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t i PAGE TWO WiJwriiiifl4
i6 l I
C > tl The Kentuckian
i + oe r 1 v I
7 Pnbli led iveiyOthetDay
iJ tiii JAY tonSOAt and S TUhi A t
l l
I J v J
t Sat Id
UItP fto11leo I
lratered tth JopkIFWilkh
r C + aM Mall hrntter
athtSckdTK N iUT42
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k bre Mooth9 I
dGh JIJiJIle COjl eIJ
Pays Adertlahrt Raic on Application
i 21Z sQUill i MAINSTRE
t DEC 2 1905
R iryi n
ix i f payer of Clarksville in the election
tF to be held the second Saturday in
if Chairman Ewing of the Tobacco
> Association issued vthanksgiving g
proclamation advising all members
Minister H G Squiers of Cuba
Bas resigned on account of troubles
frith the Cuban government E V
Morgan at present minister to
i Korea has been appointed to theI t
vacancy I
r The two mutinous ships of the I
I l Russian navy have surrendered at i
S c Sebastopol after being disabled by
the rest of the fleet Many of the
mutineers were killed in the born
bardment 10
Col E L Starling has accepted
j the position of managing editor of
r theHendersoh Journal which paper i
f1e established in 1883 He is one
jef the best known newspaper men in J
1 Kentucky 1
f r KentuckyThe I
t The sentence imposed on Uuited j
States Senator Burton is six months
Y in the Iron county jail and
2500 fine He was convicted of 1
taking a ° fee to influence legislation t
f ra grain company
When the captain of the Yale football
ball team weds a Louisville Belle t
best June it would be a good idea
to celebVate the event by holding a t
iiuhibni of the survivors of the foot I
ball seaSort of 1905 1
Mrs Mary Bass the originals
1 Mrs Wiggs says she knows noth I
mg of the report that she has sued
i 1 the theatrical managers who put the s
1a dramatizatibn of Mrs Rces book on j
a ihe stage for 25000 damages The j
lreport is doubtless an advertising
x scheme
schemeAt I
t At the celebration give in honor pf
AdmiralTbga in Tokio Hon W J
Bryan ask d for a war stool upon J
which the Admiral sat and it wasI
rxS gIven to hlth Learning afterwards
ihat itwafeja sacred heirloom in hisI
family and had bean for 300 years 1
Mr Bryan returned the gift and was
given a common chair that had been
used by the Admiral t
The great lakes were swept by a i
wintry gale Tuesday which wrecked
are reported as missing Property
damage of 1577000 is sustained on
I the water and deep snow and in
tense cold in the northwest tie up
s land traffic and add to the snffering
At least ten lives were lost and the
r number may be increased by later
It j J
Mrs Fannie Porter Dickey formI
erly a writer of poetrY at Glasgow
f Ky died this Wek at Omaha Neb j
She wrote Blades of Bluegrass
and other Verses Mrs Dickey wast
the widow of Hon C D Dickey aI
1 l 1prominent lawyer of that place who
b 1 died there five years ago Mrs Dick
Y ey had spent the past two years
traveling through the West in search
0 of health She is survived by a
Tlii o 1
remains will be brought back to
Glasgow for interment
T The first jury composed exclusively 1
a ° I of yomJen Mthat evcr convened in
Yjrgtyija was imp neled at Winches
eriq decide t1Ci sue between Mrs
Juliet Hathaway a young society
Woman and Mme Zentmyer a
mQRi tej i < Mir wH9th away nqcqsea
fte modiste of having made for her
sonic 1ilIB rio whibl dlcl nptfit She
donned the apparel in question
Jnjt9hn QJmsqJ1 watching
i th pceedinga the while over his f
Wiab bIll 1 etaW JfrMttf the
jurors retired they discussed fashion i
1k id general much of the talk having
L mo bearing on the cns in hand bii t I
1 a tlengtk they rendered a decision in 1
t 0favor pf Mme Zejitmygr Iln
v 4
thn e
Hopes of the littlo band of American
cftlctnUta qn the Isle of PinjJUs hot
jfMv beeft rkinfloward tAra ti
ration of tho island from Cuba and
its inclusion ih the United Stata
Secretary Root after consultation
with the Pridinti made public the
text of a letter which ho halad
reseed to Charlp Raynard pr > i
dent pjf tho American club pt the
weu ag
most pointed lit the statements in hi 6
letter saying There is no proced <
ure ty which you and your associated
Can lawfully > eatablish ft territorial i
government in that island The
island is lawfully subject tp the con
trol and government of the republic
pf Cuba and you and your associates
are bound to render obedience to
the laws of that country so long as
you remain on the island
IRebates made by an agent pf an
insurance company without the
knowledge or consent pf the com
fanydo not lay the company liable
for yibTatipn of the law against re
bateS according to a decison handed
dewnby the Court of Appeals in the
case of the Equitable Life Insurance
Company against theCommenwealth
la lE A Gas c
Coming with Alvin Joslin to
this city tonight is Lillian D Booth
a grand niece of the late Edwin
Booth and the only one of the
feminine side
of that fam
ily now on the
stage We all
know her late
uncle for the
memory of
the Sweet
Prince as he
w a s called
Will live on
land on for
years while
name has gene
down in his
tory as the
greatest ac
tor the stage
has ever seen
Miss Booth is
scarcely out of
her teens but
her ability is ALVIN JOSLINi
such as to warrant our predicting 1
for her a reputation almost that of
her uncles She is very attractive
possessing a strong personality and
a charming countenance that is fastj
making friends wherever she ap
pears With Alvin Joslin she is
creating considerable surprise in the
manner in which she is handling her
ipart We will have an opportunity
of seeing her this afternoon and to
night at the opera house and we
hope she will more than warrant the
approbation that has already been I
shown her The prices to matinee
this afternoon at 230 will be 15c and
25c tonight the prices will be 25c
35c 50c and 75c I
Wealthy Englishman Mar
ries a Colored Waitress
in Massachusetts
Springfield Mass Dec lIIenry
Marlin a wealthy Englishman was
married here today to Nona Deilman
a colored waitress in a local hotel
Marlin came here on business for his J
firm in London and stopped at the
hotel The girl waited on him at j
table and he was attracted by her
light complexion good features and
fine figure He proposed and was
accepted and the wedding took place c
without delay
Marlin is well known in Spring
Married in Clarksville
Clarksville Tenn Nov 30J
W Shplar and Miss Eliza Jane
Stogar of Howell Ky were mar
ried at the residence ofBud Lee in
New Providence last night
The Weather
For Kentucky Rain or snow Fri
day night or Saturday Rising tem
perature irK
000 kl
John W Lock tt Jr pf ° HE ndei
son died jnElPasp Texas this week
aged 27 years Haw there see C
Irig health
ho I
iMesdaipeg JM Marling an d E
fii Callis spent Friday with friends
In ClarksvlJle
Clarkavihei 0 1 1 0
i tJ t
r 1
Ieryiew With aGedt Stars
14 JYIelbu
UY nxLPn ntNOll
On a jpurnay from Gr onvillo > S
C tPiAtlantaijGa roaantly 1 vyas
reclining peacefully and possibly
gracefully upon the long scat in the
smpkin compartni ht of one pf
Mrs Pullman v ri hed lrsVhno fo
the dinning car cpnductpr all dress
od up ina G A R unprrhj strolled
through announcing the fArst call
for dinner in tho diningcar second
car in the rear
For several days ptavlpusly I had
been doing towns where the bill of
tar in the hordes thrice per day
were lIowll you hava your eggs
cooked Boss And 1 was hungry
enough to eat a sleepingcar hair
brush So I hied me to the rear and
into Mr Southern Railway Tayloes
diningcar I clutched the menu
card and whispread to the chocolate
colored waiter Everytntngi from
oysters clean down to the printers
name He hummed spfuy MYpu
dont need no Mpxta foV your
nerve and disappeared t b return
shortly with the best dollars worth
Ive eVer gotten on a tram
Awfter me dinner tjft a bit
drowsy and going backWtjie Pull
man I nailed the big chair in the
smokehouse put my Douglasses on
the seat and started in to Bulling on
tHe small end of a Capadura Madeira
Tarara cigar In a few minutes the
informed that Madame Melbas pri
vate cyar was on the rear end
Immediately I thought of how bully
it would be to land an exclusive
lungtolung interview with the
famous songbird sql asked the con
ductor if he would take my card to
the queen of song tha request
for a few minutes Conversation
ings 0 v
He would >
So I sat Bdwn and smoked and
In a short time the 1Cap return
ed and I was soon ushered into the
presence of this great vaShe was
seated on a divan a jestI
For the benefit of the ladies I will
say thatshe was dressed beautifully 1
in a pearlgray toga that was a cross
between a Ma Hubbard and a rag
lan overcoat Her hands looked as
if she had been sleeping in a jewelry
store She wore a diamond sun 1
burst at her throat a pearl necklace I
around her Waist a diamond tarara
on her head but no other ornaments 1
She smiled sweetly and invited me 1
to have a divan with her
I did
After remarking what a fine round i
day it was I Said Madame you j
only arrived recently from Europe
did you notN1 V i
Yes I did hot II she answered
< I
roguishly J <
Were you ill crossing the meis = i
tine I queried J j
Oh very she ari weredAt t
oe 0 time I thought r should throw
up my American engagements
You must have been ill II said I i
How did you leave your son t
was my next question 1
On a train was her facetious
reply and I laughed aloud twice
Oh he is a fine chap she vol
unteered And lies quite a Bully
var dear I didnt know what
that was but Ill bet it was some
thing nice l <
Did you stop long enough in
New York tp meet J Pierpont Mor
gan or John W Gates
No but I heard two German
friends of mine mention their names r
while there
So w I
Yes they were saluting each
other and eneaid Good MorganI
and the other said We Gates And i
I laughed till the tears rolled down i I
my vest
Then I thought I would show her
what I didnt know about music
So assuming astudious look J said
Do you sing Liszts Tend to the
She did not
I ask d her if she sang ariyselec
tions from Wagners Sleeping
Car or his Simple Life She did
nQt >
Dpypu like Meyerbeer sdI4
I Wjieij its cola ftshe answered
Laugher from me
What is your favorite ppera
Madame Melba I asked pext4 >
° Oh Lehengrin byajlmejms
L said that I fancied long green by
an means
V AVe y8a onlof reading I con 1
tinudd1 < q t1
Oh ifpnd pf it Indeed
iOhveryjfopdof indeedff 1f
HDo you like Adel C
L 1fu1it1 T
George l4Jmon1 she asked
rbsedto orati c r atart8 t
Who i8 yq fSvprito authbr 1
ased I11
Wood yard Kindling Its re liO
plied with a merry little twinkle in
hor yeli Qvo you seer read ht i
Another Story I hover have but
he ° metUions It so ° ft hin hi a
works f fi
Do you jiujitsu I quizzed
No thank you its top violent I j
cheAvf chewing gum for ejiejcye
Wu tisyo favdriW flower
Illeckers buckwheat and I be
gan to realize that the lady wassubr
jetting me to a healthy young Cas t
of kidding or chaffing as we say
in Metrie England Leaning over
toward me until I could feel the
rystray hairs of her pompadour tick
ling the end of my nose and taking
the left lapel of my new coat into
herr dianiendiflushcd fingers shei
looked soulfully into mine eyes and f
murmured Does the I L A on
tljat bl e batten stand for 1n onI
tl hj > At j Association Xi r1 t f
Nay nay fair one I was about
to say when the coach gave a lurch
I bumped my head against the side
of the smoker and as I awoke fully
the conductor handed me back my
card saying Madame Melba says
she aint aseeih nobody
Yes sweet readers and readeresses
it Was ana dream and I hadnt
talked to Melba at all The good
dinner mademe dream the dream
fooled me and this is the first day of
April =
I forgot to tell you my Capadura
Madeira Tarara cigar had gone out
Passenger Trains Between T
Nashville and Princeton
A new times card on this division
of the Illinois Central road went into
effect Thursday midnight Several
changes were made in the running
of trains the most important of
which affects the morning and after
noon trains between Princeton and
this city and Hereafter all trains ex
cept the one arriving here at 11 p
m and the one departing at 640 a
m will make through trips between
Nashville and Princeton The Nash
ville accommodation 0 will leave
Princeton at 610 a m arriving in
Hopkinsville at 610a m This
train will leave here atjjd5 a < m
for Nashville This train formerly
left here at 615 a m andunder
the new arrangement the run is
now from Princeton instead of this
place Returning the Nashville ar c1 t
Princeton accommodation will arrive
in Hopkinsville at 830 p m and de <
part for Princeton at 8i35 p m
The local mail from Nashville will
reach here at 1115 and depart fqr
Princeton at 1120 The southbound
train will leave Princeton at 245 ° p
m arriving here at 350p m This
train will depart for Nashville afi
415 V
It is thought that tlls schedule
will only be temporary and that other
important changes will be made
about the 10th of the month It is
also likely that other trains will be
put on this division I
Dismembered Boby is
isFound 1
Los Angeles Nov 2VA coffin
containIng the dismembered re =
mains of her daughter who died
twentyseven years ago ViM found
today following the death of Mrs
Liore Thompson an aged land ecceria
tric woman The coffinr which had
been sent from Amherst Mass was
discovered in the attic of the woman
cottage on Boyle Heights Neighbors
say the mother kept nightly vigils
over the girls body
I will on Wednesday December
6 1905 on my premises near Julio
sell to the highest bidder the follow
ing property Eight work mules apd
horses lot of cattle and hogs Farm
ing implements Some household
furniture Lot of hay and cqrn
Terms made known on day of sale
Sale will begin promptly at 10 bclpck
W D Sow >
Wedded In Murray
Miss IJdmpnia Pool demghterof
RevJM Ppoland Mr J fc Hum > n
of Hopklnsyillp were married
Friday The b q t wishes of friends
go with themrrCallpViray Times
I 1yJl1l 1 yaHqj At > 1eeiat JO this
afterno Brlee 16cand25c
f r 4
tl E EiUff RkE t f 6k
Pirst iii Us Aid to Belief Iclaries
T t Thc Iuikbjd pay it cfhim mope tweet lhft
any other compiariy Usually within lWe Jtyfbur
cpours 0
Death Maims i I aid iji t < D hit 0 < 0 StM a4 t
I wr 1 Oonr1a i > f
rIn 1900 t 6 per cecit witblh bnb dhfiK j
v e nyIn
In 1902 V rf 98 per teat within one qy >
In 1904 i96 per cent withlq one day
Glaii3a9 Paid3 14 997363 L i
Paid W ii1IIij J1e Dayr
i W iiI < v a 1111 jJi
n1n 1iedj
> unpaid On the second day J 1
JfH Where claims hrf vH not paid icq medjately < it is > l usuah
vi jiij i JiHvJl jiia j i 1 ii beaetciary
I lydue te dtlayontbe part of the ben pclary iri
isubmittiDg comptetepapcrsI
iM to Its Is Payments tooT AYittg
I Polic Holdiers
HV many years 5ae EQUITABLE haSald I a
larger amount in dividends than any other com
iI I pany J Di vidsnds r Paid I
7Mv > svV
In 1 oOH i534 34161O0
> 3174252000In
In 1902 i h r w 447792400
In 1903 568229600
In 1904 600190300
fit t ID Financial Jtr0gtfa
> J
Asset 41395310200
Lialilties J i J I 63331587500
Surplus e 8 79426900
Ratioof Assets to Liabilities 12425 per cent
II t It 1 ii d t
4 Manager for Kentucky >
suitable BuiMing Louisville Ky
Theodoreo > Tr r oeodel Coal 1 i s Cod
I I d l t p i +
r L
rMl 0 rs nd Shippers
t i 0 0t 1 t
r 1 1 + 4
j Ii
d Yards Illinois dn Louisville Central KailroaS aridd R
Endorsed on the Back
Home 1145
Cumberland 770 7702
rc OAL
with your name checks
paid to you can be de
posited and immediately
credited to your account
as money That is if you
you have not you must
hustle around to get the
cash from some friend
xvhp has And even he
may not be always able
or willing to Qblige Why
not have a bank account
ufyour own StarI one in
tapes ire very many T

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