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Hopkinsville Kentuckian. (Hopkinsville, Ky.) 1889-1918, January 02, 1900, Image 4

Image and text provided by University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY

Persistent link: http://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/lccn/sn86069395/1900-01-02/ed-1/seq-4/

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r u U
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rll U II fn u 0 1I1
DrIH MftIiJnmllJ TlLl I7 IUI rO u u
tLInL L II d 0 it Ul W 1 rO J u < C 1
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fMt M fP M
t 4Jdt t aFte f OMIt nertnr
9 r dehtdt ftl ertelftaltrftluh
rINtAkMltflttimrnteu p lrllllll1 Id
I JSii44o4IfNUrUTRK1 I
ii jA JA t1 211Qt 4 I
t Ifi t8f feonvi11 I
s I 11 elected by the other coramia r
i 4o Succeed tHipt W T El
yL tte Slate Boafdot Jte < Uo El
tf t ioners He is a tale i1
J wyora d a fittlngr fc > C
r v of tUb young J iioctnuo
t rn Kentucky the Ppaft
i meet again ujttil JSebrhatf i
4 the co leBts will be calidff
t Hate Board of Election Com
IUIr haVb askcjd an injutic
k t iintt Ute t6 Taylor a
t rt < a 10 torejibaifi hem from at
I tj tcgiltschargt any of the
c 1 fifl iection f Commissioners
itf l in i any way ictterfelng v I
f b Std futll trt or con j
t udgrI iI t1i > pf t1f > j
a S for tC ti aiiiUits TI
c X11 i t up before 7ud
C UIup appelpd r tI
o rt thecOUr ft appeals > 4
Ct t 00 t J
t SSt J
t t It t
of v r
1 t r fi g 1thcO utuet1t1ssuedSc rilc
ii tnysA r > t tt
t yr 1 < r
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j t
fdreKJjf the ftjlnVcratfb 1
Ce j a of the State igfving the If
> f or tbe cqutosft inaiigtt J
t iir Goejit androtli t t t
0 r tesonthe Democratic ticket
7 r knrd by former Senator 6jalc
JnfrnwoJtl1 dl b 1
4r R JnfrnwoJtl1ItcmtnI V
gipI trxl4an d b
tl5tahccM zcuiiilnltteg5 atS dd
aft U4 i7n t t tbs 1 bAtlie s a
1 e bAtliexen c
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r cC
ft JrAen
dtu 1 zs State e
4dnrdHt2U ly dert
tlar that e f 1 5 dof iliFf
p aW jttc t stns G if
cq j1 el r a II I t1 Ii1VICb a
rz ttt l i i ti
Ott li jt t o
wctttrrllgat oThce
f oat Jlrtzrt
ttlia sboI 1 i i dctn Cad form i
stains th groubdjstf pjftf whlchathe t
aee tr actWtr r
rt T o roudtlsUtActiont I
f Iq t irkf l r iiodl
bdoalCon t
r > > isiQUsg il rr rtiaates tlo n
1T t fl + is 2e WcnncnrJijaslntee
so ti fltt tj iera1ut The par d
hdti 1 ref thi ileo ont
tI1 Jl + iC aclffti slIllI
4 t4 lyla t t tu I f board without c
1PJ I tlt tiha8it Construed
I j
o ih t c r i C into the legallt f
r sr4lidi of airy contested tot as 1
° T jj rhe board < Wnt further and in <
Ryt > iippe fijSJ1resed the opinipn
1 f tliijVitiptUtfU with the authority j
y iihehing thereturns and d c J
Itf inC jbc mnUers in contentio n t c
I 1ettticatCs of election would
WJt fiave Seen issued tathe parties I
C ii1hcelve them = f
ivy tht c i
fit TliAt cun not dw lest than carry
I y f U
r ytx cuutciitioB to the tnbiinaU ere
1 aiittftf vy taw or itw determiniitjon H
eta be rounds upon tchiclt thisI
oiittst is based consist of the pr o
i tort afraidst the use of tissue b 1 j
1r liatu innny of life overwhelming S
l 3etfblicata comities of the Stet
r > Tlj4u jlof these tyaljots is not on t
rC r y ittvJoiavionj3 the letter of the Jawg
t t the spiriit f the law and the UiiCl a
< tVe ball tis furnishes not i
L sprTind f ctbbt concfusiyc evi i
4l 1J1lcf purposed fraud 1
tlqvernoflection Illegal lj 11
4 > 3 ntt jthurgroUnd of contest W be P
° r kpiixvi the plafij violation anil d ea
If1i jttncB of the law by the late lleput eaU C
itoin Governor of the Stale 4whb
oi iliBtl actively ongayed in the aC rl
It Liret i
t I onafa pa i t 1 nppo1i jc t n
ripe J ordered outt1emihtaIY ali
> ittpl J of4Jqlrlnw Id prece 0
Jr ent3 tad pif i > lI 1 comma q1IT
p I I m tIn the incropoli f
1 lr1cJing the forjf q
the flay UEc
11K1 jers < tip l
othe idxatt
toth ot tt tp
r Ii
I i f I led e1 c
0 > lfet aspettc 1 5
1 <
1I ll
1 I WflUN1 Y J
IrttIt fetid I 11ft
Ct rte i i i
dredurthuoIfIJWI nrtJa01l
o m at to
8 yar feel m yw enl t tor
4litbttile r
ro VwaMtW tJ r rndII
ear N w5 ed Bwk ZUBI tNAI
uabte InC iNttaIott about sowing culUva
tlon etc of drops for the Osnlea and
rrLCIMOraM end Clrner 8eed4 etd
tttjln S PoIA tofo 0 rot 11eel Seed
ted at oar U me GiS 1efIdt
v wtO Ii STtJdS keCSllCI iI i
Louttvitte w nv
h J
Jliiid cliaHetagefjsi wli i tb y highest
ffouf t of the State hftfa decided had
ft lxsyfuJrigltt to 1fc present
ii r1tjt tsuauccOf t certificate B
t eiEction totl e ir lkancan
tilCrtroilad that bftth a Fedecalj
atfd State Judge Without warrant t
o 1 ti sandin dciailct warrenV
P mpittgbf fair dedlldjf and de 4
cen4ftjntCrfered wlth rtHV hording1 J
J ttfe t tcplocttont fi gone bym e
J1d nr cbnrges to a g rabdJtir and r
heeriip1oytneut of vdeputy Uni 1
ed StatesijMarsliala and the 6th
err by fl3suing every mahdSiniuff and f
idjunctfbd i asked for by the Repub
Bran natty which latter judicial J
notlitive been detitared byvthe uF
ltr rae jujiliiiinl triBunal of the State t
tt4ik bccn upl itf ul 7 i
trse of dprpdrtitlbti Money 8
Another grotfnd is tIe use 5n the n
tntcha i t J eRe priqn LI rty 6tro
a Crrupti co tllC
bated Uyr r be tnoe t OJve fulv
cQr Qratib hoE the CtStnmtsllsViyaltpie
1 pieh
eb gI b tlbeDemocra tiCp
ajriyf andyl itlitaqdldateSf because tJ
thfttgarty Uirita platform adopted
Inn iStatdVentton dared toad ti
tivoca p
by W6R 01Co the Commonwealth
1tt4nt ns called to the fad +
ca umuigivih at jver occurred inthS
COl htoutvealtti preceded the recent
elcfKt f bn yefebyoV ten thousand leg
airfregistereH Democratic voters m
failed to vote In thecit of Louis st
stile alone Xb8 fact fccan qnjy be ca
ac < apunifid for by the unlawful ug e wl
of iejnUitary power of the Com th
6flwaUh by the Republic D Gov th
erntu + aud by the unlawful use of in
thcjdi + Cial power bfa parties I
idaualt was effected p
JaThe Peoples Rights Menaced it
prThese ff
upon which the Dempcrao w KKen
tucky reststhe con dsts tllatt haW
declared shall be ihptlfcutea iJEf the
the s Ol
State to lie held by secret ballot is
to be openly and flagrantly defied in
Republican counties add Rejubli i p
districts and U elections areP a
lpo Hejvanl isioo h
JCheraadra of this paper will be w
plaesedto learn time there is at Ida it to
one dreaded Xi8BtiBOthatsciauco halltJ
bi un rtbiM lOburt iaftll itSBtugoe and tJ
llmt is UtUftrrh Uutla Catarrh Curo m
is thtt only pCli iUvu euro known to tbo at
madiual ctitoruitj Catarrh being a la
cuuBimitional cljaoiifo roquitoH a con ja
etuinioual troutuient Balls Catarrh t
aura lukeuinturoallyaoUugdirao5
icea of too sp stem thereby deatroy de
fag the foundation of hedUeasa nu da
giving the patient strength by buildtc
IDgup tSmeejifltitutjon und aBsistiug
pre > gl
priotOre have so mueh faith in its cur tl
HUve powers that they joflfjjr On c
atlfUIIJ atl
qto i tl
Urn 1Jf Twstiinoniale freo In
lim Piiruily Pills ate the best f <
ij Jean Goldthwaite was the IM
partv y 1
tfiiQJ1 t jc younger set pti Friday I
I t
av muG
r 1
Wiltupusfry trouble the tiffs ctnoi
oudhlQgsoitn R
itn 1eytaleliRqoiit tliNtnelsdy byJ
relieving tho < fllStraap cutting tjie E
phlegm and freeing the vooul and s
breathipfflorgans Price 25 nUll 50d
centsnrdsviuliy a
You must expect u man to biloo > w ousu
rodS lfypu Jpfringa pit bia rights p
pq gs Audcoideootne w f vie d c
ut iig call quickly set tit 1 1foDl s
with sew or of CQuestJ In6Y F
pf Ta 20 and tip ytil li 0t
Jilt wr ak t
9Mr H d
9 m if svo Jjfa Q9 pi IfJtitbo
6tubliaisd t tfJC8t Ilrpbllesplrit ° in
rite dt s sGr 4 u S 01 Yatlii ir pat tb
rliIQ tro de I1Jgad fupotfoneiof t lie q
for C71cttc blood lt QtlpO j t1t il
i naWiJHitJ 1U 1 18
t r OJiRrflbIOO go t1J I
1 t
GrMM y rt 1 1
nwbtf S
fiR lI i l
ed i4 u fair ttiot S
il21t orS tie of our
people jo toi i key Nrith ti
military 1IdfoQ knaiulat
fog tile citiicn iiti dlt of bi
ballot then elcctiotm Iwire becqtgi tc
worse than ark t ilhdA tft C
wore the prey If t W tqIdt
whkb tb paiet lia tif jddWit
ual liberty tiH hopttluts Ivrot dh
ia tobesacrmcsdThere t
There car no g t tttotrnttn t
topopu CAftino on t fratZtlo m
of the CltZItU Ii UQtQ utnploy tp Db
of the militar Wm f the Qyctt
meat for the UrtUoranco of parfJffri
purposes unlesajt teethe too re in
sidious and cotxf Mlylpt tfices em
ptoycd in tb fret ITdttioa by
both Federal ttttb Judges at
ihCllidictntion q of Jhed ttics
to the contes f J7pon no cdgceil
ablfejmwnd 1 it jJPodeial rt t
eitherf justifyKCtteaor I llUt ii
In terference i a U l 1 cti n for SJnt e
flicte e pot y tJVhit thGactioq of
d e Ton iAY trkq btQn Q the
Court of App eailfl i E1I tripped of
y Vey aem Jft ltiJ 11 c dfWexcuse and
lcf lb its bnffre 1Utty it iato
ande t
rioij riled by the pe6ple Vhl were
its victims
No more > important qpijation coq
fronts tlieiepk af4 the CfcmjmoEi i
wealth ttifjiifc qu lqtj whettjlr a
great cofp imtipn > 4vjQCd tln
KentMckynttt intheUnited dies
but in I wopec t1blQf1n 1cction
find thu contrpl the piattJnjf con
struction and eXecutidn pf tt p laws j
EJvennttw the hirelitfgs of tliis cor I
poratidn boast that it wilt buy con 1
tro wit
Cbmmonjvealth and thereby firey
vent thexenactraentol laws the 1J n 1
pie desire and prevent the Demo
critic candidates from i oVtainiiig
posses8pn of the offices to ivfiich
Both t oie S6d Sthce1 t rr else i
tion qn Jf o ember 8 1899 W6Re i I
publican party R acontinWusJy
emplpyed thrcata Vo vtblence and I
pra ti fOf jnt1nfui n npr hav e i
tltcyteven desisECyet t
° WJI stn dUpontbe LaV I
To all ths threateufag the ije
rouldtandupp I I
stand upon tiU V thiti ou1d I I
carry its contention tQibfefr iinals
which tbfe law has catl ihbd for
their deCision and > to ftiejverdi4t of
these tribunals alone it Wtfuld bgw 1
submission J 11 I
If the yoartl of JBlc tion Corn 1
missionem had no authority to I
pass upon the question at issue a
declare d it had noti we simply
propose vex I
thn c I
judgment that may beff ndared 1
ae eIt
mores J
we will take up lessa > I
Should the practicc8 1ftrgin com i
plained of pass withourprote the
presidential election t > fnext year 1
and all otl9r elections hereafter I
held within the limits qfi Kentucky + jit
would f ito affdra an Opportunity I
tjtopcbple of the Statato express
their sentiments at the j tits If the
mpst imSbrtnut rights ohecitizens s
tho e 1 1
laws governing elections must be 1
fairly enforced judge must be 4
taught that their judicial powers
are not to be exercised upon the
demand and the rcieil of aithor
political party or a or1d + ation t
which they may ot v an all e
giance even superior tofLhat which
t11et o b to the law 1TGe ft t
cotp p te mOrioPoliesl lfat ber Jtt
ttiatelections cannot hi bough lby
thiejtn and the Governciffi must bff s
made to know that iu trails of pro i
found peace the Jaw of uie Common
bewealth Is not to be puslred a jde byj
the bayonet i
i1 < bayonetJ QunciJ i
tour coitttnittees n not unl io
st Q Qfktllpct that t9 contrat
noi prpJos to bef1ugqrat d
MN trivial1bt bej upO 1rqr
f r trivial teaoa that ca rug
lderatlttina of a person I or iJJIt1I
5Uanchalmctei saoultl igapp4 irI 1 I
deo tg upqno g J Q Lind 1m
deQllg stop tk t II pl6SiQ +
usuaroueid y n ited FaftoI
Ptti should lye1 pro
cook time and tfiO
only cat
side Hps at ari oJ rwTua1l1l1UJr i I
pubt noco stt leJlul be dJJoVcd
control bilidy thes cQ 1 1
1 h Yo of 1 I
1 1
IUhtt rust OtyPn Indn ts I
mnml r sdpkaoun ly aoctu g
itht1t ua J
e Itof µ the wieh t < t1lP CI
I c srvtive clbz Cf frptrllf I
nhla afthtj State If waB thel J
l 41 ilP1Jc1U Etf br i 1
II 1 oJ
1 + a1
d I
Jt t
Lnl r In 4I 1
rII wut =
SM iqitlIfld tit f <
t ty3htMOttdlipA9etat Infnntknt
if amjHjfl by HBpJyhigrCuanberlainB I
f aDd Mi Ufutm at JlIlUJ1 fal11
bed C4MId lot l ie
tturits by Uott Ie p J ell q l I
OfiWri fl pllee AIda J 1
tcctdy tor tutu nipples qhi < P 1
itMrltltttle 1rtoab 1 tip i
j M ou K
ii tltttflkttiltrA
II lJ tieGo1 AI
frl1 b1ij ct titf f thein a
idbrua l l ldcaltbcA
91 hli ursrldy3 Aduislj 1
BSc 35c50c dd7Sbt
k eeL
PINrMEW is the only itmiodyl a fv
blind BJaedliig or protruding fttlwJK
1ncoidi dvy physicians curpaihoioqafk
o BtihatS c9QijPricu EO cents f
bottles Tubes 75 ctata Rfa 0T
n aII Crowd
YeAl CrtIay ivasCpunty Court day
but9i dy tcrth cold aad Indement
iYCat1 ea
wc eVQt Y small crowd was
in tbectfy <
1 Y
uulcutnz DtTJON pOW JWlre
JWlreJust condi
anto d
medicinntlthobbel use to put
C Hardwlak rtle
Fun for the F8U rt h
The old favorite Side rrtk d
and its iniqutf tramp clasract Ir e
faxes for one night oa < hurildh
1f 1
nn if f
14fdny an innogepk ijnrlilig is
su fIering untold 88Q 1Yi nuok ex
U to quiAtlitaaa Nod herdt Price 26
Cents R O HaidwiqSi
tlavliq a Or nt ItunnttpT ltlra
touah noom
Manager Martin > pKoe Bierson
drug Btre informs fa that Iiof iahav
Opugh Rtm dy Resells five > bottles
kind and it fives great satiatactiou
thes jlty olla grippe the ra is nothl
ig like ChaKQberlains Cough Reraa12
turblfttfi1U lungs and give relief wit
hlt very short time The Bales ni
Slviag and uU who try it are pletuse i
with itH prompt actionsSouth Ctiioi t
iIrtd i
C Hardwick Drug
0 >
H re JoI nnitt I 1 e 1
yTun iItT > fa yllrrinsu
Pt ems an Th rBdayf danF at tht
pera HdBse when SideTracked
C oms II
He Only Itrpouts SVhut lias Been Sld i
Around TUutJlo e I
It baj been been denionatrated re
paltt iJy JD e err gtRtu fit the UluonI
ttu in many foreign couutries thai
1i m ertaius Coligh Remedy is uI
certain pre rWve and bore for croup
It hastiecomtj ttip univerbul re tneayr
for tba diaal Il1V FJ rI
L ibbTty W Yet aiily Ja bthat I
IItttl beet asiQuvutlnd the glbe when
bli writee J hayeiusedChHui eiairi > s
erul years and aly ya with perfect
WSeceBS We boiievotjM it I8 not J
thl11It I
It is a euro cute fQratlu lt Gus
saved th fives of tlutetiil ran II nUDJI
lt U wYHurdwluk I
Frona JSuisenberyt col + died in
the city 1if Thursday nighfc Q 5r 1 1
a brief 1jn ess of pneui pnii acL j 1
ye If 11
t lj
irk j 1 tntlncame intQ ur8 toro i
p6 uti yctt11tI6trir from p souses tit
lisps mUler nud geiientl merchant
UiekeyB Mquijtmn fa 1Ie hud tri
d various homeremedlca without ro
4ef As I lfudustld Chamberluiub
olie Cholera iudlitjrrhoea Remedy
Igavtihiu doBe anctU fiopn brpught t
pltlllt out till right I uavdr Bilfta fellow
W rejoiced SpUi by + RCV Hard i
men Druggist of r nardI
nI3bra to the wife of Will Pryor at I
finQboy Sunday night 11
Persons who lead a life of exposure f
r oobjaut to rheumatism iiaurftlgiu
aad lumbago wlli find valuaBib
remadyiuI34taL EtD 1Q VLTN1
iMENT it will bfruwn puina andjaud 1
lilts iwflttmmnifpn Ixifco B and fW
cents i
T hc n tv sear carne In J1W > n1i n
lapd the century O1rht tp gp iil
dike a lamb tiA r heucel
f 4 i if i 1 oitr v
s R 0 Hafiliviclt gujRtpintQOfl e tub t
bpttle ot Qbambarlaiua vOtJgh RIJ mfi
dj unu wilt x fund the money Cb any
ono who i8n iT satla ad nftorusfu
two thirds of the on ten ts This Aia
riPPOfOU h li a cadal croup au t t
whooping OUIill 1t9d 19 plAYant nPft
ri af nlold JTfef rQ ulf SU ppeumonf l
Sold by R t1113urdtvickrrr I l
i > b
MrArtG 13 Lander of Cbur 4
ua1lrill jj ArthUI id a position ail
pGeuPaoa 4 P < swtn Wjl ° 1 I
pleaud to 1 l19 t fcie aail i
i l
a J Sl
Mf J
i +
r r is V tIt
1 rJ
EUd o
1w i
CO1 lee f kloltitlflgfOr eB o
eIt low on tepka Its liowin pf
rsho 1ng o Ne tlc r deist n r7
Qhxef Umbrtillal
ens Ro sand ChiidrensA A o
r i 1 c r rt
challen g6 any Eom to roduce an
tot w o xoe 1 t11 4e are diepDeed
to ll + odsc eaer a holldti Ginaea
than ariq other For u ads the > t ost
> nuceess al seasons bu have ever
t done and we feel liJetdo ur shahs to
wards malting bhp Chi season o Our
ustolllelsa hnt tti nr
o t i t I 0 Oo
an TIOtO iCate l s town O r
line pf 85O Ov pits
ll e Teduce 7 0 <
Ala a vaacing every
Wii a
sw iit
t Suecessor to Mammoth Clot Shoe Co
BggestjFr tNlf ptettie 1
kl I
i + il r
1 f > rI
i 4 7 i i
4 f f t oK of > j
f Y t
t 1
1 i t
It I
7 f
l If Iif
Nt lIr i i rrr I G 5
In tomn L
t U
tc I I
d I I
< t
NoDvAc i
NoDvAcd t
d ilia
v m f
t W 1 e ffi I on
f f y f < lr
> Fire rR taifAitlavtlse qotC sgf < viLLB AND n13 STS
t jJlt S 7 1 r rl µ
if 119p1dnVIU
ioU til rjfji
h l rnlrl4uf tiqnslgllIJ Pw1 < fl To we i O vercdJby Intnxano 1I 1
Jli Rubber Tire s 1
tf youVahtip got teal pleasure out
of y6ur ovenlhg drIVes Jake yoU
qnrriagtJ to WfaJtQt tnnd hgvt
tliemtp puttSn aeot of Shaii elegnnj
tnbbof tirao Thuy llavbnthp lilt
quipped plant Jtf the SAUtIt and
fjuaraiitla work tmd pc0ff > 1
t QIve b6nj out tpr1ft tud1rnotf u
J p v 7 i 1
1 Fore SAfot
F puee f1t1i lo GW igIrtee itt
ptnv It piytgb1 DSaber
ptUAe BtBrp nt lf1l tlp
f 6 f
t i QIIILVnq II ft r fI
skill mavih lttrs it asrlf Ihard t t rte
asrlfpulbte dheint J4
uuseon i lrth 1 fa1 l
Poattrtl5 bloc II
iIf A
I ro
> itii tV f t1J tJf
iJfrhj t < 1t
r locAf t
f jJb
ftI Jb aids djgeQUon It tones
e nol Increases the flow of the
juio e and ao promotes
HtMUjlnd flash A puro whisky
l BJD BY W It LONO Hop tiuu
11 2 I
2mrsoas I
w > Notice
Of SODS hold ugcllfma cti at
i btJof tbe Into W W Wbtq or
Vice decetiBail fro hereby no
tP1ilo sumo with nf > verified
qveo ac6 < rdinjj to law withini
sixtp days t
tl oaB < t1mJ
OW W ur d w uttratart
oaBii j
Wjf p > atlaxed S9 Julia
r t 1 bfzVJ II1l f
I erHt 11 Iti9 i
11 f
I tt
tl tfr
Ii < 4 7
Y < h 1 Ir 1

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