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t J
s p f
I a hry
I r r
r H L L y
t Quarterly Ilep rt
r Planters Bank Trust Co
t June 1006
toftiii Biul IHimountM > l2fM
Overdrafts secured i O
Due from NVlonol lUnks 4 K v > J47
Due from Stale Baukr unit
Bankers 69140
Duo from Tro < it Con > aiiffB 1 2W 79
k Banking IOUM > and M 21900W
s < Other rent estate 00
r U S Monde 00
Oth r Stocks and lloddt ro
t Specie 31W < M
Currency 18 42500 219J4
TSxchanfcc for Clearing h391S 37
OtritenscarrfiJ 14k 4lS 30
Furniture ana UtturH 61001111
Fund to pay tav w 00
Current expense INIt Quarter Paid
I Glveiucr ptionIecaWtY value and how
tong altr41 1tato except
halt hot9an tHany owned
JoI1trtcrt altI foai NUDe
Jotal 1iAl 12oS 43ft 03
tJCPUiLtoCflL iialdjnln oasii f 60 ono 00
r 250002Un
r Undividedprllte 32410
i DeiKHlji4tibJeBt tttclicnkon which
p liiturcft la not paid 16026922
DcH stH subject to check on which In
< ercstls paJdJ W
V Demand certllhatcs III deposits ion
A which Interest Is paid Oft
y rime certificates of deposit on which
I interest Is paid 413 I 62
Sav1n s deposits l on whlch Inter4t is
paid w
CertIffetlchcckx 0000
Certified checks 00
201 S D S4
Due National ttanks u 00
v Due State tanks and Hankers 901614
Due Trust Companies PO 901614
Cashiers chocks outstanding 01
Bills rcdllOun ted 00
a t Taxes dueand unpaid X
Set A1de U > Pay Taxes 600 eo
Dlrithmd No SS this day 150000
Ulphwt amount of indebtedness ol ally
Mtiickholiler person company or
9rm Including in the liability ef the
Cimpany or linn the liability of the
Individual members thoreoU directly
rr Midtoclly If such IndtibladneSS
red 70 per cent of capital Slock
ictiuiiiy paid in and actual
t si mount ol siirnlusol the bant None
t flaw is indebtedness stated in above
See Sec 683 Ky Statute
1 Highest ameunt of Indebtedness of any
directnrorofllccr If amnt of suchin
debtedntttsexwed 10 per cent of
ipald up capital utoclc ol bank None
r 1Sae Sec 583 Ky Statutes
1 2fow 1s same secured By ample worth
of individual
± Duty amount of Indebtedness of any per
the omtlany the company or firm
the Habtll ly of the Indivldualmem
i iboiw thereof exceed 30 per cent of
mid up capital and indcbtednuaasNo
y Hsu state amount of such indebtedness
Amount of Last Dividend 150000
+ Were j M expenses losses Interest and
y taxes deducted therefrom twfne de
Otariiiv dividend and was nit less
a f than lu per cent of net profits of the
hank for the period covered by the
dividend carried to the surplusfund
r 4 tekre said dividend was declared Yes
4m See Sec 596 Kv Statutes
Total 26843905
County of Christianss <
in L F Garnett Prset of the Planters
asnlt a bank located and doing business
atNolfiMaln st in tho city of Hopklnavllle
m In aald county bolDRdulysworn says that the
oregotng report Is III all respects a true Btate
meutof the cpndltlon 01 the raid bank at the
dose of business on the 30th day of June
1OJ6 to the best of his knowledge and
belief and furthcrssys that thebusinessotSald
w bank has been trtnooctcd at the location
named and not elsewhere and that the
above report is made in compliance with an
1 official notice received from the Secretary of
pd State designating the 30th day of June
pdm 1906 as the day on which such report shall be
m J FGarnettI csldent
VWM F L Wilkinson Director
t J I Landes Director
P J Bro nell Director
t 1 Subscribed auda Yorii to befoie me by J F
In Barnett the 2nd day of July 1906
w Ira 1 + lmlthN PCC
H L My commission expires Feb i2 1010
Kentucky Fair Dates
1 Harrodsburg August 74 days
Lancaster July 183 days
Cynthiana August 14 days
I Danville August 13 days
< uthrie August 233 days
Florence August 294 days
5 Paris September 45 days
Hustohville July 253 days
Vanceburg August 15 4 days
Columbia August 214 days
Madisonvill6 July 315 days
Fern Creek August 244 days
Springfield August 233 days
W aJd6to nAugust294 days
ShblbYville August 284 days
Glasgow September 214 days
i Nicholasville August 283 days I
Monticello September 114 days I
Falmouth September 264 days
Shephersville August 214 days
Elizabethtown Sept 43 days
Sebree September 185 days
Henderson September 255 days
Owensboro October 25 days
mod st Claims Often Carry the Most
Vhen Maxim the famous gun in
vetitor placed his gun before a com
r mittee of judges Se stated its car
Tying power to be much below what
hefelt sure the gun would accom
pUsh The result of the trial there
fore was a great surprise inste0of
the manufacturers of Chamberlains
Colic Cholera and Diarrhoea Rem
edy They do not publicly boast of
all this remedy will accomplish but
prefer to let the users make the
statements What they do claim is
r that it will positively cure diarrhoea
dysentery pains in the stomach and
bowels and has never been iownto
fail For sale by NL Elgin I and
f Anderson Fdwler the uprtoajite
druggists at Hopkfnsville
The LouWyifI l1erold says the
biggest question fri the Congress on
al race in the Third district wUUJq
the dog law passed by the Iemo
eratic legislature
ii OAlOnXA
w lte KlnjfqMiM Ahag Vwfa
= J j h KIt 1
1 t 1 +
= =
Quarcr 1y RCpo rt
l i
Ba1iI Y f Crofton
At the cluS tl bujUes III the 30lt
daof June 190b
Gs4uaau4I Discounts t J972340
Qferdrdite tehured t I r 14 6t
ver mita ufItcUtcd + I h 00
Due from National Banks
title from State Sank andl
Hankers X 444 49
Due from Trust n1IanllflW 5 4H 49
Jar khtJt House anJ left 3 60000
Other Real Estate 00
Mortgages 011
U S bonds 1
OthnrStoCk and Donfl S04 iO
Specie 9yt93
Exchange for Clntlnlll
Other Items Carried as Cash 00
Furniture and Fixtures 00
Fund to Pay Tamw 00
Current KXIMBSM vast Quarter 00
< i coescrl pilot location value and
how hmv owned all real estate
excel t banking house and lot If J
any owned longer than S years None
Total 9075621
Capita Stock paid In In cash 1500000
Surplus Fund 40000
Undivided Profits 12019
Due Depositors as follows viz
Deposits subject to check on which
Interest is nut laldfVfi SJ6 02
Deposits subject to check on which
Interest In paid 00
Demand certificates of deposits on
wMch interest Is palM 00
Time ccrtiflnates of deposits on which
Saving Depurflu on which Interest
isnaldj 00 7478632
Certified Checks 00
Due National Hanks 00
Due State Banks and Bankers 01
Due Trust Companies 00
Cashler3 Checks outstanding
Unpaid dividends fp
Taxes due and unpaid C
Capital Stock not paid 00
Highest amount of Indebtedness of any
stockholder person company or
firm lncludintf in the liability of tbeI
company or firm the liability of the
Individual membersthereof directlyI
or indirectly if such Indebtedness
exceeds 20 per cent of capital stook
actually paid in aud actual
amount of surplus of the bank NoneI
How is Indebtedness stated in atxneI
item 1 secured I
r e SeC 583 Ky Statutes I
lichen amount of Indebtedness of any 3
director or officer If amt of such In
debtodnesr exceeds 10 per cent of
paid up capital stock of bank None
How is same secured
Doss amount of indebtedness of any per
son company or firm Including Ifi
the liability of the company or lirnl
the liability of the Individual mem
bers thereof exceed 30 per Cent of
paid up capital and actual surplus No
Ir so state amount of such indedtednecs
I Amount r last dividend 450CO
Were all expenses losses interest and
taxes deducted therefrom before de
claring dividend and was not less
than 10 per cent of net profits of the
bank for the period covered by the
dividend cared to the surplus fund
before said dividend was declared Yes
See Sec 596 Ky Statutes
Total tW7S 2
County of Chrlstlanss
U IV Morgan Cashier of the Bank ol
CrufUtn a flank I legated and doing business In
the town of Crolton In said county being duly
s torn says that the forejrolnir report Is in all
respecsa true statement of the condition of the
said bank at the close of business on the 30th day
iif June 1900 to the best of his knowledge and be
lief and further says that the business of said
bank has been transacted at the location named
and not elsewhere and that the above report
is made in compliance with an official notice re
aired from the Secretary of State designating
the 30th day of June 1900 as the day on which
such report shall be madeG
G W Morgan Cashier
R V Trotter Director
J Y Crabtree Director
C M Gray Director
Subscribed and sworn to before me by G W
Morgan the 30th day of June 1906
My commission expires January 29 11110
E B Long Prest VT Tandy Cashier
1 J A Young Jr Asst Cashier
Hopkinsville Ky t
JUNE 30 1906
Loans 3199 05
Bonds < 1 r 6370000 s
tanking House and Lot 170000
Office Furniture and Fixtures 3 COtter 1 00
Otter Real Estate f 70000 t
DebtlnSult 125150 t
Cash and Exchange 1890366
0016121 I
Capital Stock 60000 00f
Surplus and Profits 7000000 f
To Pay Taxes 46056 I
Dividend this day S per cent Jooo 03a
Deposits 36700065 a
SCO + 51 2ir
i 3
Subscribed and sworn to before me this the
2nd day July 1906 J A YOUNG JR
Notary Public
Statement of the Condition j
o oF THE i
At the cio cof business
< June aOth 1900
ylQu P jt
roans and Dldcouhlts 170 i4 t4
Cash and Sight Exchange J2S09002
Total iiVi 72 73 iH
Capital Stock 1 OOQOOOO
Surplus Fundnn 3500000
Due Depositors 32740S58
Due Other Banks S W84
Dividends Unpaid HHlpO
Dividend IQo2 this day tan 00
TotalIn 44
Hopklnsvllle Ky July lat 1906
Washington Side TrIps Free
On Philadelphia or New York
First Class Tickets
Via Pennsylvania Short Lines
Tep days stop ov rsrat Philadel
phia altimoreA Waehin ton
Tbr6ugh traind to the East leave
Louisville 830 a It 1Q0 pw
330 p m 4 SO p m daily For
further information inquiry of C H
flagerty DfatrRt Passenger Agt
Louisville Ky
I 1
Hot Springs 1530
Ujjtil further rio ice the L N
railroad will sell round trip tickets
to Hot Springs Ark for 1530 r I
good uii Oct 31st 1530tI
tJ CHoosAgent
Je +
i J
Our Pattern Department
Iffl II
Pattern Nix 5579 Fine tucks are
much used oiu many ofithio new shirt
vvalBUn ° nnd are employed with good
effect on this smart waist of red hen
rlotta The front closes In duchosu
style and the regulation shirtwaist
sleeve Is flnished by a straight cuff
Taffeta cashmere linen batiste and
pongee > are all recommended for the
design The medium size will require
three yards of 36Inch iriaterlttl Sizes
for 32 34 36 38 40 and 42 Inches bust
measureThis will be Rent to you on
receipt of 10 cents Address all orders
to the Pattern Department of thispaper
He sure ttfgive size and number of pat
tern wanted For convenience write
your orderpn the following Coupon
Nos557fl j
Our Pattern Department
I IJ wt
k tc
Pattern No 5602A dressy jjfitf
that will go well with the separrfa
skirt or with a costume Is shown Inas
development of biscuit colored chlffqi
taffeta trimmed with Irish lace ifa
fitted lining which may be omitted it
desired supports the waist which 19
laid in tucks at the shoulders The
back Is plain The sleeves may be In
full length or terminate at the elbow I
in prevailing style The mode is suit
able for taffeta pongee crepe de chlnoI
and henrietta The medium size will
require two and fiveeighths yards of
38 40 and 42 Inches bust measure
This pattern will be Rent to you on
receipt of 10 cents Address all ordered
to the Pattern Department of this paper
Be sure to give size and number of pat >
tern wanted For convenience write
your order on the following coupon
P 5e ° 2
Colleges as They
The wise dean adjusted his llttio
black skull cap and piloted us across
the campus
Observe he aald grandly that
magnificent building to the right
And what Is it used forl we
4asked timidly <
Why that is tha gymnasium And
do you see that stately building < tb the
loftAh and hat U that used to jtt
Why that Is the gymnasium an
Alex jHml Aud what is that fine struc
tune over there
Why thatiff tlio special traialii I
quarters for the trictt team hammer
thr Wet and pole vaulters
IQjrgat Homer But what is that
e I 7Ht
Ht JIGar box k Why thlt Iii whtrr tM
boys tu < IrM ChlcuBoDallr New s I
EHzJlad Wliy just ShoJFledV crgssdtlhp rlvgr l o u
the Its
I waG trying k W escape all the novel s
that are called the UHcle Tom of This
or That b o explained
IWHI a tf114 4ittaN behind tlrrlr It
coiltlr41y r MljtHK y L
= = = = =
r i t
I It t
I F r + p
l e8 res I n
I t
Seasons Here arid We Have
I Agency Y for the Celebr te
If Your Old Rig Wont Last Through This Seas n
> we can Fit You Up a Complete Ouf it ina
JfM vr Few Hours
iit > j
Can also g le you an awful close price onbags for your wheat We
also carry a most complete line of Oil Oil Cans Wrenches M
t v v Belting and Tools ofeverydesGription v r w
Hare at Our Yards the Best Steam Cod h the k iity
f City YY
WagoH8 Havncss 9 KtG 11
V >
L We manufacture and sell the best wagon that jai be if n
found anywhere aid the price is right T lK f
Already have made up a lot of flay Franhes for or
n rr o i a nd brow g uge Wagons <
i v r s 4
ix tv
1 li
You will he needing new harness for h iYbautmg M
t f
We have a very large lhe of Saddles and Harness sirs ik Sri
J 1ilY
When needing anythingyou can code eveyear +
finding it here r I > Jo f
foS i >
Ii rr
+ f RBES Jkph O 4
Chamberlains Colic Cholera and 1
Diarrhoea Remedy
This is a perfectly reliable medicines
for bowel complaints and one that
has never been known to fail even
in the most severe and dangerous
cases For sale by L L iIgin and
atC1druggIsts r
druggists at Hopkinsville f I
Livingston county court opened J
Monday v
Old Chronic Sores
As a dressing for old chronic sores j
there is nothing so good wfChambI
erlains Salve While it is not ad
visable to heal old sores entirely
enthe1xthey I
tion for which this salve is espec
ially valuable For sale by LL
Elgin and Anderson Fowler the
uptodate druggists at Hopk insville
Frankfort may have bottle factory
The old original GROVES Taste i
less Chill Tonic You know what
you are taking Itis irOn and qui
Imne In a tasteless form No cure
No pay 50c
I The New Fork Special
Quick Train East
1 Oyer Pennsylvania Short Lines
gibcjnnati 215p mi arrive New
York 81 next morning Sleeping
car Qinqppati thrpugu to New
York Dining car service ala carte
Sleeping cars trom Plttsburg ar 0
rive at Baltimore 715 am Wash
ington 83Qa m Details abQut this
and other through trains East giv >
Pu A I
Louisville Ky
Whats the secret Of happy vig
orous health Simply keep the
bowels the stomach the liver and
kidneys stronfc and active Burdock
BlWl Blttesra dotS it A
r l
The State College of Kentucky
rThe Agricultural and Mechanical State Collcge ol Icentuckyof ers
the following courses ofstudy viz AgricuJtural Hotticultural Chem =
ical Biological Mathematical Physical Normal School Classical r
Mechanical Engineering Electrical Engineering Civil Engineering
end Mining Engineering eachol wjiich extends over four years and
leads to adegree Host gra Qtte Btudiesvare aJiaprovided leading to
a musters degree Each cqijrsebf study is organized under separate
faculty The general faculty number nearly fifty professors and in
structors 1 v Qounty appointees receive free tuition room rent in the dormitories
uel ddd light and if they remain ten trion ls traveling expenses
The laboratories and museums are large well equipped jco npre
Graduates from the several courses of study readily find excellent
pqsitipna and liberal remuneratiop The demaddia largely in excess
ottne ability of the College to supply The matriculation for the lasti
rear was including SummeTQchool 815 i
Specialists with the necessary number of assistants have charge of t
each department of natural science Summer schools ate provided for
pedaCOgy el1glnC ring 11stru tion in seiCh2e and ntarts r
ntartsThetState tittc of
college irf th 4 only inltitutidtf in the CdmmOnweaHti doing Iany
proper sense university work r 4 1
The completion < if the College home for young women provides fa
d Ilties for good board and todglggr It is equipped with with all modern
conveniences including bath rooms and room for physical culture Ibis
IbisIhcatedby t
An opportunity is thua afforded to young women of obtaja inka
thorough education in classics modern langitfrge literature ISBoce
mathematics logic metaphysics history and political economy
9 I7t rlnstytioainfheStae offers advantages for education of
ytlmea Y lLwnTparable to Jhpse offered by the State College of Ken
The NQlWa1 Dapartmgnt will be ona better footing than ever hereto S
tfore Last year largely increase attendance with the unprecedented
growth of thei Summer Normal School both indicate that a1erppf pros
perity surpassing that of nil pteVIous years has opened fortt 1a Nor 1
iDepartment of the State Colleged
For catalogues method of obtaining appointments imormatioT
yarding courses of study and terms of admission apply to
or to Cy 0 PRAiSBEi Business Agent Lexington Ky
Fail Term Begins Sept 13 1906
ts + 4t
tyGr to 4

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