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l 11 SR I rSiI
5 Cigar Dealers Like I
1 to have their regular customers smoke
y S Old Virginia Cheroots
r because they know that once a man
starts smoking them he is fixed gj
and that he will have no more trouble j
with him trying to satisfy him with
f U different kinds of Five Cent cigars
F Three hundred millida Old Virginia Cheroots smoked this 3
year Ask your own dealer Price 3 for 5 cents 3
s iRirI Bri
Contractor f i
And Builder
And Dealer in
All Rinds of Lumber
Lime and
Cement fg
If You Are Going to Build
You Should See me Before Hand
l t
I 1
The Latest Things in Pat I t
I terns and Novelties I
IJ i Co r JtIt
I J 11aiu
Cool141fo It a a
ItFa sale by R 0 Hardwiok and Jas 0 Cook a
i V do
VllleKY 1
V E FUCE f c
Moat In Quantify Best It Quality
For 20 Yours IiaP Lod oil Worm OQmodiesa 1f
ar eoxo aT AtXa oaCGGX JS d
Prepared bywes JAMES 10 SALARD St LouR tl
I ojFor Bale by R C Hardwiok drttgglBt Bopltipaville Ky on
RBad thB KBnl kian 1 s
Responsible in Great Measure for Small
Galas ia Population of Large cutes
The Chicago Tribune has gathered
some facts to explain why the popula
tion of a number of our large cities
as returned by the last census failed
to reach the expectation of somo of
their enterprising citizens It is a
matter of current remark that the
gain in population of a number of
these cities fell a good deal short of
the estimates based upon rates of
growth which have held true for sev
eral decades past until the one just
closed For instance one of the large
cities of Obioa liined but a very littn
over nine perct nit during the past fen
years whereas for the preceding ten
year period the gain was 16 percent
The explanation is found in the fact
that the rapid extension of trolley
lines or socalled rapid transit fa
cilities has enabled people to remove
their habitation from the business
center or crowded residence districts
beyond the city limits into the su
burbs On this account the census re
turns of these cities now fail to show
large numbers of people whose regu
lar place of business is established
within the city This explanation
seems reasonable for it has been a p
parent to observing people all along
that the great extension of transpor
tation facilities in city and suburban
districts during comparatively re
cent years has exerted a salutary ef
fect upon the distribution of the paS
ple in populous centers It should be
remembered however says the Rail
way and Engineering Review that the
electric railways have not been entire
1aJone in this development for al
though they have greatly outstripped
the steam roads in their suburban ac
commodations in the larger number
of cities it must be taken into con
sideration that the effect of the com
petition has been to lower the subur
ban rates on steam lines and to cause
the latter to greatly increase their
suburban service in many of the
larger cities In the smaller cities >
where suburban service on steam
roads could hardly be made to pay
the trolley roads hold the field but
in the larger cities the steam roads
have tie advantage when it comes
to distance Business men are not in
clined to spend an hour in a trolley oar
riding seven or eight miles if they
can take a steam train which will get
them over that distance in less thanI
half that time and afford more com
fortable seats besides In any general
consideration of the question how I
ever the trolley lines must be conced
ed to be formidable competitors OfJ
the steam roads for city and subur banZ6
passenger traffic They have been the
cause of a great change in the con di
tions of such traffic but it should be
reflected that the steam roads by adE
lusting their service and traffic ar
rangements to the changed condi
tions have helped at least a little to
ward the general progress
How a Little Buy Dark as Ebony Land
ed His Game c
He was dark as bony and the
ragged straw hat that gravity barely J
kept on his woolly head and the
broken shoes of mens size on his
reckless feet were extremes of habili p
inents in the same degree of dipalida
lion He was probaibly eight yea r sthe
old and when he shuffled into a j
flower store it was evident he was n ataion
in search of orchids or American g
beauties or Brad carnations ai
Approaching Miss Brooke the p
youngster said bashfully
Miss kin you gib me er mouse
Miss Brooke WQ both astonished b
and amused says the Washington
StarWhy she exclaimed this is n O ttone
mouse store little boy a
But days er mouse in yo windy the
returned the ladto
Leading the way out the boy °
pointed to the corner of the display
window on Fourteenth streetan d
sure enough there nestled under the
ferns was a round sleek little mouse H
Itwas caught without difficulty and
given to the boy who received it wit bDr
When asked what he was going to tx
with it he repliedf
chansit ter play wid iri1i
Licking Stamps Not Dangerous
Experts connected with the Lon
don Lancet have been looking into
the sanitary features of postage
stamps They find that the coloring mon
the new halfpenny stamp consists n <
a mixture of Prussian blue and a S <
chroma color without any lead ar m
senic or other irritant The is °
gum ist
obtained from starch It is decided yj
that the stamp contains no injurious w
substances and therefore licking lu
would be barmlew
iII7 ir
To First Totlrl
11NEOOA ILL Oct 14 09
PEllIlN SYRUP Co Itfoaticollo H
Gentlemen I feel it my duty to
redoxpreesta you my gratitude for what
your wonderful remedy has done for
me I wusi completely run
down with 0 complichtlon of etomach
disorders For ton months I could
Jlnot ttoik nnd WHptroatedby three
eminent physicians One Insist ed
Ieupon operating Jon HmeJ declaring
nothing short of an operation for ap
pundicitia would cure mo A friend
induced me to try Dr Caldwella
Syrup Pepsin and from the first doso
I began to improve and lave Snot
stbad not hud any trouble since I have
andsge am
gebnjoyinq the very best cf health I
never fait to any a good word fort Dr
Caldwells Syrup Pepsin for I know
what it has done for me it will do orer
ntnenLES Gunny
Sold by C K Wyly
eyPatience is one of the things with
which no advertiser can dispense
ssYou are young men casting your
first ballot We congratulate you
Caldwell Syrup Pepsin for Constipation
patiou Indigestion Sick Heartache
and Stomach Trouble At C K
The printed lie is T a perpetual wit
pHess against the lying advertiser
A stitch in lima saves nine and
SYRUP at the beginning of H cold
will sltve you many weary hours and
even days of j distressing and harass
ing cough Price 85 and 50 cents >
Advertisrng is us much a distinct
iAd line of business as sorekeepi ng
alCoulon t TranslAte It
We received a letter recently we
failedc to
determine the nationality of tbe
irwriter The only words we were
able to make out wareDr Caldwelle
Syrup Pepeiu cures Indigestion
Sold by C K Wylye
If the business is right the right
kind of advertisug will help it
In anaemia and most womens ai
meats the digestion is weak the
making of color flesh and strength
out of food is imperfect so that t heter
dds J
dsBpeptic This condition can be cor
rooted by taking a course of HER
BINE Price 50 cents Sold by
R C Hurd wick
eyEvery form of advertising is val Ieso
at a price
Cornbuskers sprained wrists
barbedwire cuts burns bruises
severe lacerations and external in
juries of any kind are promptly and
ofHappily cured by applying BA u
25 and 50 cents Sold by RC H rdI
Only children play ball men make
business of it
FEVER CORE If it fails to cure any
case of Chills and Fever no matter IljPort
how long standing your money will
be refused Pleasant to take and
can be taken by delicatepersons who
can not take Quinine Price 50l
centsFor sale by R C Hardwick and
Jas 0 Cook
Men respect the woman who reo f
pects herself
the condition of the liver and kidneys
The ills of life make but little impres m
lIion on those whose digestion js
good You can regulate your liver
and kidneys with HERBINE and i
enjoy heilth and buoyancy of spirits < 0
What has become of the kissing t
bug a
Ninety per cent of ill sickness Is caused b
Iced not being properly digested It creates poi d
cons and goes Into your blood and then you art
gable to almost any disease the human system W
heir to Use Dr CarlsUjlts German Liver i
Powder and watch the results You will feel D
rood effects after taking ono dose Give It v
trial and be convinced Price 2Sc
Or Ottos Spruce Gum Balsam Cnrea it
YourCough Just the Modlolno w
For sale by it
No man who snores will ever admit
Dr Ottos Spruce Gum Balsam L
A physician can prescribe Dr Ottos Spru
Gum Balsam The Formula is on the package
Cures your Cough in a day Very pleasant ta
tike Children cry for It Large size heft e0
fries 2Sc and 50c
For a Beautiful Complexion Use Div W
for sale by pi
Worry Is the mother of nervous B w tl
And you will ward off colds peat PI tJ
mourn fevers and otherdiseases You
need to have pure rich blood Rnde1
good digestion Hoods Sarsaparilla
makes the blood rich and pure an no
other medicine can do It tones the
stomach creates an appetite and in as
vigorates the system You will be of
wise to begin taking it now for it willaj
gHoods pills Bre nOR irritating PrI colife
Boundary Bence Is 300 Miles Long and
Five Rangers Guard the Preserve
The Pisgah forest has cost Vander
bill something like 260000 or about
250 an aero Ho bas bought it in
great or small tracts as rapidly as pos
edsible and now his rangers are the
ngonly denizens There are five of
twins of fine physique good riders
and dead shots They must keep open
the roads and trails see that tam he
boundary fence 300 miles in length s
is all right keep out poachers look
after the game and the trout and al
ways be on the alert for timber steal
ers There are 266 miles of trail in
this forest the trails lending along
side each trout stream There are
70 miles of road passable for wagons
There are miles of shooting paths the
latter I 6 feet in widthand out out
l1rright and left from the roads When
deer are driven they must cross these
paths and bmeans of the latter
ialone can the hunter see them in time
to get a shot
Though Mr Vanderbilt is not a
sportsman but a student yet all
things are kept ready for him t
His pleasure is the pleasure of
Idothers On his last visit he only
caught one trout nor did he fire a gua
His wife was with him She is a good
horsewoman and rode a pony up ands
tetection native trout are rapidly re
stocking the streams without artifi
cial propagation figs
At Baltimore Mr Vanderbilt h gs
an arboretum one of the largest in
the world and the pioneer in the
United States This was formerly
heunder the direction of Gifford Pin
chat who is at present head forester
of the United States it is now under
the direction of Dr Schenck as for
ester In this arboretum more than
300000 trees and shrubs have been
planted Pisgah forest is the com
plement of the arboretum and in
these wild woods Dr Schenck has a
helodge where he spends much of each
thsummer with his class In the lat
ter are often youths of wealth and
high social position who wish to study
forestry a study which the United
States sorely needs since so many mil
lions are daily devoting themselves
to the task of forest destruction and
so few to conservation Forest and
More Than Half a Million a Year Are
Ensnared by the Natives
Much has been said lately of the
capture of quail in Egypt touching
the protest made by Frenchmen
against carrying the birds across
French territory for English use Un
til this matter rose nobody seemed to
know that quail existed in Egypt but
they doby the millions
The passage of bands of quail over
the coast of the delta of the Nile from
Port Said to Alexandria begins in
September and lasts a month and aNo
half the birds arriving in little groups
and alighting on the dunes
Generally the chase is made by
means of nets of five meters high t
which the natives extend on cords
fastened to poles in the fashion of
curtains gliding on their rods
In reality the net is double The
first near the side of the sea is of
smeshes very large and loose but on
bird will really come and perch itself
in the folds formed by this second net
of small meshes There is another
method of capture which is more pic
ngturesque Bows of dried branches
are placed on the shore
At the foot of each branch is dis
posed a tuft of fresh herbs in the mid
dle of which is arranged an opening
which ends in a snare The quail tired
by its journey takes refuge in the j
branch without figuring to itself that
is going to put itself into a trap
where a native will surprise it and kill
With these perfected means of de
struction it is not astonishing that
each year more than half a million of
these poor little birds are takenSt
Louis TostDispatch
A Wonderful Farm n
e0Canada boasts of one of the most
wonderful farms in the world Its
peculiarity ii ps in the fact that every
waterfalls within the bounds of the
farm some 60 feet and 180 feet high
furnish the motive power a central
powerhouse being erected near andw
the current is tranmittedby wires tc
every available place on the farmII
A Gladstone Chip
noAsouvenirof Mr Gladstones hobby
s an amateur woodsman consist ng
a chip from an elm which he felled W
Hawarden in 1880 was sold for five u
shillings in a London auction room u
life other dar > au v
The divorce evil seems to grow with
1every year 7500 divorces were granted
Wef agree
great problem is Are those faults remedi
able To a great extent there ia no doubt
the conditions which result in divorce may
and a wife suffering from female trouble
and we have the ready made elements of a
divorce case In view of the facts there
can be very little doubt that many women
look forward to divorce only because they V
aseek relief from obligations they do not f
notfeel f
nthome life as a dream of paradise Then
disease comes like a serpent and destroys
all happiness
Women who suffer with debilitating
erdrains inflammation ulceration female
trouble and bearing down pains wilt find
certain relief and cure In Doctor Pie pea
Favorite Prescription It BO invigbrdtes
the organs peculiarly feminine and regn
ales their functions that they are e tab <
lished in a perfectly healthy condition
llThe old lightness of heart comet ck
theres light in the eyes and a smile on the
lips The old irritation and nervousness
home as a haven of rest and comfort
after taking three bottles of Dr Pierces Favor
ite Prescription I am free from palm writes
Mrs May K Jones 529 Madison AveVpsnantl
begun taking your medldne I could not walk
across my room without suffering dreadful pain
Now I do all my housework and walk where I
p Ileasethanks
Via L u c1 f J and C G I
C Vestibuled Through Trains a
M TrainsDally a
Through Bolfet Sleeping and Day Ccacbes
New Orleans to Chicago
F P Jemima 0 P A D H BIUUAR 0 a A
vAnavtu1 IND KAimnuji mcir
No 53Fast Line 600 a m
No 51Fast Mail 527 pm
N o yIN 0 Limited1208 a m
TRAINS soars
No 92 Chicago Limited 983 p m
No 52St Lou Ex mail 945a m
No 56 Hopkinsville Ac 880 p m
No MFaBt Line 1024 p m
Nrahvllle Accommodation does not run on
North bound St Louie and Chicago Fast
iMlns have hrough trains solid and sleeper
fast Lion stops only at important atatloni
< nd crocatngs Bar through Pullman sleep
re to Atlanta Ga
are thev most fatal cs D uouoI ail II
or money refunded Con
tains remedies recognized
by all eminent physicians
as the best for Kidney and
Bladder troubles
Price soc and ioo
For sale by Anderson Fowler
i ImrlPBt 1
tdeat J Hotel in the W > lei
I Electric Hlevnti
P ctCArrruELL Nabil1t
ItelUula pcnoDlotniiic icxrinvMtlTeintnd
desiring a trip totheP1ar alyapoawith good
lobe 1 A1 NT JC lUtlmoro Md +
WANTED Active mu m of ooi okaraoter to
deliver and collect In XtllttlQ fer old elab
toted manufacturing vrkoUsale kno JIM
year sure pay HonMty mor tYaaerper >
teuoe required Our rnoe say bank IK
guy dry Enlo1 Ifr cged Iaell H
veloye MauHfMUrtre ThlrA > rUuali < tear
braltreel klt c

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