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Hopkinsville Kentuckian. (Hopkinsville, Ky.) 1889-1918, January 02, 1900, Image 2

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U nJ 0 I i
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Ii J 0 P
11 t tj n
iti i ilVl l Ijk rl U Utl 4 It
J i j 6 JA 0 IttI d
J I 1 I II A 1 J Jt oiiIi 1 I
IIr f 1
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bi11 No t
fIe par4a frog ftUIJti work
r M1t lied l e t h Ch 18
htlpltnTey11 of U dhnet C hins inf
tpil de PJot1lr it is
+ w 11 t < t1R9 n i r to Ift th f
C iI > iera ct pnrdsanWu 1
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d alts poeifib lr to gt early tgga
r Llliril t g BO we begin nOw to
i i i IIII i V a i t
t < thttdut J
I Axi no Brabmas nor Cochins
u < fdatllcringf
tt < ITe i 1
J tiI p tend of outside toe The shank
t w j leathering muafrbe long dnough tct
I I aid toe but fortunately nature hast
wade them to grow shqrt and the
icalber la grow long no that fop A
sspcctmens are not such a rarity ns
islet might suppose
The c Jot of shanks must ire yeV
Bow and thercf must bcno vultujr
clc8M gtfilkLthersstickfn tfufc
w ckQ they honk jorint aQd bere
mittA be ooJne fwiHrB oil the uiid
ft I Iili tbbs anj itgxoe koranykit1d
frf e iwt t be kept fpr lbe eggs for
t aaAciing11 that btis a crooked back
< wiJeforxnrid beak or a neural
Deformity of any kind Bralmak
8tt6tJJ V pca combs straight Jit
abe bad from froat back thcyaild
rat lop olGr tqhdb aide The ght
1 il3rabgas justhave uo solid blacU
< iochwan ut be free from all de
ormitiesitiQlias Crooked bathe
srry tails nude looked beaks sand
iltc taustubt have yiiiture hockc
C a must bteo be frMl ifcathered
dtewb theoMr aide of lank tc
t < end of uteetbe xnd tJheniirefeath
ctta on tolddletoeB the betterV tBuCf
d P rtdgj4nd Vhta Cgchftismu r
41ve egloW1iankaana feet kn
i eiwoiiri ihthqtait bfPrtridg Coch
> r lq wirls rcfcy objectionable
I 10 j 1Iti1 5tYhitemin the Blacit
q gffi > a g is perrmsshtle
l Yb r tics > t l rfd tnbreconomlc
i JI tetf tfittd ny nther
i t mtY l two
ipotiart r fatq roardclt byt
tft1t JQ rc gO rm m his
u aifarm t bejbtiiged t o
1 W f rt1 Qstt d of
ltais 3 ri fiLt f i I tol
° s wniudl f de toe i ettst
t t lle + dobsnkt i 4 tmijohei8 pt I
andlsthrownt I
t riCb the culls there arc a
> fir liter essentials that tiTaiIc the
thbyedtangshan e I
yarn yellow skf11 and thc botto tnof his II
r at single comb without day side
x o7f prigu lnnd if be is black it mufet
D f if adhere strictly to that colbe xcep t
f 11fiAO 1 n
olirtai 1 01 Agriculturedr ts 4 1
urt 1
l c r > IS ral N sfst
i t
+ vviiicFr
J r < Wjtnay kep Individual record pf
m djto nuto Q QPf eggs laid by each
iTSfcCff are li ely to prove a grdataa
antage to1tlioscv io wish to breerl
+ rrniY from jiet rw9 t prolific hon
J 1t by cockerelB thnt arefrom the est
Sayerdi We do not doubt but by
1l notsifix I I
fixOtt < ti raise the average jjr o l ctlpi
1I A Jjf flock roii112 dozen a atf as
1i I
i 4CozeirPPa year
3 LDut withit the trap 1ne tija3ir
riHi i YJdalrccordBi is posibfHd
r I t ntke spine Improvement and >
f 1e t the Lest laycs almost inv
w j61J to breed Ironi Look for td 7
vial mw rttick ctt1ten8 thattre first o 1 df I
wsj n the nwniing first a
as p trotijjb iflrstto
V i t > begin tv
Vii fe ti V pe hard Or field over for i b
Syslteothrs away when tfalsyJ
tin 1b
hoe ty61c to tiu a P ice of
f 4 oJi
re r96d1p
lIE ftt ch 1t titti 14 tr Hthi
DJijija ana wJ ricer creil nail
good pUttaagi 1 Jt U Rate to con
alder that they l goud layters in
p4 health and that th y will give
fertHe eggs tf well mated and will
produce cbick ns B bMqrb
tel tban they are lb tllixs
phon or the ono tlar iolaoping
i UbqtiViit althei sick frail br too
fat tpjay m ny eggs or to have Bar
eggs fertile The last cafr be de
termined by lifting hr nod noting
the amStint of rat which seems to
be placed at the back part of her i
Jjody If v < jr fatsheinay be made
better by amtle jjullotpTis star v a
ttenVbut if stfc teMhv in flesh in
nine cases but t > 3 ten she will
lie found to 1 fciV i u8tMa si bu
ett8 Ploughman V
j The Jungle Fo > yl pf Luzon
At lastone olfjhfc desires of my
hearth3gratl6dd1 I lithe f proud
1 ossdsaor A df two pair df the iWild
Mountain Fowl V I recall the
vKtiOus speculations iu poultry
liteqSure as to the origin of the
domestic fowl and know that tire
Ban iva jungle fowl and Sonner
atq 1 iingld fowl are selected as the
original progenitors of the do
mestic fowl Itis strange but
ihave nevier read of the wild
fbwof those islands But here
unquestionably ist9 be found a
wild fowl whidh cold asily be
th ancestor of som < 5 at least of
our domestic fowls e My ° two
pair arc from the province of
the southern provinces qf the
Island I 61 Xiuzon j Imagine ail
lidi hilriecked full
ietbcrc 7Bltik Breasted Red
Game cpc 1f oTa pound and a half
to two pounds weight and there
oil hS vre the Wild Mountain
F pwl bl the Island of Luzon a
sp rf t 31ac11 Red Game cock in
jniatur e The hen is a repro
ductioaif the female in color aridj
sbhpe of the old JBnglish Black
Breasted RedGame hen in mini
ature Thehen when hunted I
am told will flush like a quail but
click dont rise to the hunter
JP Jt ey are great on the wing If I
could usein cqlorlbe American
Standard Turn that take the
color description and there you
Game fowl clearer and better
than I can write it In the Do
minican Museum at Manila I
found stuffed speciraenspf the
Mountain cock and hen bf Luzon
exactly like the one I had In the
saint Museum I found stuffed
specimens of the Mountain cock
arid hen from another islandI
cOnnot recall the name of the
island These Mountain fowls
differed from those of Luzon Is
land i in ttyo particulars only
iThese are perfect colored Brown
Jed Gfemes and the = color for
broth the cock and hen can be
taken section for section from the
Standard description of Brown
RcdsJlt the hens have one
spur on each leg and the cocks
two spurs on each lcg < Theo
Ste rnpeg in The American
Fancier I
tVoman 14IIer AZ a
A woman deserves no special credit
Qs her yea age when she
knows thatsh o looks yftra ypunger
ndbeidptoitget any when she tells
lJia dos older Philadelphia
n 1 I y s
is Sncceis
L s
Suc cess in life is made up of little p
firi ggmo details 1111d peapiebi1t little
fire details4tciiisan globe
dan etous Kidneys because the
6 Vight s Disease
P Beall the fli ps yt Cretincs and regUi J t
tl fiver SUijIgthens tiedigcstiba A l JI
turves cqn tp ted figiiditiot s 111 be 13e1s et
r i rti 1
tM ftItt yrt y iN A l jfliil TON11I r R E CUCEt
> T I oj
> i11rt ri mil Bx m AlIlt BIT I1btp S
P 11 j fcq f8 111 ilr
x = 1T
i tiI X
3 i trr
te + e
A subject oi ootA et thought toI
those having the okrAo t uAri1r
IOok like the itqudrlafin w York
III fla tj the mann r in t bjpnlte fishes
readrifler bwatttrw > tirefeodfll As
4 general propoftitioti a fish R iih n
good appetife malt bqltottMalth tjinn
gpo that is slit of fpp4 cry elrort
is mado to keep up t11o Ashes nppe
tites and td givethom fatthoy want
to eat Thils bfton iuVQlvo6personiil
attention ullndividual fisher such as
jBabei in good ntalili but blind Ail
ing tensitive or languid Ashes arc in
duced it poBBibleVto eat suitable food
in sufficient quantity to keep up their
strength and bring them into a state
of health and contentment Itmight
not bo that the men who had tho wel
fare of the fishes at heart vould feel
toward theinr hk to their feeding as
a moVher aQeaiftowfttrd Itcp hill rch
butthgir feeing Would inj ome ro
isp wv c i i8em i lrt1t
Sb far fti thofiihea aro concerned
there fcra tomif sf custfhot get bout
thQ Bam efire that olnldren would
Sake for instance at the ivquarlum
that ugfy qwature the green moray
commonly a Jed the sea scr rnt The
green morayiBjeeven feet long plenty
big enough to kcepiiself which how
ever it practically norer does TIle
big baby lias had it8jfoad > tttintoit
mouth for it since tljie Qay U Cflinq to
the oquarium now tore than four
months ago ButJiobody objects to
feeding it in that way in fact they
aro mighty glad tp teed it oJit ihats
the way the serpent wants to be fed
All thcytfask of the serpent is tlip Pt
will catkin some way 1lse l peen
moray i led mostly on codflaM
hcrring this food being cut into strips
of convenient size for ito tako into
its mouth and to Bwallqw 4 piece
of this fish is impaled loosely on the
pointed end of a dcnder wooden rod
which is then thrust down underthe
surface the tip with the tied upon it
being moved gently about in the wa
ter If it is hungry it rears itn head
and rises to the food with its big deep
awed mouth open and into the open
mouth the food is put being gently
disengaged from the end of the stick
upon which jt wa carried down to it
The strip may be placed crosswise of
the morays jaws And extended a little
on either side so that it will be less
likely to spill it out and sometimes
it is placedfairly within the mouth
resting lengthwise in the cavity of
the lower jaw It is always placed in
tho mouth in someway
Then the serpent may fiwaljpw it
and eat in succession two thrcekalf
a dozen pieceattit may be that he
doesnt eat any that he just holds
that first piece in his mouth a few
seconds or half a minutcjftnd then lets
it fall out to drop on the bottom of
the tank While he eats more on some
days than on others on some days he
eats nothing at all Sometimos when
he wont eat one hour he will at an
other On diyt rh n ha hasnt been
eating well orperhaps has eaten noth
ing the last thing done at night jJ
ways by the man under whose special
care the sea serpent falls is ito go
around and hand him the best piece
of codfish in the aquarium and to give
him a chance of getting a bite of some
thing to eat if he wants it
The size of the pieces fed to him
has been graduajly increased until
thpfcp now fed are twice as big as the
pieces fed originally Tho erpeni
does not apparently note the duter
once but now when hewill eat only
one piece h6 is really taking in that
as much nutriment as he formerly
took in eating two pieces This might
seem to some folks like playing it on
the sea serpent just a little bit but it
is done fortheeerpcnGsgoodNX
Discovery That tho Oxygen Escapes
A taomber of the < French academy
has made the discovery that shOw
that oxygen readily passes through
rubber and explains that this is why
the very best rubber tires will deflate
Drat It appears that nitrogendoes
not pass through rnb elThc 4ir we
breathe i omposed chiefly of oxygen n I
end nitrogen and it follows there
Toro that When a tirp is inflated nd i
the oxygen of the air escapes through
tho rubber it leaves behind its constit
uent of njtre gen Then if the tin o
be again trlflatedof cpuro the pro
promo I
than in the br t place so that after
aime as t oxygen constantly cs
capes a hile the nitrogen remains the
it cipjno to be prncticaUy inflated
wJlfhtne latter gas This erplaltifcwjby
it tire whicll has been somewhat uBied
doep not d ate a4 readily spwi W
el1 EJUo ai ni > at
tL ft c
i e Vet rear AnytlsrK e
It LlGs Isegt s NIff
It hap hi ell Inihee Adler
i rays the l erTl tkrraa
The caller who was ifltn >
whit Yet red rfhirlrcr1ttt an
Intre41tcfr11Lh IliIt SidAntltl
pplley1tiQ J
nooQ 1 fontyeam ego fI
rot t 4 rtj r grtirl the maniw
U1C1fl t I j
11 4t1J ryiiiedo pnya1Jl
my wiij y bill it tnado ifsc
nblo tp u want it citmt
tqJI fllig oUt nnd shg c 1
back Umeaiid so of course tflart i 1
want to ens that policy in lt
Any lougorIn It iF
tdo r
do Is to 7haile her formally transfer
the policy botu <
tMtlT9 W cle nil the payments I
carricd liiivtyer name jtisttonmke It
easy for lienew ° ollectfn cage I died
I Nola ra b tout of hoinhmd
Weve dis lr 11trahip
Wlln Sg 1 Uj ertodoistohave I
hersign ip lp1yey o ve tOJOUI l
ffil o1dn t tgn bver nl1t111ng
Whyf ntyouyti tclu1lJge this policy
and ptititin mynune
She it the J1b CJholq9Jr and eq far I
as the faces 0f the pplIM shows jon
have no rJght r ivbatoverj So farms
the reading Qnlijjpolifty jeyes to slip w
you have rib lIIlCftF in tf4 policy fex
cept as the person upon ia death I
the payment of thepfi r < contin
rlent fr tinI
SY fcon
rJrhat is the dl i3 it can lo in 1
the premises istpgo li I
flint it the nlil W n y14 Z1Rb 1
yhich will in any Vaj till 9I
l ration of this pokey
tIt die I suppoeo gets the
Yes it she cnn J cefliCpgl
toy tiSe
If 11 SI nt Because Ive got it
lo up Jtaint worth r +
tW to me as it rends now sit
t ling whatever
ffW top paying on it though
lose n1l f Jrnt I put in
You Jose aIr except n small surre
del Value But you cant collect tIt
The policyholder is the only ojf41
may claim that t 1 f n >
What in thander fie fn Idl1
Go and made i rrangemenwith
i1 I
yourwife i
Do you know my wife
Then you dont know what ono
suggesting It seems to me the onV
thing I can do at present is to gaarq
my health and keep her out oi thaw
10QOO until my lawyer can tame
her town enough tohave 6 talk with
her n v 4
Sure Thing for the Proprietor
The proprietor of a a suie < hing
game gets the bestof his bettorai
ChicagDailyNews >
Companion StoriesJor wKr 1900
The fitbfl ij ipiligheci in The
Youtha Companion portray the
manly and woirianly virtuea with no
sacrifice of interest or vitality add
they appeat t hhe sympathies f
old and yoCing lJke During 1900
The a > mpaoju will offer special
series of stor L9 among them beingr
storks ilf i i Qriner Political Cam
paigns ajfjt Adfentures of Line
men iuj +
Besides ° these there will bea
spptf of stories for girls by sudh
writers as Sarah Orne Jewettr
land Elizabeth Stuart Phelps
Edith Wharton Kate Chopin and
MaijgUretSangster There will be
fourserial stories MA Prairie In
fanta by Eva Wilder Broadhead
jRunntng Merry GoRound by
jCharlCsAdams The Schoolhouse
Farthest West by CA Stephens
Stannard Baker In addition there
vt 11e two hundred other short
stories by the angst gift hof Amerir
can writers of flcttoti
AH new subscribeswill recetV
tb 1 li Cqropanlpnst1 new calendar
gf9 > ItnbJcJ us an btsundi
for the prelh t cpoin in the hpuAW
4llutrated Aniji0unceraent mint
her containing full prospectus of
the voiunie forI9p + Vill heseut free
toaqy address bv v
o2d 9qmbua Av iiue
i J Q gQfln s
11 <
The nltiuvti9 4ynsibq liberty In 1
liuQsiu ialin ylu to Jvip kgouk1
If you ° 4It tt8a40ijit tgshabw
Hipfconvlnvl g wtaphi they t1ttie
plldtahts i
Qad au d faiiir iuaualIy hand
Jltrnge tt tQ theinlot Qt nec4saitrify
shoe ari 1
riii 4 fi 1un r PRUIA n u
Hon Hob rt Brook editor Bad owatr
of the Waohlngtpa CapltaI lK pJBi5
yivi1I > Avontte N Wf Waehing a
DO in a f ooont letter to Dr HartinaK
rapev 1
Door SirIt Is with great pleasure
that 1 ovi testify no to the merits ot Ph
Tuba Aitor ftufforlhg dver a year With
catarrh I began taking Port na I
l < rfjkl one bottle f and 6 great Ws tho
cfficfc that I rapidly recovered and am
i flow bnjo ylner good boatETo all Who
suffer frotndPblltty of any kind I rocom
moud Poruna ofl a mos ° kaablo tonic
m HoDArl Brooke
i fiof JtfTQmor EageflolclTenn I
Prof Ti R Tdrn Jt Principal p B
High school Edgertdld Tentf 4 In a
recent latter says suffered for nine
years with atarrbi and attar trying BOV
oral remedies X gAve np and concluded
that thore was no cure for lace J fro
viojodBo many testimonials from prom
ent men relative to Poruna that I
nelnded to try ono bottle lIutelJJ
e ting any help I had grown rath er
to jJbolicrvo that all catarrh cnres were
Dotting bat frauds but your remedy
npttalsihe greatest panacea Wray
I for those sttfflJig with etarrh XfJo s
not hesitate t mmbnd t4Befor I
I I baduaied oncotM e I noticed a great
iahan o In my rand Iota bOtUH cV6d 1
tie ijUr ly would not fo witkee0
I PiraBa for a considerationr
rt yho reason nany people get ehrom
lo catarrh Iti dleeastf goMj firmly fl
tftblished riot it ta recognized Tb iy
foolthomolv by calling ttfeotnti ota r
name than groper onocatantt
nasalcatarrh r
catarrh It Jellied oqryza Endorrtt
datarrb they ill Inflbenea and opt
demlo catar they r Q grippe a
it Is called psUiOBjtttfsryngUIg
Catarrh qt th ironohial tubes Is called
broncblUJ irrh of tho lungs eon
sumption J r internal remedy that
Will cute ca rh In one location Rill
euro It In ar other loc t1ob This ft
why Perum js beqome sd Justly ram
Oils in tho cm if cstlirrhal diseases It
cured catarr hoover located Ita
cures rotnali Tarnna does not pal
Mr WD J Xy QJoustor Olf wit eat
tI I Wfis ftQllct with hereditary cAtarrh
ana grow O
Ml grow olfj
vmtll my wj 4
footed Afteitfk
and different
tivo T card I I
had almost gin
up hope wh nI
was laduco
tryPc > runi9jf
ter trying AB
anal strengwibg of roy systomfttw
TJ ot ± a plagso etq P get
rri 3tj Its t Coti auapdf01 b sum
vier >
For a zroo Ilk address Dr Hprtman
HOUSANO If yoan1 011 middle aged trieD old mon tIn1n back at
ioTbe ignorance of nrlyyonth orlntar 011 n misspent life n no of the bo 18 ne sown
I thnIurCulureufftrlDIi SELF ABUSEern ngninsnnluro MIl
I will brlaa n rich harvest ni Od and Private UI aces III II very lire and TItn11tT
of tll vtdtim Oar NEWlETUOJJ llEAEUElir win p velr cure aU t1ID follow
I JlII dl JIb
ARE Yflll xu H v Puladd P aentweAkordrf n4ed aredmoralBes no
nljC IUU 1 nnibiUonTUfel memory poor meU gaol excltnblQ tod Irri
table laggard tMIUII blurred pimploson fl4CO dl II and night Iowea rest
ll IIIIJRnrd IooiCngIfoac bark bone pains hair loner cere rote throat TIlrJco
role dtpoit lu nrin And U1BIJUlnt stnol tlistrntlnl 1t 01 ronfldeuce leek of
naciByund8tronathVI6 CflMOURE YOU ORBK NO PAY
char I mid nerve km a br tbprore T thotlt beneJlt fJ JOCK Dud dmias increased
1 brow 01fOUIi wreck d trillDtt who had beNl co lire lennOO1 t KIIlIun
tasimthrdew ed nil toft Ibm I did eon IJ two montbewaepoekj
3 childa
111 vt Li5 vit5t onsinaw
w ARlOCElE CMREDVnrlcoctlemadelll ullueootot hnlr thin
oaw iljJ1 j1Oolenelo teropenedmseyes I New Mfttlod ifcatmnat S
50 11 Kenaody and Korean oprxa mo lit a few woekLI P112EiI8UN1on14
1tSjDJS nUREnJ1n UMKluiONrai4t rrpaaiorlenco I lired 6h I I
1 II U r II terra At ecbool l lun oarJy bnWt which
v I tbdecUne onesmo COIU1llVlQU phyalcalay eos lb UinaltyWhoOo and den M c HOCtofB a utrd I pla br 1rrefilennody 1 wns WblchI
rllun fell into my bUnds 1 Iltfl1jl tho lRUTI 4 the QAl113F tulraboso enn I
deapPOO nr vitality I Wok too New MethcyI intent and WIllS cored bJoI
ends thinkiwasCarootpouaum lUon Ibase tio lam meny patlonts
0 WIIQCClre4 Tbolr Now DtotttoilTtogtmenlea JIlsnpatflntlf all of
ero QW DtotttoilTtogtmeni lee vigor vitality and
noodHIl a CURwD tnUiotcJw ktn mete 1 > Itl 4wVeere m bllt tblufS6111O for h
Pei pe rod J mpIOf tnU b o > U thokkre 1n thbmunti fUuon
18 1Mne pain taIling ont DC pair weakn cal 1 IJrothlr who had ea
i 6 of11eot and IItrJrtnIQ br Dr noODOIfD un re oon 1
f + raotoa me in a tow weeks ngd1 tltenkaoIIa roomnrgantQrt ofthlt them
° n4 yutaw V11 Jopkecm ofthltI
< t
CR DERI Arnyoa 1 rruwnt rlavo 9oa I hoe yon
a InId111 Tour b 0QI11 CI1d conlnmplaU11Il
Ou oaknMorr J
ere t
uhIlQJ cn ergasreaaonublr BpOKS beOOlden JmltQrG
orttttlrtgrit I
D e 8 S < 7r DiyVRGNN 22 Four Sts
aft NATIyAr 9
ReM the leiptflcklpi and t Jhe uewIf n
I i
iI e

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