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Hopkinsville Kentuckian. (Hopkinsville, Ky.) 1889-1918, October 26, 1900, Image 1

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y T L T v
flup1tflviIt 71Wf 1kEntUChIaflb
wr r r r urr
1 14 OvrcoatBargarns 4 1 i f0
Mens Godd Cotton VA
Warp Beaver Overcoats
Velvet Collars Blue tsII
Black and Brown for < P U
Mens Genuine Raw s
I Edge all Wool Melton sr
Overcoats in Dark Gray Ie
ot I
j Worth 1250 for U
I f
Mens Good all wool i
IKersey Beaver Overcoats alv
in Blue Black or Brown ill
nicely tailored fri 59r
sizes for U
all Sizes fory
I < 4 S J The above Overcoats arc good that
fiZSSH were bought 25 per cent under their
f 4 > tvalve and
I i We Are I Giving Our
I Customers the
< 41
J I Of the purchase Of course we have
0 i finer overcoats up to 2000
t 1
i < I Now is the Time I I I
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17J 1 S I ttVt rt < f II
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l 4To get > Your Fall And 11 J
I Winter
I Underwear 11 If
s l Before f
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kk 1 111TheYlnre going like hot 15
these cool s
Ii cakes morn
lil ings I v
2 L ingsWe Have WbatY ouI I
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J 1
Look for the Big Boot
The Democratic Band Wagon l
Traverses North Christian j
Two Thousand arid Five Hundred t 1 ti
People Hear riusic and Oratory i i
Up To Wednesday Night i 0
Crofton Ky Oct 25lhc Dem f
ocratic band wagon has split north i
east Christian county wide opcnc
traveling fifty miles in less than 1
60 hours and leaving behind it a
trail of enthusiasm that will mean
many votes lor the ticket in Novem iJ
ber j 1
The crowds everywhere haiv0 i
been large and entliusiastic and af
ter the first half day the weather
has been perfect
Monday morning the prospect fl
was dreary enough A steady rain
was falling and there was a most
discouraging outlook for a whirl
wind tour over the hills and hol
lows of north Christian
The band boys at Lafayette were
true blue and telephoned at seven
that they were coming rainor shine
The Committeemen on the route +
Lee King at Dogwood Dave Smith
at Fruit Hill and Foster McCown
at Bluff Spring also telephoned
that it would take a Galveston flood
to damper the order of the Demo
crats of their respective districts
and that the band wagon must
come rain or no rain
The band did not arrive until
eleven oclock and it was nearly
one before everything could be
made ready for the State totw
R Howell and Ben C Boyd were
sent ahead before noon to cancel
the appointment at Dogwood and
hold the crowd at Fruit Hill
The band in the two light wagon
ettes and followed by the commis
sary department in a road wagon
engineered by Geo Green Jrmade
the trip over a very muddy road to
Dogwood eight miles in two hours
Here a stop of ten minutes was
made The crowd had been dis
missed but about 50 people still reo
mained These were given a cou
pIe of tunes and after a brief ex
planation by Mr Meacham of the
change in the program a forced
trip was made four miles further to
Fruit Hill Here Col Howell was
just concluding an hours speech to
a crowd ot 150 people Mr Meach
am followed with a ten minutes
speech and after music and a good
rest the journey to Bluff Springs
5 miles further was resumed This
point was reached at 6 oclock and
the party of 20 men had just
enough time to pitch camp eat sup
per andjfeed the horses beforedark
The people had already begun to
arrive and by 630 oclock 300 per
sons were on hand and after t1lll
band had played forba1fan ke X r
the speaking began Judge Tlilfe
P Cook and Ashby Edmund iJ
down for the night meeting and
A Wilgus and J C Duffy arrived
from Hopkiuaville and became per
manent members of the party
Judge Cook led off with an hours
speech Col Howell followed with a
30 minutes hot number and
then came Meacham and Duffy
with short speeches The meeting
broke up at 930 and the boys scat
tered out for the night closing the
first half day with two regular
speakings to an aggregate of near
ly 500 hearers The good people of
Bluff Springs opened their homes to
the campaigners and on Tuesday
morning they all come together at
the Red Bridge for the second day
The weather was all that could be
desired and the roads were rapidly
drying out Full of hope for the
day the band wagons completed
the long drive of 8 miles to Haleys
store over a very rough road by 11
oclock arriving only an hour late
Howell Boyd Wilgus and Duffy
had been sent on ahead and held
the crowd At the foot of Esq Geo
N Johnsons hill the worst road
on Pond River a stop was made
to rest the horses and standing on
a little bridge the boys played a
stirring tune that caused a drove
of cattle to come bellowing down
tjfe hillside looking for the strange I
iii dy that waked the echoes for
ffiplrst time in this end of Chris
luan county Just bafora Haleys
nf Ihvas reached a school at Pop
jpigy Grove was passed and the
illttijfier gave recess to allow the
Hiraren to see the strange proces
jgiii A stop was made and the
tumd some of its choicest music
SHJin leaving a delighted yovvd of
JqfipQL children they hurried on
dbWn the hill to find 150 people as
seiii led and waiting to be enter
Itamga pywii
vfuler some music iMri Meacham
gaVq the meeting a start and iutro
djLiqejtl Mr Duffy fora half hours
< mhis young man is developing
into a most pleasing and effective
Sgftiker His speech was followed
bjj dn other fine speech from Col
Hj jvell This yas in the Colonels
betvein and fjnade a fine IP
p69sion >
t JjJefore breaking up a clubSjB
organized with 57 members whi
promised to put in thejr best licks
ftin the ticket until Nytb Mr John
b1 Davis was eldcted President
This was one of the best meetings
A drive of 6 miles was made to
Johnsons store by 4 oclock Two
stops were made one at Cold Creek
to eat dinner and again on the
highest hill in the county where
some ladies and children were as
dsembled at a house by the roadside
Here the band played to the great
delight of the little crowd
At Johnsons Store aboutSO peo
tpie were still waiting though the
hour for the speaking was long past
A short stop was made and after
some music Mr Duffy made a short
speech Here Mr Jap N Sisk met
the party and took it in charge
The relight meeting was held at No
5Schaol hous3lSi6ar his house and
proved to be the best meeting of the
series A crowd of 400 was on
hand and there was a regular feast
of oratory MOre speakers came
out from Hopkinsville and Jno B
Brasher of Hopkins also was on
hand Mr T C Hanbery who
was last year a Brown Democrat
was the first speaker He led off
in a fine talk that put everybody in
a good humor After him Jno B
Brasher Jas B Allensworth and
the inimitable Howell all made fine
speechesTuesday night the party of 22
men and 10 horses were taken care
of by Mesars J N Sisk J B
walking distance of the church
where the meeting was held These
gentleriren feasted the boys on the
fat of the land In addition to the
delightful edibles the sound dozen
at Mr Sisks were given a musical
concert until after eleven oclock
Mr Sjsk is a fine performer ontbe
violin and his three children are
members of his family band It
Claude plays the guitar little
Mabel the parlor organ and the
oldest daughter Miss Eva is a vio
list of great promise Some of the
band boys helped out at times and
there was a feast of music that was
thoroughly enjoyed by all
Everybody was up and ready to
move by 8 oclock Wednesday morn
ing and the drive of 3 miles to
White Plains wasmade in an hour
For a mile or more the road raualong
laPond river the county line and
when the party crossed over the
bridge into Hopkins they were met
Ar i
mile further anothercrowd came up i
and a school with 85 pupils waving
flags was lined up by the road with
Teague at the head Here the
the horsemen were increased to
near 100 and a parade a half mile
long entered the town and a photo
grapher stopped the procession long
head of it Then the march was
continued to the grove surrounding
Here 500 people quickly gathered
and the meeting was touched off at
930 promptly on time Mr Duffy
speech that a lady in the audience
presented him with a bouquet
Then Mr Howell was introduced
< r
Is Hot GompetitorsM
J t
t Our all wool English Kersey
I Black and Jjjjtifc Black Over
coats made lip 1 in the latest
style by the best tailors is >
the same goods that we sold i
1 jfr
zoot I
when goods were 25 per cent
cheaper than they are at
present also our Imported
English Corduroy Suits made
x up Single Breast Double
Breast and Hunting style at
You can shop the town
we have no competition
ii i I m
I6H1dtnva rilMft n I
Next Tuesday I
and Wednesday i
Tie annual Opening Sale of
Readytowear Ladies Gar
ments and Furs will take
place at
Frankels Store
and the bandwagons left leaving
him to follow in a buggy This
was a grand meeting and John
Brasher Rufus Teaque and Dr
Moore made the visitors fell wel
come from the time they crossed the
line Mr Brasher announced that
he would inaugurate a similar cam
paign at White Plains next Mon
day afternoon
The drive to Empire was a 10
mile jorurney hard and tiresome
but the wagons whirled in ten
minutes only to find that they had
been billed for noon instead of 3
oclock and 250 people had waited
until 2 oclock and some home After
some music Howell was left at Em
pire i to speack to the miners at 7
oclock and the rest reached Crotton
at 5 oclock dusty and tired
Here Jno M Dulin the old relia
ble wheelhorse and Will Martin
the local committeeman took them I
in charge having provided enter
tainmentior men and beasts Sever
al new recruits from Hopkinville
came in by night and the 730 meet
ing was a rouser MrDuffy opened
with an hours speech and it was a
tiptop effort the first speech of
that length he had made By 830
Howell came in from Empire and
put in some of his best licks The
two meetings were great successes
and the attendance brought the
total for three days up to about
3000 The canvass of the eastern
side of therailroad wound up here in
a blaze of glory and a flood of
melody and oratory The band
boys are having a great time New
ton Roperone ot the cornelists had
to return home from Haleys Mill
but there are still eleven fine fellows
making the round Fred Gilbert
and will Mitchell are from Hopkins
ville and the others are from La
fayette E J Roper is leader
Mr J M Dulin who has been
the guide and pilot since Monday
afternoon will spend the week with
the boys and has endeared himsclt
to every one by his thought fvi
ful attentions He knows every >
hog path on Pond river and can
come very near telling who lives in
every house passed
This morning we start into the
Trade Water country for two days
J making six appointments and reach
ing home Friday night
Died Of Cancer i
Mr Smith Hayes a well known
and much respected citizen died at
his home one mile east of the city
Monday afternoon after a long and
pailful illness of cancer of the
The malignant growth made its
appearance about five years ago
r and had eaten away one side oj
his face While he had been a con
I stant sufferer he was only confined
to his bed a few weeks
Mr Hayes was about eighty
years old and leaves several children
The funeral was preached at his
late residence Tuesday afternoon 9
I by Elder H D Smith and the in
terment took place Jn Hopewell

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