3 1 ex
mayors 1 1 of whom are bUU
living For this distinction an ex
chango Eay6 tho geographical division
of Aurora is responsible Tho Fox
river flows through tho middlo of tho
city and so bitter hoe been tho rivalry
between tho two sides that all public
buildings havo como to bo built on
neutral ground on tho island and it
1 has becomo nn unwritten law tlwttho
mayors must alternately be chosen
from tho two eidea of tho rivor Party
politics has ncvor entered into the
wurdnirml elections
lfnr UoiiritPiiitHi
duo A Pontius Upper Sandusky
0 iiton 1 hnvii boeu using FoleyH
Money nud 1m for soro throat nud
hoiiiMtiHhH nud find it Ih tho bust
ronvdy 1 evur tried It utoniled the
Cmiyh nniiieiliHtly and relieved all
h leu i s Sold by AiidorHon Fow
Native wit may bo futeign to tho
i ii nil i ill i II il i in i i in I
1 14
Hon M II McConl IMSeKa A Wr ll 7
te N
y i
It will only cost you 50 cents extra to ride all day In a Cotton
Belt Parlor Cafe Car 25 cents for a half day Seated In a
large revolving arm chair with plenty of space around you you can
enjoy as much freedom and case as you please If you are a smoker
you will enjoy the large smoking room with its arm chairs and
couch The ladies will delight in the splendid ladies lounging
room with its lounge and Inviting arm chairs and its roomy dressing
room adjoining You can have your meals in this car at any hour
you want them order most anything you want from n porterhouse
steak or n spring chicken down to a sandwich take as long as you
please to eat It and you will only have to pay for what you order
Tlio Cotton Belt Is tho direct lino to Texas Its trains run through from Cnlro
rani Memphis to Texas without clinngo Direct connections nro mtulo nt Its
junctions for nil parts of Toxas Indian Territory Oklahoma and the Fa West
Wrlto nnd toll us when you aro koIiK and when you will leave and wo will
tell yon what ycmrtlcfcot will cost which train to tiifco to mafco tho best t lino and
connections and will ncnd you an lntro tjnij linlo booklet A TRIP TO TEXAS
t It UBEADMC Ccnl Psr sud Tit Ajl
Jooosccj uiy
fiend For
The White Bronze
beautiful in design
tpproprinto iu color never tarnishes
chips or crucks and science iu its
long search for something that would
stand the frost of this cliunle for
monumental purposes has nt last
found it in tho White Bronze It
tills overy wish It is a beauty to be
hold It will perpetuate the mem
ory of loved ones thut future gener
ations tuny bestow those little acts of
kindness upon the graves after we
have gouo to our reward
E J Murphey Agt
Pembroke Ky
Also Agent fur
Planters Insurance Co
Cheapest Ilelluble I nsuranco extant
E M0
A niniBiHiBsnBiVw
rue sesr ts the cheapest
S f sT 10
JT j a
JrJI3 wwftIAlrf Ai o
jJrx A ttlkHi JTI A 1 iff T jrtfjn
Hotel HondorBou
Entirely new und fret elRSs iu nil
respects Excellent tmuiple ruouiH
nnd Horvieo unequulod In nuy city-
On Double Our Lluo
O B L P Klbweher Props
lleudorHou Ky
- -
No EB0 Fourth Avoiuo
Louisville Iy
rawnjnagmano cMawwuwyi vj m LiOrvn
tire the most fatal oS all
dj money refunded Con
fcains ffeszsedfies recognized
by alB eminent physicians
as the best for Kidney and
B2adder troubles
Pries iioe and ioo
For fide by Audorsou i Fowltr
S r
fWScvcu experienced teachers each ono n specialist In tils Hue Graduates of
tills school nro preferred by business houses Thoro nro other schools thou ours but
uotto that cau offer our facilities
JL UJt Quantity Dei tin Quality
For 20 Years alas Letf all Wot Rsmefflcs i3Sg3Uii
i QOXtX X3TT OXjXj 33 3C1TLTG 0 rails
jrropnrodby afis JAMES IF BALLARD St Louis
tsmrvnmr wrn iriMuaorrw
Fine Farm
In Tills
County For
Iu order to wud up Ihn tHtate of
Dr Jaa Wheeler deceiiHfd we oiler
for hiiIu Iuh home place ktiowu as
flichlnud situnted on the Kentucky
and TounoHsoo turnpike 5 miles south
of Hopldnsvillo
His tract of land contniun dQncres
h Htirrouuded by n fine hedge feoj
jh in a perfect htito of cultivation njld
in ono of the moht fertile nud pro
ductive farms iu the State
Thoro ifi ou it a ilno brick reaideneo
of H or 10 roouih with hull btth rqohiy
pantry collar und kit uheu costing
originally SI70CU to build now
in good repdr Also i rg tobacco
uarns 8uiiii u or iu servant nouses
and all needed out IuhhuH
It has nn unfailiiiL suinilv of water
iu nbundnnt quantity No moro de
sirable Biiburbun homo can be fouucF
any whero Uh hoU is unexcelled ifft
produetivouoHH Yielding in ordOtyry
huhboii J000 lbs tobicco 2580
IhihIioIs of wliHat and 8 or 10 bblti of
corn to each acrn in cultivation
Tiiuo to suit piiroliasorNAi
W G WiiEGiiun riopkinsvi
f J
Apply to
UJQ or
AU omnbla iiUuVCl nUJwpjpUy tipatyd
without tliQ uao of iljrfp K lU
Jm IS PMUMjri Q Mr DvluK Olciiiitm
D oi lira Jojal Niatffy JVO nritunfJ
at Amerteau tjitQul ot ptpvwtliy KttkeittQ
Mq OIHce rbiJ lJlejC9 9Mit J ftndUUJ
rty n OH UoomllHtli oxmllimUoil

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