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in use for over 30 years has borne tho signature of
l s and has been mule under his per
y 80nnl supervision since its infancy
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k k All Counterfeits Imitations and Justasgood are but
I J tExperiments that trlflo with and endanger tho health of
Infants and Children Experience against Experiment
t + t
1ft ySt
What is CASTOR B A
Castorlrt is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil Pare
I Boric Drops and Soothing Syrups It is Pleasant It
contains neither Opium Morphine nor other Narcotic
l substance Its ago is its guarantee It destroys Worms
1 and allays Feverishness It cures Diarrhoea and Wind
i Colic It relieves Teething Troubles cures Constipation
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Stomach and Bowels giving healthy and natural sleep
Tho Childrens Panacea Tho Mothers Friend
Bears the Signature of
The Kind You Have Always Bought
En Use For Over 30 Years
t > I = M j1I t J JioP v 1tt f 1J
4J 0 e 1 cr1J c1P
glP Q9 ae 0 < a 6 7 tQJ
iJ r c E c11 I
I 1 tjIll TUE LEADER ill
1 t FOR
l Mine Flearette Levy j
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r try
evrDiscovery for the Certain Cure of INTERNAL and
0 lAMES F BALLARD Sola Proprietor 310 Hortii Kaln Street ST LOUIS MO
For tale bv R c Hnrdwich driblet Flopkinsvillp Ky I
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who would win puccess in life
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first importance to get your trlultlg nt the nlioul tint stands in the very
frout rank
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oho tiaatud Hoes Graduates if this college preferred by business I
Tel jfTHjiliy houses Write for R beautiful book giTingtefltimoBlala
ikons gradhaHn owsnpiag jtroll1l al PQlI oDlJ
1 over tit e EuM tMth wiiU > atnlM yew tree Stkool opetr all yoke
tudeuttr mitt ii gatrq Niilj
Some Facts About Trusts
In interviews and with prominent
retail merchants on the subject oj
the Trusts and the war tax much in <
side information has been gained
as to methods of Trusts restraint
upon competitive commerce and i
the effect of its war tax upon cpii il
stonerss i t1 it
With reference to lr uststh
Standard Oil Trust is the Iarg68
moat powerful and most serupuloti i
Itajiiethods restraining cdnipdnj
tlontin trade Ire Various and firi
reachng It has practical con OOII
6f shipping rates through Bfldrelji
agreements as to rebates with tits j
railroads whereby a rebate < fj
given on every shipment whicli <
make it impossible for the small
producer and refiner to market his
goods It resorts to every niean5
to drive small refiners out of busij
noss It has been known to seek
injunction against the use of der
tam transportation facilities land
Jailing in the attempt it has Splifi I
ited signatures t9a petition de
Blaring the refinery a public nui1
sausqult has raised the prices 3of
oil 2 per gallon 150 pet bbl
within the last year Its defence
is like thatputjorward < for thijsu
gar trust that oil is fco1 cheap Wat
no one need be deprived of its use
The argument of the people is that
if with oil selling at the present
price and even lower Mr Rockfel
low has been able to amass a for
tune of five hundred millions the
trust might have sold oil at a much
lower price anti still have earned
vast sums of money IQother
words no matter how low the price
isit might be greatly less with prof
its past all reasonable expectations
to the Trust
The Sugar Trust
Second in strength is the Sugar
Trust In answer to the question
of whether sugar was selling to
day at a higher price than it did
ten years ago a large retail mer
I chant said that it was sold now for
less although the price has been
raised recently and is now 2c per
I lb higher than than it was two
I years ago The retailer proceed
The Sugar Trust has many
I methods coercion For instance
a merchant whose business will average
erage say 200000 per year cannot
buy direct from the trust but must
purchase from the jobbers in his
I section The Trust first commen
ced selling to the merchants of the
I above class nothing less than ten
barrel lots This was raised to 25
barrels then to 50 and now to 100
Then came the notice that pur
chases would have to be made
from the jobber If a merchant
asks for a quotation from a jobber
in another city on 100 barrel lot he
is informed he must pay whatever
price is asked by this own jobber
and must pay the freight on the
shipment Thus he is forced to
deal with one of certain jobbers
and buy at a price fixed by the
Trust If it is found that two mer
chants are dividing a lot both are
notified that their orders will not
be filled in the future Much hard
ship is thus forced on retailers who
must have sugar but many of whom
have not facilities for storing it in
such quantities
The Trust absolutely and arbi
trarily controls the price of its pro
duct and the jobber is compelled to
sell for that price or be refused
dealing with the Trust
When asked how about beet sit >
gar the retailer said I do not
handle it at all but the beetsugar
industry is commonly supposed to
An OffT Irovlng Vnlth in SufforerH
JB your Blood Pure Are you sure
of U1 D foie or ticrntuheu heal
sloVyt DlIIHyour nUin itch or burn T
Hnvo ton liimplebT Eruptions
Aching Bow ur buck T Eczema T Qld
Sore Buil1 Scrofula 1 IthuuuiHtiHm
FoiiKBrfwth OihtrrhT Are you pale
If HO purify your Blood tit once with
B B B Uowuio Blod 131011It
uiMkee the Blood Pure and Rich
heala every wire and gives a clear
smooth healthy skin DeepHentnl
citsaslilw ulcers cancer eating sores
Painful HWflliugu Blood POJNOU are
quickly cured by B B 3IlIl1de
esptfciallv for nil olMiuule Blood and
Skin Troubles 1313 B is different
from other remedies because B B B
drains the Poisonand Hllmolsout of
the blood and entire system so the
symptoms cannot return Give it n
trial It cures when all else fails
Thoroughly tested for 80 years Sold
at drug stores at 1 per large bottle
6 large bottles full treatment 55 So
sufferers may test it a trial bottle
given away absolutely free Write
for It Alleges BLOOD BALM COt
Atlanta Ga Write today Describe
trouble and free medfuladvice
given B B sold by I C JUriwUk
lf bmill JKyt
be controlled entirely by the Sugar I
Trust It has been pretty well
shown by testimony before Con
gressional Committees and Com
missions that the supposition is
well based Incidently the mer
chant stated that ArbUdkle was
supposed either to be in the Trust
hilt present or soon would be
f The Cracker Trust
K The cracker Trust is very
Strong and is known by the name of
the National Biscuit Company Its
mcthoJ of freezing out competition
Is very similar to those of the other
trusts The employes in his factory
numbered perhaps 100 and for
Borne time he successfully withstood I
the efforts of the trust to run his
business Finally however he
was forced by repeated cuts in the
Price of crackers and small cakes
to sell out to the trust By this
nearly 100 men were thrown out of
employment The product of the
cracker factories has risen in price
from time to time and although the
quality of the goods put out by it
iuis proven in many case to be
very much inferior to those made
by private factories they sell in the
market at higher prices
The Baking Powder Trust
The Baking Powder Trust is I
after tht Sugar Trust perhaps the
most remorseful in its methods
Denials are constant that there is
a Baking Powder Trust but the
facts show differently II is sup
posed that Price of Chicago and
the Royal Company control the
Baking Powder industry The
Royal Company employs instead of
ordinary salesman men who might
be called traveling inspectors
They visit the stores of merchants
andj either by questioning or by
general observation see what
brands are handled by him If it
is found that other brands than
that of the Royal Company are sold
every effort is made to prevent
them from handling them in the fu
ture There are other and better
brands than the Royal but a de
mand that is general and wide
spread is created by the enormous
expenditure for advertising pur
poses The other brands sell for
from 10 to 15 cents per pound
cheaper than the Royal Some of
these brands arc much better than
the Royal but the call for them is
very much less The Royal Com
pany when they find a retailer sell
ing the Royal brand for less than
45 cents per round refuses to sell
him another pound
Merchants are furnished a writ
ten agreement which they are com
pelled to sign stating that they
will not sell Royal Baking Powder
for less than 45 cents per pound
The Powder costs the Trust from
15 to 18 cents per pound to make
Flour Trust
The Flour Trust backed and
controlled as it is bytfne Grain and
Elevator Trust has raised the
price of flour 25c per barrel in the
last week Still further advances
in flour may be expected within the
next few days
Other Trusts
There is the Tack Trust which
absolutely controls the price of all
tacks and nails A place in New
England there is a mill for the
manufacture of tacks and since the
Trust acquired control ol it the
mill has been shut down and not a
ton of its product has been sold
The shutdown threw 150 men out
of work
There is a Bucket Trust Broom
Trust Starch Trust and Feather
Duster Trust Every washwoman
has to pay more for her starch and
her washboards cost her more be
cause of the woodenware Trust
The stage and its votaries inter
esting topics especially to women
and in the November issue of the
womans magazine The American
Queen several pages are devoted
to the actresses of the eighteenth
and nineteenth centuries Some of
the great celebrities are illustrated
in different poses and in various
roles while others are merely
shown in the particular roles whIch
have made them famous The ar
ticles themselves are excellently
writtenOther subjects of interest in this
issue of the magazine are A
Turkish Wedding effectively and
profusively illustrated a complete
storyentitled Clue Man in the
Cloak an article on How to Sit
for Ones Photograph and short
household and toilet articles galore I
beiides a large number of aug
fetions for Christmas gifts in cm
rpidery and lace
After Twin Brothers Had Mar
ried Twin Sisters
The Six Youngsters Born Within
ari Hour of Each Other Were
Named After Candidates
Huntington W Va October 17
1900 Yesterday afternoon at 4
oclock Mrs Walter J Swanson
gave birth to triplets An hour
later Mrs Howard E Swanson
similarly surprised her husband
The circumstances are extraordi
nary Less than a year ago
Dorothy and Partheuia Freeman
twin sisters were the belles of
Breedenamining town of Southwest
ern West Virginia Living outside
of town their happy farm home was
the scene of much gayety and
many country beaux offered heart
and hand to the beautiful girls
So alike were they that often the
lovers became mixed with regard
to the object of their devotion All
were turned away until Walter J
and Howard E Swanson dashing
young timber men and also twins
came on the scene They were
alike as were the girls
Within three weeks after the first
meeting the happy marriage bells
rang out in the village church
They settled on the broad acres oft
the old Freeman homestead and
now each father is the happy
possessor of three bouncing babies
Walter Swanson declares that his
27 pounds of girls are much more I
to be desired than Howards 30 I
pounds of boys and says that the
only thing he regrets is that he
cant name one of the girls for
Bryan but he has done the best he
could under the circumstances by
calling them Willie Jennie and
Bryana while his brother Howard
who is the staunchest staunch Re
publicans glories in being the
rand happy father of Hanna McKinley
and Teddy
A great many people have beer
to call upon the new arrivals and
several handsome gifts have been
presented to them Among the
visitors last night were A B
White Republican candidate and
Judge John H Holt Democratic
candidate for Governor of West
Virginia who are now speaking in
ihis section Both of the gentle
men were much chargnned that
neither had been honored in the
selections of names for the little
Swansons and offered in case of
political success to remember the
family if the name could be changed
The parents refused however and
1Judge Holt laughingly said Ill
be perfectly satisfied if you will re
member me next time though IIi
Iidont know whether you will or not
because Im a Democrat and it
looks like you are going into a
baby trust It
Straightway however the
agreement was made and that
night when the children were bap
tized Judge Holt acted as God
father for all three of the little Dem
ocratic girls
1Dvsyepsia is difficult digestion I
due to the absence of natural digestive
fluids Hoods Sarsaparilla restores
the digestive powers
1Cash Distributing Trip
The L N pay car passed
through the cityabout noon yes
terday on its regular monthly trip
and the companys employes on
this division were again made
happy by the distribution of cash
among them
Malaria and the Mosquito Theory
Lnverans discovery of the para
site which causes malaria was a
pronounced step forward in our
knowledge of the disease but not
by any means so radical and im
portant as the development of the
fact years before that the bark of
the cinchona tree was a definite
enemy to the malarial poison
Daniel Drake in the early days
of our medical history was a per
sistent student of this almost uni
versally distributed disease and
in his work published years ago
with the title Autumnal Fevers of
the Mississippi Valley II he pre
sented contributions which stand
today as almost classical
The earlier as well as later stu
dots observers and writers on the
subject have favored the thought
that the mosquito was in Borne man
ner closely related to the malaria
As far back in fact as the begin
ning of the Christian Era writers
touched upon the relation of the
mosquito to malaria and among
the early American writers along
these lines may be mentioned
Mitchell of Philadelphia NottIt
New Orleans fii 1748 and King
of Washington wlio published u
pamphlet in 1883 giving numer
ous plausible reasons for sustain
ing the theory
The mosquito theory has bCd
continuously studied not only by
Laveran in 1891 he who discov
ered the malarial plasmodium
Pfeiffer who evolved the specific
germ of la grippe as well as Big
nani but the great Koch whose
name will ever be associated with
the practical demonstration of the
cause of tuberculosis has for sev
eral years devoted much time and
study to this branch of germ life
A recent writer observes
The fact that the malarial par
asite is paludal in its habits and
that the mosquito is a blood sucker
and also paludal in habit is ex
tremely suggestive of this connec
tion The idea however did not
take definite form until Patrick
Manson in his Goulstonian lectures
delivered in 1896 set forth a defi
nite hypdothesis based on certain
wellestablished facts namely that
the malarial parasite possessed a
flaggellating phase that this phase
is developed from the mature para
site that it is evolved onlywhen
the parasice iu outside the human
body that the flagella when form
ed break away from the parent
parasite and that when free the
flagella were capable of living as
independent organisms He was
thus led to believe that the flagella
was the extracorporeal phase in
the life history of parasites As it
was impossifble or the form in which
this organism originated to escape
from the human body by itself it
was necessary to invoke the assist
ance of some outside agency The
most probrable agent was the mos
quito and Manson supposed that
the flaggellated body was sucked
in its latent form into the stomach
of the mosquito and developed
therein The flaggellae then broke
away from the central sphere and
in virtue of their locomotive power
traversed the blood in the mosqui
tos stomach penetrated the stom
ach wall entered some cell and
started the outsideofthebody
life of the malariul parasite Man
son still i believed however that
malaria could be air or water
borne for he supposed that on
the death of the mosquito the para
site was liberated and either in
haled from the air or carried into
the system in drinking water
All these theories regarding ma
laria are most interesting but the
facts of most vital import are those
related to the cure of the disease
The aestivoautumnael paraitess
are energetically at work every
where now
Reports from South American
countries are confirming definitely
the fact already observed and an
nounced by many emiment medical
men throughout America that the
synthetic product organic chemis
try phenalgin is ot great valua In
fighting these parasites From
five to fifteen grains of phenalgin
may be given every two to four
hours Inside of fortyeight hours
the average attack of malaria will
be aborted Not only will this of
course of treatment be antagonis
tic to the poisons of malaria but
will soothe and relieve the distress
ing symptoms accompanying it re
ducing the fever allaying the
aches and pains and causing a
restful slep
Nowhere does malaria assume a
more virulent form than in the trop
ical countries and when we have
such pronounced resuits in favor Ot
phenalgin as an effective malarial
germicide it convincing Follow
ing the above course for adults ten
grains of quinine in capsules ac
companied by the same amount ol
phinalgin may be given at bcdtiuu
for two or three nights after vluoh
a tonic composed of the folloin
may be given three times a day itr
a week or ten days vii
Quinine Sulphate ft dram
Fowlers Solution 1 dram
Water 6 ounces
Glycerine 2 ounces
Shake Dose A tablespoonful
at meal time
For Rent
Three store houses irf the Dryer
Young block opposite the Latham
JIoelt for tbs year of innrv See
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