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Hopkinsville Kentuckian. (Hopkinsville, Ky.) 1889-1918, January 02, 1900, Image 7

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1Ju J + e
iI s
11 1v
II 4
i k U
L214ii r
p 0 h n L L J fPkt1JtIU It M U1tttklh 11 f u t < h I 1
j45 Year Expcr nos In the
k Retail Drug B Ins at
Evansville End
have been auc lAt 4 hthareUUtlrus
1 bMites for 44 Teats In klh time I have t
andlod a KfOAt many co remctlo Mr
attention wu called in D
OUoa DPWc Qnm Balsa
thre months gt
Whloh 1 urchaard i fa
r C ozeali lnce then the sat
DM been marrolouit foci
outselling All other eougl
medicines pomblnod Inn
caeea Bpruce Gain Baliati
givenentire saUsfIlaactlo
BM glren entire utlsfactloi
PDT number of testimonial
baying boon offered me tin
a olielted IthlnkDr Otto
Spruce Gum Balsam II won
dorM remedy for coughs
croup and forCOU1hl
troubles and recommend It
r 1CO
11 j fonMKprxn
Oor 2nd and Main 8U
Eranivjllle Iii4 <
t For Sale by i
All DruugUU
2fl and EO cent bottle Ile
r lUre and get the genuine
U N °
r j1TH
lOplSVJlbB liVj VV +
sled f = e oteligthe CI
BLI tevnL i
iin trrp Mithfr
a k
TarCiGFtrll Mondy tn Fe fr te
hweeks third Hotlday In Mil Una U < g
weeks first Monday In Septembe tAm three
week f
I > >
HWaixiHrHourth Monday It ebra ry
tftnttslx weeirfuKlrat Monday l irdue tetcr
four ire ks Khuth Hondair in mtember
CAUOVTAY ftwona Mond yn p 1tend
thn weeks Flrat Monday Jfl A tsterol
lb tsteroltwo
Y free tans linday la August tenn two
erne tfiHLt Monday In fieptemb ermtwjx
r i
c tt TAND
K I fv
i i M I
Office ave = Kollyfl jewelr tore I
a up11KIN8vILLE itT i
F pbMoUn Ad k urgeocQ
1Uepklnm Xy
V Offlwj Fifth f t dUalaktre fHj oppJt cite
Court Boom v 1 r
r Telep one 01a eb39 Reeidenc 4
r I tAndes Jae1BAllenBW t7t
AUorneii mp LW
o ioe in MoDaniel building near Coud ours
Will practice In all the cqurts ondSpre m
court Special attention tQ colleoWns
l P
Will practice in the courUronttjrIgL I
tJaQ and adjoining countlesil S tall
attention given to the oollocti of
claims OtfiC Wbbbebrobk 8k
of Court Houso BOPKlNSVItLE Y
i wymoo Court Square f I
fenoral and Special JCiffielJ ov
nters Bank
rth street 0opkJjfl8Vllla Ky
zpeotalanenUOu w pMybnet pan Mali
Satiafaa V8enlce Call and c o8yiu < MK
U4t I
ift ISJilV > tNrll stRICBt F1LH AU IDINO
Clean towols and everything finU
Giro us a call
AeelaUd bya first clasp worktunui
cnn nOW bg found at 809 Rant Ninth
f atipet wbere be trill is ilea ed to
sCo till his former patrons Usual
o lotli l3hine center
1 Lt Matow 0 JI 34 aM drwip
my Htt1e y Ay Ie I
If ieiieM
M tfJ trouoa the Uv e11g rol
fttlltta aiM aAln h 1l s tb toss
With a torroWtul tat iW tel
qnd mother bump nt lt 10lt t t tieh er
Then klsi It aSifl inakolla
10 I krill his head a 1rt Jd t and hit
arm t
And the dear IIttio If n and +
And who can tathent a agldpjlorrn
And who can undorjftlrfd ol
olFor acu
For tberta never a eq raaaFatoh nor
a bump F
But mother Mn kiN Well
Sit a fooMffh Whim do ou aayr Atbyesi
Havo taught the wise Inco a little child
In Bethlehem had H birth
And we know that mtt an older heart
Wo know but wo do t tQ1h
Will never be free fronllU bitter smart
Till jclates hato rnadott well i
May EWJn Nichols ji Womans JIem
Companion I
top 8624 REP
fPro Finloy Vii on was with
lout doubt due of lie most distin
guished of men iit that was not
why people crowde lo listen to his
lectures Forhetal ed upon subjects
in which the mater itc arc butspas
medically intereste and for which
tho ignorant and ha > py who are far
and away the greate art of mankind
care nothing at all But ho profes
j to
sor in an unscientifi ho itJtad mat i
ried the daughter p i Mfgiting eo
lo1ety lied dined lli nef been dined
D y him It was the fore willing to
listen to a disscrtati i upon lino
Bliurfl in Beloochistn M and to enjoy
the emotion of boing cluplaEtic Also
the professor hadwr epa bookupon
the subject but to ythat society
went the length of aching his book
would perhaps IJrgng tooJllr
The last time Imo ff ttired in Chic
go Teddy 0Harrihi the youngest
nf I theyoungpo srs oft ebiorn
Jg sfarsvas sent t t3por the mat
ter The societyrefarter went too
and tolwhat thNuJar kings laugh
terwore r and iiowj intt > r ted she
seemed in her celebrated husband
and got a neat article out of itan ar
Ucla < tintcrcste the ladies But
poor OHarrihan wo couldnt tell a
dinosaur from a haidsaw hndJt the
l intent ideftoi whlt the professor
Was talking about o was fresh from
uis work having just been outof
College a month or woand her tpok
his reporting seriou y and had a hor
ror of falling down on an assign
ment 3Efd 3ef t the laturenall actual
ly on the verge of an He wai I
young reporter I
Thenhe heard some one who passed
him laughing about the lecture and
the book and ho h clan idea r and
printed off to the public library it
frinted afternoon and looked up
t o prfgssors famous monograph
Jirnfoundhilbook talogued IJ
X624 te and appealed to a tall
and sallow clerk
fts curious said ihe clerk but
I dnot recall the the book has ever I
bee asked for before t dnYIAt the
pretobt time however it is i vse
He glanced involuntarily a woman
who sat with her back toward him ab
SheTllas it queried Ojffarriban
eagerly The clerifnoddedi 1
OHarrihan ventured somewhat
timidly toward herl >
Irr beg your pardon madam he
+ H 9 f
began and then stopped as she lifted
her head and revealed a face in the
most delicate flush of youtha June
face + Her golden > hair gleamed like
an 1itlreolo about free face beyond the
ajtcy ° ele of her rod Talus Her
Rl uq O esyuppeared tQ rosent thetin
IrnttfQfArtrxou readin about Dinosaurs
in Belo 91 ilt4q falteredTeddy i
I alh Her tone was business
like I I
likeTin in a horrid fix confessed I
OEarsJhaii boyishly I ought to I
have reported prQl Willsona lecture
on thafc subject this afternoon but 11
Im blossod if I could tell wlietr vas
Urn matter m < > I
The lllattgrP j i
Ibogyour pardon Icou1dn rc Li
what li fas talking about or1
anyone was listening I have notes
a whole pile of ejn but I dont knob
what tliby moan I thovtghtif J tftlghi
have the book from you fora arter
of an hour or so I might discover the
key tIom
Yon wish me to lot you tale the
Tj dy tinned scarlet with ember
U ntQAc
Why ifis youd be so amazingly
jSjincl Im in an awful Us you know
mist new to the business an da11d
avent had a chance tp show wbat
Uiere is in mp so to speak ITovtliaC
think there is much But Xwarit to
jfcid down ray job anyway
tI see said the girl slowly Pr
ImpR you might take the book foV 4
1 le while though I catlift wiy it
f m Englewood to read it this after
and I cant coiaj of gall
t v TT
Glee MI lonl r Mid Teddy 41
fftttr dt 1
r111 irl looked blank l
1hn he continued apologeti I
1I111Uwhy do you want to road I tyw
inOlflutl1 l
The gtrLwn8 uncoinmunicts
h You are welcome to tho bjj
quarter fan j6ur slip fij
loft him alone with the droadt
XIo didnt undorttand liOW0
ty t girl could bo so t1n topk
and he nladc up his mind tollt no
further favor but to return tho book I
at the click of the second So O iisuit
ing his watch he set lumlplMfo Iff I
minutes of iU himlItlr
But though tho words word Iwuiijv t
cdly English they seemed to 9ti f ifS >
no meaning to his mind and at f sill
end of the time he was in a state of
confusion even worse than when lie
entered the library He walked over
to the window where the girl stood
looking out at the endless proce6grt
ot the streets J i
Thank you he said coldly
your kindness Butrit has beenar r
ed I know no more than I did 1ic
faire Dinosaurs Ire net in my l I e 1
fear nor reporting neither 1 If
He had expected an indiff cant
wordbuMio was to have his firstt jpe
Hence in the unexpectedness pf vipm
an I
Cant you understand itb 6h t
asked sympathetically WJytt
seems quite simple I was just read
ing it over before I wrotfe a poem on
The Past for class day I wished ti
get as broad a view as possible doni
you know She smiled IHco a happy
infant uIf youll let jojei look over
your notes and get som idea of how
the leqturp Wag treatedi rhaps I can
help you out >
You feel sorrjf for me after all Vf
crIed Teddy I t hjjugiityou didntl
The mint shoolt her golden halo and
her cheek flushed
IIt isnt good f arm to feel sorry for i
a person you do j ptknow said she 1
And r HJQ1oitme nmvPI
eI know more about you than yon
know about Olnggaurs she retorted
Then she atdo n and devoted her
self to the iqi N At the end of ten
minutes she looked up
I thinkl might dictate c omething I
Chat WQulElpass for an intelligent di
I gest of tne taJkshe said gravely
U And you could tell me when to stop
0 gasped Ted but got no fur
ther for she had begun She gave
him three times as much as he wanted
but he took it all down and arose at
I last grateful embarrassed and hor
I ribly sorry that the dictation was over
Dinosaurs seem absorbingly inter
esting things dont theyivhe sighed
gathering up his copy paper I wish
I might study more about them
tDo you Yes they are interest
ing Everything is interesting to me
I exjwct to study Astronomy present
ly I wish to get broad views yon
k Broad views of whajt
t l Oot creation in generlllsho
sighed and looked at her littJe pol
You Dually come hereabout
about this time of the afternoon
Ted counted himself rich in the
knowledge of one of theso days Soho
came the next weak a little before the
hour and waited with Dinosaurs in
Beloochiston in his hand just to let
her know what a success her article
had been Then when she came they
studied together and every minute
OHarrihan grew in learning buiiot
of dinosaurs One dayamonth later
he grew bold
I wish I might call said he We
could study so much bettcra your
house And I own a copy of pino
Laura now and I could lirjiiff it I
thought my library wou q np t com
pl VYour
Your library The < towas
luockingtl i r
Yes Thoma a KenpfU1d
Treasure Island > Tpt so ba Lp far
rnsiftiroeseh s > 4s l v
I oTQP j
s And may I 1 Itr
Mother likeme to know fotei
ileotual young nlaj But we live
hY9thr iIt
uBitt lr jicjl the ride and T t
sure I would u fill your mothers l
at iim1criif M
+ r Wpjl thin Wednesday J J
s So h6 jv pnt tfiat Wednesday an
0tn r W dime days Also 8unda
afjoino < i It wli pleasani the3
please test thing either of them had
over known After atime Ted grew
it need the DinQi ira said he
Take thorn the icried the girl 4
au a c elJoIJYu
Whtl Outrageous axtravaganoel
Nthavs a i lwr plan
OWon Bttt ilia j kl1tWtlll
t I
I ux 3
rt 1 1 i
l1dand everything else eh Nan
JJultld you + 8y staid Nfennio
But it if I yon knot who really
know about plnoMmi nJ
c lx knout nothing sate yfucricd
Radiant I dont care to know
tbo Ulaa nytt1ngelsoiL
So he gave her Prof Villsons
oak for a wedding iroiont and
everybody thought it stupid ot him
everybody but the girl who had ox
changed the red Tarn for ft bridal
veils Chicago Tribune
A thtereitfnK Study of Some Historical
I In the Leipzig DahfejCrnstNie
mane has an except lonalliii rdtWg
Itudy of the origin of1tmbthrBpnper
jays The Nation Tlff wellknown
Acta Diiirna in Rome fifttlie time of
Caesar has no historical connection
Whatever with latterdayWvrspaper
dom Modern journalism not of
Roman but chiefly of Qejtmanic ori
gin In fact what are riow newspa
pers are really only dcvelophififits of
a kind of circulating Icttefi which
as early as the fourteenth anil fif
teenth centuries passed betweOribusi
lets houses principally in the in
terests of trade These Zeifnngcn
or Tidinge were written but not
printed In the greater centoirs of
population were found men who made
it their occupation to send ouffhese
reports usually to business houses
but often also to political and othiar
authorities Of the famous Fugger
Zeitung 28 volumes are preserved in
the university library at Heidelberg
Tliotfe written circular letters both
tordinari and extraordinnri as
occasion required became almost a
regular institution as the postal sys
tem Uecame generally introduced
Probably the strangest thing in con
nootion with tho history of journal
ism is the fact that it was exceedingly
slow to make use of the art of printing
for its purposes Indeed almost the
whole sixteenth century had passed
before this innovation was thought of
although during the reformation
period questions of public promi
nence wore brought before tho people
In countless tracts pamphlets etc
often with illustrations but never in I
the shape of a regularly printed peri
The transition to this stage was
caused by the publication in 1583 of
the Relatio Historica by Michael von
Aitzing of Cologne the success ofI
whose printed account of a Cologne I
church controversy first suggested
the idea of publishing every sixth
month at the time of the Frankfort
Messe a general report of the news
This undertaking soon stimulated
rival enterprises Niemann is con
vinced that all efforts to deny to the
Germans the honor of having origi
nated the modern newspaper must fail
in the light of unprejudiced historical
research The oldest venture of this
kind however is not as has been
generally supposed the Frankfort
Journal but a certain Relation which
appeared probably in Strassburg and
53 numbers of which dating from
the year 1609 are still found in
Heidelberg The Journal was not
published till 1615 the first English
paper the Weekly News in 1622 and
the first French journal in 1630
Negress Ate the Specimens
It is not often that specimens inI
museums are destroyed by reason of
being eaten but it seems that in one
of the southern states a negro clay
eater who was employed as a scrub
woman devoured some of the finest
specimens of kaolin on exhibition at
tho State Geological museum The
state geologist found that five blocks
of claywhich were very highly valued
on account of their purity wore lniss
ing and upon examining some of the
other specimens ho found on them the
impression of tooth Detectives were
eet to work on the case and the negresa
employed to scrub tho marble floors
was accused of taking the specimens
The woman appears to have a mania
fojcvpatiug lacy and she had been in
d ging her strange appetite for some
< I
The Man Who Get There
If tha truth cpuld be known it
would be found tba pooplo of medi
IJi talents vorage up better in the
matter at ncQ mplisltments than thoEO
1J10BO of great ability for what can be
lone easily is often not done at all
while the man who has to walk or
jtvorfi his passage generally manages I
Ip got there Jlam0 Horn Brown
I jn Indianapolis News
Expanslva PosUtRO
Among thu most expenrivfl luxuries
in Lima Peru are postage stamps
It costs 22 cents irt nttiv silvt vr to
1 e r
When a brave admiral in war timegoee
Into an enetnvs barber he knows that
the Ufa of every
man itt the fleet
I fleetdepends
depend upon
his e1cc111 and
courage It ia
a tremendous re
spot eibillly and
yet 11t cannot feel R
Ii any more deeply and
truly than ft conscien
tious physician foels his
responsibility for the fiver
of those Who are d Cnd
ent upon his professional care and s1dl1
He feels that his duty demands more
than a mere routine storoptyped interest
in bis patients be feels Wat his work ian
a serious matter tlint it is often n qnea
Yon have my many heartfelt thanks for
Our kindly ndrice to me In myjlckneM write
Mrl Claus NelllOlt of Pico lJ letter Los Anltf +
11 Cal Box t In a IOtd1a1 I UtI to Dr R Vi
lerce of 3fiIn N y Aloe fot your book
which I received two year ago and which I
could not do without It Is aU the Doctor I
have had since I got it I had female trouble
and Dr Pierces Favorite Prescription together
with the advice given in his book cured me of
five years sickness I thought my days would
not be long but your kindness and mcdldne
would not let me die
For more than thirty years Dr Pierce
has occupied a grand and most unique
position for benefiting his fellow beings
As chief consulting physician of the
great Invalids Hotel and Surgical Insti
tute of Buffalo Almost countless thou
sands have sought his services and ad
vice both in person and by letter
He is one of the best men in the
worldf said the late President Garfield
II and be is nt tbe head of one of the best
medical institutions in the world Dr
Pierces great thousandpage illustrated
Common Sense Medical Adviser is sent
free for si onecent stamps to pay the
bare coat of moiling or for handsome
clothbound copy 31 tamps He makes
no charge for consultation by irtnil he
only requests that sufferers will state
their cases to him fully freely and in
perfect confidence Address Dr R V
Pierce 663 Main Street Buffalo N Y
Fine Farm in This County For
In order to wnd up the estate of
Dr Jas Wheel or deceased we offer
for Bale his home place known as
Richland situated ifi i he Kentucky
and Tenneseee turnpiker tailes eoutl
of Hopkinsville J
His tract of land contains 450 sores
is surrounded by a flue hedge fence
is in a perfect state of cultivation and I
is one of the most fertile and pro
ductive farms in the State
There is on it a fine brick resideuco
of 9 or 10rooms with haU1 tltlitoom
pantry collar and kitchen costing
Originally 17000 to build now
in good repair Also 6 Iqrge tobacco
barns stable 0 or10 servant houses
and all needed out houses
It has an unfailing supply of water
in abundant quantity No more de
sirable suburban home cun be found I
any where Its soil is unexcelled in
productiveness Yielding in ordinary
season 1000 lbs tobacco 25 ip 80
bushels of wheat and 8 or 10 bbls of
corn to each acre in cultivation
Time to suit purchaser Apply to
W G WHEKLEB Hopkinsville or
Roar nn L t
ore the most fatal of all
or money refunded Con
tains remedies recognized
by all eminent physicians
as the best for Kidney and
Bladder troubles
Price soc and ioo
For sale by Anderson Fowler
Formerly with Forbes Ilro
Paper hanging a specialty
Telephone 842 rings
All work guaranteed
Leave orders at Gus Youugs
All curable dluca e < successfully treated
vrlthou tithe use of drugs or knife
JaB B Oldham D 0 Mrs I uU L Oldham
DUMrs JoMaH Gregory DO graduate
of American School ot Osteopathy Klrisvllle
Mo Offlco and rcsldonao corner 14 and Lib
erty K60U Consultation and examination
WANTEDAN IDEA of mm suwonimple eantnlus
filing to pAtcnt Protoct rourll1ooBilliClmny
bring you wealth Wrlto JOHN VJjiDDIU
UUlClT CO Patent Attorneys Washington
DO for their 81800 prize offer
From the Royal Table
I In the Austrian court it id contrary
to custom for perishable articles to ap
pear twine on the imperial table The
result is large perquisites to the at
tendants To one man falls all uncorked
bottler to another the wine left in the
Basses to another the joints and to
another stilt the game or the sweets
very morning a tort of market is held
IJI the Basement of the palace where
ho Viennese come to purchase there
t Are of Great Dr talat
In the year 1i300 tbe approximate
area of tbQ ntiii su + pire Was 3012
183 B uarq miles Iri QOD the appjQJ
Irnato area of the empire badgrciwT0
13500008 square miles and th fop l
ulation to 414410000
Some treat u eo cordially
t ut ark a easo tb k
S 6a
3 rtic t kb1
yl ys
P M 1
Gvs1 t
Young s
NEVsaes b 1
e eMe saesb
imh1bomefftHffe J
1 1
Plows I +
Buggies etc C
t tt
< t
TiQniort widely circulated l week
ly newspaper in America is thu
I Thrice nWetsk edition jaf TheNew
York World and with tjjV presidpii
tial caropuign now at hand you eau
pot do without it Here are borne t1
be reHsons why it is easily the leader V
id dollar a your journnjism < < I
It is issued every other day andi ° f t
to all purposes a daily j 1 i
Every week each subscriber r
ceives 18 pages and often during lh +
busy season 24 pages each week
The price itf pnly 5100 per year
It is virtually a dunybt the priesf
of a weekly
Its news covers every known part
of tbe world No weekly newepnpr
could stand alone and furnish stun
service The Thricea Week World has Mt
its disposal all of the resOurces of tli r ta i
greatest newspaper in existencet4
wonder of moqern journalism
I Americaa Greatest Newspaper > i °
it has been justly termed The Nt v
York World
Its political news is absolutely i =
partial This fact will be of especl
value in the Presidential campaign
coming on
The best of current fictiou is four II i
in its columns
These are ouly some of the reason WKra
there are others Read it and > m i
them all
We offer this unequaled newepajwr ri
and the KENTUOKIAN together fr >
yenr for 260 t
The regular subscription price t f
the two papers is 300
Anyono sendlntr a etcetch and description can
quickly ascertain our opinion free whether an
Invention Is probably patentable Communion i
ttonstrlctlcontIdentlaL Ilnndbookon Patents
tent free Oldest PitonOJ for lecurtnJIatenta
Patents taken through Munn t co receive
fdanotice without Cbarge1n the
Scientific Jlm ri an
A handsomely lUnstrotad recklr Largest dr tZ
calatlon ot any polontitto Journal Terms I a
yeari MM four months Co3stsroad i41 Bold > byoll r New rkI
Branch OCQoo CS F St Washington D c
Brick Encaustic Tile Artifclal Stone
All kinds of Brick Work Tile HtSsI M
Encausticp Floors Etc Stone Ij +
ments Stouo Stops Sills I t
All kina < of Job Work ia QJtt
proparly and promptly attaudtxt
such aa QratM Fluos and Chimer > r
Telephone 12931 Hopkiuaville Ky
a4v1 Yppn PnotoonAPua MAW t
SiYBi1Mcrs V 4
So 580 Fourth Averti ff1
Louisville Ry
srllaIa r
y Y Sti 1
u 0

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