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Married Themselves to Save tl toof
< <
Usual Wedding Fee
For the third time in the history
of the marriage license law of Pen
1nsylvania a sdf marriage cert
cate was issued last veek The
knot was tied in the presence of the
County Clerk and two witnesses
The contracting parties were Andrew
drew J Taylor aged 81 and Chris
4 tina Eikes aged 69
It was purely a matter of econo
my that they dispensed with the
services of a minister The room
appeared in the marriage license
office last week and stated his case
He inquired particularly about the
fee for performing marriage ceremonies
monies The Clerk informed him
that the legal fee was 5 The old
man said that was too much and
he would consider the matter a
while longer Later he made his
second appearance and informed
the Clerk that he had consulted an
attorney and learned that he and
his intended bride could perform
the ceremony by simply declaring
themselves married in the presence
of two witnesses In this way 1 t
would cost but 120 60 cents for
the regular license and 60 cents for
the marriage certificate
The old man performed his part
of the ceremony and instructed his
bride how to proceed The certificate
cate reads
We hereby certify that on the
18th of October 1900 we united our
selves inmarriage at Pittsburg in
the County of Allegheny having
first obtained from the Clerk of the
Orphans Court of said county a
declaration that he was satisfied
that there was no existing legal
impediment to our so doing
A J Taylor Christina Eikes +
We the undersigned were pres
ent at the solemnization of the mar
riage of Andrew J Taylor and
Christina Eikes as set forthin the
foregoing certificate
Mrs A C Dinger May Braden I
The bride signed the mark She
was twice married before Death j
took both husbandsEx i
Rich warm healthy blood is given 1
by Hoods Sarsaparilla and thup
coughs coldp and pneumonia are
prevented Take it now <
Should Especially Desire The
Crushing of Trusts and Imperialism <
Thousands of young men are go j
ing on November 6 to cast their I
first votes for President And it i s r
to be hoped that they realize the
full extent of their own personal
stake in the result
The present campaign is another
pivotal event In our political
history The young men who are a
shortly going to cast their first S
Presidential ballots are whether
they are fully conscious of it or not j
the voters who will have most e
cause in the vears ahead to look I
back at the result with profound 1
thankfulness or keen regret It is 5
a parting of the ways for them s
Old men are passing off the stage I
and the full fruits of the verdict to
be rendered at the polls next
month will not be gathered in their
time It is to the young men with
their lives all before them and the
hard problem of how to realize i
their hopes and ambitions to solve
the election of Mr
that McKinley j
or Mr Bryan is ol the gravest Qmo E
mentBetween J
Between the party of imperialism t
and the trusts and the party of
human liberty and equality of
rights and opportunities it is forI
our young men to choose And asC
they make their choice they will l
have to reap the consequences o
Those of them who understand the
history of their own cpuntry and 1
the principles on which their fore c
fathers founded its government can J
not fail to see that if they vote to
reelect Mi McKinley arid thereby I
ratify his policy in the Philippines I
and Porto Rico they will vote to
nullify the Constitution and commit
the coming generation to a pro I
gram of conquest colonization and
annexation in quarters of the globe g
far distant from our own shores f
And they are themselves the corn t
ing generation v
That policy is not the policy ot
their fathers it is the policy which i
all the greatestmen of both parties t
i have one hundred years warner us t
jagainst adopting It is a policy w
NI 1
utterly alien to the old American
spirit It denies all the teachings
of our history It spurns the
consuls of Washington Jefferson
Clay Webster and Lincoln each
and all of whom adjured uq to love
liberty aud justice to cultivate
the friendship ofall nations to
g e our sympathy to every people
struggling to be free and to op
press none and above all things
to be content to preserve our own
freedom and enlarge its boundaries
on soil continuous to our own and
never under any temptation permit
mit ourselves to be driven into the
aGiirs of foreign nations
Former Hopklnsvllle Boy to Wed
Louisville Lady
have announced the engagement of
their daughter Miss Charlotte A
Newman to Mr Harry L Means +
Miss Newman is one of Louis
villes very attractive girls and
Mr Means who came here several
years ago from Christian county is
a well known lawyer and former
newspaper man
No arrangements have been made
for the wedding other than it will
be quietly solemnized at the home
of the brides parents early in the
winter CourierJournal
W Means formerly of this city
and his many friends and relatives
in this county join the Kentuckian
in extending hen rty congratulations
in advance of the event
Free Prizes For Bright People
If 300 Cats Can Kill 300 Rats in
300 DaysHov Many Cats Will
it Take to Kill 100 Rats
in 100 Days
Can you solve the problem If so
you will win a prize Do not send
any money with your answer but
send name and correct addressand
byI return mail a beautiful prize
will be sent you free As our ob
ject in giving away these premiums
is to attract attention to and in j
crease the circulation of our popu
liar Magazine we request you when
you receive your prize to show it to
as many of yourfriends as possible
We want large lists of readers in
every neighborhood and are going
to offer many handsome prizes to I
secure them Among the prizes we
are offering js 25000 in cash and
many articles of silverware Full
particulars of the awarding of
these prizes will be sent you with
your prize for answering the above
problem Address with stamp for
Ghicago 111
500 RewardlI
We will pay the above reward in I
any case Liver Complaint Dyspep ie
Sick Headache Indigestion CoustiI
pation or Costiveness we cannot offer j
with Liverita the Up to Date Liver
Liver Pill when the directions are <
strictly complied with They are j
purely Vegetable and never fail to i
give sitisfaction 25a boxes contain
100 Pill10c boxes contain 40 Pills
5c boxes contain 16 Pills beware of l
substitutions and imitations Sent
by mail stamps taken NERVITA i
Jackson Sts Chicago Ill
Pee Dee Pointers
Pee Dee Ky Oct 22Pee Dee
is not dead but sleepeth
Mr Marquess will soon have in
his fall stock of goods and we will
awake to the fact that Pee Dee is s
an uptodate place carrying an up
todate line of goods
The farmers have been busy sow
ing wheat Could they have had a
correct weather forecast they
might have been housing their sec
ond crop of tobacco
A protracted meeting is now
being held at Little River Baptist
church services conducted by t
Revs Ferryman and Roony
t0There has also been a series of
meetings at Sharon Church Ben
nettstown this week
tMrs C H Brown and pretty and
accomplished daughter Miss Bessie J
Brown who have been the pleasant I
Quests of Mrs E L Djckenson and
family for several weeks have reo
turned to their home in Gallatin
Tenn tl
There iatbe a wedding in our
midst on next Wednesday so says I
madam rumor and we think tooI
that we have a Long View of i
wedding bells FREDDIE I I
n c =
eThese Jazrelltcs Expect to Go
IIStraight From Mountain
The members of the unique re
ligious scut known as tne Jazrelitcs
of Indiana are arranging to take
prop I
phets of the sect has fixed a near
ndate for the end Of time and the rev
solution of all terresllal things The
sect originated in Scotland and
br e
taken from home mountain there
Small communities of these zealots
have been established in Northern
Indiana and Southern Michigan
counties The men and the women
are disposing of their earthly pos
sessions and the money accumula
ted will be expended in reaching
Scotland from whence they believe
fthey are to be transported heaven
Gathering Blocks of Ten
1New York are going five better on
Blocks ofFive Dudley Campaign
tactics in Indiana in 1888 The
New York managers want blocks of
ten as will be seen in the following
My dear sir dour name has been
handed me as a life long Republic
an whom we can trust Will you
kindly send me the names of ten In
dependent Democrats voters whom
you think may be influenced to favor
our ticket on election day
Also advise us ot any expense in
volved Yours very truly
Chairman of Republican State Com
Chairman ODell denies the letter
but exSenator Murphy of the Dem
ocratic Committee says he will prove
that such a letter has been sent out
by the Republican Committee
IlncliAtmicil Sloth In a Marvel of
Indnitry Compared to Some
Ulrdu mid Iniccts
A baser libel was never penned than
that amazing bit of natural history
which described the sloth as the laziest
animal khown Like the snail the poor
sloth was never cut out for anything
better Even when his worst enemy
the keentoothed jaguar is hounding
him through the green arches of the
tropical forest the wretched sloth can
not add another yard an hour to his
The first duty of any selfrespecting
bird is surely to build n nest in which
to raise its young Yet look nt the num
ber which shirk this necessary proceed
ing The kestrel never dreams of such
exertion The Inst years home of a
magpie suits Mr and Mrs Kestrel to
The sparrow hawk too finds some I
thing of the same sot t very handy The
house where Mrs Carrion Crow brought
up her last years brood does well to go
on with Even the lump of rough odds
and ends which has once done duty as
a squirrels nest is not to be despised
The cuckoo not only presumes on the
Idridness of other birds to lay her egg
in their nests but her young when
hatched cruelly evicts its foster broth
ers and sisters to perish miserably on
the cold earth below
The cheeky sparrow too has many
of the bad habits of the habitual tramp
His < nest When he makes one is of the
most untidy description and a house
martens neat mudbuilt abode is very
much to his taste if he can seize it dur
ing the absence of its proper owner 1
Some creatures arc much too lazy to
feed themselves There Is a large ward
nor ant the ancestors of which many
generations ago captured smaller anis
as slave In the course of ages the I
fighting atvts hare become so helpless I
and incapable that if their slaves dp
not attend them they simply perish not
knowing how or where to procure the
necessary food
To such an extent indeed has this
degeneration proceeded that the very
structure of the Amazon am as it is
called has slowly altered till Its mandi
bles have lost their teeth and are be
come mere nippers deadly weapons
indeed but useless except for purposes
of war
warNot only do their slaves feed them
but also carry them on their backs from
place to place
The flshbawlc is another creature that
prefers its hard work done for it It
hovers over the gulls as they are fishing
spots one rising with a plump mackerel
in its claws and swoops down like a
thunderbolt The poor gull scared out
of Its senses drops its feast which the
seizes crc it reaches the
pirate era ren water I
and devour it
The remora or sucking fish thinks
nothing of r thousandmile trip fag
tened tight on the hack of a shark Qr
the hull of n ship and when it lets gp
never dreams of offering a fare or even
10 muoh as a thank you
Another small fish with a big Latin
name travels in the mouth of tho Bra
tillan catfish
The little pea crab generally fojstqi
himself upon the mussel or oyster and
lives in comfort on the spoils of his xm
vllllnghost The hermit crab seems tb
have lost the power of forming for him
toll a shell of any kind so he hides his
jellylike form in the recesses of the
first old shell be may come acroas
Stray Btorje + I
r ViJ
Jfcarly 910000000000 found Since the
Discover of America
I Of the 10000000000 of gold pro
duced in the world since tho discovery
of America more than onehalf has
been found since 1860 and more
than onequarter since 1885 or to
put it in other words onehalf of thor
gold mined in the last 400 years has
been prpduced within 40 years and
onefourth within 15 years The i
treasury bureau of statistics has made
some compilations regarding the gold
production of the world in view of tho
temporary suspension of gold mining
in South Africa > and its possible ef
thn e
world A casual exnmir c t toll of the
figures of annual prodtl ion shows
plainly tho very rapid imvue during
tho last half of the cjopirr century
Fiiom 1493 to 1GOO f 01640000
worth of gold was found the average
annual production being 4644815
From 1601 to 1700 806315000
worth was mined and from 1701 to
1800 1262805000 From 1801 to
1860 2120444000 was produced
tho average annual output being 15
746260 In the decade from 1861 to
1870 tho total production was 1263
015000 In the next ten years tho
production was slightly less being
1150814000 and from 1881 to
1890 there was also a considerable de
crease the amount being 1060055
600 From 1891 to 1899 the produc
tion increased in a remarkable de
gree amounting to no less than 1
867971000 the average annual
amount being 204773555 This
makes the total production between
14931899 9833039600
An examination of the amount of
gold produced from the mines of the
Transvaal and by those of other
countries shows that the gold produc
tion of the entire world is more than
double that from the Transvaal tho
latter mines produced 79213952
worth of gold in 1898 while the pro
duction in other parts of the world
was 208214647 making a grand
total of 287428600 Scientific
A Montal Condition That Needs a Radi
cal Treatment 1
Some of our readers may ho famil
iar with the mental condition which
results from having a certain subject
or phase of a situation get bn ones
nerves You brood so continuously
over an infelicity a grievance or a
resentment that you become exasper
ated You not only lose your sense
of proportion but your good tem I
per That is the one subject which
you cannot think of calmly or reason
about clearly Your nervous irrita
tion precludes any mental operation
concerning it except that of feelings
and your emotions in regard to it all
run one way We imagine that if the
full truth were told in regard to many
acts that seem unreasonable and al
most desperate it would come out
that a certain situation or person had
got on the mans nerves and > like the
Malay who says that he gets hot in I
his head he simply ran amuck ButI
there are one or two cautions that are
worth regarding by us all when we
observe in ourselves any tendency Qfj
this kind One is to seek to get a true
perspective of tho situation by getting I
far enough away from it in imaging
Hon or in actual distance to look at
things in their proper relations Thi c
other is to take your coolest hardest 1
headed friepjl into your confidence
and talk the matter over with himI
The less imaginative and the more
matter of fact ho is the better and
you will be apt to find his dry prosaic
comment on the situation will give
you just the changed point of view
that you ne dBoston Watchman
Parks of Greater New YorkI
The parks of Greater New York
in the boroughs of Manhattan
Brooklyn and the Bronx cover 7564
acroshe two largest parks situ J
ated in Bronx borough are Pelham I
niCortlaudt I
Cortlandt park of 1132 12 acres I
Central Park Manhattan has nearly 1
840 acres Bronx parka Bronx borough j
ough 661 35 acres Brooklyn FordH
park town ot Jamaica within the
oily limits 535 aorbl and Prospect
park in Brooklyn 516 16 acres Tho
rest of a total of 69 parks are congj jll
orably smaller and 250 ncres ftf
Bronx park are to be devoted ibVa
botanical garden tv
t A Great Fore gJ
We believe it will be found that
iibxt to electricity flattery > isvnlp +
greatest force in the world Atob j
son GlebeY
Had Trouble lth Censor
i4 i
Seventeen Russian newspapers had
trouble with the censor last year and
two of them were entirely suppressed
= i
U Five Foot la Height and Weighs to8
The smallest man in tho United
Statei army stationedntthc Colum
bus post Ho is ono of the great Lam
sly of SmithJohn Smith by nom e
and is a member of company Q p
Seventh regiment
Private Smith is small in stature I
but has a record that a man twice his
size might well be proud of He en
listed in tho United States army in
April 1872 as a drummer boy and
this is the reason ho is able to claim
the distinction of being the smallest
soldier in Undo Sams service HoI
is little more than five feet in height
and weighs 108 pounds
Along in tho 80s an order was is
sued by the war department doing
away with calls on tho drum and
substituting the trumpet This de
stroyed the usefulness of the drum
mer boys and many of them became
trumpters But Private Smith was
anxious to be transferred to the line I
and when ho made application the
war do artmert in view of MB excel
lent record waived tho standard of
height and weight and assigned him
to the company and regiment to
which he now belongs He has a con
tinuous service credit of 28 years and
has been engaged in a number of cam
paigns Ho served with his regiment
throughout the SpanishAmerican
war and never once did his size in
terfere with his fighting qualities
At a fixed bayonet he is scarcely
taller than his piece Ho has but 18
months to sere and it is presumed
as is customary he will be promoted
to a sergeantcy for retirement Ohio
State Journal
Done on a Big Scale Early Last Cen
There were in 1724 in London
alone 35 veilknown gambling
houses Nearly all our most respect
able West End clubs were originally
gambling houses as the Cocoa Tree
which is still flourishing as a club
at No 64 St James street One
night late in the last century there
was a cast at hazard the difference
of which was 180000 That pres
ent pink of perfection Whites
was perhaps the most appalling gam
bling hell in Europe Tho young
men of the ngcsaJs Walpole lose
there 10000 15KX 20000 in
an evening The play at this club
was only for rouleaux of SW each
and generally there was 10000 in
gold on the table The gamesters
began by pulling off their embroi
dered clothes and put on frieze gar
ments or turned their coats inside
out for luck They put on pieces of
leather to save their lace ruffles and
to guard their eyes from the light
and to prevent tumbling their hair
woro highcrowned straw hats with
broad brims and sometimes masks
to conceal their emotions Almacks
afterward was known as the Goose
Tree cluba rather significant name
and Pitt was one of its most con
stant frequenters and there met his
adherents Gibbon was also a mem I
ber > when the club was still Almacks
which indeed was the name of its
founder and original proprietor
Saturday Review
One Which Is Worth Over a Million
Of gorgeous swords Vhich arc Dot i
so much weapons as settings for pre >
cious stones the most valuable ill
England is said to be the one present j
ed by theEgyptians to Lord Wolse
ley and valued at 2000 but this sum i
is comparatively little for a bejeweled I
sword if the value of the sword
brought over to Europe by the late I
shah of Persia on his first visit
namely ElUUOOcan be taken as a I
standard for what a diamond hilted1 I
weapon ought to cost Those who can
recall that wonderful saber will be
somewhat skeptical about the exist
ence of the Aikwar of Barodas
gorgeous blade which is supposed to
be worth more than 20 swords of
equal beauty and value to the shahs
but it is populnrly supposed that the
diamonds and rubies and emeralds
with which it is thickly incrusted
bring up its value to about 220000
which at four per cent represents 01
an income ot almost 9000 a year
and renders the possession of such a
sword something more than a mere
luxury Chambers Journal f
Green But Dont Know It t
The idea no tr seems to come to
sonic folks that theyinight be green r
Washington la Dohlbcrati
1 IALHttKntw1 Ietigaclh I J
The less some people knew the I
more they try to show off Chicago
Daily News
Have you watched its niairvoloua
growth If not The Weekly En
qUlrer wants to study the strides it has
made The first census of the United
States was taken in t8io Since then
jvery succeeding ten years The re 4
jolt has been as follows e
Year Population Yean Population
fern 7239881 18803144 3 t f
1820 963382s 1870 aSfigr
1830 12880020 1880 501 faJSS
1840 17089453 1890 02022250
tSBO 23191078
Here you have the figures of a
basis of calculation The problem f
nwnow is What will be the populationt
of the United States excluding recent
announced in July of the census year
to engage all in a study of their coiln
try To this end it will distrttnt >
cash amounting to 25000 for sffw
tions received of the population of the
dUnited States Census as follows
Tolh ntarMaomctgaMtrc tTi4 to thet
10 the Icoond < 150000
To the fourth 60000
To tho fifth SSOOO
vo the sixth 20000
rothe wventh ISO CO
to tha next 10 tocl fOo amounting 100000
to the ocxt 60 each 60 amounting 2500 0V
TII the next 100 each 526 anouating 250000
o tha next 600 each f 10 amounting to 500000 1
ib the next 1630 tlCh5 amounting 765000
2107 cash presents amounting to f 2500000
In case of a tie money equally di t
videdEvery guess on the above proposi 4
tion must be accompanied by a years
subscription to the WEEKLY ENQUIRER
You can guess as often as you care
to inclose subscription price to the
This contest will close a month be
fore the result of the census will be
known and officially certified Ijy the
Director of the United States Censu
at Washington D C
Subscription price for the Censut
ENQUIRER including guess is only t
ioo a year Eleven copies and
eleven guesses for 1000 For full
particulars see WEEKLY ENQUIRER
Send all orders to ENQUIRER Co
Cincinnati Ohio
Lv Louln1l1c Hila in U5 p m 8 8P
Irviugton 923am 6 43 pm
Cloverpon 10 18 am 7 89pm 1049pm
Hftwesvllle 10 43 u m 8 W pin 11 08 p m
Owensborol140 a in 9 05 p m 11 63 p m
HenUerson 12 45 p m 10 10 D m 12 65 ft m
Kyanavllle 1 20 p m 1 25 a m
Ar St Ixjuls 710pm 720am
Lv St Louis 823am 8 65 p m
Evanevihe710am 2 lOp m 65ain
llendenon78bam 2 40 p m 320am
Owensboro 8 80 a n13 44 p m 410am
Hawesvllle 9i7am 440pm 460am
Uloverport 9 64 a m II 08 p m 517 a m
Irvlngton 1048am 6U3DIU 617am780am
Ar LoolRTille 12 B5 p ai 744pm 780am
1408 r JtolS
Ar Fordsvllle J 20 pm B 16 pm
yo2 No4
Lv Hardlnsburg8 15 a m Ii 00 p r t
Ar Irvlngton gOO a m 645pS
Tralus 4142 43 und 44 connect at Irvington
with Tralne No 8 and 6 for points on Fordsvllle
Branch Trains No 2 0 4 and 6 run dally Tralno No
3and4conhot at Irvlngton with Main LIne
trains 41 42 43 and 44
For further Information call on oradd i
agents or EDGAR HILL Trafflo ltKrrie
Illinois Central R RI
Sleeping Car Service
li Through sleepingcar reservations
can now be secured from Cincinnati
and Louisville via the Illinois Cen
tral to Hot springs via Memphis on
its New Orleans Limited leaving Cin
cinnati daily at 600 p m Louisville
at 940 p m reaching Hot Springs
615 the next afternoon It carries
Pullman sleeping car and free reelin
1ing chair car Cincinnati to Memphis
to Hot Springs i >
Throu h reservations Cincinn m
and Louisville tn Hot Springs can
also be secured on the Special
Louisville 1201 p m daily arriving
at Hot Springs 955 the next morning
Sleeping car from Cincinnati also
coach from Louisville to Memphis
A special folder ot this new service
as well as full particulars concerning
the abovecan be had of agents of
the Illinois Central and QonnoevWg
Louisville Ky
l J J
Katnro herself clad in the early parba 01
prlntr Woesome forth trees and flowers causing
ho despondent cord to vibrato to this the
Pill dollghtful ol allsprluirtlmo and how do
rnu furl have you that tired shaky foerlnL
awforjerunuerof Chllja Malaria aud Typhoid
Fl ver1 It so you must not pass thla warning
4x1 It 11 qu indication of etekuess avoid thlll
nfafult UB as our advIce costs you nothing
Call on Tour druggist and procnrtJia bottle ol
Dr Carfftedta German Liver Powder Tako
one dose a day at bed tlmo for slit days than
tonORby procuring a bottle 0tYaaitll Chill
1oulc oHoWlug the dtrectloap and After two
v ek8 course ot these two Ir atrcmedllJlI yuu
till feel Ilke > the flower looV hi the iiprfo
Prepare yourself for tho maUf lal or hot eajon
ucccshaiand when our 7 stem vlunu 1 ou
t1d gold by

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